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    V. or r.o'.l at Cradod School.
The following students of the graded
school attained the average of 90 iii
their lessons for the months of October,
November. December and January, and
are entitled to be placed on the roll of
honor. A general average of 90 per
cent has to be made on all studies.
9th Gr Sadie Rice. .
7th .' Beulah Ilolton.
6th " A, Maggie Kinsey, Ethel Simp
son. . V '
6th" B, Mary Mitchell, Louise Bell,
Lottie Lancaster. - -
5th Gr A, Eula Ewell, Esther Raiff.
6th " B, Hilda Willis, Mary Berry.
4th " A, Fred Gillikin, Charlie Keho,
John Jones, Nathan Gooding, Stella
Bennett, Sadie Knight, Ivy Willis..
. 4th Gr B, Gertrude Carraway, Lucy
Guion, Matilda Hancock, Herbert Green
Haywood Guion, Uirich Howard, Arthur
Resenthall. ' ' v
. 3rd Gr A, Blanche Gaskill, Loraine
Arendell, , Nell Bishop, ; Lillie Smith,
James Brinkley, Minnie Smith, Wardie
Gaskins, Albert Hibbard. v.
3rd Gr B, Ida Gordner, Lela Huicock
Alpha Kellum, Bertha Simpkina, Mary
Winfield; ' : y ' '
2nd Gr A, Henry Gordner, Rosabel
Banks, Thelma Dudley, Florence Ful
ford, Jannese Harper, Mildred Hack
ney, Phoebe Jones, Katharine Patter
son, Clarence Day, Lacy Meredith, Le
Roy Willis, Thos L. Taylor.
2nd Gr B, Annie Jones, Florence
Banks, Elizabeth Cosby, LulaDisosway,
Dannie May Godby, Bertha Hawk, Ida
Howard, Nina Irving; Albertina Jones,
Annie Kellum, Esther Lipman, Addie
Mi-Daniel, Lula Rowe, Mabel Toler,
Elise Walnau, Carlyle Bowden, Guion
Bartling, Charlie Hollister, Issac Lewis
Harry Lipman, Giles Parker, Zaichery
Styron, William Watson, Lena Jones.
Adv 1st: Duffy Rowe, Edna White
head, Nettie Cuthrell, Carrie Dewey
Hill, Kathleen Lilliston, Elise Styron,
William Boyd, Woodford Broaddus,
Lena Parsons, Robt Duffy, Julian Han
cock, Roland Howard, Roy Land,.
1st Gr. Annie May Dukes, Leon Har
vey, Hazel Simpson, Eugene Simp
son. '
Wire Crass.
Feby 23.
Rev. J. R. Jennett, who is teaching
school at Venolia, spent Saturday and
Sunday with his family.
Mr. Louis French continues very ill,
there seemJ little chance for recover
ery. Mr. P. A. Langdale will leave today
by way of Beaufort for New Bern on
business for a few days.
The Sunday School at Tuttles Grove
has been clianged from 3 pm to 10 a m.
We are pleased to note that much in
terest is being manifested since the
Miss May Bellen has closed the pub
lic school and opened a private one at
tin i A I
v ire Aituciiijr.
Mr. C B. Davenport of Russell's
Creek and Misses Janie Lewis Lewis
and Helen Russell of Beaufort were
visitors at our Sunday School Sunday
Mr. Nathan Farrell on "St. Elmo
Farm" is among the first of our farm
ers to get in his Irish potato crop,
others are gettingready to plant " "
The Vandelner, Capt. Dickinson, will
sail from Norrris and Senders mill and
gin this week with a cargo of cotton
and cotton seed brand.
A Guaranteed Curt For Plle
Itching, Blind, Bleeding, Protruding,
Piles. Druggists are authorized to re
fund money if PAZO OINTMENT fails
to curein 6 to 14 days. 50c.
Capitalist! go to Beaufort.
Saturday a special train containing a
party of the members of the delegation
from Rhode Island who were in Ral
eigh to deliver the Confederate battle
flag went to Morehead City, and from
there they went to Beaufort. In the
party were Chief Justice Douglas, of
Rhode Island who was provost marshal
at Beaufort during the war, Marsdan J.
Perry, president of the Union Trust
Co., Providence, R. I., and president of
the A. & N. C. Co.; J. E. Studdy a
banker, A. H. Watson, a manufacturer
and George I. Shepley, t capitalist all
of Rhode Island anl a number of the
officials of the Norfolk and Southern
and Atlantic and North Carolina rail
way companies.
They were much interested in the im
provements contemplated and those in
progress at Beaufort and expressed
great hope for the little city by the
Merchants Notice!;
Schr. Ida G. Farren wrll take cargo
from Baltimore here, leaving Baltimore
during the coming week.
C C. PAUL $ Co., Brokers.
Jos. Gaskill, Agt.
Vrf s M M ' "
Grown in the open air. Will stand
any cold. Count guaranteed. Guaran
toed headers. Scd grown by best seed
lio'ist 3 in the business. I have now an
M.iiimled supply. Any variety. Sold
t L.r.avt Imif of t tie plants for the
i ' .! crop in V"'iii3 and North
( i 1; .a yc;ir. ,.t pve rofrunre
r . -I to aevono t -:t w,h1 them last
. f. ';
1-rf -,1-l.nJ
Mr. CkarlM W. Roberts TtRdtrtd Baaquet
By Employers at Wllmlnjtos, Del. .
Mr. Charles W. Roberts, a former
citizen of New Bern, and for several
years superintendent of the large dry
goods establishment of Crosby & Hill,
Wilmington, DeL, was the guest of
honor at a pleasant occasion a few days
ago, given by his employers on the eve
of his departure for Nyack, on the
Hudson, N. Y., to engage in the man
ufacturing business Mr. Roberts had
for several years been connected with
the firm and had won the respect and
esteem of all who knew him. He will
be interested in the manufacture of
aprons, having established a factory at
Nyack and he is also is part owner of
another similar industry. '
A pleasant feature of the occasion
mentioned which was a banquet, was
the presentation of a generous check
by his former employers and words of
cheer and congratulation from different
associates in business. ,
Mr. Roberts is brother-in-law of our
townsman, J. J. Baxter, and was sales
man in E. B. Hackburn's store.
Wanted a Fire Alarm to Strike
The Journal has repeatedly called
the attention of the public to the poor
fire alarm system of this city, and the
fire of Wednesday afternoon at the
colored church only proves the poor
service that is being rendered. An at
tempt was made to send in an alarm at
the corner of George and Cypress, a
distance of two hundred yards from the
fire, but the alarm failed to sound, so a
messenger was hurried to the corner of
New and George to turn the alarm in.
In substantiation of this statement we
give this: one of the fire horses was up
on George street near the cemetery
when the fire broke out; the driver
drove his horse down to Broad street,
where he stopped and unhitched him
from the wagon, and then came on to
the engine house and hooked up to the
hose cart and was out to the postoflice
corner when the alarm sounded. This
is the second time that an alarm has
failed to sound from this box within
the last few weeks.
Members of the French Chambers of
Deputies are opposing the extension of
fortifications along the German frontier.
March 3rd.
Quite a little excitement occurred
here today. .
Mr. J. N. Porter and wife and Mr. E
B Wright and wife from Brooklyn, N.
Y., are stopping at the Davis House
for a few days. The two men are in
search of a good hunting and were di
rected to come here to find it. This
morning they left early in a small duck
boat, which was surrounded with a
high grass blind, for a point in the har
bor near the bird shoal, After a long
wait a couple of fishing ducks came
along and such excitement prevailed in
the small unsteady blind that it cap
sized. A darkey clamming nearby
heard their shouts and went to the res
cue. He says they were wildly kick
ing and churning the water, no doubt
supposing it being fathoms deep under
neath, when in fact top boot was all
needed to get ashore. They offered a
reward of $10 for the recovery of their
guns, which was promptly claimed and
paid to a darkey who used a pair of
oyster tongs handily.
There was a theft here a few nights
out of one of the stores of 17 quarts of
whiskey, and this is a "dry town.''
The Mormons on Barkers Island are
in trouble again. About a month ago
their church was burned to the ground
by incendiaries. A few- nights ago
their house of worship was burned
again. - ..
In every clime its colors are unfurled
Its fame has spread from sea to sea;
Be not surprised if in the other world,
You hear of Rocky Mountain Tea.
-For si It I j r. S. Duffy.
Sarah Louise Disabled.
The steamer Sarah Louise struck a
sunken log in Neuae river, three miles
above Kinston, Friday, and a hole was
stove in her side which caused her to
sink within ten minutes. The capta:
was enabled to steer the boat to shal
low water and consequently, the work
of raising her was -not so difficult as it
would have been in the channel
The hole was temporarily filled up
and covered with canvass. The boat
was repaired at Kinston Saturday and
yesterday morning and waa taken to
the Meadows ship yard for permanent
repairs. ' -
Lecaj Grain Market,
torn, per busheL......
OaU, "
R P Seed OaU
White Seed Oats,
Hominy "
rrn bran, pet 100 Hs....... ,.,
Wheat bran, " .............
'eed, 100 n........ 1,35
Cotton seed meal, 100 lbs.............. 1.50
Cotton seed hulls, 100 lbs 45
Hay 18 50
I'.H, per dozen 12
Chickens, old per pair
" youn, per pair..
Pork, per IT)
Live K ;:.
1 ' 1, gw n, per IT) ,
...CO 65
.. 7&7J '
... 5 I
..G& GJ
M ) : s
R3V. R. E. KuwUi will prea
at : trie r rcsbytertan church cn
Sunday morning instead of at the
evening service as announced at prayer
meeting. . Rev. J. G. Garth will preach
at 7:30 p. m. All are cordially invited.
Songs that reach the heart, witticism
that will bring smiles, comedy that will
cause laughter and sensational cli
maxes that will thrill all who witnes
the startliug situations contained in "A
Jolly American Tramp," are promised
when the comedy plays at New Masonie
Opera House tonight. ' ,
There will be a shadow party at the
Thurman hall Friday, "" March - 9.
The occasion will be enjoyable and
plenty of features will be introduced to
entertain. Proceeds for the benefit the
Thurman band. Music will be furnish
ed by the New Bern Knights of Pythias
and the Thurman bands.
Insurance Commissioner, James R.
Young has revoked the license of the
Knights of Gideon, a colored secret in
surance order. K ; ; ;
Prince George VII, New Bern's false
prophet has broken loose' again and
predicts dire disaster. He warns all to
"put their houses in order for some
thing dreadful 'is going to happen."
He does not state how or when. - ;
Chief Dawson was around the city
yesterday making a change at the fire
alarm boxes. The keys are no longer
left in the box doors, but are placed in
a box with glass front alongside the
fire alarm box. The change is made to
prevent as far as possible, sending in
false alarms of fire by children, or irre
sponsible parties.
Two fire alarms were sounded yester
day. The first was sent in from box
34 at the corner of George and New
streets at 12 30 p. m., and was false.
The second one was from box 42 near
Elm City mill and happened to be a
small blaze in a lumber pile on the
Eubanks property at the foot of Met-
calf street which was easily put out.
One extra passenger coach and the
parlor car Vance was added to the reg
ular train yesterday morning to carry
the citizens and veterans of Beaufort
to witness the return of the Confeder
ate flag returned from Rhodo Island.
Mr. F. M. Hahn has sold his interest
in the Danieis-tiahn Horse and Mule
Co., to Mr. L. G. Daniels, who assumes
charge of the livery stable on Craven
The special train to Wilson next Wed
nesday will afford an excellent oppor
tunity to people to go to Goldsboro or
to Wilson. The fare for the full return
trip will be only $2 25. Persons out
side of the order wishing to go will
please notify J. B. Dawson.
Attention is called to the monthly
report of the city treasurer to be found
on the second page of this issue.
The little four-year-old daughter of
W. R. Williams of Elizabeth City has
mysteriously disappeared and a fate
similar to that of the little son of Sena
tor Beasly win was kidnapped last sum
mer is feared. Bloodhounds and search
ing parties are out in all directions but
no trace of the little girl has been
found. . : "
It is desired of every Knight of
Pythias that he be at the lodge to
night at 7:30 sharp. Work in all three
degrees and other business of great im
portance' will be transacted.' ,
, A new barber, shop has been estab
lished in the store building adjoining
the Hazelton hotel. Tony Monaco, re
cently of Norfolk, is the proprietor.
In view of much criticism of the new
A. &. N. C. depot at Kinston, the com
pany have decided to change the plans
and make it larger.
A fire in the Loftin building at Kins
ton Sunday night did about (4,000 dam'
age. "
The Village Improvement of the Wo
man's Club will meet this afternoon at
3.30 at the Elks Club rooms, -
Your stomach churns and digests the
food you eat and if foul, or torpid, or
out of order, your whole system suffers
from blood poison. Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea keepe you well. 35 cents
Tea or Tablets. For sale by F. S.
Duffy. .. " ' ' . '' ....
Trinity College Glee Club
An evening of rare entertainment
was furnished at the opera house last
night by the Trinity College Glee Club
and Orchestra. A fair slued audience
greeted the boys and they enjoyed the
concert immensely. There was scarce
ly a number rendered but that an en
core was demanded. . '
As singers in chorus the young gen
tlemen have smooth harmonious and
resonant voices which makes it a pleas
ure to listen to them; it matters not
what the quality of the music is they
handled it admirably. Solos and quar
tetts were rendered in the same
enjoyaib Meaner. TLi orches
tra was ' exceptionally fine and
they have a spleBdid attraction in that
one feature. The violen solo by Kim
brough Jones, Jr., was a piece by an
artist. ,
The Glee Club is on its fourth annual
tour and they have made many friends
for themselves as well as the college
which they repretient New Bern will
always extend a warm welcome toward
Hand f'ashed In Machinery -
Stanley Moore, colored, canrht his
left hand in the cogs of tho machinery
at Bronddits & Ives mill at Cool rpri:
A New X-Ray Machine.
Dr. J. W. Duguid has equipped lis
office with a new x-ray machine which
has great power. It is known as Hoff
mans High Speed Static machine and
beside the x-ray is adopted for ultra
violet ray high frequency and static J
applications. It is made in Clinton, '
New York. . The machine is regarded
by the profession to be the one from
which the best results can be obtain-1
The progress of medical science has
made one of these machines almcst in- j
dispensable in a doctors practice. With
it Dr. Duguid will be helped in diagno-.
sea of mysterious or complicated dis-1
hi .-n. - ... '
A Good Soil Food.
. A beautiful specimen of the printers
art was received at the Jourual office
yesterday heralding the virtues of Ger
man Kali fertilizer for orange culture.
It is issued by the, German Kali works
of New York, and gives a simple and
interesting story of the advantage of
fertilizer and what its use will result in
when properly applied. German Kali
is widely used by farmers in this sec
tion and they can attest its excellence.
While perhaps the climate here is too
severe for orange it is well for those
interested to know-that this fertilizer
is adaptable to everything that grows.
Death of T. A. Messick"
Mr. Thomas AT Messick, sawyer in
the Munger & Bennett mill in James
City died suddenly in the street there
Friday evening. He had just returned
from New Bern and was apparently in
good health and had no warning of any
such sudden visitation. Two men who
were near by went to help, saw that
life was fast passing. Dr, Jones was
called but was unable to render any as
sistance. He was 62 years of age, anl
was a native of Snow Hill, Maryland.
He is survived by his wife, two sors,
and two daughters, and a number of
grandchildren. ' He had been a resident
of New Bern more than eight years.
Funeral services will be held in the
Centenary church this afternoon at 4.15
o'clock. Rev. W. A. Ayers will of
ficiate. Interment will be made in
Cedar Grove cemetery.
Following is the program of the Sun
day School Convention to be held with.
school at Antioch, second Sunday in
March at 10 a. m.
Scripture reading by Pres.
Reading minutes of last meeting.
Report of Supt. qf School.
Address, Matthew Wiley.
Recitation, Sabra Wiley. '
Address, A. J. Askin.
Recitation, Katie Gaskin.
Address, W. A. Gaskin.
Recitation, Mamie Oaskin.
Address, T. W. Price. ,
Recitation, Viola Gaskin.
Recitation, Raymond Gaskin.
Recitation, C. S. Pricel .
Recitation, Lena Fulcher.
The Elkt Tsmplt Project Hat Recslved a
New Impetus to Action -Saturday
a deal was transacted be
tween the treasurer of the Elks Build
ing Fund and Mr. James B. Blades
whereby the latter purchased all the
outstanding stock which has been held
by the lodge for the purpose of raising
funds for a new lodge building. Some
over 300 shares had been disposed of
already and Mr. Blades' portion there
fore was about 150 shares at $100 per
share.' v : ' ;
This puts the Elks In a position to
see their way to the building of their
temple. .They plan to have a four
story structure which will be imposing
as can be made, occupying the most
prominent place in the city. No definite
plans have been adopted and of course
the process of accepting plans, the
advertising for bids and preliminory
matters will take time to transact but
it is hoped that actual work will com
mence on the bilding within six months
The building and site will cost $50,000.
Simpson Plant Destroyed
The large turpentine distilling plant
of the Simpson Manufacturing Co., lo
cated near Riverdale was destroyed by
fire early Sunday morning. The plant
was for the manufacture of turpentine,
paint and kindred products of pine. It
had been in operation but a short time
but was enjoying an excellent business,
the plant being worked to its greatest
capacity. . .
Mr. C. W. bilfinger was manager
and through his energy the place had
been equipped, the most approved ma
chinery ana methods. The loss is
stated to be betweeD S3, 000 and $10,000;
no insurance.
The origin of the fire is unknown.
The manager stated that at 12 o'clock
Saturday night a thorough examination
of the premises was made and there was
no sign of any fire or smoke. Two
hours later the entire plant was a mass
of flames and was very quickly de
stroyed. He will build again and will
proceed on the same lines that he
adopted with the first plant. '
Oil Lamps, Gas Lamps,
Lamp Chimneys, Lamp
Wicks, Lamp Earners, Lamp
Shades, Gas I.' ; I " :.V.
Gas Lam p CI . i re r. ays, Lam p
Norfolk, Va.
The New Bern
8-2-2. ,
We have larce trade on this brand.
t.00 :., t:r..: t .1 JL
who use this grade. It makex anv ctod
that stable manure makes and will be
found much cheaper. ' .
Great crop producer. Permanent soil
enrichor. '
Good all round Fertilizer used largely
for cotton and corn.
8-3-3. .
Excellent Fertilizer, carefully pre
pared from best material we can pro
cure for this grade goods. We confi
dently recommend it. More prohtame
for farmers to use high grade Ferti
lizer on general staple crops, cotton,
corn, etc., than to use low grades. AH
who use this brand speak in highest
terms of it. 1 ; - '
Is a 8tandird 8-2-2 grade. Once used
its reputation will sell it again.
There is a .representative
of a large Diamond Dealer
in the City and will show his
stock Monday at
Tbe Jeweler
,A Purchaser
' For the entire Stock of Goods and
Store Fixtures of the late George S.
Wilcox, deceased. The stock consists
of generaj ,; merchandise selected to
meet the demands of a first class coun
try Btore. The Btand As one of the
best in Craven county leing known as
Bellair P. O. It is located centrally in
a thrifty fanning and trucking com
munity and is noted for - being "a good
business place. " The purchaser will
have the option of renting or leasing
for a term of years at a reasonable
rate, the place of business; and all
necessary privileges.' .
Bids will be received up! to March
23rd. ; : ..
Bids are required to be made on a
certain per cent of the inventory price.
wun ine privilege on my part of ac
cepting or rejecting such. bids. , Inven
tory price of goods &c. about $1,800.
Admr., New Bern, N. C.
For Salo
For cash or on time
no ten 'II P engino,
0110 12 H engine, re
turn tubular boiler;
ono 30 oa-ra- "Pratt '"in
with leader r.::;l
contlcnsor. Ilcrc:::
for ccllinrr.vant to j:;;
ia larger machine;:,,,
I .'r.rli Ilattor'ia .'lUycr-
Tve::'jv - cne
222 Fmifiieii0
have been the standard Cotton and
Tobacco guanos in the. South
because great care is used in the
selection of materials.
Ask your dealer for RoystCTS
goods and don't take substitutes
said to be just as good. See that
the trade-mark is on every bag.
. f;
Cotton Oil &
. -; ' 8-3-3. .
Eor tobacco, more important to have
Sure Fertilizer than any other crop,
any materials might give required
analysis but would spot or injure tex
ture. We are very particular in manu
facture of these goods. Potash con
tained in our Tobacco Guano is obtained
exclusively from High-Grade Sulphate
of Potash, free from chlorine, an ele
ment specially Injurious to iooocco
plant. ,
v 5-10-21.
The highest grade ammonia ted goods
we make. Used largely by Truckers
for side dresainz vegetable crops. Use
Electric Top Dresser for sidedressing
cabbage. :.' ' . .... .. -. ...
: . 10-0-2.
' Prepared with especial yiew to use
upon lands not deficient in Ammonia,
Is made of excellent material, a splen
did article of Bone and Potash., ..
- 14 0-0. .
Standard goods, well known to the
Our Buver, Mr. S. Coplon has just returned from New
York and Baltimore, where
date Line of Spring and Summer Goods. If you will make
a visdt to our store it will pay you to do so.
One aolid ease of SDrinr Calico worth
7c a yard. Our price, 4c, per yd.
Three' eases of Percale. Assorted
colors. Worth 10 ana 12Jc. per yd. Our.
price only 6Jc per yd.
A 11 tha latMf ahnHoa In Mohair a
"Barg&i at 75c. per yd. Our price 48c.
per yu.
WAIST uuuua i
izeii w'aisting in the City from 15c. per
yu. up.
76 Zlidde
I yen trade yon x'". i
Fertilizer Mills-
Guaranteed to ro itain 12 per cent
Potash. -
7 5,7.
Careful'v 1 rai.arpd for raising Irish
Potatoes, and rrot. crops generally.
Contain' Avail bb ' Ihosphoric Acid,
Ammonia and Pot a h, derived from
materials specially rdnp'cd to growth .
of Irish Potatoe crop, in right propor-.
Hons tor son ana annate, we neneve
it is finest 1'otutoe Fertilizer on market-.
This Fertilizer compounded from beat
agricultural chemicals known to tradeXM
Prepared for truckers, who need quick, J
powerful Fertilizer, has been used with
splendid r llts on cotton crop as side
dresser about the latter part June or
first July. .'
' For Sale by Fertilizer Dealers
Throughout Eastern North
he selected a large and up-tcv
500 yds. of Whi.e 40 in. Lawn, fine t
quality, a Bargain at 15c per yd. Our
price only 10c. per yd.
The beat asRorted sizes of Hamberg
and Edging in the City. Prices from
4c. to 60c. per yd.
kinds and Lace Insertion
Of all
match. 1'nces from 4c. yd. up. ,ir you
will call to see us you will find out what
Prices from 4c. yd. up. ,If
we have the best ana cneapest in tne
City. . . , .
At '
7A r
5 f i
i;iy ami t !! In
rs were ha
t to f
ciair, ;: a
1. 1!.! v 1 1 .rot
' a t . ! .!.' '.

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