North Carolina Newspapers

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Atgelable Preparationfor As
similating theFoodandBcfiufa
ling the S tuinachs aniBowels of -4
Promotes Digcsfioh.Checrful'
ness and Rest. Con tains neither
Opium.Morphine norIinexai
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r Wiw.le
-3D jT
A perfect Remedy forCojislipa
Tion , Sour StonwchrDlarxhoea
nesuutd Loss of-SieefH
- - FaeSiimts SignafurAf
XACI COPy O WRffifiCt.
For Infanta and Children. V'
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Always Bought
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'. Eastern Time
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Wilson's MillsC:r: i.
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''":'"V"'" 1 This condensed Bchedula is published as information and is subject to change
ISXt I'V without notice to the publ c. - f s -. -v f .. f r.i '
. 1 Traina Nog, 112 and 108 fcpnnect at Goldsboro with Atlantic 1 Coast Line
.'"trains, both Southbound anJ Northbound; and with; Atlantic and North Carolina
. trains for Morehead City and intermediate points. " : vt r --' , si ;:'- !
i Train No. Ill connects at Greensboro with train No. 83 for Charlotte, Colum
' : bis and Jacksonville. 'JNo. 37 solid Pullman train,drawing-room- sleepers New
. ,:, r -: York to New Orleans' and Memphis,, also f or Winston-Salem,) Wilkesboro, Dan
r - : and local stations. - . : ' '"; s. - v- i'.m---' A"ii '
Richmond, where close connection is made with Washington Southern Railway
i-Ufr Washington and Eastern cities. ..... . ' ; - . , .v :v ' . '
Train No. 107 connects at uurnam ior uxiQratnase. jny ana Kicnmona;
;r University Station for Chapel Hill daily except Sunday; at Greensboro with
Mtn Mn OK fnr Wnakinartan nrl noints Nnrth. cloae rnnnfldinn f nr M inntnn-
i j i J M galemi High Point, 'Safabur, "Chariot W ahd intermediate stations. ' - '
Train Mo. 135 connects ac ureensooro witn inck ior nanotie, uoiuitidib
i L M Jacksonville: No. 35 for Atlanta and all points South and Southwest: Nos.
84 and 88 for Washington and all points North; connection is slao made at Salis;
-""V "irbwy for W8ttrNort.iiV0iin wintas i j. . -i .i
wv, T P flsvpu fP k . -
u. ji 1. rjiii., w. A.
t . Raleigh, N. C
T. VunvAM T-P A
; ? Si ay CVarIotte,N. C.n A?f
... 1 ' .
.V "fly s. ''- -,"V-;-j i-'' '
- "j V- ny-' ? "v-
.: lu t-i-J ' '
We have jtat received a fine lotcf
horses suitable for farm work or dri
ving, which; we - wll sell at reasonable
pricey. , ' "" " " .".
., We have alio a f uH line ol Wagona
Buggies,. ; Harnes3t - and ' everything
usually kep injnjiDTtordateLfltaljla
We will make Terms Righ 1;. .
See us.'""v i
-The-summer weather having com
menced it is the custom of merchants
tp close their stores early and .give the
clerks the benefit of the cool evenings.
A ..movement is on' foetid1" nave the
stores loae atanarly.hour,.,w
' " ;
! first "Church of Christ," Scientist cor
ner of Broad and' Hancock streets cor-diaily-irivites
all to "their service,' this
Wednesday eveningr'at 730 d'clock." v
A typographical error in the, article
in the Journal yesterdryjtegardiBg. the
cohdition pf,.the W. H. Qliver, insur
ance agencies.. The word.'. 'life" should
have been 'fire". insurance. p ..'.' ; ,
George JvoLuptoiv and H. W, Willis
young 'white men were before the
Mayer last evening for, disorderly . con
duct. They, had . misunderstanding
which resulted in . a. scrap,, ,, They paid
their costs and were rjeleaseaV; 'v
t Hackburh has-again the posting' of 1
the weather' forecaalr'in-frorit of ' his
store, instead its being at the telephone
office. : The retuntJto-tlieJackhurnl
Store is greatly aKreciated.;r';t,;s-
"-r-i . '
Ladies of All SoulB-UnitarlaH church
at Washington," D. 411-Taisdm'onKy
forthe California sufferers by shining
the shoes of mate members of the" cdn
gregation. ' t . i'f 'jo .
. Bfn th, "rA w Jtmliw Haw Always Bought
.y-iir::! Sore Nipples 'iMr'U
c A "cure may be effected by applying
Chamberlain's Salve as soon as the child
is done nursing. Wipe it off with a soft
cloth "Before allowing the"chTH"to"nurse.
Many trained nurses use this sslve with
the best results. Price 25 cents per box.
Sold . by Davis Pharmacy, and . S,
Duffy. . .. ? '--v'.":i" . "'-!. '-": '-
Mrs. Mary McKittrick, 108 years old.
committed suicide at Uniontown, Pa, .
"4 4
66 Broad Bf -.i-"
. New Bom ir0
-Successor- to "
-if j '
, ..-1
W.m jV,;'., ;
Livery, Feed, Sale and Exchange Stables. .v; '
, ,T . ' Larret and Finest Stock of Horses and Mnlea vr 'A(rfol in' Now Bern.-
A car load of each just received. Complete line of Buggies, Wagons, Harness,
I.o. v, hij's and Cart Wheels. .
I " ,A-H.i t
Hahn s Old Stable. I
J Etr
The British steamer Blanefteld Whkh
sailed from Junin March 10 for Dover
for orders, was sunk off Beech y Head
by.the British bark Kate TnomaXTfom
Antwerp ior Calaoc! rive bersbai ire
reported drowned.
J.' -K 1 . I"
fiacky Mountain Tea Nuggets
fi. Buiy Mdloim fc Bo PtopI. -!' i".
1-, Bring QoldeB Bnlttt mi finewad. Vl(. , ,'
, A speclflo for Ooimtfoation. Initiation, Ue
tnd KNilnpv Troubles. Plninle. Earnm. Imnm
Blood, Bad Breath, Slwxish Bowl, HpaclHche
ind llxckachn. It's Kockjr MniuwlirTWftirtb
tel. form, 83 oentii a box. Genuine made by
oLLiSTES Data Coupamz, MSHllQU, Wlfc
Dillon WaliaceK Who'retorned to Nw
York from a tour of exploration, sems
somewhat disappointed. ' witl) t the ; rer.
sources of Labrador.
': Oe Not b Imposed UpM. y(i
Foley & Co., Chicago, originated
Honey and Tar as a throat and lunc
remedy, and on account Of the" great
merit and popularity of Foley' Honey
and Tar many imitations are offered for
the genuine. Ask for Foley's Honey
and Tar and refuse any substitute- of
fered as no other preparation will , give
the same satisfaction. It is mildly laxa
tive. ' It contains no " opiates and is
safest for children and delicate persons.
For sals by .Davis Pharmacy. ; a r. ; v
The soft coal miners in the Clearfield
district unanimously voted to strike for
recognition of the union. . ; ;
' :--:':.;a) it.
OASTon IA. : .:,
' - fin-
. iTlie, Goods. Manufactured: by. the :..r .:
H Are Handled by; ?
- ; ' ,.:r .
' -yiv'T '-ir
...-.. r i
v? Riglit gpoSs at right prices form' besf'foy'd(J4tioji ?0r 9ny -basmess::;; If y6u "are interested in growing
larg;eif crops on 'smMler .aCre Fertilizer absolutely'pure and straight.
'Rignt'gdQds &t fight prices most iraportant and necessary Sale 6f Inferior-, Fertilizera generally prove disas
trousj makes complaints,, dissatisfied customers "and'decr'ease In 'business,, '.vYou.'.''- get right and stay
right;' hold your-customers' get rtari -tiWohelaidle: the. Fertilizers manufactured by New Bern
Cotton Oil arid ; Fertilizer ' Mills, recognized1 af standard "quality. Our Fertilizers sell themselves, '' The man
who buys, pnee.warits thern agaifii his friends1 waiir them. Can you' afford to -be-without an article which
"silently-but iorcibiy recommends itself.- 2.3, - Hrfs--, i,,., ' . ; , ;
y -1 Mafgfn'of prof it inay not be so large to the dealer as in some .bther eOpds, there Is something in feeling
you1 havg .veri;.yoijr.ustd'met..'full xalue; ' '.yGur.$ia4e 'is increasing. .::'- ' y
' ; ; ; Our goods afeutflade'Jriyarious grades .a uit-crops usually rowri in your'Section. You can rest
"aufed.eachpad&is best that can Jae- had-forrmoney..- We: .believe in long- run quality-is bound to count,
though we do not "make good profit.. .' ' jiia :-,s. b-crr ;-,v.-: v-- -:t .-i.v; . , y - .
I "Call to see-our Sales Agent iayout section,.and if none near you write direct "to the'1- -
- NEW BERN, N.'C. y- -
rn -f f ILJ ";:
A Practice Common on Carnival Occaslon
tttt May Somt Time Result ; ;
' r:" ,''""' i ' Seriously, f .""v''
. The Journal does hot knock for the
mere sake of knocking, but when there
is a palpable nuisance in practice it is
our duty to criticise. 'Whenever and
wherever a carnival exhibits the: sa'e
of confetti is no small factor in the
general profits. A special confetti
privilege is considered a cinch "and the
practice of throwing the stuff is "uni
yersaL. . 'y;
' It is not only a nuisance but like
many other things that are indulged in
for mere, sport are apt to be carried to
dangerous extremes. . There is nothing
to prevent a lot of the fine paper get
ting into a person's throat and causing
serious trouble and when it is thrown
into one's eyes it will cause soreness
and pain if nothing else. There have
been occasions when Bmall stones and
dirt have been mixed with the stuff and
therein it ceased to be a joke- v '
.' A word to the wise is sufficient and
if the public will cut out this big ..nui
sance all the people will render a vote
of thanks." r. ? .ij ,v': Ixi;
At Mount Carmel, Pa., State con
stabulary,' after ybeing "stoned, by i
crowd of, foreign mineworkers,' flredr
perhaps lataiiy wounding 8 and injur
mg IT others. ,
No Pill teas pleasant and positive7 as'
DeWitt's Little Early Risers. These
Famou? Little Pills are so mild and ef
fective that children,' delicate ladies
and weak people enjoy their cleansing
effect, while strong people say they are
the best liver pills BokL Never griper
F. S-Duffvt. . ' w -li:..'
Chicago's expensive City Hall is fall
ing in consequence of the excavation
made for the foundation of the county
building..- . :'''; 'Wfl ;.'y
Sciatica Cured Attar Twanty-Vaara ef .Tor
;:,n'r 5V;:.I.; X I'.';,.,. '
For more than twenty years Mr. J,
B. Massey, of 3322amtonSt, Minnea
polis, Minn., was tortured . by sciatica.
The pain . .was bu (ferine which he en-
dured during this time is beyond com
prehension. Nothing gave him any
permanent relief until he used Cham
berlain's Pain Balm." One application
of that liniment relieved the pain and
made sleep and rest possible," and lees
than one bottle has affected a Derma
nent cure. If troubled with sciatica or
rheumatism why not try a 25-cent bot
tle of Pain Balm 8.1 see for-yourself
how quickly it relives the pain. For
sale by Davis Pha
'y- ' t
nacy and F. S. Duf-
ri(k is bli 1 to
tg be iiitroJuc
' Mrs.' Cassie L.
have made a (It ,
ed in the suit of Mrs. W, C. Jutte aLd
and the Colorikl Trust Company of
Pittsburg for 12,000,000,
... . n I Mi,
Pottniistsr Robbed.
,; G. W. Fouts, Postmaster at River
ton, Ia. j nearly lost his life ahd Was
robbed of aU comfort, according to his
letter, which says: "For twenty years
I had chronic liver complaint, which led
to such a severe case of jaundice that
even my finger- nails turned yellow;
when my doctor prescribed Electric
Bitters; which cured me and have kept
me well for eleven years.? Sure cure
for Bilousness, Neuralgia, Weakness
and' aU Stomach,, Liver,, Kidney and
Bladder' derangements' A. wonderful
Tonic, ' At all Drug Stores.,: 50 cents.
.The Supreme Court upheld the Court
of Claims' decision in the Cherokee re
moval case, as a result of which $4,
500,000 will be divided among 50,000 In
k3BZite& lato of Cold. ' " y "
could ' hot bring as much happiness to
Mrs. Lucia Wilke, of Caroline Wis., as
did one 25c, box of; Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, when it. completely cured a run
ning sore on her leg, which had tortur
ed her 23 long years.. Greatest ant
septic healer of Piles, -Wounds, - and
Sores.' ' 25c at all Drug Stores.
V . i-T A GENEROUS filFT.xV'?!
A Colored Church Glvas Seven Oelltrafor
the Victims of the 'tfrinqfrTC ' -
'' The congregation of Ebenezer Presbyterian-church,
colored, . raised seven
dollars for the benefit of the sufferers
of the San Francisco disaster "last Sun-q
day. ','. Their generosity -'is ?;certainly
commendable and the money waa.given
m a cheerful and christian spirit,-feeling
the' call was one which" could .not.
be; ignored, by 'those "who 'prdfessedi;
Christianity. ? The' money was delivered
to Mayor Patterson- who'
relief committee;
Following are the names "of the. do
nors and the amounts given f , ; . ;
. Mesd. . M ; A Robbins,1' ofr cts;' D H
Pearson, . $1 00; Margaret "FafffinC 50
cts; E R Dudley, 60 cts... Messrs LaF.
Renolds 5P cts; W H Burton 50 cts: S..
d T.T en fciKA'
cts; Thad. Mumford BOT.tHr Sam'Bls;.' i
ledge 25 ctej J; H Havens 50 ctsr t) Hi A
Pearson 60 cts 'Mrsj-WvLLassiter 60 $
cts; cash 25 ct8'o"Ts v
': Art '.,.v.ifr ''::'':: '' ''',. i'i.-.;
0 b lib u u m i uia y u u u 1 1 a ft t- 4
1 HARVIE JORDAN. Editbr-in-Chief
!pBkW Jtm rS fk. sMasMi S&
I a) ' ' -
ALUE present erop Cotton,- raw, $650,000,000. Value present crop
of Cotton manufactured, - 000,001 )XXi,, n Estimated number of
actual producers, I,&IX),(KXJ.. Estimated number actual consumers.
600,000,000. Cotton is the greatest vegetable product of the world. All
rothcrs can be substituted. Cotton cannot. Juc a trtmendou factor
in trie worta t comfort ana our prosperity dtmandi a grma
tr. ?rn:
Not if at Rich ae Rockefeller.'
4- f ' !
Representative Newspaper
The Cotton Journal will rheet that demand
If you had all the wealth of. Rocke
feller, the Standard Oil . magnale.yott
could not buy a better -medicine -for
bowel complaints than Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea, Remedy.
The most ejninent physician caa,no!t
prescribe a better preparation for colic -and
diarrhoea','.. both. for. children and
adults.:, Thei uniform, success .of this
remedy has shown it to be superior W
aU others. - It neyecjfails'. and .' when
reduced with'watej. and sweetened, is
pleasant fo take. Every family should be
supplied with it. Sold by Davis.. Phar
and F. Duffy,; ',r'- rf?-i ' -trV's V.
The interest from the. $7,000,000 paid
by the United States for the Philippine
Friar lands will be applied religious
purposes in the islands.;
if,' ' y-r-iir n" 1riir i""K .".
No pill is as pleasantand poaitiv as
DeWitt's Little Early .Riser&t These
Famous Little Pills are so mild and ef
fective that;- children,, delicate ladies
and weak people enjoy -their cleansing
effeet, while strong people say they are
the best liver puis sold, Never, gripe.
Sold by y, S Duffy. .JW
' !.::t:rX tT. t .a - .' ..
: " Baron Kroupensky, first secretary of
the Russian embassy here, has been ap
pointed councillor of the embassy of
Russia at Washington, a position which
has hitherto not existed. The baron
will rank next to the embassador.
In a speech at Ottawa, Canada,' An
drew Cornegie named Sir Wilfrid. Lau-.
rier and Booker T; Washington as he
me among ihe world's five greatest
men. y- b r '"
, j Warning.'
. You cannot have good, health unless
your kidneys are sound, for the kidneys
filter the blood of impurities which
otherwise act as irritating poisons and
break down the deUcate , 'organs of the
body and cause serious trouble."- If you
have kidney or bladder trouble arid do
not use Foley's Kidney Cure,? you Will
have only yourself to bteme;for results
Deaths from Appendicitis
decrease in the same ratio that the use
of Dr. King's New Life Pills Increases.
They save you from danger and bring
quick and painless release .from con- as it positively cures all forms of kid
stipation and the ills growing out of it. nev and bladder diseases.. For sale by
Strength and vigor always follow their Davis1 Pharmacy. i . - j.:
use. Guaranteed . by all Druggists.
25e- Try them. . , .-.
' Underlthe Anglo-Tibetan treaty China
retains sovereignty over Tibet, but will
pay the expenses of the recent British
expedition to Lhassa. ' :
cent purchasers.
To cw the fire o
it tw. ' nit i. y
i ' -. . i . f
-r i' "j r "i
''0 z.
tot a 1 n,. he
T a B'v or to cure
' i n - ! i.'l gliin
' "fl Witch
i C t
( '.
f r 1 ' -t'e
i .
The Rloheat Manllb the World. -.-",'
The richest man m the world cannot
have his kidneys replaced nor live with
out them, so it is important not to neg
lect thi we organs. If Foley's Kidney
Cure is t at the first sign of dan;
ger, V t ,'loms will disappear and
yonr i ,1; will be restored, as it
sires :;;thcns and buils up these organs
as nothing else will. Oscir Bowman,
lbanon, Ky.i writes: "I have used
Foley's Kidney Cure, and take great
pleasure in Btating it cured me perma
nently of kidney disease, which cer
tainly would have cost me my life.'
For s:ile by Davis' n.armucy. . .
Broad enough in scope to interest every person in the Cotton belt, while
it will stand distinctively as a representative of the Cotton crowino- intr-
V est, it will cover the-whole held so thoroughly .that it will be a necessity to
f ' every Cotton merchant and manufacturer the w.orld over. The statistical
f department will be in charge of eminent statisticians, and no expense wilt
.,be spared to make this department the most perfect in the world,
f iv . Harvie Jordan,- Editor-in-Chief, end Richard Cheatham. Business Mgr.,
4 have in their work as President and Secretary, respectively of the Southern
A Cotton Association, won victories in the interest of Cotton producers of
- mors value to the countrylhah any great victories ever won byaconquer
J " ing army on the battlefield, and their work hasndded untold wealth to the
v Cotton States. Th Cotton Journal will continue! the battle for Southern
jHsupremacy and fair play. The public has for many years heard practi
cally only one side oi tne uotton story, it wiu oe the mission of The Cotton
Journal to tell the other side. . We desire several correspondents in every
beat, district pr township of the Cotton belt, and in addition toour present
list, every subscriber whose subscription reaches us prior to May 17th,
will be placed upon out list of regular correspondents tor information con
cerninK condition of crops.,, htuM weekly. Commence vour mbtcrintion
a-..- r jjmiiARO HATHAM. Miiir-" t9-ie Psapla Bid.
' nut w.
; CHAi. L YAK. CAIIIira '
, . FERKiNaoa. mi eiMiaa
'h -, rii , T II E F OUR T tt N A T 10 N A 'B N K
' " '"' " Atlanta, Co,., April elk, i0.
i 'Thi it to rertifii thai The Cotton Journal Pubtithing Co. have thit
date dtoiile4 mtKTke Fourth National Bank of Atlanta to the credit
afthemtelvrt, the numo Ten Thousand Dollar t, the $ame being eubieet
to their check. :s ';-' -; (Signed) CHAS. RYAN, Cashier.
hwft Stomach Trouble?,..
Mrs. Sue Martin, an old highly
spected resident of Faisonia, Miss., was
sick with stomach trouble for more than
six months. ; Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets cured her. She says:
1 "I can now eat anything I want and am
I the proudest woman in the world to find
such a good, medicine.,' . For , Sale by
Davis Pharmacy and F. S. Duffy, . K .
,c. i Mlittma HmiBbw. '-'"';'"
! ,A' good deal of fan was poked at a
well , known woman novelist a feir
years ago because She made her hero
ine see a rainbow one afternoon"Whfle
she Was looking out of a window, on
the western side of an old church. Do
you1 know' why all the rainbows that
u J you see. in the afternoon are In the
eastern akyj A rainbow la canted by
- It is reported that the Natural Bridgelthe reflection of the sun's rays by 4rope
will be made pleasure resort oy its re
. . tt It Danjeroua to, Neglect a Cold. .. j.
''-'.''-'"'- I . ' ' '
How often do we hear it remarked
"It's only a cold," and a few days later
learn that the man is on his back with
nnpumonia. This is of such- common
occurrnce that a cold, however slight,
should not be disregarded. Chamberlains
Cough Remedy counter-acts any ten
dency of a cold to result in pneumonia,
and has gained its great popularity and
extensive sale by its prompt cures of
this most common ailment. It always
cures and is pleasant to take. For sale
by Davis Phar and.F. S. DuffA.: ,., r
. - , ...... t: X - ! .
of rain, sad it is always In the opposite
part of the sky from the. sun,. Most
of our rainstorms rise In fie west and
passr off. toward the east,' leaving the
west clear, - JYhen this happens In the
afternoon-the sun's rays fall on the
rain that bat 'moved; to, the esst and
are refracted by the drops and reflect
ed to our eyes In the prismatic colors
that make the rainbow. So you see an
afternoon rainbow must be in the east
ern Sky." One Is sometimes teen In the
western sky- hi the early morning, but
very rarely. When that happens It Is
because It Is raining In the west and Is
clear In the east. - Tou never see one
at midday, because then the sun's ray
do not. full on tha roln ut tha nnuiAi
. - - - .
1 angle, -to produce It to . your eyes.
.Chicago News, i
A Citizen of New Bern Supplies the
.v.- ! yyyijv Information.
"' Over half the complaints of mankind
originate with the kidneys.
A slight sketch of backache at first.
' Twinges arid shooting pains in the
loins follow.' They must be checked,
they lead to graver complications.
The sufferer seeks relief.
Plasters are tried, and liniments for
the back. ' '
: So called Kidney cures which do not
cure. ' ;'; '-r,"v:'.;:,;-' 'T'r
The long-looked-for result seems un
attainable. If you suffer, do you want relief ?
Follow the plan adopted by this New
Bern citizen, -
C. Lupfon, one of the best known po
licemen of New Bern, of 135 East Front
street, says i We think Doan's Kidney
Pills are all right I have tried them
and cart recommend them highly.- V.y
back: and kidneys troubled me for qnlle
awhile. The trouble was right acre i
the small of my back, which seems t
be the weakest part about me. It' 1
plasters and Other remedies but none c f
them acted like Doans Kidney I
which I obtained at the Bradham I : -macy.
.They are a good pill and I v ;
not hesitate to Bay so to anyone."
For sale by all dealers. Ft keOc ,.
abox.r-FoBter-Milburn Co., I, . " ,
N. Y. sole agents for the U. E.
Remember the name Down's, t :
take no other..
-, The
boily of W. Wood,
1 over t ao "weeks i
.i.l miles below Wt
who wan i
,.o, wu) 1
liington,' ,
f. '.i
M 1 y V.
I) C.

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