i) tv - 1 i AY 'X; Agcfable Preparalionfur As similating UieFoodandKcgula Lng theStoinachs and Dowels of Promotes DigcslioaCheerful ness ami RcstContains neitlier Opium.Morphine norMiiicral NOT HARC OTIC . xtnftafeua-siMJELmwsa ' AhcSmM . Hi (atiMkSUt Aperfecl Remedy for Cons tipa Tlon , Sour Stomach.Diarrhoca Worms .Convulsions.Fcvensh ness tmdLoss OF SLEEP FacSoitule Signature of NEW YOnK. exact copy or wrabber. c Newport February 20 th. - The protracted meeting which has been in progress here for ten days, : closed Tuesday, v There were twenty-, five additions to the church. Rev. E. C Glenn, of Raleigh, who assisted our pastor, left Tuesday afternoon for Rivecdale, where he will assist in a revival there, j ' . . Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Jonei of Beau fort spent yesterday in town. ' Mr. I. N. Howard f.nl family of Blades, visited relatives here Sunday. " Dr. O. J. Bender of . Pollocksville, . spent several days in town last week. ', Mrs. B. I. Tart, of Morehead vis'ted . relatives here last week, v - : - Miss Lucille Hewitt of Carteret Lodge, is spending some timejn Wil- ton. . : 'r ' Mr. L. C. Humphrey and sister, Miss Etlene of Bogu, attended the pro tracted meeting here last week. . Dr. j. W. Sanders, of Bogue, made professional visit here Saturday,. Rev; W. W. Brmson filled his regu lar appointment here Sunday. Mr. Max Fodrie of Carolina Business College was in town Tuesday. - ' Mrs. Fann'e Smith, wife of Mr. T. S. Smith, died on the 13th inst. after a short attack of pneumonia. A husband children and many friends - mourn their loss. - M. and M. Pirating Foley'i Honey tndTsr. - Foley & Co., Chicago, originated Honey and Tar as a mroat and lung remedy, and on account of the great merit and popularity ot roley's Honey and Tar many imitations are offered for the genuine. Askor Foley's "Honey and Tar and refuse any substitute of fered as no other preparation will give the same satisfaction. It is mildly laxa tive. It contains no opiates and is safest for children and delicate persons. For sals ly Uavia Pharmacy. Fifteen years was the heaviest term imposed in sentencing tho mutineers of the battleship Potemkino , - " . The Yellow Fever Germ " .. . has roc ntly been discovered. It bears a close resemblance to the malarial germ. To free the 'system from dis ease germs, the most effective remedy is Dr. King's New,- Lifa' Pills. Gnarah teed to cure nil dismasts due to malaria poison and constipation. . 25. at .All Druggists.- " Engineers Rouccho and Keevcr and Mail-Clerk Moorc,vietfniH of Sunday af ternoon's head on common, were re ported as better. Hope is entertained for tho recovery of Iloueche, the worst of the injured. If in a kind of bilious mood, You witih an aid to digeM, food, No other pill is half so good As DoWitt's Little Early Riser , When e'er you feel impending ill, i nd need a mapic little pill, No other one will fill the bill Like DeWitfa Little Early Risers. Death of George S. Wilcox Died at his residence atPellair, Feb ruary 17, George S. Wilcox, aged 46 years. A pood citizen lias loft us, a ii!ful man is Kn" he will lie missed l y many not only in hisown community but over a luri'o area of our county, lie hfiJ licm sirk a lonff timo with a complication of diseases, that a reso lute mind and fairly strong bod could nr.t resist, ami after a lin.f'crinjj illness c f inure tli.in h..lf a year, heart failure : .,' .(.-I I is nvital career. We l;uj in. I at ll;o oM I a-vl 1 ur) in;; I : ' mUy v ft i j i A 1 :::). Fcr Ir't vjsA C- niten.'. '; Tb Kind Yen fe mi U ! Ahvays-DoL'jhi Bears the Signature - of In j Use For Over Thirty Years i 3 ; Craven County Cotton Growers I Tuesday, Feb. 20, 1906. A meeting was called at the court house today to hear tha State Chair man of the S. C. A., who was to epeak to the farmers. A number of the farmers assembled and were called to order by county chairman, J. M. Spen cer. . A telegram from Mr. Moore an nounced that a wreck near Greensboro had prevented his being on time but would be here tonight The chairman made some remarks. . The following persons pledged them selves to meet Mr. Moore tonight and hear him on the cotton question, viz i C. L. Stevens, W. J White, Freeman Ernul, Noah Fulcher, , John Avery, John McGowan, W. F. Crocket. Mr. Rosenthal made some remarks on the importance of a thorough or ganization of the farmers. . A resolution was carried to meet at six o'clock this evening to hear' our State chairman. . ' . Meeting then adjourned to 6 p. m. ' "- - : D. LANE, ; . . i " Sec Pro Tem. To draw the fire out of a burn, hi a cut without leaving a scar, or to cure boils, sores, tetter, eczema and all skin and scalp diseases, use DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. A specific for piles. Get t ie genuine . JNo remedy causes such siiep.lv relief. Ask for DeWitt's'-the genuine Sold by F. S. Duffy. ; . A Healing Gospel. The Rev. J. C Warren pastor of Sharron Baptist Church, Balair, Ga says of Electric Bitters. "It's a God send to mankind. It cured me of lame back, stiff joints, and comolete physical collapse. I was so weak it took me half an hour to walk a mile. Two bot tles of Electric Bitters have made me so strong 1 have just walked three miles in fifty minutes and feel like walking three more. It's made a new man of me." - Greatest remedy for weakness and all Stomach, Liver and Kidney complaints.. . Sold under guar antee at All Druggists. . Drug Store Price 60c. Virginia, through her Attorney -Gen ernL petitioned the Supreme Court for permission to enter suit against West Virginia for a portion of the debts con tracted before tho two States separat ed. A Habit to Be Encouraged. The mother who has acquired the habit of keeping on hand a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, saves herself a great amount . of uneasiness and anxiety. CoughB, colds and croup, to which children are susceptible are quickly cured by its use. It counteracts any tendency of a cold to result pneumonia, and if given as soon as the first symptoms of crouD appear," it will prevent the attack, This remedy con tains nothing injurious and mothers give it to little ones with a feeling of perfect security Sold by Davis Phar macy and F. S. Duffy. In submitting to congress me re ports of the consulting engineers on the Panama canal, the President, Sec retary Taft. Chief Engineer Stevens and the Canal Commission recommend ed a lock canal. Luckiest Van In Arkantae, "I'm tho luckiest man in Arkansas, writes II. L. Stanley, of Brono, Hince the rctslorat.iiin of my wifo's health af- ter cw'-!.twr and tiieeiri; from tl .11 ' 1's owe my go 1 f me to tr.af. t I I .-. f I ' f - (V.f J-'i Local February Bird Notes . A Btroll about the city and along the water-front these days is not without interest to those who appreciate its at tractions in the way of winter bird life. - - '" ' The English sparrow, like "the poor" we have always with us, and already that unmitigated imported nuisance isf beginning to mate, with a view to the propagation of his worthless species. Tame pigeons are also making prep arations for light house-keeping. One fool pigeon has built her a nest up in the galvanized gutter of the old house near the foot of Craven street, where Mister Taylor's express office used to be. There she sits all day, and pre sumably all night, just where she gets the full benefit of the drip from the eaves of the tin rooT every , time H rains. She ought to have been a duck. Mocking birds seem to be rather scarce in the city. One old fellow, however, seems to have chosen for a home the block bounded by Craven, PoHock, East Front and Broad street, as I see him frequently eating the ber ries on Mr. Stewart's beautiful youpon tree. The other day he spied a red maras chino cherry on a narrow ledge just outside my bedroom window, and promptly secured it. How it got there I can't imagine, as I am told that cherries of this kind are used in a sort of beverage called a "cocktail.". How ever, he devoured it with great gusto, and I grieve to say, came back to see if there were any more I ' Redwinged blackbirds were warbling among the cedars in the cemetery on Sunday, and a cardinal grosbeak was posing for the admiration of passers by the Brvan nlace on Middle street. Yel low rumped warblers ae to be seen everywhere,flitting amoag the branches or hopping along the ground in search of food, and the ever welcome Carolina wren may be heard, a block away from his lofty perch on the top of some tall tree. But it is from the shore of East Front street, between Broad and New streets, that the bird-lover may feast his-eyes most greedily On a recent morning I saw a black billed tern paddling fearlessly about near the shore and feeding On Sunday morning a loon was doing the same thing, while less than a hundred yards awav were not only many - beautiful white and gray sea-gulls, , floating about serenely, but quite a large flock of black-head dur-s, locally known as shufflers." swa.n and dived and other wise disported Ih tmselves in- seeming consciousness of perfect immunity from molestation. -' ; . - February 10, 1906. J. L. K IMPRESSIVE SERVICES , At tt.e Prn'jvterUn Church Inetalllng Rev J. G. Garth at Paetor. A vry interesting and impressive servici was held at tne rresnycenan church last night, the occasion being the installation of Rev. J. G. Garth as pastor of the church.. Rev. A. H. Mo ment. D D.. of Raleigh was made moderator of the meeting and preached the sermon. The sermon was a beau tiful discourse on- the influence of the consecrated life. He based his talk on the phrase found in Mark 7; 24: "But he could not be hid". "Light" he said in Dart "could not be concealed al though one builds a thick wall and en closes himselfjin the most secluded part. the light is going to penetrate every part of the structure. Jesus had lived life of quiet and solitude, yet the ght of his being could not be hid and tveri when he desired to remain away from the people his personality was such that he could not be hid. So ' it is with the consecrated ted life, though it has no excitement, no great demonstrations ma"e in its behalf: the very fact of its sacrifice and work for the divine 'Master causes it to shed light to so great a degree, no matter how s ecluded it may be,' it cannot be hid. He illustrated his ser mon with two or three instances of consecrated lives which had been shed' di ng a light directing mtn the better life. The moderator stated that Rev. Garth had been examined by the mem bers of the Presbytery and had given a most satisfactory evidence of his abili ty to take care of his charge, the New Bern church. He thought the church very fortunate in securing such a well prepared man to be their pastor. Af ter the propounding of a few questio n to the candidate and also to the con gregation he Btated that the minister was duly qualfied to act in the capacity as pastor. Lr,' Farries of Goldsboro, delivered the chirge to the people and Dr. Camp bell o ! Kinaton delivered the charge to the minister. The visiting pastors were welcomed to the city by the local pastors and also Rev. Mr. Knowles of Canada, who is the guestof friends here. The reve -end ppentlemen will remain in the city today and will be given a re ception in the church parlors tonight. All are cor Tally invit' i to (!' .!. ARBOR DAY OBSERVANCE. ' Exerclie end Tree Planting by Graded School Pupil. Yesterday, ArW Day, was observed bs the pupils of the Graded School, the exercises being held on the grounds in front of the new school building. 'The exercises commenced at 12:40, the pupils marching out and taking their positions forming nearly a circle After a song,- the two sections of the third grade, under the direction of Miss Rosa Dail, physical culture teacher, marched into the center and went through their exercises, performing tne same most creditably. There was another song, followed by the two sec tions of 'the sixth grade pupils, who went through some well executed marching evolutions, ' afterwards per forming some physical exercises. These grades were selected because of ; their greater proficiency, and their demon stration was most satisfactory and pleasi g, the number of spectators present greatly enjoying the exer cises. After, these exercises, the tree plant ing took place, : ten trees being set out, one by each grade, the trees being ; water oaks and elms. . This observance of Arbor Day was! made an occasion of profit and pleasure, and it is to be hoped that each, year the day will be thus appropriately observ ed. The National Art League hhS begun an organized movement fo the repeal of the tai iff on paintings, stituary and objects of art. Wards Mill - February 0. We aro having nice weather now. The roads are not exactly as good as those made by experts but they will be improved when the weather . gets bet ter. The supervisors do not attend to their duty. We are sorry to note that Mr. B. F, Willis who has been sick does not im prove. . ; The oyster supper at Smith Academy was a grand success.' Misses Amy Trott, Josie ; Smith and Lillie Willis were candidates for the pretty girl prize and Miss Josie Smith won. Mr. Asa Smith won the ugliest man's prize. Th? General met with an old friend while in New Bern, Mr. Ennett, of an old Carteret family. He had an inter esting visit with the old boy. f Mr. J. S. Basnight of New Bern, was in our town in the interest of the South' ern Jobbing Co. The bill for deepening Bigue Inlet was a good thing and we are glad to see it Congressmen Chas. R. Thomas' work for the 'inlet will never be for gotten. GENERAL. Business District of Red Springs In - , Ashes. Fire, which had its origin in a restau rant at Red Springs, N, C, destroys 18 stores and two dwellings, involving a loss of $80,000, with only 840,000 insur ance. Business cannot be resumed in the town until burned structures are replaced. The two - educational insti tutions were untouched by the flames. Where Were He Mcicltnts I think some of the business men of New Bern ought to be ashamed to look a fanner in tha face and ask him for his trade, All know the farmers (es pecially the cotton growers) interest is or ought to be the interest of every business man. " Ob, yes we are inter ested in our farmers if you do not make money we cannot. But how do they show their interest I went personally to most every business place in the city this morning and gave a hand bill and ask they go out at 11, o'clock and hear Mr. C. C. Moore, the President of the N. C. Division of the Southern Cotton Association.'; I thought we would have the court house f ulL Well we did have the largest crowd of farmers I have seen to any of our meetings yet, but also the business men did not have enough interest in us to to attend. I will not Bay every one for there were a few oresent and we appreciate the ones that attended Feby 20th. . J. M. SPENCER. A Menace to Health. Kidney trouble is an insidious danger, and many people are victims of a seri ous malady before the symptoms are recognized. Foley's Kidney Cure cor rects irregularities and strengthens and builds up the kidneys, and it should be taken at the first indication of kidney trouble, as it is impossible to have good health if the kidn.ys are derang ed. For sale by Davis' Pharmacy, - No pill is as pleasant and positive as DeWitt's Little Early Risers. These Famous Little Pills are so mild and ef fective that children, delicate ladies and weak people enjoy thfclr cleansing effect, while strong people say they are the beat liver pills sold. Never gripe. Sold by F. S. Duffy. Five persons were burned to death, two others seriou!y injured and four li.m .va completely distroyed by a fire J,,' 'ovvnl'a. . mff out crops inaiuraviacev Refers I l vrginlajT"" : I V? vChemfpol I il sk? Jj IflciweYSwrTfleld Si I ewfll convinoe yon that you can "inorease your yields per acre" and yoa won't have to keep It a se cret, either. Bead what Messrs. Wherry Bon, of the Magnolia Fruit Farm, Durant, Miss., write: "Prom two acres of strawberries, on which 1,000 pounds of Virginia-Carolina Fertilizers per acre wore used, we cleared a profit of S75.00 per acre more than .tneotbefUX acres of strawberries which had only 600 pounds of this fertll izer. Thus double the quan tity of these fertiliEerson each sore of any orop, and more than doubly "Inorease your yields per acre." Be jure you buy only Virginia-Carolina Fertilizers. Virginia-Carolina CbenlcaJ Cm. Richmond, Va. Atlanta, Ga. Norfolk. Va. Bavannah. Ga. Durham. N. C. Montgomery. Ala. Charleston, 8. 0. Memphis, Tenn. Baltimore. Md. Sbreveport, La. ; Lukens -. ' February 19th. Mr. P. Griffin, salesman for O. Marks & Sim, was here today. Mr. John Neal went to New Bern on bus ness Friday. - Mr. J. T. H. Moore went to New Byrn on his launch Shoofly Thursday. Mr. J. C, Long has moved from the Riverview. hotel to the Thacher build ing. Messrs. J. T. Smith and J. C. Long S.WJllt a part of ' last week visiting friends in the country. " We are very sorry to report that Mr. G. II. Jones is still very feeble. . The barge Elko is in port to be load ed at the mill . I A great deal of complaint is heard among our people on account of the ir regularity of the mails. We hope that this can be adjusted in the near fu ture. . Lumbermen are put to a great incon venience here on account of the shift ing of boats of lumber. It is frequent ly the case that a barge has to wait four or five weeks for" a tug to tow it to New Bern or elsewhere. They are willing to pay the tugs for their ser vice but dislike very much to have to wait so long to have their boats moved out.'. . Blue Eyes. I Prof. William G. Sumner, of the so- . cinl science department of Yale, an- i nounces that at the beginning of the next college year a now department - in it oi sociology ana antnropoiogy will be established. He will he at the head of it. Gai In thetomoch. Belching and that sense of f ullne is so often experienced after eating is caused by the formation of gas. The ftomach fails to perform its functions and the food ferments. Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets will correct the disorder. . They aid digestion and j strengthen and invigorate the stomach and bowels. For sale by Davis Phar macy and F. S. Duffy. . - Lord shburton was married at Paris I to Frances Donnelly, an American act ress, whose stage name is Frances Bel mont, formerly of New York,; and one of the orginal "Florodora" sextet of 1901. : Lame Back Thia ailment is usually caused by rheumatism of the muscles and may be cured by applying Chamberlain's Pain Balm two or three times a day and rub bing the parts vigorously at each appli- cation. If this does not afford relief, bind on a piece of flannel slightly damp ened with Pain Balm, and quick relief is almost sure to follow. For sale by Davis Pharmacy and F. S. Duffy. " The open door of a stateroom which had been occupied by a woman and three young children on the trip of the Fall River Line Steamer Plymonth from New York to Fall.River Mass. led to the discovery that Mrs. John Watters of Brooklyn. N. Y had taken the lives of her three little ones and then her own by drowning. Itching Pile. If you are acquainted with anyone who is troubled with this distressing ailment you can do him no greater favor than to tell him to try Chamberlain's Salve. It gives instant relief. Price 25 cents per box. Sold by Davis' Phar macy and . H. uutty. Sir Thomas Lipton has offered and the Bonton Yacht Club has accepted intrust a $.r00 cup to be raced for in the22-rat-in? class of the yacht racing association of Massachusetts. There are 26 clubs in the association, representing the ports from l'rovintetown to Annisnuan. The cup wilt become absolutely the property at f the owner af the first winning championships.. two OOD, big "mealy" potatoes can not be produced with- a liberal amount of Potash in the fertilizer ten per cent. It form of Sulphate highest quality. "Plant Food" and"Truck books which tell of the successful other garden truck -sent -free to Addrew, GERMAN New Yerk-oj Nassau Street, er . J L. HARTSFIELD C'ontalor and Builder. OFnCfc 93 1-2 MIObU ST. PBOHI 238 After having so much trouble to get Tin wcrk t'one when I wanted it an! like I wanted it done have purchased the Tin Business of L. H. Cannon. Have) -opened a First Class Tin shop No. 90 Middle Street, next to Gaskins Cyc.w Store, where I have competent and experienced men to do my work, I will run this business in conjunction with my CONTRACTING and BUILDING. Any work sent me will receive PROMPT ATTENTION, and will be DE- " LIVERED when PROMISED. - ; V I have an EXPERIENCED SLATER. ALL KINDS OF STOVE WORK DONE. STOVE PIPE Made to Order. Office Phone 129, Residence 186. Prompt Having just received two car loads of Milligan Paints.'we are in bettershape than ever before to supply our . customers on short notice. Now is the time to buy some of that Pig Proof EU- wood Wire Fence. We are 5 ask ill Hdw. & Furniture, Stoves, Mattings, Etc. Largest stock of Mattings in the city. Royall and Borden Felt Mattresses. New line of Go-Carts. We are still offering some co call on us. ' JOHN B. Pho tin 257 93 Middle Street. New Stock Horses Arrived. J.M. ARNOLD, ivery, Feed, Sale and Exchange Stables. Largest and Finest Stock of Horses and Mules ever offered in New Ern. 1 1 load of each just received. Complete line of Buggies, Wagons, Ilarr; i, Robes, Whips and Cart Wheels. JM. ARNOLZ . n s Old Stable. Middle Street. Livery, Feed, Kale and Ezciis.i:3 f not less than must be in the of Potash of Fanning" are two practical growing of potatoes and the those who write us for them. KALI WORKS. Atlanta, Oa.-22X So. Braad Street. Delivery. Sash, Doors, 5 Unas, ana neatn ana sole agents. v -Mill Supply Uo Phone 147 bargains and it will pay you IVES; We have just received a fine lot of horses suitable for farm work or dri ving, which we wil sell at reasonable prices. , : -'. ;" We have also a full line of Wagons Buggies, Harness, and - everything usually kept in an up-to-date stable We will make Terms Righ Se us. CHDU&C9., 66 Broad St New Bern, N O Successor to M. Hahn & Co., 4-1 -r-mm, iiit Lar .'! and fr t p'-k of i:..; - s m 1 ?" . A i a" Ie! il !'. ' h .)'' ' ('

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