' 8tt Lib rary NEW BERN CRAVEN COUNTY, N. C., 'TUESDAY MAY 22, 1906.--FIRST SECTION. 29th YEAR .'rv. . ' W tf- v ; -. $ I'M r r .7 7 4 tfuruori inmley Visits lake Ellis to 1 , Secure Them .-aisaMMS ft Stats MuMum. Governor '- VWtog IUIs1f Again, Auto, Com - 4 , . ttf Muiim Cfc irtor. 'Jural ' :)llva'ry ItoutM. Meck 1 Unt'irrgUadi In Mac ' - ' ssaat Reads. ISpeelaj Correspondence. ) . Baltigh, May 19. Curator Brimley of $ha State Museum returned today from speclsj Jrip to Lake Ellis, near Wa Bern. le v-as after alligators Ud secured the heads and skins of sf ht, the largest 8 feet in length. The , kina an to be shown" and the heads counted Jibe water jn. the lake is rj 8 fact deep at. most. The allUra t'tlr mainly apeared, but som? , sjbot the" 85 calibre expanding Wis r.teriy smashing their skulls. Many photographs were taken, and a wewer of reptiles and bird were at " cured. !'" -Got. G!en returned from Asheville, ftaatljfp', aaedat the convention of 600 4 thamost important cotton manufac ttran in the county. A charter ia granted the Ashevillg, sssanat::- ad Transit Co., to oper '. these and other vehicles on the ' Wic Made of Buncombe county and laawhere. t handling passengers and trtiaiit, D. G. Noland and others bo ing among the stockholders. .--, im.,2 - ... . .!miHi now in uns atate litfj roral free delivery hiatt carriers. There are In he United Stat s 35,365. ' - It to learned that there are now 820 utoaof . macadamized road in tiiis 8a4W-'4r'kienburg leRds, with 14 -nrllaac CTike'a roads are in need of re- ;,flrfalB.:-qr cases. Thafceaudful collection of theivoods ei Neath Pajtoja in the lower floor of . the iMa Hbaaia, ia now rearranged - and ajatjiia aanaed to the public. It to eaa at the tareat features of the l E ltUum. 4, Company's Weekly ' Cotton Letter 8pecial to Jouonal. Geeenaboro, N. C, May 19. Fluetu tiona in cotton during the ..week have baan vary 'harrow and the closing today ia practically the tame ae a week ago. ' Trade continues good and spinners are . wall employed the world over. The spot sales la Liverpool this week have hen very large and shows a, disposition of foreign spinners to fortify them ehres against any contingency that may arise,"-. The new erop is doing well, "but it to useful to note that influential 'finaa such, as W. P. Brown and Co. Theodore H. Price, S. M. Weed and Coanpany, latham, AUxander and Co., ad Messrs Giles are givinjoutacrenge figures showing very small increases. If tha government on June 3rd should . also show a very small increase, say not aver 29,000,000 acres, it is likely the . trade would become alarmed and bring tout a higher range of prices. Dr Kllgo Cets Uffice Special to Journal Birmingham, May 19 The Southern Methodist General -t conference today elected Dr,' Jj)hn C. Kilgo, a member of the board f education. The con . flict over the revision of article fourth continues. Chocolate Ice Cream and Lemon Ice at tha same tim with the Twin Freez ers. M. E. Whitehurat Co. - Meetingi ..Postpone! On account of the inability to secure room tha evangelistic meetings con ducted Mrs.; r Wicks of Georgia which were announced to have com menced last night have been postponed antila desirable place to hoi J meet ings can be secured. 'CC3ERTS : HURST Distributors for Craven, Car : tcret, Onslow. Jones, Pam lico, Beaufort, "And King ' " i Counties. , - - (6 ',(r"o P, BLACKBURN AT DOVER, The Republican Congressman frera the 8tb H District Delights a Large Audience " ! In that City. Tho address delivered by Hon. E, Spencer Blackburn to the graduating class ut Dovor Friday night was very largely attended and the audience highly. nppVociativen. The advent of 'the brilliant young (statesman to this section was not known very widely or there would have been a very much larger attendance. His visit was regarded by some as buing net wholly .of an Educ tional nnfure, but there was so little time to give to political matters that all he coulj do was to note which way the poii'uc-u wind was blowing. He expressed himsi It ,p very confident of his success in .;ie coming convention. He said it wouM b. ;. fihttothe finish: it was lick or L'j i'cK'. d. His address was one of goo.! f (!vic and suggestions to the young iduuiC3. A thorough education is beccmins i kscossity. If a man has no other ar.i!.i;iou than to merely be able to r;ad and write or hold an ordinary poiition in life 'ie n.ust have an education and the more eager he is to amount to something the more learn ing he neoda to have. The progress of the times; the intensity of competitim demand that education of "our youth be thorough and practical. There has beei a revolution of educational ideas and we have all been c'ttight in the great sweeping wavo of this demand. While only a few years ago tha edu cated men were in the minority now they are in tho g.-eat majority and by information gamed from statistics the majority ia grow, ing larger. He com plinienled the indents for their indu?-n-'-.d tht;u to inirsuo it 7 "d t: cir e.tu 1 P"' fnee !i! ;.lher. ' ;i ..l. ' atchlese - v ' .1 the practical talk li-.-pt the audience oratory nj jrc c i iiis h!.;.'!1ci1 iihi.u wotds. His address cnia.ued fr ntdiiy an hour and was uiueiit!y interrupted by approving a; luUsc. He wa.-. introduced by Professor Mosej, superintendent of the Dover school and was preceded by Mr. S. M. Brinson, ''ounty superintendent of edu cation. The people of Dover are justly en titled to tho distinction of being the most thoroughly alive to the subject of good schools of any people in the coun ty if not in the, titale. They recently held an election on the local tax for schools question and adopted' the meas ure without a dissenting vote: It was a matter of considerable surprise and much gratification to learn that the people wora so united on the ' question. The graduating claisa was unusually fine, composed of some eight or ten young men and women who acquitted themselves grandly in both the exerci ses of Thursday and Friday nights. Irade Report Richmond, May lS.Bra'Istreet's to morrow will say for Richmond and vi cinity : "'i,' The market for agricultural- Imple ments and vehicles is active and shows largely increased sales over previous years; the same is true with, the har ness and leather market. Ii this line some dealers have more . order j than they can fill, owing to the BCarcJty and high prices of leather. The tobacco market continues strong with high pricn.3 and giod domanda for all grades. Produce is scarce and hi.!;h; this is due partially to the recent cool weather which has reUirtad tho ripening of vegetables and" in some sections the :v.v is considerably injured. Collec tions ara nit good. Retail trade con tinues somewhat d -p re-ised. - Full Appropriation deeded for Navy Special to Jo-irnal. Washington, May 19. The chief of Ordnance Bureau, of the Navy depart ment reports that the reduction of over $20,000,000 in the navy a' propriation endangers : the navy, and vill make it unprepared if war breaks out in the next fine years. V Small Items. : Small, N.C., May 11. We are having very dry weather at this time. Some of the farmers are having to plant their cotton over, caus ed by dry weathnr and a large frost. ; Mrs., Charlies Boyd is vry ill at this time but we hepo she will recover. ' . Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Guyton were the guests of Mr. and Mis. EJdie Swain of Matin. - -; .. Norman," son of Mr." and Mrs. Alex Cuihrell, died otdiptheria Fxiday morn ing last ubout five o'clock. He leaves a mother one sister, one half sister and three half .brothers to mourn their loss. Norman was about eight years old and was liked by every one who knew him. "We are faorry to say that Mamie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Boyd is very ill with diptheria. 1 Miss Amanda Rowe spent last Sunday with Mr and Mrs J C Edwards. Elder '.Jesse Bennett addressed the people at the White Hill Church Satur day and Sunday last. Mr Winfleld Rowe and J. G. Walker took a flying trip to Grantsboro Sun day. Mr G M Walker took a flying trip to Washington this morning on business !' known to l.i"! ;e!f. DOUBLE TRACK-LAYING Southern Railway Company ' '' Forward the Work. Pushing Street Improvements In Gate City. Fine t Auto.' Return of Girl J Who"' Die- appeared a Few Days Ago. Po- 1 sltlon In Survey Service. Personals. (Special Correspondence.) Greensboro, May 18. In its double track work between Greensboro and High Point, the Southern railway straightened several curves, making two new road-beds and tracks in the process. Several grades were also cut down. The last re-grading is now be ing done between Hill Top and Bull Run Creek, about five miles from here. At the point, the . track is raised ten feet from its former position and at this point the county macadam road be-; tween Greensboro and High Point, w:U cross the railroad under instead of over track as is now done. The finishing touches will have been put on the en tire fifteen miles of new double tracking between Greensboro and High Point when this piece is completed. The report of Greensboro's City En gineer just made of the street im provement here for the past year, maKes a good showing for progress in that line of. improvement. It shows that four miles of street grading has been done at a total cost of $9,000. Ciivbins on six miles of streets has been sot and is now going on at the rate of 300 feet per day. No macadam work has been done during tke last year, but Elm street has been sated with brick from Lee to Church street, the area paved amounting to between 18,000 and 19,000 square yards. Coincident with this, granolithic' sidewalks and pave ments have been laid by the citizens to the extent of about 12 miles during the past year, and walks are now being laid by six different contractors, some of whom run two or more squads. The city itself has laid 800 square yards of walk and the city and county are both at this work now. 7,000 sapitary sew ers have been built on ten streets, ag gregating 700 in. ft. private parties under supervision and grades of the city engineer. One of the finest automobiles yet seen here has just been purchased by Mr. Julius Cone. The cost is understood to have been $3,500. The machine is be tween foity and fifty horse power. It differs from other machines in use here as it has a "limousine" body. The machine is a "Thomas." The vehicle will seat six people, and is on the order of the old fashioned stage coach, except its panels are glass, and the flat roof top will scarcely permit the seating of overflow passengers, though it will ac commodate luggage. Yesterdaj Mr John E Ferguson, a considerable property owner here, re turned from Graham, where he had been in search of his daughter, Lillian, 13 years old, who mysteriously disap peared from her home here Monday. Mr Ferguson found his daughter in a boarding house in Graham, where board had been engaged for her by Wm. Greel, a barber here, who disappeared from his place of business, his wife and three children the same day of Miss Fergu son's disappearance. . On Monday, as was her custom, Miss' Ferguson went out to collect the weekly rents due her father on dwellings owned by him in the city.' Among these tenants. WM Greel, He and the girl had been known to be acquainted, but nothing was thought of it. Monday night as she had not re turned home, and enquiries revealed the fact that Creel had also disappeared from his home, a search was begun, re sulting in the two being located in Gra ham. Mr Ferguson failed to find Creel in Graham, but officers are on the look out for him, on a charge of abandon- and non-support of his family. Hearing of the destitute condition of his deserted family, the local barbers union sent several representatives to them yesterday. A plentiful supply of provisions and other necessaries were furnished to them by the union. Mrs Creel is said to have some well- to-do relatives in Raleigh. Mr Tom Dalton, son of Mr R F Dal ton, has accepted a position with U S Goological Survey, He will be sta tioned at . some point in Colorado and will leave this week- ; . ... Capt R P Gray returned from Rich mond last nighrvUe has been there for several months under the care of his brother-in-law, Dr J Allison Rodges, He is greatly improved in health, , Mr H B Harward, who has been night clerk at the Guilford for some time, has gone to Apex to spend two weeks be fore assuming duties with the Hote Tarry more at Wrightsville Beach, Wheat Iron with . Pepsin are the piineiples of Dr. Pepper's PhoeForrates the greatest rtowo drink of the age. English Women Demand Ballot Special to Journal; v" !fl . ' London, May 19. Four hundred fe male suffragists called on the British premier today, and presented an ap peal for the ballot for women, the speakers declaring themselves ready to sacrifice their llv for h HmnnH , ' made. The premier replying counsel-' 1: 'fit!enco ,w.iBhi!"-'-d. BANKER S'dCOTS HIMSELF i AejCJijof ef Poiee-tre-To Arrest Him For -"Em!'72lmT(int. Special to Journal. Newpffrt N"u" ws', "Vn. ,' May 19. Presi dent Irwm J.icker of the Princjal ijayingA.tianlv conmuttedsuicide todSy, witn a revoivt -it as (.met or foiice Reynold open ell the door with a war rant chariv ' h pteamg ?iO,0.'ii of.. ii , jnmk n-.Wt- ported HhorLu',- muy go to $20,000. Irwin's life win insured for $30,000 which fully n vci's all loss. REPURUCAN PLATFORM.- Propose! to " ' . V.-.-r I'tohililiion. Two Ctnt , .in, I Roosovelt's : ivsr'ondence.) . It I a : stated hy He- publican- he; rong efTort will of men of their be made by ; party !; haw ; adopt n-fohii -hibilion: also in 1 upon (!'.; rr'.mv. also bo an ef;Vvi. i Roosevelt's vi-'--endorsed. Hi; Republican"! " Grant, Riri ; , lin. I' i.- State Convention in favor of Stale pro :vor of two cent fares i.v and that there will viri'li: to have President on the rate question -:.id that such zealous i f ;i ' Skinner, II. L. '. ' in-risavor these iMie.ui said that there "': in progress now hi lil.-iclvburn with a i -i in line and to cap n '-'il ton on these qu3S .i il mat his district - ir;:i imd that it rep- .' ! '--ml of the Re in I lie State, and w i ., : nt ion bMng based i ;-nj.''h of the party. ! "! p-r cent would ih" Slate Convention l.otvwm that i i: jier cent is not step;1. One as eonvyiv- ,;. with 1,'oniviv: - ! view to kjU. ! tore the SMS- ti-)ns. !' v. WO'Jill 11" in respii'ffl : . i pu!,!i; a:i , i. votei a!!'.- . Ul il l! " V . .' It was !:.. : , give i-.in' i 1 -and ' fiiii-.- .: i.J much t" ! ' !. Alay 10. discouraged uf the dry slow coming by the cool Fn-viei around ! weati'.cr. up and ci weather i:ie what acccnirit i is very ' : -i T'-d i n Our pe.ipl" had the pleasure of :;i i imm by Rev Garner anotl er Sunday and- siev room in Rev V day Lie Mr li Clark s Mr ! from an on The who house could was full not get "tor wi I preach here bun- 10 o'clock. ; of Iew Bern was in u'j.-'iuks is recovering f muhirial fever. C. H. Dtiiiiv youth n. 1 pp. r and retain your About Cclliar May 21. '-.'U and fanners are look a ii'ali.'i clou-1 or listening Dust j'S-i ing towMr. to an oc isiinu;! moaning of distant thunder wi ' Cotton no which is up considerable anxiety, up can't get up and that ooks dusty but then we are not as badly out of fix as soma of our more southern farmers .whose crops of cotton were killed by the fro3t. We had frost last week but it did not kill things. It seems that a kind Providence is again ruling and ruling out some of the discrepancies of man's judgment in in creasing his cotton crop. There is prob ably ten per cent increase of .the cot ton drop of our county. So if a kind Ruler wisely destroys about one-tenth of the crop it will even up things, and we will get more for what is left, than we would for the whole Corn is growing finely but some of us had to hang a f c." crows in our fields to stop the others from pulling up corn JIave not heard of but one man about here that had good prime potatoes in his patch, wo have some in the same row that are blossoming and others just coming up. L. To Entertain a Distinguished Guest Tho one hundredth anniversary of the opening of the first brick school building in New Bern Juno 20 will be one of . intense . interest. The Jour nal announced Sunday that the centen nial was . in honor of the first public school building which was an error, it was the firit brick building used for school purposes. The Board of Trustees are extremely fortunate in securing Hon. Hannis Tay lor to make the address for this oc casion. This distinguished man is a native of New Bern. He lived here several y era and was a student at our schools. His career in public life has been brilliant and he has been honored by two presidents, by President Cleve- j land in as-ngnin him U. S. Ambassa- j dor to fepam ana ty rresiaent Koose- yen as counsel lor ino umtea oiaies in me aikhkhh i isnencs irenues. uiner honors have been given ;him and in all he has. won the high respect and es- temn ofa11 llm "ssociates. v . ; ; I . ThO Citizens Should Unite and make tWa armW,:,iry an affair that will re- fleet credit on m. I UNUSUAL CASE. Chinaman Commits Suicide By Hang ing. Crowds View the Dead Body. Political Caa- , dldates Visit Schools to Promote V ' Their Interests. Klnstonians In hi Gate City. J. E. Lathan Leases Warehouse. (Special Correspondence) Greensboro N. C. Msiy 21. Nobody1 here has ever heard of a Chinaman conr -mitting cuicide before, but at least five thousand citizens, men and women viewed tho dead and hanging body of j Sim Lee, proprietor of the principal clrn S3 laundry here, yesterday after noon. About six o'clock yesterday afternoon two boys come running out of the alley at King & Kimballs law of fice in front of the court house, white as sheefs, declaring there was a dead man hanging in the wareroom in the rear. Investigation proved that it was the chinaman, whose laundry establish ment was in front of warehouse, facing the Federal court building and on East Market St. The body was stiff and stark, every particle of clothing being just from a store, even to his shoes be ing new. lie had taken a pecie of bon piping tied a silk scarf around it, poked through a crack in the planks of the loft, turned the piping, stood on a cracker box, am! with the noose around his neck stepped oil', the step, being not over twelve inches, his feet nearly touching the floor and resting against the side of the box. Ilemusthavechoked to death without a struggle or effort. His brother who is a partner in the aundry was soon found, and his excited astonishment and grief was touching. He said that "Sim had been sick with consumption lor some time and a lew weeks ago his physician told him he could not live long and this prayed on his mind. He had been arranging to go to Washington for several days and from there to New York to be nearer homo when he died, and Saturday said he believed he Would go to Washingto on the midnight tram last night. That he left the laundry about midnight, after all tho work was over; but did not say goodby. Thinking that he had gone to Washington on a sudden notion on the one o'clock train Saturday night or Sunday morning, he had not felt trou bled about his absence. Coroner Tur ner pronounced death from suicide, after examination from the condition of the body, death having occured be tween midnight and day Sunday morning-. The chinamen in the city soon yalhe1 j-.l and had undertaker Poolo ph-i? th-3 body in a casket. Examina tion satisfied them they said Sim had done his own shrouding and would not like to have anything done further than tnis. Every stitch of clothing on the body was brand new, even to the silken scarf which made his hangman's rope. The remains were on a fast North bound train within two hours time from the time the body was cut down. The body will be taken to New York, there embalmed and returned via San Fran cisco to his native land in China for its final rest. Sim Lee was 35 years of age, was well thought of and had made a comfortable fortune. The body be ing found right In the heart of the city, within fifty feet of the street car junc tion at Market and Elm street crossings and on Sunday afternoon, made it nat ural for crowds to view the gruesome sight. It was an hour before the coro ner came, and the body while hanging was viewed by quantities of curious people, many women and even children taking a look. . A gentleman who is nothing if not practical, in. enumerating the advan tages of schools to a community and a county, says that their' value to candi dates for political office on election years, have never been appreciated by educational apostles in their enumer ation of benefits. He says that a candi date in Guilford county can get to the people easier, cheaper, and pleasanter, than in any other county in the State. In every section of the county outside of the closings of the public schools in every district, including High Point, Revolution, Proximity and Gibson ville the candidates by spending one day at the big commencements . at Guilford .... College, Oak Ridge, Whitsett and McLeansville, can get a fine free dinner, and meet in a social way almost every voter in the county. Besides this he has an opportunity to meet the wives, mothers, daughters and babies in pleasant, elevating and harmless acquaintanceship. That candi dates appreciate these advantages is evidenced by the fact that they literal ly swarm around on such occasions and furnish much pleasure to their friends. The Oettingers of Kinston, who ara to begin a buggy and carriage factory here, have leased the Wright four story brick building, on Greene ttreet and wni begin work at once un(jer the name df the Oottinger Buggy Co. They have purchaBed a lot in East Greensboro and wiu their present quarters until the proposed new building can be orce t p ,, ,i rv Mtinn Ukm her6( have leaaed from the Southern rail W the larKs brick building on': ; atrD0t f,-morlir lined forafrniirht; coUn a t r:-' wan hoi!fl. HiCCKBURN IS SOLE AGENT FOR THE "Crawford" Shoe FOR AND "The Patrician" FOR WOMEN. "No Shoes Wear Better" TWO PIECE Suits Very few men have use for a vest in hot weather. We find the most attractive suits in our store just now are those, composed of coats and trousers. They make the coolest clothes that a man can wear. You don't realize how hot a vest is until you have gone without one. If you are looking for comfort it awaits you here in abundance. J.J. Baxter. BAYARD Makes up-to-date prompt service, for Films developed the to the Studio. 92 East Buy A Lot in Highland Park 7th Ward, Norfolk City. This property is located midway between tha ctatsi of Norfolk and the Jameatown Exposition Grounds, with car service to either point " -"" ' TERMS $5. and $10.00 per mpnth, without interest or taxes until paid for. Lots $400 to $750, according to location . . , . . . .. The city's rapid growth in this direction should make much higher Talus For further particulars apply to C. T. PUMPHREY, Hotel Hazelton, New Bern, N. C. HIGHLAND PARK SYNDICATE. ' 140 Miin Street, Norfolk Va Dr. Pepper's PhosFerrates AND liier's Root Beer FOR YOUR HEALTH BOTTLED BY BOTTLING I CROWN PHONE 105, - com r-'i MEN MM Copyrighted! By SCHLOSS Bl Fine Clothes Makara Baltimore and Now"! Ysrfc WOOTTEN Photos, and gives reasonable prices. day they are brought Street. or SAKE TRY THEM I 22 CRAVEN STREET f c I til i. A CO lK:-Kif K8 )S eC?!?T3eaattaeaaaiisVi TTTi TTTiTTT. TTTXTH P

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