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No. 10.
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. -1
S The Occident Wins.
Special to Journal. , '
, " . Athens, Greece, May 1. The Mara
thon race, the greatest event in all the
Olympic games, was won today by Wil
- . Ham Sherring, of Ontario, Canada,
over 26 competitors, The distance was
'24 miles; from Marathon to the Stadi
am at Athens. This ia one of the
greatest sprinting events in sporting
history. The superiority of American
" athletics Is acknowledged by all.
Simreme Court Opinions
Special to' Journal. - ;
Raleigh, May 1. The following opic
ions were handed down by the supreme
coart today. Stewart vs. Railway from
Wake, opinion affirmed. . Brown vs.
Croy, from Durham, affirmed. Heave
Mr vs. Railway Co. from Cabarrus,
Armed. Weddington vs. Insurance
Co. from Mecklenburg, affirmed.' Means
vs. Ury from Cabarrus, affirmed, fiuy
ton vs. Tel. Co. from Gaston, affimed.
Dr. L 8haw Andre ?-
,Eye Specialist
Fye treated for all defects of vision.
Examination fa.' spectacles free..
Office Hotel Hazelton, New Bern, N.
. C Houfs 12 to 2. 6 to 8 p. m. :
. H c k ; f 'V . I
N yy,yf -
' ,i.,r ,-0'
Distributors for Craven, Car
teret, Onslow. Jones, Pam-
J: lico, Beaufort, "And King
ston Counties.
Wanted to Buy
All Kinds of
Southern Fruits
and Vegetables
. for CASH or will handle on
. consignment. Let me know
your prices on what you
have or will have.
- Ss Whitton, Jr.,
Commission Merchant
29 York St.fUtica, N. Y.
Pennsylvanlan To Take Active Inter
est. ' ; ' ' ':' : ' ' .":
Southern Railway to Further Improve No. 38.
Stati Normal Hlitory XlaM Vklts
Battle Ground. Annual Meeting ,;
, U. CProlectlve Travelers -' ' :"
Association " .
Greensboro N.' C. May 1st The
Southern is preparing to make of No.
38, the Washington and South West
ern Vestibule, one of the finest train to
the South, and will shortly inaugurate
the new service. The train is already
the finest that the road operates since
the Palm Limited was discontinued.
The vestibule, as it is populary known,
will have added to it all the convenien
ces of the Palm Limited, and will carry
additional coaches, such as club, library, j
and buffet cars, and the latest designs
in Pullmans. ': . ; . .r'' '.
The Wyland-Newman Machine Com
pany i the latest corporation organiz-
ation here for manufacturing purposes.
It ia a stock company, with a capital of
4100,000,00 already subscribed with Mr.
George C. Wyland of Williansport Pa,
owning a controlling interest The Com
pany will manufacture all kinds of iron
and wood working machinery, and deal !
in all supplies for kindred work. Mr.
Wyland wiU move his family here from
Williamsport in a few weeks. He is
president of the Company, and will have
the, active management. George -F. I
Newman at present, Secretary of the
Greensboro Chamber of Commerce will
be Secretary and Treasure of the new
Company. . ': '" ' : . .
' A contract has been let for the neces
sary buMdings consisting of- foundry,
boiler Tiouae, ware houses, and the cen
tral building. The latter to be of brick
two stories high, 150 x 200 feet This
building U to be completed is .90 days.
Mr. Wyland is an experienced machine
maker and capitalist, and is largely in
terested in the immense plant of the
Wyland Manufacturing Company of
The Class in history from the State
Normal Industrial College made its an
nual visit to the Battle Ground Satur
day under the supervision of Mrs. B.
Sharps, Professor of History. There
were 125 young ladies in the party and
a delightful picnic dinner was served.
Maj. Jos. M. Morehead, resident of the
Battle Ground Company accompanied
the class and he took pleasure in show
ing the young ladies over the ground
and pointed out to them what transpired
there one hundred years or more ago.
The trip was highly enjoyed as well as
profitable. Major Morehead was thanked
by the young ladies most earnistly for
the entertainment afforded them. In
peaking about the young ladies who
took the trip with mm he said the whole
state was represented form the South
Caralina lines to the Virginia line and
from the Seaboard to the mountains.
The committee of arrangements for
the annual meeting of the North Caro
lina Travelers, Protective Association
is hard at work arranging for the an
nual meeting here May 11th. There
will be a banquet on the night of tnat
dav at Lindloy Park if the weather is
favorable. In case the weather is un
favorable it will be held at Hotel Clegg.
Mayor Eaton of Winston, will deliver
an address at the banquet
Sanitary Officer J. M. Simpson has
had the old cemetery on ABhe street
given a through overhauling and has
improved its condition greatly. It had
become a sort of dumping ground for
dead cats and dogs and refuse of other
Elect Officers For Next Year Money For
Frlice Sufferers ant Far Monument '
. Cornelius Harnett.
Special to Journal . -r
Raleigh, May 8. The Great Council
of Red Men for North Carolina ia ses
sion here, elected the following officers :
F M Hodges, Great Prophet; W B fay
lor, Great Sachem; E A Ebert, - Gtyat
Senior Sagamore; Joseph E Pogue,
Great Junior Sagamor; E PH Strunck,
Grnat Keener of Wamnum: F N Bodfires
and W D Goodwin, Representative! W. 1
Ben Goodwin, Great Chief of Jfecorfc; 'AmericM Tobc0 Company, now resid
Goodwin's salary was increase! wrmax lrg m Neir yo, formerly a most esti
he can-devote his entire time to the mable cithaen of Greensboro', marrying
Former President Buys Land In Guil
ford County.
SherW Wants Full Commission. Delegates
te Educational Conference In Ken , "
- lucky. Boiler Inspector Injured. '
DeaUi"ot Mrs. Petty. Mar
' riage Annlvenlary.
(Special Correspondence)
Greensdoro N. & May 2-Mr. H. W.
Cobb, a - prominent member Of the
work. .Money was ordered raised for
the San Frandsoo sufferers. An ap
plication for the Colonial Dames was
received, and granted, which asked for
funds for the monument for Cornelius
Harnett Who was the first great
sachem of the order.
' ; Electric Road Seld
Special to Journal.
Norfolk, May 3. The Norfolk and
Bay Shore Electric Railway was sold to
fi B Smith of Philadelphia today. The
consideration was 17615,000.
North Carolina hams and -Norway
Mackerel at Oaks Market '
r.:'.::8 ol Store Purchase.
I have pui chased the stock of gener
1 merchandise owned by Geo. S. Wil
cox, (deceased) at Bellair, N. C. and
will continue the business at the same
place. , Miss Lottie Wi'cox will man
aire the business, with the assistance
f Daniel Lane Jr.
We expect to carry -a full line of
General Merchandise and sell at New
Bern prices. .y "
We will thank all former patrons to
continue with us. ' .
Very Truly,
For Sale
rcr cash or on tnaie
cno ten ti P engine
cno 12 JJ r engine, re
turn tubular boiler
CUD CO cavr Pratt Win
T7itli lecder and
cenienror. Reasons
tzT ccllins; want to put
f-' lr.rcr machinory,
I . ; zli I Iattot'li3 r:ilver-
War is Imminent.
Special to Journal:
Washington, May 3. The State de
partment has received information that
the South American States, Colombia
and . Venezuela are about to declare
war. ' Venezuela ia the aggressor and
the government of Colombia feels that
the insult offered by its neighbor is past
the pale of diplomacy-
The trouble arises over the refusal of
the Vice-President of Venezuela, who
is now acting president, to receive Her
rera's ambassadors who had been ap
pointed by the ruler of Colombia, with a
view to settling their prior troubles.
The action of the president was a sur
prise and already the two countries are
making active preparations of war.
The French Labor Crisis.
Special to Journal:
Paris, May L The labor riots are
causing alarm all over France, and the
government is mobilizing its military
against the possibility of an outbreak.
Fifty thousand regular troops, twelve
thousand police and eight thousand re
publican guards are held ready in this
city to take positions at anytime they
may be needed. All great money and
business centres are completely, guard'
ed. Troops had a fight with the rioters
at the city of Brest today. -
S'.ray Cog
A !.!' and tan fema'e d z, followed
tls aJvertliiar from Onalow county and
ia cow in his possesion. Ti e ovnor
f- - r -vor the d t if he d-sl. i by . -
' t Speculation Denounced.
Special to Journal. ; .
Washington, May Z The evils
speculation were again taken Up in the
International Conference of Cotton
Growers and Spinners. Some strong
speeches were made against the prac
tice which was denounced as injurious
to all interests. The elimination
middle men was regarded as necessary,
The question of warehouses and mark
eting was discussed at length.'
Call for a bottle of Dr. Pepper.
Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Colat Wallnau's
Soda Fountain.
Sanders Store
May 2.
Mr A M Weeks, our deputy sheriff.
assisted by Mr E A Sanders, arrested
George Pritchett, a crazy negro yester
day, . He has been to the asylum once,
but ran away and came back.
We are having it very dry down here
now, early vegetables are suffering bad
ly for rain. ; , ; .., 'r-
Misa Etta Sanders who baa been
quite sick for a week, ia improv
Miss Lona Weeks and Mrs Annie
Weeks'of Hadnotts spent Sunday with
Mr and Mrs A M Weeks. '
Mr and Mrs S J Sanders made a busi
nesa trip to Kinston Monday. '
Mrs Kate Weeks and daughter, Sun-
nie, and Mrs Sallie Teasley went to
Cedar Point today to visit Mr and. Mrs
KN Bell. : - v
Mr George Bell and family are visit
ing relatives and mends at Had
notts. . ' ' ; '
Mr A H Dennis of WiWwood came
yesterday to visit his daughter, Mrs
Dollie Parkec
Mrs Sallie J Sanders is still very fee
ble, hope she will soon be out again.
Your type-setter made us say eight
dollars worth of fish, when it ought to
have been eighty. . -
We orgBuized a Sunday School at
Welcome School bouse the third Sun-
: Day Star.
while here a sister of Hon. A. M. Scales
and Mrs. Z, y. Taylor. He has recently
invested $20,000 in buying farming lands
between Jamestown and Greensboro
from 5 to 8 miles here. He now has 2,
QOO acres a great deal of ft adjoining
the hunting preserves of Clarence Mac
kay, the great Telegraph magnate. - It
is Mr, Cobb's purpose to convert his
real estate into a hunting and game
preserve. He will at an early date be
gin the erection of a modern bunting
lodge, and later will build f a splendid
country home after the old colonial
style. Among the tracts purchased by
Mr. Cobb was the Henry Willis home
place, paying $8;000 for it This place
was sold by Mr. James H. Pou, of Ral-
igh several years ago for $4,000. The
purchasesr sold $4,000 worth of timber
from the place and sold it to Mr. Spencer
for $4,000. - Spencer in turn sold it to
Cobb for $8,000 without much timber
on it. .k ',
Sheriff James T. Jordan settled Guil
ford County's state taxes with the
treasury to-day, as it has been his
custom to do every first of May since
he became sheriff six years ago.
The totalamount of Guilford's taxes
to the State is 83.885.42. The total
amount of taxes collected by the sheriff
state and county is $149,327,49, The
county taxes of all kinds are about $118,
090,00. In his settlement the sheriff re
served his full five pel cent commission
contending that the law of the recent
legislature, providing that on all taxes
over $50,000 the sheriff should have but
2J per cent commission. This new law
would reduce his commissions exactly
$2,500, and he claims that it is uncon
stitutional The question is now before
tha Supreme Court in a case against
Sheriff Frank Stedman, of New York.
The Conference of Education in th
South will convene tomorrow at Lex
ington, Ky. Dr. Chas. D. Mclver,
President of the State Normal and In
dustrial College, and Mrs. Lucy H.
Robersoo, President of the Greensboro
Female College, left this morning to
attend the conference,
J. Y. Joyner, State Superintendent
of Public Instruction, R. D. W. Con
ner, of the State Department of Edu
cation, Mrs. Lindsay Patterson, of
Winston, Mrs. W. R. Hollowell, of
Goldaboro, and Mr. W. A. Blair, of
Winston, Treasurer of the Conference,
were here last night enroute to Lex
Mr. D. S. Hamilton, of Charlotte,
expert boiler inspector, happened to a
very painful accident at the Greens
boro boiler and machine works yester
day afternoon at Z o'clock, He was
d iving a large nan when the head new
off striking him on the side of the left
eye. Dr. Banner was called and dressed
the wound and it ia not thought that
he will lose his eyesight
Mrs. D. H. Petty died last night at
ten o'clock at the home of Mr. R. L.
Hollowell on Walker street after an
illness of several weeks. She is sur
vived by two sons, Messrs. W. C and
John Petty, and a daughter, Mrs. A.
E. Holton, wife District Attorney Hol-
Rev. Charles E. Maddry, pastor of
the Forest Avenue and Southside Bap
tist churches, will be united in marriage
tomorrow ft noon with Miss Emma
Parker in the Baptist church at Hills-boW-They
will be at home after May
16 in Greensboro.
One of the most beautiful and elab
orate social functions of. the aoason
here was the celebration of the tenth
anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and
Mrs. Leon J. Brandt t their elegant
home on Sageworth street, last night
I 10
' Journal oi'.We.
Order Restored
Special to Journal v
Taris, May 2. The labor disorders
which have been so threatening the
country and the world for the fait few
days have apparently sul:;-iU d and t'.e
natural order has been re-'iore-.l, TI r
tn,ii i have be-'i v, i: h-m n.
.The Tycoon
Friday, Mall,vis the date fixed for
the production of the comedy opera
Little Tycoon" for which rehearsals
are being held daily. We are' assured
that this opera will be a most enjoya
ble entertainment The solo parts are
to be taken by the best voices in the
city and with the pretty, catchy airs
for which this opera is noted it will be
yond a doubt make a great hit The
choruses are also an interesting part of
the opera; about 50 will take part In
the choruses and the inspiring tuneful
airs will soon get the audience in sym
pathetic touch with the singers. The
dances are a pleasing feature that will
be appreciated; there will be several
very pretty and picturesque dances dur
ing the evening.
Annual Statement of Pottmaiter Hancock
Shows' An Enormoue Growth of
. .-,-.,; -,, Bustnesi. ' - 1
The postoffice report published here
with for the year ending March 81,
1906, shows in a relative - way the in
crease of business in the city during
that tihie aa well as increase of the
business ., done in the 1 postofflce. - It
shows as plain as anything can that
New Bern has grown during the past
year and. that the city U growing.
The percent of sales of the year just
ended over the 'preceding year was 20.
Since July 1, ' 1898, when the present
postmaster, .'; S. W. Hancock, took
charge the receipts have increased over
one hundred per cent The receipts
giveu in the report for the year 1900,
when the population of New Bern was
stated in the census to be 8090 was
$10,047.27 and this year's receipts of
$18,090.82 indicates that our population
has nearly doubled. We give below a
comparative statement to show growth:
1899 ; 1905
1885.18 ' 4194.01
April 1 to June 30,
July 1 to Sept 30,
Oct 1 to Dec 31,
Jan. 1 to Mar. 31,
That Mrs. Morris Affair
Special to Journal
Washington, May l.-Senator Till
man has Introduced his resolution in the
senate requesting an investigation of
the arrest and removal of Mrs. Morris
from the white house.
Eleven Miles Refrigerator Cars for
Berry Crop.
10047.27 18090.82
. 10047.27
Macedonia -
;,; ' " May 1. "
We are having some dry and . warm
weather now. - We are glad toJiave it
warm, . but not so dry.
The farmers are gp-tting ready to set
out tobacco, but are almost afraid to,
on account of dry weathen
We are 1 all sorry that our teacher,
Miss Ida Wayne closed her school last
Friday, Oh how sad it was when , we
had to part from her, but hope she will
soon come again and teach for us, for
she is loved by all, and the children did
like so much to go to school to her,
She was accompanied home by Mr Willie
Cayton. . '
We have had lots of sickness at this
place for the last few days. v ...
We are glad to say our Sunday School
is improving fast, hope to do good work
in the future. , .
Rev Mr Corbitt preached at this place
last Sunday. ; . ; '
. 1 ' ' Blue Eyes. '
Planter and. Spinner Must Combine
Special to Journal
Washington, May L The first meet
ing of the International Conference of
Cotton Growers and Manufacturers to
day some important steps were' taken
and foremost among them was the de
cision that tne planter ana spinner
must combine in order to beat the cot
ton gambler. It was suggested that a
daily letter be published by some per
son or concern duly authorized by the
organization in which more complete
reports on acreage, condition and gin
ning be given. There is no antagonism
between growers and spinners. '
Witt Withdraws," -
Special to Journal. - " ; "
St Petersburg, May 2. Another cri
sis in the government was reached to
day when M. Witte tendered his resig
nation as premier,' which was accepted.
Prince Gorenkm will succeed him.
Panic on Change
Special to Journal: ,
- New York, May 2. The stock mar
ket had a bad scare today on account
of disposition of large security holders
to dump them on the market The re
sult was a big decline in all stocks. The
wild break at the opening caused the
unsteadiness throughout the day.
Blow Has Fallen '
Special to Journal
Chicago, May 2. A thousand struc
tural iron workers took the initiative
in a big strike today. ' Their action has
practically stopped all work on the
$15,000,000 worth of new buildings now
in process of construction. Carpenters,
stone cutters, masons and all building
trades are badly affected by the strike,
The strikers want $5 for 8 hours work
Lean From New Bern for HaH of History.
Cam Wt the Hospital. Musical
CompotWene by North Care
llnlane. Railway Seek !
Rights of Way.
(Special Correspondence)
Raleigh, May 3. Winslow Goodwin
a white farmer, aged about forty years
attempted suicide ' yesterday at his
home, (which is on . the line between
Wake and Chatham counties. He had
been of somewhat unsound mind for
some time and had shown this by his be
havior. He took a revolver, went out
in the woods, and placing the weapon
at the center of the forehead, instead
of at the temple, fired. The bullet did
not penetrate the skull, though he was
stunned. In his home nearby were his
wife and their seven children, and
these rushed to the spot and took
Goodwin home. - A doctor was sent for
and while he was extracting the bullet
Goodwin called for his wife and said he
desired to cut his throat and end his
life. He will recover, and will proba
by be sent to the institution.
There were showers at Raleigh last
ight but not enough to do any good
and gardens are being greatly injured.
The April drought was really one of
the worst in quite a while.
Yesterday a sick negro was , dis
covered in a box car beyond the city
limits. The case was made known by
an officer of the Associated Charities
and a pysician and a field-worker of the
Associated Charities went after the
man and took him to the hospital where
he died last night He had some low
form of fever and it is said had been in
the car a day or two without any at
tention whatever. He was a young
negro,, whese name and home are not
known. A young white man, about 25
years old was also taken to the hospi
tal having been found lying on the
street, unconscious being a victim of
morphine and whiskey.
Secretary Bruner pf the Agricultural
Department has gone to Chadbourn,
which place is one of the notable cen
ters of the strawberry : industry in
North Carolina, Mt Olive being the
other place. He will take many photo
graphs in the strawberry country. It
may interest the public to know that
late in March, and early in April no less
than 11 miles of refrigerator cars were
parked for handling the North Carolina
berry crop.
The vestry of Christ church, New
Bern, have most kindly made a loan to
the Hall of History of the superb bible
and prayer book presented by King
Gerge 11 to that church and these are
now on view there.
Marked interest is felt here in the
summer music festival which is to held
here in connection with the summer
school for teachers and the North Caro
lina Teachers Assembly. Something
new in the musical line will be the per
formance of music composed by North
Carolinians. The time for the admis
sion for competition of such composi
tions has been extended to May 15th.
Several have already come in and it is
expected that the extension will enable
a number more to be received.
Condemnation proceedings are in pro
gress here for the right-of-way for the
Raleigh and Pamlico Sound Railway
through the property now known as
Glenwood in the northwestern suburbs
of this city, formerly the Devereux es
tate. The Raleigh and Southport Rail
way is also having condemned rights-
of-way through some properties almost
in the suburbs of Fayettevule. It had
quite a fight in order to get through
one large estate there and is now tack
ling some smaller places.
Married on the ?
Special, to Journal.
London, May 3. Wil'
Astor and Mrs. Nannie I
of Virginia were marrir i
obscure curate in order to .
sible notoriety. There h:
discussion of late over i
among the London cler
erally oppose the marriage
persons. It was suggest
of the couple that they
without ostentation and
would not know the circ
the marriage. It was 1
many of the London cler;: .
cided to refuse toperf :
mony, thus putting the c
embarrassing position.
W e are having fine weaf
men are hustling, some 1
cotton others expect to
week. We are having a sp
day school at Oak Grove, C
is our superintendent
Mr C S Price, our clever
is having a lively trade at pi
ReyJ WAlford will pr
tioch next Saturday night a
While working on his fa
Gaskins killed a large rattle :
and his son Worth narrov
being bitten. The snake mc
and one half feet and had 13
Mrs Eunice Ipock died
the 78 year of her age. An
as she was generally called I v
great sufferer for a long t n
was a member of the Free V. 4
church. 1 She was buried a'.
home April 27th. '
Mr and Mrs Alfred Gaskins i
daughter Katie, have gon J
Bern today. j
Star Collection
of favorite songs, the finest collection
ever issued. Words and music, over
100 pieces in one folio for piano or or
gan. Price complete 20c by mail post
prepaid. The KacKet store, cox 5t,
New Bern, N. C.
Quota for Year
Special to Journal
Washington, May 2. Congress will
be asked to subscribe $26,500,000
for the use of the Panama Canal until
Julyl .
Ellwood Wire Fence;
load juct receive d.
Hciht3. nice i '
G : il II-J - t
Sup pi 7 Co. n.r.-hvt.
f n Fro
ion c f C v
Prohibition Sentiment Increasing
Special to Journal. 'y '''
Raleigh, May 2. S. J. Betta who is
superintending the prohibition move
ment here against the dispensary an
nounced today that he had secured 200
signatures. ' He feels that 'his efforts
will be successful. ; . '' '.
Carolina Coast Officials
moucano corpses unaer Hum Spec5a, t0 journai
Special to Journal: , Norfolk May 2. It was announced
hc.o. Mav 2. It ia the onin here todav that W W T'.-Cuiro, v "1 V p
r Walah that . there are a' general superint 1 I -f tUe
, 3 lyir.t uiuli the dubris and Carolina Coast lu .
-sthe t! nil...-. of K.'aat'l i::i l o tr ...c 1
Newspaper of the Western Coast
Inhabitant to Greater Efforts,
The Journal is indebted to Mr. Bryan
Gardner, formerly well known in New
Bern, for California papers describing
the earthquake. One paper ia the Long
Beach Press,- published at Mr. Gard
ner's home town, and the other is the
Los Angeles-Record. The former paper
is loyal to its city and from the brief
but very significant statement that
occupies the most prominent part of
the paper which reads thus: "1900 the
population was 2252; 1006 is 17,000; 1910
will be 50.000 " The statement tells
of phenomenal growth. The paper is
very optimistic in regard to the results
of the great earthquake and fire and
urges fce people there to lose no time
nor heart in making California tlie
wonder of the world. Tile Loa Ar.j'eUs
paper contains many ir.U'mM if? nn -items
and Btories of the tiui u,
edy. '
By using Peer!
irA froeTArc CcAAVJ- si
Labell, refrigerator:. 5
difference in cost of :. :
be greater ' over c i
mattes. i
Rest VC .
by using good he : i
Don't Vfro.
over hot stoves, get i
frame Oil Stove, at -
cost. Call and see :
you buy.
Yours to plate, j
j. s. mil: !
New Bern N (
127 Middle ..
Full line of Drv;
ernes, louet Art;;
Soap. Fresh Sup
Flower Seeds.
Buggies, Wagons, Ck: ' i
.ways kept in stw'..
without cutting v- '- "
proved tire shrink er.
supply of cart whe.'.i
repairing done at q r
Shop on South I ,
Hancock Sts.
j. n r."
Porch Colu:
usters, Spin r
Balusters, GilV
Corner Lie:'
Doors, Fi
Bricl: Eui1 1
t'antka, 1'
in Church
II. C.
? T r
Trc c : : :
end' I
r: c
i r

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