North Carolina Newspapers

    CZLICERATE and vicicus i:-j..::r
Such It ihi Killing ol Mrs. Matthews By
Her Husband Shown to be by Evlilenct
i In Case. ,
(Special Correspondence.)
Greensboro, N. C, March 2. In the
Matthews trial yesterday, County Coro
per Turner and Dr.,Z- T- Brooks, two
of the physicians who attended' Mrs.
Matthews during the day of her death
, from poison were - examined by the
prosecution and their testimony was
concluded before court adjourned.
Their testimony , together with that of
Minnie Walker, the colored cook, and
Mrs. Hay made out of the most diabolic
. al cases of deliberate and vicious mur
ders ever conceived of. While- lt the
was under the infij-aice of morphine all
the time, and his conduct was that of a
demom, they a'.I persisted in the state
ment, that he was perfectly rational
and deliberate In everything hedid. Dr.
Turners exp'anati m of the test" made
of the hypodermic styring at Greens
boro by himself and at C lapol Hill by
Dr. Davis was very interesting. . Mrs.
Hay's cross examination was rendered
- impossible yesterday by reason of the
fact that just as she finishes her direct
. examination, she fell headlong through
- the door of the grand jury room in an
epileptic fit and had to be carried home
: in a carriage. " , Her cross ' examination
will be had when she recovers sufficient
ly to come back. Rapid progress was
made yesterday and this morning court
met at nine o 'clock when Dr. Farrar,
another physician who witnessed Mat
thews actions, was the first witness,
his testimony being largely corrobora
tive of that of the other physicians.
The evidence yesterday revealed an un-
heard of series of demoniac conduct,
.; Tak n as directed, it becomes the
greatest curative agent for the relief
of suffering humanity ' ever devised.
Such is Hollister's ' Rocky Mountain
Tea. 35 cents, Tea or Tablets. For
sale by F. S. Duffy. " ' ..-,'-
Doctors Art Puzzled.
The remarkable recovery of Kenneth
Mclver, ofVanceboro, Me., is the sub
ject of much interest to the medical
fraternity and a Wide circle of friends.
He says of his case: "Owing to severe
inflammation of -the Throat and con
gestion of the Lungs, throe doctors
gave me up to die,- when as a last re
sort, I was induced to try Dr. King's
New Discovery and I am happy to say,
it saved my life." Cures the worst
Coughs and Colds, Bronchitis, Tonsih
' tis, Weak Lungs, Hoarseness and La
Grippe. Guarantee i at All Druggists.
60c and $1.00. Trial bottle free.
-' Queen Wilhelmina of Holland is bear
ing the cost of concerts given by well
known singers in the slum quarters of
The Hatrue. Onlv th poorer Deonle
are allowed to attend.
'Torture By Savages,
''Speaking of the torture to which
some of the savage tribes in the Philip
pines subject to their captives, reminds
me of the intense suffering' I endurec;
for three months from the- inflammc
tion of the Kidneys," say a W. M. Shei
man, of Gushing, Me., "Nothing help
ed me until I; tried Electric Bitters,
three bottles of which completely
cured me," Ores Liver Complaint,
Dyspepsia, Bloo (.in-trders and Malaria;
and rf stores the v, k and neryous to
robust health. Guaranteed by All Drug
gists. Price 5!)c.
The Hjup"p;issid the Foraker bi 1 to
mark andcare for the gravesof Confed
erates win eid in Northern prisons
' To. draw the firo vi I c.f a Ixin," hea
a cut without leaving a scar, or to cure
boils, 8orej tetttr, eczema and all skin
and scalp diseases, use De Witt's Witch
Hazgl Salve. A specific for piles. Get
the genuine. No remedy causes such
speedy relief.' Ask for psWiU's the
gfnni- p. o d Ly F. S. Duffy.
-- Many dial illreie?, driven out of easern
North Cnro'nin, havo sot up ia Norfolk
connty, Virginia. ," &
' A rivorlte Rem('y lor Cables.
Its pleasant taste "and prompt cures
.have madtt.Qhamb'fflain'B Cough Reme
,dy a favorite with the mothers of small
.children.- It quickly cures their coughs
:and colds and prevents any danger of
pneumonia or other serious consequen
ces. It not only cures croup,; but when
given as soon as th croupy cough ap
pears will prevent the attack.- For sale
by Davis' Pharmacy and F. S. Duffy.
No pill is as pleasant and positive as
DcWitt's Little Eariy Risers. These
" Famous Little Pills arc so mild and ef
fective that children, delicato ladies
and weak ih-odIo enjoy" their cleansing
effect, while strong people say they are
the best liver pills sol L Never gripe
Sold by F. S. Duffy.
One of the bands who robbed the Rus
sian States BankatHelsingfors, Finland,
.na in-rested after kiliinir four of his
wouldbe captors.
A Lively Tussle
with that old enemy of the race Consti-
i :-.lion. ofb n ends in Appendicitis. To
M ;t!l set ions trou!
r : I'..'.v(Vi, t,.V,
1 T!.-y -
; s r-'-w
1 - -. ,
rfnl and Ornamental."
Every woman is glad to possess sev
eral,, big -ttpronrrwbleh will cover her
so completely that she can slip onejou
over-any frock laud perform such du
ties, as may fall to her lot. The .de
sign ehown Is one. of -unusual attrac
tiveness. The fanciful' yoke, full
blouse portion and trim girdle remind
, -J : ATTftAOTrVB APIiON. .' ,
one more of the pretty- house dren3
than, of an apron.,, The sleeves, being
long and the Kklrt portion'' fastening
around (n Iwiels 'render it u. complete
protection, v The yoke Is a novel and
becoming one, pointing down In front
to suggest Rlendertienj of waist. It Is
not a dliUeiilt npreu to fashion,: and
percale, gingham or another of t!ie pop
ular apron materials laajf nerve,
: Matinee Pvttlcnnt. "
Matinee skirts on wlt'ch the trim-
mlngs run almost to the waist are a
now Idea. The are of course Resign
ed to he ' worn - with the., negligee
sack, end "with many -wirivu only petticoats-of
this sort are provided for
home weir. -With u dainty ten jacket
or neg.Igre the silk- uiiitlmw
pletes A most fetching i;:irb for. the
boudoir. '.... Women -who ure-cleVcr in
making dainty feuilniue things are giv
ing more and more attention, to the
negligee, and the tnutluce. petticoat 'is
a grovim; f 'd.
..'' The Ribbon FrlngO."
The girl who loves ribbons has many
ways of making her presence felt just
now. Her uewest regalia Is to hang a
fringe of . pompadour ribbons, which
fall In long lines from her belt all the
way around her skirt. - The appearance
is that of a silk skirt slashed up at In
tervals to show the underskirt, which
nsuully la of net or lace.. These appear
to float loosely out over the .petticoat
but they are really caught down by an
invisible stitch or two hero and there.
1 , Comlu of Amber. :'.
Amber shell hair combs have become
'0 fashionable that one eaa little else
i rr.i. In shades to 'suit the diieroat
iob.-3 of hair the? pro to be found, for
there Is a choice In selecting accordni:
to your own hair. ' :
Simple, Yet ClmrnilnR.
We ml;;ht nltnont nay tliat designers
have reduced tliolr- profession to an
art, such charming results are created
on perfectly slnipls lines. Here Is a
frock which carries one boek to the
olden time of our grandmothers. The
full, round blouse, deep pointed yoke
' nANnsosiB ynoca.
of embmlderv or nil over lace and
quaint llehu effect constitute tlio whole
beauty of tin? gown. The skirt Is
gathered enislly at the belt and finish
ed with a deep girdle. A soft slIU or
gandie or dimity may-., prove most bo-'
witching uud youthful for 'any wearer,
wbjle the model Is cipially suitable to
development lu voile and soft CiP-hmero
with yoke 'of all over luce and ruffles
and r.irillo of silk In the same shade.
It would bo dlfllcnlt to find a simpler
froi'k for home construction.
Sioeplessness -
Disorders of the stomach produce a
nervoiM condition and often prevent
pN'i'-i. C'linniljei'lain's Stomach and
Livi r T..M- ' H'.ii.mlaio t!i ti:.-.-.!'.vo
( ; -, r . 1 .re Co 1 (-.n to a lr ,i' !y
- 1 , ie. p p., ),,'. For
' ' V. , ,y ,u..l F. S.
Miss Bret Ilarte," with tlio iild of a
number of her father's Kngllrh f rieuda,
has opened a typewiUlii; olhi'e lu London.-
'. -
According to Leibn.tT, It H pT-siblo
to form combiiiattons out of the twenty-four.
.alphabetic- sounds that. woukl
amount to U2a,443,T01,7:W,'J0o.3(i0 words."
A German astronomer has discovered
that the man iu 'the oioon is a wotnau.
"Hair, eyes, mouth,- nose, chin nud
Lust," says he, "mny all be distinctly
sbserved," - , , .- : -
The London, branch of the GaelicJ h
lcogue Is preparing a scheme for plac
ing the principal Irish products on the
Unglish r markets, confident lu Jo'w
prices and gootl qualities. '.
,-In the; office of Jphn W. Hrittau, lu
Westboro, Mass., is a sv.ortl feru with
125 fronds " which. average six feet in
lengtlTand nre sis Inches wide,- The
plant Is twelve years old.' - "
.-.Ihertf Is no man living In Winter
port, Me., who has a tier of wood in
his shed winch was worked up and
housed before tho present owner was
born,-some forty yours ago. " , '
" A "prophet" has appeared In Touce.
Torto Hico. reppesciitlng himself as St.
John the livaugullaf: It la swld that
more than fl.OCO natives have left their
homes and work to follow him. : j
"Indiana Is the only state which hunt
a solid delegation. of college bred men !
lu the two houses of congress. Here- ;
totore the state which ranked highest !
In tins p v, is Massachusetts. '
: : A henj of iitno deer was seea on th.-' )
I.i;h -cl.ool 'ground i at IIollN, N 11,1
qs jUty r jceiHty, ; The principal stop-
PM tli? (Cool i'v'vI ei lo ig enol
to.- t.te f ol is to w It l mi? t io nnu-,u il
."iu. -
A i '. o tV !;'t pnd horns
of p. .t tli x i. utiy ir.cty of bi,;
game to be found In northern Rhodesia'
L33 Ju-t 1 'n.diM to the BiltMi
"South, Africa cmn'ian.vo museum In
"The Highland Light Infantry, tlio on
Ij i.nU't 1 1 'i 'ofi re'rlnient In fie
I!nU:-h - iTr.iiv, ,iv;i.: upeclally granted
the privilege of weiring trews as a re
ward tor .their valor during the
pciilu -it! nV v :l r. . . . j .
An ova! -bHUard table has Just been
Invented by a prominent English, p'
fcssioua lehl.ird player. It does aw.,.v
wtth the problematical results of -ta--ball
Ktriubi-r the comers and lUP.'.ses t.'
game nuuv di.TiCtiit and scientific.
Hio . rinrrrtnlity of wood In favoral .:.
flrciinislnnces r.luiost acm.: ;i.
I icce,! t wtxj.l, wooden casket .1 tt:il
wooden nrtu-L's have been taken fic-m ejtacotnbs com-tructed
or 8.(tiKt years beloie tli Christian ti.i
- Tliero are already i.u euteut;? cor
illalo iiikI an Mtcn'e '!i'--i,-''"1i-)il fe
tv,cn rr't." 1 I. , iuJ, ei 1 iin
there Is to be an uitfcyre niiislcnle. Iu
1 i . j
The Goods
Handled by the Best Dealers.
' t' j
Right goods at right prices form best foundation for T&ny 'business...' If you are interested in growing
larger crops on smaller acreage, first properly prepare soil, then v.zd Fertiliser absolutely pure and straight.
Rig,ht goods at right "prices most important'-and necessary. ; Sale of inferior? Fertilizers, generally prove disas
trous, makes complaints, dissatisfied customers' and' decrease in , business. ,: You ;v;ant to -get right and stay
right, hold your customers, get mafiy : new ones, then handle the .Fertilizers manufactured by New; Bern
Cotton Oil and Fertilizer. Mills, recognized as standard Quality; Our Fertilizers- sell themselves. The man
i who buys once wants them again,-his friends want. them. ' Can you afford to be without an article-which
silently but lorcibly recommends- itseli.
, : ;. ; Margin of profit may not be so large to the dealer as in some othrr goods,, there something in feeling
-you have given your customer full value. "That your trade i in-rearing." . -
" t Our goods are made in various grades to suit crops uruiHy pown m your sect on. You can rest
assured each grade is best that can be had "for money. ' We believe m Icr.; run quality is bound to count,
though we do not make quite as good profit.
Call to see our Sales Agent in your section, and if none near you v-r.le u tect to the
ff It': I J i ; ,H
.Women s Kidney. -.. ' .
r i. r. Pii f a more olttn EiTnc teil a 1 h
kiwy.'iiisordors tHan men, bat. at
t', u.e t ftynptcna to diseases p'-
1 CLNi.r to their sex, vvhilo in-reahty Ue
other -word
and chonis f:
:' riiai-lM C.
liecnbar ,lf.
l.'l t !
o! 1 ,v
i! 0 t )
T e iin
of n ,
I 1 "
VI ::;t.-;-?'c::t;Ji!s
.ro. to give fanctrts
;.i:b!.iell recently hauled a
of -I'.imbi'r Into Ihirhn?
v4 lvlv ci hi liif fn -i
ui hiivuii; been storrcl ia
, (' hni-lot t; duriiig all the;-;?
- lumber gave no Indication
wt n'iuay I nrr)o'i5tiit im
n 1 no from Haifa aero-w
W 'i t.,i ei.t f tl. Jir
. t. u to ,i the He 1
t len.j co , ,.rr tl f )r
' ( 1!' 1 gi. 4n btwi.a
hi Hfwcca. '.
iii v:;;Hi-si . tluit the be-.-in)annsci-s,
. .1 i't I ' .'It j, I'l l L'M I 1 ti
.11:.-' .'lmn 11', j. 'c.iiiU n."
I vr-?n . ie - 0 n , c ill to Ii' 1 .1 11, id
n 10 t.;!:e i';;.-A-of itiKi.i ticre.
at ni;inltUi of tL:c:.r.t nniclmiery
a! -.) ; ; e:;;):u't.'d. - - "
l iL .t st t Lvit. t o' t il 1 Hi Cm
i r..ut. H'nyid m fo',!e-. In Svreiien
3'J U-;i. rtttly olsht yuftiy, SvvHrcr
t e' rlit J;ai;i. MoiiiiniL elsht yenrs,
urn -i'.;;:t
; lH:n.url ;vcn yours, I'OfiiliTAl
.i f yv.ii'i, ttro.n lii'ltahi, rnnncla tipi
t.,e Lnt.cJ i fntes fyur . .
. "" t t l'ljary '..iIpm pi ,
i.:ior Oi. cw4t:i -rt'een' :s j '.:-Jiie.' I (;
1,L .iT., t !' 1 i t '1' '.'illid of H "1 1
KrcA 1k1'; l$r V( It v.-,is doi
,, e 11 . d ' ,1 i - 1 of ( m ' ,
1' . ' ,. I - 1 ! . J'- '.' ! t j a
prcsMuw or atwnt 2,7i JwIiiuSh i-. :
sqinuv. I'.n.'h in a tenijier,; to bt.v
V t tt tie irl v ill V. r. 1 h, dm e,i. ' J
helinm slpus of lltjm'fvhbjf
H r!'i,; noil', til t -i Iv1 1 .1 .' 1
L."ithh.t? v,ell, arc no v behr? .'.
gr.Ud bv tie I .iltisl S1'tc3 K'!3;;' .1
tnUM'j- 'Jh" be-t (Xilni,", l'
this :t-ypt f.'C A'-cIl .tre' fminfl. tUronsho
'i. , n 'i ' t-" iM'f t' n!i n
Nl of th ' 1,11 J.Uin MiJi'l
fie'ent' to Vcc;; ,1 :;:ii,'a hat Rtisp?!id
l 'iu' c it 1 ' 1 ri heiio 1 u 1 ! i e Hi1'
u try
'i r "
1 1 1
lilU'.V 1
cn!.;i !,
I0V,-, "H
ml.e c
fcr in;
t i'i ii ' -1 t r i-t 1".
lerie j)
t.'i ! Ii)
II 't
'.Uti I.
- i
rr re:
1 lilted to til:.'
t;iti'Ui If ,!lii
by l'..)(;!; ft
1 .' of :: ':'
wu;':i thej i.'
i:'i-I.-l U'.a.K
.'). o : y:
V.:v. b,-r ;:;
v. ;','..! to' 0.
:,!:l!i:;:,:'l r,;;
i y f;:;o to (,:o r.i-.viJ!i
U :.!:: lloitue o'l one
, en! (.!it:'.ln c;::-:i c,;:'.1s
:"ii,l- I." ti:-v:s or t!'j
I o.-.rC. V.'-'y l-;ivi Id i'O
. I :v" . I ttf r.T nt .-,!!.
T!:9 Yellow Fever Crm
has recently been diticovt rod. It bc.irs
a clone resemblance to tlio iiiiUivii'.l
itt'i-m. To f rot; the ny:teiii f;''ni
i n-ii.; perina, tho'Tvi'l ir:T ;:V'' ::('
i;i i'r. Kind's Me li-'-! I'I '.,
t. t I !:) C'ilV Cr. '. ;: ' ''' ' ' ' ', :,'..:''.
ne .- aiu. u-.iu.jkiu. ..: ,..-.-.,, 1: ;n hi
yy or dark circles under I -
i.'r.cvf: arc ue.raniico. nervousness,
the. eta, iiaiinn the back, are sign of
hii-'n -y tr.i'jhle that must not be
n ii-i.'J, or a smous malady will result.
FoUy' K-dtiey Cure has restored the
hriivU ct u.ouiands of weak, nervous,
br-v-'en tfown women. It stopa irregu-!:n-:t.cs
tnd strengthens the unnaiy or-ir-:.
Jt riitifies the blood and benefits
v.'iicle pystcm.. bold by Davis
mncy.-' .
- No Fillis as pleasant and posit ive as
I eWitt's Little Early Uise,s. These
Famous Little Pills are so mild and ef
fective that children, delicate ladies
and weak people enjoy then elennf iig
i-ffect, while strong people say they are
Never npe.-.
r ' L . ,- C.
. . LL.rr
Austria -Hungary has put in effect a
nmiibor uf commercial treaties with
European countries without gwinsf Hun
gary a chance to debate them.
Afflicted With Rheumatism.
"I vaa and am yet afflicted with
rhe'-inift'.ism," savi Mr. J. C. Bayne,
editor of the Herald,' Addington, Indian
Territory, "but thanks to Chamfierlain's
Pain Lialm am able once more to attend
to busine ss., It is the bestof liniments."
If tAkd v. th rheumatism give Pa.n
KaUa a triiil a'Btl you are certain to b
nore than plcabed with thu prompt ro
Ui v.LKh itatfords. One application
rebtvi s the pain, For sale by Davis
Pharmacy and F. S. Duffy.
."Kerp-'tho little-ones healthy and
happy. v. Their tender-, sensitive
bodies require gentle, hoahnp; remedies.
Ifo-litti-'s Kocky Mountain Tea will
keep them strong and well, 35 cents,
Tea" or Tablets. Sold by F. 3. . Duffy.
;- Lord Curzon, cx-Viceroy of India,
disapproves of Secretary Korley's dci
uiou rejcaniing the supremacy of au
tliority in Ir.dia. .
In the spring time you renovato your
house. Why not xyour .body? Holhs
U l-'iTUocky Mountain , Tea -drives out
itnV-u'r-itiee, cknses and enriches .the
l'.ic f.hd purifies the- entire system,
'jr-emt.. 'Soidl-y P. S. Duffy.
Cifffra.. Teller, Salt Rheum. Itch,
Worm, Herpes. Barli&rs Itch.
..'I.". -
Ml of these-diseuses are attended by
intense ltchinfc which is almost in
stantly rolicved rjy applying Chamber
berHiiVs Salve and by its continued use
a -permanent .cure- may be effected. It
has,- iii fact, cured many cases that had
ifvltoifall other treatment. Price 2o
en's per box. .For sale by Davis
frui man T. S Duffy.
l eli 3ent Roosevelt U said to be ready
to lonpromiiC on tha Pwail way Rate bill
in onhr to p'acate, the Republician
h adtis r.nd reunite his party. t
.0 ,1'JJo rules we all should kep,
. , 1 . 1 u.:1Tv,4-
iPtaKo me nappy iii
Kniilrt m tha niormnc. smile at noon,
-ke Rocky Mountain Tea. at night.
So d Uy F. S. Duffy.
f t a- Department officials fear that
(-..irmiinv is attempting to create
rupture at the Algeciras conference
and i'or!e France into war over Morocco
: A Scientific Wonder. .
Tl " cures that stand to its credit
make Uueklen's Arnica Salve a scien
tiiis wonder.. It cured E. R. MuUord,
K-rurtr tor the Patrons of Husbandry,
W.'vnovo, Pa., of a distressing case
of'pile?. It heals the worst Burn?,
Sovea, Boils, Ulcers, Cuts, Wounds,
Cl 'il.lians and Salt Rheum. Only 2
at All Dru-jgibts. . '
: TliO "Consl ir: M:
6j Kiany " f r-i :
h n 0 1 f " U ' 1 1
Unioi'e li.tij- 1.1'.
exclusive noi:) h iva
abahiiun fiac'a -nffaii"
thfir girl.i to Wo v.
ceri uioii y. U 1:0 ens.
I" P.nrernlt.iv.
. o.:t" r?ect:tbiisl
iliJnsi&n nu.l l'
u'ors of the n:oVc
a ii.t xt. 1 to
1 an.V wiil ai.j-,v
ai fjn'a w;i;r;it
:mi 011 ihe ca:i:i-
of a woman's life, Is tha ncme often giyen to the "change of life."
Your menses coma- at long intervals, -and grow scantier until they
stop. Some women stop-suduenly. The entire change lasts three
or four years, and it is tn; cause of much pain and discomfort,
which can, however, be cured, by taking'-:.- r-:. '. '''.' .-:'.'" ; ,;: - ;,, ;
h 11
U iii ii ilJJ
10 t-'.ke her c..i..;-:i-.'ienda
and to Icai e
nent U tor 11 mo:
twr to eiiil 0:1 U
cards. Tnen tm.1 g.i-. w.H be i:
to nil siiita'i'.i,' jr.rties and U vow,
properly la-uic'ieil. This iiietl.-
galnin luvar evetTWiKKN). Iii"t;
the "coin in c o.-.'. ' re'-nut '"'':
nio't always Liis 1111.. uci;...u
crowd and to wiixli irti'.id leu
gern often come the v.iso parent
tiunl tho..prl liuu.v;, her couiei
ne niul then mi enjoyable fe.
can bo given.- In London debut 1
are rare. In 1'c: :.: enfl I'cihu th
A thing of the p.i t.
bl Of I
Wcinan's. Relief
I i
j are
What rWsKJ I fM ltU,
(li'ciig'is g-e-i. iI rm of U I." .ng
the lower i-t' u 1 of 1, cm li bi .iu j evi
dent In (lie f ,"r ? oi ita iji .-,-( ,
Of course only j:y;vivh)'jf the multl
tudo ns-a whole u the cuict recfspi.'-i-ble.
Hie observer can kuoiv Botuliut of
individtialK; but. looiinur Into the coaii
tenancy of hundreds of Teutons, Jews,
Celts, fe,'iml,j' n, nrnl fl.u.i, tiep'e
vailing type srto daily on the streets,
he discenm too Auiericnn.fiiiiillry In va
rying (leiri-o 's creeping hi to supplant
sotnb.of (ho mofo lcarSed native linen
-nenls. -A diat!nn3l.'.aib!o ho!nngeneoii3
nexs In working out of the hctcroguiic
ons tinman comnannd.. -.
Even two or three years as Jinlror,
teamster, Fardener, j.ralt dealer of hod'
eamer hi n Inviro Ameileaii cltf have
nn nflVct Iii ii"'"'.'"-- swav the abrtrld
nnfjnivtrie'rs e.:A (ierioion from the
fi'iiliiyrn cf nu alien. toren II. B. Knox
iu Atlantic- ' .
It quickly relieves the -psm, ner.-ausness, irritability, miserable-'
f ".i-j, . n - l,t and cold flashes, weak
e;c. -Car;ui bnr.g-ycu safely through this
."d'n'l, iz. 1' v.'th for the rest of your life.
;ts b 51. CD bcuk-s. Try it. i-? ;.:':.: ;:::.
'"dodging pericJ,'.'
At all druggi;
freely and frankly, M'in; 1
: troubles: . AV e wiil sti id Fret
r:- rtiio, .sealed envelope).' Ac
dies-' Aviscry Dftptr.TkeC
;:; ,f,lvs-ihV.Co.,, Ctattanao:;a
v., -i . r M.ew. ---.u-.v.M.
:e ( in
1 Fiiuored," writes Virginia Robson,
ol tastun, Aid., "until I took Cardul,
wlika cured ma so quickly it surprised
r 1' j , ' 0 ddn't l.r.sw I was
uiaiw it:''';-.';':'1. :''--:-"': I-. :.-..' '-.'.-..;-:-.
'"":'--t"t '
j 1
. ::
. Ttie Knlficr to Itecrultn.
Recently the 'tJeyinan emperor swors
la the recruits of tho Totsilam. caiTiavi
In a manner to luspfro the soldiers w!;'a
the Bpint which -swayed CrfimweU's H
Ironsidai: Accnrdmi; to the Loknl An-
zeipcr of Bei'I!n.lio said: "Ton nen lii?-4
fore von nn altar. On It behold the
oroot -th" urmliol of all Christian. Ai iLareeat and finest stock of horses and Mules ever offered for sale in New Bern
such you have taken the oath of a!!
- vo j.
Bianco to the colors, and I hope 11 ml re
quire that you tv!H cror be mindful of
this pled w.- As I stand hero a UMmo
rable cpinode . r;sM before my .- cyoSi
When the Kainer Lpopold of Auatna
handed over tho supreme comniand of
his army io the famous Prince Knpene
and Rave Jum lUo mnrahal's baton tlio
prlnco sebed the crucifix -and, holdlnf;
It nljft, ti'ed. "!M' s-'i'll be ovr ,""iu"-- J,
ellnfiliiio; :. f rc.n-!"r! and cspect HlinUar j
jent'inct. f hi 'j 1. I 0'ilre i'jimJ
and tt liiittiKp.oklioi's hi my. anny, hot j
mockci'i" ' ' t
. A car load of ach. ient in.
. (: iiii.-ne-i:), Ko'.
1 a complete line of tsiieiries. w aeons.
mp-5, Cart Wheels, Etc.
CM!-- ""3-
hit ,nj S'r. et, No Ivcrn, N. C.
f f if" fed L 1
Successor to
M. Hahn & Co.,
-: i I'a n Crenrtptl OJty. '
'TailH. t-t ahasTt'tlio' oiily 'groat city
V, J V O"1 1 l II '" 1 01 ( ' '111 1 3 !' "
1 n '1 1 ' 1 1 '( 1 1 riv icrj 1 ' 1 ,
Ncr York.. . Ti t Ja the I'mn-U
C.')7,708- people-hire "apartments iT.(i
1 n th 11 P
less thanim.t
sal !'
t!i 1
:1 il year; It 1.7::: p''J" I
i hvh more than $07 SIX
; - K- -
is live in nparhr.euw
.1 CLIUrcn.
eostin,': uioit! than 1'V2:Va inouili. Only
17,ti) pay over-?7;L : i a year. .
That Is not very imica like New Yotf:.
Tet rarls -n-a.-i the birlhulace of tha
"flat" Idea. . TIn first apartiBontd biUt '' A car load of each jiut i c -ciVvja.
In Xey Vork upoa the' now fauiiliar-' Robes, Viiipa and Cnrt Whec-la.
moilel were called "French flatx,"' : .- -.:, t -.
- "- '-' '' 7 '.
,,- -; - Livery,' Feed, Sale and Exchange btables.
Lnrjjest atl I jiws!: Stoclc of H-wi.-. and Mules ever 'offered in New Fern.
(X:ra-,l.j!.e lino of Buggies, Wagons, llarrn :,
SalistUnfc ror Ci-lliilol-.l. :
An Auatrlaa .chewlst, Dr.-ZU-a,T I'aa
Invented a proceh's wl'.ereliy ca:'eia, V.--n
essential clenieut of ciieiv and Irit
may be aolhlltled and i-aiip"d In! ; V.-o
various ftl-tk-!e:i that ttiv. now lua'e
of celluloid. It 1,4 paid that tb n( .v
product povsesar many- advanta':---'
over celhiioid. It ia jjrA Inllninv'u.'-a',
no that the danger fruai f.i-o sona -ti:-
: -ill's
Hahn s Old Stable Middle Street.
encountered In the 11-0 nf art
of ecllill'iiil m enilre'y av.i'
new ludnat'-y la :n lo'.n,:
nt SurReres, France, oee of
centers fur the cunnfaciuiv
and chci's,!'.
!::i 111.':
1.. 'j)
1 wli"
'ie -v
h bin:
All ftra.l.
v.'.a.d Dc
i C rcli
a hum

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