SHORT PASSING EVLSTS. .. ..'1: ..r ( ; f ; i to i if-.-'- r.,cTt wn Hlf . ft ; . . . , 'J. T, ' . !("? - i J. (" yirf.'i. : IP I : 7 - r - 55 ; -1. if . Mr. John K. Mills. 80 Mulberry Caaw write: "I hava been troubled with caturrh i J was tea year old. At time my head uromuoa i bm co that I waa obliged to stay in a dark loom. Nothing helped me and my physician Mia 1 could never be cured. -I kga taking Peruna this spring nod final myself greatly benefited by It. I have mat bad am attack Mince I took my tint bottle. I think tm time It will cure me. It has already improved my appetite and my general health amtljMY gained twenty pound la three ' I have recommended it to several of my Jrltnd, who also find It very beneficial, I ad srlaa any one troubled with catarrh to use Tsvuna." Spring Catarrh. TAItttoit every one ha come to believe that spring 1 a season that bring do ff amgoments of th body dependent on U & f ""P BriUaa. ' V i - This belief la an old one, is nearly uni - ' eerial, and has arisen, not as the result 1 T' f lh teachings of the medical frater , -.',, u ) SUty, hat has been learned in the bitter , , , school of experience. , tervoits Depression. Deoresaion of the nnrvou avstem t - - Ji approach of spring lis ft fertile source 1 t f blood Imparities. w r. There are general 'lassitude, dull, ' , . j fcsavy sensations, continual tired feel- ' Jlajs, witlf Irrf gular appetite, and loma-t'"- ' - jms loss of "sleep. 4 piai Tired Feeling. ' J 'f- , That tired feeling, which 1 the nat- :tr siral result oT the depresiug effect of warm weather immediately after the Invigorating cold of winter, quickly 4Jppars when Peruna is taken. ' ' ! Formula For a number of years requests have come to me from a multitude of grateful friends, urging that Pe-ru-na be given a slight laxative quality. I have been experimenting with a ' " 1 Mm, and now feel gratified to announce to the friends of Pe ru-na that I have incorporated such a quality in the medicine which, in my opinion, can only enhance its well-known beneficial character. I TO DELICATE WOMEN You will never get well and strong, bright, hap- py, hearty and free from pain, until you build up your; constitution with a nerve refreshing, blood-making tonic, like It Makes Pale Cheeks Pink V"'"' ' It Is a pure, harmless, medicinal tonic, made from vegetable Ingredients, which relieve female pain and distress, such as headache, Backache, bowel ache, dizziness, chills, scanty or profuse menstru- h Won, dragging down pains, etc. r It Is a building, strength-making medicine for women, the only BMdlclne that is certain to do you good. Try it. ""-V Sold by every druggest in $ 1 .00 bottles. ''! WIRI US A LETTER treaty and frankly, in strictest confid k ansa, tatting us all your symptoms and tosuMes. We will send free advice . fJ0 plain sea! ?J envelope), how to eurs them.'; Address; Ladies' Advisory -3ep(., The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. . 5c. Drink 'i x- M Pepper's THE BEST HEALTHFUL DRINK ! COMPOSED OF WHEAT AND IRON WITH PEPSIN .ft 1 Lv ; BOTTLED BY - O10WN SOLD vays inative Rromo q Cold in One ' If taken titM Ly since I The Correct Remedy. Peruna meets every Indication and proves itself to be perfectly adapted to all their varied peculiarities. Peruna invigorates the systelm, rejuvenaies ihe feelinga, restores the normal appetite and procures regular sleep. Do Not Delay. Cieta bottle of Pernna when the first languid feelings make themselves ap parent in the spring. Take it according to the directions on the bottle. Con tinue this treatment through the first mouths ot spring This course of treatment is no experi ment. It has helped thousands. Why should It not help youT A Spring Tonic Almost everybody needs a tonic in the spring. Something to brace the nerves, invigorate the brain, and cleanse the blood. That Peruna will do this is be' yond all question. Everyone who bat tried it has had tha same experience as "YOU ARE FRIENDS of mine," writes Mrs. F. L. Jones, of Gallatin, Term.: " For since taking Cardul 1 have gained 35 lbs., and am In better health than lor the past 9 years. 1 tell my husband that Cardul Is worth Its weight In gold to all suffering ladies." 5c. PhosFerrates JOT T- r I BOTTLING WORKS ,.. 22 CRAVEN STREET ONLY IN BOTTLES; Day. Grip inTVo. ca Eos. 35e Honest Pcoplc'Tcll Their Experiences. ' Spring, the Time to Cure Catarrh. Mr.J. Q.Craig, a well-known athlete, who horn addresa la Brldgeton, 5. J., write from th. "Hotel Ponavln, Delaware, Ohio, a follow: "1 can ay of Peruna that, m tonic for the spring of the year, It la the best for athletes, and a inch I can give it a hearty recommendation." Feruna doe not fall to prevent the laailtnda and languor incident to the approach of warm weather, in time. Mr. Warren M. Taylor, 1214 6th Ave,! Brooklyn, N, Y., who, in a recent letter, writes: VI suffered from a general feeling of lassitude, with occasional creeping chills, followed sometimes by fever and blliousnessi "Those symptoms manifested them selves mostly in the spring and fall. "1 suffered this way for about seven years, "Last spring I began using Peruna and followed the Instructions as set forth In one ot Dr. Hartman's book lets which I picked up la a drug store and to my great toy I noticed that within a week I was nearly cured. "At the end of two months I was en tirely cured and feel as though I have a new lease of life." Nature's Assistance. Spring is the best time to treat ca tarrh. Nature renews herself every spring. The Bystem is rejuvenated by Presbyterian Church Notes The pastor will preach at the regular services on Sabbath morning and even ing. Promptness and regularity are neces sary to a succeastui sunuay scnooi. Don't take your, vacation by laxity in church work. Get a substitute and leave town and enjoy yourself. Then come home with renewed zeal. The work of putting in a new roof in the church is in progress. All have the right to contribute. Stomach Troubles. Mrs. Sue Martin, an old highly re spected resident of Faisonia, Miss., was sick with stomach trouble for more than six months. Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets cured her. She says: "I can now eat anything I want and am the proudest woman in the world to find such a good medicine.,' For Sale by Davis Pharmacy and F. S. Duffy. The British House of Lords rejected Jus. K. Hardie'sbill barring alien work men from Great Brittain during labor disputes. Sciatica Curd After Twtnty tur Year of Tor- , For more than twenty years Mr. J. B. Massey, of 3322 Clinton St, Minnea polis, Minn., was tortured by sciatica. The pain was suffering which he en dured during this time is beyond com prehension. Nothing gave him any permanent relief until he used Cham berlain's Pain Balm. One application of that liniment relieved the pain and made sleep and rest possible, and less than one bottle has affected a perma nent cure. If troubled with sciatica or rheumatism why not try a 25-cent bot tle of Pain Balm and see for yourself how quickly it relives the pain. For sale by Davis Pharmacy and F. S. Daf fy. Five feet five inches is the minimum height for commissioned officers tering the army from civil life fixed by a general order published today by General bell, Chief of Staff of the army. Do Not b Imposed Foley & Co., Chicago, originated Honey and Tar as a throat and lung remedy, and on account of the great merit and popularity of Foley's Honey and Tar many imitations are offered for the genuine. Ask for Foley's Honey i adults. The uniform success ' of thisyCough Remedy counter-acts any ten ami Tar and refuse any substitute of-1 remedy has shown it to be.superior to ' dency of a cold to result in pneumonia, fered as no other preparation will give ' all others. It never fails' and . when and has gained its great popularity arid the same satisfaction. It is mildly laxa tive. It contains no opiates and is safest for children and delicate persona. For sals by Davis Tharmacy. Mr. Wienand Houseman, a prominent and agof eitisen of Seneca Falls, N. Y., IS the Inventor of a number of implements of modern warfare. Ha writss '.;.'..;",:. v-, , "For several years past, I and my family used your Pernna as a tonio and for the purification of the system in general and find that It is an excellent medicine to restore weak - nerves to eondltloB," mm mm: ml I mm ;.ss??-. s, RUCKtR sprinr wean"r. This render medi cines more effective. A short course of Pernna, assisted by tha balmy air of spring, will often re lieve old, stubborn cases of catarrh that have resisted treatment for years. A Word ot Advice. To those who have been afflicted with chronic catarrh we wish to say that the spring season affords yon a splendla op portunity to get rid of your disease. It may be yon have been, afflicted for several years; you may have tried dif ferent remedies. Perhaps you have be come discouraged. Now Is Your Opportunity. This failure was during the winter month. But . now is your opportunity. Nature comes to your assistance at this season. Just help her a little and she will bring you out of the quagmire in which you have been floundering so long. Give Nature a little assistance, lest her strug gles be in vain. TUBERCULOSIS TERMORS Discussion Before lolnt Association! Milk Inspection. Special to Journal. Washington, May 18. In the joint meeting of National Association of Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis, and Association of American Physi cians, tho discussion today lead to the finding that infection from tubeiculosis through milk was slight. This disease is not hereditary, but children of tuber culosis parents should be separated from the latter to prevent contagion. Money well spent will give complete sanitary precautions against tubercu losis. A Mountain of Cold. could not bring as much happiness to Mrs. Lucia Wilke, of Caroline, Wis., as did one 25c box of Bucklen's Arnica Salve, when it completely cured a run ning sore on her leg, which had tortur ed her 23 long years. Greatest anti septic healer of Piles, Wounds, and Sores. 25c at all Drug Stores. A strong association has been formed at Osaka for the purpose of supplying the markets of Manchuria with cotton goods, which constitute the most im portant item of trade with that country. Th Richest Man In the World. The richest man in the world cannot have his kidneys replaced 'nor live with out them, so it is important not to neg lect these organs. If Foley's Kidney Cure is taken at the first sign of dan ger, the symptoms will disappear and your health will be restored, as it strengthens and buils up th&e organs as nothing else will. Oacpr' Bowman, Lebanon, Ky., writes: "I have used Foley's Kidney Cure and take great pleasure in stating it cured me perma nently of kidney disease, which cer tainly would have cost me my life. " For aale by Davis' Pharmacy. Rev H B FrisselL of Hampton Insti tute, Bampton, Va.,' and Dr Felix Adler officiated at the funeral of Carl Schurz. f; v .. .. - Not Mas Rich MHockeftlltr. If you had all the wealth of Rocke feller, the Standard Oil magnate, you could not buy a better medicine for bowel complaints than Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. The most eminent physician can. not: prescribe a better preparation for colic .1 and diarrhoea, both for --children and - reduced with water and sweetened, is pleasant to take. Every family should be supplied with it Sold by Davis Phar andF. S. Duffy. a healthy Mrs. A. ville,Tennn writes: " with forme, sick and "I had a the time. would soon "Sol 1 . fidence In just the "I have it than I A Typical Case. Qeo. M.Fillmore, formerly lstLieut.lrd TJ. S. ArtilJory, writes from 909 L St., N. W., Washington, D. C, as follows: "I bronght forward from winter Into spring a sickening case of catarrh which was making existence miserable for me, until I was induced to try a bottle ot Peruna, "An immediate improvement gave me hope, it not relief. I kept up taking Pe runa and it has so strengthened and re lieved me that I am now confident of a cure. I heartily endorse Peruna for ca tarrhal affections and as a tonic for their weakening effects." Geo. M. Fillmore. A short course ot Peruna now will be just In time. During the month ot April you will find the strategic time to rid yourself ot chronic catarrh, one ot the most persistent, stubborn diseases In the whole list of human ailments. After yon have trii'd it you will way Peruna is positively thu tx'st spring medicine you Irive ever '.istd. VOICE OF THE PEOPLE Young Lady In lail Editor Journal: Surely it was with sore distress that the readers of the Journal learned through its columns a few days ago of the confining of a demented young lady in our county jail. Your editorial, The "No Room" Excuse Should End, puts the matter right. North Carolina cannot afford to allow such a stigma to rest upon its fair name. If our State will not inane some provision for such unfortunates, then it behooves Craven county or the City of New Bern to adopt some meas ure ol relief. While Sheriff Biddle is not ' unmindful of his responsibility, circumstances are such that the young lady should be otiierwise provided for than imprisoned in the same building with the criminal class. The sheriff informs us that some of our good and influential ladies have visited Miss Oast at the jail. E. Improving Sldtwalks. Editor Journal: In walking around the city we notice within the last few weeks, a number of our citizens arc having handsome con crete pavements and curbing placed in front of their residences and business houses. This a fine improvement, and the only remedy for wading through ponds, mud a slush that abounds, so much through our winter months. CITIZEN. Postmtsttr Robbed. G. W. Fouts, Postmaster at River ton, la., nearly lost his life and was robbed cf all comfort, according to his leuej wmcn says: r or twenty years w"1 enrome liver complaint, which led to such a severe case of jaundice that' even my finger nails turned yellow; when my doctor prescribed Electric Bitters; which cured me and have kept me Well for eleven years." Sure cure for Bilousness, Neuralgia, Weakness and all Stomach, Liver, Kidney and Bladder derangements. A 'wonderful Tonic, At all Drug Stores. " 50 cents. More than 150,000 aliens arrived at various American ports during the month of April, breaking all former records. At this rate, 1,800,000 would arrive in the course of a year. It I Dangerous to NsgUct a Cold. How often do we hear it remarked: j "It's only a cold,'.' and a few days later I learn that the man is on his back with pneumonia. This is of such common occurence that a cold, however slight, should not be disregarded. Chamberlains ' extensive sale by its prompt curesof this most common ailment. It always cures and is pleasant to take. For sale by Davis Phar and F, S, Duffy. ii MR.WIfNMl 8. Backer, 1821 Cedar street, Nash- to tell you what Pervna tat done in the spring ot 1902 I was vary so weak I could scarcely bo up. t was alarmed at my condition. bad cough for some time and I tried several oongh medicines, bul grew worse all I knew if I did not got relief, 1 go Into consumption. decided to try Peruna. I bad con It before I took It and found It was medicine 1 needed, for In a short time my cougn ceasea ana my airengm re-turned. enjoyed better health since taking had for several years previous." A great many years of extensive trials of this remedy In thia oleaa ol derange ments have demonstrated lta ffloleocy. Numerous Testimonials. Thousands of cases might be quoted in which Pernna ha rescued people from the ravages of spring catarrh, and put them on a good, solid foundation of health. We can give oor readers only a slight glimpse of the vast array of unsolicited endorsements Dr. Hartman is con stantly receiving. No other physician in the world has received such a volume of enthusiastic letters of thanks. If yon do not derive prompt and satis factory results from the use of Peruna, write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a full statement of your case and he will be pleased to give you his valuable ad vice gratis. Address Dr. Hartman, President of The Hartman Hunlta.'ium, Columbus, Ohio. All correspondence held strictly confidential. laxative addition for quite a length 'S. B. Hartman, M. D." Ladies Bible Class Lecture 18 (Last Lecture) 1 What events took place during first three hours on the cross? sc 133. 1 Parting the garments, 2 The inscription set up. 3 The reviling. 2 First three sayings? 3 Events of last three hours, closing with Christ's death? 4 Last four sayings? 5 Events of the burial and prophecies fulfilled? 1 Taken from the cross, Ex. 12, 46 2 Burial in Joseph's tomb, Is. 53, 9 3 The guard placed, fi Subject of Part VIII ? Places and time? 7 How long did Christ remain in tomb? Notes 218 and 263. ; 8 How many appearances . did Christ make after resurrection? 9 What occurred early Sunday morn ing? sc 134. 10 Give the five appearances of first day? Note pg 220, scs 135, 137, and 138. 11, Guards' report and what was done? Se, 136, 12, Christ's sixth appearance? Se, 139 13, Seventh? 140 14, Eighth? 141 15, Ninth and tenth? 142 16, Describe the ascension. 17, Eleventh appearance? Acta 91-8 18, What event completed the estab lishment of the kingdom of heaven in operation? Acta 2, 1-4, Warning. You cannot have good health unless your kidneys are sound, for the kidneys filter the blood of impurities which otherwise act as irritating poisons and i break down thedelicate organs of the body and cause serious trouble. If you .avn iririnov r hiHiW tmnhlA ant A. not use Foley's Kidney Cure, you will have only yourself to blame for results as it possitively cures all forms of kid ney and bladder diseases. For sale by Davis' Pharmacy. Exporters report a shortage of the hemp crop amounting to 100,000 bales valued at 12,000,000. Drouth and a typhoon in September caused the slump. Deaths from Apftdlcttt decrease in the same ratio that the use Rainess s tne result, and unless tas . of Dr. King's New life Pills Increases, inflammation can be taken out and this They save you from danger and bring W1 restored to its normal condition, quick and painless release from con- hearing win be destroyed forever; nine stipation and the ills growing out of it. eases out of ten are caused by Catarrh, Strength and vigor always follow their Mch is nothing but an inflamed condi use. Guaranteed by all Druggista. on of the mucous surface. 85c. Try them. f 1 We will give One Hundred Dollars for M j any ease of Deafness (caused by eat- Norway celebrated the first anniver-; V' be, ,eu Hall's sary of her separation from Sweden. OASTOniA. Bwn th y!! Kin Vmi Haw Hlwrs BwgH Blgutu f ine telegram to the Journal in yes terday's iuaue incorrectly reported Dr. Kilgo at one of the three bishops. The ' 'following are thethreewho are elected : J. 3. Tigert, Seth Ward tnd Joseph Atkins, ; 1 . The Journal is ooliged to Mr. David F. Holton oi Olympia, for a basket of fine strawberries. They , were, unusu ally larger and of excellent flavor. Policeman Montague, hearing of a mad dog being in town, Friday, made chase and discovered the rabid brut lurking in a yard on Hancock street, near the depot. The dog was a nice looking, setter, 'only-' road, and ' died hard. It required fourteen or fifteen shots to quiet its agony. The jury trials for this term of Su perior court closed Thursday. - Yester day most of the court's attention was taken up with argument on motions to set aside verdict etc. Judge Long will leave for his home in Statasville tola morning. The Apron party whichwas conducted by the ladies of the First Baptist church in a room adjoining the Hazelton hotel was largely attended and was very suc cessful. Don't forget the opening on Sunday, May 20ih, of the Grand Union Revival, three miles below New Bern, N. C, on the Neuae river. Special rates by rail roads and steamboats." Coma and hear -the celebrated preachers of North Car olina, Preaching at 11 a m., 3 pm. Good. Good music is assured." No lights again last night. - But who cares ? There is the Standard Oil to fall back upon, or the candle. But the cost of the electric lights is! just the same for the taxpayer, lights or no lights. .) The Woman's Club will have called meeting at the Elks rooms at eleven o'clock this morning. - j Thi roof of the Presbyterian church is beeing covered with tin. gj There were sales in the local cotton market yesterday at 11:30. f' Cabbage shipments yesterday were very light and the crop seems about used up. Prices paid in the north ranged from $2.00 to . 50, Mr, Thos. O'Levister, of Pinehurst, N. C , has accepted a position as phar macist with S. F. Duffy. Miss Mabel Green has secured the position of cashier in Simmons & Hoi kwell's. The next Council of the Eastern Car olina Diocese will be held in Kinatoo. The Daughters of Confederacy will meet at their rooms at half past four o'clock this afternoon. The strawberry season has passed. It has been very prolific and profitable. The yield in the strawberry : belt has been so enormous, that although all available cars were put to the service of conveying them to markets, almost as many were left as were shipped. In this immediate section the yield was larger than usual. Yesterday was a fair sample of tha good old summer time, mercury going to 90. The mugginess gave some prom ise of rain, but up to a late hour last night the promise had not been ful filled. Fortunate MIssoiirlaM. 'When I was a druggist, at Livonia, Mo.," writes T. J. Dewey, now of Graysville, Mo., "Three of my custom ers were permanently cured of con sumption by Dr. King's New Discov ery, and are well and strong today. He was trying to sell his property and move to Arizona, but after using New Discovery a short time he found it un necessary to do so. I regard Dr. King's New Discovery as the most wonderful medicine in existence." Surest Cough and Cold cure and Throat and Lung healer, 'taaranteed by all Druggist, 50c an 1 . Trial bottle free. The lower house of the Russian Par liament adopted the reply to the speech from the Throne substantially as it came from committee. Right Rev. Edward Henry Bicker steth, D. D., Bishop of Exeter, died in London. f OABTORXA. f A demand waa made in the British House of Commons for ' legislation to prevent Christian Scientists from carry ing on their practices. Deafness Cannot b Cittt By local applications, as they i roach tha diseased portion of tko oar. There is only one way to cur deafnaM an that is by constitutional rmn(SL Deafness is caused by an fau oer dition of the mucous lining of tho Eus tachian Tubs. When thia tuta is Snffsntf you have a rumbling- sound orimBerfaet hearing, and when it is entirely closed. VBU,"B OTUU circu4M F. J.CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio. Sold by Druggists, 75c. f Take Hall's Family Pills for eonsti- a ttuti.

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