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ltaUx l87
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Official Paper of New BernandCraven
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Entered at the Pottofttotfc; ifew Bern
f.tJ.aa soooaa-nlass matter.
New Bern, N. C.r
- .: r iuo na rnuoT rnvtT fi Vi
i It is .V UHs3. 3 jmx-.
Laws and eourts swerj :pges4nabj.
made and established' for-th preteV
tion Of "the injured and weak;, 'as'agi&sfc
those committing overt acfwhobySIr
strength could defy the oppressed, and
so rule independent,, responsiblec-jonly
to themselves, and 1" accountable to
: tiA fm for their franBressidnftJToaavl
in this twentieth century Jhejaw and
the court for the settlement audjleter
mining of the law, are.tQQ:imachv rsabt
ject to the rich man and to'tlWorpora
. tion, who ean easily postpofT!$tiOi&3
, brought against Uiem fhrougB j jtecp7
ealities, and thus postponing term after
term of court,' wiHwearout their op
ponents, no matter how just their claim
for through delays and costs. asWare
dropped because ' the plaintiff.. cwnjjQt
bring his ease before the court for
settlement,' and secure a hearing, to
determine the justice or' falsity of "his'
nositk. "w v..ifciJw
. - ' :.Viit: wm; v
The Kitchin bill before , t-ongress,
giving the privilege of raising- -the
amount from two thousand -to four
: thousand dollars, ' in State" courts "is
one move towards trie right, "and; how
' if there will be State co-operation.
which gives sufficient courts, or terms
long enough to dear up many congest
ed dockets, there will be another good
move towards right and justice," for
those who must look to tide civil court
for its assistance, if they are to secure
right for wrong done against, them by
those who can almost indefinitely ' de
lay cases from coming up.' a';iS',iw 1
As an illustration, the Superior court
" the docket, and possibly 30 or 40 more
which would go on the docket, if there
, was any coance oi gerang-a nearmg,
v (his indicates how civil "actions can be
accumulated and piled up, until a term
of court means just so many trials, as
attorneys may agree apon, or ; when
corporations are Interested; 'just' such
pases as they are forced to tryT because
they cannot longer be contmuecU .,; ........
Congested court dockets arc certain
to continue so long as there irf no terW
. long enough to cle ttfern; MirBTngW
terms of one or two weeks, mean notE-1
, ......ji .... . . . . . . . .- -
ing in the way of a good clearing op.
- meant a certain bearing for : each and
every casT upon 1 the.deth'ere1
would t more ' active courts. k for1 at
torneys could not then work forcontia
uances, instead of settleinenta', as Ihey
do too much at present, and- small
uugsnt, BsainK lur.a jusi. iiourui), l
1 his case against soine powerful corpora
tion,' would secure justice, jnwmptly,
v instead of being carried from court to
court, and tnrougn expense, or aisguBT,
give up and let the powerful deftendflflt
eacape.."- - ' "J (.'
mi ti tuA
.:.'',,' -..i i.i.i
- The too flippant regard, and the low
esteem, in which too; many ; people hokj
those in public office, is often warraot
ed by the conduct of . tiyse fjeftedto
positions of what should be. jiiorable
and demanding respectful ehayiour on
the part of those who occupy them
It is always' unfortunate when Tnen
of small caliber, of low ideas, and who
cannot appreciate thai" their 'personal
conduct and action, .are elected to,oc-1
cupy a prominent ofllce reflects jsjnueh
upon their constituents as it does Upon
them, personally. And failing' to re
cognize this, they commit 'acts 'which
muBt force their constituents to bluah
in shame for being so representcCby
muri, who ntinrepresenU their sentl
mmla. ' ' .''"' - :
Tl.osie perp!e
t in the I
.ho ti-e at i
the c;
TP " ionf 1
' ' ' ''in,
in f
day in t'.j'llouse of Representatives.
The discussion was upon the agricul
tural "cpprnpriation bill, and the fol
lowing is the exact copy in part which
prompts, thia criticism aa per the Cen-
greesionai Kecord ox April ZStiU;
wtTe-th8tit-a inost unfortunate for
me thai U should coee my iurn to make
a fewremarks immediately upon the
And that was indeed a brilliant, speech
Of bis. I think I may justly eongraiu
lata ine genueman upon mat ipeeot,
because in the last seven 'years that I
have been a Member of: this House
each and every time the gentleman has
d&hrered that : speech I: think I bare
been able to note a decided improve
ment in added emphasis, an increased
elegance at inflection, and far more e lo
ci uent irestnrei, And. sir. the Derfeo-
tion which that speech vf bis will have
actahtflcrby the time it is heard by the
next generation k a subject the pleaa
ant con templation of which absolutely
overcomes me. (Laughter. '- w'-
I voce me waa a
- F lo, it came to pass 1
I arily domiciled in on
I house whore the din
Once there waa a man of . God, and,
tnat ne was temnoiv
one certain boardins
dwtiMruishinsr charac
teristic ai tne laily menu was nash.
'; They had hash on workdays and hash
oaibxUdays,'Ahasn on week days hash on
Sundays, hash for breakfasL haah for
dinner. aiuLhnah tar ininiwp. &
Ajter- ye man oi uotr nad endured
this chantrelessi tmmnM j in ' silence
fertoome tme4 onjB day, when the land
iaav paaBecj turn nis, usual piataol nash,
as he ,.recetyed"it he bowed his head
reverently and murmuted aloud : "He
brews,: tUrteaft; whtfa
P The lady in the bouse was. much mvs-
-raiaanereDX, ana as soon as sue could
areus' herself she hastened to her
room and took Oowntne book and tender-
hy ttew the dustoff of it, and then she
turnecfoter toe nsurea totne tnirteentb
chapter - of Hebrews and to the
eiffhth. verse ''thereof and read' as fol-
Jesus Christ, the same veaterdaT.
today, '';'ind forever. -
(UMi, t iwvo (kvu iu una nuuse unx
:. . i i - I - t' it. tt t
and neard that same sneech of-
terf entities.- from the irentlemBn from
wveroa rises to nis ieei in tms nouse to
seeak I always bow my head reverently
and say lo tnyaelf t - :"'.:.'
Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, to
oayana rorever.
-tiTolonged laughter.
It is no exaggeralion to say that this
aileged'wlt is just common blasphemy.
which wjM disgust jviery decent minded
person the country,' and every one
must: feel a disgrace, not alone the
Washingtonians, that the country has
such a public exhibit in its
hajlsof Cjuigressi whjch shocks ail right
nwpeogie.4 is a. .record wmcn
jJ .L-I t ..... . -
must -shame every Congressman, who
ought to have hissed Cushman's ntter-
C . f-E .. ....
ances. instead of lausrhme at his bias-
'With the temperature thus early in
the year getting well up towards nine-
t-degrees, the thought of other hot
days yet to come during the next four
months, naturally arouses the. thought
and question," what it to be the program
for those' who must remain m the city
Athe : summer .months, for hot
weather calls f or and demands of hu
manity; not merely " lighter' clothes, a
less heatuur diet but further then m
demanded tie opportunity for relaxa-
wunv wj.apa ininu, m oroer mat
good health may be en joyed and main-
. ... i.j.. C. -
tained." " V.
The summer season, and hot weather
(foee not ecessaiily call for '.absolute
stoppage of w'm'Jjji'jiif any
well person, !but there , Js not going to
be the same' wffl "Yelriuted and con-
tented1 crowd oi workers, unless these
workene given fewer hoars of toil and
injhe etranour of relief the chance
w gam. some relaxation wiuca an ouong
gives, belt on the river,' in the. woods,
or some piaee or recreation. t .
jjeedeinpt. one kmd ii i to be offered
which will meet the desires of all, for a
persoov wishing to take a boat ride or sro
UtMng;" would not want to be given
only the chance to aee abase ban frame.
. 't: .jew 1
J?.AS-P?m "eekinij jflie woods,
wodkL aot'aiwatay trip as an
outing: 1 But'what ia needed is to have
several waysinyhicb to spend a aum
mer's aiteroim; 'jmiti& ttai'fba
New Ben spirit is a libera) DIM, is tO
be seen Wherever there' has' been of-
(thamusement, and if , base ball
wiU be padnnized to the extent of
thousajidVof dollars, so woulnl a, recrea
tion park.-If "a ptreet carnival will
bring out thousands of persons every
night for a week, is there any reason
to3ou$tbut that a number of summer
attractions, decent and ' healthful ' in
tfieir presentation,' would not be liber-
ally,, patronised during "the ' summer
monthsT -tWM t
If there is no local moaey or ambi
tion to provide amusement for the peo
ple iere during the 'autnmer,.' why not
offer, the .chance, to outsiders to take
hold and develop the, field? There are
those who must remain here, no matter
what the weather is, ancj the stay-at-home
di'tnamia that he and she shall be
entertained., The pwplt are here, and
the fell for amusement is a varied one,
it only neeJs encouragement and jrf-r-'C
i, to 1 j in tho?e who wi'l pro
vk:.j the er.t.TrUinment for tlie summer
.1 -
... .'. Afttrsoei Ta . . .
Mrs J G Dunn was hostess of a very
pretty tea yesterday afternoon at her
home on Broad street, theTfours being
ito iandtto 7 o'clock; : The' Trooms
ware lovely in decorations of" ever-
green and white and was also carried
out in the refreshments. .;"" "
Assisting in receiving, the.' guests
were Mrs J T Hollister and Miss Sadie
HolUster in the hall, in the parlor with
Mrs Dunn were Mrs M De W Stevenson
Mrs J M Mitchell and Miss Annie Stev
enson, ra the dining room the guests
were entertained by Mrs Ed .Clark,
Misses Bet tie Windley
and j Qctayia
Hughes. " '
;VI;: ' ' " ' ' io 'i .V
....-OA. t X i jc. 7.Mi fc. ti-.
' lam very glad to announce to the
citizens of New Bern owing to thejr
co-operative and generous , help the
New Bern Collegiate and industrial
Institute is now in practically a flour
ishing condition and extends thanks.. .to
all that have rendered assistance. , ',
$ I have just returned from New York,
where with Dr. Booker T. Washington,
we have been holding mass meetings
in the interest of industrial education
in this section, and all. the 1 philan
thropists of the country will be solic
ited for means to help the work along,
and no doubt that the response will be
REV. A. L. E. WEEKS, i"5
President N. B. Collegiate and Indus
trial Institute.
. .. Syburban School Neesusry. ' -Editor
New Bern Journal: .
" We want to know why we have not
had four months free school. Riverside
district has some over sixty scholars,
mostly white, our neares t school house
on one side is Clarks, eight j miles,
Rocky Run on the other side, four miles
Most of the children are on the New
Bern Graded School census, yet " we
have to pay or not send our children to
school' The Superintendent of Public
Schools was asked the first of last
January if we would have any school,
he said we would; that there was one
hundred dollars on hand to give us four
months school, we pay our school tax,
yet no school. .
(Riverside.) , . ,
Carnival It Attracting Largs Crewda.
Shews Ooini Big BiisIrsm. ,
" 1 "1.4' .' , i , . . '. -
"The pike, the pike is the place for
me, ' seems to be tneutougnt ot every
body whether expressed or not. The
crowds in attendance at the carnival
last night were large and the shows
realized very handsome profits. : The
cerry-go-round, ocean wave, ferris
wheel maintain their popularity through
it all while the shooting galleries also
have their devotees. I . r
Among the shows 'Creation', the
train wreckers, and Lunette engage
the attention of the bulk of the crowd
fo they arouse considerable interest. '
There were some reports of pocket
picking last night, . One gentleman re
ported that the intentions of the light
fingered people- were : plain because
they had tried to relieve him of some
of his possessions but they found that
their efforts were useless as ha had
nothing in his pockets. h .; s .,
A light shower in the evening set
tled the dust and cooled the air, making
it much more pleasant for the people i
A Guar an ta ad Care Far PUss
Itching, Blind. Bleeding, Protruding,
Piles ' Druggists are . authorised to re-
fund money if PAZO OINTMENT fails
to cure ia 6 to 14 days. 60c. rTTi.: i v -
Crank Shaft
Broke '
.Train No. 4. westbound evening pas
senger on the A. & N. C, waa delayed
an hour Monday evening by an accident
to the engine, which occurred just west
of Caswell station. The crank, shaft to
one engine broke and dropped down, on
the crossties and trailed along in that
manner for some distance. Had the
shaft fallen at the opposite end. H
would have wrecked . the engine and
possibly caused loss of life.
?. Deafnesi Cannot be fured. 'i"
. , By fecal applications, as they connot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one, wsy to cure deafness
an J that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflamed con
dition of the mucous lining of the Eus
tachian Tube. When this tube is inflamed
you have a rumbling sound or imperfect
hearing, and when it is entirely closed,
Deafness is the result, and unless the
inflammation can be taken out and this
tube restored to its norma condition,
hearing will be destroyed forever; nine
cases out of ten are caused by Catarrh,
which is nothing but an inflamed condi
tion of the mucous surface.
' We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafness (caused by cat
arrh (that cannot be cured by LVa's
Catarrh Cure. E"nd for circulars frr'.
F. J.c::;r;Y&co.,
' 1 ' ' , C h A
' r 'ityr.-..- ,7 .
T. ' 1 1 ,Ta t..-' !..- for err .
A Colana Has Mtktt a Sor y AtUmpt to
Ceay CJE Fsy't Hin Wrltliig
It is a rather singular circumstance
I bre to
gery on two
successive days. This crimelis not at-
! Wtnptedhejr6erf fWandjto have two
men arregted for it. one having three
chargea-agains him is therefore some
thing out of tho ffirtinaiy,
Yesterday a colored man named
Albert Morton, a tJraymanT' was on
trial before: Justice fitreefc-Kt the city
hall for attempting--to -pas a forged
check at the National bank. Monday
Chief Harget was called to the bank
and took Morton into custody." Be said
that the check was given him by a man
Who owed Jura money and he . ( Morton)
waa to return the balance to him, . He
said be did not know the name of his
-debtor although he had been acquainted
with him foi several years, there were
other peculiarities about biastatements
that amused auapictoa, -
The check was in favor of the Fertil
izer Shell and "Bone "Co. and counter
signed by C R Fey lor the New Bern
Cotton Oil Mill and was for the sum ef
fifteen dollars. ; The pame of C.E Poy
was clumsily endorsed on the back of
the check when it should have been the
payers name, J. Council ' Brown.' " Mr.
Foy's name wit misspelled ""Foye."
The defendant was tested and in spite
of his protestations of innocence showr
ed that he had inscribed the endorsers
name on the " check.. The check was
lost by a negro laborer and doubtless
picked up In the road by Morton who , but these minerals cannot cure the disease they merely mask ' it in the system. All ex
was shrewd enough to see- where he ternal evidences may disappear for awhile, but the treacherous poisoa is at work on the internal
might be able torget a ,mce httie
. Morton was bound over to the Su
perior court for trial tinder $100 bonds.
In default of bond he was committed to
jail." ... , ., ...
H 1 I HaMaa . . .'Tt. 1 '
Te Cure A Cold In One Day. ... 7 .
Take, Laxative Bromo Quimne Tablets
Druggists refund money if Jf a.ils to
cure E. W. Grove's signature is on
each box. 25c;":''- uts "TsTa;
Ladiee Bible Clau.
. - I jctjir'1fL
1 Subject of part VI T Time?
2 At what point and oh what day did
- he now arrive? see 104 V;; siv,-Avt
3 What do you note concerning next 4
- days, mcluding Sabbath or Saturday?
4 What occurred on Sunday? sec 105.
5 On Monday? sees 106. 107, 10R : '
6 On Tuesday? Place? The busiest day
.fof.the last week of Christ's life. l' T
7 What answer was given the demand
; for his authority? sec 109. . , ...
8 Meaning of parable of the two sons?
Its effect? Neh 21, 28, 32, and 46.
Of the wicked husbandman? bee 106.
10 Of the marriage-supper? see 109. f
11 Christ's evasion of . snare about the
' tribute? sec 110. , . : . . -
12 The resurrection and its conditions?
sec UL : ,J
13 The lawyers question? see 112. '
14 Christ's question about the Messiah?
sec 112.. '
15 What denunciation does
sec us. '
be uttor?
. ... ... J.
16 Christ's observation on giving? sec
'114. ..::" -: :"' v
17 What two places are the scenes of
Christ's teaching on Tuesday? Court
. . of the Temple and Mount Olives, "
ln Stood th Test Tsara.A 'l .
The old, original GROVE'S Tasteless
Chill Tonic. : Yon know what you are
taking,,. It is iron and quinine tea
tasteless form. NoCure, No pay. - '
r: iiav r-
;..,,y ;....v."i..Mr. .' , --t - . 'f'
r7e are having very fine weather
now, toe farmers are greatly encour
aged fa their cropa.:;,:',;; ;. . r
Mr. and Mrs W M Watson has pur
chased a nice lot of goods and will soon
open them up. '-'.j .';,."
- Mr and Mrs I F Prescott of Pelletier
were visiting Mr and Mrs ft S Bell last
week... '. ''' ". ...
Mr WC Murdock' has opened up a
beef market in our village. . .
j , 7'- ; :,4 ...3'
' Miss Carrie pelletier was the guest
of Miss Nettie and Edith Bell Tuesday
afternoon.'1! r . . , .. .. ,
Mr N S Bell is very ilL hope he will
soon be out again. ' '
" Little Hellen Watson has been very
ill but she is improving. , (J; r , ' , ,
' Mr CT Bell made a flying trip to
MorebeadtSty Saturday. ,t.,f; ,; ,., x.
: Miss Ethel Watkins of Carolina City
was visiting .Miss Flora Collins and
Other friends Sunday. ; ., .ri i. -'
Mr George Nelson and John" Bell at
tended church at Gales. Creek Sun
day. " .
Mr Jotin Buck is in out vicinity wotk
ing for Mr R B Stewart. 551 ;
The farmers are all very busy plant J'
Ing their crops, v , .-. --v J- ')' T
' .' t,:', Rosebud
luggllnd With Dyssmlls1 1 "
Is no more dangerous than to neglect
kidney disorders. Foley's Kidney Cure
corrects irregularities and has cured
many severe caes after other treat
ment has failetl. It bui'ds up the worn
out tissues and restores health and v?2
or. ''I was troubled with kidney com
plaint for about two years," writes A.
II. Davis of Sterling, lows, ,"but
two bottles of Foley's Kidney Cure ef
fected a pennai'ft cure,'' , For sn'e by
Davis' Miarmacy.
Strotuboli, a volcano in Sicily, k re
sumirg ativVy
YThe very name, Contagious Blood Poison, suggests.ont.arnination and dread. It is the
worst disease the world has ever knowni respo0sibl(Lforjmrir"f' imhappiness and sorrow th2n
all others cbmHned, Nobody -kuowsanything about the origin ?f this loathsome trouble,
but as far.back as history goes it 1i as been regarded the' greatest curse ot mankind.
; No pirt of the body is bej-ond the reach' of this. powerful ioisl5n. No matter how pure
the blood may be, when the virus of Contagious Blood Poison 'eiiters, the entire circnlatipu
becomes corrupted, the htinpliatiug symptoms begin to appearand tlie sufferer fiuds himself
diseased from' head to foot with the Vilest and most destructive' bf all poisons. Usualiy
the first symptom is a small sore or; nicer, so insignificant" that it rarely ever excites
suspicion, but in a short while the : skin - " . . :i
breaks out in a red rash, the glands, of he
groin swell, the throat and mouth ulcerate
the liair and eye-brows come out,1 and often
the ' body is- ;covered .with' - copper-colored
spots, pustular eruptions and sores.
There is hardly any limit to the! rava
ges of Contagious Blood Poison; if it s not
driven from the blood it affects .the nerves,
attacks : tlie bones, and in extreme, cases
causes tumors to form on the brain, tpnv
duciflp- insanitv and death: v No othfr-dis-
i 1, , - . . - was disheartened, for it. seemed that J would never be
ease is so nigniy contagious; many an mno- v oured. At ths dvioe of i friend i then took 8. 8. 8. and
bent Oerson has become infected bv nsiuwthe" hegaa to improve. Continued the medicine, aud lr. eared
sanoilet articles, handling the clothini, by ;: "c
a friendly handshake or the kiss of affection ' -Cj -"- . - ' v .
from One afflicted. .But no "matter how the disease is 'contrattid, the sufferer feels th.'
humiliation and degradation that accompany the vile disorder."- "u Z" - , : - , 1 ;
Mercury and Potash are commonlyused in the treatment 'bf OMitaeious Blood Poison.'
members and tissues, and when
before, because the entire system has been weakened aud diinagedby the strong action of the
Mercury and Potash.. , There is but one certain, reliable cine for-Ctagious Blood Poison
and that isf'S. S. S., the great vegetable blood purifier. It attacks' the disease in the right ;
way by going down into the blood, neutralizing and forcing out every particle of the poison.
It makes the blood pure and rich, strengthens the different parts of the body, tones .up the
system, and cures this hun'iiliating" and destructive disorder permanently,
i V . The improvement commences as soon as, the patient gets nnder the influence jf S. & S.
and continues nntil every vestige of theoison is driven from the blood and the sufferer
Pll P F I Y ' V F ft FT A Rl F roots,- herbs and rbarks,and does not in-
., " " fc T,..!5 ". " 1 M, tt . jure the 3ystem in )he least: : We offer a:
reward of $ijboo for; proof that it contains a particle of mineral of any kind. If you
are suffering with this despicable and debasing disease, get it out of your blood with S. S. S.
before it does further damage. We will gladly send our bool? vith instructions for self
treatment and any medical advice, without charge, to all who? ri -
lilt o Norlk Carotins Parties as4 Ettalst la
whom ta Government Will Pa --t: '
' 7 ; ' ; . IndsflinRy.
The house committee on war .claims
has reported un onranibua billr-a Which
provides for the payment of the claims
of a number of North Carolina citisens
for property destroyed by Union troops
during the war or taken for tie (govern
ment after the conclusion of .hostilities.
All of the cases have bee -passed i
by the court of claims, and the c amount
in each case was fixed by that tribunal:
The North Carolina claimants ; men
tioned in the bill are as iolloMs J .
To William H. Bucklin, ; of -Craven
county, three hundred and ninety dot
lors.. ., j ;c: il iWH
. To 0. H. ferry, administrator of the
estate of George W. Perry fi four thou
sand three hundred and fifty dollars.
' To John I. Rowland, of Beaufort
county, four hundred and twenty dollars.
To Thomas D. Meares, administratoi
of the estate of Arraand D. Young, ten
thousand two hundred and ten dollars
'-' To the trustees of the didcese of Eas
Carolina Of the Protestant, Episcopal'
cnurch, three hundred and fifty-six dol
lars, . .! .-;
To James W. Adams, of Pamlico coun
ty, two thousand three hundred am.
twenty-five dollars. : . ; ; . ,
To toe trustees of the Presbyterian
church of Lumber Bridge, one thousand
eight hundred dollars.
. i
Forninats MluourlaM.
' When I was a druggist, at Livonia,
Mo.," k writes T. J. Dewey, now of
Graysville, Mo., "Three of my custom
ers were' permanently' cured of con
sumption by' Dr. King's New Discov
ery, and arewell and strong today.
He was trying to sell his property and
move to Arizona, but after using New
Discovery a short time he found it on
necessary to do sol 1 regard Dr. King's
New Discovery as the most wonderful
medicine in existence' Surest Cough
and Cold cure and Throat and Lung
healer. Guaranteed, by all Druggist,
50c and $1, Trial bottle free. .
San Francisco authorities are becom
ing alarmed at the probability of a re
duction in relief supplies, and say
heavy shipments . will be ' needed for
Weeks. 'P '!-'';'-" - '.;' '":
the cures ; that stand to its credit
make Bucklen's Arnica . Salve a scien
tific wonder. , It cured E. R. Mulford,
lecturer lor the Patrons of Husbandry,
Waynesboro, pa., of a distressing case
of Piles. It heals the worst IUirns,
Foree, Boils, Ulcers, Cuta, V.'oun.Is,
Oiilblains and Salt Rheum, Only ZZc
at All Drupsists. ...
Captain I. it
mond rear , il I.uIr i
of Alulnma, v
" 1 n-
reci-r y won a t
' ly ' '
- 4 V
. year birs u-i aad a filsna who had-a nad ease of Con
tagious Blood Poison and was In a terrible condition, lie
triad all the medicines he oonld hear of, but nothing oil
him any good. He went to Hot Springs but it waa like
the other treatments ha had. used, and he was in despnlr
of a oure when he heard of 8. 8. 8. After taking It far
. awhile the sores all healed,; his hair stopped falling out,
' and, continuing with it, he soon found hlmaelf cored en
tirely of this hideonsUsease. ; JOHN LESLIE, ,
Rookford, ; - 710 w. State St. -
, I was afflioted with ifi6d Poison, and the bast doo
; tors did me no gobd, though I took their treatment falth
fuUy. . In faot I seemed to get worse all the while. I took;
: almost every so-calledr blood remedy, but they did not
seem, to reaon uie.cuseasavand had no eneot whatever, I
was disheartened, for It seemed that I would never be
these minerals are left off the
ls-completeiy restored to healtlu vS. S. S. is not"
.. an experiment ; it is a success. It has cured
. ' thousands of cases of Cputagious Blood .Poison,
Potash treatment, Hot Springs, etc., a thor
ough trial, and "had almost despaired of ever
being well : again.
(t ;
And suriiMER ciOTiiir
Is complete, .' It will pay. you
over, you will find our goodar
city tor the money:. ' ! -v . - , "
Men's Grey Plaid Suits, all nobby styles prieee 46. 50, (8, el2.50 and $15.00
per suit in 2 or 3 piece. ' ; .. M
Mens Blue Serge Suits in double breasted or'rVind cut $5.50 to $12.60.
Straw Hats in all shapes for men and boys, prices 50c to $2 50.
Mens Blue Serge single coats only $2.90. j , ' , "
- Mens Pants, the best lineou can find in all colors; prices from (1 to $5 per
paw- t' ;:v
f i. Boys Wash Suits in all colors, sises 8 to 8; prices 50c to $1 per suit.
We carry the Beacon $3 shoe for men, and the Barry $3.50 and $4.00 shoes,
n high or tow cut in all leathers.
Just Received a fine line of mens
elsewhere less than 75c. -
75 LXiddo
Buy A Lot in Highland Pari:
7th Ward, Norfolk City. - This property is located midway between the center
of Norfolk and the Jamestown Exposition Grounds, with car service to either
Point . ' ' ' .
;: : TERMS $5. and $10.00 pe? month, without internt
or taxes until paid for.' Lots $400 to $750, accordir- to
location. ' ? H 21 ?ixo s
The city's rapid growth in this direction should fljiake much higher vu!ur
For further particulars apply to .' ,
C. T. PUMPHREY, Hotel Hazefton; 7Iew Bern, N. C o
-140Ih..K ;rjct, Norfolk Va
disease returns worse than
-b. b. b. is made entirely
Loaded -Black"jPowac Sitlb
H I ShoHDt SUpig and Evenly,
Are Sure Fire,
: WUlitarIfi Reloading.
Jfiey Alvyays Get The 0nt
'$ Eyerywtittra, "
-to -call and look our Stock
the .teU and cheapest in the
- .,., ,
Shirts at 80c each, that cannot be bought
m .i r l '! .,.-.
r i li,
1 r.
a j.
I 1 '

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