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' LIbrry
V 4
No. 12.
29th YEAR
JtlVJ A(
a wm.
Cotton Acreage Tbls Year Same as
New Electric Lin, Rain Good for Crops. Fed
- rtl Prisoner. Still at Large. Monthly
Crop Rsporls. Commencement Ex
tremes at Pue Rv. Hubbard
1 (Special Correspondent.)
f Raleigh7 May 8. State Treasurer La-
ey Says that althouh he is in better
shape in point of health than in a nuni
fcerof yearshe is declining invitations
to speak', his physician having advisi-d
ueb a course, he has declined no fewer
tbaa fifteen invitations to speak during
i.tbe present month.
No absolutely positive information
. eta be had as to the exact reduction of
1 Ui eotton acreage in the state this
' year but the Agricultural Department
, i officials aretnf ormed mat the genera)
- impression is, that the acreage will be
about the same as that planted last
.year, falling off in' some localities and
Uaereaeing a little in others:
Jj, The electric railway out to the new
suburb Glenwood here is completed with
the exception of the wiring, and super
intendent William J. Andrews of the
r ailway company says the cars will he
in operation next Sunday.
Fanners express unbounded pleasure
'""""at the rain of Sunday night and yester-
day, and say it was of exactly the risrht
$ character and did not wash lands, while
a hard rain would have caused a good
deal of damage in this way, the soil be
ing so very loose.
Work on the tower ot the First Bap
tist 'church , colored, which faces the
capitol square is in progress. The
church will not be finished this year,
however, though it will be occupied.
The total cost is a little more thn $20,
000. ,
Mention has been made of the fact
that the negro "Jolinmn, with 4ialf a
dozen aliases, the federal prisoner who,
escaped while he was being taken from
i Raleigh to Wilmington for trial is yet
' at large, Fifty dollars reward is offerro
;' for his recapture, half of this by the
" deputies, from whom he escaped. This
, negro is said to be from Moore Co.
Next Saturday eaminations of the
'Senior Class at the A. & M. College be--.
.gin, and the week following the other
examinations come on. At the recent
, - inspection of the corps of cadets,. 335
" paraded before the United States in
specting officer.
Commissioner of Agriculture Patter
5 ton was asked whether ho would issue a
,. crop .report each month during the
growing season. In reply he said that
' ha did not know as yet, but that such
. eWforta might be issued. In the past
yars they have conveyed much interest
ing information.
1 - - During the sixty days it will require
io make the alterations at the First
.1 Baptist church services may be held at
the Baptist University f jr Women.
' " ' Rev. Hubbard Argo, of Raleigh, has
made a very fine imnression here by his
preaching in the Epi:np-il church. He
- it a grandson of the late Rev. Dr. Hub
' bard so long a professor at the Univer
sity of North Carolina and he himself
a graduate of that institution.
- Building Strike Inevitable
Special to Journal.
Chicago, May 8; All hope of arbi
, (ration .."of the differences existing be
tween contractors and structural steel
workers, carpenters and other labor
. Bpioofl is deferred. A. long sf-ikeis
inevitable and the building inJustrj
amounting to nearly $l,00t),GOQ will re
' main Idle. :
I am Pellctier's, N.C, prepared to do
all kinds of repairings of bujrgies and
carts; Horse shoeing done at a tort
notice. Also I have for sale some very
nice baggies and harness, cheap for
cash er reasonable terms ,on good se-
ciiritjr. , SAMUEL LILLY.
' p
Pistributor? for Craven, Car
. tcret, Onslow. Jones, Pam
lico, Beaufort, And King
t eton Counties. .
Viru- MM ll' I , i II I
from Gate
City just
Rumors ol Conarouman' Blackburn i move
Against his Enemies. Mr. Wagnsr
and his Alleged Dealings with
Distillers. Walser Reported
Possible Candidate
lor Republican
(Special .Correspondence)
Greensboro N. C. May 8. The pres
ence of M, L. C. , Wagner of States
ville here Saturday in earnest confer?
ence with Congressman Blackburn, has
revived the old rumor, that the Congress
man would train all hs guns on Presi -
aoni Kooseveu to rignt uae wrong lie
j . . n . . .it 'ir . . ... v
did Mr. ."WaRnor, by throwing him
down for the appointment as Marshal
of the Western District after having
publicly assured him, he should have it.
The positiou now sought for Mr. Wag- ;
ner is no loss a one' than that of Col
lector of the Western District. Col
lector Harkins, it is said, will bo pre
vailed upon to retire, on Julv 1st. and
if not piessure will be brought"lo bear
that will practically force him out.
The fact that Mr. Wagner was turned
down because of his alleged close rela
tionship to the whiskey distillers, paid
relationship being only by reason of his
legitimate occupation ns a barrel and
cask maker, and kinship to L. E. Davis
t is now claimed was the veriest rot
md insincerity on the part of the "or-
,'amaation, to support tins contention,
Is News
the insurgents are pointing to the at-! rates 0 a deairab,e r5aks wi,
leged fact, that before Alimkan was 1 , ...
reappointed, the organization headed by vanced 25 "tinorder to reimburse
state Chairman Rollins had practically j the companies losing by the San Fran
endorsed Baily, a veteran distiller of I cisco fire.
Davie county for Collector over Harkins
and this with the understanding that
Rollins should in return be supported
for Linked States District Attorney, ;
over the immaculate anti-wmskey
A republican here speaking of the
"false pretense by which Wagner was
undone said that although Rollins had
never failed to defend the indicted whis
key distillers and revenue officers, when
he could get a fee as Attorney, yet be.
ing more allied to that interest than
Wagner, the latter was cast aside, and
that when the news that "Millikan and
Holton would be re-appointed by the
President reached Rollins in Asheville,
he was at that moment engaged in send
ng out a circular letter to members of
the bar of the State recommending him
for appointment as District Attorney
an! that this was being done with the
knowledge and consent of his candidate
for the collectorship Baily."
If all this is true, and it has been told
Often enough without contradicnion to
be at least worthy of credence, it would
seem that the "organization" and the
Chairman, should not ba saddled with
the "blame" of Holton's, Millikan and
Harkins retention of office for third
term but that the adminstration at
Washington and their apparent good
records as officials are alone responsible
ft is equally true, that regaidless of
politics, party, or faction everybody
knowing Mr. Wagner feels that he was
treated badly and that being a good
clean man he ought to have something
equally as good as the place he was
promised, jnd a little bit bigger and
better to make reparation for the in
justice done him, and natural mental
' Congressman Blackburn, who has been
uound for several days, but who has
oeen talking not a thing for publication
returned to Washington Sunday night
but will come back Wednesday night
Discussion of his tentative campaign
for the Chairman of the Republican
State Committee, has brought out the
information, that Ex-Attorney General
Z. V. Walser, of Lexington, is really
the most formidable rival he orany one
else will have for the Chairman ship. A
strong Blackburn man here this morn
ing said that if Blackburn was made
Chairman it would insure a republican
Congressman from the 8th and the 10th
Districts. 7 L . j
Judge Boyd, who has been id attend
ance on the United States Circuit Court
of Appeals at Richmond for the past
ten days returned home Sunday night
and left for Atthcville last night to hold
Court. '.; .
. It has been feared that Judge Peebles
would be unable to hold Stokes Court
this week on account of sickness, but
he reached here Sunday night and left
for Danbury'via Winston yesterday
morning. U9 was accompanied by Col.
James T. Morehead of the Greensboro
bar. ' . v - -
Sunday night policemen made a raid
on a negro club room of some notoriety
on Eart Washington St. They found all
varieties of, drinkables there, beer,
whiskey, - brandy bottles, jugs, etc.
many negroes and two white men pres.
ent The whole lay out was confiscated
the proprietor in default of bond being
placed in the lock up. .
Another Russian Assassinated
Kieff, Russia, May 8. General Igna
tieff, a prominent commander in the
Russo-Japanese war and leader in mili
tary affairs was killed by a bomb today.
Several attendants were Injured. The
assassin has not yet beon caught.
Program of four Days, May 20th Independ
ence Charlotte, May 9. The committee on
program for the four days celebration
beginning May the 21st, has made its
Monday, the first day, the program
will consist of an informal reception to
all "Come-Homers," at the Manufac
turers' Club at mid-day. The ladies con
stituting the Charlotte Womans Club
will have charge of this reception. In
the afternoon at 8 o'clock there will be
a balloon ascension and at night a Carn
ival of Lights wilt be the attraction.
Tuesday will be ushered in by a gor
geous military parade at 11 o'clock. The
veteran's drill will take place atl o'clock
and a balloon ascension at 3 o'clock. At
4 o'clock there will bean exhibition drill
by , Company "E". the crack cavalry
At 3.80 o'clock in the evening
I - '1
toe Marine Band will give a special con
cert at the Academy of Music,
On Wednesday the Floral Parade will
be the initial feature At 12:30 o'clock
Hon. Champ Clark will deliver his ora
tion at Vence Park. In the afternoon
and evening, there will be concerts by
the Marine Band, Red Men's Parade,
Fire Works and a balloon ascension.
Thursday will be Fraternal Day. In
addition to this a tournament and fire
man's drill will take place.
Charlotte is preparing to entertain
comfortably all visitors who come with
in her gates during the four days of her
big celebration.
Fire Rates Increase
Special to Journal:
Chicago, May 9. The Insurance
China Makes Good.
Special to Journal,
Hong Kong May 9. The government
has authorized the payment of $60,000
to those countries whose church mis
sion suffered the demolition of its build
ings during the riots in Lien Chow last
Union Station at Goldsboro
Special to Journal:
Raleigh, May 8. The Corporation
Commission today issued orders to the
Atlantic Coast Line, Southern, and'
Atlantic & North Carolina Company
whose roads pass through the City of
Goldsboro to build a Union statiou in
that city in accordance with the wishes
of the citizens. They are required to
file plans for the same with the commis
sioners within 30 days. The location
for the station is to be at Western and
Walnut streets, several blocks from
the present depot.
Conditions Improving Rapidly
Special to Journal.
San Francisco, May 8. A. W. Greely,
commanding general in his report to
the Secretary of War states that syS'
tematic arrangements have been made
for the distribution of clothing to the
destitute under the regulations of the
Red Cross Society. Clothing for women
appears to be the greatest need at
present The health condition, are
good and the citizens are co-operating
heartily to relieve the distress. Many
bank vaults have been opened and the
contents found to be safe and all right
Railways and Coal Mines Separate
Special to Journal
Washington, May 8. The discussion
on the rate bill today waa largely on
the Elkin amendment which prevents
railway corporations from owning coa
Will Extradite Gorky
Special to Journal
Moscow, May 8. The government
will take steps to extradite Gorky, the
Russian socialist-novelist, now travel
ing in America, for fomenting the
socialistic uprising which occured in St
Petersburg in December.
. Dr. Pepper it sold only m bottles
5 cents.
Poverty In Cities Shows Decrease
Special to Journal ;
Philadelphia, May 10.-At the Na
tional Conference of Charities and Cor
rections the report on solicitation made
by the Salvation Army saying that its
work among the poor1 had diminished
perceptibly; there were only three
colonies ot 350 members and that there
is but little work to do in the alums.
Don't be fooled and make to believe
that rheumatism can be cured with local
applications. Hollister's Rocky Mount
ain Tea is the only positive cure for
rheumatism. 85 cents. Tea or Tablets
For Sale by F. S. Duffy.
Those of Politics Engaging More Se
rious Attention.
Biggs of Durham. Reported Stror.g
Against Judge Shaw. Roosevelt Holds
Out Against Blackburn's Would-be
Postmasters. Verdict Against
Embezzler Affirmed.
(Special Correspondence.)
Greensboro, N. C May 10. th At a
meeting of the Democratic Executive
Committee of the ninth judicial district
composed of the counties of uilford,
Durham, Person, Granville, ', lamance
and Orange, at the Benbow hotel here
last night, June 14th, at Durham was
named as the time. and. place for the
Democratic nomination" convention to
name candidates for judge and solicitor.
JohnN. Wilson, of Guilford, chairman,
presided, the following members being
present in person: H. A. Foushee,
Durham; SoL W. Cooper, Gianville; A J
a. Garwood, Alamance. Mr. romheei
had the proxies for J. A. Long, of fer- S;aL and shows all the heads of faini
son and J. A. Harris, of Orange. ijos ;n Nortn Carolina, the numbers of
Greensboro received only the vote of j thejr families and of their slaves,
the Guilford member as the place of I A busineg8 Wa8 8US ended inthe
ing solidly for Durham.
So far there has been no announce
ment of any candidate to oppose solici
tor Brooks, of Guilford for renomination.
For the judgeship, the only avowed
candidate against judge Shaw, of Guil
ford is Mr. Biggs, of Durham, who has
been conducting a vigorous campaign
for the nomination for the past
months Mr. Foushee, who is a strong!
Liend of his Durham brother lawyers
nomination, said last night that Lies
would get the nomination, as he had
uwuiviw " 1
mm, ana wou.a carry nu o inuice
WhileJudge Shaw has not had any- ;
thing to do with the campaign for his;
nomination, his friends here and else- i
where in the district have gone to work 1
with a will for him, and will try to save'. klK 'u "
him to the State while having not the f httJ damae l" croPs vanouU8
least intention or desire to discredit the k)nds; Thef waa of frost this
merits or capacity of Mr. Biggs. i mormnB mf, we hT ktherek)was
Those who rejoiced here when Con
gressman Blackburn s case was taken,
; k .T,i r.w o,,,!
Pnmnl vindinHon waa rlll to
th3 four corners of the Union, honestly ;
t t ...
the senate committee, would iiu.t.di-
ately order action favorably on the
Congressman's appointees for postmas- j
ters at Goldsboro and Greensboro. It
was an open secret at the time, outside ,
of the applause in the court room given
by the large number of visiting rc venue
officers who were themselves indicted,
most of that coming from local habi
tudes of the court lfouse when Judge
Goff acquitted the Congressman, was on
account of the sentiment aroused for
Professor Frazier for Greensboro's
postmastership. The attacks on his
character had drawn his friends to him
and it was felt that Blackburn's vindi
cation would also mean Frazier's. But
since weeks have passed, and neither
he or Grant have had anything done for
them, there has been a feeling here
that somehow the Congressman's vin
dication has had a miscarriage, so far
as the President was concerned.
A decision of the Supreme Court this
week affirming a verdict of the superior
court of Guilford in the cose of G. A.
Summers interested people here. Sum
mers, who was only an agent for the
Singer sewing machine Company, ran
away about two years ago with about
$1800 of the company's money. He waa
captured out west, . was brought back
here, gave bond, employed several law
yers and has been giving the law and
the sewing machine company a lively
fight He was finally tried, convicted
and sentenced to several years on the
roads for embezxlement. He took an
appeal and gave bond. His defense was
that the company owed him the money
in commissions.'. . ,. . .:;
The Greensboro friends of Hon. T. J.
Shaw have formed an organization for
the purpose of securing his renomina
tion as judge of this district
Finest print butter, 30 cents per
pound. Coast Line Market-
i Will Probe Drug Trust
Special to Journal ; v
Indianapolis, May 9. The Attorney
General states that proceedings have
been established by the district at-!
torney against the drug trust in that
State, which, it claims has combined to
regulate the prices to customers. The
trust includes the Association of
Proprietum Medicines; The National
Wholesale Druggists Association and
the National Association . of Retail
Corporation's Shameful Deception
Special to Journal:
Chicago, May 10. Another surprise
was sprung in the Standard Oil inves .
tigation here today. , Evidence shows
how clerks doctored reports and driv
ers of tank wagons were bribed to re
port the handling of 05 to 208 ' gallons
when the tanks hold 200 gallons, this
gives proof of gigantic deception,
The May Cold Wave Checks Vegetation.
State Record Volume Sent Out. Memo
rial Day Exercises. Fewer Cases
of Small Pox. State Charters
Granted. Child Labor
(Special Correspondence.)
Raleigh, May 10. - The State Libra-
an is sending out volumes 23,24 and
2ti of tha State Record. Numbers 22
and 25 are being printed. Number 26
is the last of the volumes in the series.
It seems not to be generally known
but all the State Records, as well as the
Colonial Records are placed ' in the of
fice of the clerks of court in the vari
ous counties and furnish invaluable
reading for the public. Volume 16 con
tains the complete roster of the North
Carolina troops in the Revolutionary
war. Volume 2b contains a census of
1790. the first taken bv the United
public offices today. At noon business
was suspended in the city, as a mark
of respect to Memorial Day. The exer
cisis were held in the House of Rcpre
sen'atives, Capt. Samuel A. Ashe was
cliii'f marshal and introduced Col. Wm.
H. S. Eurgwyn of Weldon, the orator
of ihe day, whose subject was the life
and military services of Brigadier
I vruu-jLai uiaLbv, iwuiauui. xiic uauubcia ,
Confede the Ladie8 Memo- J
, ... . ,. r..Ural t.
rial Association, the Children of the i
linfA'i.rnpv and th. Clnna fif!ina
' !n.w;n .., ..n"t.hl
inmate8 0f the Soldiers Home. There
was a,go a visitjnK delegation o vete.
, nm , . Rananm nlaft tlf
- , Mnrf wp hown
,cia, attcntion.
,LC " wcu- '"c
' .
1 as mcreasea me aamage.
, 11 , 1
ciop auuvegiuunuit, Cn.v..
h 1 , , "c
and this'wea
season is late any way
eather will make it even
The Secretary of the State Board of ,
Health says all th reports on small ,
pox have not been received yet but
from those in hand it seems there were j
not as many cases as there were the
winter before.
Charters were granted to the trus
tees of the Pres i-yterial Home Mission
school, which is at Elise; the Robbins
Lumber Co., of Elm City, Wilson
county, $12,500 capital stock; the Apex
Land & Improvement Co-, of this
county, W. VV. Olive of Apex, J. B.
Mason of Durham and C. P. Stllars of
Greensboro being the principal stock
holders, capital stock $100,000.
Labor Commissioner Varner says the
decision of the Supreme Court in the
oase from Forsyths county in which it is
hpld that employing children under 12
years of age in factories is evidence of
of negligence on the part of the em
ployer in case there is injury to such a
child will have an excellent effect, and
that it will run children that age from
out of the mills, in case such are em
ployed. The law is incomplete, in that
it gives the Labor Commissioner no
power to investigate matters of this
When the baby talks, it is time to
give Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea.
It's the greatest baby medicine known
to loving mothers. It makes them eat,
sleep and grow. 35 cents, Tea or Tab
lets. For Sale by F. S. Duffy.
Superior Court Newi
The case of Disosway vs Edwards
was settled out of court, the defendant
paying the costs of the action. The
trial of Wateon vs the City of New
Born waa on trial during yesterday.
The case arises from damages alleged
to have been made on account of im
perfect drainage of the street during
the heavy rains, last year causing a
depreciation of property. O H Guion
is counsel for the plaintiff and W D Mc
Iver is conducting the case for the city.
Most of Jthe evidence was produced be
fore reefws yesterday and the argu
ments will be heard today. .,
North Carolina hams and Norway
Mackerel at Oaks Market .
Mrs Duke Appeals ,
Special to Journal ; , -Trenton,May
10 Mrs. James B. Duke
! has given notice through her attorney
that she will contest the decision of the
lower court In granting her husband
James B. Duke absolute divorce.
. Heath & Milligan paint if
you contemplate painting
H: & M. is what you want, it
spreads better and lasts lon
ger. Gaskill Hardware Co
"Crawford" Shoe
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vest in hot weather.
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Films developed the day they are brought
to the Studio.
92 East Front Street.
Buy A Lot in Highland Park
7th Ward, Norfolk City. This property is located midway between the center
of Norfolk and the Jamevtown Exposition Grounds, with car service to either
point ,
TERMS $5. and $10.00 per month, without interest
or taxes until paid for. Lots $400 to $750, according to
location. ' , , , , v
- The city's rapid growth In this direction should make much higher value
; For further particulars apply to ,
C. T. PUMPHREY, Hotel Hazelton, New Bern, N. C or
140 Main Street, Norfolk Va
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Baltimore and New. Yert

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