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Kd. 9.
29th YEAR
; f Secretary Bonaparte III
Epeciul to Journal:
; 1 Washington, April 30. Secretary of
I the ti&vy, Charles J. Bonaparte be
came seriously ill. yesterday find his
physician states that he is threatened
; With pneumonia, ".-;..'.
f - Dewey in Suez
(pedal to Journal. . : - .
Port Said," April 57. The great
American floating dry dock, Dewey has
arrived at Suez in good condition.
r Proposals' Wanted !
Chaattunst, assignee of J, 0. Land,
wiU receive proposals for purchase of
Vie J. 0. Land business including good
will and stock of goods at 104 Queen
Stv until Saturday , May 6,' 1906. . If
absent from the city the same may be
left with my Attorney. . i
: Thii April 28, 1906,
: " '. " CHAS GUNST7 Trustee of .
' " t J. O. Land. -W.
D. McIVEB, Attornej .
Dr. L. Shaw Andre ,
- Eye Specialist
Eyes treated for all defects of vision.
-Examination for spectacles free. "
C3ke Hotel Hazelton, New Bern, N.
C. Houfa 12 to 2, 6 to 8 p. m.
Distributors for Craven, Car
teret, Onslow. Jones, Pam
lico, Beaufort,- And King
ston Counties.
Wanted to Buy
All Kinds of
Southern Fruits
and Vegetables
for CAOH or will handle on
. consignment. Let me know
your prices on what you
have or will have.
rommtssion Mo chant
29 York St., Utica, N. Y. ,
ct Stcre Purchase.
I , i'wer.."ed the stock of gener
al merchandise owned by Geo. S. Wil
cox, (deceased) at Bellair, N. C. , and
will continue the business at the same
place. Miss Lottie Wi'eox wi'l man
i-etbebun' n, with the assistance
of Daniel I ; Jr.
Weexiit.tto carry a full line of
Genernl llerchandise and, sell at New
V ... " k all former patrons to
Very Truly,
cr on in:o
i t:n' II P engine,
- 13 II I engine, rc
S tubular boiler;
'1 r --7 Pratt Gin
1, i tzzdcT and
":rv Heasons
linirant to put'
i .....ualiiviyi
z " z ' il vcr
, CO ii V..
'V IMC . .V ,
(:; .
' V-.ft.l I ri jf
Results In Horse Being Struck by
Electric Car '
Falling to Set Signal Engineer Ditches En
gin. Girl Taken to Hospital. Car
penter Adopt Nln Hour Seal.
Prominent Citizen Dead. - .
Negroes Give Play. Jr:
(Special Correspondence) '
Gftensboro, April 27. As a result of
carelessness on the part of the driver a
horse was struck by an electric car yes-
terday, injuring the animal so seriously
that it bad to be shot. An old negro
had just entered town driving a good
horse hitched to a wagon, and as he
reached the junction of Bagley street
he started t" cross the track paying no
attention whatever to " the car bell
consequently the car struck the horse,
and broke iis leg. , The driver and
wagon were unharmed.
A wreck occurred this morning at
Pomona in which two men were seri
ously, though not fatally hurt. Train
No. 33 was running a little late, ap
proaching' the derailing switch at the
Pomona unterlocking plant. TheWins-tnn-Salera
train was due and the signal
was set to stop No 33 but engineer J.
P. Mingate says he did not see it and
rushed ahead. The switch being open
for the Winston train and . locked
against 33, .the engine was derailed,
and fell into the ditch, catching Win-
gate and the fireman Ed Towns under
it. On examination it was found that
Wingate's leg was broken, wfiile Towns
had a rib fractured and he too, was
bruised and burned. .; Both men were
taken to St. Leo's hospital.-
The students of the colored A & M.
College presented a play entitled "The
Evolution of the Negro" to an unusu
ally crowded house last night as part of
their commencement program.
Yesterday two young girls who were
employed in the Guilford Benbow were
taken to St. Leo's hospital They
came here a few days ago from Ashe-
ville and were taken ill soon after their
arrival. -
The local union of carpenters No.
1432 of Greensboro after May 1st
will adopt a nine-hour scale of work
for one day. Mr., T. P. Causey, re
cording secretary has so notified the
members of the union and he is also
written a letter to that effect to each
of the carpentecs of Greensboro. -
Mr. I Thamer Armfleld died at the
home of his son-in-law yesterday aged
87 years. Mr. Armfleld was- born and
raised in Jamestown and wiU be taken
there today for burial, Mr. Armfield
was a devoted member of the Primi
tive Baptist church.
Insurance Company Re Insures.
Special to Journal. . ,
Raleigh, N. C, April 27. -Insurance
Commissioner , Young is notified that
the American Fire Insurance Company
of Philadelphia, because of heavy losses
at San Francisco, has re-insured in the
Commercial Union of London which is
doing business in North Carolina and
this Btep makes all policies absolutely
safe. .. .
Parade a Great Feature. , ,
Special to Journal. ; .
New Orleans, April 27. The .' Con
federate reunion closed today with a
grand parade. It was one of the most
notable and beautiful features of any
occasion ; of Confederate meetings.
Marines and sailors of the Cruiser Co
lumbia formed a part of the procession
and the signal for starting the parade
was the report from a gun on board of
1 . - 1
that boat.
Royalty to Ascend Volcano
Special to Journal:
Naples, April 27. King Edward and
Queen Alexandra arrived here today
and will go to the topof Mt. Vesu
vius..."1 ,.
Rain Caused Cis'ress
Special to Journal: .
San Francisco, April 27 Six hours
heavy and chilling rain ha caused much
distress among W homeless people
here who are dwelling In tents. In
some cases they applied for admission
to houses but the people inside refused
to let them in. Trojps however, came
to the help of the sufferers and smash
ed in the doors.
Favorable Report on Tillman's
Special to Journal.
Washington, D. C April 27. -The
Senate Committee on elections rVri J.-il
unanimously to report favorably on
Senator Tillman's 1.!!! t- f -' 'V't Insur
ance companies an ' I .,
f."iil llia'Jii;r l'. -I::. , i , I i
fan ' i. T!'" f ! : ' r f '
C .i I ' " i t i :.:.!(
Sessions of Great Interest
- Value.
M Raleigh Juas 16tk to July Cth. Program
Adopted Specially to Needs f North
Carolina Teachers. Details el What
o.Av Offered.' -. f ;.
(Special Correspondence)
Kaleign, . U. April aj- Tneprogram
for the approaching term of the North,
Carolina summer school, June 16th to
JuTy 6th has "been completed and is
quite attractive. ,r This school has been
incorporated by a number of the fead-i
ing business men of Raleigh and Is J
really a reorganization or tne summer (
school which has been neia nere ana
which has won the reputation, through
out the country for the excellency of its
work and the number attending it, which
was 338 the first year and 997 and second
and which was the second hi size of its
kind in the south. The work at the com
ing term is especially adapted to the
needs of the teachers of the state. The
following are the departments and teach
ers therein; ' j : - ; ;.-,;-
English will be taught by lectures
and also systematically by Dr. Woodard
of Richmond College; Prof. Sledd of
Wake Forest; Dr. Graham of the Uni
versity of North Carolina; County Super
indent of Wake and Mies Applewhite of
Greensboro. ..,-
History by Prof. J. D. DeRolac Ham
ilton of the Wilmington High School,
recently elected professor of the State
University, ; Superintendent Moses of
the Baleigh schools, and Col.F. A. Olds,
Director of the Hall of History. ,
Civics by Dr. Sykes of Wake Forest
College. . -.. :, ; ' vi.V:,.. r ' -V ' .
Geography by Dr. Jacques WardJaw
Redway, Fellow of the Royal Geograph
ical Society, a well known. author and
by Miss Edith Royster of Peace Insti
tute. 1 - , '
Mathematics by Prof. Noble of the
State University and Superintendent
Jones of the r-ayetteville graded
The History and Psychology of Educa
tion, Dr. Eastman of Wake forest.
The Sciences and Nature study by
Dr. and Mrs. Steveiu of the A. and M.
College at Raleigh; Dr. Butler, state
veterinarian; State Chemist Kilgore,
Director of the Experiment Station;
Prof. Kendall of the A. and M. College;
Mr. Jeffreys director of the State
Poultry Station; Franklin Sherman of
the University of Toronto,, Canada;
Supt. Griffin of the Salisbury public
schoal; Prof. Bivins of Trinity Park
High School and Miss Bonney of the
Wilmington public schools.
Special attention will be given the
Department of Nature Study, school
gardening and agriculture to public
schools. Art will be taught by supt
Blair of the Wilmington public schools
and Mrs. Day of the Atlantic Christian
College at Wilson, and will include pub
lie school drawing and special supplemen
taly course in art.
The general music department will be
under the direction of prof. Wade R.
Brown of the Baptist University !-for
Women, assisted by specialists in the
different departments of vocal and
instrumental music and public school
music will be taught by an expert
whose name wiU be annonnced in a few
days. Regular lectures; President Alder
man of the University of Virginia; State
Supt; Martin of S. C. Dr. Mimms of
Trinity; President Potest of West For
est: President Moffett of Eton; State
Superintendent Eggleston of Va. Presi
dent Smith of Davidson Dr. Woodard
of Richmond College; President Snider
of Wafford College S. C; Prof. Carlyle
of Wake Forest; Prof. Battle of the
University of Texas; President Winston
of the A. and M. and Prof. Hand of the
University of & C. There wiU be an
extensive exhibit of school publications
and apparatus as weU as exhibits of the
work done by the state school for the
blind and deaf. And the superintendent
of each of these will deliver addresses,
a class of deaf pupils being used as
illustrations, Mrs. F. L. Stevens -s the
lady principal of the summer school and
Dr. Delia Dixon Carroll is physician
There will be a Board of ladies as
advisors, these being Mrs. R. B. Glenn;
Mrs. Florence P, Tuker; Mrs. B. F,
Dixon; Miss Fannie Heck and Mrs,
Josephus Daniels. The women of Ral
eigh are deeply interested in the summer
school meetings. All indications are
that the school will be the largest ever
held in Noith Carolina.
Death Dealing Wind
Bellevue, Texas, April 27. A terri
fic cyclone visited this place last night
an laid waste to a vast extent of ter
ritory. The country is practically de
vastated six hundred people being prac
tically homeless. The latest reports
indicate that fourteen are dead and
sixty-five are seriouuly wounded.
y r
Cengreuman Hearst Introduces BHf For
This Amount For Earthquake Sufferers .
Special to Journal: :
. Washington, April 30. Congressman
William R. Hearst, at" New York to
day introduced a bill n aking an extra
appropriation of $500,000 for the San
Francisco earthquake sufferers. ' This
amount will make $2,000,000 given by
Congress (or that purpose, - .
Annn . .
300'000 to Jame8 Phelan San
cao be used in hospital and medical
services among those injured by the
earthquake and fire. ,,)
1 - - --1 -
Preserve your youth by Drin)c!?g Dr
, Capitalists Visit New Bern
Several members of the Washington
(D. 0.) Board of Trade and profes
sional men of that city and of Balti
more came to New Bern Saturday ar
riving on the steamer Ocracoke. 1 They
were accompaied by Mr. R. E.' L.
Bunch, traffic manager of the Norfohc
and Southern system. They went to ,
Moreneaa on tne snoo ny, tne rarior
car, Vance being attached to 'the' train
for their accommodation. They "came
to this section, to investigate the agri
cultural and industrial prospects of
Eastern Carolina and expressed them
selves as highly pleased with , their
journey. The party consisted oi the
following : Walter Hieston, Bowie
Chapman, D. A. Greenlees, Capt. Mar
tin Usa, Dr. Dudley Williams, Elbridge
Jordan, ' J. A. D. Wyekoff and t Dr.
Schultz.- They - remained here ' until
Sunday night when they returned -to
Norfolk on the steamer Neuse. :
Floods the body with warm, glowing
vitality, makes the 1 nerves J stjrong,
quickens circulation, restores natural
vigor, makes you ; feel like one - born
again. ' Hollister's Rocky Mountain
Tea. 35 cents. For sale by F; S.
Duffy. '
. Notice Important
To contractors, owners of property and
others contemplating altering or erect
ing buildings in the corporate limits of
the City of New Bern: , '
This is to notify the above mentioned
that in accordance with "an ac to
amend charter 677, of the public hws
of 1901 to prevent fire waste," it is
necessary before commencing to alter
or erect any building in the City of
New Bern, to first obtain a written
permit. " Further, before said building
shall be occupied, the same must be in
spected to ascertain if same has been
buUt in compliance with the require
ments of said building law.
Chief of Fire Dept., Inspector of Bldgs
We care not how you suffered, nor
what failed to cure you, Hollister's
Rocky Mountain Tea makes the puniest
weakest specimen ,of man or woman
hood strong or healthy. 35 cents, Tea
or Tablets. For sale by F. S. Duffy.
: They Hustled
With the cry ringing in their ears,
"If you" don't pay your poll tax you
can't vote", the delinquents came run
ning to the sheriff's., office to settle
their claims and clear their litle to a
free and untrammelled right to suffrage
The rush on Saturday and also yester
day was very satisfactory. . Today be
ing a day of grace in which the most
tardy may have the last chance, the
number of delinquent tax payers will
be greatly reduced. Saturday about
80 paid their taxes and yesterday some
60 or 70 leaving a balance of 150 with
poll tax still unpaid. It is expected
that this will be greatly reduced by
sunset - i
Of course you pay your money, . -
But you get your money's worth, ,
For what does money mean to you
When Rocky Mountain Tea's on earth?
For sale by F. S. Duffy.1 . :, '
. Carnival Has Come. V
The Pierce Carnival Company opened
last night in a blaze of glory. It was
all that could be expected andtte show
promises much in the way of amuse -
ment and profit There are six shows
and all had a liberal patronage and in
turn got their money's worth. The
moving picture outfits are very inter-
esting; some of them having thrilling
and exciting subjects.
There was a suggestion of rowdyism
in the street and it is well for the police
to keep a close watch on all attempts
at disorder and quell such affairs at the
very beginning. It is said that a negro
threw a stone and hit a white boy; at
once there was a race and chase down
Middle street and on Pollock to the
post office. The negro escaped which
was a fortunate thing for all concerned,
The show known as Creation, located
n,rnwf.tI, in vrvri,.vr n,i
worthy of
Declare He Is Not Candidate For Senator
Or In. Politic.
Special to Journal: , . ,
. Go'dsborof April 30. Ex-Goveraer
Aycock stated today that he would not
be a candidate for the Senate; that he
was out of politics and if he should de
sire to enter the political arena again
he would give full notice.
Phone us your
ren's Drug Store.
drug wants. War-
. . Riot at Coal Mines
Special to Journal.
.,: Mt Carmel, Pa., April 30. The af
fairs at the collieries between the
striking miners and the men detailed by
the State to maintain order grows more
serious. The men on guard are grow
ing more strict and the strikers resist
their dictation. The sympathy of the
people appears to be with the strikers.
Proprietors at three restaurants
refused to furnish food to the
guards. ' A mob attacked theconsta-
i, who are guar(iing the mmer8 8nd a
rioter was killed.a number were wound
ed in the fight ' . , , :
Pine apple sherberts and milk shakes
at Wallnau's Soda Fountain. .
Durhams Creek
- April 28.
.We fear the cold and frost of a fe
days ago has injured the fruit crop
here. . ; - , '- : "-. . .;
Mr William W Tuhstall of Farmville,
Pitt county, is visiting friends and rel
atives here. He reports crops as look
ing fine in his community. ... ; ;-
Mr G R White met with a serious ac
cident a few days ago, his muler rah
away with him breaking his arm and
bruising him considerably.
We have the greatest sympathy for
the suffeiing people of San Francisco
and think the people of New Bern have
acted nobly in assisting them as they
We saw in last week's paper where
one correspondent wishes to know if
hugs are troublesome in other places.
We would like io say we have a plenty
of bugs and some to spare.
We were visited by a hail storm last
Sunday afternoon but fortunately it did
not mjure gardens or crops to any
great extent : , T. ,
: Bogue :
April 30, 1906. N
' The annual banks party to Bogue In
let will be Saturday, May 5th. May
the day dawn bright and lovely for we
are anticipating a nice time. V
Mr. L C Humphrey and Bister, Mrs.
Gertrude H Taylor, ' left Sunday for
Newport and New Bern.
Miss Garner of Beaufort is visiting
Miss Nora Taylor this week.
' What has become of the "Stella
Peach"? Hope it has't been affected
by the cold wave, v : - ;,
Miss Julia Ennett of Cedar Point
spent Sunday with Mrs E B Moore. ,
Mr D W Smith made a "business'
trip to Stella Saturday. , . i u
. Mrs Ionia Jones has returned home
from an extended visit to Wilmington.
Mr and Mrs Odom, from near Swans
boro, are visiting Mr and Mrs P M
Russell this week. ': , - ;
Mr C C Dennis is having his dwell
ing newly painted. Say Blue Eyes,
What does that mean? , .
Mr S S of Bogue was the recipient
of a very nice present Easter. He isn't
lonely any more. . -"V"
There seems to be a red Uon in pur
suit of one of our young men of Bogue.
"Wait meekly wait, and murmur not,"
M and E ,
Drink Dr. Pepper Vim Vigor and Vi
tality. '
". I. Mutineers Must Hang. r
Special to Journal. ' . . . ,
Washington, April 30. The Supreme
Court of the United States decided to-
day that the mutineers, Robert Sawyer
J and Arthur Adams, must hang. They
1 wereBanor8 on the Khoowt BeTmind
and kil,ed four nien- officer8. of the
boat, when it was on the high seas near
Wilmington, N. C
. Fine lot of Spring chickens at Coast
Line Market tomorow.
. Widow of Braxton Craven Dead
Mrs. Irene Craven, widow Braxton
Craven, who founded Trluity College,
,1ied Bt lneh Point Friday night, in the
83rd vear of her aK- bh9 waa a wo"
man of hiBh Chriatian character and
intellectual culture and greatly beloved
bv " who knew her- She was tbe
grand-mother of Prof. II. B. Craven
who went on Saturday to Trin'y to at
tend tho funeral services.
Difficulties Between French Government And
Labor Party Increase.
Special to Journal:.,, , j- . ,
Paris, , April 80 The troubles be
tween the government and labor party
are increasing. .The people are almost
-ready to revolt and the , government is
arming itself for possible difficulties
with the dissatisfied people. . The gov
ernment today .,; caused the arrest of
some labor leaders and two Bonapart
iats on a charge of inciting rebellion.
The act was unexpected and .labor agi
tators are nonplussed by the arrests
but will undoubtedly act in retaliation.
Call for a bottle of Dr. Pepper.. ,
Engineers Inspect Inland Waterway
Special to Journal:
Norfolk, Va., April , 30, The House
Committee on rivers and harbors ac
companid by Congressman f John. , H.
Small and E. E. Winslow of the U. S.
Engineering Corps left here .today to
make a tour of the proposed inland
water Way to Beaufort, N..C.
Fresh frankfurters
Market. '
at Coast Line
Finest print . butter, 30 cents
pound. Coast Line Market.
Arrested for Forgery
Jesse Banks, the 15 year, bid son of
Mr. II H. Banks was arraigned before
Justice of the Peace Street last "even
ing on the charge of uttering forged
checks against the ; Elm City Lumber
Co. 4There were three cheeks, two of
the same date and one issued at another
time. The prosecution was conducted
byW. D. Mclver and the defense by
A; D. Ward. ' i-?,..;-
Justice Street found 'probable cause
for holding the young man, to the Su
perior court and placed him under $200
bonds for that tribunal, which failing
to give he was remanded to jail to
await trial at next term of court
. Dr. Pepper is sold only . in bottles
5 cents. -,i.t. r ,' p
Raised Over Thousand Dollars.
The congregation of St Peters A. M.
E. Zion church have reason to feel very
proud of their efforts to raise a debt
which lias been a great, burden to the
church. Their endeavors for the past
three months are well known to the
community and the demonstration on
Sunday was the culmination of their
labors. ; ; ; , .-. v
; Large crowds of colored people ar
rived on both morning trains Sunday to
attend ' these services. In all there
were over five hundred negro visitors.
The' assemblies were orderly and
seemed to enjoy ' the day very much.
A great ' many came from Pamlico
county. ri '
i Rev. T. ! H. Lomax, ' of Charlotte,
Bishop of the A. M. EL-'Zion church,
preached two very able sermons, morr.
ing and night, and Rev. H. H. Wells,
of Kinston, preached in. the afternoon
A very pleasant feature was the music
rendered by the choir of Rev. Wells'
church. It was said to be extraordi
nary fine. ,
After the sermon at night the result
of the money raising project by means
of the peculiar system originated by
the pastor, Rev. J. Harvey Anderson,
was made known. Daring the three
months which the people have been at
work at this one object the payment
of the $1200 debt-they have raised the
sum of $1082, of which amount $200 was
raised by contributions during the day.
They feel confident that they will be
able within a few weeks to pay the
whole amount.
Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Colat Wallnau's
Soda Fountain. . ; . -
. With Heartfelt Gratitude. ;
Mayor Patterson received the follow
ing telegram last night, which speaks
for itself:? i v"'v- ' .
San Francisco, CaL, April 30. Tele
gram of April 29 received. ' Accept our
heartfelt gratitude for your generous
contribution. ' ' ' "'-
, E. L. SCHMITZ, Mayor.
SELS. Sealed proposals for supplying
ship chandlery, rations, and coal to ves
sels of the Revenue-Cutter Service
regularly stationed, or temporarily, at
Baid vessels at that place at such times
and in such quantities as may be requir- (
ed during the fiscal year ending June i
30, 1907, will be received at this Oilice j
until 2 o'clock p. m. of Tuesday May
will be Dubliclv opened. Blank forms
ID, IfVO, fc T'HItll BJ1U
of proposals for coal, ship chandlery,
and rations, showiP'? conunions as w
coal, articles of si.ip cnansiiery. anay
-v.e- mirta ftf flililHO a.'lih C'TWX'l 1
cumin-nou !"
fications, may be had urnjii a)'i,n ai, 'a
to this Office; wopokals miiht be sul-
mKtedon theiie l.r-;. Sepomte t ids
s f
By using Peerless Ice
land freezers, Cold Wave and
Labell refrigerators: '.The,
difference in cost of ice will
be greater over cheaper
Rest Well - '
by using good hammocks.
Don't Worry;,;
over hot stoves, get a blue
frame Oil Stove, at a small
cost. Call and see before
you buy.
Yours to pleeuxy ;
New Bern N C , '
J.L 0'QD HO.,
i North Carolina - r
Leading Florists
Eoses, Carnations and Violets a spec- .
.. ialty. AU Flowers in season. r ; ..
Wedding Bouquets and Floral Decora '
: tiohs at short notice. tr-
Palms, Ferns and Winter Flowering
Plants in great variety. ,
Rosebushes, Shtubbery, Evergreens,
Hedge Plants, and Shade Trees -
a in best leading varieties
Mail, Telephone and Telegraph Or
ders promptly executed, by .
I J. L. O'QUINN & CO.,' '
Raleigh, N. C '
I All Phones 149. n . " -
127 Middle Street.
Full line of Drugs, Medk n
cines, Toilet Articles and
Soap. Fresh - Supply - of -Flower
Seeds. ' ' " .
Buggies, Wagons, Carts and Drays al-, t
ways kept in stock. ' I reset tires
i without cutting with the latest ira-
proved tire shrink er. I keep a good -
' supply of cart wheels always in stock , f
'repairing done at quick notice. .v,
f Shop on South Front street near
Iancock Sts.
Porch Columns, Rails, Bal
usters, Spindles, Stair Rail ;
Balusters, Grills, Plinth and
Corner Blocks, Sash and
Doors, Frames for Wood and
Brick Buildings, Mouldings
Mantles, Brackets.
; Eggs, for Hatching
The finest strain of Buff Langahan
and Black Langshan. Great winter ,
layers. $1.00 per setting of 15.
Thurman, N. C '"" "'
The Soda
It has come and we were
n.ver better able to enter
tain it The delicious new
drinks we have will cl.asu
and delight this great m -rimer
autocrat He will I
repeatedly downed, but 1 t
truth will rise aaln. O ?
fresh, pure "all f t" f. r-
ups and our v-
soda water are f
the thirst of a r
t c the thirst o;
y ,
k t
w Yoih ,
v t ( i V o
ML 1 i

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