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29th YEAR
flfsan FllM Along With Passenger Train
tvary Morning for Distinct ol Fifteen
. j . ; ' ' Miles.
ir.e passengers on the mail train
?i Morehead City due here in the
rang are greatly interested in the
'iar conduct of a pigeon which is
,i by a man in Wildwood and en-
gsjes the train in a race from Wild-
. wood to Havelock every morning, a dis
.tlata of 15 miles. The bird apparently
watches for the approach of the train.
It always picks out the passenger train
s- and flies along withjt, sometimes ahead
e'2"t, but it never fails to accompany
(Re train. . ' It flies so near , the cars
- f-V st passengers can almost touch it.
Xi hen the train stops at Newport the
: Urd perches nearby and waits for it to
atart when it continues its journey to
XL.velock, then it returns to its home,
eriJently with an impression on its lit
t! brain that it has discharged some
. ' - The pigeon is "handsome, being white
. "With ablack head. "No other bird seems
t take this freak nor does this one at
. I tich itself to any other train and the
Condor grows how the bird appears to
, rTf train to any other. It will
.'.' t aadly, missed when for any' reason it
discontinues its regular flights. .. '
' " Dr. L. Shaw Andre
, - Eye Specialist
-J-Eyae treated for all defects of vision.
' Examination tit spectacles free. '
C-ice Hotel Hazelton, New Bern, N.
C. ; Houfa 12 to 2, 6 to 8 p. m.
..'Kti ' " . :
-' - Distributors, for Craven, Car
teret, Onslow. Jones, Pam
icb; Beaufort, And King
. jEton .Counties. .-
7anted to Buy
ill Kinds of
".Southern Fruits
and Vegetables
for GASH or will handle .on
! consignment. Let me know
;your -prices on what . you
;havs-i ;Qr will have.
i'j Qitton,- Jr., .
. .ir:ti ... ill;
,Cci:imlsslon llerchaat
29 York St., Utica, N. V.
of Store Purchase.
j I have pui chased the stock of gener
' 1 merchandise owned by Geo. S. Wil-
cox, (deceased) at Bellair, N. C. and
will continue the business at the same
rUtce. Miss Lottie Wi'eox will man
tle the business, with -the assistance
of Daniel Lane Jr. '
Ve expect to carry a full line of
C..eral Merchandise and sell at New
"C cm prices. .
We will thank all former patrons to
'continue with us, - , .
Very Truly,
" ' "y GUY S. LANE.
For Salo
cash or on iit:ie
ten II P engine,
12 II I engine, ro-
rn tubular ,boiler;
i CO eax7 Pratt CJin
lesder . and
::r::or. Reasons
? nllingwant to put
; r.tcr machinery.
I!attocli3 f:ilvcr-
y Cog
i finale dug, followed
1 ( . 'uw county and
' 'U TiiO owner
' 1 1 : -
1 !
hew city loo"::;s up.
People Far From Being Discouraged.
They are Strong and Energetic.
A Comparison of lh Burned Artas Show the
Extant and Magnitude of tha . ' "
1 , Destruction.
Special to Journal, -
San Francisco, April 24. A correct
measurement of -the burned district
shows that .the 6 square miles of the
city are in ruins.' This means 4160
acres. ' Thirty times greater than was
the Baltimore fire. - There were 40,000
buildings destroyed. The ruins were
all down town or in the business
section. ... . " o "
Plans are being devised for a new
and larger and greater city. Several
persons have accepted plans for, new
buildings. One order for 17 story bank
and office building has been' given.
The people are leaving -the city and
going to the fishing places in Alaska
where 3,000 have found work in the
canneries.;.' x AZ! .v :-l Ss-' '.-
Nearly all the. atect frame houses of
th city stood the earth quake shock
but the fire either destroyed them en
tirely or made them unsafe for habita
tion. f The vaults of the banks are in
tact, Jbut they can not opened until
they have thoroughly cooled off.
.The forts which guard the harbor
were badly damaged by the shock and
considerable rearrangement must be
made before they will be deemed effi
cient protection. The danger f rom
epidemic has passed. The sanitary de
partment did its work, extremely well
and his received pranefrom all over
the country. Two ; large steamships
were seriously damaged by the earth
quake and can not make any trips until
tiiey are thoroughly overhauled. ,
The relief fund,bas reached the en
ormous sum of ten million dollars.. ,
Empress Dowager's Gift Rejected
Special to Journal. ' ,-
. Washington, April t 2(5. President
Roosevelt today 'declined the offer ten
dered by the Empress Dowager of
China of the donation of $75,000 for the
victimS of the Sah Francisco disaster.
. It has caused more laughs and dried
more tears; wiped away diseases and
driven away more fears than any other
medicine in the world. Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea. 35 cents, Tea or Tablets,
For Sale by F. S. Duffy, .
Insurance' Rates Advance "
Special to-Journal. , . ,
Chicago, April 26 Underwriters and
business men directly or indirectly in
terested in fire insurance predict ah ad
vance in rates to cover losses made by
the San Francisco fire. ;.''''''
Let us fill your prescriptions. War
ren's Drug Store.
Efforts for Forest Reserve
Special to Journal. -
Washington, April 26. Gov. Glenn
and Commissioner of Agriculture Pat
terson of North Carolina addressed the
House Committee in favor of the Ap
palachian Forest Reservation today. .
. Loco. ' :
, April 26.
We are hayjng cool weathernow. and
its very bad on our small truck. -
Our quarterly meeting was held Sat
urday and Sunday. We had a large
congregation each day. - .
Mr. E E Lundy of Wilmington and
Mr. Elsie Hobbs and son of Wards
Mill spent Saturday night at the home
of Miss Eunice E Smith, -
Mr. Manly Higgins and wife welcome
guests at the home of Mr.' E J Higgins
Saturday night.
Messrs. K and L Barbeeof Rkhlands
spent Saturday night night with rela
tives at this place.
Mr and Mrs Rollie Collins and chil
dren of this place spent Sunday even
ing in Jones, with Mr and Mrs Norman
Eubank. 11 5 ' . '". ;k- i
Mr Georgia Weeks of Hadnots Creek
and Mrs Lincein Hadnot of Maysville
were in our town last wek.
in tne uco items a lew weeks ago,
a mistake was made in the age of Elder
Smith, it should have been 85 years, in
stead of 89.
, ""' w. w.
A Splendidly , Illustrated Magazine
McClure'a Magazinefor May in ad.
dition to its sterling text, headed by
the nrst of the Kipling stones and the
Life Insurance articles, is one of the
beat illu8tratd numbers of any perio
dical that has been on the stands in a
long time. The following well known
aitists n; ; r in its r-jes:- Andre
Csstaigne, Chickens, Fenn, Ditzler,
Lowell, Wyelh, T;iy!(ir, and Sloan. In
ailiillion I .
f. Wi
uy'avaluaUe es
' ' ! v ':' good
portraits of the
say on VA'.'n
great Port.
Borrowing not
. Joke.
Regarded a
Freight Trains Block Tracks. Colored Man
Run Over. Railroad Man, Robbad.
; Largs Subtcrlptloni For California.
Resldenta must Put Down Side.'
walks. ' Correspondent ill.
(Special Correspondent) ;
Greensboro N.C. April 24,,-Ata
point ' near Ruffin early Sunday morn
ing a freight train on the main line of
the Southern Railway ran into another
freight train which had not cleared the
siding and thirteen cars were derailed.
There was no personal injury, but the
track was blocked for several hours, de
laying all south bound passenger
trains. " "' -
Sunday morning, the body of Chas.
William, was found along the railroad
track between West . Market crossing
and Guilford avenue. Coroner Turner on
viewing the body found that an inquest
was not necessary as death had evi
dently resulted from" injuries received
by being run over by the tram. One
arm was served .from the body, the head
was badly cut and the face disfigured.
In his pocket was found an empty liquor
bo tie and about fifty cents in change.
The Southern Railway -Co. was notified
to remove-the body,, which they did.yes
terday afternoon, burying the man near
the scene of the accident. -
Sunday night a lineman here was rob
bed of sixty dollars. On retiring he put
his purse under his pillow and when he
awoke yestreday morning his purse and.
money were both gone.
In addition to the $1,14S.00 which has
been raised, a concert will be given by
the local musicians of the city Tuesday
night, for the benefit of the San Frart
cisco sufferers and other Pacific Coast
cities. Mr. C. W. C Hammel will have
charge of the program. v"""
The horse and buggy belonging to Mr.
F. A. Mathews, which was "borrowed"
on Friday night has been recovered.
Mr. Mathews had tied his horse in front
of the Baptist church and after the ser
vice was over he was unable to find his
property. He secured the service of
Policeman Stedman and early Sunday
morning he found the buggy and horse
close to the railroad in the vicinity of
the Normal College. It seems that
some boys took the horse as a joke, but
if they are found they will have to pay
pretty high for their joke as Mr .Mat
hews has offered $25 reward for their
capture, y '-. ... - - .,. ' ; ' .
The city clerk has issued peremptory;
notices to all owners of property to re
pair or put down, new side, walks in
front of "which the curbing has been
set The order demands that the pav
ing must be done without delay, and as
a considerable amount of grading and
curbing was done last fall, the police
who are serving the notice, have no
small job in front of them.
Mr. Andrew Joyner, the press cor
respondent wno has been ill at his home
since Thursday has improved somewhat
though his condition is still serious. ;
High Class Musical EnfertalMntni at
Which Miss Marlon fladcllfft Will
' '. : Sing. , ' ;
A local item in the Baltimore Sun
contains a notice of a musical enter-
tainment at the home of Mrs. Charles
J. Bonaparte in the interest of the
laboratory fund of St. Josephs hospi
tal. It will be given Friday May 4.
The notice is of particular interest to
New Bern people for the mention of
former ladies formerly well known
here. Miss Marion Radcliffe, of New
York is to sing and it is said of her that
she has obtained most briiliantTuccess
in New York, and in many " places
throughout the south. ' While in Balti
more she will be the guest of Miss
Maria Manly, another , former resident
of Nesr Bern,
The name of Miss Marion R&wls, ap
pears on the program as pianist She
is also wellltnown in New Bern and has
had large success as a pianist in the
Peabody Conservatory , of Music in
Baltimore. ; . ' -
1 1 Richmond Gets Next Reunion
Special to Journal.
New Orleans, April 26. The invita
tion of the Confederate Veterans to
meet in Richmond, Va., in 1907, was
unanimously accepted at the annul re
union today, - :
School Closing Pic-nic
The Quinerly School will close on
Thursday, May 3rd, with an all day
picnic. Dr. J. B. Carlysle will speak
at li o ciocK. mere is probably no
man in the State who is his superior ai
an entertaining, instructive and en
thufaiaatic speaker for school closings.
Hon L I Moore will also be with us and
will have something to say,
The people of the community are re
speclfully and cor.liui'y invited to be
pros-ntati,l Li ii :j well f.llcd 1;
A '! time m in sfro f
r every-
uoay. come ana eni-y j
L. J. c;i.f"."i
,, j;...: v. :
a. :. ,1 j
Valuable New Bern Contribution to
Hall of History .
Chief Justice Clark Gives Address.
Carolina Blankets ; PresenUd
v Earthquake Sufferer. State
Offices Refitted.' Crop ,.
Bulletin Report Pen-
' slon Blanks 0ut.; '
(Special Correspondence. ) " .
Raleigh,; April 25.--Cl)iJ Justice
Walter Clark . will deliver an address
Friday evening at Philadeltmin before
the University of Pennsylvania. ; pis
subject will be : ?'Some defects in , the
United States Constitution and iui ne
cessity for the Federal Ccr.ititutional
Convention." v ' J-
A charter is grainA.he Ra'eigh
Pressed Brick Compaay, capital stock
$10,000r T. T. Hay , and others stock
holders. There is . considerable dovel
opmcntin the way of briekmaking in
the State, here and at other points. . '
Through Mr. Hugh Chatham, its
president, the Chatham Manufacturing
Company of Elkin sends to the San
Francisco suffers 100 pairs of very fine
blankets it manufactures, "i The rail'
ways transport this gift .free to San
Francisco.) . ... .; : ?
State Auditor Dixon today sent out
the pension blanks to the various coun
ties, ' The pensions will not be paid, of
course, until December 15th, as usual.
Mrs. Mary McK. Nash of New Bern
has -piesented to the Hall of History
Sir Walter Ealeigh's cot-of-Brms and
also' a very good picture of Governor
Tyson'B "Palace" in New Bern as it
was when finished. Mrs. Nash has
bet'n quite a large contributor by loan
or gift to the collection.
..'The refitting of the offices of the
Governor and Secretary of State makes
the fact more apparent that the other
oiC :es in the capitol, as wet) as in the
rotunda and corridors, not to' speak of
the halls of the Senate and House, need
attention of the seme kind. (The inte
rior of the buildings couldy'be made
very beautiful by the expenditure of a
few thousand dollars. No time ought
to be lost, the public saves in) getting
the walks laid down in the capital
square. i" 2" - -V- I
The court house here is being entirely
refitted, steel ceilings have been put in
the offices and many improvements be
ing made in the court rooms, - r
The third crop bulletin for the State
this year shows that last week was
fajr and very favorable for farm work,
There' were general rains on. Sunday.
heaviest in, the east, though the rain
fall for the wee 'c was above normal,
There were frosts on three days, the
temperature reaching the freezing
point at one place.
April 26,
The farmers around Merritt are pro
gressing well h getting their crops
planted, they .have reduced the acreage
on potatoes about 50$ and they are ex
pecting better prices this year,
,: We had a light frosc the night of the
23rd, but we have heard of no damage
done as yet. . v : .
Miss Ida Cahoon is teaching school at
this place. Her father Mr. J. W. Ca
hoon just -closed the public school at
this place. Miss. Ida assisted ber fath
er in his school and is a very good teach
er for the primary grade.
Mr. J. W. Aldridge was at Merritt
Saturday trying to organize ' a Cotton
Growers and Business Men's . Associa
tion, but our peopli are slow to get to
gether on the cotton proposition. There
will be as much planted here as in
1905. !:
Our farmers seem to have their eyes
open to business as they are putting
more improved ; machinery on their
farms, which reduces the labor expense
which is very high and scarce here. .
We learn the lodge of C. B. H. is pro
gressing finely and are swelling their
membership some. Much success to
them as it a good organization.
The farmers here are helping the
guano factories some, from the looks
of things as there were about 200- bags
delivered at the warehouse at this place
on Monday. Wo expect 10c cotton or
higher." : . - .;..! ,
. v .Tar Heel.
Hubert Items.
' April 23.
The farmers of this section are very
near through planting corn now, cotton
planting has begun. ; :? .
Mrs Sylvania Conway is to be added
to our sick list this week. - , ;
Miss Lula Hatchell of Swansboro
was a visitor here last : Saturday and
Sunday. -' ' .
Messrs. E T. and Walter Hobby at
tended church at White Oak last Sat
urday and Sunday.
Messrs. Sylvester Morton and Walter
Hewitt of Northeast were visiting in
this section lust Sunday.
' Mr. E. I. Kellum has just purchased
him a fine "on'an."
I'r. K. C. Wiiidburg is having a new
km; - i t:ei :! 1 unjor the management
of I'r. Jo' n ILuirock.
D'I' ": n v' ''or at F r
Damage to Truck or Plants Re
ported. .
Veterans Leave for New Orleans. Damage
Suit Against Southern - Railway Co.
Commencement of the Colored A.
and M. College. ,
(Special Correspondence) : :
Greensboro April 25 Last night the
mercury dropped down to 35, and there
was a small frost A phone message
from John, A. - Young's nurseries ' to
day says no harm was done to anything
so far as can be ascertained. ; - A ;
A large" congregation attended the
revival services at the Christian church
last night and heard a strong, practical
sermon by Rev. I. W, Johnson, of Suf
folk Va.,, who is assisting the pastor
Rev. L. F. Johnson.
Prof. Charles J. . Brockman went to
Winston Salem today to assist in the
production of Haydn's "Creation" by
the choral society there.
fJMessers Walter McAdoo, John Rankin
J.F. H. HighfillandJ.W. McNairyleft
today for the sixteenth annual reunion
of Confederate veterans which is to be
held in New Orleans.
The casa of Chas. PRoberson against
the Southern Railway Company was
takau up again Monday, having been
postponed on Saturday on account of
one of the jurors being taken sick in
the court house. ' The plaintiff sued for
$15,000 for alleged injuries received
at Spencer while in the employ of the
defendant company. The evidence was
concluded by noon and the argument of
the counsel began on the convening of
the afternoon session. The case went
to the jury at 5:30 and after being out
about half an hour the jury returned a
verdict in favor of the plaintiff in the
sum of $1,500.
" A marriage ceremony was performed
in the office of the register of deeds
yesterday, the contracting parties be
ing Mr John W. Thomas and Mrs. Mary
A. Curry, both of High Point, Rev. A
G. Kirkman. register of deeds officia-
The annual closing exercises of the
Y. W. C. A. were held last night at the
A. and M. College for .the colored race
speeches being made by several of the
students, and an address by Rev. B. B,
Hill, of Reidsville. On Sunday after
noon the Rev. Dr. R. E. Jones, of New
Orleans delivered the baccalaureate ser
mon to the students. During the after
noon a collection amounting to $16.57
was taken for the benefit of the people
of San:. Francisco. i-'-T---:
I Last Day of Court,
The first case on trial before Judge
Purnell yesterday was that of United
States va Quin Cox. Peg Mills, Shade
Ewell, Johnson Mills and Herbert
Moore on the charge of doing malicious
damage to the Uunited States mail
boxes which are used on rural routes.
The offense was alleged to have been
committed in Pitt county. The de
fendants were all colored. On account
of a technicality the court did not allow
the case to go to the jury but dismissed
the defendants. -" . .
United States vs Johnson Mills, re
tailing liquor without the payment of
the special government tax.
. United States vs M. McNamara, re
sisting an officer. : This is the case in
which the defendant, Michael McNa
mara, chiof engineer . on the yacht
Roxana, here last Thanksgiving. The
complaining witness was Arthur T.
Kemp, a wealthy resident of Boston.
McNamara is a skilled engineer and
holds a five year license and has many
credentials and testimonials. His act
was not done in malice but he merely
wished to protect his reputation as a
careful mechanic "anil against any posj
sible charge of manslaughter that
might arise from neglect of his engines
or fires. And furthermore he stated
that he did not know the officer repre
sented the United States. The case
resulted in mistrial and was continued
to next term of court when the defend
ant will be tried also on charge of mu
tinous conduct V '
Prayer for continued judgment was
entered on record in the case of U. S.
vs the Commissioners of Pamlico county
and they were each to give bond for
$500 for their appearance at next term
of court and show that 'the require
ments of the War Department in re
gard to the bridge are complied with.
In the matter of U. S. vs R. E. Cox,
sentenced by the court yesterday to
pay a fine of $300 and costs and impris-
1 onment of three months. Ihe sentence
WaS muuiueu ujuii 1.110 miug uj, au Bui-
davit by the defendant that he had
made due apolotries to Commissioner
Hill for his language and conduct The
judge reduced the fine $250 and costs
' . I.i.J ll. i ! L
ana remiiieu me imprisonment..
The court adjourned for the term
last evening and the officers left for
their homes on the shootiy. -
J. O.U. M, Picnic,
The Junor Order United American
Mechanics of Oriental will have a bas
ket picnic at Arapahoe Saturday, May
5th. A Bible and flag will be present
ed at the same time. It ia expected
that a lodge of this order will be or;;--nized
in Arapnhoe before hi x and
cwy 1 !y is invi' 1 t ) ' I 01 t' ' ;
. 1 biv, ' '.I'-!
Burying Within City . Limits
Without Permit ,
Action Against Southern Railway Employe.
Dally News Has New Treasurer.
Investigating Board on Pave
ment Work. Graduating Re
cital. Stewards Ex
change Jcbs.
(Special Correspondence.)
Greensboro, April 20 Warrents have
been issued for the arrest of A. W.
Toglemen, section master, and J. H.
Medendris, supervisor of the Southern
Railway company for alleged violation
of the law in burying a dead body
within the city limits without the nec
essary permit asrequired by the board
of health and city ordinances. The
charges upon which the warrents were
issued allege the fact that Charles
Williams, colored who was killed, early
Sunday morning by being run over by
a train and was buried within the city
limits, on the Southern's right of way.
Health officer Simpson and County
physician Harrison on having their at
tention called to the matter had the
railroad company to exume the body
and bury it outside the : city limits,
which was done Monday. The South
ern officials say that they were not
aware that the law had been viola
ted. A semi-annual meeting of the board
of directors of the Daily Industrial
News was held last night at which
time Mr. R. D. Douglas resigned the
position of secretary and treasurer in
order to devote more attention to his
editorial duties. Mr. C. D. Benbow,
of this city was elected his successor,
and under Mr. Benbow s management
the Industrial News has a bright out
look for the future. Among some of
tne prominent republicans wno were
in Greensboro to attend this meeting
were: Collector Duncan, Federal court
clerk Coles, of States ville, J. F. Par
rott of Kinston, Marion Butler of
Washington, D. C, Rollins of Ashe-
The concert which wa3 given for the
San Francisco relief fund was a great
success both from a musical and finan
cial standpoint. The sum of two hun
dred dollars was raised, which added
to the amount all ready on hand makes
a sum of about $1635.00. The Elks are
raising a fund which has promise of
being a substantial one. .
, The committee appointed by the board
of aldermen to investigate the charges
made as t5 the poor class of work done
in paving lm street and also as to the
perpetration of fraud on the city by
the inattention to duty by city officials
has decided to meet Tuesday and start
the investigation. The members of the
committee are Mayor Murphy and
Aldermen Thompson and Wysong. :
Mr. Fred Taylor, chief of the fire de
partment has received a check for $10
to go into the treasury of the fire de
partment as an appreciation by Mr. R.
P. Gorrel of the department's work in
subduing a fire on his property some
time ago.
Mr. Latta, steward at the Guilford
Benbow, has exchanged positions with
Mr. Neal, of the Yarborough for a
month. Mr. Latta left today for Ral
eigh to take up his work.
Invitations reading as follows have
been issued: Graduating recital, Greens
boro Female College School of Music,
Florence Jones and Patsy Rilla Smith
Friday evening, April the twenty-
seventh at half after eight o clock,
Greensboro, N. C. ," ,'
Mr. James T. Ledbetter of Climax,
died yesterday monningof pneumonia.
Mr. Ledbetter was an active man at
the time of his death and was 76 years
of age. The interment will take place
today at 11 o'clock.
Just received a fresh lot of Frank
furters at the Coast Line Meat Mar
ket ' :;'.';'
Sudden Death of Confederate Veteran
LaGrange, N. C, April 25. While
sitting at the dinner table, in the act of
beginning his meal Mr. G. B. Pate fell
back and in a few moments died in the
arms of his only child, Mrs Levi W.
Taylor. Mr. Pate served valiantly
through the civil war, and carried an
empty sleeve as a constant reminder
of those trying times. Until the past
few years, one of his chief pleasures
was the reunion of his company, which
was celebrated each year by a barbe
cue dinner on April 23rd, at Snow Hill
He was a member of the M. E. church
of this place. He was about b5 years
old. The remains will be laid to rest in
Fairview cemetery tomorrow afternoon
at 4 o'clock. Rev. H. E. Tripp will
conduct the burial service. '
We think that we are offer
ing the best and most perfect
blue flame oil cook-
lr. Tranche you ever
saw. Cor
and let
for you.
Murderer Enjoys Visiting ' Sight
Awaiting Commitment, r
Street Railways Personal Property. Intef
estlng State Histories. Southe'rs. Eds- '
catlonal Conference. , PoMUca',
Waking Up. Farm Labor Scarce-
In We$t. Farmers State
... , . ..... . ,. 5
; Convention.
. ' jfe.
(Special Correspondence.) f
Raleigh, April 26. Deputy Insurance)
Commissioner Scott has returned here
from New Bern where he investigated
a fire thought to be of incendiary origin
The evidence to that effect is pretty
strong, but not quite enough was e
cured to bring about a conviction. In
Anson county be investigated the burn
ing of a barn in the country and the re
sult of the investigation is the arrest of
Clem Ingram, colored, against whom
the evidence is said to be very strong.
Two men saw him running away from
the burning barn. , t.-i
The Supreme court, as predicted
at week, decides the street railway
are personal property and so the man
who threw a stone through the window
of a street car at Winston-Salem will
have to serve his sentence of 8 months
on the roads. . - s '
Two-interesting books are soon to ap
pear, one of these being Prof. D.- H. '
Hill's child history of North Carolina
and the other a book on eminent North
Carolinians by Prof. R. D. W. Conner.
The illustrations will be numerous both
books, and for the child's history B '
fewer than 77 have been make from
the historical collection here, s This
book is to appear about July. ,
There is to be at Lexington, Kyi, be
ginning May 2, a conference on educa
tion in the south and at the same time
a meeting of the southern superinten. ;
dents of education. State Superinten
dent Joyner, R. D. W. Conner and
Clarence H. Poe are among those who
will attend from this State. V
There is already beginning to be a
little flurry ,in politics and as usual it
being here among the democrats, while
Greeruboro, as always is the republi
can storm centre. The republicans do
not seem to know as yet where their
State Convention will be held,but those
who favor Greensboro insist that it
will be held there. . -. . j
Corporation Commissioner Rogers,
who arrived today from the mountain
section, says farmers there are'up with
their workbutthat the lack of farm labor
is very great.; In fact labor is scarce.
in all kinds of work, A great deal of
railway construction is in ' progress.
There were severe frosts Monday and
Tuesday of this week.. " ' : v
Great numbers of cants are being sent .
out giving notice of the North Carolina
Farmers State Convention to be held at
the Agricultural & Mechanical College
here, July 10-12 th. Special, program
are provided for cotton . and tobacco
growers, dairymen and women and able
speakers will discuss important sub
jects. A larger attendence than ever
fore is expected. ' '
Frail Durham, a young white mas
who is to serve 14 years in the peniten
tiary for killing deputy Sheriff Hintoa
in Polk county, was brought hereby
his brother, his bondsman several daya
ago to serve his sentence, but it waa '
found that the sheriff of Polk could not
come here and the brother who brought .
the prisoner here did not wish himself
to turn him over to the penitentiary
authorities. The prisoner's mother
came" with him. The brother returned to
Polk county to arranged have boom
officer from there bring the commit
ment and deliver the man or else to
Iff ve an arrangement made for tha
sheriff of this county to take this step.
Meanwhile the prisoner has been en
joying himself at Raleigh, visiting the
various State buildings and seeing the
lights thereabouts. The case was quit
a curious one. uinton, tne deputy mar
was kiled, had . arrested Durham r
and taken him to the of
fice of a magistrate where a bond waa
being prepared when suddenly Durham
ran, Hinton pursued and shot at him,
and then Durham fired at Hinton.
The prisoner said he ran because he
had a revolver and he was afraid he
would be searched and a second char
made against him. He also claiaxJ
that the bullet from Ilin ton's piutol
ent through his sleeve.
Truck Crop Not Camassd -Although
the weather was threat
ening frost the first of the week it la
not thought that any damage has b' n
done around New Bern. Reports 1 . a
been assiduously published of ti a ' -
tructionof growing crops In b i
adjoining Craven county but i i
quiry develops that there is 1' ' -jury
done here.
We are told that if any i . I .
been done the cucumbers auJ
have suffered the moat. An t
tion of the pea and bean c
that their cftv.liUon is f . '
no froi.t yei-l' r.l.-.y it- ; 1.
a 1 ' t i T..
it I

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