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No. n. .
29th YEAR
Chapiian of House Offers
, Prayer,
;U tsksH Istsksr't Seventieth Birthday.
. Prtoite Car Bill In Senate.. Guadt-
leuse Under Mob Rule. Amer!
; caa Warehlp Ordered to
Z f rocMd There.
Special to Journal.
I Washington, D. C, May 7. -Speaker
Casnon was seventy years old, today,
' tad in the House the chaplain offered a
pedal prayer, noting this anniversary.
The apeaker gave a banquet tonight, to
-ttjnber of his friends, at the Arling
'toaboteL T There) was an adverse report in the
Senate) on the resolution for a national
guarantee loan of credit for San Frar
ciaeo. " The private car hill was discussed.
Senator Kittredge said the present
railroad rate bill does not reach the
ejaeaton of the relations between rail
way and the private car combines.
A telegram today, says Guadeloupe,
lathe French West Indies, is under
4&ob rale. An American warship has
been ordered to proceed there to prr
text American interests. The noting
loting """
As iReid'(
-j.ley am
. will be
ha been going on for several week
f North Carolina
and Norway
Mackerel at Oaks Market.
. Sustained Painful Injuries
Mrs. I. A. Meadows met with a pain
Ad accident at Baltimore Friday. She
was riding with friends in the city and
" the king bolt on the carriage broke
spilling the occupants on the ground, j
The extent of Mrs. Meadows injuries
an a badly sprained arm. Reports
atata that she is improving finely.
i j
MacKay's Mac-u-dine
COMB all headaches, etc, does not de- j
press the heart, 10, 25 and 50 cents a '
tattle at druggists, 5c doses at foun-
Coal Strike Off-
Special to Journal.
Now York, May 7. - Articles of agree
toeot between coal operators and min
: on have been drawn up and signer1.
Tho term of years during which this
agreement is effective is included and
J) partiea have expressed themselves
aa aatisfied with the outcome.
Don't be fooled and make to believe
that rheumatism can be cured with local
applications. Hollister's Rocky Mount
ain Tea is tho only positive cure for
rheumatism. 35 cents, Tea or Tablet?.
For Sale by F, S. Duffy.
.1 am Pelletier's, N.C, prepared to do
all kinds of repalrings of buggies and
carts. Horse shoeing done at s tort
notice. Also I have for sale some very
Bice buggies and harness, cheap for
ash or reasonable terms 'on good se
. Coal Strike Off?
Special to Journal:
Scranton, Pa. May 5 -The coal strike
which has been threatening the country
for several weeks has had a set back.
the recommendations of the schedule
committee being adopted by the oper
ators, , Upon this agreement President
Mitchell advised the miners to return
to work. The miners present scale is
the) same as adopted by the strike com--mission
made three years ago.
Distributors for Craven. Car
' terct, Onslow. Jones, Pam
lico, Beaufort, ; And King
t?n Counties.
I jftoa Ktsiteia ae) Cfaddr !ght
Y :Brea6
Company Chartered For New Bern
and Swansboro.
Decision Soon on Goldsboro Union Station
Remodeled ' Office For Governor.
Cotton Receipts at Raleigh.
Large Number Licensee Is
sued to Sub Insur
ance Agents. 1
(Special Correspondence) j
Raleigh, May 4. The Commission
is expected in a few days to make its
. order in the matter of the location of .
' the Union passenger station at Golds
boro, after looking carefully into the .
I matter and weighing all the statements
made by the conflicting interests. I
A charter was granted the New Bern j
Su,anShoro Transnortation Co.. to od- .
erate launches or other vessels between
those points, capital stock being $125,
000, J. S. Basnight of New Bern and
Mrs.H. R. Moore of Swansboro being
among the stockholders; the Atkinson
Drug Co., Charlotte, is also chartered
with $25,000 capital stock, J. M. Atkin-
son, W. K. AtKinson, j. m. nunier anu.
others being the stockholders.
Gov. Glenn expects to be able to oc-
cupy his remodeled office next Monday. !
Utxm the walls he will have only por-
... .... w tt . i '
' fanlta sf fL-nrannva innliuTinfr fivornnr .
11(1113 Ul uun.iliuii nwiu4iiiij v
Reid, Governor William, Governor Dud-
and some others. These portraits
transferred from the executive
mansion. It is the purpose to attempt
to get as complete a set as possible of
the governors.
The cotton receipts at Raleigh to this
date amount to 13,046 ajrainst 13,941 to
this date last year. Considerable cot-
ton is yet held in this section of the
State and several thousand bales are in
, this oil v.
Since the first of April the Insurance
Department has issued 6,823 licenes for
sub - agents of insurance companies in
this State.
The Glen wood Land Co., here will
I make the strongest fight possible ,
i against the condemnation of the right of
Way of the Ralsigh and Pamlico Sound
Railway through its building lots, this j
preceding being now in progress. It is
said that the company desires the right
of way through the property because
it will effect a saving of
1,000 as
Lagainst a route through a meadow east
ot the uienwooa property, ine com
pany has offered ' a right of way
through this meadow and also $1,000
Government Aid for Jamestown Ex
position Special to Journal.
Washington, May 4. Representative
Flood of Virginia addressed Congress
today and pleaded for the government
participation in the Jamestown Expo
sition. He said that the naval display
would be the grandest ever seen in the
history of the world, and it wts his de
sire to have the government so co-operate
with the managers as to make the
naval department a feature of the ex
position. Lodge Bill Passed Senate
Special to Journal.
Washington, May 4-The lodge bill
providing for rates for transportation
;f oil by way of pipe lines, passed the
Debate Nearing End
Special to Journal.
Washington, May 4. An agreement
was reached in Congress today on the
differences as to the court features of
the railway rate bill. Circuit and
State courts are to have jurisdiction in
all suits against the communication.
It is expected with this understanding
that the measure will pass without any
difficulty. President Roosevelt ap -
proves of the agreement. The debate
is approaching the end.
Splendid Bank Statement
Special to Journal:
Raleigh, May 5. The statement o(
the State Bavings and private banks
in North Carolina given out by the cor -
poration commission today, shows an
increase over the previous statement,
that is considerable, while that over
the one a year ago, is very large. The
total resources are $13,390,000, capital
stock paid in, $6,056,00; surplus funds,
$1,150,415; deposits subject to chock
Thorough Investigation '
Special to Journal f;
New York, May 5. Every clerk em
ployed in the general offices of the New
York Mutual Life Insurance Co., ' was Czar today decorated M. Wltto as ho is
subpoenard today to appear beforo the'Bbout to retire from bis offico. He
investigating committee
hold session Monday,
which will
Lull In Legal and Criminal Circles
Legislature Damage Suit Act Gives Relief.
Historic Dam Breaks Away. Negro
Murderer Conductors Bad One.
Burned Wedding Troueeeau.
(Special Correspondence)
Greensdoro N. C. May 4 There is a
distinct lulfin legal circles here, after
a long spell of hard work fo. lawyers in
the state and Federal Courts. Eaven
in criminal realms law breakers seem
to be taking a rest. The jail is empty
with the exception of two prisoners.- -
Lawyers here say the act of the legis
lature of 1905 requiring damage suits
against railroads to be brought in the
county wnere me puunwu remueu or
where the accident occured, will prove
a great benefit to the regular Guilford
practice, and litigants as well as the tax
payers. The docKet nere ior a long lime
has been congosted by reason of the
fact that railroad suits were tried here
from counties all over the state. As
these cases often took a week, and never
less than one or two days, it presented
fhA raonhtner fif nrnpr pafiAR fir incai lm.
portance, keeping court in almost conti-
nuous session. After the act was passed
lawyers continued the practice of bring
nr suits on cases from other counties
into Guilford Court, contending that the
act could not apply to loreign corpora-
t:ons. Kecently a case taicen w me
Supreme Court on this point was de-
cidecl in favor ot the legislature.
The dam at Col. James T Morehead's
Hamburg mill, eight miles from the
city broke yesterday and the hundred
acre mill pond is dry this morning. For
some time, the dam has been leaking
but it was thought it had been repaired
A party of negro men who were camped
just ifofow the mill on a fishing frolic
, came near being drowned. The water
came like an avalanche upon them. They
fled up the hill, but their tent and
waggon were washed away. An Old
.horse tied to a tree was whirled around
with such force, the ropo which held
him broke, and he managed to escape
crowning ty climbing up the bank the
moment he was freed. Hamburg dam
will bo repaired, and the old water null,
which for more than a century has
ground theold fashion excellent wpter
meal in the old fashioned excellent mul
' t Ml nAH:n..A ... AaWAaW
bWlKSf Villi VUlItlUUG IbO UKHCU VMCre&a
The noted pond will continue to be the
resort of fish sportsmen and in summer
of picnic parties from GreenBboro, Oak
Ridge, Summerfield and Kernersville
as it has been for generations past
When Cornwallis was is Guilford, he
used this mill for grinding, it being but
a short distance from where he joined
Green in Battle at Guilford court house.
Ed Davis, the negro so badly wanted
in Solisbury for the murder of street
car conductor Wiggins, was formerly a
resident of Greensboro while here he
had the reputation of deing a ''bad
nigger," his penchait however being
the beating of women of his own color.
Time and again he was up before the
Mayor and fined for lambasting some
negro woman who assualted or angered
him. His last frolic of thw kind was
about a year ago. He was beating a
woman in "Apple Bottom," on the
suburbs and she was hollowing so loud
it attracted several of the dusky deml
sons of the neighborhood. One of them
was more chivalric than the others.
kicked Ed out, pnd Ed, made for him
with an ax, receiving in returns pistol
ball in his'thigh and a wound which kept
him laid up for four months.
Miss Annie Poindexter of 123 West
Lee St. was badly burned about her
arms and body last night in trying to
save her wedding trousseau from dis
traction by fire. On May 10th Miss
Poindexter and Mr. J. T. Hayes of
Durham are to be married. Last night
while the hall of her house was used as
a display room for the numerous articles
of lace, silk and delicate wearing apparol
going to make a beautiful and happy
bride, a large lamp suspended in the
center of the hall broke and fell right
in the midst of all the fixtures they
caught fire and despite. the efforts of
severs ladies, were entirely burned or
. hopelessly ruiued,
- Another Ultimatum for Turkey
Special to Journal
London, May 4. The government
has-delivered its order to the Sultan of
Turkey requesting him to withdraw his
troops from Egyptian territory. France
'and Russia support the English view
and Germany stands neutral. The
presence of soldiers in alien territory
has irritated the English government
for a long time and the Sultan's ref us
gl to withdraw them has been eon
strued a sign of hostility.
Czar Decorates
Special to Journal;'
St Petersburg, May 5. In consider
ation of his distinguished services both
as promoter of peace between Russia
and Japan and also aa premier during
troublous times since tho war, tho
wu made a member of th Imperial
Charged Against Negroea Who Re
list Arrest J
Commencement Program G. IF. C. Loses
Leg Getting On Train. Phosphate
Cider Orsekenseee. Daughters
Confederal)? Memorial;
Day. v.
Special Correspondence, '
Greensboro, May 5. On complaint of
a negro railroad track'- walker, Charles
Donnell, that Tom Whitfield,- Charles
Cecil and Will Stewart colored, had
waylaid aniobbed TAva a few miles
north of here, offiom yesterday after
noon arrested the three men and they
are now in jail charged with highway
robbery. Donnell said Stewart held a
pistol at his head, while the others took
his watch and all his money. The offi
cers secured a hand car and overtook
the men near Brown Summit. Being
ordered to surrender, the man named
Stewart drew a pistoand it snapped.
He then jumped m the bushes and ran,
the officers firing at him. He was
struck in the left elbow, in the right
arm and in the leg, and surrendered,
being hand-cuffed and brought to jail
with the other men. The wound in his
left elbow is thought to be serious and
physicians are attending him at the
jaiL The men claim that Donne 1 was
sitting on the road gambling with them
and, losing his watch and money made
the trouble.
The following is the program of the
commencement exercises of Greensboro
Female College: Sunday, May 20th,
6 p. m,, anniversary of Young Woman's
Christian Association. Sermon by Rev.
T. Bell, pastor of Centenary church,
Greensboro, N. C. Morday, May 21st,
m., Class-Day exercises; 8:30 p.m.
Expression Recital. Tuesday, May
22d, 11 a. m., Baccalaureate sermon,
Rev, R. D. Smart, D. D. of Norfolk,
Va.,; 4 p. m. Business meeting of
Alumnae Association; 6:80 p. m. Social
Reunion of Alumnae. Wednesday May
23d, 10:30 a. m., Graduation Exercises;
30 p. m., Annual concert.
Charlie Earl, the 12 year old son of
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Earl, who lives on
Gregory street, Oiad his left foot so
badly mangled by being run over by a
freight train yesterday afternoon about
six o'clock thut amputation was nec
essary v Tho leg was amputated just
below the kneo last night. According
to information obtained Charlie at
tempted "To "board a- moving freight
train at Spring street crossing and in
so doing lost bii balance and fell, the
wheels running over his left foot,
crushing it into a jelley.
Samples of the phophate cider which
is on sale at a number of stores here
has been analyzed by Prof. J. H. Blu
ford, of the A. and M. College, and he
found that it contained 12.3 per cent
alcohol. He said that the cider was
evidently made from fruit juice and
corn whisky. On the stisngth of the
testimony given by a defendant in the
mayor's court a few days ago to the
effect that the cider would produce
drunkenness. Chief Needley procured
samples and had it analyzed with the
result as above stated.
The Guilford Chapter, Daughters of
the Confederacy, are steadily at work
for Memorial Day; The chairmen of
the committees are women of execu
tive ability, with experience in the
work, and under their wiso leadership
the success of the day is assured. The
Hon. Frank C Rollins, of Lexington
will deliver the- address, introduced by
the Hon. A. M. Scales, commander of
Guilford Camp of Sons of Veterans,
Dr. Crawford, the chaplain of Camp
795, will be present.
Farewell to The Carnival.
The carnival is now a thing of the
past. It has had the best Kind of
weather and the patronage has been
liberal. The crowds have been large at
night and each show has had a success
fulweek. There htve been a whole
lot of things that might have been bet
ter and few that might have been
worse, but the people seemed to enjoy
thomselves; consequently it must be
voted a success. It is not the best
carnival that has visited New Bern by
any means.' It shows at Wilmington
this week.
President Likes the Measure
Special to Journal: t
Washington, May 6. In the discus
sion pro and eon on the rata bill the
President's position has been clearly
admitted by friends nd opponents of
the bill alike and it is quite likely that
his suggestions will be adopted in vote.
He insists upon the Allison amendment
and approves of the Hepbtffn, the Over
man and Long amendments and de
sires to see them all adopted.
No Delay of Material
Special to Journal
San Francisco, May 6. The steel
companies announce to those content-
plating rebuilding hen that there will
Is no delay in furnishing structuralsteel
for architectural purposes. Buildings
will now go up rapidly as there is plenty
of money to pay for labor and ma
terial ."' '"'
Confidential agent of H H Rogers, the Stan
dard Oil Magnets Dies After Fight.
Special to Journal :
New York, May 7. Charles Spier,
the confidential agent to H. H. Rogers,
.Vice-President of the Standard Oil Co.,
was killed in a duel with a burglar at
his home' here last night. The burglar
was dangerously wounded and was re
moved to a hospital. The wounded
man is a notorious criminal.
Merchants Take Notice
The schooner Ida G. Farren ill loud
at Baltimore this week with miscel
laneous cargo. Afavor -will be con
conferred by having shippers notified
to send goods by this boat.
Methodists Desire New Statement of
Special to Journal:
Birmingham, May 7.In the Metho
dist Episcopal general conference in-,
troduced a resolution today declaring
that the present articles of religion do
not meet the doctrinal 'needs of the
church and that it is important that
immediate action be taken on this mat
ter. The resolution included a request
that other branches of Methodism unite
m preparing a statement oi iaiin as
would properly set forth the doctrintsj
and purposes of the church.
Killed to Avoid Asylum
Newport News, Va. May 7.- An Aus
trian named Parlinie shot awl killed
his wife today while she lay sleeping at
their home. Parlinic went to the po.
lice station and surrendered stating
that he shot her because he had prom
ised he would kill her rather than have
her go back to the insane asylum from
which she had been released.
Strawberry Festival at Beech Grove
Everybody is cordiaally invited to at
tend a straw harry festival at Beech
Grove on WednesdayMay 9th, from
4 to 11 p. m., ite cream and cake will
also be served. The proceeds will be
used for the benefit of the Beech Grove
Methodist church.
Preserve your youth by Drinking Dr5
Joe Leiter Loses by Burglary
Special to Journal.
Chicago, May 7. Joseph Leiter's of
fice was burglarized last night, and se
curities worth $25,000 stolen.
A & M Beat U of Va
Special to Journrl.
Raleieh. Mav 5. -The A. and M. Col
lege defeated the U niversity of Vir
ginia today by a score of 4 to 3. j
Indiana Hot After Standard Oil J
Special to Journal.
Indianapolis, May' 5. Acting upon
tht -report of Commissioner Garfield
on the Standard Oil Corporation given
to Congress, the Attorney General has
taken steps to prevent the company
from transacting business in this State,
The Corporation has enormous inter
ests in this State and there will be a
hard fight in the courts.
Pine apple sherberts and milk shakes
at Wallnau's Soda Fountain.
Superior Qourt News . !
The Superior Court for the trial of
civil cases entered a two weeks term
yesterday. Hon. B. F. Long, of States
ville, is judge. The only case on trial
was that of Ives against the A. & N. C.
railroad, for breach of contract The
case was tried in court several terms
ago, taken to Supreme court on error,
and remanded for second trial. Argu
ments will be heard today.
MA for Retailing Liquor "
George Pryant and Eliza Ellison, both
colored, living in the vicinity of Vance
boro, were arrested by deputy marshal
C M. - Babbitt, and brought before
United States Commissioner C B Hill,
Saturday.cbarged with retailing spirit-.
ous liquor without I l'cense, otherwise
j for violating Section 3242 of the United
States Kevtsea statute. ..
, No evidence of an incriminating na
ture being introduced against Bryant,
he was discharged. , s
Probable cause being found in the
case of the Ellison woman. She was
held in the sum of $200 for her appear
ance at the next term of the Federal
Singers, Notice,
All those willing to assist in the sing
ing at the Confederate Memorial exer
cises are requested to meet at the
rreebyterian lecture room tonight at
8 o'clock. .
"CraWTord" Shoe
"The Patrician"
"No Shoes Wear Better"
Very few men have
use for a
vest in hot weafher.
We find the most attractive
suits in our store just now are
those, composed of coats and
They make the coolest clothes
that a man can wear. You don't
realize how hot a vest is until
you have gone without one.
If you are lookuig for comfort
it awaits you here in abundance.
J. J. Baxter.
Makes up-to-date Bfeos, and gives
prompt services lor reasonable prices.
Filiss developed t he day they are brought
to the Studio.
92 East Front Street.
Buy A Lot in
7th Ward, Norfolk City. This property is located midway between , the centr
of Norfolk and the Jametown Exposition Grounds, with car service to ither
TERMS $5. and $10.00 per month, without interest
or taxes until paid for. Lots $400 to $750, according to
0CThec?ty'B rapid growth in this direction should make much higher Valort
' For further particulars apply to ,
C. f. PUMPHREY. Hotel Hazelton, New Bern1, N. C or
140 Main Street Norfolk Va :
Dr. Pepper's
PHONE 105. 1
Fbie Cloths Maki
DUlmore.aiMl NeW!
1 ,

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