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28th YEAR
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Punta Gcrdar Florida. "
March 6th.
It is with a great deal of sorrow that
we have to record the sad accident,
which happened to one of our estimable
people a few ' days ago. . Capt. Wm.
Bright was on hi? sail boat on the bay
; and was accompanied by his wife. The
sea wad rough and Mrs. Bright went
forward on the boat to get - a drink of
water; she stepped on the jib sheet and
slipped overboard. The captain jumped
overboard to rescue her but his efforts
were in vain. '; She was a much ad
mired young woman, and a good help
meet to her husband. The community
deeply sympathizes with the bereaved
captain. ; , ' ,
- Capt, R. H. Weeks .made a trip to
.Boga last week. "
Punta Gorda people are busy build
ing. There are three handsome resi
dences going up and others are repair
ing and improving, their houses and
and property. Toe sound of the ham
mer and sar are familiar here. Two,
brick stores are being built
' Captains E. Weeks and Rigdon
Weeks returned Saturday fiom a big
fishing excursion. They had good luck.
Capt Guthrie will try lake fishing
near here. He thinks that he will
have as good luck there as on the bay.
On The Wing.
Mm Stood Hit Test 25 Ytirt.
.The old, original GROVE'S Tasteless
Ch.ll Tonic You know what 'you are
taking. It is iron and quinine in a
ta atoless form. No Cure, No pay. 60c
March 6.
We have not been making much pro
gress lately on account of unpleasant
ness at our school we are very sorry to
say. The school will close Friday and
few are sorry because there has .been
so mucti trouble. : ,- ,.' ,
A private school will be opened March
12, and we hope to give a better ac
count when we write again. Miss Alice
Simpjon will teach.
Rev. Mr. Bryan preached last Sun
day at Macedonia. . . '.
. Mr. Ernest Gaskins and his sister,
Miss Eva, were the guests of Miss Ida
Cayton Sunday.
Your Boy.'
Naval Reserve Supplies Arrive.
The Naval Reserves have received
their portion of the supplies allotted to
tne military organizations by the United
States government The allotment is
made annually and the value is placed
at $1,400. The goods are such as the
local companies make requisition for
and are designed to be used in main
taining military discipline and usage.
The supplies consist of one rapid firing
one pounder mounted on iron pedestal
for use on boat, 100.000, SO calibre car
tridges and outfit of wearing apparal
consisting of tromera, shirts, legging,
shoes and etc. ' .-
The officers are supplied with power
ful binocular glasses which can be ad
justed for use either night or day,
" They are manufactured by the govern
ment and are said to be the best field
glass mado. New compass and other
naval paraphernalia have been received
which arc important as a means to an
end in obtaining the best results from
military companies. ' ,
Wanted to Buy
All Kinds of
Southern Fruits
and Vegetables
for CAGII or will handle on
consignment. Let me know
ycur prices on what you
I ;vc or will have.
' , i.
State Authorities Will Seek Their
Mors Legislation Probable. Illicit Still Cap
tured In Person - County. Incomt .
- tax Returns $27,988,000. Csn
. - - dldslet Coming Out For
v (Special 'Correspondence.)
Raleigh, March 7.-Dr. fratt states
to your correspondent that the whole
subject wUl be thoroughly gone into
and that a general investigation will be
maoe oi me weuBe, ramiico, aim vp,
Fear rivers, and Pamlico sound, to the
end that the State authorities may have
at hand such valuable data and informa
tion on which to base their actions
toward th oetterment of fisheries con
ditions. It is the aim of these gentle
men through the regular channels of
legislation to equalize the' laws attend
ant upon the situation,' and thereby to
increase the production of fish as a
food supply, not only to the people of
the immediate coast section but to
those all over the State who are more
speedily being brought into closer
touch with the coast markets by a rea
son of the activity of capital which is
opening up traffic avenues by means of
new railroads. Dr. Pratt expects to
spend the remainder of this week in
and about Wilmington when he will re
turn to Raleigh Saturday for a more
detailed : conference with Governor
Glenn. i t '
Revenue officers returning to Person
county tell of a raid just made , and a
capture by the sheriff of that county of
an illicit distilling outfit of 35 gallons
capacity, with worm and , cap. A
quantity of beer and fermenting vats
were destroyed, and the still was locked
up in the county jail for safe keeping
until it could be turned over to the
deputy' revenue collectors.' Although
the stiU was in operation the "pro
prietors" could not be apprehended.
It is of interest to note that there
were 2,825 people in North Carolina
who made income tax returns, the to
tal of which was 127,988,000. The
counties In line of returns by numbers
were. Wake 255; New Hanover 244:
Guilford 211r Mecklenburg 119; For
syth 179; Buncombe 139; Durham 131.
It has has been understood for some
time that J. Crawford Biggs, the Su
preme court reporter is a candidate for
judge in the Greinsboro-Durhara dis
trict, and it ha even been claimed by
his friends that he has the nomination
assured' to him having Durham and
Granville solidly behind him with an
excellent chance to get about two-thirds
of Person and Alamance .and a pretty
fair support in Orange county. The im
pression seems to have gotten out that
Judge Shaw's friends were making o
effort to send the tide against him, but
the Journal correspondent learns today
tht the friends of Judge Shaw are ac
tively organizing in his interest and
that Senator Alfred M. Scales ' of
Greensboro is to lead in his fight for
the judgeship. There are certain indi
cations that some rather lively work
will be done by the supporters of these
two opponents. : '
The executive committee of the State
Fair Association will hold an impor
tant meeting Thursday, March 8th,
when work will be discussed and. taken
up looking to the thorough success of
the 46th annual fair to be held in Ral
eigh, October 25-20, 1900. "
Dr. Joseph Hyde Pratt of the Uni-
versit) of North Carolina was in Ral
eigh today en route to Wilmington,
where he will join J. Cobb of the Bu
reau of Fisheries of the', department at
Washingtoh, D. C. Mr. Cobb coming
south in response to a request of Gov
ernor Glenn for National Co-operation
with the State authorities in the mat
ter of fisheries within the State.
His friends throughout the State will
be interested in the announcement that
William B. Snow, city attorney of Ral
eigh has entered the race for solicitor
in this judicial district.
The prrsmrt incumbent Armistead
Jones will also stand for re-election.
r ossibie canaiaaies are announced, or
rather intimated from Harnett and
Johnston ccunty.
Arguments Closed in Matthews Case,
Special to Journal:
Greensboro, March 7. -In the Matt
hews murder trial, the wholo day was
consumed in argument to the iurv.
Solicitor Brooks closing at six o'clock
when court took a recess until seven
thirty. At seven thirty, Judge Furgu
san announced that it would be impos
sible to do justice to a case of such
moment after such a hard day's work,
as it would take several hours to de
liver the charge, and court waa
journed until eight thirty Thursday
r. ::i of r.3. r :.:.y
News V.M reciiivcj hi'iu y.
' ' t (' '! if r.,. r
Items of Interest From Gate City,
Bumped From Car Platform. Investigation
as to Rotten Ties. A Popular Official.
Old Street Stepping Stonee Found.
Large Salvation Army Gathering
(Special Correspondence.) , y
'Greensboro, March 8. A young man
named Rochelle, a flagman from Dur
ham, while standing on the caboose of a
frejght trai1 at pomona tonight was
violently .umpei from the platform
and thrown to the BU8taining a
compound fracture 0f his leg just above
the ankle. He was brouirht to the hot-
pital here and physicians say his leg
will be saved.
, Chairman of the Corporation Comm's
sion McNeill and Commissioner Rogers
spent the night here leaving on an early
morning train for Randelman to inves
tigate the wreck on the Southern be
tween High Point and Asheboro Mon
day reported to be due to rotten cross
ties. s V
There is no more popular or many
sided official official in the State than
Register of Deeds, the Rev. A. G. Kirk
man. He not only looks after ; his of
ficial duties, but he is always filling
some pulpit on Sunday, attending some
Sunday School celebration, marrying or
burying somebody and making himself
of service to the women and children of
the rural regions loving to make them
happier and succeeding in doing so. He
has been quite sick recently, and the
tributes of affection sent him from
friends all over the county. His many
friends will be glad to hear that he was
able to be out yesterday. His mother,
Mrs. Rachel Kirkman of Guilford Col
lege, who has been with him returned
home today. Although nearly ninety
years of age, she is more active thtn
her son who has the handicap of a lame
hg. Mrs. Kirkman went to school in
Greensboro 70 years ago. At that
time there was but one house south of
the railroad. ' - .
; In preparing for the vitrified brick
pavement at the Kim street crossing
evidences of the Greensboro of years
ago are found. There has been ur.
earthed a set of stepping stones thirty
inches below the present level of the
- The largest congregation that ever
assembled in the Salvation Army Bar
rack's in Greensboro was present last
ni ht when ten new soldiers and one
j'inior soldier were enlisted by Major
Barker and Ensign Core, of Baltimore.
Tiiere were about four hundred people
pie Jen t. The ceremony was an im
pressive one, the congregation wit
nessing it with profound interest.
Major Barker read the articles of war
and each recruit pledged himself to ob
serve them. 1 v1
Youfeel the life giving current the
minute you take it. A gentle soothing
warmth, fills the nerves and blood with
life. It's a real pleasure to take Hol
hster's Rocky Mountain Tea. 35 cents,
Tea or Tablets. Sold by, F. S. Duffy.
A Well Known Negro Character la Peppered
-,V.V- With Shot. '
Wednesday night Joe Scott, who is
now employed by the Pamlico, Oriental
and Western Railway Co., got into a
row with another negro at Bayboroand
uo.iy made! iliu ruoeptacle of several
shot of the No. 4 variety. For on-e
Joe had the right of the difficulty and
can almost be entered in the hero class
for he fell doing his duty.'
It seems that by virtue of his job he
was custodian of a car filled with mis
cellaneous freight and was guarding it
with jealous care. ' Will Griffin went
to the car and requested a package
which was directad -to him. Scott re
fused to give it to him, saying that he
had not the authority to deliver goods
and in a peremptory manner punctured
more or less with cuss words of a per
sonal nature, told Griffin to "git"
That, of course, made Griffin fighting
mad and that's the way the fuss began.
Griffin had his gun, or procured one in
some way and hauled off and threw a
charge into Scott. . Most of the shot
lodged in the shoulder and arm making
a painful but not necessarily fatal
wound. Yesterday he was reported as
much improved.
While it is, of course, to the wound
ed man's credit that he was protecting
the railway company's interest, and we
dislike to say hard things about any
ouc sven the meanest of God's crea
turesbut we honestly believe that no
one could have been victim to such an
affair to the utmost approval of the
public than this same Joe Scott. It
seems almost like retribution and we
hope, for the benefit of a suffering
community, that Scott will be a better
York Cotton Tarkct.
.owirg were toe oi-nnir? and
' 1
ricps on tho Kew Ywk
tT.vrch 8.
( 1 I" 'i Low
1 1 1 t'i 10 71
MM I!);,: 1)H
! i.
Harvle Jordan and William J. Bryan
State Fair. Voluntary Bankruptcy.
Illicit Still Capture.
Sepcial to Journal ' 1 '
: Raleigh, March 8. S. T.' Cooper. Jr.,
of Hamlet, N. C, filed a petition in
voluntary bankruptcy with liabilities
stated at $3,400, and assets $875.
The executive committee of - the
North, Carolina ' Agriculture Society
President E. Daughtridge, J presiding.
planned marked improvements' on fair
grounds property, and decided to call
Harvie Jordan, President of Southern
Association, and William Jennings
Bryan for addresses during tjhe Fair in
October, in Raleigh. The Association
will also expend $7,000 in improvements
and will augment the premium lists
: Revenue officers Adams an 1 Down
ing; captured another illicit outfit in
Johnston county," consisting of six fer
mentors, worm tubs,- and nine bushels
of malt. The scene of the raid was
about twelve miles east of Dunn. The
still was not discovered. Operations
ire conducted in a semi installment
way, parts being in different localities.
. " ;
The Convict's Daughter.
The play "The Convict's Daughter,"
at the opera house last night- was a
melo drama proper and a howling suc
cess for the gallery gods. - The play
has several names to cover its antiquity
but it was produced by clever actors
and enjoyed by the whole house.
George Elmore, who as : William
Woodford was the leading character.
the tramp, convict and at last the res
cuer cf the family name and honor was
a good all round actor and was very
well supporteJ. There was no great
stunts performed, yet everybody seem
ed satisfied.
That of the District Meeting at Wilton Wed
netdajf Night,
The meeting of the Knights of Pythias
of the Second District held at tho beau
tiful little city of Wilson Wednesday
night will be one that will re
called with great pleasure and fond re
collections by the member of; 4)thenia
Lodge No. 8 of this city. ;- ff.
It was a tired and sleepy crowd that
rolled into the depot at 620 Thursday
morning but the expression from each
one was that it was the best meeting
that was ever' attended by a body of
7 he New Bern delegation arrived in
Wilson at 6:10 on Wednesday evening
and wjre met by the reception com
mittee Contentnea Lodge and a line of
parade was formed, headed by the band
of this city, followed by the members
of the Goidsboro, Kinston, Mt Olive,
Fremont and New Bern lodges, and
when the handsome Patterson Phar
macy was reached the line came to a
halt. The band had arranged an in
formal concert and this was given in
the store, after which all hands dis
persed to take in the town, but just at
this instant the visitors were rather
embarrassed by being told that their
money was no good as everybody had
lined up to the counter to get a bracer
of Pepsi-Cola and when they offered to
pay for their drinks they were informed
"that everything had been paid for." 1
Well this was quite a setback to the
New Bern boys as they were "stock
ed" with Pepsi-Cola tickets, which
were furnished them through the kind
ness ofMr. C. D. Bradham, but as ev
erybody was drinking the delicious bev
erage no kick was made, but at the
meeting everybody who was present
was presented.
At the business session of the vari
ous lodges the reports from lodges was
most inspiring of the growth of Pythi-
amsra. Alter this Dusiness was dis
pensed with the amplified Third was
oonfened by the degree team of Rocky
Mount and the manner in which the
initiation was carried out brought forth
storms of applause. The meeting was
presided over by Mayor Alf S. Barnard,
of Asheville, Grand Chancellor of the
Domain of North Carolina.
At 11 o'clock an invitation was ex
tended by Contentnea Lodge of Wilson
to repair to the banquet hall where was
a most tempting spresd had been pre
pared for the visiting Knights. When
all had taken their seats the scene that
was presented was one of great Splen
dor. The hall was beautifully decorat
ed and with the glow of the candle
lights and the fair faces of the ladies
present made a picture that would be
hard to portray. Mr. H. G. Cannon, Jr.
acted as toast master in his usual
graceful manner who began by intro
ducing Mr. O. P. Dickinson who de
livered the address of welcome n be
half of the Knights of Wilson. This
was responded to by Dr. H. D. Harper,
of Kinston. Tos toast of the evtning,
'Our Order" was delivered .by Grand
Chancellor Barnard and to say it was a
irrfipt muHtrrful and ehjuont response
was ,: J ry tne continuous ap
plaiwa tbtt grfted the speaker after
he 1. .1 t '.en l,'i scut,
It c:m I-' t- 'It! .t too much prai:o
Prices tor This Fish Remarkably High This
Seeeoa Compared With Previous Years.
The present season has seen a con
tinuation of unusually high prices for
shad in this market. The catch has
been small up to the present time, and
buyers have been active competitors
for each day's catch. The result has
been high prices throughout this season,
yesterday bucks Belling at 40 cents, and
roe eighty cents, . against 25 and 50
cents last year some time, and six
years ago 15 and 25 cents. - ".
There have been so few consecutive
Idays, that fishermen could do any,
amount of fishing, and the constantly
5! changing weather, has made the Bhad
run small and irregular. Last Tuesday
was probably the best day's receipts in
this market, most of the shad being
shipped north, the price being too high
for up the State shipment
So Says Judge Furguson To Jury You May
9 ring In For Matthews.
Special to Journal.
Greensboro, March 8. At eight thir
ty this morning, Judge Ferguson
charged the jury in the Matthews mur
der case. He then began reading the
evidence, and at eight tonight had just
completed it The jury (then went to
supper. A verdict tonight is unlikely,
contrflrv to exnactatinni. JuricrA Fur.
cninnn nhawroA flint a varAint fit mni.
der in the second degree could be
brought in.
- Meeting of Board of Aldermen.
'March 6th, 1906.
Board met in regular monthly ses
sion, Mayor Patterson presiding.'
Aldermen present: Bangart, Howe,
Dawson, Lane, McSorley, Wood, Mc
Carthy, Rowe and Simpkins.
Minutes read and adopted.
Proposition of Mr. Brown relative to
shell rock was read and upon motion
was referred to Streets and Pumps
Committee. "."."
Lots Ordinance passed relative to not
allowing hogs to be lee'pt in city bound
ary was argued befrre the Board and
upon motion the matter was referred
to Ordinance and License Committee
to investigate and report to the Board.
The question ,of Pollock, street from
Queen to End street was discussed and
was referred to Street and Pump Com
mittee, with City Attorney added, for
investigation and they were impowered
to employ such help as necessary. '
, Petition, asking the privilege to use
portion of specified streets for special
hauling was referred to Streets and
Pumps Committee, with aldermen Rowe
and McCarthy added.
Ordered by the Board, that fire alarm
tappers bo placed in Chief of Fire De
partment's house and Superintendant
of Water and Light Plants room.
: Upon motion, fifty dollars were al
lowed New Bern Fire Co. toward the
purchase of hose wagon. -.
Upon motion, the City rented one bed
in the Stewart Sanitariam at one dollar
per day. ;v :-
Ordered, that a Voucher for $1,000
be issued to pay the interest cupons
due on P. O. W. Railroad Bond and
same be paid out of the Special Rail
road Tax fund. ' C
New Bern, N. C, March 6th, 1906.
To the Honorable Board of Aldermen
of the City of New Bem.
Gentlemen: I have the pleasure of
making the following report for,, the
month of February, 1906,
Have disposed of fifteen cases and
imposed fines and costs to the amount
of forty-four dollars and eighty cents,
Respectfully submitted,
v Mayor.
To the Hon. Mayor and Board of City
; Aklernen: ;
Gentlemen:-Below please find my
Report for the month of February,
We have made fifteen arrests during
the month of which 12 were convicted
and 3 discharged. ' , '
Cost collected $35.15.
Fines . " , , 4.40.
Total $39.55.
The above $35.15 has been turned
over to the Treasurer and I hold his re
ceipt for same. '
Montague 1.
Ex. Warrants:
- ' 4.
; 3.
Total 15.
Total 15.
Respectfully submitted,
Chief of Police.
Regular and auditod bills allowed.
Board took recetw.
J. J. TOLSON, Clerk.
The Origin!
Foley & Co., Chiencjo, originated
llonov and Tar as a thruut and lung
remedy, and on account of the preat
merit and popularity of Foley's Honey ;
d'ul Tarnmny imitations pre i,Ti.r"i for.
I .. r-nuinn. A -it for lu'- v' Honey!
For BreaJifsLSt
or Teat
A few
small -
small biscuits easily made with
Baking Powder. Make them
-as small round as a napkin ring.
Mix and
Serve hot.
Nothing better for a light dessert
than these little hot biscuits with butter
and honey, marmalade or jam.
You must use Royal Baking Powder
to get them right.
J. N. Johnson
Tooth Brushes
The kind recommended by
Dr. Arlington & other Dentists.
Furniture, Stoves, Mattings, Etc.
- Largest stock of Mattings
Borden Felt Mattresses.
New line of'Go-Carts.
We are still offering some bargains and it will pay you
co call on us.
Phone 257 93 Middle Str-et.
Platinum Sepia Portraits
Special Attention Given to
Finishing Amateur Work
. ' A k A A. A. A A.
u Now Ready
9 Dainty designs in A F Ginghams for
O Ladies Misses' and Children's dresses and
4 " shirt waists. ' , , .
t Absolutely Fast Colors, 10c yd.
New Chambries, Mercerized Chambries.
Beautiful; designs for Children's .dresses,
0 12 1-2 cents.;;: ,;;y:;:-.y-. .
5 Mercerized Crepe de-chines and silk
. Eoleinnes, for street and evening dresses,
r Violet Receda, Green, Light Blue, Pink,
Y White. Black aud Cream
1 at 25c and 45c the yd.
X . March Fashion Sheets and Patterns now
X in Stock. :
- ; ,, -
oooooooooooooc c c c :
Wedding Gifts
When purchasing a Wedding Frescnt the r'
place where you Jmake your purchase nl,u ' 1
gidcred, a these are generally things t' i 1 1 '
well as beautiful. rrcr.ei.!3 received f... i
are alwnya appreciated and our i;ime en t
Stand for V; l - t e ' .lily. We 1 . . J '
tiful line i.T l- ; " ' TiiVc V '
our Tin i : : ' V 1' !
bake just before the meal.
in the city. Royall and
A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A A.
1 1 ? i
. .jr ami
1 r -', ar.y f .' ") of-
f r V
I in no
l v '

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