North Carolina Newspapers

    No. 5.
29th YEAR
Morning Firs Destroys Horn
Contents on Jenkins Alley.-
1 A hoc se on Jenkins Alley owned by
Muss Lizzii Oi .'errant occupiel by a
negro woman named Jane Gibbs and
: her family,was totally destroyed by fire
at naif past four yesterday morning.
The fire is Si.i l to Kave originated in cr
near the chimney. V The flames ' made
such rapid progress -..that the building
could not be saved and the contents
were all destroyed. The woman and
family only barely escaped with their
. lives. ; '-'.";- '";'
The house was a two story structure
and was one of the best houses in that
vicinity. The loss is estimated afc"$750.
Finest print butter, 30 cents
ipound. ' Coast Line Market, :
Trinity Beats A. 4 M.
Special to Journal:
Raleigh, April 16. In the base ball
game played here today between Trinity
and A & M., the Trinity club defeated
the locals by a score of 6 to L
The price of silver goods has been
.advanced by all manufacturers. We
have a large and well assorted stock of
- silverware, staple and novelties, which
we will sell at the old prices while they
Jast. . J. 0. BAXTER,
The Leading Jeweler.
Distributors for Craven, Caf
teret, Onslow.' Jones, Pam
lico, Beaufort, And King-
- fston Counties. .
Wanted to Buy
Ml Kinds of
Southern Fruits
and Vegetables
for GASH or will handle on
consignment. Let me know
your prices on what you
have or will have.
Stephen VhlUon, Jr.,
Commission Merchant
29 York St., Utica. N Y. 's
Dlice ot Stora Purchase.
- I have pui chased the stock of gener
al merchandise owned by Geo. S. Wil-
- cox, (deceased) at Bellair, N. C and
will continue the business at the same
place. Miss Lottie Wi'cox will man'
age the business, with the assistance
of Daniel Lane Jr. .
We expect to carry a full line of
General Merchandise and sell at New
Bern prices. . ' ' : : t
We will thank all former patrons to
'.continue with us.
', - Very Truly,
"3?cr czzh or on limd
aD ten II P engine,
cno 12 II I engine, re
turn tubular boiler;
':no CO eaw Pratt Clin
- -S4-V,
fcr c:I line: want to put
in Lirr;cr machinery,
Ur.sli I lattoclia tUlvcr-
U C. ..... : ,
Stray Cog
a v 1
fa and tan female doff, followed
'' -r fp'nm V-i ro'.m!y v-
' i ' ' n. .. 'i ' )'.'
: Jlri E Fo R -
Continue to Hold Place at Greens-
" boro. , , . -
Blackburn's Can the Interest Next. Decree
Signed In Damage Suit Against
' Water Works. Street Paving
i - Matter Again Up.
(Special Correspondence)
Greensboro, April 14. -r A regular two
weeks term of Superior court for the
trial of civil cases begins heie next
Monday, J udge Ferguson presiding. '
All doubt about Judge Boyd's pistrict
court getting out of wpy of the Circuit
court called here "or Tuesday, Judge,
Goff presiding for the trial of Congress
man Blackburn,- was dispelled yester
day afternoon, when the case of Sim
mons Hardware Co., and others against
Harden and others of Wilkesborot was
ordered suspended, and court took an
adjournment until the first Monday in
June,' when the same jury will come'
back and the case be begun
will was left off. The plaintiffs had
rested its case just before dinner, and
defendants had completed the exami-
nation of chief of L. E. Davis one of
the parties defendant. About the mid
dle of the afternoon, while Davis wa
being crossed examined. Judge Boyd
asked how long the defendants would
be engaged in introducing their evi
dence. They stated that they had
twenty-five witnesses. Judge Boyd
then said it was impossible to conclude
the case before Saturday night That
besides the Circuit court buing called
here next week, he was- compelled to
hold Statesville court where a large
criminal docket .was to be tried. It
man then ntrrAurf that tha stenoErraDhic
airidjM.Aa a nritnnauno Oft fa frVP TY 1 Tl f H I
be reserved, and the case be concluded
at a session beginning the first Mon
in June 1 ' ' '
When United States Marshal Milli
kan reached Atlanta yesterday morn
ing the superintendent of the peniten
tiary refused to receive Mrs. Smoot,
one oi me prisoners, say mK nim
women were taken .there, the prison
Nashville Tenrt., , being provided for
them. '
He therefore telegraphed this fact to
Judge Boyd, who ordered the sentence
was mailed with special delivery stamp
to the Marshal at SSsliyflIe.;--;-i'''!?''"
A final decree was signed by Judge
Boyd yesterday in the ease of Fisher et
al against the Greensboro water works.
It was for damages obtained by parties
who suffered in the Benbow, hotel fire
six years ago, the claim being that the I
Waterworks Company failed to have a
sufficient supply of waterto prevent j
the fire by the fire company. The city
ha since bought the water works, pay-
injr $70,000 for the plant The money
has been held awaiting the resultof the
litigation. The order directed the1
payment of nearly 60,000 of this fund
to the judgment creditors." . ' . '
At a meeting of the Board of Alder
men yesterday afternoon the much dis
cussed and litigated question of the
Elm street piving came up in the form
of a resol ltnn providing for an inves
tigation of the changes made in the
petition for in j inc don, alleging defec
tive work, extravagance, negligence
etc. Theboird finally adopted a res
olution offerei by Aldermen Hunter
appointing Mayor Murphy and Alder
men Thompson and Wysong as a com
mittee to investigate the matter thor
oughly and report to the board not
later than April 31st. - A substitute to
this resolution was offered by Alder
men Harrison, providing for the ap
pointment 'of Aldermen Odell and
Thompson and inviting J B. Cutchin
to participate with them, but the ub
stitute was lost
JE Latham A Col Weekly
Special to Journal: ,
Greensboro, April 14. The business
the past week was curtailed on account
of holiday in all the markets Friday and
Saturday. There has been a good un
dertone all the week though the ma
terial change from Saturday. Is little.
May closed 10 points higher at IL29
and Jul 5 points higher at 11.20. The
demand from the mills was in large
volume at increasing premiums, and
they were somewhat more encour
aged to meet this condition by a hard
ening tendency in the manufactured
line, and a better feeling throughout
the trade. It looks as if evory bale of .
good cotton will be wanted this summer
atvery,.full prices, s the mills are
well engaged. We do not believe the
increase in acreage will amount to much1 under new management, and that the
... 'i .i i j j
VII nuvmiii ui ci wi ni-i, A HQ
ah Anrtmmi - r. i -i tui. uii'i v n 1 1 1 r
small farmer and'tenant may try to in-
crease, but the very large planters will
hwilate for the above mentioned rea-
son, for if his crop should once get in
the grai, he woul l be worse off than
if he had decree 1 lua crop 25 percent
and he is not likely to t l;e the rink.
Wo i L K. ve i j j . : - :ig into hfoh-
( r - ' 1 ),' i !; ' ' 1 f" "mif,
Capital City News Not Important.
; - . - i . .
Charters Granted. Governor's Office to he
Refitted, Twenty Million Quarts :'"
" Strawberries. Book Agent
Next July. Supreme ,
Court Docket.
- personals.
(Special Correspondence.) s
Raleigh, April 16. The Supreme
court will tomorrow take up the docket
of appeals from the Eleventh district,
It is a light one. ; ; - . ,
Supreme Court Marshal, Robert H
Bradley, has been removed from the
hospital to his home and there is a very
marked and gratifying improvement in
his condition.' - ; r
"CoL Thomas S. Kenan is at Kenans
ville, at the bedside of his sister, Miss
Annie Kenan, who is regarded as hope
lessly ill. i't-' .
-State Superintendent Joy ner left to
day for the mountain region to make a
series of educational talks in the coun
ties of Buncombe, Watauga and Mc
Dowell These speeches will cover the
.time from the 20th to the 27th.
I -Charters are granted the Granite
Overall Company of Mount Airy to
make overalls, shirts, trousers ana un
derwear; capital stock $50,000, S. V.
Pace and others stockholders. The
Amalgamated Supply Company of
Greensboro, capital stock $25,000, to
erect buildings and do various - other
kinds of work. ';'' : ' ;..
The office of the Governor in the
capital ia being refitted. Some of the
sills of the floor have dry-rot and will
have to be replaced. The new mantel,
i. - . a i i
very simple and yet striking, and bear- j Te" m Tabletffc b p- p
ing in the center the seal of the state, "Jf '?
carved in high relief, replaces the old
mantel of motel slate. The tiling is of
a very delicate shade of green. The
hearthstone ia the gigantic slab of
North Carolina soapstoue, which has
been in the capital since about 1857.
Mr. Franklin Sherman, who is to re-
! sume the position of State Entomologi&t
L . 1 x ! 1 -I i. I '
M expected to arrive nere about tne
. first of June, r
The authorities at the Agricultural
Department are informed that this
year's strawberry crop in the Wilming-
ton-Mt Olive district which has become
country ia expected to reach ,000,000
quarts. :m U . . 1 S ;?" :v '
i nis time -nve years ago naieiga
swarmea wnn-agems Mpnsenimg tne
great dook companies dui inis year
they will not be here until the first of
Juv when the State Board will take uo
the matter of the adoption of text
books for the next five years. It is
expected that many agents will be
j,ere;. The state has certainly done
wonders in the extension of education
during this period of five yeara, more
jn fact than in any period of ten or
possibly even fifteen years previous.
. Miss Kenan died this afternoon. ' She
had never recovered from injuria re
ceived in the automobile accident about
a year ago... , '-: " :. -... :-
Take Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea
this month. Drives away spring tired
ness, gives appetite and sleep, makeB
you weU and keeps you well Great
family tonic. 85 cents, Tea or Tablets
Sold by F, 3. Duffy,
Attention, Veterans.
There will be a meeting of Camp
New Bern at Veterans Ha II- Tuesday
p. m., 8 o'clock, to elect delegates and
alternates to Reunion at New Orleans
April 25th to 27th,. 1906, -By
order ' ,
J. F. CLARK. Commander.
At the Opera House
A Trip to India, alfaa Said Pasha,
was the play at the opera house last
night, and as it was the first night af
ter Lent, a larger audience than usual
was out The Herald Square Comic
Opera company was the name of the
company, and the only criticism U to
say that there was some good voices in
the leading parts, and the comedy parts
were excellent,, except too much drawn
out There was an absence of stage
settings and choiuses which was
notict-able. , ' ' ; '
The same play this afternoon at 8
o'clock and tonight the Mascot will be
Atlantic Hotel Opens June 15th.
The Atlantic and North Carolina Com-
announces that the Atlantic Hotel,
a,, fifln rv.Df
,,m be oteii for iruesta June ISth lJ0fi
iiuliii una ui-kii 1-iiuiiii.t-ii Mriii
i -
an Put l" condition,
iter to. '
- 1
, Morehead City.N. C.
Take No Chances.
With your eyetik A momentary reali
iitinn of your hclplt'ssncps without
Vi'-m w..i a. i y in in a j i
i i f I'. 'r v i (',
or npproem
t Vr. AivliO,
' n for
Local Colored Bate Ball Team Deleatt Klnt-
- ton In an Interesting Game.
Therewas a very good exhibition of
the national sport at the Blades park
base ball ground yesterday afternoon
between the colored teams of New Bern
and Kinston. -It Was a game that
would delight the heart of almost any
fan, for there were many exciting and
clever plays.; The local players demon
strated abetter all round ability at play
tag but, nevertheless the visiting team
'is composed of several excellent players
especially in the. held. The score was
8. to 5 in favor of; New Bern.
North Carolina ;hamB and Norway
Mackerel at Oaks Market. '
Insurance Officers Elected.
The officers of tbe North State Mutual
Life Insurance Company recently or
ganized at Kinston were elected Satur
day night at the first meeting of the
board of directors. Following are the
officers: 'y-.l'-"- , '' v.; . v;:.
President, J. W. Grainger. .
1st Vice-Pres. J, A. McDaniel.
2nd Vice-Pres. Tr. H. D. Harper.
f!rd Vice-Pres. . F. Taylor.
Gea'lMgr. and Counsel, N J Rouse.
Supt. of Agencies J. J Rogers.
Secretary Walter B. Brown.
Medical Director-sT. M. Parrott.
Executive Committee J. F, Taylor
E. J. Becton, J. E. Hood.
f inance Committe R. C. Strong, H.
E. Mosely, F..C Dunn.
' ' " y;
Now is the time tp take Hollister's
Rocky Mountain Tea: i It cleans your
system of all impurities. A wonderful
spring tonic. ' A family benefactor. 35
Mass Meeting. - -
The City of New Bern passed an or
dinance prohibiting the A. & N. C. Co.
from shifting cars on Hancock street.
The A. & N. C. Co. passed an order
. not to briny anv more carload lots of
freight to the Trent warehouse. Th
!jman Qn, av, umi
now. The merchants of this town are
gPeatly damaged, and demand a change.
The consumers are kicking because of
n;Kn prjces , " : . v. -.
,Wnerefore iet every business man
. that has the interest of New Bern at
; heart meet .t citv.,hall tonight at
fao'elock. " We wiU discuss the matter
m4 tgke action to adjust it. . We
mllat nave oar freiKhts delivered as be-
ore : ; ,
Secty and Att'y
For the Merchants Association.
Success has crowned our efforts of
untiring endeavor and we present to the
public with a confidence never before
held by any other medicine, Hollister's
Rocky Mountain Tea. " 35 cents, Tea or
Tablets. Sold by F. S. Duffy.
Deputy Marshal Appointed.
Upon the recommendation of C. B,
Hill, Chairman Republican Executive
Committee of Craven county and Third
Congressional District, Chas M, Bab'
bitt, of Bayboro. has beon appointed
U, S. Marshal by Marshal Claudius
Dockery, vice R. W. Ward, resigned,
Mr. Babbitt was formerly Deputy Col
leetor of Internal Revenue under E. C.
Duncan and is considered one of the
best revenue officers in the eastern dis
trict. His headquarters will be New
Bern and his territory Will extend over
ten counties.
o jrv o m :
S. Duffy Ssllt Hyomtl Under Gutrantis of
: Cure
The changeable weather of Spring is
directly responsible for the prevalence
. of catarrhal troubles in mew corn at
! the present time. -
As a result, F. S. Duffy has had a
i larger sale for Hyomei the past week
than ever before in the years that he
has hsndled this reliable treatment for
1 the cure of catarrh.
If there fa a single catarrhal germ In
the system, Hyoroel will search it out
and absolutely destroy it, completely
eradicating the trouble. The remedy
has made so many cures among F. S
Duffy's customers that he offers to pay
for it himself if it doe not benefit even
the worse case of catarrh.
The complete outfit costs but $1., con
sistinir of an inhaler, medicine dropper.
"d bottle of Hyomei, while extra bot-
ties of Hyomei can be obtained for 50
ppnt. TVipr will not ha evpn thin
small expense if Hyomei does not cure,
as F. S. Duffy returns your money,
hns'iust received. the finest
;lot of Gold Fish (4 to 6 inch
long). This is the last ship
ment in this season, so better
d buy cDme.
; r.i I" 'i fx; 1 c:i
of Grand Jury,' April - Term,
Hon. B. F, Long Judge presiding.
We your jury respectfully report as
follows, viz: There liave been 102 bills
presented to our body, i V .
63 were found true bills, 23 were
found not true bills, 7 were submitted
by the solicitor, 7 were not artod on
for want of witnessess. W beg to re
port that the clerk of the court reports
to us that few guardians have, failed to
make their reports, which he will ex
plain to your Honor.
A committee was appointed to ex
amine the county home, and report as
follows, viz t The home was found in
good condition, and all inmates prop
erly cared for. It is recommended that
a ' suitable cook house be provided at
once tor the home, as it is much needed.
We beg to state that this recommen
dation has been made several times,
but has never been acted upon, and we
earnestly request that your honor will
direct action to be taken at once. '
There are twenty inmates which in
cludes the keeper and the cook, of,
these there are two white females, one
of whom is insane. IWe think that she
should be removed t the' asylum for
proper treatment. There are eleven
colored female Inmates one of whom 's '
blind. ' ' ' ,
.' The committee appointed to invest!-1
iraie tne jail reported as follows, vis :;
we nnd the jail ana its surroundings
an and
well kept, and all prisoners
in good condition. we rind . one
rind . one i
colored female prisoner who is in
sane, who we recommend should
be I
sis !
sent to the 'asylum at once, as she
i tLft unri fOAhlo citvi tka in maI- 4hn t
proper place for her. The rest of the X
prisoners are young colored males. 1
in regard to the security of tne pail, J
wb uck iv ainie mat wu ooiievo it i
be very insecure, as we have verv
carefully inspected tha iron cells, also
tne oars ot the various windows, v
We are informed that there have
been several jail deliveries made dur
ing the past year, and that the only im
plement used was a piece of 2x4 scant
ing with which the prisoners prised
open the bars to the cells and windows.
Wo recommend that steel eells be
placed in the jail which are locked by
a lever, ana mat tne pars oi . tne win
dows be" removed and be replaced by
steel bars properly set into the walls of
tne uu. . .. 1 ' . ,.
we hnd upon mvesturation that
the floors of the jail and cells re in j
bad condition, and should be fixed at j
once. We further find that a hose ia
used to wash up the floors of the jail,
and that the water from tame must be
he bailed up and thrown out of the win-
dows. - ' ' .., : I
We recommend that a (4) inch sewer
be placed in the corner of the jail for.
carrying off this water.' 1 ! I
the committee appointed to investi
gate the court house and premises beg
to report as follows, viz : -
we nave examined the interior of the
court house, and find that ft should be '
oainted throughout the various offices
in the building do not compare favora-1
bly with the exterior of the . building. !
and we thinx that every omce, also all
tne wans snouid ne given tnorough
painting. . We also find that the ceiling
in the court room is in need of repair,
and also should be painted, and we re
commend that it should be done as soon
as possible. . -. .
Upon examination of the vaults in
the omce of the Clerk of the Court,
and ' the Register of Deeds, we find
there a great amount of wood work,.
We think the records of thecountv
much too valuable to be thus subjected
to danger from fire, and we earnestly
recommend that all this wood work be
replaced by the latest improved steel
fittings. t ; ..
We learn that this recommendation
has. been made several times, and has
never been acted upon, ana we trust
that your Honor will direct action to be
ta en at once. ,
We think that suitable office furni
ture should be provided for the office
of the clerk and sheriff as that which is
used at present is not at all in keep
ing with what should be expected in
the office of county officials in a com
munity of this size.
We also recommend that a eloset be
placed in the upper story of the build
inar for the use of the court officials.
We find upon investigation that the
closet used bv the public, in the yard, is
entirely msutlicient-at we nndthat at
present both white and colored males
and females aie usinsr the same closet
We think this condition should not
exist, and immediate action should be
taken to provide suitable closets, and
we trust that your Honor will so direct
We have examined the office of the
Register of Deeds Clerk of the Court.
and Sherirtr and beg to report that we
find same all in good condition and well
keot We also recommend that the en
tire court house and jail should be
heated bv steam, as we think that it
will be much more economical and add
much to the safety of both jail and
court house, and to the comfort of the
public, and especially to the court offi
cials. ,
We think that a heater should be
placed under the building, and connect-
ea wim xne jiui, we ravr oeen m
formed that some of the insane prison
ers in the jail have on several occasions
come near injuring themselrea serious
ly by coming in contact with the stoves
mux! at Dreeent.
The committee appointed to investi-
w investigated tho same, andrenorf
I them to be found correct in due form,
. U malra thru nroMntjnantu
Respectfully submitted,
C. .?. MCCARTHY, Foreman.
NortK" Carolina, ) In Superior Court
Craven County, ( April Term, 1906.
tlgand1 jiiry":1"2 " ' rcp0rt 0
It ia ordered tfnt the rcnort be re-
ceived and numi
as one oi the
esses on the crimii
term of the Crimii
That the report I
Board of wmmiRi
meeting for their
ket at the next
s their next
; i -a';..n, end
they are res per'
court after co i
make a report m .
nevt (': I ('
i t i
'd by
F .me
i to r
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f - - Npecial Attention Given to
Finishing: Amateur Work
New Mattings-Some very nice pieces in China r.nd
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Ice Cream Freezersr-White Mountain, Peerless and Antic
New Line Baby Go-Carts.
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of Norfolk and the Jemestown Exposition Grounds, with c r
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r men
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