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    DOD, big "mealy potatoes
j can not be produced with
out a liberal amount of Potash
in the fertilizer not less than
ten per cent. It must be in the
form of Sulphate of Potash of
highest quality. ; 1 1
"Plant Food" and "Truck Farming" are two practical
books which tell of the successful growing of potatoes and the
other garden truck sent free to those who write us for them.
New York- J Numu Street,
. ' Febiuary 28th.
E Quite a number of our young, folks
attended services at Belhaven Sunday,
among whom were Mr. and Mrs
3. (i fearkerrend little Katherine,
Misses Beatrice Weeks and Myrtl
Everitt, Messrs. Junius and Grahan
Koonce.' '
Mr. and Mrs. Hanison of Long Point
spent Friday in otir village.
Mra .T P. Tavlor is here on a visit
to her mother.
Miasm Mattie and Mollie Sabiston,
and brother. Robert were with us Sat
urday night and Sunday.
Rev. Mr. Geddie filled his regular ap
pointment at this place Sunday night
' Mr. S. W. Everitt has had quite a
number f Northern folks with him
this winter.
nJr J F Foster has a very pretty boat
of his own workmanship. He easily
makes a ten miles run in an nour.
Mr Robert Pigott of the life saving
station at Bogue Inlet, was in. town
Monday evvn tag.
Don't forget about our entertainment
at this place next Friday .ight, March
th. It is given for the benefit of the
M. E. Church, which is sadly in need
of help.- As it is neither sealed or
painted. Everybody come and give
freely to. the cause.
County Teachers Association
The next meeting of the County
Teachers Association will be held on
the first Saturday in March and not the
last Saturday in February, as stated at
last meeting.
Durhams Creek
February 28th.
We are having very fine weather;
genial spring seems to have come,
the great delight to the farmers.
Misses Mary Whitford and Lizzie
Oneal, accompanied by Mr. John Whit
ford, all of Zorah, were the guests of
Miss Maud Tuten on Saturday and Sun
Mr. and Mrs Charlie Cayton, made a
trip to Craven county Sunday to visit
their parents.
Mrs A J Hardy was a visitor at the
home of Mr E B White Saturday night
and Sunday. .
Mr and Mrs C G Tunstall and others
attended church at Edward Sunday.
Some of our farmers have planted
Irish potatoes. Wonder if they will
have the sad feelings they experienced j
last year.
Mr. and Mrs B D Cayton went to
Bomerton Friday.
Mr C G Tunatall made a flying trip
to Washington Saturday.
We hear a good deal of complaint of
bad roads, but don't see any remedy
for it unless is can be done by taxa
tion. ::
A good many of our farmers are bus
this week sowing oats. '
We are sorry to note that Mr T R
Tunstall, though improving some, is
still suffering with erysipilis.
Mr. Willis Knox of Zorah, was visit
ing in this vicinity Saturday and Sun
day. , . ;'
Mr H H Lane of Prescott, spent Sat
urday and Sunday with his parents
" here.
' - We learn our young people are to
have another basket party in the near
future; we wish them great success.
A Guarantees' Curt For Piles
Itching Blind, Bleeding, Protruding,
Piles. Druggists are authorized to re
fund money if PAZO OINTMENT fails
to curein 6 to 14 days. 50c.
(!ge Plants.
Crown in the open air. Will stand
any cold. Count guaranteed. Guaran
t i .l headers. Seed grown by best seed
!' in the business. I have now an
i Minted supply. Any variety. Sold
I t half of the plants for the
e crop in Virginia and North
t l;st year. Will give refrenre
1 to anyone that utsed them lust
in l.U
1- !
tlmn 5.0
:m 1 I.'
I. tl
t .
f. o. I
i,: .'.I
), U.O.
t, s. t
AUaaU. Qa.-22X S. BfW StTMt.
Rarner. Feb. 28. A Pietty home
wedding was celebrated at , the ho
pitiable country home of Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Britt. when their charming and
attractive daughter. Miss Lillian Bell
Britt. and Mr. Norwood B. Richardson
of Portsmouth, were married, the cere
mony being performed ., by Rev. A. B.
Hunter, of Cary.
The wedding music was rendered by
Mrs. Buffaloe, and the bride entered
the parlor with her sister, Miss Ruby
Britt the mail of honor, and the
. - TT TT
groom was attended Dy nr. n. e
Royall of New Bern, as his best man.
The bride was charmingly gowned m
white silk, her bouquet of white carna
tions and the maid of honor in pink
crepe de chine, bouquet of pink carna
tions. There were many lovely wed
ding gifts.
Following "the wedding there was a
delightful reception at the home of Mr.
B. Richardson, brother of the groom,
which was held there. It was a de
lightful event and a delicious supper
was enjoyed by "11. The happy couple
will go to New Bern on Thursday to
visit the mother of the groom and will
be at home in Portsmouth on the 15th
of March, after a trip north.
Among the out-of-town guests were
John R. .Terrell, Miss Ida Terrell,
Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Edgar E. Ellington,
Mr. C. Luther Sorrell, Mr. Charles L.
Woodall, all of Raleigh, and Miss Ber
tha Wooten, of New Bern.
Harlowe and North Harlowe
March 1.
The r.ew officers of the Harlowe Sun
day school are J R Mason, secretary;
Mrs Alex Forman, treasurer; Dr C N
Mason, librarian, John E Taylor, chor
ister and Mrs W W Long organist
Mrs Dan G BelL of Morehead City,
came over Friday to spend a few days
with her parents, returning home Sun
day afternoon.
Mrs JohnS Morton spent several days
of last week with her parents at Thur-
., Mr Charlie Ward was in New Bern
last week and purchased a new top
buggy and is now ready to take them
out driving.
Messrs Joshua Adams, E D Hardesty,
N J Conner and John E & C D Taylor
were in New Bern last Monday on sun
dry business. ,
Mr Jos. A Morton went to New Bern
on business Tuesday.
Messrs 0 Gand Dan G Bell came to
Harlowe on the naptha "Harlowe1
last Sunday morning returning in the
afternoon taking Mrs D G Bell with
Mr A Li Mew berry or Newport, was
here Tuesday with a fine drove of
horses and mules, he did some trading
and selling.
Mi- N I Bo ward and family of Blades
were visitors of MrE T Webb of North
. Harlowe last Sunday.
Mr A J Barbour who was called to
Hyde on account of Mrs Barbour's
health has returned bringing her home
with him. .
: The many friends of Miss Arti Bee
ton who is at Johns Hopkins Hospital
for treatment will be glad to hear of
her improved condition and to know
that she hopes to be home again before
very long. ''.'..' ;.,:. v;
Mr John S Morton went to Havelock
yesterday to bring over the popular
cake salesman Mr Archbell of Kins ton.
Mr W N Bell was in Newport last
Friday, returning the same evening.
Capt Willis, of the Dolphin, had the
misfortune to get his shaft bent while
passing through the canal yesterday
and had to phone back for, help to get
back to Morehead City.
Miss Lucy Berry of Hyde, returned
with Mrs A J Barbour to make her
visit to North Harlowe.
Local Grain Market
Corn, per bushel....................
Oats, ' ............
R P Seed Oata '..'. "
White Seed Oats
Hominy " .....................
r-rn bran, per 100 lb.. '. .
Wheat bran, ............
Feed, 100 ns.................
Cotton seed meal, 100 lbs.
Cotton seed hulls, 100 lbs .45
Hay 18 50
r,",TS,per dozen .. i., 12
Chickens, old per pair 60 65
" young, per pair........ 40-50
Pork, per IT) , 7&7J
Live Hogs 5
Laughter, chasing away tears, bright
scintillating flashas of wit dispelling
gloom, and catchy specialties aiding iu
making the hours fly like" minutes are
promises held forth by Manager U. D.
Newell when he presents his charming
comedy drama, "A Jolly American
Tramp" at the New Masonic Opera
House tomorrow night '
The sign artiste whose work adorns
the Marks building have leit for other
parts and many there be who fain
would have had them remain longer.
But the artists were foxy and knew
when to go. The American people like
to be fooled. , - -
Mr. E. W. Chadwick came up from
New Bern this roorninir to move his
family to thnt place. He holds the posi
tion of .' r in the A & N C freight
office at New Bern. Free Press.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Womana Foreign Missionary Society
will be held at 4 o'clock this afternoon
in the parlors of the Centenary chuich.
The store of Mrs. Lizzie Rose at 182
Queen street caught on fire from a de
fective chimney yesterday afternoon.
The fire was extinguished and the dam
age was very slight 1
The sale of seats for the Jolly Amer
ican Tramp which will show here to
morrow night will commence at Waters
store this morning. .
The many friends of Mr. B. L. Grin-
stead will be sorry to learn of his sud
den depart ire last night for his home
in Kentucky on account of the serious
illness of his mother.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Rector's Aid Society will be held at the
house of the ptesident this afternoon at
3:30 o'clock; Th leaders of the sev
eral branches will Utsi bring a list of
the members of their branch.
The predicted cold wave arrived on
time and in full force, the thermometer
taking a rapid fall, the minimum yes
terday being 22 degrees, nearly 50 de
grees down irom me maximum oi a
few days ago. The forecast is for fair
and warmer today.
The Wyatt Symphonv Club went to
Maysville yesterday where they gave a
Yesterday was Aah .Wednesday, the
first day of Lent Three services were
held in Christ Church, all of them being
largely attended. Today services will
be at 11 a. m., and 5. p. m. .
There will be a very important meet
ing of the Child Study Department of
the Women's Club at the Elks Club
room this afternoon at 4 o'clock. All
members are requested to be present
The directors and stockholders of the
Pamlico, Oriental and Western railway
held a meeting here yesterday but on
account of the injunction proceedings
issued on behalf of the city, no busi
ness was transacted.
Merchants are again violating the
ordinance against allowing the front of
their stores to be litteredjjp with pa
per. For several days the streets have
been badly "messed up" with pieces of
paper, both large and small blown off
in most cases while unpacking - goods.
The mayor instructed the police Mon
day to bring every one who they had
seen violating this law before him.
There was something in the weather
yesterday very suggestive of a light
ning change. The weather clerk pro
vided us with all specimens and wound
up with a northwest breeze and a turn
ble of the mercury from 60 to 35 de
grees, it was one of the most suddes
and marked changes that has been ex
perienced for many years. A flurry of
snow was in the air after five o'clock.
The Journal is informed that John
Bowen, the young colored man who at
tempted suicide on Sunday, did not
steal any money from the Chattawka
hotel or elsewhere, but that the fact
that suspicion rested on him made him
do the deed. He has always had a
good reputation for honesty.
Among the excellent productions at
the Medley entertainment Monday
night were two solos by Mrs. Dunseith,
of New York City, which were greatly
enjoyed by the audience.
The concert by the Trinity Glee Club
next Monday night will be one of the
finest musical .events of the season.
Their visit about two years ago will be
remembered with pleasure. Remember
the date. ' .'
Arrangements have been made with
the A. & N. C. Co. for a special train
to Wilson on Wednesday March 7th on
the occasion of the district meeting of
the Knights of Pythias. A. round trip
rate of $1.25 is announced from New
Bern to Goldsboro. ; More extended in
formation tomorrow. ,-'--',
Show paper, advertising the great
spectacular event of Humpty Dumpty,
which is playing at Richmond this
week is displayed cn revert 1 1 ill besn'p
around the city.
List of Flowers And Plants
. Does this appeal to you,
yoa get better values?
Six exhibition chrysanthemums for
25c; Colored Dappleton, finest golden
yellow; Marie Ligu, pearl pink, R. E.
Richardson, incurving bright pink;
Lavender Queen, soft silvery lavender;
j Black Beauty, rich, deep crimson; Tim
othy Eaton, giant white. If you want
them add you name to the lists at
Davis' and Bradham's Pharmacies or
Journal office, and the Woman's Club
will order them for you. Express free.'
There Sheuld be Ho Clttt Legislation Is
Ordering The Muzzling of Doge
A few days ago Mr. Claud S. Cham
berlain of Kinstcn purchased a St I
Bernard dog in this city and took it!
home. Saturday the brute attacked,
him and bit him on the face. He sus-'
tained very painful if not serious in-.
juries. " He was petting the animal
when it caught at Mr. Chamberlain's!
head and made a wound that he will
very likely carry a 1, through life and ,
perhaps may suffer very serious re
sults.. - :. -' -
One of this breed of dogs attacked a
muzzled bull dog on the street Monday
and very nearly killed it The bull dog
is a pet of Miss Mary Bryan and it has
always been a highly respected mem
ber of dogdom. , ' . a
The -point is just this, if one dog is
obliged to wears muzzle why not all
and for the protection of humanity why
not put muzzles on them all t New
Bern has recently had a bad t xperience
with dogs and it ought to be a lesson
but there should be no class legislation.
The big, unwieldly St.- Bernards are
just as apt to run amuck as the smaller
but more active dogs and the attention
of the city aldermen is called to this
fact and to makea'law accordingly and
when its made have it enforced.
. Cove.
March 1.
Pay no attention to spring poetry, it
is no sign of gentle armies coming, but
wait until you see the martins Binging
in gourds which is a true sign, ,
Mids Bessie Foy has iisued invita
tions to an entertainment to Le given
at the close of her school March 13, at
the residence of - Mr. E. Z. Davis at
Dover X Road., ' ;
Miss Helene Gilmore or Philadelphia
visited Cove last week.
The following attended Buster Brown
show at Goldsboro' last evening: M. A.
Hill, W. E. Jones, O. S. Wetherington
Kenneth M. Harris.
Mrs. Mary Jane Civil of Asberry is
spending a few day at Mr. A. W. Averys
this week. . vvOfVV
Rev. J. J. Boyd has purchased from
Mr. A. B. Cox his fine buggy horse
Robert, Mr. Boyd knows a good horse
when he sees him and Mr. Cox knows
when to let one go.
Miss Mabel Taylor .who has been
visiting her sister, Mrs. W. J. Brothers
returned to her home in LaGrange. yes
Our weather prophets have stopped
predicting and are now busy digging the
Panama CanaL
Misses Nell and Jesse Taylor of New
Bern visited friends in Cove Sunday
and returned home on the afternoon
Mr. Raymond C. Russell of Ft Barn
well and Miss Hattie Pittman for the
last few weeks of Cove, but originally
of Ft Barnwell were united in mar
riage Wednesday evening at 4 o'clock at
the home of the brides parents at Cove
The best man was Mr. George Wooten
and the maid of honor was Miss Eva
Pittman, sister of the bride. ; Miss
Irene Barwick played the wedding
march and Mr. K.; M. Harris Bang a
solo "Oh Promise Me", the ceremdny
was performed by Rev. Geo B. Web
ster pastor of Asberry church. After
the ceremony, the bride and groom left
for their future home in Ft Barnwell.
The bride is the oldest daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. C. M. Pittman and the groom
is a son of Mr. Charles -W. Russell of
Camp Oak. Both are of old and in
fluential families. Much joy to them.
. .
Feby 28.
Our farmers are busily engaged in
making fences and clearing land, pre
paring for another crop. :
Mrs. Jane Whitford who has been
sick the past year, doem't seem to get
much better.
Mr. A. R. Whitford who went to
Newport News some time age, came
home last week to see his mother.
Mr. G. A. Whitford went to Washing
ton Saturday, v"
Miss Carrie Tunstall returned to her
school in Jones county last week. .
Mrs. Amanda Tuten of Edward spent
last week at Mr.' Silas Fulchers.
Mr. J. M. Whitford , and sister Miss
Lizzie O'Neil spent Saturdaywight with
relatives near Edward.
Messrs. Billy Yates and Jesse Latham
of Gilead, spent Saturday night and
Sunday at Mrs. Rose Whitford's.
Our Friendship and Pinetrse schools
had an exciting game cf ball Friday
afternoon, which resulted in a score of
14 to 21 in favor of Friendship.
Mr. S. M. Brinson our County Super
intendent was here last week looking
after our schools and delivered some
able addresses on education which were
highly appreciated by our students. He
talks of consolodating our schools be
fore another year. i I
Miss Rhesa Yates of Gilead is visiting
relatives here.
Miss Susie Wetherington spent Mon
day night with Misses Mary and Cora
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Wiley of Cool .
Spring, visited relatives here last
Master Ivie Toler who has has been
spending a while cn .Blounts Creek re
turned home Frii!;y.
For -
Norfolk, Va. -
r Letter to G. A. Nicol
New Bern, N. C.
Dear Sir: Your business is, when a
house burns down, to give the owner
some money to build a new one. It is
a good business. Queer that the world
got on ao long without H.
We paint the one that burnt down
and the hew one too. What is better,
we paint the houses that don't burn
down. ;;.'rV -V"'V':. W ;'"v
You insure the houses that burn; w'e
insure the houses that don't You
have the ashes and smoke; all the
houses are ours. :V
We paint lead and zinc; Devoe. We
sell the p3int to painters; we don't
pamt ' ;
, Lead-and-oil is the old fashion paint
Devoe is zinc ground in with lead and
linseed oil; the best paint in the world:
and the cheapest, because it wears
twice as long as lead-and-oil. Nobody
wants poor paint; there's lots of it,
though, in the world.
A M. Griffin, . Plainfield, N. J
writes: "
"Mr. Aaron Higgins, of Plainfield,
always used 15 gallons of mixed paint
for bis house. Last spring he bought
15 gallons of Devoe and had 4 gallons
leit ,-' -
Yours truly, '.
F. W. Devoe &Co.
' , . i New York.
P S E W Smallwood Sells Our
The Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist. Chjirch
1 '- InAshee. , ".-V-
About half past four o'clock yester
day afternoon the Ceda Grove Mis
sionary Baptist Church, colored, on
Cypress Street, was entirely destroyed
by fire. There was k revival meeting
in progress lathe church and it is be
lieved that a spark from the chimney
lodged on the roof, which as rapidly
fanned into a blaze that : sealed the
doom of the' building. A stiff breeze
was blowing and the flames gained a
headway that the firemen were unable
to control Their efforts were mostly
bent upon saving the houses opposite
to the burning building and had very
hard work to save them; they were
successful however and had poor water
pressure to contend with. They are
entitled to great credit for their ef
ficient work.
The sixth ward hose reel company,
which is composed of colored men, did
quick and effective work in preventing
the neighboring houses from catching
the blaze. They were enabled to get
to work before the Atlantics and liut
tons reached the scene.
Tht building had but recently been
repaired and the members and congre
gation had gone to considerable ex
pense; the loss, consequently comes
ver heavy upon them. The loss is es
timated at $2,0.0, the insurance at
$1,000. Rev. A. L. E. Weeks is pastor
of the church.
Cheap Fare to Goldsboro
On nccount of audress of Harvie Jor
dan, President of the Southern Cotton
Growers Association' which occurs at
Goldaboro Friday March 2, the A. N.
C. Co. will sell return tickets at the
following reduced rates. Tiekets good
returning until March S.
Dover $ 75
Cove ' ' 90
Tuscarora 1.00
New Bern ' 1.25
Hivcrdalo 1.4(1
Crualan l.M
Newport 1.75
Wihlwood 1.85
Morehead City, 2Mt
Bwiufort 2.25
Twenty - one
; Oiiieoco
p?n XPXrr?:
have been the standard Cotton and
Tobacco 'guanos in the Soirdv
because great care is, used" in the
selection of materials.
' Ask your dealer for RoystcrS
goods and don't take substitutes
said to be just as good. See that
the trade-mark is on every, bag.
We have just received a new line of Colored
Lawns and Organdies and a new lotof White
Lawns, India Linens, etc. Also a big lot of Em
broidered Shirt Waist Patterns, Lace Collars and
Turn-Over Collars. Ladie3 Patent Leather San
dals, Oxfords and f Shoes in the Newest ..Spring
Styles. " ' , '
We invite you to call and see,them. - ..
Eiimltiitv Qtnvc Mittinorc Ptr
V J. Ill 111LU1 j kJLU T
Largest stock of Mattings in the city. Royall and
Borden Felt Mattresses.
New line' of Go-Carts. -"
We are still offering some bargains and it will pay you
to call on us. ' - , .'"'
Phone 267
93 Middle
Next Time
be sure to see those nice Fruit Preserves,, Jellies
and Jams, also ask about that Cheap Tomato
: ' " Ketsup. , .. ." - "
And don't forget that twenty cent Coffee,
Monumental is the brand.
- No. 81 South Front St
orncK 93 1-2 tsiccLs st. . 233
a ffo ttuninrr much tmii'Ja to ppt Tin work dono -when I wanted it an i
like I wanted It done have purchased the Tin Business of L. II. Cannon. Have
oponed a First Class Tin shop No. 90 Middle Street, next to Cantons Cycl
VHore, where I have competent and experienced men to do my work, I will run
this business in conjunction with my CONTRACTING and BUILDING.
Any work sent me will receive PROMPT ATTENTION, and will be DE
DONE. STOVE PlfE taJe to Order. Cfilce Phone 12 Residence 185.
t . n
lfA44LLlllX,Jt LflVi
Str - et
You go to
and Retail Grocer,
Phone 108
I f " 6A6i
: : ;.!es, green, per Tl) 6J 5.7 .
" dry ' loj
' " , " .... ) to i t
:.! 1 '. 1 f ,
. m ' i

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