). , 11 V I 11 - ill J! No. 14. NEW BERN CRAVEN COUNTY. N. C, FRIDAY MAY 18, 1906.--SECOND SECTION. 29th YEAR ADDRESS TO CZAR A GREAT PROGRAM. WAR IN THE SENATE. LAS! DAY OF COUNCIL J 151 IR v1?L J i Tm Oemantlt Mad by Tiopla Rtluial Likely to Cauu Trouklt . Special to Journal. - St Petersburg. May lr,. The draft of the address to be made on the Czar Is prepared. Ten demands are made, general amnesty; abolition of death .1 penalty; suspension of martial law; civil liberty; abolition of the preat council of the empire; revision of the fundamental law. It declares the chief thing to be am nesty, and this question presents the calm consideration of legislative work. The eountry is thirsty for amnesty, which is the demand of the popular conscience, and impossible to be re fused, and is to be demanded as the first pledge a mutual understanding. Circus Steal at farboro Revived Special to Journal ' Cleveland, O., May 15.-W T Spate, auditor of Hagenback's trained animal show, is arrested charged with stealing $30,000 from Forepaugh and Sells Circus atTarboro, N. C, in October 1904. He will be brought to North Carolina lor trial A Tillman Denial Special to Journal Washington, May Jo.--Senator Till man denies in a published statement that he had said Senator Aldrich .sought fan alliance with him rather than the President. Fi-Mr apon Was Murdered Special to Journal St. Petersburg, May 15. The mys tery regarding the disappenrniice of Father Gapon is cleared, as his body has been found and positively identified lie was killed by a blow on the head while in a lonely house in Finland, the deed beiug committed by revolutionists, who discovered Father Gapon to be in collusion with the Russian Governqr. 7 Wftaf Abroad for Canal Special to JournaJ - Washington, May 15, The President approves of Secretary Taf t's plan for - buying vessels and goodd abroad for the Panama Canal Meat can be purchased ' from Australia, at one half price from " Pacific coast price. Very Bad if True Special to Journal. Washington, May 15. Miles Dawson, Actuary for the Armstrong committee of New York, says nit a fire insurance company in the United States knows whether it will be solvent or not after it pays its insurance losses. The Iriquios Theatre Fire Case Special to Journal: Chicago, May 15. William Davis, manager of the Iriquios theatre at the time of the great fire which destroyed o many lives will be put on trial for y. manslaughter. H.I11M H-l III mil ; Too Sweeping Action .. Special to Journal. . Birmingham, May 16. A prot St ' has been made against the action of 1 the Methodist General Conference, bn doctrinal 'aith. It is declared to be too weeping, and also that the committee did not properly understand what it voted 'or. - - aaMaaBB J t .-. Basket Lawn Party y. May 19th there" will be a baskt lawn party at Mr. E. A. Lancaster's home , for the benefit of Clark s M. E. Church .; Clara Humphrey, ' f. ETHfiL LANCASLER, v.-i . .. ' Com. ROBERTS & HURST Distributors for Craven, Car teret, Onslow. Jones, Pam lico, Beaufort, And King- ' .-- iHK ( Font rtott Counties. Provided For North Carolina Teach ers' Assembly. Twenty-Third Annual Gathering. Will Sur satt all Previous Onss, June J 2th to 15th Inclusive. Some of the Special Features For Those lo Enjoy Who Attend, Kaleigh,' N. C, May lti, 1906. Professor R. D. W. Connor has pre pared the program of the North Caroli na Teachers' Assembly of which he is Secretary. The ennual meeting, the 23d, will be held at Raleigh June 12th to 15th, both dates inclusive. W. T. Whitsett is the president and J. A. Matherson the vice-president. The opening exercises on the evening of June 12th will be held in the Academy of Music, when- president Joseph G. Brown, of the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, delivers the address, to which superintendent W. H. Ragsdale, of Pitt, will reply. Stata Superintend ent Joyner will deliver an address on the educational progress of a year in North Carolina and will be followed by N. C. Schaffer, president of the Nation al Educational Association, and State Superintendent of schools in Pennsyl vania, who will be, introduced by presi dent Charles D. Melver, of the State Normal and Industrial College. The exercises on the morning of the 13th will be held in the auditorium of the Agricultural and Mechanical College, with addresses by governor Glenn, Dr. C. Alphonzo Smith, of the University of North Carolina and Miss Celestia S. Parrish. of the Georgia State Normal school. That afternoon there will be a meeting of sections and in the evening President Whitsett will deliver his an nual address at the Academy of Music. This will be tollowed by a reception to the teachers, given by Governor and Mrs. Glenn at the executive mansion and also by a special concert given by the orchestra of the Sunday'" School of the First Baptist church. At the meet ing of the morning of June 14th at the A. & M. College auditorium there will be addresses by Dr. John M. Coulter, of the University of Chicago, and Presi dent Poteat, of Wake Forest College. That afternoon there will be meetings of sections' and in the evening, at the Academy of Music-addresses by Dr. Coulter of the University of Chicago, and by Dr. F. C. Wooward. of Rich mond Va. College. Friday morning, June 15th at the College auditorium thore will be another address by Dr. Woodward followed by one by Superin tendent B. C. Gregory, of!the Chelsea Massachusetts city schools. In the afternoon there will be visit to the North Carolina Hall of. History in the State Museum at which there will be a talk by the director, Col Fred A. Olds. In the evening Gover nor Andrew J. Montague of Virginia, who has well earned the title of the educational governor will deliver an ad dress, as will also Dr. Henry N. Snider, president of Wafford College. The programme of section work is a very striking and valuable one. In fact it is very safe to say that no Bession of the Teachers Assembly has ever been held in which such admirable opportu nities were offered for getting the very best material It is no wonder that the teachers all over the State are man ifesting the deepest interest in the mat ter. One session is that of the State Association of the Academies, of which Col Robert Bingham of Ashville is the president, and among the speakers on the afternoons of the 13th and 14th of June will be W. J.' Ferrall of Pee Dee Institute, J. Henry Joyner of Whitsett, J A Bivena of Trinity Park, M H Holt of Oak Ridge, N. C Hughes of Choc owinity, 3X C. Horner of Oxford, P. L. Gray of Bingham School and Dr. Wood ard of Richmond College. The section of city school Supt. has as its presi dent J. P. Alderman, superintendent of the Henderson city schools and on the afternoons of June 14th and 15th it will hear addresses by Superintendent B. C. Gregory of Chelsea, Mads., Superin tendent W. B. Boyle of Rocky Mount. Bruce Craven of Morganton, J. A. Mathason of Durham,. H. B Craven of New Bern, W. S. Snipes of Winston, and there will be a number of short talks and round table discussions. The section of primary teachers, the p-esident of which is Miss Leah D. Jones of the State Normal and Indus trial College of Greensboro .will have iU session on the afternoon of .June 13th with a round-table discussion led by Miss Celestia S. Parrish of Georgia and will also hoi J a joint session on the afternoon of June 14th with the nature study section, for which a charm ing programme ' has been pre pared, this meeting to be conducted by Dr Coulter of the University of Chi cago and Prof. F L Stevens, the talent ed professor of agriculture at the A & M College here. . The nature-study sec tion, of which the president Is Dr Stev ens, will hear talks by superintendent I C Griffin of Salisbury, Miss Leah Di Jones and others, and also an illustrat ed lecture by Dr Stevens on ichool gardens, agriculture, and nature study. The annual session of the Woman's Association for the bettormenLof pub lic school housPSjin the State of which BLACKBURN TO DO BETTER Come to Dover tinier Cever of Educational Mission to Try His Strength In Eastern Carolina. In the regular Washington letter by Thomas J. Pence of the News and Ob server the following appeared y ester terday morning which will be of some political interest in this section. "Representative Blackburn makes a trip of some significauce tomorrow. He will go to Dover, in Craven county, to deliver a commencement address Fri day, but the political aspect of the mission is not to be overlooked. This visit means that Mr. Blackburn is go ing to measure lances with Collector Duncan for delegates from the East in his fight to capture the State conven tion." Mormon Church Going Out of Business Special to Journal Salt Lake City, May 17. The Mormon Church is selling its street railways, and will also sell its other properties and go out of business as an organiza tion, the reason being that these prop erties no longer need the support of the Mormon Church. Russian Parliament Defies Czar Special to Journal. St. Petersburg, May 17. There is an intense interest in the defiance cast by the Parliament at the Czar, through its demands for recognition. There arc rumors that a compromise may be ef fected, yet others that ex-premier Witte is planning some mastorly move ment. CHANDLER CONFIRMS TILLMAN Tillman and Bailey Both Make Speeches Against Roosevett Special to Journal Washington, May 16. Senator Chandler again affirmed the statement that he made about the President's word regarding the rate bill. He said that he could not use such language to-1 ward the President as Tillman used who was very profane and abusive. The President's impulsiveness led him into error. The senate discussion was kept warm and Senator Bailey added fuel to the flames by saying that the statement that he had been responsible for the disagreement between the President and Tillman was a malicious lie. Methodist Conference Against Sunday TravH Special to Journal Birmingham, May 16. The Metho dist Episcopal General Conference to day heard the report on the Committee of Sunday observance and it was es pecially strong on preachers admonish inn the members of churches and con gregations to avoid Sunday travel a much as possible. Railroad Passes For Corporation S Counsels Special to Journal Washington, May 16. Senator Dan iels introduced a bill today granting the privilege of passes for railroad law yers and their families. Amnesty Must Come Special to Journal. St. Petersburg, May 16th. The con- flict for amnesty for political prisoners seems inevitable between the Czar and Parliament. The latter body is almost unanimous in favor of the measure, and the Czar has only the members of the royal family and nobility for his support. , It is said that the Czar con templates giving partial amnesty on his birthday, May 19th, but this report Is not confirmed. treasurer, will be hnWon the afternoon of June 16.. On the morning of June 16, the fifth annual session of the State Association of county superintendents will begin, State Superintendent J. Y Joyner being the president of the asso ciation. The opening session will be a joint one with Woman's Association for the betterment of Dublic school houses, Some of the problems the county super intendenta will disco st will be uniform examination, graduation and certifica tion of teachers. , The problenf of get ting children to school and keeping them there, embracing the whole mat ter of locating illiterate children of school age and of. compulsory attend ance legislation. There will be an ad dress to the association by 0 B Martin, State Superintendent of Public Ins true tion of South Carolina and also one by President Snider of Wafford College, 8, C There will be talks on what some emcient county superintendents em ployed during the entire year have ac complished, increasing the school fund. m training and Improving teachers, in supervising schcols, tn building and equiping scho4 houos and in cultiva- Standard Oil Company Denounced. Reports Showing Its Extortions and Frauds. Special to Journal Washington, May 17. There was a hot time in the Senate today. In the rate bill discussion, Senator Lodge de nounced the Standard Oil Company in no measured terms, declaring it holds the entire industry of the country by the throat. Senator Bailey renewed his attack on the President, savins: he thoucht the President inspired the newspaper at tacks. The President had written him saying he did not doubt his good faith. The President sent to the Senate to day, Commissioner Garfield's full re port on the Standard Oil Company's investigations, showing the extortions and frauds practiced by that company with the complete testimony including way bills- Preserve your youth'by DrinkinglDr Pepper. It is Now Bishop Kilgo , Special to Journal Birmingham, May 17. In the elec tion of the three bishops at the Metho dist conference here, today, James J. Tigert, secretary of the general con ference, was elected bishop on the first ballot, and Dr. John C. Kilgo. of North Carolina, was the second bishop, on the next ballot. Demands Some Public Action The electric lights on the Pollock street section were again out last night This no light is not merely an annoy ance, but is is a serious loss to every store on the circuit, whose business is injured, and every house bolder is put to an extra expense. If the consumers on the Pollock street circuit would get together, they might get some redress, as it is now, this no light, for so many nights, demands some public actior. for its -correction. Mrs. Davis Suffers Relapse1 Special to Journal New York, May 17. Mrs. Jefferson Davis suffered a serious relapse today, and her condition is quite dangerous. Big Cotton Tire Loss S pecial to Journal : Macon, Ga., May 17. The Central Railway's cotton press and two thous and bales of cotton were destroyed by fire today. Striking Italians Threaten Town Coaymons, N. Y., May 17-The New York National Guardsmen are protect ing this place, where 500 striking Ital ian brick makers made an armed at tack, yesterday. The strikers are yet ngly and many arrests have been made, Apron Party Tonight Come out tonight and lay in your supply of aprons from the well selec ted assortment to be found in the store under Hotel Hazleton. Save yourself the worry and labor of sewing. Save vourself the unnecessary ex pense commonly attached to an apron purchase. The ladies of the First Baptist church will, from the large supply they have, provide you with the apron you want at a small cost to you. In addition to the apron sale refresh mentawill be provided for those- desir ing them. " Remember the place, store under Ha zleton hotel, - Macedonia May 14, We are having dry weather now. The farmers are getting discouraged over their crops, it to ao dry, they can't get their tobacca aet out, neither get their cotton up, we would be over glad to see some rain, the gardens are looking very dull on account of no Tain. . Rev Mr Daugherty filled his regular appointment at this place Saturday night and Sunday. . Mr Barney I pock of Jasper spent Saturday nurht and Sunday with his parents, Mr and Mrs Raymon I pock. Mr Willie Cayton attended church at Galilee Sunday. . ' , ' Mr R W Smith of Bogue and little daughter Julia and sons Leslie and J I Smith are visiting at thia place this weak. . Mrs Katie Xuthor and children spent Saturday night with her sister, Mrs DoraGaskins. Miasea Ola and Ida Cayton and Mrs Elfie Willi returned home last week from a visit at Bogue and report a fine time. : 1 '. '"Mr T A Willis is very 111 but hope he wMl oon b M fight again. Mr C&ud Miller returned hol.hlast Saturdny from Dojjue and Bays he will Decision to Hold Intact Bishops Property WllmlngtonCommlttees Appointed. Reception at Parish House. Yesterday's council began at 9 30am as usual. In the parish house the Worn an's Auxiliary held its session, the re?, ports of which were especially good. The morning session in Christ church opened with the discussion relative to the question of building the Bishop's residence at Wilmington, ana1 the aliens tion of part of the Episcopal proper ty. The result was that the council de cided not to sell any of the property upon which the bishop's house is to be built. This discussion occupied most of the morning session. A committee was appointed to devise ways and means to raise the money to pay for the erection and completion of the bishop's residence. The following committee was appointed: Rev. Mr Gibble of Windsor, Rev, L. G. H. Wil liams, New Bern; Rev R.W.Hogue, Wil mington; Laymen. Messrs. Cordon, Washington; Hill, Goldsboro; Col. De Rossett, Wilmington; Anderson, Fay etteville; Wood, Edenton. The afternoon session beginning at four o'clock, was spent in electing com mittees. For the Sunday school com mittee commission the following were appointed: Rev. Cox, Greanville, Rev. L. G. H. Williams, New Bern, N. C. Cordon, Washington,' and Mr. Boatwright, Wil mington, The committee on the colored commission were: Kev. N. u Harding, i Rev. Cox, Messrs. W. G. Lamb, F. D. Winston and W. D. Pruden. The following were elected for the standing committees: N. C. Harding, j Dr. Carmiehael, Rev. Mr. Skinner, . Col. DeRossett and Mr. G. H. Roberta. I Mr. Rountree, of Wilmington, was elected chancellor. Elected to the missionary committee were: Messrs. LaraD, nasKetx ana Cordon Before the close of the afternoon session, Bisnip unesnire, oi Kaieign, made an interesting address in which he stated that Trinity in 1907 would be the bi-centenial of the first celebra tion of Holy Communion recorded in the state of North Carolina. Other committees were re-elected, among them being the student's aid, church building, trustees of diocese and general clergy relief. The Council adjourned at 6:30 p. m., to meet May 1907 at Kinstou. At the Parish House, last night from 9 to 11 o'clock, a general recep tion was held, given specially in com pliment to the visiting clergy and del egates at the Council. The spacious and splendidly arranged building was thrown open to the public for the first time, and the visitors and guests admired everything about the house. There was a large number pres ent. Refreshments were served. Who are the sweetest things that painters paint, or poets sing, lovelier than anything ? Girls who take Hl- lister's Rocky Mountain Tea or Tablets. Sold by F. S. Duffy. Union Point May 14. The weather still keeps dry and we fear our farmers will have to plant their cotton over. Quite a lot of our people went to New Bern on the 10th to attend the celebra tion. Some of our neighbors are losing their hogs and we fear it is the cholora. Mrs Maria Dudley of our place who has been in Cedar Point died last week with pueumonia. Mr E L McCain is having some screens out to his house. He means to keep the flies out. Mr F G Oglesby is going to have a new bazaar put to his dwelling. Mr Arandal Hay of Pelletiers was in our berg Saturday afternoon. Mrs A A Garner visited Mrs D Mc Cain Sunday am. The lournal is a welcome visitor at our place. We are all glad to see it come twice a week. The old corn crow has become a chicken eater, our people are losing their young chicks by the desperadora. Mr Haywood Hilbo of Florida is vis iting friends and relatives in our midst this week. Mr Hilbo was raised .in Newport, he has been in Florida about 16 years in the fish business. Misses Amanda and Clara Garner were the guest of Misa Andaina Mann last Sunday. . Mr T E Mason of Holly Springs came over to see bis mother, Mri G H Boland the past weeK. K L M. Notice We make a specialty of adjusting claims of all kinds and especially Insur ance Claims. At present we are engaged in a aeries of suits against the Life Insurance Co. of Virginia to recover on certain ten . - 1 1 1 A ... .1.. year term policies w u yuuym j upon the representation that at the end of the year uiey couia uraw out weir luuiivjr D. E. HENDERSON, I Attorney at Law, HACKBURN IS SOLE AGENT FOR THE "Crawford" Shoe FOR AND "The Patrician" FOR WOMEN. 4 1 No Shoes Wear Better" TWO PIECE Suits Very few men have use for a vest in hot weather. We find the most attractive suits in our store just now are those, composed of coats and trousers. They make the coolest clothes that a man can wear. You don't realize how hot a vest is until you have gone without one. If you are looking for comfort it awaits yon here in abundance. J. J. Baxter. BAYARD WOOTTEN Makps up-to-date Photos, and gives prompt service, for reasonable prices. Films developed the day they are brought to the Studio. 92 East Front Street. Buy A Lot in 7th Ward, Norfolk City. This property ia located midway between the cental of Norfolk and the Janwrtown Exposition Grounds, with car service to either point. ,.- TERMS $5. and $10.00 per month, without interest or taxes until paid for. Lots location. The city's rapid growth in this direction snouw mane mui uikuw y For further particulars apply to . , T C. T. PUMPHREY. Hotel HIGHLAND PARK SYNDICATE. 140 Main Street, Norfolk Va 5c. Drink Dr'Pepper's Phostoates THE BEST HEALTHFUL DRIuIU COMPOSED OF WHEAT AND IRON WITH PEPSIN BOTTLED BY CROWN p jQNE 105, MEN It!! Copyrights Fine Clothes Makers Baltimore aod New!YMt Highland Park $400 to $750, according to .... . t..u i Hazelton. new cern, . v, or 5c. By HI SCHLOSS BHlS. CO bottling w;": , 1 22 CRAVEN stk:::! ' : . i - W R H 'I -f (! 1 -'-) M 1 t'r n piil.l'c siTiIini'it f B. E. C5 S. F. Street, New Eorn, N. C.

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