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29th YEAR
Track and Wheat Injured by Cold
Weather. -
Well Knew Drummtr Found Dead. Machin
ery Itr Gold Mining In Randolph
Cavity. What I an Intoxicant
Candidates announced.
(Special Coroespondence)
Greensboro May 11. Mr. S. M. Spang
let a well known drummer for a Wor
cester Mass. Glass firm aged, 53 was
found dead in a bath room adjoining his
. sleeping apartment in the Benbow hotel
A Corners inquest revealed that the
cause of death was heart disease. On
the table in his room was a letter ad
dressed to his wife in Baltimore, which
be had evidently written before retiring
last night. Disrobing he had gone in
the room to take a bath before going to
sleep, and must have dropped dead ju3t
as he was preparing for his bath. The
remains were sent to his home in Balti
more for burial on this afternoon's
A Philadelphia Syndicate had begun
operating the Sand Creek Gold Mine six
miles from Climax in Randolph County.
Robert Holmes Page is managing Direct
or of the Company and today $15,000
worth of new machinery was unloaded
- there for the purpose of economist
the production of gold.
The heavy frost here this morning at
tended by an unusually cold snap, has
frreatly injured vegetation and truck.
Cox Brothers, grocers here who run a
truck farm in connection with their
storf, say that at least five hundred dol
lars damage hss been done to their let
tuce, beans and other tender plants.
Farmers here attending memorial
scruices gay they think wheat has been
seriously injured.
Mayor Mw phy last night announced
that so many complaints were coming
4 tiead quarters about drunkenness of
ciJer that he felt that something had to
fee done to relieve. the situation and that
heMalter dealers in cider, whether
Wholesale or retailers, would be held
strictly to account. Hia test of whet
her a drink is intoxicating, he says, is
ot the amount of alcohol in it but
whether or not when freely drunk it
makes people drunV.
Since it has been learned that clerk
Of the Superior Court John J. Nelson,
. would not be a candidate for re-nomination
the following well known gentle
men ia the past few days have announ.
cements of their candidacy for the office
subject to the result of the democratic
primaries: Ernest Clapp, Deputy Clerk,
G. Arthur Rankin, merchant of Greens
boro. JohnG. Wilborn insurance man of
High Point.
Ganwmption Germs in Mummy Dust
Special to Journal.
Chicago, May 12ih. Physicians and
scientista have been greatly interested
in tests of overwhelming proofs of the
Hfe of tuberculous germs. Experts
nave shown that the development and
spread of the disease is largely due to
Egypt and France where it first gained
a foothold. Germs are extremely nu
merous in mummy dust and they live
for thousands of years and are far more
deadly than the spu urn of live persons.
Cloud on Russian Sky
Special to Journal:
St. Petersburg, May 11-Russian peo
pie are much disappointed because the
Czar did not grant amnesty to political
prisoners en the opening of Pi rliament
Thursday. They had expected it.
I am Pslletier's, N.C; prepared to do
all kinds of repairing of buggies and
artax Horse shoeing done at siort
aotise. Also I have for sale some very
site buggies and baVness, cheap for
cash or reasonable terms on good se-
Distributors for Craven, Car-
teret, Onslow. Jones, Pam
lico, Beaufort, And King
ston Counties.
. t pdnsve and) Padds fl'nht
Trie- vj v? For .
i Aims' ' ' P"t
tuyr. v. IAwum 1
Commander of Pert ol St Petersburg Atsas
ilnated by Workman. Another
Crisis In Ruuia.
Special to Journal.
St. Petersburg, May 14. There is a
fresh crisis in affairs, and it is felt the
Czar must give t.mnesty to settle the
impending; trouble.
Vice Admiral Kuzrich, commanding
the port of St Petersburg, was stabbed
in the back with a dagger by a work
man, and instantly killed. The work
men in the arsenal desired to march out
in a body and celebrate May day. Per
mission was refused by Kuzrich. He
wa$ cruel to all and generally hated.
The man. who wounded him. had thel
dagger concealed in a hollow cane.
MacKay's Mac-u-dine
cures all headaches, etc, does not de
press the heart, 10, 25 and 60 cents a
bottle at druggists, 5c doses at foun
tains. Shooting Affair in Dover
Kinston Free Press.
A shooting took place in a disreputa
ble negro house in Dover Sunday, in
which Redding Bryant, colored, was
right seriously, though not fatally
wounded by a pistol ball from a pistol
in the hands of Ross Supgs, another ne
gro. The shooting is said to have been
The bullet entered Bryant's right
breast and penetrated deeply. He is
getting along as well as can be ex
pected. Apron Bazaar
The ladies of the First Bsptist church
will hold an apron bazaar Friday May
18th at the store under hotel Hazleton,
beginning at four o'clock p m. Aprons
of every description, suitable for ever
size and to meet the requirements of
every taste will be on sale at reason
able prices. Refreshments will be
Magazines Explode
Special to Journal.
Bridgeport, May 14. The explosion of
same of the Union Metallic Companie's
magazines here today, the shock was
felt over nearly all Connecticut. No
one was hurt.
How f. S. Duffy Sells Hyomel. the Guaran
teed Cure for Catarrh.
F. S. Duffy has an unusual offer to
make to our readers, one that will be
of the greatest value to many.
For some years F. S. Duffy has been
watching the results from the use of
Hyomei, a treatment for catarrh that
cures by breathing medicated air, ab
solutely without any stomach dosing.
Die results have been so universally
successful that F. S. Duffy feels justi
fied in making a public offer to treat
the worst case of catarrh in New Bern
with the understanding that if Hyomei
does not cure, the treatment will cost
absolutely nothing.
The regular Hyomei outfit costs only
one dollar, and consists of a neat
Docket inhaler that can be carried in
the purse br vest-pocket, a medicine
dropper, and a bottle of Hyomei. If
this is not enough for a cure, extra bot
tles of Hyomei can be obtained for 50
F. S. Duffy positively guarantees a
cure, if Hyomei is used in accordance
with directions, or F. S. Duffy will re
fund the maney.
Ladies Bible Class
Lecture 17.
1 In how many stages was the trial
of Jesus divided? note pgg 190 and 197.
Z Describe the trial, by Amos' sec
125. ' ":
3 The trial by Caiaphas and Sanhe
drim? sec 126.
, 4 Relate Peter's denial? 127 note
5 Describe second trial of Sanhedrim?
128..' , .v ,
6 What became of Judas Iscariat?
7 First trial by Pilate? 130.
8 Trial by Herod? 131. -
9. Last trial by Pilate? 132.
10. What time of day was Christ
tried and condemned? Note page 205.
11. What mockery was made? page
2)6. .
12. Place aud tints of crucifixion.
Page 133. ..
13. What can now be said of the
three fold prayers in (1) self -manifestation,
(hostility of his enemies, (3)
training of the twelve. '
14. (Events of the journey to the
cross. Sc 133.
15. His companions in execution? Sc.
183; Is. 63.12. . , ', ,
Don't be fooled and make to believe
tha rheumatism can be cured with local
anruiatiAni HlliatAj'ea Pw1rt MmtnT.
ainTea is the onlv nositlve cure for
rhmimfttlBm. an emta. T r Tahinta
For Sale by F. S. Duffy. '
Killing Frosts Do Immense Damage
to Crops
Governor CJenn asd Entire Staff WIN Attend
Mecklenburg (Celebration st Charlotte
May 20, Confederate Veteran!
Will Ask lor s Park to Eielost
Battlefield el Petersburg.
Temperance Senti
ment Not In Favor
of "Election
for Prohi
(Special Correspondence.) '
Raleigh, May 11. A letter to the
Agricultural Department from the
Superintendent at the State Test Farm
at Statesville says all the cotton up
there was killed by the frosts this week
and that the same remark applies to
corn. From this statement it is be
lieved that this was the case with crops
generally in that section of the State.
It is very bad news as it means re
planting, of course.
Today the State Board of Public
Buildings and grounds advertised for
bids for laying the walks in the capital
spuare with grauolithic pavement. The
penitentiary furnishes the money,
$6,000 wi'h which to pay for the work
as the board deciees that it is not to ex
ceed that cost.
The Governor says he will be at
Charlotte at the 20th of May celebra?
tion with his entire staff. He remarked
that he would be willing to do anything
to help the great occasion and remark
ed that every citizens in North Carl
olina, whether National Guardsman or
citizen that he thought that day ought
to be given the state. He recognizes
fully the importance of the celebration
He will review the troops. He does
not expect to speak, or if he does so hi
remarks will be very brief, as he does
not take time for much speaking.
The Wake county Confederate Veter
ang yesterday adopted resolutions of
fered by J..C. Birdsor.g asking Con
gress tut t apart tne oatueneias
around Petersburg as a National park
like Chickamauga or Gettysburg. Com
rade Orrin G. Smith, a veteran of both
the Civil War and the Mexican War
s joke to these resolutions, saying the
fighting around Petersburg was as se
vere as during the entire war.
The ' tearing down of a noted resi
dence in the eastern part of the city is
in progress, to make room for a large
public school. It is expected that a lit
tle later work' will begin on the high
school which is only a block west of the
capital square and adjoining the water
At the Rarieigh Phosphate Mills here
a warehouse, 80x200 feet is dndar con
struction for the storage of phosphate
rock. This now comes from Florida
and the quality is said to be better and
the grade more uniform than that of
the Tennessee rock which has been
used heretofore. The freight is the
same from Florida as from Tennessee.
Trotman's Whiskey Distillery at il
mington has been seized by the United
States for irregularities. This follows
the seizure of a number of barrels of
whiskey at Wilmington last week.
Very little' has been heard during the
past few days about'the proposed elec
tion on the question of prohibition here.
It is said that a certain well known ex
saloon keeper here went to the pastor
of a church took a very prominent part
in the campaign in favor of the dis
pensary three years ago and. asked him
to lead in a fight .for prohibition but the
pastor declined and then the ex-saloon
man went to the gentleman who is now
interesting himself in having a vote on
prohibition. The gentleman in ques
tion claimf that the ex-saloon man has
reformed and would no longer ennage
in the business even if Raleigh were
an open town tovtn. Much of the pro
hibition or temperance element here is
not backing the movement for an elec
tion at this time because it is not
thought opportune. The general opin
ion seems to be that no election will be
Hope Cheers Mrs Davis' .Friends
Special to Journal:
New York, May U. word comes
from Mrs. Jefferson Davis' physician
that she ia resting a little .better from
her attack of la grippe and a little hope
is expressed for her.
Cold Weather Disastrous
Special to Journal:
Asheville, May 11. Frosts have kill
ed all early vegetables and nearly de
stroyed the fruit crop. Light snow
fell ia the mountain! Wednesday. .
Noted German III
Special to Journal -r -
New York, May 11. Carl Schurs, the
noted German-American citizen, and
Secretary of the Interior under Grant
His age and weakness
e,nMi by
slight accident some
months ago combine to make his con-
ditlon serious. -
' ,'i A'
PriM.ot Rooievtlt Wit! Not Reply Direct
ly to Ttllmni Cottoa Futures and
Hate B1I Discussions.
Special to Journal:
Washington, May 14. A bill was in
troduced today by representative Hef
lin of Alabama to mtke keeping a'place
for dealing in cotton futures, a gamb
ling place, and (he penalty for such a
fine of not less than $5,000 and a year's
imprisonment. ''
The President will personally maV
no reply to Senator Tillman. The re
ply will come in some other way. The
rate bill was discussed in the Senate
today. A nevrmendment was tabled
which provider that investigations be
made by the commission, to find the
value of the property of every rail
Tillman Busy With Pitchfork
Special to Journal
Washington, May 12. Senator Till
man made a cnaracteristic speecn in
the Senate today, attacking President
Roosevelt ancj his position on the rate
bill. He said he had entered negotia
tions with the President ac latters sug
gestion and that he had forsaken tho
agreement ' He caused considerable
laughter among the senators. Todays
session wb devoted to rate bill discus
sion. The Bacon amendment was voted
Hearse Drivers Strike
Special to Journal
New York, May 12. The hearse
drivers of the city have struck for an
advance of Wo dollars per week. The
undertaker have shown no sign of any
concession or compromise and it is
likely that the strike will last a long
time. Bodies are removed to come
teries on trucks and carts.
Puliganes Loot and Rob
Special to the Journal
Manila, May 12 In the province of
Samar a band of rebel Puli janes enter
ed a town and killed and wounded a
large number of persons. The houses
were robbed and burned and other
atrodties.cjjtjimitted. They took twen
ty prisoners and retired"to their strong
holds. Troops are in pursuit. Natives
have asked that all rebels be extermin
ated. Wiretets from Washington
Special to Journal.
Washington, May 11. rrogress on
the rate bill discussion is being made
rapidly and it is probable that a vote
will be reached soon. The Allison
amendments have been adopted by the
Senate. One of these riders strikes
out the phrase "fairly remunerative'
and the other limits to two years the
continuence of Interstate Commerce
Commissions orders.
In the discussion of the Panama Ca
nal matter ,in the House, Attorney
Cromwell refused to answer questions
reeardintr the canal while he was
It has be-1' discovered that 20,000
barrels of English manufactured cement
has gone to Panama, thus the order to
use only American made goods has been
violated. Secretary Taft denies re
sponsibility for the order.
The amount of money asked for by
the Panama Commission is $26,000,000.
Card of Thanks
Hauing disposed of my barbershop to
F, A. Gaskill and H. N. Harrington, I
wish to thank my many friends and
customers for their patronage. I be
speak for my successors, who are
cleyer and industrious young men, the
same patronage that has been accorded
Turkey Yields
Special to Journal -
London, May 12. The Sultan of Tur
key has notified the English govern
ment that Ottoman soldiers will be
withdrawn from Egyptian territory and
all" the demands made upon the Turkish
goveanment will be complied with.
Bryan Says no and Winks
Chicago, May 11. A personal friend
of W. J. Bryan has received a letter
from him saying that he will do nothing
to get the nomination for the preslder.
cy and does not desire it unless circum
Stances seem to demand it, and that
time alone can determine.
rrV! Fpr Sate , -
One 20 h. p. fire box boiler In good
condition. For terms and price apply
to Hammon Lumber Co., Kellums,
N.C.- 4--.. ..V'-'v
Be No More
Mr. and Mrs. Cone to Sail Around the World.
Safety Air Brake Invention.
(Special Correspondence.)
Greensboro, May 12. At a meeting
of the Board of Aldermen yesterday
afternoon, the all absorbing topic of
the street paving question was settled,
and the report looks like a complete
vindication of Messrs. Merrimon and
Benbow, property owners, who sought
to have the city enjoined some time
ago from paving out any more money
on the contract, alleging that the work
was defective. The city fought the in
junction and Judge Furguson declined
to grant it. Later the Board of Alder
man appointed a committee of its own
to investigate the work and this com-
mitttee submitted this report yesterday
'The committee to whom you re
ferred the matter of the investigation
of the paving of Elm street with vitri
fied brick would respectfully report
that, pursuant to the authority con
ferred upon them, they secured the ser
vices of an expert engineer, Mr. G. C,
White, of Durham, ,N. C. and on May
1, 1905 together with the said expert
they proceeded to investigate said pav-
ng work, by opening the same digging
into and examining it.
'Fifteen excavations were made, in
as many different places, chosen in the
judgment of your committee in such a
manner as to accord a fair test of said
"From their own inspection and ex
amination, and from the report of Mr.
White, which is herewith submitted as
part hereof, your committee finds
that said paving on Elm street is de
fective, and that said work does not
comply with the contract and specifica
'Your committee recommends that
no further sums be paid, by the city to
the contractors, the Southern Paving
and Construction Company, until said
pavement is done, built and finished in
substantial compliance with said con
tract and specifications."
T. J. Murphy,
C. C. Wysong,
M. W. Thompson,
Mr and Mrs Moses H Cone will leave
tonight for New York, from which
place they will sail Saturday for a trip
around the world. They will go to Na
ples first and from there to England to
spend a month or two and then to the
countries of Europe; leaving Constan
tinople for Palestine; thence to Egypt
and from there through the Suez canal
and the Indian ocean to points in India,
from which place they will visit the
Philippines and then China and Japan,
returning via the Pacific ocean and
across this continent. They expect to
be away from six to twelve months.
Mr. John B Wright; of this citv. who
has for three years been at work on a
safety air brake attachment has had
three patents issued to him and now
has several applications for others
pending. Mr. Wright has had his air
brake in successful operation for three
months on three important railroad
systems and they have proven every'
imng mat is claimed ior uiem, omciais
. . . i . i i
writing Mr. Wright in high commenda
tion of the device. These tests have
been so satisfactory, Mr. Wright is
now building these brakes for general
use. He has made eight different de
vices, and now has his brake as near
perfection as possible. The device sets
in operation the brake already on the
train, automatically putting it into
emergency in case of derailment or
anything that caused the truck to be
placed in an abnormal condition. Any
derailment, a split switch,. the breaking
up a center pin. wheel or axle imme
diately puts the air brake on the whole
train, thus doing what the engineer
would do if he knew the moment any
such accident occurred which he of
coure cannot know. The best railroad
men in the country who have carefully
investigated the invention, declared it
to be absolutely new. and by far the
most practical and perfect prevention
ol disastrous wrecks yet discovered.
J. E. Latham's Weekly Cotton Letter
Special to The Journal
Greensboro, N. C, May 12th. The
market has been much more active this
week caused by very low temperature
throughout the South. In many locali
ties killing frost is reported with much
injury to young cotton. Good trade
continues everywhere, and this is the
most bullish argument that can be ad
vanced. So long as spinners can con
tract ahead at profitable rate they will
be willing to buy cotton to cover these
sales. The new crop despite.., the frost
scare seems to be doing fairly well and
while present prices are very remuner
ative to cotton growers yet the neces
sity for a large production keeps the
market steady and no important decline
is expected until the situation Is more
favorably developed. The amount of
American cotton brought Into sight for
the week is 79,321 bales less than the
same week last year, the statistics are
gradually growing more , bulish each
week, but nothing has yet appeared to
make the trade fear a famine this sum
mer. :, , :.,' ,
There Will
Telephone Company by Secretary of Stats
Alleging Over Charges.
Special to Journal.
Raleigh, May 14 Secretary of State
Grimes, files a complaint with the cor
poration commission against the Bell
Telephone Company for alleged over
charges for long distance business in
North Carolina, asking that the rate be
made five cents per minute for the
first five and 2 cents afterwards, also
that rental rates be fixed at ?1.50 per
month for residences and $2.00 for bus
iness places.
Insurance to Pay Up.
Special to Journal:
Chicago, May 14. -The Traders Fire
Insurance Company, which was ruined
by the San Francisco fire, announces
that it will pay every dollar of the
claims against it.
Drink Dr.
Pepper Vim Vigor and Vi
'A Pertinent Suggestion
Mr. Editor :
As am old Confederate soldier and
one who has always the interests of the
veterans at heart, I have a suggestion
in regard to the annual Fourth of July
dinner, and I think I voice the senti
ments of my comrades in asking that
some good speaker who was in the
army and shared our hardships and
knew the conditions of the service. The
old soldiers will feel better satisfied to
hear a speech like that than all the
canned oratory that could be produced.
H. H. D.
Paroid Roofing is the kind
that gives satisfaction. For
sale by Gaskill Hardware Co
School Notice.
On Monday May 14, all grades will
begin a review of the work during this
term and the final examinations will be
gin about May 17. I hope every pupil
will be present for these reviews and
the examinations. There are a num
ber of children in the city who have
passed on the first term's work once,
and some twice, but they have dropped
out of school before the final examina
tions and 30 have remained in the grades
where they were. If it is possible
these pupils should make every effort to
be in school for the next three weeks,
make up what they have missed and get
promoted. I should like very much to
see every pupil in school get promoted
and those who fail are usually those
who drop out in the spring or come
once a week. I hope the parents in the
city will help us in trying to help their
children and see that we have every
pupil now in the city, in school during
the next three weeks. School will
close on June 1.
"The man who whispers down a well
About the goods he has to sell
Wont catch as many golden dollars
Ashe wno climbs a tree and hollers."
But if the man remarked above
Does out upon the public shove
Goods that the buyer does not suit,
Will find his work wont bear much fruit
Now the folks that do just what they
And sell your goods that are 0. K.
Are the folks you want to patronize
A word is sufficient to the wise.'
Bean tha' The Kind You HaraAlways Bouffll
Rates to Charlotte N C
Southern Railway
Account grabd celebration Mecklen
burg Declaration of Independence Char
lotto, N. C, the Southern Railway will
sell reduced rate tickets from all points
in North Carolina, also Seneca, Ander
son, Greenwood, Columbia, S. C, and
intermediate points to Charlotte, st
rate of one first class fare plus 25 cents
for the round trip.
Tickets will be sold May 19-24 inclu
sive, final limit May 26th. . ,
For detailed information apply to
nearest Southern Railway. .' . ,
' T.E.GREEN, C. T. A-
Raleigh, N. C.
NewVork Cotton Market.
The following were the opening and
closing prices on the New York Cotton
Exchange, Mayl.
. Open High , Low
May 11.84 1142 1184
July ill.14 11 20 1114
Oct 10 65 1070 10.65
Receipta-11,313 ' '" ,
, Last year 28,567 ' , r .
North Carolina hams and Norway
Mackerel at Onka Market.
127 Middle Street.
Full line of
cines. Toilet
Soap. Fresh
Flower Seeds.
Drugs, Medi
Articles and
Supply of
May 14.
Slater's Comedians
Management of Schloss-Cowan Bros.,
in a new Repertoire of Modern Plavs.
with Clever, Up-to-date Specialties
between act.
Under the Stars and Stripes
A stirring play
but with plenty of
hne comedy.
Prices 10, 20 30c
Only matinee
Saturday afternoon.
By using Peerless Ice
land freezers, Cold Wave and
Labell refrigerators. The
difference in cost of ice will
be greater over cheaper
Rest Well ,
by using good hammocks.
Don't Worry
over hot stoves, get a blue
frame Oil Stove, at a small (.
cost. Call and see before
you buy.
Yours to pleawr,
New Bern NC
Means an irregular focusing of rays of
light on the retina (or mirror) of the
eye, i- e. the vertical rays may focus
on the mirror and the horizontal behind
or in front of it, this is an ifhCqual ex
penditure or distribution of nerve force
which means headache, nerslgia, ina
bility to read or study for any length
of time, the muscles being in a con
stant cramp or strain to overcome the
defect in order that clear vision may .;
be maintained, this error unless slight
usually results in very defective vision'
and upon correction by glasses opens
up a new world, one patient remarking
he was afraid of the glasses they
made me see like a telescope."
Graduate Optician.
New Bern, N. C.
Buggies, Wagons, Carta and Drays al
ways kept in stock, I reset fares
without cutting with the latest im
proved tire shrinker. I keep a good
supply of cart wheels always in stock
repairing done at quick notice.
Shoo on South Front street near
Hsncock Sta. ' .
For County Treasurer.
To the democratic voters of Craven ,
. By the solicitation of my friends all
over the County I hereby announce my
self a candidate for County Treasurer
subject to the Democratic Primaries.
J. J. Baxter.
Porch Columns, Rails, Bal
usters, Spindles, Stair Kail
Balusters, Gnus, Plinth and
Corner Blocks, Sash and
Doors, Frames for Wood and
Brick Buildings, Mouldings,
Mantles, Brackets.' Factory
in Church Alley, New Bern
N.C. -

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