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Official Paper of New Bern and Craven
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ficance." Others have said in expl ana-
nation, that the invitation waa ax tend
ed b7 the students, s that, the faculty
and trustees had nothing to do with
the matter. : And another reason ad-
vanced has been that the invitation,
that of asking -for an address at the
commencement exercises, waa the us-
ual one extended to a former graduate,
or a man who had a public following.
Accepting the situation in its best
Dhas3. everv excuse .offered seems
fatuous, and to the ordinary person,
it seems remarkable that any speaker
should be invited to address the great
gathering which must assemble at the
State's University, for whom a single
explanation or apology was necessary,
Certainly the University must have
among its graduates, men who need no
apologist, men whooe address would
mean everything their audience, for
the reason that the speakers themselves !
rino,' '0
New Bern, N. C, May 15. 1906.
SHIP. Theoreioally, there is so much in
municipal ownership of public utilities,
that the practical carrying out of its
attractive features nppears simple, and
of no serious moment, and for a muni
cipality to take over and run water,
lights, sewerage, and even transpor
tation, appeals to tax payers, and the
trade is made, without the first assur
ance thnt the conduct of these proper
ties will be along practical and business
It is the failure to assure the practi
cal, that works the evil, for municipal
ownership is a general ownership, and
a general ownership results too easily
into its being no special business of any
citizen or tax payer, to look into or in
quire after the conduct of the proper
ties under control. This leaves the
management to a few. who soon find
that they have only themselves to ac
count to, that people are too busy to
demand accountings, and tax payeis
accept any kind of report, just :sj there
is the appearance of all being right,
and light, water, sewerage, etc., are
No personal business can be c onduct
ed successfully, unless there be care
ful management, yet tax payers wil
bond and pledge themselves for hun
dreds of thousands of dollars, and then
lot a half dozen men have complete con
trol and charge of the properties for
which they, the tax payers, stand lia
ble, and only tbe most meager account
ings will be gratefully accepted, when
if the matter was a personal business
transaction, everything would receive
the closest scrutiny.
It is this indifference and neglect on
the part of tax payers to take note of
municipal affairs, which makes muni
cipal ownership of public utilities a
hazardous and expensive matter. The
theory of municipal ownership, with its
great saving to each tax payer, the
extra servico given, and the great pro
fits resulting, can all be placed in fig
ures beforehand, but it is a failure, un
less the tax payers shall give earnest
and serious heed to the conduct of
these public utilities, for unless this is
done the tax payers are to wake up
some day with broken down properties,
and a big bond issue to make good, be
cause no sinking fund has been pro
vided against the day of reckoning.
And it is not necessary to go far from
home to make application of these
. weaknesses in municipal ownership.
f HE
stood always for . the bent of North
Carolina citizenship.
The Journal has to say for its parts,
that educational advance and progress
is not worthy of a name of honor, if
Marion Butler, stands as a sample of
what it does for this State's young
The announcement of the invitation
to Mr. .Marion Butler to make an ad
dress at th Tune commencement of
the Univers v nt North Carolina, has
provoked both public and private, com
tnent, most f it of a tenor of surprise
and chagrir nd even from those not
personally interested, there has been
expressed enuine surprise.
That either surprise or disapproval
has .been expressed, by press or indi
vidua!, indicates that Mr. Butler must
have some status different from the
average university graduate, or any
' personage who may be deemed worthy
of the honor of being invited to make
- an address at a commencement of
great university.
For the most part the press of
Nortj Carolina has been very quiet on
this matter, of Mr. Butler s invitation,
' no question it being due to the respect
f lt for the educational institution to
which the ex-Senator has been invited
The South Carolina press has been de
...i eidedly frank in its expressions on the
- - subject, and its criticism bas been one
of lurprise that such an invitation bas
, been extended to even a graduate, with
tuck t personal record made sine his
leaving the university. .i
Apologists for the University, and
hay have had to come out, have said
invitation had no 'political signl-
The young child first attending school
eannot of course recognize that tardi
ness at school or a day'B absence from
school, is a specially serious matter, or
loss to the child which so disregards at
At this season of the year, the teach
er has much to contend with in keeping
up the attendance of pupils, for almost
everything serves as an excuse for a
pupil's tardiness or absence for one day
or several days. Those parents who will
visit the graded school in this city, or
those who will see that this season is
particularly hard upon the teacher, who
must use all means to sustain school in
terest so tliat the pupil will not be lured
away by outside attractions, and so
lose time from school, and so suffer at
the close of the school year, the result
being a setback, or the necessity of go
ing over again at thenext school term,
the lessons neglected during this terra.
In a recent lecture before the Wo
man's Club in this city, by Mrs. Cotton,
on the child's study department, the
peaker made a most able presentation
of the subject, and specially was the
eceasity dwelt upon, the need of the
parent's co-operation with the teach
ers. There is much stress, rather over
much, on the teacher's responsibility, as
the person to successfully solve the
Droblem of school attendance. Too
much is expected of the teacher as the
one atone to solve the child's mental,
moral and physical needs, and solving
these, to direct the child and success
fully develop and produce the well bal
anced man and woman.
But to prove this success, the teach
er must be given the child every school
day, and the child must be on time,
and in a mood which shall give the
teacher a receptive pupil. How is the
child to be on time, regular every, day
at school, and in a thoroughly receptive
mood, unless there be the home influ
ence of the parent to give this daily im'
petus to tho child, and so prepare it for
the teacher ? It is the parent first, who
must impress the child with the seri
ousness of each day's value at school,
that a day lost, is as it were, a bargain
lost, which can never be found again.
If the child should be early impressed
with this idea, there will be no need of
tbe push, the hurry, the excitement,
which so often is to be found in homes
every morning as children, and. parents
struggle together, to get. tb children
away to school. The child feeling the
seriousness of the school day and is so
impressed that it Jjeeda jno urging to
get ready, but is daily found, featjy and
in trim, and enh trouble of school
attendance will vanish, and the teach
ers work will be half done, as the child
comes prepared and liking every school
duty. It would be education with no
compulsion of any kind, ...
An Interesting Letter From a. B. Morri. a
Former RMidint of Craven County.
The friends and relatives in Vance
boro and elsewhere of Mr. A. R. Morris
will be pleased to hear from him
through the column of the Journal and
we gladly publish his letter:
LaVerkin, Ut:
ApriHO, '06
To My Beloved Friends and Relatives,
It is with the greatest pleasure I take
up my pen to write you a few words
about this wonderful country. First
of all, I want to tell you that I cannot
express the pleasure I have in reading
the letters from the different places
where I am acquainted in old Craven,
as I see them in the Journal and I as
sure you tho Journal is a very welcome
visitor twice a week to my home.
Since my last letter we have moved
20 miles up the Vigor river, where it
comes tnrougn a long, aeep canon.
There is a hot sulphur spring near here
in which the water is as hot as one can
place his hand, and one hundred feet
higher is a sulphur mine. This mine is j
about a quarter of a mile from our
home; pieces of sulphur from the mine
average five pounds in weight.
La Verkin is a pretty place to live in
and is noted throughout this section on
account of the sulphur spring. Peo
ple from all over the country
come to bathe in this spring, principally
those affected with rheumatism but
victims of other diseases find successful
treatment in the waters here.
We are enjoying good health and are
well satisfied with our new home. We
.Sunday Sickness.
From the Church Standard. ,
A writer who haa thought much on
the subject of Sunday non-observance
thus writes concerning "morbus Sabba
ticus" or Sunday sickness: Tbe attack
comes on suddenly every Sunday: no
symptoms are felt on Saturday night;
tbe patient sleeps well, eats a hearty
bieakfast; but about church time tbe
attack comes on, and eontiuues till ser
vices are over for the morning. Then
T ..... 1 . . 1 u
uhj pauent ieeu vuajr auu ci irwij j
The Last German
The concluding dance for the season
of the Clarendon German Club was
given Thursday night at the Armory
atd waa one of the most delightful of
all the pleasant gatherings that have
taken place since the organ' cation of
the club in the fall. The attendance
dinner. In the afternoon he feels much j was large and every one was in a spu n
better, and is able to take a walk and ! to enjoy tho occasion and each one
talk about politics; but when it is again seemed to contribute unconsciously to
time for Evening Prayer he gets another
attack and stays at home. He retires
earley, sleeps well, and wakes up on
Monday morning refreshed and able to
go to business. No recurrence of the
symptoms is felt until Sunday comes
round again.
Sore Nipples.
A cure may b effected by applying
Chamberlain's Salve as soon as the child
is done nursing. Wipe it off with a soft
cloth before allowing the child to nurse.
Many trained nurses use this salve with
the best results. Price 25 cents per box.
Sold by Davis Pharmacy, and F. S.
To tbe White Voters of Jones County
At a meeting of tbe Democratic
County Executive Committee of Jones
county, held at Trenton, N. C, May
7th, 1906. A county convention was
railed to meet at Trenton N. C. on
Saturday, May 26th, 1905, at 12 o'clock
m., for the purpose of electing dele
gates to the Senatorial Judicial Con
gressional and State Conventions, and
wish we could solve all the mountain 1 10 transact such other business as may
mysteries that we see around us. Where ;COme before said convention.
I am sitting now I have only to turn my j The Democratic voters, and all other
head and look out of the door to see a , white voters who intend hereafter to
big old mountain covered with snow, ' vote the Democratic ticket are urged
and yet at tho very foot of it fruits and to meet in their respective voting pre
flowers, almost tropical in their nature, j cmcts at usual place of meeting, on
grow luxuriously, enormous trees grow ; Saturday, May 19th, 1996, at 3:30
on the side. This mountain is about ten I o'clock p. m., for the purpose of elect
miles from me and yet the air is so clear : jng a precinct executive committee of
I can see it plainly, snow, forests and 1 five members, electing delegates to
all. tho county convention and transacting
Here the weather and climate arc le- sui, other business as may come before
lightful. H is warm and pleasant. The . s3jj primaries.
fruits grow finely; almonds and apricot: ; fly order of the committee.
are over half grown; p2achesare aliou
as large as hickory nuts and grapes hav
formed. We are working on a large
runch where there is nothing much
raised but fruit. We have had a late
spring, as there has been a great deal
of snow in the hills. The days are warm
but the nights are cool and pleasant. I
thought I should see some very cold
T. D. WARREN, Sec'y.
T. C. WHITAKER, Chm'n.
Juggling With Dynamite.
Is no more dangerous than to neglect
t idney disorders. Foley's Kidney Cure
corrects irregularities and has cured
manv severe cases after other treat-
weather during the past winter, but it ment has failed. It builds up the worn
has not been so. The tempei ature does out tissues and restores health and vig
not vary much the whole year round. or. "I was troubled with kidney com
We have been getting garden vege- plaint for about two years," writes A.
tables since April 1, such as asparagus, h. Davis of Mt. Sterling, Iowa, "but
lettuce, radishes, &c. Strawberries two bottles of Foley's Kidney Cure ef-
are now in tune and they are cultivated fected a permanet cure." For sale by
the pleasure of the dance. The german
was led by Mr. Will Dunn.
The music was furnished by the K of
P band in a most satisfactory manner.
They have a. number of dance selections
which they rendered in a most pleasii g
manner and the dancers all expressed
themselves a highly pleased with thoir
music. It was through thorn that the
pleasure of the evening was greatly
Following are the names of the cou
ples: Misses and Messrs: Hughes, William
Dunn Jr; Fillyaw of Wilmington, J S
Wahab; Greenabaum. MrWahab; Rice,
J W Smith; Guion, Jack Street; Kaine
of N J, Street; Congdon, Robards,
Donavanof Md, W A Smith; Thorpe,
Charles Wyatt; M E Street, S K Eaton,
Percival of Va, A M Rountree; Rawl
ings, J P Rawlings; Biddle, J A Nuno;
Stewart, C T Brain of Texas; Smith,
Garrison Farrow; Mrs Harris of Wil
mington, T W Waters; Willis, C L Stev
ens- Tisdale, Tolson; Mr and Mrs H C
Lumsden; Mr and Mrs H McLCrowson
Mr and Mrs A P Rawlings, Mr and Mrs j
R A Stickney, Mr and MraLCTol
Patron?: Mrs S C Whitford, Mrs S ,
W Hancock, Miss Griffin, Mrs J T Hoi-1
lister. I
Stags: J C Green Jr, O G Dunn, M
C Dill, T C Daniels, J S Claypoole. j
At Cirti J
Miss Nettie Rawlings charmingly en
tertained a number of her friends at a
card party last Tuesday evening in
honor of her guest. Miss Percival of
Petersburg, Va. Euchre was the
game of the evening.
The Bridge Whist Club was enter
tained last Wednesday afternoon by
Mrs J R B Carraway.
At Cards
Mrs C E Slover gave a delightful
card nartv yesterday afternoon to a
number of her friends and the visiting
ladies in the city.
X Had Suffeud Sevtrtlv From Pelvic Catarrh Cannot Prais Pintna
6 Too Highly-Read Her Letter. 6
here with great success. There is but
little rain here which fell most';)' in the
winter. We depend largely upon irri
gation for moisture of the earth.
There were eleven tons of almonds
and grapes on our place last year and
you can judge from that what a fruit
and farming country this is. We are
looking forward this year to as large
a crop 11 not larger man last years.
Our grape vines have just begun to
bear fruit but they are strong and
hardy and we look for good results
from them. Sometimes the grapes run
50 pounds to the vine. The cultivation
of grapes here is an industry by itself
and is quite profitable.
The people are going to have a grand
celebration here on May day and we
expect a lot of strangers and a good
time. There is little drunkenness the
people are all quiet and refined. If
any of my old friends and neighbors
wish to ask me anything about this
country I will be glad to furnish them
with . any informatisn that is in my
I should be pleased to see a letter in
the Journal from the Zorah & Askin
correspondents and other placet) in the
vicinity of Vanceboro,
Wishing you all the greatest suc
cess, I remain your truly.
Deafness Cannot be Cured. .
By local applications M they eonnot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only on way t cure deafness
anJ that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflamed con
dition of the raucous lining of. the Eus
tachian Tube. When this tube is inflamed
you have rumbling sound or imperfect
hearing, and when it is entirely .closed,
Deafness is the result, and unless the
inflammation can be taken out and this
tube restored to ita normal condition
liearing will be destroyed forever; nine
cases out of ten an caused by Catarrh,
which la nothing but an inflamed condi
tion of the mucous surface. -
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any ease of Deafness (caused by cat
arrh (that cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars free,
i : . . F. J. CHENEY CO.V
r V , - r Toledo, Ohjo.
8oldby Druggiata, 75c. " J ...
Taha Hall's Family Pills for const!
. atwn. 1 ' -
Klvors, Wis., was a sufferer from
elvto catarrh to such an extent
she could scarcely do her own work. In
cribing her symptoms, she wroto :
"I have euch terrible backaches and
pains below my shoulder blades, way
down my back and across my hips, and
at times pains iu the pelvio organs, ho
that I am not able to lie down or sleep.
I also have pains through my leftside
and am afraid I mfjy be getting heart
After taking Peruna and following
Dr. Hartman's instructions for several
weeks, Mrs. Kaiser reported aa follows :
"I feel much stronger and do not get
nervous as 1 used to. The pain is en
tirely gone, except when I work a lit tle
too hard. The medicine has done me
wonderful good. 1 am taking Poruna
and Manalin. My bowels arc also in
good condition."
Revised Formula- ,-For a number cf years requests
Report Her Cure.
After continuing the treatment a
thort time longer, Mrs. Kaiser reports
her cure, as follows :
"I must drop you a line to let yon
know that 1 am well now and cured
with your medicine. 1 must thank yon
for the advice you gave me.
"Tho medicine is something wonder
ful. 1 caunot prat so it enough for U
good it has done for me and I hope
many others will bo froed from thoir
"I have advised others who st suffer
ing as I did to consult you and many
ure taking my advico. If ever I need
medicine again, 1 know that Peruna
will help me "
Dr. Hartman's Advice.
To every woman suffering from the
symptoms above indicated, I)r Mart,
man extends an earnest Invitation to
rito to him for medical advice.
have come to me from a
multitude of giateful friends, urging that Pe-ru-na bo given a flight laxative
quality. I have betn experimenting with a laxative addition for quite a length
ot time, and now reel gratined to announce to the trienas oi re-ru-na ipai i
huve incorporated such a quality in the medicine, which, m mv opinion, can only
Davis' Pharmacy.
Dr. Pepper is sold only
5 cents.
in bottles
The Paris police believe they are on
trail of a number of Russian nihilists
now in France.
Tk tfi.J Vnt U.IM lillMI DA!lftM
of 0tifyj. fiomivi
enhance its well known beneficial character.
'S. B. HARTMAN. M. D.'
Bradstreet's Trade Report
Richmond, May 7. Bradstreet's to
morrow will say for Richmond and vi
cinity : As a paper market Richmond
is prominent, both in mauufactunng,
wholesale and jobbing, Dealers are
entering new fields with satisfactory
results, and prospects for the future
are encouraging.
The tobacco market is strong with
good demand and high prices for com
mon grades of fillers and good wrap
pers. The crop for 1905 has practi
cally all been marketed. Large for
eign shipments are noted. Dealers
expect as great an acreage to be plant
ed this year as the present scarcity of
labor will permit The produce mar
ket is strong with light supply, good
demand and high prices. The weather
for the past week has been favorable
for shipments of southern vegetables.
Collections generally are good. Retail
trade continues somewhat depressed on
account of unfavorable weather. .
It I Dtngsrous to Neglect I Cold. '
How often do we hear it remarked:
It's only a cold," and a few days later
learn that the man is on his back with
pneumonia. This is of such common
occurence that a cold, however slight,
should not be disregarded. Chamberlains
Cough Remedy counter-acts any ten
dency of a cold to result in pneumonia,
and has gained its great popularity and
extensive sale by its prompt cures or
this most common ailment It always
cures and is pleasant to take. For sale
by Davis Phar and F. S. Duffy.
The Massachusetts company which
made a specialty of, insuring mothers
against financial loBses incurred Oy
births is trying to wind up its business
because of the high birth rate.
Hit Stood the Test 25 Yeart.
The old, original GROVE'S Tasteless
Chill Tonic. You know what you are
taking. It is iron and quinine in a
tasteless form. No Cure, No pay;
Better Service Needed
It is not so long ago that the Journal
mentioned - the Northern connection
matter and rgain we make bold to speak
of it. The question, as has been said
at different times is really more impor
tant than one would think at first We
believe that money is lost and many
disappointments have resulted from tbe
failure to receive the regu'ar (or what
would be) mail each night .
A record has been kept in this office
this month on the failures of the A. C.
L. and A. & N. C. trains to connect
Of the first ten days there were five
days when the trains filed. The service
is getting is getting tope rottoh and the
indignation of the people will show its
elf in no uncertain way.
It has been suggested that the cham
ber of commerce, board of trade or
merchants' association take this matter
up and affect a better ordsr of things.
It is understood that notwithstanding
the charge in the Chinese customs sys
tem, Sir Robert Hort will remain inspector-general.
'. Ta Cars A Cols la 0n Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets
Druggists refund money if it. fails to
cur E. W. Grove's signature is on
each box. 26c
Nature Gives Timely Warnings That
No New Bern Citizen Can
Afford to Ignore
from the kidney secretions. They will
warn you when the kidneys are sick,
Well kidneys excrete a clear, amber
fluid. Sick kidneys send out a thin, pale
and foamy, oi a thick, red, ill-smelling
urine, full of sediment and irregular of
from the bach. Back pains, dull and
heavy, or sharp and acute, tell you of
sick kidneys and warn you of the com
ingfit dropsy; diabetes and bright's dis
ease. Doan's Kidney Pills cure sick
kidneys and cure them permanently
Here's New Bern proof:
LA Smith, Supt of Crystal Ice Co,
19 Griffith St, residing at 13 Griffith
St., says: "I used Doan's Kidney.Pills
for my kidneys and back, ihe secre
tions from the kidneys'were all out of
sorts; and too frequent in action.
Doan'a Kidney Pills stopped all this.
My little boy was troubled with a kid
ney wen knees aud tho secretions were
highly colored and full of sediment
rave him some of tho pills and they
cleared the secretions up to their nat
ural color. I cannot bnt consider Doen'i
Kidnev Pills an excellent kidney cure
and do not hesitate to say so. I ob
tained them at BredhamV Phar
macy." For tale by all dealers. Price 60 eta.
a box. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
N. Y. sole agents for the U. 8. -
Remember tho namo Doan'a, and
take no other.
What's the good of keeping from him
Any good things you may sec,
That will lift his load of labor
Like Rocky Mountain Tea
For Sale by F. S. Duffy.
Reports from localities in Pennsyl
vania, Delaware and other States tell
of the destruction of fruit, cotton and
other crops by frost
A Guarantees" Curs Far Pllti
Itching, Blind,' Bleeding, Protruding,
Piles. Druggists are authorized to re
fund money if PAZO OINTMENT fails
to curein 6 to 14 days. 60c.
Postmaster Robbed.
G. W. Fouts, Postmaster at River
ton, la., nearly lost . his life and was
robbed of all comfort, according to his
letter, which says; "For twenty years
I had chronic liver complaint, which led
to such a severe case of jaundice that
even my finger nails turned yellow;
when my doctor prescribed Electric
Bitters; which cured me and have kept
me well for eleven years." Sure cure
for Bilousness, Neuralgia, Weakness
and all Stomach, Liver, Kidney and
Bladder derangements. A wonderful
Tonic, At all Drug Stores. 60 cents.
: -v, t m ;
It is reported the Zulus have cut up
a detachment of 60 members of the
Natal Rifles ip South Africa.
; ' ' Fortunate Mlasourlaiw.
When I was a druggist, at Livonia,
.Mo.," writes T. J. Dewey, now of
Graysville,Ma, "Three of my custom
ers were permanently cured of con
sumption by Dr. King't New Dlscov
ry, and are well and strong today.
He waa trying to sell his property and
move to Ariwma, but after naing New
Discovery a short time he found it un
necessary to do so. I regard Dr. King's
New Discovery as U most wonuenui
medicine In existence." Surest Cough
and Cold euro and Throat and Lung
healer, f joaranteed by all Druggist,
60c an If. Trial bottle free.
For L. G. Daniels' fresh lot o Horses. Also Buggie3
Wagons. Harness ana baaaiery oi an kuius. uuiu w
city livery. Good rigs at reasonable rates. -Phone 104, .
L. G. Daniels
M. HAHN can be found at L. G. Daniels' :
E. C. D.&O.D.
It is necessary that the
Steamers sail promptly on
time ; we therefore cannot
receive freight after 5 p. m.
May 5th 1906.
, o
,lho Kmd f Han
Fresh Bread!
Hot Rolls
at 4 o'clock p. m. every dayi
Cakes -and Pies at ail times
":- -AT . '
. ., ;
Riverside "Store
r rubric wr . ,
.,. S ' .jj.
Porch Columns, Rails, Bal
usters, Spindles, Stair l Rail
Balusters, Grills, Plinth and
Corner Blocks,, Sash and
Doors, Frames for Wood and
Brick Buildings,, Mouldings,
Mantles, Brackets. Factory
in Church Alley, New Bern,

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