s:::tt pm;::3 evmts r: 1 FreparaliouforAs slsulatirg ftcFoodandSeguIa L ttieSUicacls ondUowtsof Promotes DigestionJCheerFul ness and RestContalns neither Opium,Morpliine norilineral Kor Narcotic. y..mwm itmtMttimUl- A perfecj Remedy forConslipa Hon , Sour Stomach.Diarrtioea Worms .Convulsions .Feverish ness and Loss of SLEEP. Facsimile Signature of NEW YDTJK. exact copy or wiueecR.. r Stella News. 1 ' . March 21. f Mr. Henry-Henderson and Miss Laura Sabiston of Jacksonville spent Friday . night with Mrs. M. W. barker. Miss Myrtle Everett is visiting Miss Flora Mattocks of Swansboro. Capt. J. F. Foster returned from : New Bern Monday. s Mr. E. W. Sabiston of Jacksonville pent Sunday and Monday with his sis ter, Mrs. M. W. Barker. Mr. Cariyle E. Weeks and Miss Beatrice Weeks of this place spent Sunday with relatives at Pelletier. , Miss Mary Koonce who has been teaching school near Trenton returned home Sunday. ' We are glad to have her with us again. Rev. Mr. Pritchard and Miss Flora Mattocks of Swansboro spent last night in our city. ' Mr. J. Cr Barker spent Tuesday in Maysvllle. Mr. Graham Koonce spent Saturday .and Sunday in Swansboro. v There teems to be much attraction at that place for hi.u this week. "Peach" Always Ktspt Chamberlain's Cough Rtmtdy Is His Houm. - "We woukl not be without Chamber lain's Cough Remedy. It is kept on hand continually in our home' says W. W. Kearney, editor of the Indepen dent, Lowry City, Mo. . That is just what every family should do. When kept at hand ready for instant use, a cold may be chetked at the outset and Cured in much less time than 'after it - has become settled in the system. This remedy is also without a peer for croup in children, and wil prevent the attack when given as soon as the child be comes hoarse, or even after the croupy cough appears, which can only be done . when the remedy is kept at hand. For sale by Davis' Pharmacy andF. S. Duf- - : Prof. Robert Ogden Doremus, aro'.id chemist of New York.x died, aged 82 yean. . .. .: No Pill is as pleasant and positivoas PeWitt'a Little Early Risets. These Famou Little Pills are so mild and ef fective that children, delicate ladies and weak people enjoy their cleansing effect, while strong people say they are the best liver pills sold. Never gripe. F. S Duffy. ; , -";. Some of the radicals "of Russia are said to be planning the setting up of a provisional government. No pill is as pleasant and positive a DaWitt's Little Eariy Risers. These Famous Little Pills are so mild and ef- , , , . '. , , . with that old enemy of the race Constr ain! weak people enjoy thoir cleansintr , : . tiled, while strong people say they are the best liver pills sold. Never gripe. Sold by F. S. Duffy. , . A woman giving the name of Mrs. Alice Smoot was arrested in the waiting room of the Southern Railway Company at Greennhoro, hy United States Secret Service OITicer II. E. Thomns. She is charged with the use of emmtmfit coin and in a satchel the carried there was f mnj over $200 in spurious gold and b,i t r and $;!6.f0 in good money. T.v '.ire Dy S.,viye), ill'! of t! torturo to which 'icq in the riiil'p- i, e f.f fie 'V !i!ci pul.ji'i t to t !, (if t!.(! iliti'li;.!' t r c IV t Treat's M ClllJrea. ' - Bears" the ka Signal In Use For Over Thirty Yoars ' The Lyre Bird Still Busy The papers of the . State have, been very diligent of late transferring the immense Blades lumber interests to the possession of the Norfolk and Southern Railway Co.', or to-the Standard Oil Co., the latter being reported to have absorbed the former. They have had Mr. Rockfeller in charge of the various plants and the proprietors enjoying their two million and some odd dollars already. The real fact is, that while there has been an option on the .prop erty for ' some months past and which is still operative A there has j been no transfer whatever and will not be for several weeks yet. The option will expire in June and it is probable that the work of examining the title will be completed before that time. " - A few days ago a newspaper -made the statement that the deal was being held up by the A. & N. C. litigation and that was just as near the truth . as some of 'the other' startling items of news that has been going the round s of the State press. - "The little bird" that has the reputation of ; telling things should change its tune; its favorite musical instrument: seems to be the Lyre. - . ;. - Woman's Kldasyi. , -:- Women are more often afflicted with kidney disorders than men, but at tribute the symptoms to diseases pe culiar to their sex, while in reality; the kidneys are deranged. Nervousness, headache, puffy or dark circles under the eyes, pain in the back, are signs of kidney trouble that ' must not be ig nored, or a serious malady will result. Foley's K'dney Cure has, restored ithe health of : thousands of weak, nervous, broken down women. It stops' irregu larities and strengthens the urinary! or gans. It purifies the blood and benefits the whole system.' ' Sold by JDavis Pharmacy " 1 An explosion of gas entombed 601 miners at Century, W. Va. Nine have been taken out deaf. ' " ; , A Fivorlt Rmidy lor Bablat. r Its pleasant taste and prompt cures have made Chamberlain's Cough Reme dy a favorite with the mothers of small children. . It quickly cures their coughs and colds and prevents any . danger of pneumonia or other serious conaequen cerf. It not only cures croup, hut when given as soon as the croupy cough 'ap pears will prevent the attack. For sale by Davis' Pharmacy and F. S. Duffy.a . Eighty-five lives were lost and fifty four ships were wrecked along thi coast of New England and the maritima pro vinces during the past winter. v A Lively Tuttlt pation, ften ends in Appendicitis. To avoid all serious trouble with Stomach. Liver and Bowels, take Dr. King's New Life Pills. ' They perfectly regulate these organs, without pain or discorc. fort. 25c at AH Druggists. Irish members of Parliment say the only remedy lor educational evila of that i.-land is the establishment of university representing the interests of the Catholic majority. ;, llie cilice that stand to its eredit uke I. in '. li tj'a Arnica Sulvea sr.ien- iC w on. I, r. It cured E. R. i'ilford, y. cf 1 . r i .ir i .u i uiroi:S 01 I : i. luui.: ' !', l'.t., f a i' ,:. ; e . HI ' tVo ws t i ' , ( ' '" i, ( ' i ' I 1 ! 'L I ' 4. C ' The Woman's club expect! to hold a Chrysanthemum show next fall. Now is the time to put out plants.. It is hoped everybody will be interested in this, and that there will be a great many competitors for the prizes which will Le offered.' . ; .' '"J--:"-,, Golddboro Argus 22: Mr, fc. H. Grif fin, yesterday sold his beautiful span of driving horses, that have been so much admired, to Mr. J. B. Blades, of New 1 Bern. Mr. and Mrs. -Griffin are pre' : paring to sail for Europe nex,t month to be absent several months, and as the ' horses would be idle in their absence he decided to dispose of them. J . ' George Bryant, colored, was arrested I yesterday at Vanceboro, by Deputy R. W Ward, for selling spirituous liquors without having paid the special gov ernment tax as required by the United States. He will have a bearing at 11 o'clock this morning before 17. S Com missioner C. B. HilL '' The News and Observe? has entered its 59th volume with 'great ; cause for rejoicing- It is enjoying a prosperous career and has a wide influence which are the two principal things a newspa per is on earth for. ' j There were two cases in the police court yesterday. ' J. Albeit Fields was taxed the costs for reckless driving and a white man named McQueen was fined five dollars for disorderly conduct. Men from Chicago will establish a canning Tactorjr at Elizabeth City. - Quite a, good many fakirs came to town yesterday and they plied their va rious, vocations, vigorously. They had letters :o)fcommendatipn and paid I heir license and so were allowed to do business. - ? Fire Chief Dawsen has condemned the building on Middle street owned and occupied by Mr. William Sultan. He is required to have the building down in 60 days, r 2 " , ;' The citizens of Kinston have one brick paved street. The paving was an experiment to test the enduring qualities. - It is hot unlikely that other streets there will be paved with the same material within a few years. A measure is before Congress to pro vide for the draining of dismal swamp. This is in accord with another and a larger measure to drain all swamp land in the United Stater. Dismal swamp drained will make the finest farmland in the country. ; Represen tative Small is the author of the bill. A law has been draughted giving per mission to establish a graded school in Beaufort. A anecial election has been called for next month tb vote on tax assessment for - the support of the school. ''--. It Is reported that the' late cold snap has killed the fruit in the South Atlan tic . State but we never can tell until we eat the fruit next fall whether it was killed or not. SlNpltHsau ..- Disorders of the stomach produce a nervous condition and often prevent sleep. Chamberlain's 1 Stomach and Liver Tablets stimulate the digestive organs, restore the system to a healthy condition and make" sleep possible.. For sale by Davis . Pharmacy and F. S. Duffy. Ed. McCoy, a white convict, was shot and killed while attempting to escape from the road force. Guard Marshall fired the shot that stopped the convict. The Ytllow Ftvtr 6trm :. has recently been discovered. ; It bears a dose resemblance to the malarial geraa. To free the system from dis- gnw, th most effective remedy is Dr. Kick's New Life Pills. Guar an teed to cum all diseases due to malaria poison n4 constipation. 25. at! All Druggista. It has coat $4,000,000 less to manage the New York' Equitable and Mutua Life Insurance companies during : the past 12 months than was charged up to the policy holders during the preceding year.' , Zcitmi, Tatttr, Salt nkausi.' Kck, rV Warm, Mtrpts, Barbers Itch. Rlfll " AlUf these diseases are attended by intense Itching, which is almost in aUatly dreliaved by applying Chamber- fcer lais's Salwiand by its continued use a permanent core may be effected. It has, in fact, cured many cases ttiat naa resisted all other treatment. Price Zo cents Der box.' For sale by Davis Pharmacy and F. S.Duffy. Secretary Bonaparte urged the build ing of two 18,000-ton battleships when he appeared before the House commit tee on Naval Affairs. : President Roosevelt declared to Ver mont visitors that he will positively not accept a renomi nation for President.' Jl,T.lctad Wllh Blitumttliia. "I was and am yet aHlicted with rheumatium," says Mr. J. C. Bayne, editor of the lloral I, AdJington, Indian Territory, "but t', rusks toCSiHrriberkin's Pain Tiilm am a! !e once more to attend to liu:'RS. Itist'iel. If troulh d w:'.h t) i( i i.,,lill'Ii'A i i :ve I uin ly.u I v . (i, to L The Goods Manufactured by the NEV BERN COHON OIL & FERTILIZER MILLS Are Handled by the Best Dealers. WHY NOT BY YOU? . OUR NAME ON THE BAG MEANS BEST QUALITY I , L ' ' "l". '' i-"' " ; ' . : ' , , ' ' .-' '-: n ' '"' - - . ' '.' ' .:i , ' : . ; " - . ' :T . ; ,.; ; ... . '. iL-' ' '' " ' ' . .. ... - v " .',"'- ; - flight goods at right prices form best foundation for any business. If you are interested iar growing larger crops on smaller acreage, first properly prepare soil, then use Fertilizer absolutely pure and straight5 Right goods at right prices most important and necessary. Sale of inferior Fertilizers generally prove disas trous, makes complaints, dissatisfied customers and decrease in business. You want to get right and stay right, hold your customers, get many new ones, then handle the Fertilizers manufactured by New Bern Cotton Oil and Fertilizer Mills, recognized as standard quality. Our Fertilizers sell themselves. -The man who buys once wants them again, his friends want them. Can you afford to .be ' without' an' article which1 silently but forcibly recommends itself. . Margin of profit may not be so large to the dealer as in some other goods,' there is something in feeling you have given your customer full value. "That your trade is increasing." . ' Our goods are made in various grades to suit crops usually grown in your section. You can rest assured each grade is best that can be had for money. We believe in long run quality is bound to count, though we do not make quite as good profit. ' Call to see our Sales Agent in your section, and if none near you write diect to the NEW BERN COTTON OIL & FERTILIZER MILLS NEW BERN, N. C. VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. The Joys ol Mothirhood. Editor Journal, Yesterday was stormy. The wind blew spitefully from the northeast, and the rain simply poured down all day. It was Saturday, too. Of how many mothers in New Bern was this the ex perienceno cook came to start the fire and get the breakfast, (not to men tion dinner,) make the beds and clean-l up the house? . And, there being no school, there were the children, caged all day, to be amused and entertained, and their noise and racket, and juvenile importunities to be endured from break fast time to bed time, in spite of back ache, headache heartache. Oh, who wouldn't be the mother of a. large and growing family on a stormy Saturday? It must be lots of fun! Especially in the South. Never mind, mamma. You are booked for heaven, sure. You will have had your other place in this world. And when you push the button at the celestial gate and good old St. Peter opens it, he will say, with hearty cordiality : "Come "right in, Madam, come right in. You are from the South, I believe. Well, take your choice of these crowns, and this gentle man with wings will show you to a front seat" K. OAQVORXAi Borttln ' ' A m " m I"" war Mil A Pleasant Gathering The Elks held an informal reception at their xlab rooms Thursday night and Dr. A. L. Pendleton of Elizabeth City was the guest. After the reception at which Drv Pendleton, made a few re marks another pool' tournament was held and the-following scores made: 1st class, E. H. Howe, 17; 2nd class, William Dunn, Jr., 20; 3rd class, Tom Kehoe22; 4th class, T. C. Daniels 30. An architect from Wilmington was present at the meeting and showed plans suitable for such a building as the Elks purpose, to; each. There was of course considerable discussion of this interesting matter and it is thought that actual preparations to build will be made within six months. The at tendance was large and enthusiastic. ' , Doctors Art Puzzlid. The remarkable recovery of Kenneth Mclver, of Vanceboro, Me., Is the sub ject of much interest to the medical fraternity and a wide circle of friends. He aaya of his case: "Owing to severe inflammation of the Throat and con gestion of the Lungs, three doctors gave me up to die, when as a last re sort, I was induced to try Dr. King's New Discovery and I am happy to say, it saved my life." Cures the worst Coughs and Colds, Bronchitis, Tonaih tis. Weak Lungs, Hoarseness and La Grippe. Guaranteed at All Druggists. 60c and $ 1.00. Trial bottle free. Herman Heckling, of West Haxleton, Pa., committed suicide in a horrible man ner. He tied a stick of dynamite about his neck and struck it with a hammer. Reckling's head was torn into shrewds, Tk Original Folev 41 Co.. Cl.! -ero, originated Honev and Tar as a throat and lung remedy, and on "account of the preat merit, and popularity ol toley s lumpy and Tar many imitations are o!er .l lor the p. nuine. Ank for Foley's Honey 1 1 'j r and refuse any subittitute of f r i as no other preparation wi'l f t e t "e siititifaction. It is ni'.Uiy i. t.' ". It contains no 0 iatei and i.j . . t fur children andduiicate perwi;.. 1 or a.!a ty Davis l'harmnry. UxtCx v:c:::,c ro. THE HUMAN MIND, j Mb Wonderful Vehicle For Rapid. Itr ot Actloa. A flash of light Is not sluggish, sound travels rapidly, a bullet is no messen ger boy, and an automobile .which shoots a mile in twenty-eight seconds Is moving along certainly.. When it eomes to getting over the ground in a leal hurry, however, to devouring dis tance In dead earnest, the dreamer marches proudly at the head of the pro session. He makes the very latest thing In the line of 150 horsepower racing cars look like hay carts in a mud bank. A man sits in his chair after dinner and dozes. He awakes with a start and discovers, to his surprise, that he lost consciousness for exactly three minutes by the clock. .Yet in those three -minutes he Journeyed from New York to Port Said, transferred himself to St. Petersburg, loitered in Paris and London and sailed np the Nile. What is of greater importance in this connec tion, he Journeyed leisurely, almost; in dolently. He stopped at various "points of interest" and examined them thor oughly, he met with annoying and amusing experiences on steamships and trains, be talked with acquaintances whom he encountered in foreign lands, and he told some of them precisely what he thought of them. There, was benulne pleasure hi that. A dreamer can put thousands and thousands of miles behind him In the short space of three minutes and lazily enjoy himself in bis wanderings. - By comparison .the chauffeur, with his life In his hands, is I slow coacn, ana ne must anena strictly to Dusiness. tie can engage in no conversation or sightseeing. f The human mind is a wonderful ve hlclev Some people In spectacles have analysed It and think that they know' what It is and what it can do. But they do not know, and they never will know. Providence Jotfrnal. 1 SICILIAN MAIDS. Tke Strict BaploMar That la Eer eiea Om Theaa. " . ; - The young girl In America Is singu larly unrestrained in her movements, albeit there is so much stress laid upon the presence of a chaperon upon such occasions as usage or etiquette demand it, but what is this pretense of espionage in comparison with what the young women of Sicily must. en- J dure, according to a book of sketches i puDiisnea in couaDorauou oj iwo cug llsh authors? According to this au thority, the young woman who comes In by the day to do sewing brings a chaperon. Saleswomen in the shops are not allowed to go alone to a cus tomer's house, the maid servants are not allowed to leave their employers' houses . unprotected, even to go! to church, according to an agreement en tered upon when the maid Is hired. When a young girl la left alone at home she is locked Into the house, by her patents. '" ' ! What would the Independent young women of America think of such, as siduous oversight upon their actions as that enjoyed (?) by the fair maid of this beautiful little three cornered Is land off the coast of Italy? As a matter of fact, few American girls realize how many liberties they enjoy. Free from the English nursery system before her debut; free as a rule to choose her own husband,' unlike most of her European sisters; allowed fairly unrestricted companionship with the opposite sex and altogether consid ered as the companion and friend of her parents, surely she ought to appre ciate ber liberty. Philadelphia Ledger. At Secoiaa Haad ' . "Isn't It true, as a matter of fact, Mr. BlmuiouS," asked the lawyer who was examining the man as to his qual lacatious for Jury service, "that all you know about either of the parties to this suit Is what you have read about them?" "Yes, sir," answered the man', "but that's all we know about Abraham or Alexander the Great or Bloody Mary, and yet we have a pretty good Idea as to want kind of people thpy were." ? ' . .aiiuona appeared to be too In tol'.lij 'tit a man to sit on a Jury, and ba was eTcnwiV TV'rnco Tribune. "CUT IT OUT" says the doctor to many of his lady patients, because he doesn't know of any medicinal treatment that will positively cure womb or ovarian troubles, except the surgeon's knife. ' That such a medicine exists, however, has been proved by the wonderful cures performed on diseased women, in thousands of . cases, by WINE OF Woman's Relief It has saved the lives of thousands of weak, sick women, and has rescued thousands of others from a melancholy lifetime of ' chronic Invalidism. It will cure you, If you will only give It a chance. Sold at every drug store In $ 1 .00 bottles. Try It. " WRITE CS A LETTER freely and frankly, In strictest confi dence, telling us all your troubles. We will send Free Advice (in plain, sealed envelope): Address: Ladies' Advisory Dept., The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. JT jr ones, Livery, Feed, Sale and Exchange -s.'ViSi-l AVTrri-WO: Largest and finest stock of Horses and Mules ever offered for sale in New Bern A car load of each just in. - Also a complete line of Buggies, Wagons, -.. ,i. . .. . Harness, Robes, Whips, Cart Wheels, Etc. J. . TO-tTES, -Proprietor . , . , Broad Street, New Bern, N. C. . J. 'fit ARNOLD, ' Livery, Feed, Sale and Exchange Stc Largest and Finest Stork of Horses and Mu'cs wr A car load of each just received, complete una oi i.n; , Robes, Whirs and Cart Whorls. J mUUI GAVE DP SUPPORTER "I wore a supporter for years, for. my womb, which had crowded every thing down before it, writes Mrs. S. J. Chrisman, of Mannsville, N. Y. "I suf fered untold misery and could hardly walk. After taking Cardul I gave up my supporter and can now be on my feet half a day at a time." Successor to M.'Hahn & Co ' i a t '. 1 a i a t' n j ' f v - I i f.' Ml t' 1 1' o j . t re On ' v,v, c ,t Col.Uioro Trade and Gala Out ' r i ' I ; : t 1 I'M, A. N. C, a n. c. rril ! to 7, 1 i Ilahn s C 1 r-

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