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28th YEAR
: 1 1 J I Li y i l
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District Muting at Wilson Will Bt Largely
,- Attcndtd.
The usual district meeting of the
Knights of Pythias, at Wilson, next
Wednesday night, is one that every
Pythian in this city should look forward
to. The Fylhians of Wilson are leav
ing no stone unturned to make this
meeting the lurgtst that was ever held
in Ibis district and they have prepared
most excellent program for their vis
iting brothers. 1
After the regular routine of business
has been dispensed with the Rank of
Esquire wifi be conferred upon several
candidates and that the work will be
done in fine style it is but needless to
mention. "
After the meeting is over a most elab
orate prepared banquet will be served
and this will be followed by a "smoker."
The Knights of this city have ar
ranged for a special .train to leave here
on the afternoon of the 7th at 3 o'clock
and will arrive at Wilson at 5:45, but
as the change of cars is to be made to
the Goldsboro lodges special it is neces
sary that every Pythian notify J, B.
Dawson if ho intends to go, and do this
Monday as early as possible. The par
lor car Vance will be attached, to the
train and all those who want seats can
get them Wednesday morning at the
depot, vjhe fare for the round-trip to
Wilson is $2 25 and ' this is open to
everybody, so all outsiders who desire
to go can do so without the least hes
itancy. The band of this city has arranged
an excellent program to be rendered at
the meeting and uoon their arrival in
Wilson they will give a twenty minute
concert in the lobby of the new Briggs
Hotel for the benefit of the ladies of
Wilson who will not have the oppor
tunity of hearing them in the lodg
Mors Than Ont Husdrtd LIvm Lett. $1,500,
000 Property Dttireytd at MsrMUs,
Mm. '
Mobile, Ala., March 3. Information
has reached Mobile by telephone, all
telegraph wires being down, that a de
structive - tornado visited Meridian,
Miss., at 6 30 last evening, killing 21
j white people and a hundred negroes,
and damaging property to the extent
'of $1,500,000. There are also scores
seriously injured by being caught in the
! wreckage of houses.
' The tornado caught the city on the
southwest and travelled to the north
least, expending itself in two suburbs,
where many negroes were killed and in
jured, a whole tenement district being
wined out. "
Two large wholesale stores, several
smaller ones, part of the principal hotel,
the electric light plant and all the small
property -between the Mobile and Ohi
Railroad and the business section of the
city was badly damaged. Twenty men
were caught in one restaurant, and
several were killed. Two stores of the
Y. M. C, A. building were wrecked and
other buildings suffered in the upper
stories. The negro tenement district
north of the city was demolished, ar.d
the debris caught nre,lhreateninganew
danger, but the local department, with
the help of hundreds of citizens over
came this after a hard, fight They
were assisted by a torrential rain fol
lowing the tornado.
The city is in darkness and the full
extent of the disaster will not be known
until daylight The known path of the
storm was about six hundred feet wide
and one mile in length.
Whtrs Youthful Offenders
Trial According
Get Separate
Washington, D. C, MchB. An ef
fort is being made in Washington as in
several other cities to introduce the
Juvenile Court by which youthful of
fenders will be granted separate trials
and accorded punishment according to
their age and their experience in crime.
The experiment has been so thoroughly
tested in New York, Chicago, St Louis
and notably in Denver, where Judge
Ben Lindsay presides over this tribunal
that it is conceded to be a necessary
part of the Government of all large
- cities. Seven years ago there was not
a juvenile court in the country but
, they are now regarded as the only ef
fective and humans way of treating
.youthful offenders end Jan one of the
most important judicial reforms of the
century. They are founded on the pre
sumption that tho child delinquent is
not a criminal and that he shall not be
treated as a criminal and its object is
to reclaim each child brought before it
. to useful citizenship. ' Th idea of pun
inhment is.climinated as far as possible
and the commitment to reform schools
ii the last resort : The bill to estab
Jifih such a court in the District of
Columbia is now before Congress and
has already passed the Senate.
Death of a Child.
Leonard LeRoy, the two year old son
of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard White died
of pneumonia in Pollocksville Friday.
The remains were taken to Cove via
A. C. L. and A. & N. C railways last
night and the burial will take place at
the family grave yard today.
The County Teacners Association
The above organization met at the
court bouse yesterday and had an inter
esting and profitable meeting, although
not largely attended on account of the
unpleasant weather. Brief talks were
made by Miss Mary Hendren, Messrs
Daniel Lane and Harold Whitehurst,
Mrs. ,Abhin and Miss Fordham of
Pver. .
Suck I Main Testimony Is Matthews Murder
. . Case. ' .
Special to Journal.
Greensboro, Majch 3. The defence
had not concluded the testimony In the
Matthews case, when court adjourned.
The case is expected to last until next
Thursday. Many witnesses testified
that Matthews was crazy, from mor
phine taken the past year. His father
told of insanity in his, and wife's fam
ily. A fellow medical student of Mat
thews, while at medical college in
Richmond, said he slept with him, and
told how he waked in the morning
found him apparently , dead and was
resuscitated by early medical aid. He
had attempted suicide from despondency
over the death of a sweetheart, leaving
a note disposing of his property and
naming pall-bearers.
Wanted to Buy
All Kinds of
- Southern Fruits
and Vegetables
for CA0LT or will handle on
consignment. Let me know
: March 2nd.
Mr. John Morton and children visited
relatives at Grant's Creek Saturday
and Sunday.
Mr. G. W. Smith and F. F. Larsons
went to Jacksonville Monday and re
turned Tuesday.
The J. A. Latham place here, that
has been vacant so long, is now occu
pied by a Mr. Lily and family, who
have moved here, recently from Car
teret Co. .
Misses Maggie and Bertha White,
and little brother of Pollocksville.spent
Saturday and Sunday with relatives
Mrs, Lula BarLee and children spent
Sunday with her parents near Mays-
ville. - ,
We are sorry to note that Mrs. H. G
Barbee is quite sick. That her recov
ery will be speedy is our wish.
Wo were pained to learn of the death
of Mr. Ben Bynum. Some of our peo
ple attended his burial Tuesday after
Our school will probably continno a
few weeks longer. We hope that
will for we have a good teacher.
With Crusted Scaly Eczema1 When
One Month Old Could Erush
. Scales Off Body Young Lady
is Now 17 Years Old and Skin
is Without a Scar Cured By
,rWben I was one month old I was
taken with ecsema. After being under
the treatment of two doctors (or one
month and; no improvement,' my
mother was. advised -by a druggist
rtry Cuticura Soap and Ointment,
was one crust of sores from head to
foot. My mother could brush the scales
off my body; and my finger and toe nails
fell. After -using six cakes of Cuticura
Soap and about as much Cuticura Oint
ment I was completely cured. I am now
seventeen years old and my skin has not
a scar. I am still finding wonders in Cuti
cura; after washing a fever blister two
days it was completely gone." Your
Cuticura friend, . Miss Cola Glasscock,.
Oct. 27, 1905. ; ; Marksville, La,
- The attention of parents is called to
the fact that the Cuticura Remedies
were used on a one month old baby
with complete success, proving what we
have always claimed that these great
curatives are so pure, so sweet, and so
delicately medicated that they may be
used on the youngest infanta. : . .
Are the Best for Skin and Blood
"About three years ago my face be
gan to get rough with acne and kept
getting worse. A year ago I read in
a paper of the Cuticura Remedies for
the skin and blood. I sent for them
at once. I used -the Cuticura Soap,
Ointment, and Pill, and in three
months my skin was soft and smooth,
and the pimples have all disappeared
without the services of a physician. I
think the Cuticura Remedies are the
best that any one can use for the skin
and blood." May 0. Scliieferle,
Sept. 8, 1905. Santa Paula, CaL
Ctrttatra ftntp, Ointment, ftnd Tlllt mn told throughout
th. woild. Putter lru Clwiti. ..rp.,Hok Prop. .UuWa.
Htm. Kf-Mwllot'' Uow U C. .in tk Skin.'
F. Latham & Company's Wickly
. Cotton Letter
Special to Journal.
Greensboro, March 8. The sentiment
about cotton for a month or more has
been extremely bearish, and those who
have bad courage sufficient to say any
thing favorable have been in a very
small minority. Therefore, the selling
by disgusted bulls and confident bears
has met little check, although the de
mand by spinners has been tremendous
and seems to expand as the market
declines. This trade demand is the of the market, so yesterday
when a prominent operator gave out
some figures about the amount ginned,
the trading talent seemed to at once' real
ize thit selling cotton short at 10 J cents,
with spinners buying everything of
fered at a reasonable basis, was a dif
ferent thing from selling at 12 cents,
when the buyers were a promiscuous
lot of misinformed and mistaken ipecu
lators. The statistical facts about cot
ton, are sure to become bullish before
the season is over, and a big crop is
needed for next year. The thing weigh
ing most against the market now is.
the accuniution of low grades, for
which there is no particular demand,
this may change at any time. We con
tinue to think from a merchantile
standpoint that cotton is worth what it
is fetching, and chances favor a farther
' J :
Of Fine Still and 2,500 1 Cations Is News From Raleigh These Days
Beer. . (.' ; j -
. - , -- Nsw Lumber Company at Pollocksvlllt.
Ring Nscktd Pheasant A Curiosity. Old lured by Runaway. Protldont Jor-
Csrrotton HoUl Torn Dow toir Better dan Gott Fair Audlonco.
Building. Charter Bink at LtGrange ' (Special Correspondence.) '
" Doctor Hints' ( onditloo. Raleigh, March 3. The Secretary of
" State authorizes an amendment to the
, (Special Correspondence.) v , charterof the Wysong and Miles Corn
Raleigh, March 5. One of the hand- psny, of Greensboro, increasing the
somest specimens of the ring necked capital stock to fZ5U,uuu, wnicn
pheasant has just been taxidermized $200,000 will be of the preferred stock,
and returned to its owner m Pittsbom,- Officers are O. C. Wysong, president;
where the bird was shot and killed by a and J. A. Kleemeier, secretary,
negro man to whom it was aurioaity. A. B. Matthews, of Durham, a
So far three birds of this ; spit have, brother of Dr. Matthews or ureens-
been killed in and about Pittsboro, as" boro', now on trial for his life is resting
well as several fine specimens of horned more comfortable after a runaway ac
owls of unusual dimensions - , cident yesterday evening at Wake For-
Insurance Commissioner Young, has est by which his collar bone was broken.
notified the Order of Good Samaritans Notwithstanding the rainy weather
and the Sisters of Samaria, another of a great number of Wake county farm
the negro benefit associations in the era have come into Raleigh to attend
State that all claims and details of the the meeting addressed by Harvie Jor
old business must be settled when they dan, president of the Southern Cotton
will be permitted eitherto join with tfij Association. Raleigh concludes Pres
licer sed branch in North Carolina or ident Jordan's North Carolina tour, and
the original tody established some years the entire State feels that an added in
ago in Washington, D. C. The chief terest and zest has been added to the
officer in the State is A. R.' Middletcn; cotton movement here. . J
of Kenansviile. : - I ' -J Eddie Harries, commonly called
Deputy Revenue Collectors D. C. "Crap Harris" was placed in jail by
Downing and K. W. Merritt have this United States Commissioner John
time made a capture of the "Parts i li- Nichols, failing to give a $300 bond
cit" that outdo anything of the kind charged with opening mail sacks and
ever undertaken and accomplished in appropriating the contents. Harriss
the Eastern district This lastaccon.- has been in the employ oi tne JNews
pli8hment was the sundering of an out- j and Observer Company, his duties be
fit pomnriHinc a fine still of 175 gallons ; ing transporting the mail
capacity, the copper of whi. h was ' so
heavy that even a pick could not be
forced through the metal, two worms,
one cap, with a full and up-to-date ap
paratus of heater tubs and,doublers,
and 19 fermenters with a capacity of
3,000 gallons, 2,500 gallons of beer in
the process of fermentation, And the
general appearance of having seen real
and actual service and for a consider
able period of time. Such an establish
ment meant the production of 60 gal
lons of the real stuff per day. The
scene of this latest raid was within 2J
miles and to the east of Hackney's
Entertainment At Cove
A Basket Party will be given at the
home of Mr. E. Z. R. Davis on March
13th for the benefit of the parsonage at
Cove. .
A special feature of .the evening will
be a lantern drill as a closing exercise
of Miss Bessie Foy s school. All are
cordially invited. Music will be fur
nished by the Cove String Band. Anoth
er feature will be a aong"In The Shade
of The Old Apple Tree" by Mr. S. C.
Lane. ' ,
New York Cotton Market.
The following were the opening, and
closing prices on the New York Cotton
Exchange, March 6.
Open ' High Low
Mch " 10.60 10 61 10 46
May 10.72 10 75 10 68
July 10 85 JO 86 10.80
Receipts 12,850
Laat year, 27,875.
pnecs. on w.
-or will have.
I Secretary Bonaparte declares there li
a fr''at Bhorbige of coal in tho navy
emergency appro-
hat yOU jarda and c:i!!s for an i
print ion of t0,o:;9.
Tho Ordinal
In- H II
li $
Small village in Chatham county. It
was something more than half a mile
from any road and the officers are at a
loss to understand how the journeys
could have been made to place the ap
paratus. The find was the question of
vigilance and following the coarse of a
creek. "
The old Carrolton hotel orf Fayette-
ville street, at the corner of Cabarrus
street, is to be torn down at once.
The Park Avenue Land company,
which was granted a charter a few days
ago, with $25,000 capital, will bring
about the establishment of a beautiful
suburban property, land having pur
chased fronting on Park Avenue in
West Raleigh and overlooking Pullen
Park and the campus of the A. & M
College. About 35 lots will thus be
available for residential purposes.
Secretary of State granted charters
to the bank of LaGrangefor the conduct
of a commercial business with $10,000
paid in, out of a total authorized stock
of $100,000. Incorporators are C. A.
Norwood, Jr., W. H. Winatead, John
F. and O. Taylor, S. Wooten and Alex
His friends throughout the State will
be interested to. know thpt Dr. Peter E,
Hines, the city physician who has suf
fered a week's illness after an attack
of paralyses showed much improve
ment and rest with a greater degree of
comfdrt last night, though it was
thought yesterday evening that his
condition was most critical
A Step in The Right Direction.
Mr. Editor:
I desire to enter my sincere commend
ation of the philanthropic act of Mr.
James B. Blades in instituting a free
bed in the Stewart Hospital located in
thlsutv. Many a needy sufferer will
bless Mr. Blades for this charity.
Let us hope that other charitably
disposed people will emulate this noble
example. . , L. U.
Letter to Sheriff Biddle
New Bern N. C.'
Dear Sir: You are interested in the
prosperity of your town. You can con
tribute to it materially, and give it a
far more DroSDerous look at the same
In Stiff
Soft Hats
All the new styles in
black and pearl Soft
Hats at $2 00, $2 50 and
$3 00.
Nobby shapes in Derbies for young men;
and more conservative shapes for older men.
Styles to suit everypjie. , Come in and look them
over. . ,
J. G. DUNN & CO.,
66-57 Pollock St. Phone 212
to the rail
road station where he had had access
to exposed pouches. Suspicion rested
upon him when a pouch from the mail
ing shed at thef postomce was ais
covered at the mailing rooms of the
News and Observer. The authorities
on opening the pouch discovered that
packages bad been tampered with but
the contents had not been removed.
The Secretary of State today granted
charters to five new concerns and
amended one. The PM Morns Reaj
Estate Co., Concord, is capitalized at
$200,000, of which amount$60,0J0 is
subscribed by J W Cannon, Z A W L
and W W Morris, all of Concord. :
The Bank of Robersonville, in Mar
tin county will conduct a general busi-
ness, ana Degins witn its auinonzeu
capital of $15,000, all of which is sub
scribed by J C Robertson, jr., A t
Roberson, and nearly thirty more stock
The XXX lumber concerns of the
Carolina Lumber Co., Lumberton, with
$18,000 paid in out of authorized capi
tal stock $50,000. Incorporators are G
B McLead, H M McAllister, W H and
J N Bryant ''
The Brown Lumber Co., Chadbourn;
has 25,000 capital stock, of which $10,
000 isj)aid in by J A Brown, EEL
Brown, C C Pridgen and L C Nance.
The Pollocksville Co., at Pollocks
ville, in Jones county, is authorized
$50,000, with $5,000 paid in by E L
Haughton and E B Elliott, of Pollocks
ville, and T D Warren of Trenton. .
The Icharter of the Hurley-Beaman
Co, at Troy, is amended by changing
the name of Troy Mercantile Co., with
W L Hurley president andG S Beaman
secretary. - - '- - -
In Matthew CtM. Examination SupL Mc
Km of Raleigh Shews Slreng For
Diltnc. Testimony Monday . '
Favors Defendant's
Special to JournaL v
Greensboro, March 5. Superintend
ant Jos McKee of the Insane Asylum
at Raleigh, examined today by defence
in Matthews murder trial, occupied al
most the entire afternoon. Jn answer
to hypothetical question which took an
hour and half to propound, he said on
such a state of facta he Bhould pro
nounce the family of prisoner a block
of neurotics, of highly nervous people
made up of epileptics, idiots, imbeciles
and lunatics and if facts related in ques
tion of prisoner'a acts on day of wife's
death were true, he waa unquestionably
insane. In reply to another hypotheti
cal interrogatory, the witness gave the
opinion, that prisoner had been insane
I ' 11 . T ..a mmiIIi. ntwAAi1-
time. lor more umn lira" imm
Perhaps the public property needs a ing wife's death. On cross examina
good coat of paint I tion Solicitor Brooks put a hypothetical
Levoe will supply that coat with two n baged on detaiied as
thirds of the number of gallons required -:.-, '
of any other. Devoe will last twice as ' committed by prisoner on
long as any other. Devoe is all paint day of wife's death, in their presence (
and full-measure. Devoe is the Btrong-1 and received for answer, that if these
est paint known. Devoe will take care
Next Time You-go to
be sure to see those nice Fruit Preserves, Jellies
and Jams, also ask about that Cheap Tomato
v . And don't forget that twenty cent Coffee,
Monumental is the brand.
TLi 3E3E ISz-riED.
Wholesale and Retail Grocer,
No. 81 South Front St ' , Phone 168
Contractor and IZuilder.
After having so much rouble to get Tin work done when I wanted it an
like I wanted it done have purchased the Tin Business of L. H. Cannon. II a v
opened a First Class Tin shop No. 90 Middle . Street, next to Gaskins Cycl
Store, where I have competent and experienced men to do my work, I will run
this business in conjunction with my CONTRACTING and BUILDING.
Any work sent ma will receive PROMPT ATTENTION, and will be DE
DONE. STOVE PIPE Made to Order. Office Phone 129, Residence 185.
J. N. Johnson
Tooth Brushes
The kind recommended by
Dr. Arlington & other Dentistf ,
davis' pharhag:;.
of the property, in the long run, lor
Get a
Smith Premier
I I i T t Yei .
.1 ('" , T
Foley &'Co., Cliirro, oririnntod
llowy and Tar as a tttr't and lur-tr
r- p-1 on !'('!,',. t -f tho rreut
Tlx- mnl I ' : : n!y of J ulry's li.iiicy
m.l'i.rr vii;'.' . ( t ,-4 nrp Vt-v-l f..r
i ' - - c 1 r i i' y's 1 ..- - v
(! i . : it I ' i i- j
i . : I I :-i ! V 1 r "ve
t I - t J I" 1 "1
i . t I J ; S 1 ! '
facts were true, the prisoner was un-
. 1 I. QKn:4-si nlfa
half the money required by any other, quesuonao.y w
The reason is stated above: Devoe is abruptly told witness to stand aside,
eat paint known. I Mthe morning session several do- Ennett'SBOOllBtOrO
E. D. Jewell, Corry, Pa. painted his . tha Mnt. f
house 5 years ago with a mixed paint;
tookllgollons. Lastspringhe repaint- thews home the past two years, teaU
ed with Devoe; boiinht 14 gallons and lied that the to were invariably cour-
had 4 loft. Saved $15 to -0, for painting and affectionate to each other.Po-
coats two or three times as much aa the ,iceman Put;n testified that he witncFsed
pamt. Yours truly' J their greeting when Matthews returned
F v rm-vni- X, Ca from Durha.n, the riht bofure her
Ne- York. ' death, and their manner was m aHVc
P P C V f. ::ao'1 Our tio.mloitii"!' lf lv" "3 it-
't " -no v ' "' '"
for Hatching
The i'.i : t el.r.-i
.1 Li u-k I.
yi. ?l.f l
of 1
r r..
Jid-Viiiter I
Hot Chocohtc, O
Bouillon of all kir. ' .
Delicious Ice Cr;
Headquarters fcr t
brands of Cr;:; .
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