North Carolina Newspapers

No. 22.
29th YEAR
Tbe Best Guaranty of Merit
Is Open Publicity,
Every hottlo of Dr. Pierce's world
famed medicines leaving the great labo
ratory at Hit If a I u, N. Y., has printed
upon its wrapper all the Ingredients
entering Into its composition. This fact
alone places Dr. Pierce's Family Medi
cines (ii clast all by tlxemselva. They
cannot be classed with patent or secret
jriedicTiios beciuwo they are neither. This
Is why so ma.:iy unprejudiced physicians
lrescnl'?.ia.'m ami recommend thorn to
their us'-. it?. They know what they
are cnmi).v.r.() t,f. that the Ingredients
are those endorsed by the most eminent
. medical mithoritles.
Tj'.d further fct that neither Dr.
riorco'8 Golden Sledioal Discovery, tho
crout KtiToich tonic, iiver invigorator,
heart regulator and blood purifier, nor his
"KavorilM leacrlpHou' for weak, over
worked, broken-down, norvous women,
contain! any alcohol, also entitles them
to a pkico all by themselves.
Many years ago, Dr. Pierco discovered
-that chemically pure glycerine, of proper
strength, is a better solvent and preserv
ative of tfio medicinal principles' resid
ing In onr Indigenous, or native, medi
cinal plants than is alcohol; and, further
more, that It possesses valuable medicinal
properties of its own, being demulcent,
nutritive, antiseptic, and a most cllicient
, antl ferment
Neither of the above medicines con
tains alcohol, or any harmful, habit
lorraing drug, as wflrbe seen from a
elunee at the formula printed on each
bottlo wrapper. They are safo to use and
potent to cure.
Not only do physicians prescribe the
above, non-secret medicines largely, but
tho most Intelligent people employ them
people who would not think of using
the ordinary patent, or secret medicines.
Every ingredient entering into the com
position of Dr. Pierco's medicines has
tho strongest kind of an endorsement
from leading medical writers of tho
several schools of practice. No other
medicines put up for like purposes has
any such pmfcxhmal endorsement.
Dr. Pierco's Pleasant Pellets cure con
stipation. Constipation is the cause of
many diseases. Cure the cause and you
cure the disease. One " Pellet" is a gentle
laxative, and two a mild cathartic, drug
gists soil them, and nothing Is "just us
good." Easy to take as candy.
An Unusual Rain. fall for this Particular Soa
son of the Year
Th vr:'tVr seems to be a kind of
stock 'jP'i of conversation, a topic one
can snCely fall back on when all others
fail. J.j;t week we were choking with
dust on account of the lack of rain; to
day we are trying to snut off the hose.
It so -ir ;ms$ible for human nature
to lie S;:iis('.t!.
Bi t lhe conditions are peculiar.
When v o dry weather there was an
unsoas-imiMe coolness which retarded
anil da:ia;od vegetation, Then when
the drouth wits broken a short heated
icrrn , - ;vailed in which were shower
p:-i:iK;.::.'Ki.sly interspersed through a
few k:y keening the soil in good cn
uiiion t'.r tho fanners and the roads
fres frvn J'lst.
T ho ti'-rsont. rainy season started San
day ar...i ;:. -..howera came lightly and
not 'r'-;
f refine p
Wile- Oi
again v.
'v ; Monday they came less
. uitti although the clearing off
tfoo.l; but Tuesday they begun
hh renewed vigor and Wcdnes-
day tlie
down was rdmo.t inces-
It came d- vn at tin?3 V.kf water out
of a hose, UrphreHas were little or no
protection p h! the only progress a man
couM r.ia c v h.i started out during a
lull v,,,q by hurrying along between
showe.'H ta'.i.ii; refuge during the
worst of 'he storm under some friendly
porch or hi some store. The down pour
was terific. Pmisiiioss was badly inter
fered ! on c-int f it.
lici t i . t.
in o!h''' o!.i .,
lighter; oliv.
of the '
north of K:
u tho local rainfall,
wa3 the same; others
j .ior. In the interior
rain was not so heavy;
m th showers w
very licht. The observations
early c.rh morning:
Monday a. m. .89
Tuesday " .19
Wednesday" 1.02
Wednesday p m ; 2 00
are Ufkon
Friends in the city have recoived tho
following invitation: 1 ""
- .Mr and Mrs. T. M. Davenport
requerta the hojor of your presence at
the marriage of their daughter
.Iola Monteize ;
' Mr. Elisha Holland Stallinga,
Sunday, June tiventy-fourth, nineteen
hundred and six,
Merritt,. N. C. - ; .
Distributors for Craven, Car
. teret, Onslow. Jones, Panv
lico, Beaufort, And King'
ston Counties.
One oi Alleged Selma Assailants
Lodged in Jail
V . ,
Tcacl.urs Arriving In Number. Governor
Sick. Meeting Dairy Aeeoclitlon Boeke
Submitted for Examination. Thrn
Candidates for Po$tmtrhlp.
Special Correspondem t
Pvaloigh.'N. C, Juno 12tH. Deputy
sheriff A. M. Sanders arrived here this
morning from Smithfield, bringing with
him Jim Merritt, a young nero who
KtanJs charged by the confession of Bud
Richardson another negro, with an at
tempt felonious assault upon Miss Pearl
Jon?3, the telephone Selma.
Deputy sheriff Sanders intended to put
Merritt in jail, but could not do so as
he htd no committment papers, so the
prisoner was lodged in the station
house until ten o'clock, When Governor
Glenn directed that he be taken to the
jail for safe keeping until his trial
comes off. The newspapers have had
the -wtfole story of the shooting of
Richards m by Miss Jones Saturday
night at Selma, of his confession, and
of the capture of Merritt, who was at
once taken to Smithfield and taken to
jail. Deputy sheriff Sanders says that
he heard rumors that people from Sel'
ma are coming over to lyneh Merritt
and acting on his own judgment, deci
ded to brinfir the man here. Merritt de
nied that he was guilty of anything,
whatever. His behavior was very good
while in jail at Smithfield and on his
wav here.
Teachers hy the hundreds poured in
to Raleigh today to attend the great
annual session or the teachers As
sembly. Very complete arrangements
have been made for the big event.
There is a committee which takes
charge of all the arrivals and locates
them promptly, the information bu
reau being well managed.
Governor and Mrs. Glenn both con
tinue sick, the Governor s condition be
ing unchanged. The reception which
is to be given to the teachers' assemb
ly ft the executive mansion, will not
be jiostponed or any way affected by
the illness of Governor and Mrs. Glenn,
though they will not be able to be pres
ent, it will beheld at (he mansion and
will be a vory striking affair, at which
more than a thousand persons are ex
pected to attend.
The second annual meeting of the
North Carolina Dairy men's Associa
tion will be held here on July 11th and
12th, at which time the Farmers' State
Convention will be in session, these
meetings are to be held at the Agricul
tural & Mechanical College.
At the Agricultural & Mechanical
College library many hundreds of books
submitted by the various book compa
nies have been arranged in a very hand
some style in order that the thousands
of teachers who are to be here during
the next twenty days can see and in
spect them.
There are three known aspirants for
the postmastership at Raleigh, and all
tbc,H seem to be working hard for the
Lying In the Bottom ol the River, Dangerous
to Navigation, Dynamited Out.
The dredging crew under tho super
vision of Capt. Kilpatriek, act!ng under
lirection of U. S. Engineer Burbank,
.lynamited some stumps out of the river
IT tho Market dock which act will be
of great benefit to the navigators.
Theuu stumps whilo not located in the
channel are in mid-stream where the
boirfs pass up and down and have always
been a constant menace and when the
water was low extreme care had to be
used to avoid tjiem. ,
The dynamite routed out some pretty
formidable old snags, .There was one
which might be able to measure its agfe
not by years but by centuries. It was
enormous and the huge crane on the
dredge was taxed to its utmost to
bring the monster up from the depths.
Conservative estimates of people who
are good judges of measurement say
that the biggest n. ot was IS feet in
diameter. The crew was at work near
ly all the morning trying to net the
stump onto the scow and they consid
ered it quite a victory when at last it
was reposing on the bosom of the scow
It required five or six efforts to land
another smaller root, which Itself must
have measured frem 8 to 10 feet in
diameter. M wine feel better over the
removal of this hidden obstruction to
Dr. Pepper's Phos Ferrates con' tin
no dope or come back drops. It .is a
drink with merit
New York Cotton Market.
. The following were the epenlrur and
closing prices on the New York Cotton
Exchange, June 14. .
Open High Low Close
July 10.62 10.69 " 11.61 10.09
Oet . 10.84 J0.41 10.81 10.41
Dec- 10 87 10 45. 1086 10.46
- Receipts ,0t0.
' Laatjycar 16,751.
Largs Cutlomt Receipts. No Yellow Fever
at Colon. Italian Killed In Indians.
Question of Who Pays For Beef
Trust Inspection.
Special to Journal.
Washington, June 13 The Republi
can steering committee will name the
date for adjournment tomorrow.
The dead lock is still on between the
upholders of a sea level canal and lock
system in the Panama canal,
The Italian Ambassador has been
rhotifled that two Italians have been
killed and seven seriously wounded at
Marion, Indiana. The United States
attorney is investigating the matter
and many persons have been arrested
on charge of having been engaged in
the fight; "
The National Quarantine bill has
been sent to President Roosevelt to be
The customs receipts for the fiscal
year now nearly ended have exceeded
all previous records.
Congress is to determine who jnust
bear the expense of the beef trust in.
spection. The packers are making a
strong fight against paying any part of
it and say they have lost millions by the
Nicaragua has purchased the Ameri
can filibustering ship which the cruiser
Marblehead has been watching in Cor-
into harbor.
An Imposing aud Costly
Structure to
Erected Soon
f he building committee of the Elks,
of which Mr. William Dunn is Chair
man, has accepted plans for the new
temple which is to be built on the Mc
Sorlcy corner of Pollock and Middle
streets. The plans are those oi archi
tect Rose, of Raleigh, who has been
the ach'tcct of many line buildings in
the South.
It will be built at a cost of $50,000
and will be five stories in height. The
temple will be built of pressed brick;
the first story to be white or cream
oolored brick, the balance will be buff
colored material with terra cobta trim
mings. The extent of the building will
be from Middle street to the Richard
son line and Pollock street one hundred
feet north.
The first floor will contain space for a
bank which will occupy the corner, and
one large store room presumably for a
dry goods house. The second, third and
fourth floors are to be given up to offi
ces. There will be sixty rooms on these
floors, and the fifth floor will contain
the Elks lodge and club rooms. ' "
Every modern equipment will be put
into this building, steam, heat, eleva
tor, complete water service, and pos
sibly will have its own electric lights.
The finishing and furnishing of the
building will be of a very artistic na
ture, and the structure will be one of
the finest Elks temples in the South,
aad the pride of the city. Work will
commence on the building about the
first of August, and it will require a
year to finish it
Mutinous Soldiers,
Special to Journal.
Odessa, June 13 Several Russian
generals have gone to inspect disaffect
ed and mutinous troops. A high state
of discontent prevails and there is much
anxiety over the situation.
Ileitis From Small
' June 12.
Our farmers are all enjoying the
much needed showers which have been
falling softly. . ...
"'- Our crops are all looking better than
they did last week. Sweet potatoes
are being put up all around ua.
Miss Charlotte Peed spent Saturday
night with Mies Viola Rowe.
Mr Eddie Price of Aurora visited his
parents here Sunday.
Elder Jesse Bennett filled his regular
appointment at White Hiil Church last
Sunday: " .
Misses Marietta Dunn and Minnie
Cuthrell visited Miss Patsy Hardy last
Mr Durwood Lewis of Bonnerton
spent Saturday night with Mr R F Edwards.
nUn "d MiM M?ietttSpecial to Journal
iunn visueu nn u u iaytun oi Levei
Pine Ridge Wednesday evening. " '
Mr Rufua Mixon and Miss Cassie Al-
dredge of Bates have been visiting
friends and relative's here.
The Jihior Builders gave an ice cream
upper last Friday night at Mr D 8
Mixon's. People came from far and
near to attend the party.
Mr J J Edwards gave an icecream
supper to the older people Saturday
night, which was largely attended and
very much enjoyed.
MacKay's Mac-u-dine
cures all headaches, etc, doea not de
press the heart, 10, 25 and 50 cents a
bottle at druggists, 5c doses at foun
Eight Thousand Members ef Order In State.
$16,000 For Establishment Orphans
Home. Next MeeMjia at Elizabeth
City. Largest Attendance Yet,
Special to Journal. -
GreensbotQJune 13 The principal
business of the Grand Lodge of Pythtans
in session here today was the election
of officers,- resulting jw follows:
Grand Chancellor, W W Wilson, Ral
eigh; Grand Vice Chancellor. W C
Criap, Winston; Grand Prelate, W R
Coppedge, Rockingham; Grand Master
of Exchequer, John Mills, Rutherford-f
too; Grand Keeper Records and Seals,
W T Hollowell, Goldabero; Grand Mas-
ter-at-Arms, McBryde 'Holt, Graham;
Grand' loafer.' Guard, CC.Bruto jft j
Gilcad; Grand Outer Guard, E J Jones,
Concord. The principal contest which
was very spirited, was over the elec
tion of the Grand Vice Chancellor. For
this C W Crist received 90 votes', and
C C McLean of Greensboro 45.
Forty nine members were reewrted
as having died during the year, this be
ing less than the average death rae,
there being 8,000 members in the State.
Another report showed that there is
$10,000 now on hand as a nucleus for
the establishment of an orphan's home
by the grand lodge. At the afternoon
session Elizabeth City was chosen for
next session. Tonight an elegant ban
quet will be served at Smith Memo
rial building by the local lodge in honor
of the visitors, while in Reece's hall
a large number of candidates were
initiated amid much fun and merriment
into the side rank of Pythianism. The
D. O. K. K. S. the largest attendance
ever known is present there being three
hundred delegates.
Mob Almost Had Brute
Special to Journal.
Nerfolk, June 13. Negro William
Lee, who criminally assaulted Mrs.
Barnes and her cousin Mif i Powell in
Maryland Sunday night . was brought
here to escape mob violence. He was
barely saved from the fury of a large
mob but for the interference of the sol
diers would have been lynched. He
has confessed to the crime also to
bing a house in Maryland.
Marine Fire in Baltimore
Special to Journal.
Baltimore June 13. The docks of the
Merchants and Miners Transportation
Co , two steamers and six barges and
eight seows were destroyed by fire to
day. The fire started in the hold of a
Savannah steamship lying at the dock,
and the flames rapidly communicated
to the other property which were scon
wiped out. The steamer Essex, the
second steamer, was" a large and hand
sonse boat, and was valued at $600,000.
The value of her cargo is not known.
Three members of the crew of the Es
sex mot death in the fire. The loss is
estimated at $1,000,000.
RemarkaNe Airship Venture
Special to Journal
Washington, June 14 One of the
most unique sensations that has oc
curred here recently was the successful
ascent of an airship here today. The
machine arose in the air with perfect
ease and grace to the height of three
miles; ' it circled around Washington
monument and descended in White
House grounds. The dirigibility of the
airship was perfect.
Filipino Politics
Special to Journal
Manila, June 14 An active prelimi
nary campaign has begun here prepara
tory to the election of members of the
the Filipino assembly next year.
Aguinaldo says that gambling and
cock fighting is ruining the Filipino
people. He calls on the American peo
ple to help abolish cock fighting here.
Bryan Coes to the Douma
St Petersburg, June 14 William J.
Bryan was today the guest of honor at
the Douma. or Russian oarliament. He
enllayl mitk sManit Af tU UrlaM anH an
. ,
peareu uj ijoy tne wIUU vwy
Enormous , Busines
Special to Journal
Washington, June 14 -The foreign
commerce statement of which has
tnat kann Anmnlatat hrsalra all nmnli
Ol 1 .wl. .I..J 1. L 1AAA AAA ASA
and exports at $1800,000,000; $200,000,-
; w,-
000 irreater than last vear. volume nf
Like New Bern, Raleigh Will Probably Vote
en Dispensary or Prohibition In the Near
Raleigh, June 14 Last evening the
Aldermen took up the matter of the
petition for an election in Raleigh on
the question of prohibition or dispen
sary. Rev. Sylvester Betts informed
your correspondent today that he had
almost seven hundred signatuies,
among these four doctors, several law-
years and two ministers, Pastor Massee
of the Baptist Tabernacle and Rev. T,
N Ivey of the Methodist Christian Ad
vocate. ; ; ' ' .
GrowtlT ef ilfe A. &M. witegr, .
The amazfror wowta of the A. A If.
College requires constant enlargement
of : the teaching force and apparatus.
In civil engineering 96 students, not
counting freshmen, require a whole
separate department of special teach
ers, two professors and four instruc
tors, all expert. W. C. Riddick is head
professor, and R. E. L. Yates is head
professor of mathematics. Every stu
dent of civil engineering in the college,
including all sophomores and juniors,
are engaged in work all summer.
In electrical engineering ther.? are 92
students and three professors, not
counting freshmen. These students
also are at work wiring buildings, run
ning phone wires, et.
There is a new head of the textile de
partment , Professor Thomas Nelson of
Lancashire, England, and a new assis
tant, Prof. P. Moore Parker, a grad
uate of Lowell Textile School, an A. &
M. boy and a native of Raleigh, grand-
. n . . fill .
son ot tne late a. r. moore, ine
textile 'department will soon be over
flowing with students.
In agriculture three new professors
are tobe elected. Prof. Sherman (en
tomologist) has returned from Canada,
Professor Reimer is to return in horti
culture. There will be ten special
teachers in the agricultural faculty and
two hundred students are expected.
The drill and discipline of the college
will be modified. A separation will be
made of civil and military duties, and
all friction done away with. Drills will
be brisker and discipline severe in all
essentials with freedom in non-essen
In beauty town there dwelt a lass,
Her ace was fair to see,
The seeret of her beauty lay,
In Rocky Mbuntaia Tea.
Sold by F. S. Duffy.
Gees to Waste Basket.
Several letters, some of them newsy
and interesting, have been received at
the Journal office this week, with re
quests for their publication, but being
no signatures, nor anything to indicate
from whence they came, of course they
were promptly laid away in the waste
basket. People who are ashamed to
attach their names to their literary ef
fusions should not get mad at the news
paper for not publishing them.
Ice cream freezers, water
coolers, lawn mowers, are
now in demand. We keep
them. Gaskill Hardware Co
Phone 147.
Same Old Thing.
Everything looked propitious yester
day morning for a clear and pleasant
day. The sun beamed radiantly and all
nature was attuned to the gladness that
the flood was apparently over. But
they were deceived for it was not long
before the skies became overclouded
and the muttering thunder sounded the
too well known warning and the rain
descended. It Wits an unusually heavy
shower and lasted over an 'hour. ;
The recorded rainfall a AtMoek a.
m. for the 24 hoard provfertjfcwaa 2.21
inches which hi additioa ta. the quantity
already announced in th YouiiuJ yes
terday moming-4. 70 inches aakea
total of 6.91 inches for the week.
it tones and vitalizes the entire sys
tem and makes life worth living no mat
ter what your station. Holhater's
Rocky Mountain Tea is the greatest
preventative known for all diseases. 35
cents, tea or tablets. Sold by F. S.
Duffy. . .
I am now on Pine street, No. 29. In
n !- a II
order to add to and change my stock, I
will close out a tine of Silverware and
Plated Goods At Cost. Ladies and,
cent toilet sets, shaving sets, butter
dishes, syrup pitchers, fruit knives, nut
cracks and picks, puff jars, ink stands,
tadies watches, hat orusnes. all bar-.
t . . , - - .
I With Swanson's 5 Drops I give
. u... n( -hi. Come before
bargains are all gone. -
29 Pine St.
Keen vour home free from
flies by usine our , screen
. , .
aOOrS ana WinaOWS,aiSO Keep
' ,
tj ... ' w m.
UaSKUl niuwicw. ruuuc
I 47
An Oeean Liner Blown to Pieces by Some
Strange Power.
Special to Journal
London, June 14. -Tho British steam
er Haverford, was practically destroy
ed while laying at her dock. A lire was
discovered in the hold and in a few
minutes a terrific explosion occurred,
killing nine men and wounding 40 oth
ers. A cargo of linseed oil was set on
fire. The explosion is believed to be
due to an infernal machiue.
President Confers Degrees
Special to Journal
' Washington, June 14th. -President
Roosevelt attendinl the Commencement
of Georgetown University today, and
conferred the degrees. on the graduates.
He made the address. '
A Very Pretty Wedding at Centenary Church.
The wedding of Miss Josephine Isa
belle Hines and Mr. Melville II. Ed
wards, was solemnized yesternay af
ternoon at five o'clock at the Centena
ry church. Rev. G. T. Adams per
formed the ceremony in the presence of
relatives and a number of friends. The
chancel of the church was very pretty
in decorations of flowers and palms, the
color seheme being white and green.
Suspended from the ceiling were four
white bells, themselves forming a laiye
bell. As the Lohenprin wedding march
was played the groom entered from the
right aisle with his best man, Mr. B. H.
Hurst, while the bride came from the
left aiele on the arm of her father,
Mr. J. M. Hines, attired in a pearl
gray, tailor made suit, with sailor hat
to match and carried a boquet of bride's
roses and ferns.
Miss Elma Basnight, maid of honor,
preceeded the bride to the altar and
wore a hand-painted organdy over taf
fety with picture hat, and carried roses
and ferns. The ushers were Messrs.
George Henderson, Jr., F. F. Matth
ews, John Suter and W. F. Richard
During the ceremony, Tennyson's
Sweet and Low was played, Mr. J. W.
Stallinga of Norfolk, presided at the or
gan. Mr. and Mrs. Edwards were the re
cipients of many beautiful and hand
some presents. They left on the A & N
C train for the western pa-1 of the
State and Tennessee and will be at
home in this city after the 25th.
The bride is a well known and popu
lar young woman, and by her pleasing
manner and genial ways has won scores
of fnands. Mr. hdwards is a young
man who has been a resident of New
Bern, but a short time and has estab
lished a fine reputation as an industri
ous and energetic young man. He is
book-keeper of the Armour Packing
Assembly Elects Officers
Special to Journal.
Raleigh. June 14. In North Caro
lina Teachers' Assembly today elected
J. A. Mathewson, of Durham, Presi
dent; Thomas R. Foust, W. J. Martin,
J. A. McLeod, W. L. Snipes, E. P.
Hall and Miss Annie Wetmore and Mrs.
W. C Brooks, Tice Presidents; R. D.
W. Conner, of Raleigh, Secretary
Treasurer. Knights of Pythias Memorial Service
The Anthenia Lodge, No 8, Keighti
of Pythias will obsurve Sunday as a
memorial day. Appropriate exercises
have been prepared for the -occasion,
among which will bo an address by the
Hon. George Hood, Mayor of GoMs
boro, -THepufeVs are cordially invited
to attend. ' Tiim Hhphce v$. ba,.tir
vices will be ann mnced later.'1
Postpone G ;me ol Ball Today
The aggref ilion from .Beaufort ar
rivea frr fw Bern Thursday afternoon
at 3 p. m. The game was jvwtponed
until today on ot count of ram. The
boys promise a good game. ' They are
under a heavy expense, se come out
and encourage the players and lets
have some base ball in New Bern this
The line-up is as follows :
s s . Longest
3 b Thomas
2 b Taylor
c Willis, C
lb . Skarran
r f Congleton
If . Johnson
c f Whoatley
p Willis, N.
. Tisdale
' Mitchell
Cigar bands, plates and felt
for making plaques, ash trays
pin trays, etc. This is
latest fal and you are invited
to call and see them. Also
1 ;r..l T .4.U. r4.
a ueauiuui U"C ucauici r vat
. .
Cards. Sheet music 10c a
wpy at . -
163, Opp POStOfflCe.
Asylum Authorities Will Increase the Aceom
modatlons for Insane Patients.
Raleigh, June 14. The directors of
the hospital fer the insane here in ses
sion today considered the preliminary
arrangements for 125 more female pa
tients there in the new structure
which it is expected to have completed
some time in July.- There are more
than 125 applications on file of a char
acter needing immediate accommoda
tion but all applications will be looked
into with special care.
The pupils of Misses Bessie and Jes
sie Wyatt gave a most creditable recital
last Wednesday evening at the home of
Mrs. R. A, Richardson, whose hospita
ble doors were thrown open to the
friends and those who were interested
in the Misses Wyatt course of instruc
tion. . ':;'i'Y:-f':if.-i'hi'
The pupils were very good in the
rendition of their work and show excel
lent and thorough training.
The following program was rendered :
1. Duet Hancok and Wethington.
2. Vocal Solo Ethel Armstrong. .
3. Piano Solo -Laura Ives.
4. Duet- Bertha and Ethel WiHett.
5. Vocal Solo-Mrs. Hartsfield.
6. Trio, piano Ball, Ives and Groves.
7. Sextette violin Munger, Richard
son, Ward, Howard, Hall, Coward.
Duet violin -Ipock and Armstrong.
9. Duet violin Munger and Coward.
10. Vocal solo M H Richardson.
Duet piano- Ives and Rich.
" Vocil--Hartsfield and
Mr. and Ms. W. F. Aberly and little
daughter left yesterday for a several
months visit with friends at IGilberto,
Miss Mary Barbee of Raleigh spent
the day with Miss Henrietta Hancock,
Mrs. James Mitchell left yesterday
for Beaufort to visit.
Mr. C. C. Bell of Harlowe was in the
city yesterday.
Editor C. L. Stevens went to Raleigh
last night.
Capt. 'Joe Gaskill and Mrs. Gaskill
went to Beaufort last night.
Mr. J. C. Scales returned last night
srom attending the Grand Lodge ef
Knights of Pythias at Greensboro.
Hon. Frank Thompson of Jackson
ville was in the city last night.
Mr. A. E. Pittman went to Newport
last aight.' "(
Mr. W. D. Mclver went to Kineton
last night. 1
Mr. N. C. Hughes has gone to Florida
on a business errand.
Miss Margaret B.-yan went to Wilming
ton to visit friands yesterday, from
there she will go to Charlotte and
Black Mountain for the summer.
Miss Jknmie Sabiston returned to her
home in Stella yesterday, after a pleas
ant visit with friends here.
Miss Annie Benners of Oriental is
in the city visiting her cousin, Mess
May Hooker.
Miss Myrtle Disoway has returned
from a few days visit at Seven Springs.
Much Damage to Crops. .
Farmers report in the city that the
rains have made havec with their pota- '
toes and other crops. They say that
the ground where they are planted in
many cases is oi peculiar nature and
that wiwn they are plowed up they are
in a muddy and soggy condition and
when left lying on the ground the heat
of the sun rots them. They will not be
able to realize hrdly anything on the
marketing of their crop.
.They also say that other crops have
suffered terribly, especially is this true
of cotton. The rains have washed the
plants so that their value will be great
ly depreciated. They estimate their
losses at thousands of dollars.
Aethma Suflerere Should Knew This. '
Foley's Honey rod Tar has cored
many cases of asthma that were con
sidered hopeless. Mrs. Adolph Bussing,
701 West Third St, Davenpert, Iowa,
writes: "A severe cold contracted
twelve years ago was neglected until k '
finally grew into asthma. The beet
medical skill available could not give
me more than temporary relief. Foley's
Honey and Tar was recommended and
one fifty cent bottle entirely cured me
of asthma which had been growing on
me for twelve years, and if I had taken
it, at the start I would have been saved
years of suffering." Sold by Davis'
Pharmacy. "
First Excursion to Wilmington.
NextThuasday, June 21, the first of
Knight a lamous eKcarBions irom new
Bern to Wilmington will take place.
.This affords anyone an excellent op-
ui vm. own. "
v,ile Beach, the Atlantic City of the
South Atlantic Coast. Its attractions
11 1 - T
mnumeraoie. rare iron. .w
, b L25 Bnd tnetra,n::i
leave at 7 30 a. m.
-rrv fK Tv THT TTTiTTtN TT1X TrH H

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