J U;iW rtabUti4 1878. ) T 1 1 la man be to be ineligible, for quite often UliL aspirants for congressional honors are !men who have made no financial stand ing, but who are fully qualified in other r,hlshelnT-oSectlon,.ver,Te- particulars to be elected and to serve ' n4 Friday. i Journal Building, 68- well their constituents. n'tv"n Kir- It may be asked, if age and a secure CHARLF U STEVEN 5 ' financial standing are to be teits for nmw tm mopwktos. public office, upon which all applicants RUBHCRIPTION RATEPy must be passed, what are the masses of Two Months.............. thepeople to expect.in the way of laws Th Monius.. . !. tn. crnvAm if not nresarve their inter- ------- nil - i e - - Ut- UiMilh. . . ......... ,w .. - 1 iv Months.. .. 1,u" eats T ONLY IN ADVAHC& Official Paper of New Bern and Craven THE NEW BERN ELKS. County. I The New Bern Lodge of Elks is about ai c.fod IN RAILROAD WRECK. CLARK FAIR FAKIR CAUGHT YOUNGSVILLE. AT I J. J. WolUnden Hat Narrow Escape It f Florida. ,' Mr. JW. Stewart received a lotte." yesterday from Mr. J. J. Wollenden who is in Florida on business in which i he relates a very narrow ewape he hnd from serious injury and possibly death Saturday, .lie slated that the entire train he was on consisting of eight or ten cars jumped the track and went some distance on the ties. The cars stayed on theit wheels, however, and none of the passengers experience anything buta severe shaking up but Had Bad Night el Exposure. Expected Sa satlon ol Red Light District Not Wide Reaching. Supreme Court Opinion Filed. Special to Journal Raleigh, March 20. Harry .Clark, alias Fred Morris, and "The Jew," the Fair faker who was convicted and sent a)l aecount themselves fortunate that to the roads of Wake county for the the escaped with their lives. rtBrttlni rates furnished npon ap-1 . . new year, in the annual a.-,rut tu nan station in . i. a. m nnnn mciuir? i -- . ...6 " - - plication pWHonof its officers. This election plWw o-toher. late last night ---A vxaM- I IO VJ. HIVVIV- - " It'll t-H" LfrHl UltS COVOUD liUUI I .i kaaia MnnnrriiHjrw " u8 nui auav mij w i inmha nr. impiha. iiib iimu wao k" tHii v tain in wp i .a - - - - r eceive notice of expiration o ' Jeir nun or political body ouUide, nor bml ht into prominence some weeks SCTinUon na an inimeit at reeponw w .. . .. ,.. olin.l . .. , -i i : .... wul be appreciated oj i will it mauer, bu ii a(?0 wnen it was discovered tnas ne imu , principles of Elkdom are concerned, tne trje(j tQ bribe g stewai d connected with the camp, which was foiled by the watchfulness of other officers. Clark was captured at Youngsville, N. C, today, his apprehension was tel egraphed by the Mayor of Youngsville, ho later telephoned the sheriff of criptiom nonce JoOKNM. F.nlire-1 1 hi PwrnffleeV New Bern future carrying out of the forces of . tiiH-oud-class matter.. New Bern, N. C March 23, 1906. THE SOUTH'S WONDERFUL EARN ING CAPACITY. hfnittoi-hnrai which everv citizen of New Bern has oft seen so fully demon strated through this local lodge, in ministering unto the unfortunates of this city. New Bern Elkdom has so quietly, yet Wake county. The identification was ... I Ai.. tmA itself tn ha rpcopnized I l .. '-..! il iriaA nt The Chattanooga Tradesman lTTT r'" "'" . "Z Z as eniuuuyniK aim v.. . waKecouru luur cuiriiiu:ii. v.n- keeps close watch on the South's ma terial growth, the increase of its in dustries and the prospects for its con tinued developmeut, presents some wonderful figures, to prove the tre mendous earning capacity which the South is capable of, and which is now taking place. Noting the Tradesman: . Ac ording to the census of 1900 the total acreage of farm lands in Southern . States was, 355,771,559 acres. Of this true spirit of brotherhood, that the e4 with Clark.' "Ha Btated that he' was spirit of this fraternal feeling has con- 3Uffprinfj from rheumatism caused by tinued to spread, and the local organi- expoaure in last night's bad weather. zation has increased each month in tiuthes worn over thestripes show- membership, by those joining who felt I i(J bttr(i Ussge.The prisoner was brought the good that comes from being an Elk tQ Rjh this afternoon, securud with and being associated with Elks, and roppa- The supposed sensational police court trial, involving testimony of many prominent Raleigh men was not so wide reaching as developed after a long hearing. The isase against the first wo man of the ill-repute district was dis missed, and two others were continued ind finitely. Several men put upon the who after joining have felt the enjoy ment which such an association cannot fail to bring. But beyond the splendid feelipg of universal brotherhood and the charita- . . . Mr,-, Mn M H nor i0nt. only .. " bleness which New Bern lodge has en- were improved, movant twia ln the snlrit of , , - J I KCUUVtVUi v- w a iwstHums ' lk.,- .:nlv Um exnression in a I . . , . , . 1 ThP imnrnvod portion last " ' v J . . r .. . , witness stand, sp'.ne uy L-oi.aumL.u.m. - i . AkmM rnv i-iirrinm nnn i .... .... mai-enm aeuoc, w privilege, as did the women ty legal n and New Bern, to erect a monument, in . Contentions were strongly the shape of a building, which shall citv attorney and defendant .1 m -.1- TPII-svnn - nnrl fl I beDotna lempie iur - , The c;tv court room was 053,133,129. year produced $1,500,093,000, showing an earning capacitj of nearly 50 per cent, on the value of the total acreage, improved and unimproved. The lands, says the Tradesmen, carry an annual valuation of about $6.50 per acre, and the returns of last year will show earnings of about 20 per cent on the total investment. These earnings are but a part of the State's aggregate . earnings, the following showing being in round figures, the total, proving the great earning power of Southern in- , dustry: Receipts from agricultural sources; ?- $100,000.(100 Receipts from commercial aources 2,000,000,000 ' Receipts from manufactur ed products ' 1,500,000,000 . Keceipts from miscellane ous sources . 2,000,000,000 LIST OF LETTERS Remaining in the Post OftVc at New Bem. Craven county, N. C, McK19, iuoe. "' MEN'S' LIST. , H C M Humphrey. Rev R S Satiner, R F Leary. - M Jackson Mapsey. R Sidney RatMom. ' S Geortre Sunoni, J Smith, Capt S H Stone. T-H M Thomas,-Geo Thompson, (2) W Capt John", Woodall, barge Re liance, S M Miller. ",,. WOMEN'S LIST. B Mrs M. J. Baker, Mrs Cora Brant ItC Broadway St. K F I'rosiller. Fisher, 14 Smith St G-Blanch Galloway. i II Mrs. Hall, 22 Kilmonarch St. L Mary Lucas. 352 Queen St. , M Orrie Maregum, Mrs Almeater Midgett, Lula Millar. O Daisy Ora. P Susie Parson. S--Mrs Easter Kand-.-rs, 17 Askin? St., snnah Smith. W-Mrs 11 Glover Waggoner. Persons catling for the above letters will please iify .advertised and give date The regulations now require that (1) cent shall be' collected on the delivery of each advertised letter. S. W. HANCOCK, Postmaster. ) Tendorly Laid to Rest, The funeral services of Master Roland Rrnnddua were held in Christ church building to do credit to New Bern. The I packe(j from wan t0 wall by all clasggs I yesterday afternoan at 5 o'clock in the spirit of this has been seen in the ( The police justice threat- presence pf a largo congregation of membership taking stock m the enter-once & clear becaU8e PtaVto to prise, to do for themselves, for their o lau(?htfir over certain contentions here the plans ' were -changeil Lodge, to mfuse the same progressive- maJe . counseL yesterday. His school mates of the ness in development along material 1 c,.. .....t ,; were I nitrhth errade attended in a body. i;0a iflHinnlaved in well doing to . , . ; I The remains enclosed in a beautiful ZITL .,0""WB, white casket were borne to the church. .-- . .. Kf. ininir vm. vuui. iau uiLv. iwn mmu i . ... . , , hf thrj - - - . by the scnooi mates aim Jiicnun Johnson vs. Railroad, Sampson, two jobn Holland Robert Carraway, cases, new trial in each. , Nat Street and Carl BartLng.. . Tht Fishblate va. Fidelity Company, New casket was covered with beautiful and Grand Total $6,000,000,000 And yet this tremendous total of six millions of dollars, is far from the total which the South is really capable of earning. It all goes to prove what a wonderfully rich section this Southland is, and that its future development, in I cured Hemorrhage ofThe Lunge in richness cannot be really approximat I "Several years since my lungs were Ht nroaent. and onlv time will bo badly affected that I had many r ... - I. ; ., . , a. .n hnw hemormaees. wnies a. m. mv. It would seem as if no man would re main outside of Elkdom. Is every association is attractive. r& every motive uplifting. Its every promise a hope for self -betterment, the infusion of the feeling to make sacrifice for others, not because of any duty in volved, or hope of the praise of men, but because the heart spontaneously makes the tender of sacrifice. It is the feeling of the touch of brotherhood, which gathers those who would be brethren in the best sense of the word, which increases Elkdom in member ship, and so increasing, enriches every city, where an Elks Lodge is to be found. show what its resources are, greatly they will be developed. ONLY THE RICH MAN GRESS ? Wood. Ind. "I took treatment with several physicians without any benefit rno CflN. 1 1 then started to take Foley's Honey and i ar, ana my lungs are now w sound as a bullet. I recommend it in Hanover affirmed. - Rouse vs. Wooten, Lenoir, affirmed. Parrott vs. Railroad, Lenoir, affirmed. Beasley vs. Surles,' Johnson new trial. Nelson vs. Hunter, Wake, affirmed. Hughes vs. Knott, Wake, affirmed. State vs. Wheeler, Wake, no error; Claus vs. Lee, Harnett, affirmed. rich floral pieces, emblems of love and affection in' whice the lad. was hW. The remains were placed in a vault and will probably be buried in the Rich mond cemetery at later date. a n:ckle rest a reputation. A Sudden and Unexpected Emilng o( a Cele brated Libel Case, Thedamngo suit for $,) 1)00 of M Kilway vs. The Charlotte Ubserver was on trial before Judge II. R. Bryan n the Meel. nliurg Superior Court Mon day. It wns expected that tne con test would bo long and bitter ana a brilliai.t array of. counsel had been en- (jaged on eirhi r side, fhe .termination before tho close of court the same day it bogpn was therefore somewhat of a surprise to all concerned. . K iurv h, d tKn secured and the de fame succeeded in having some of the phiintiff's depositions, rulrd cut. Lu ring the noon recess the attorneys of tioth sides had a conference and decid ed to submit the case without the Intro duction of any vidwe. Accordingly ho fc)ilovkiig judgment was signed ami rnd -red: ... , "Tliis cau'ii .coming on to be !.er upon the complaint an answertbe fol lowing i iii!s were agned upon by the c iuiisi 1 of t':e ri'spic ive piriii-s fe ih v which-strosf lroin tju pu-.dingi M.-wil: F rt, are Use ch'frges niade oi n:d coi c -rmntf U.e paintiff . y tl.e tle-f.-ndant, os't-vt nut in" the plt-a injti?, triieT Second, what damngei", if ai-y, is the pltiintiU" ui-.itli d to r cover? . 2"he jury w.is theieuimn en panelh t to try the said issues ai d his hi nor he c t'uit tlw biini.-n of the second le bt .1 1 lA .1... U.,..-.. ing upon tne pi.unuu mm n of the first iss ie being upon tho dc- fen i r.t, liie (! i'ltlif hurt the ifcht ai d vy.ia r lu'.n-d iii'i l .m:ro'uee.viil'n' Tl-.e pliiinufi", by Ms roim-el tht-i. Unt-'d to tho court that h U'-' i tr- lure no e id- nee- at thl'laf.reo.t ::is', beat iri'j upon the W:ii U i mi' The dpfendfint, th-'reujo ,H"' ind, through iw eaunsel. thi t . ii tioduce no evidence bet.r. upjn Jli first issue. . i 'Titcou't, t n- ! :' .e jury.thatthebUMlo.ini .(, i.r.- uu b. ills? upou tU; dt:-fendunt hi i! it tavii.p introtiuccd no evidt'iic, the Ms-r t that issue should be -"no," that the plaintiff having- introducd no evid..nc oeai-ihg on the second issue, t he answi l thnreto should lie nominal damaged, tc it: Five cents. : The jiny answem thrt i.wucs as instruclid by thC"urt. Tliereupon on mction of the plaintiff s counsel, it was adjudged that the plain tiff recover of the. defendant nominal Jum:iKeB,.towit: Five cent, and that pursuant to the provisions of the stat ute, the costs be taxed. The damage or libel suit was the out eomi of an EdiLorial which appeared in The Charlotte Observer, Juno 20, 1905, ibo'vo tho name of the Editor, J, P. Caldwell. It was such a Bevere anr terrific scoring that it was reproduce! far and uronounced one or the most terrible arraignments everjuttered by a paper in the Sltte. The parties to the suit are well known rrenj Kev. J. McKelway, now secretary of the American Child Protective Association, but has Uoe active in both Ecclesiasti- al and Journalistic professions, ami osrph P. aldwtll is one of the best nown journalists m thebcuth. t f Of! 'Lc:.:cr" zzl "Repeater GMOKELESS POVOER SH ELLS i Carefully inspected shells, the best com- ! binations of powder, shot and wadding, loaded by machines which give invariable 1 results are responsible for the superiority of Winchester "Leader" and "Repeater Factory Loaded Smokeless Powder Shells. I There ia no guesswork in loading them. Priiflhilitv. velocitv. pattern and penetra tion are determined by scientific apparatus and practical experiments. Do you shoot them? If not, why not ? They are THE SHELLS THE, CHAMPIONS SHOOT IN FIVE vCAnS CLD old FAi."!::: ccppiJi c::7LU3 L C iUU xa 1 M I SF ' I T- T Express Charrrec Ppid By Us. ' A trial will convince you that these goods are tho very bait far medicinal and other purposes. Send us your orders and if not per fectly satisfactory, return at our expense and money will be re- lUUttOU ftw Once, ah Biiipiuauai mr-o uinuu iu yiam vodob4 Rmmlt by Postal or Express Money Order Writ for pricm list of othmr liquors. iifil!l?&'fl!l:Wi W :ii-:i,'Hi: 4 . . ,', Wi'an .-hip wii to any point in worth Curonna that the Railroads or Ste.im 1-i.ats liri"S.--, V; are locat.-d in the State of Virginia ar-d tiie N. C. n-t" jurf lv do n-.t effect us at all as we are protected by the Iiiter-State Commerce Lnwr. We sMI corn wtiiakev at $1.25 r gaH. n tr.d Iiye Kh-bkey . U $;.0 par gallon and up. Write us far our complete Price-list i.d ExpeM rate to your oil'ce. Z F LONG & G0..- P. Box 39?. . '' ' ' Sr!.llt.V A pot r man had better keep out of advanced stages of lung troubW" Fo- Congress. Campaign expenses are ley's Honey and Tar stops he cough heavy, and they come every two years, and heals the lungs,'"" and prevents No an can go to Congress without gerioug re8ulMra , cold. Refuse neglecting his Taw practice or h a bus - . Phnrmacv ness. ir he is a poor man ne win uruu-1 y , --- ably lose his clients or customers, a mull hiiimHft or Dractice will not supi n, noi-tm.ni nr managers. Aftera few years in Congress nine meneYft of ten are beaten for renomipat'ion, and then if they have not a,fortune or an established business to fall back on they will try to pet some small salaried place under -tne government, and may not be successful. . jHie above from the Philadelphia Rec ord, can hardly be accepted for strict application in every case, for if only the rich man may go to Congress, then seekers after congressional or senato rial honors, will be measured by their bank accounts, not by their individual merits. If this advice of the Record's should be literally followed, what kind of n ational legislation would the country have except in favor of the classes for which the rich representatives in both Houses of Congress come from, for what kgMation the' poor classes might want could only be passed, as it did r t ronftict with the desiiei of the rich if m t!.'- tcn.l.-nov in Nation, State ' i affairs, to make it a . '. i r . -n nf mo leritte means it endu It M rs the t t;,.-.i ' i,.t D. Waterman, a Baltimore and Ohio engineers, gave his life to save those of his passengers near Parkers-burg.W.Va. To draw the fire out of a burn, hea a cut without leaving a scar, or to cure boils, sores, tetter, eczema and all skin and scalp diseases, use DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. A specific for piles. Get the genuine. Do remedy causes such speedy relief. Ask for DeWitt's the gennite. old by F. S. Duffy. As the officials were closing the Mu tual Credit Society's bank twenty armed men "surrounded the building which is near the Bouse, and covering the employes of the bank with p'stols, they pillaged the place getting away with 1125,000 and made good their es cape in spite of the efforts of the bank guards to arrest them. ' $100 Reward, $1 00. Tthe readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to core in all stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure now known to the mcdii-al fraternity. Cut art hb ing a con stitutioiiald. "'e, re-juiris a cc t)ti t'uinul trr-.i' "t.V. ill's Cr!,rrh Cre is 8' ; j T i..M'i'Uy u; nine f i of t' i" j .t m 't'ef-' '. '.-mfUe Reelsboro. March 19. Things are moving along smoothly now, the railroad is a great improve ment to our little village, and the depot is quite a gathering place on for our young people Sunday afternoon. Mr. L L. Brinson of New Bern and Mr. Bob Barrington of Morehead City, spent test Sunday with Mr. Brinson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. G. Brinson at this place. a Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Broom of Aurora spent Saturday and Sunday with rela tives here. Miss Lizzie Brinson of this place is visiting friends and relatives at Aurora N. C. Miss Nina Wade of Morehead, is visiting her sister, Mrs. G. M. Reel. Mr. H. H. Barrow and daughter, Miss Gertie, are visiting relatives in Belhaven. Mr. J. P. Brinson of Reelsboro left yesterday for Buise Creek Academy, i Miss Nina Basnight who is teaching school at this place, spent Saturday and Sunday at her home in New Bern. Miss Edith Brinson who has been at tending school at Vandemere has re turned home. - 'Hello." 10697,000 Bales The einners report for the season announces that the number of bales ginned was Xn,697,000. ..' "::' -! A. r T" f" Tt.-! A. ' k. a Hi Kind You Haw Always BoiifM Typhus fever is spreading in Mexico. ; Womsn'i Kidney. Women are more often afflicted with kidney " disorders than men, but at tribute the symptoms to diseases pe culiar to their sex, while In reality the kidnevs are deranged. Nervousness, headache, puffy or dark circles, under the eyes, pain in the back, are signs of kidney trouble that must not bo ig nored, or a serious malady win result. Foley's K'dney Cure has restored th health of thousands ot weaK, nervous broken down women. It stops irregu laritics and" strengthens theurinaiy or gana. It purifies the blood and benefits tha whnln svstem. Sold by Davis Pharmacy. , By publishing pictures of the head of the dead magistrate at Nanctiang, Chinese papers are trying to excite the people aga'nst foreigners, v : OA5 .2.-1 X .A. lite Kind You Have Always i The war party among the coal-mine operators is in control at Indianapolis and a strike now seems inevitable. Signature . of . Uki'iih.ti"!. I !.n 1 and i t'-r-ly,' I e I ntr -.ii .i I .i I i -i c I i-t " Sleeplessness Disorders of the stomach produce a nervous condition and often prevent sleep. Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets stimulate the digestive organs, reftore the system to a healthy condition and make sleep possible. For Halo by Davis Pharmacy and F. S. Duffy. D. and A. Racatorgoueff, tho largest tea merchants in Russia, failed for $13, GllO.OOO.,-. Death Rat In New York And Chicago During November and December, V "!, ine f f'h of tbe deaths in New York iiml Ohioitfo w-r ir.ua pneu iMi.i in. Foley's I'oru y and Tar net. i.niy -1 !n ti-v --.-1 but 'hculs and s-tf.-tii'iliHiw the l!i'f:9 ! I prevents Germany's efforts to round up South west African rebels has failed, and it announced that to date the insurrection has cost ?150,000,0()0. Beart the Always Keeps Chambei Iain's Coujh Kemenj in rus . neu, , "We would not bo without Chamber lain's Cough Remedy. It is kept on 1 hand continually in our home," says W.. W. Kearney, editor of the Indepen dent. Lowry City, Mo. 'that is just what every family should do. When i keDf at hand read v for instant use, a cold may be checked at tho outlet and cured ir. much less time than after it has become settled in the system, Thi? ! i-emedy ia also without a peer for croup r children, and wil prevent the attacK when given as soon as the child Be comes hoarse, or even after the croup eoueh noDears, which can only be don the rpmedv is kept at hand. For sale by Davis' Pharmacy and F. S. Duf- lieutenant Shmidt, lender i,f the mutineers at Sevastopol last November was shot at Otchakofl. ' ..... -fv 'iri. i.-ti,vitvr 1 J Wii naving bought out Mr. F. M.Hahn's interest in the fc. , Hahn Horse & M..U Jo.. ! wn ' .""r- o, ,,Hnie-. Robe,, Jf"; Bu; WagJns, &c. fc. which 1 1 sel le Paper, as I expect, 10 .cwiuu Daniels, the s down very low for Cash or Negotiabl ness to ii..ra u . --"-. . ,llfllro nt.irnnoe6m T am irienUH lOI nnnn T r-" -- . - Thui.king my many TrtlUf L.' G. DANIELS. M. HAHN can be found at L. G. Daniels'. , '. At New Yi rk, Msach 20. All graded of refined augur were advanced tn cent on the hundred pound?. No Pill is as pU-aemit and positivaas Witt's Little Early Rise.s. These Famous Little Pills are so mild and ef fective thatjchildren, delicate ladies and weak people enjoy theii cleansing effect, while strong people say they are the best liver pills sold. Never gripe. V. S Duffy. In less than twenty minutes time the sentae voted awy $liO,K;0,000 of the public funds. No Dill is as pleasant and positive a DeWitt's Little Kariy Risers. These j Famous Little Pills are so mild and ef fective thatjchildren. delicate ladies and weak people enjoy their cleansing effect, while strong people say they are the best liver pills sold. Never gripe. Sold by F. S. Duffy. -: . The Department of Tas do Las. France, the miners' congress is expect- -i t w,wt Hie rmeratoifl' terms. The Ul VVf - a strikers now number 51,000 men. J;J.iJ) ones, , Livery, Feed, Bale and Exehango : ' " . e ,-- ;.( 'J-..- 'k-fPf rC-jf' 1 1 i , . . - f m, i,..- W' Doctors Are Puzzled. The remarkable recovery of Kenneth Mclver, of Vanceboro, Me,, is the sub ject of much interest to the medical fraternity and a wide circle of friends-. He savs of his caw: "Owing to severe ipfiimnintion of the Throat and oon-geati-n of ihe l.uf, thru" d..- I. (ave me up to' die, when sis a hi-t r ,.rt I , ii liirtd to try lr Ki:-g' Nc D fa very at. 1 ir s.i vi .1 n y i" '" 1 ' Y y.'r '. I J -: ,.r Torture B Savages, "Ppeaking of (he torture to which i imo of the savage .tribeiTln the Philip pines subject to their captives, reminds mo of the intense suffering I endured for throe months from the inflamma li.m of the Kidneys," nays W. M. Sher man, of Cu.-d.inff, Me. "Nothing help ed me until I tried Electric Hitters, throe bottles ofwhieh comph t-.-ly cur.d mo." Ores Liver Complaint, i i .i',.!'iri, r'-H..! li'T1.'-" ind Vibi'h' i.ii.i rst...n-4 'lit- ''' ''""! .' ou o iKt h. i.l! h. ;ii:i!.-.ni-ai y Alll'ru- and Muh'sever offered for ale in New Km ' HaniU, liobes, Whips, Cart Whte, L. Proud Street, New Pern, N. C. rxcpxlotor h.'ir'i'V 1" ; y, r t',i!;;s. Price 5 h. 'f: 111- V (I .ti.. n t t. . I. ! ' l'l to ! t;

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