North Carolina Newspapers

No. 41.
vents of Past Three Days
.Tersely Told For Jour- '
nal Readers.
ndnstrial, Commercial, Social, Religi
ous, Criminal and Political
Happeningi) Coudnsd in'.
Few Lilies.
' St Petersburg, Aug. 17.-Beluzeff,
the daring robber and outlaw who led
the gang oft men which pillaged the
leading bank at Moscow, escaped from
a heavily guarded train while returning
from Switzerland. He sprang through
the car window, the train going at a
rate of speed at the time, and
larentl;- unhurt and dashed
4t. :;; ;;': sx
o, Aug, 17th Four boys,
ty years of age, confessed
that they held up and
ersons here on Sunday
eir victims named Moly
ared by them.
ug. 17. The. armored
arolina will be launched
wa shipyard Saturday
overnor Glenn will be
e a sponsor for the ,occa-
.iso, Chila, Aug. 17. One of
it earthquakes in the history of
ntry occurred last night causing
image to property and setting
ome causes. Hundreds of citi
reported killed by falling build
here is scarcely a building of
rtance in the city, that is not
a greater or less extent,
was much damage done at
nts on the South American
le aggregate of loss can only
cured but it will reach into the
4 of millions and the suffering
'Mtion that following such a
great. '.
,uake was strongly record
nentsat Washington be
Vclock last night and con
urs. The, earth's move
y as those of the San
Aug. 18. Heavy earth
which nearly destroyed
alparaiso, Chile, Thursday
e felt here nearly all night
lildings have been damaged
i. The city is now practi
martial law and the troops
ommanded to shoot persons
g the homes or persons of
ive hundred corpses have
om fallen walls and the
destroying the balance of
camping on the hills or
ge on boats. They are
the government but
Mt destitution. Some
: Chile, the earthquake
8 p. m. Thursday and
long time. Houses fell
j people. - Qulllota and towns are destroyed,
.he disturbance was general through
it Chile and Argentine Republic, -pass
ug along the Pacific coast and crossing
the Andes. The property toss was
enormous. '
Boston Aug. 17. The First National
bank of Chelsea closed its door this
morning and placed its affairs in the
hands of a receiver. The books are
being examined and no statement has
been made but it is reported aiithoritat
ively that the failue Is heavy.
, Cape Haytien, Hayti Aug. 18. -Rival
political factions have caused a revolu
tion in Santo Domingo, engaged in
battle. Bands under the command of
Navarro attacked and captured Dob.
ajon which they pillaged and abondoned
after killing about 80 persons.
St Petersburg Aug. 18 Premier
Govenykin and the Minister of War
have received many letters demanding
the punishment of the officers and sol
diers of the Chevalier guards who brut
ally whipped Anna Smirnoff.. The girl
is in the Russian hospital in a serious
Chicago, Aug. 18th. Charles Martin
was fatally wounded last night in
. duel wHh William Sweeney. They were
rivals for the hand of Katherlne Can
non, and had resorted to this means Co
determine which one should be alolwed
his respects to her. Hanson,
ty second was painfully wounded.
Swew "injured but is under ar
rest, held to. t shooting.
'Six pf those who witnessed the fight
have been arrested, two of whom were
captured in a vacant livery stable after
the detectives had broken down the
door in their efforts to get in and had
fired several shots.
i - None of the boys are over twenty,
bat all have police records They be
long to a notorious gang which has been
terrorizing citizens for years.
Havana, Aug. 20. Following the at
tempt to assassinate President Palma
and overthrow the government, ' many
arrests of insurgents have been made.
The insurgents numbers are increasing,
President Palma today called an extra
ordinary session of congress to make
plans should the occasion demand imme
diate attention. A suspicious schooner
is hovering hear the coast, believed by
some to be an aid to the insurgents. .:
Raleigh, Aug 20. Superintendent
Mann, of the penitentiary. has returned
from his home in Hyde county, and
says reports are exaggerated as to the
deaths among horses there by forage
poisoning, and also of the crop damage.
He says the disease among horses ' was
mainly confined to two townships and
that about a hundred horses have died,
nearly all in one township. - The dis
ease which was fatal four jean ago
followed a wet summer, and was due to
forage put up when decayed. The for
age used this year was gathered last
year under favorable conditions. He
says the reports of deaths of other ani
mals and poultry are fakes. Mr. Mann
says that while crops in much of the
county are about destroyed, they are
tair south of Lake Mattamuskeet and
that Hyde county will not ask for out
side aid.
Valparaiso, Aug. 20th. There is no
improvement in the conditions of the
earthquake. At least 5,000 are dead
and the greater part of the city is s
vast stretch of ruins. vThe loss will ex
ceed $50,000,000. A pitiful and distress
ing sight is to see relatives and friends
searching the ruins for their dead. The
penitentiary walls fell in Sunday kill
ing 145 convicts. The people are camp
ing jn the suburbs and the parks. There
is great destruction. ,
- Fremont, Aug. 20. The greatest ex
citement exists here today over the
discovery of the dead body of Miss
Waddell, the sixteen year-old daughter
of a prominent farmer, in an old marl
pit four miles from here. There are
signs of a terrible struggle in the road,
her broken umbrella was found near by,
indicating that she had used it in try
ing to beat off her assailant
It is believed she was seized while on
her way home from a neighbor's and
dragged into the woods, , assaulted and
then thrown into the pit .
New York Aug. 20 Republican Con
gressional . committee makes public a
letter from President Roosevelt to Con
gressman Watson of Indiana in which
the President discusses the tariff quest
ion. He declares that the republican
attitude is clear and that protective tax
iff is permanent He intimates that
revision is possible at some indefinite
time but will be undertaken only when
ever it is clear to the sober business
seuse of people that benefits will out
weigh disadvantages 1 That is, when re
vision will do more good than harm.
He says the question of revision stands
wholly apart from that of dealing with
trusts, that is with control of monopol
ies with supervision of great wealth in
corporation form.
Raleigh, Aug.. 20. The Corporation
Commission made Its findings today as
to the condition of the Yadkin Valley
railway from Salisbury to Albemarle,
owned and operated by the Southern.
It finds theoad dangerous and that it
has wrecks nearly every trip and some
times two trains on the ground at the
same time. Th7 hold that the man
agement is responsible for the condi
tion and should be required to employ
the labor necessary to maintain the
The commission under the pres -
ent law has no power to make
a man-
datory order.
Peoria, I1L, Aug. 20. In a letter to
a local politician, William J. Bryan says
that he wants no instructed delegates
from the Illinois convention unless it
repudiates national committeeman
Roger Sullivan. The latter laughed
when ssked if the convention would en
dorse Bryan. '..".
, 4 ... . J . i . - - . .-.liw
Carson, Negro Shot at Double
Tracking Camp Dead. Haif
iston Guilty of Jurder,
Negress Gives Her Friends theTiiiti of
Their Lives. Large Crowd at
the First Annual Horse '
Show. Adjudication
in Bankruptcy.
' (Special Correspondence.) j
Greensboro, Aug 17tn. Deputy Mar
shal Bailey returned this morning from
i trip to Rockingham and Stokes conn
ties, where he arrested three men,
charged with blockading,
Two white men, one in Stokes and
one in Rockingham gave bond for their
appearance at the October term of the
federal court An old negro, about 65
years old was caught in the crotch of
the North Carolina-Virginia Btates, and
the Rockingham-Stokes county lines,
his exact residence being guessed as in
Rockingham .county. The old man was
taken to Wentworth jail, being unable
to give bond. He has been in court
numbers of times for ''working" at the
blockade stills, but his case is none the
less pitiful, since he is dir poor, has' a
blind wife and five young children left
at home. '
Mr. Virgil S. Holcombe, attorney of
Mt Airy, secured in the bankruptcy
court here this morning and adjudica
tion in bankruptcy for M. D. Moore,
dealer in millinery at Mt Airy. The
assets are estimated at $1,230, and the
liabilities at $2,450.
William Carson, the negro shot at
the double tracking camp near Jamss-
town last week, by, Charles Hairston,
died yesterday, and witnesses were
summoned to appear before justice of
the peace Collins today for an investi
gation of the'ease. Not having put in
their appearance at the hour of twelve.
The sheriff was sent out to the camp
for the arrest of the witnesses, but had
not returned in time to have the hear'
ing to-day. Hairston who did the
shooting, and was caught in Whitney
Saturday, and is now in jail here, is
a big, black fellow, over six feet tall,
and has the reputation of being a bad
man. He admits the shooting, but says
he shot in self defense. ,
Young Henry Fulton, who was
brought here from Washington City
yesterday and lodged in jail, was given
a preliminary hearing this afternoon on
a charge of larceny and forgery. The
charge for larceny grows out of his
having entered the office of Dr. Chas.
Roberson some time ago, abstracted
some bills from his book, collected the
money and spent it
The forgery is in connection with a
check for $20.50, which he had cashed
at a bank here. It purported to have
been drawn by W. W. Shaw, of Dur
ham, on a Durham bank, and the en
dorsement of the payee and of the local
manager of the Southern Bell Compa
ny here, were forgeries. The young
fellow admits his wrongdoing, saying
he never expects to do so again, and
that he alone is to blame, as his parents
tried to raise him right
Martha Evans, a colored cook for Mr
W. H. Newson here., reached the limit
yesterday in furnishing provender for
her men friends, and is paying for it by
being in jail in default of bond for her
appearance at Superior court . Not
content with feeding her friends out of
her employers kitchen products and
herediaments, as is the custom, Mar
tha assayed to provide a regular spread
for her friends confined in jail. Tues
day night, Jailer Busick wsa given such
a fine waiter of delicacies, in china
plates and silver knives --and spoons,
dainty enshrined in snowey napkins-
on the tray for one of his negro priso
ners, he was at first amazed, then sus
picious. There were jellies, salads,
cake, chicken, which Martha delivered
at the jail for her man friend. Jailer
Busick called up Mrs Newson over the
phone, and a she lived but a block dis
tant front the jail, she came over, after
Martha had left the supper, saying she
would return and get the "things", in
an hour. As soon as Mrs. Newson in
spected the lay-ont, she realised it was
not only her silver and her china, and
! h delicacies, accounted for an
I ..LI. .1 L , ... 1 . t 1
i unaccounuuiw snonaga in loou sne nsa
expected for some company, and her
family thinking she had provided boun
, tifully. The lady was exceedingly u
dignant, as can be Imagined, and even
' was inclined to nave the food thrown
into the street She could not be per
anadedlto let the snowv nankins, tha
.bina md the silver, or the waiter be
carried into the.prison cells for the ex
pectant negro prisoner. Kind-hearted
iiiler Busick. saved tha dav for hi
prisoner, by suggesting that the lady
let him rake the whole business off in
to a "yellow", bowl. This was done,'
the lady returned home with her thincrs
and Mr. busick carried the bowl to tiie
tttv TV
darkey, who feasted-on the conglomer
ated mixture. A warrant was served
on Martha, the cook. Before the mayor
she acknowledged her offense failed to
give bond, and seeded not at all dis
concerted at going to jail in proximity
to her friend, for whose pleasure and
pride of superior attention to other
prisoners, she bad broke the law, and
her employereeses faith and good na
ture., y
Greensboro's first annual horse show
and trotting carnival held yesterday
afternoon attracted a large crowd, and
wai a distinct success. Dr. W. J.
Meadows won the first prize of 1100 00
in the '-model horse" W. J. Holliday,
Jr., 1st prize $10 for the ''fancy turn
out", T. M Arrowmith, 1st prize f 40
in "free for all trott", Dr. Charles
Roberson 1st prize 50 for "saddle
horses", Carl Wheeler lut prize $5.00
running race", J. M. Stewart 1st
prize, .$10 in "quick hitch and trot
race".'" Dr. S. T. Brooks won 1st prize
in the double team show, class A, hand
some gold headed umbrella.
State Capital Items.
(Special Correspondence)
Releigh Aug. 20. It is said there is
a movement on the part of some of the
policy holders of the Mutual Life Insur
ancd Company of New York in North
Carolina to elect ex-Governor Charles
Ay cock one of the directors.
There is a rumor that the American
Tobaaco Company has bought land in
the Western suburbs of Raleigh, on
which to erect a very large warehouse.
Your correspondent has worked up the
cotton crops in this section and finds it
hard to make an estimate of condition,
so greatly do crops very. The farm
ers themselves do not know at all ac
corectly. Rev. Dr. M. M. Marshall rector of
Christ church has returned from a visit
to Canada and is much improved in
There is a new keeper of the National
Cemetery here, he is Capt. ' Lacy and
he was transferred from the cemetery
at Stone River Tennessee.
The band and the two Kaltigh com
panies of the first regiment left yester
day morning for Chattanooga 120 start
Death of A. L. Rountree.
Kmston Free Press 20th.
Telegrams received in this city an
nounced the Sunday at 12:30 p. ra., at
his home in Brooklyn, N. Y., of Mr. Al
bert L. RounUee, of bronchial affection
and diabetes. The death was rather
nxMen though Mr. Rountree had been
a sufferer for some time. His son, Mr.
J. R. Rountree, qf this city, received a
telephone message Saturday night con
cerning his lather's illness, ana lett
Sunday morning for Brooklyn. The re
mains will be brought;to here for burial
Tuesday. -
Mr. Rountree was born in Wilson and
was about 53 years, old. He married
Miss Alice, sister of Mr. George Roun
tree, of Wilmington, and niece of Mr.
Andrew Lof tin, of this city. Early in
life Mr. Rountree was in business m
New Bern, a member of the firm of
Rountree & Co., and 25 years ago he
moved to Brooklyn,, where he became a
member of the well known cotton brok
erage firm of R. H. Rountree & Co.,
and was at the time of his death sixth
owner of this large and prosperous bus
iness. He owns a large and well im
proved farm near Kinston, but has nev
er been a resident of the county. ,
. Mr. Rountree was well known in this
city, where he has a large family con
nection and many friends. By nature,
breeding and temperament one of the
most affable of gentlemen, he was high
ly esteemed, and his death will be
learned in this community with sincere
His wife and three sons, Messrs. J.
R., Harry and Louis Rountree, survive
him and three children are buried in
Glenwood cemetery, Brooklyn, N. Y.
For Sale
That elegant home known as the
Woodhull place, on the banks of White
Oak river, near the beautiful town of
Swansboro; fine water, ten room house,
about twelve acres of land, good orch
ard and all necessary out houses; right
of way now being cut for a railroad to
tap the Atlantic Coast Line. For fur
ther particulars apply at once to J. S,
Canady, Swansboro, N. C. ,
Mill Point
, :'-, ' "' - Aug. 20.
We are having some very pleasant
weather now. " : -
Help for fodder pulling seems to be in
great demand now.
Miss Nsnnie Smith who has been visit
ing friends and relatives at Riggsville
and Silverdale Mreturned to her home
this week, reports a fins trip.
, Mr Willie Bell and wife were the
guests of their sister Saturday and Sun
day, Mrs J W Guthrie."
Mr Simeon Smith and wife were the
guests of their brother, S E Smith Sat
urday and Sunday. ,
Messrs John Hall and Timothy Smith
of Gales Creek were callers here ton
day. .-
Miss Belle Smith and brother, Jiramie,
went to Riggsville yesterday to spend
week or two with Irtenq
tives. .
and rela-
Armour Star
They are fjood
Christian Traiuius ScUpoLit
3Iars HUV SaQcessful'
Venture. "'-
Big Lot of Contraband Liquor Confis
cated. Probability of a Big Crowd
to New York to Meet W. J.
Bryan. Southern Bell Tel
ephone Co. Stringing
Long Distance
(Special Correspondence.)
Greensboro, Aug. 18. W. A. Wright
of Iredell county, who has just been ap
pointed Deputy United States Marshal
by Marshal Millikan, was here today re
ceiving instructions as to his duties and
responsibilities, after being duly sworn
in 83 a United States officer. Deputy
Wright's headquarters will be at States
ville. When Mr. Millikin received his
commission for a third term as Marshal
last spring, upon request by him the
department of justice authorized him to
put in practice an innovation in the
management of his office. One feature
of this was the requirement that his
deputies should report to him directly,
every violation of the revenue law
which was reported to them by the dep
uty collectors, and also to send in daily
reports of their transactions.
The experiment has proven so far an
unqualified success in the betterment of
the service, preventing absolutely the
chance for collusi on between the dis
tilleries, the deputy collectors and the
deputy marshals, as was shown to exist
in the trials of the revenue officers
here in the Samuel and other cases.
There are very few cases now tried
originally before some local United
States Commissioner the arrest being
made direct from the Marshal's office
by one of his office deputies, thereby
keeping the Marshal in close touch with
every movement in the service. In this
way, not only is he, but the diatrictjat
torneyis also kept-fully informed of
the whole situation, rendering the rep
etition of former scandalous and fraud
ulent conduct on the part of some dep
uty collectors and marshals impossible,
without immediate detection.
Rev. Dr. W. H. Battle, who has been
at Mars Hill three weeks lecturing at a
training school for Christian workers,
returned yesterday, going immediately
to High Point to attend the session of
the Piedmont Baptist Association there.
Mars Hill is near Asheville, and the
school was held under the auspices of
the Southorn Baptist Convention. There
were 150 students this year, the grad
uatinsr class numbered thirty, the lar
gest in the history of this special work,
placing North Carolina ahead of all oth
er Southern States, with Georgia .sec
ond in this field of special work.
Major Charles M. Stedman, who has
been absent over a month on profess
ional business in Scotland and England,
returned yesterday, looking fine and in
buoyant spirits. While satisfied with
the business part of his . trip, he is
bubbling over with expressions of de
light at the reception he received from
the Deople in his old Scotland. He met
Mr. Bryan and his wife in the law li
brary in Ediburgh, and says the report
that the "great commoner" has aged
greatly in appearance is a mistake, for
he was looking as young and vigorous
ss he was in Greensboro two years ago.
Blind tiger patrons in Burlington.
will probably go dry Sunday, since
snecial revenue employee, C. A. Banks
headed off yesterday a big load of con
traband liquor headed that way. : On
the road between Reidsyille and Bur
lington' yesterday afternoon officer
Banks five miles from Reidsvilla ran
uron G. D. Sheets, who lives near
Stokesdale, driving a two horse wagon
that pulled . heavy. He stopped the
team examined the cargo and found
four barrels of unstamped whiskey
nicely ' reposing under some old bed'
quilts, hot as it was. The whole outfit
was captured, inclu ing Mr. Sheets and
a boy who was with him. Today Sheets
gave bond for the confiscated property
and it was released. He also gave bond
before U. S. Commissioner Wolfe, for
his appearance at the October term of
United States' court
The Southern Railway has offered a
special rate to the Bryan reception,
from Greensboro to New York and re-
turn of $17.45 good on all trains from
Auirust 28. to September 4th. This Is
but little more than one fare, and will There was not an egg in town yester
Inum an 1m mange number of excur-1 dav and although pepl were glad to
sionists, and merchants to New York,
a large msjority of whom will not ex
mt to even see Mr. Brvan.
Greensboro is about to have a brass
band. A number of the foremost
prominent musicians of the city met
last night and organized with twenty
two members, the pbjt. being to se
cure a Dana with torty members. At
ras't' tii'ghts 'meeting committees 1 were
appointed to secure permanent quarters
and-to purchase -instrnmenU. i- --Tbes
Will repQl,aex.t,Thuraday .night, whan,
the organization will be completed.. t
' The Southern Bell telephone Co!, 1m
sriiigiti',new,"wtres 'for' iUTonjt'diB
tatice service0 improvement between
Danville and Charlotte, t The work nss
bpeacompletedromPsnyiUe. ,fc .Greens.
bqro, , and the forqe of 19 men un4er.
superintendent of' construction" Charles
Hansen," will make' Greensboro,' ' bead-'
quarters f'jr several dayS; 'Working out
from the oity.r ..i ii;.. t,v) .. :!-,!
,. Qyer one hundred, and eighty , war,
rants are being issued by the mayor, at
the rate of a dozen a day," against par"
ties who have failed 'to pay' their dog
tax. The city has adog census Of 1,000
and the poll or tail tax on each one, is
jealously looked, after. .,Its. a, dollar, a
year, or a dollar a collar, i holler or no
holler. ' ' r " "'"'
The Charlotte lady Who came hear
being drowned in the street at High'
Point Tuesday, says High Point is a wet
town. t ,
Aug. 18.
We have been silent for some time
waiting for news of interest to relate,
but it is the same "old tune," rainy
weather. It has been very rainy in this
section for several days, those who
were pulling fodder made good use of
yesterday as it was a fine day. Crops
are badly damaged. .
The protracted meeting is n earing a
close at the Tabernacle church, several
of our people have attended.
Miss Emma Rhodes, of Richlands,
who was a very welcome visitor with
us a few weeks ago, has returned to
her home. Come again, Miss Emma.
Mr Ervin of Maysville has moved
back to his old home since his sad loss
of his companion and daughter. We ex
tend our heart felt sympathy to the be
reaved family.
Mr John Hurst had the misfortune
to get a rib broken in his side a few
days ago. We hope he will soon be
Mr William Mills lost a fine mule this
Messrs John Mills and John Scott
went to Carterej; last Saturday to visit
friends nnd relfitiveft.
Miss Fonville is visiting Miss Mamie
Mrs Kate Henderson and daughters
visited Mrs Mary Eubanks Monday.
There is so me sickness in midst,
hope it is not serious. '
Miss Lola Scott visited relatives at
Deppe last week.
Miss Ina Eubanks of Maxton who
have been spending several days at her
old home with her mother, will leave
tomorrow. We regret to see her leave
very much.
Wild Rose.
A New Bern Young Man Recently in
the Earthquake.
Mr. Henry Nunn, youngest son of
Mrs. H. S. Nunn, of this city was in Val
paraiso, Chili Thursday when the hor
rible and destructive earthquake de
stroyed the entire city and hundreds of
people were killed.
A letter was received from Mr. Nunn
last Saturday, but of course was writ
ten several weeks before the earth
quake. Air. Nunn had left the city of
Lima about a month previous to this
letter and was in Valparaiso. It b sin
cerely hoped that Mr. Nunn escaped
any serious injuries but nothing definite
can be learned for sometime yet The
earthquake was more destructive than
the one at San Francisco, and several
cities were entirely destroyed.
Military Officer Almost Drowned
Lieutenant Craig, an officer of the 1st
regiment N. C. N. G. in camp at More
head had a narrow escape from drown
ing Sunday. He was in the surf and
had got out too far. Although he is a
good swimmer he wss unable to fight
against the outgoing current Some of
the bathers went to his assistance and
he was brought back to the Jahors in an
exhausted condition. It required con
siderable work to restore him to con
sciousness. '
Barbacue and Clami
Customers please remember that I am
still doing business at the old stands
Nice fresh barbacue each day, and clam.
whenever they are in the market All
kinds soft drink on ice, also cigars and
tobaccos. ' ' '
. 128 Middle Street
The Hen on Vacation.
' The good old standby, the hen, has
acquired the summer vacation habit and
quit laying eggs. She has not gone off
to the sea shore unless it be to pose as
spring chicken at the seaside hotels.
She remains at home, but there's no-
thing doing and she mlghfe ss well be
elsewhere. - -
! pay 25 cents per dozen, but they could
not be procured. The old market i
of 15 cents remains the same as
hitch price only refers to the local tra4e.
the weather is td blame for the dearth
of hen fruit at this stage of the game
and it is only very temporary.
flrtVt'" Jin
Negro's- Head Used As target.,
Cranium Too Hard For
'Shftt-to Eater.
........ ' ' " .,M
White Man in Serious Trouble. ' Joint
Meeting of CeaSnf t ;
"'timiaiKn1 Committees of
" I' RepublieanPartyv Chan- ' ;y
:fB,-M4". ewsFo'rce:iW.;'T:'
( JSnecial 4 Correspondence.) ,
GreensbproAw,,rrThe Gate City,
Guards, fifty strong, commanded by.
Captain F. PrUobgood, Jr!;' Lieuts. '
Kuykenpalland ShaW, six4 sergeants' and1
six corporals, left on 85 last' night for
Chickamauga Park to attend the n-
nual encampment of the National,
Guards for a week and for practice in ,
the manoeuver camp of the regular '
army The 'company was joined here
by Reidsville, Sanford, Burlington and
Durham Companies of the Third Regi
ment a special section of train 85 being
made up here for their accommodation.
In the Baptist church here yesterday
morning, Rev. Dr. H. W. Battle
preached a special sermon to the com- '
puny. One of the young men unaccus
tomed to being buttoned up so tight in
new uniform or any other kind of form
such hot weather, fainted in church,
but revived easily after getting fresh :
air and a loosening of his military ha
bilaments. Mr. J. S. Brannock a well to do me
chanic of Burlington, was bitten by a
dog supposed to be mad, and his' physi
cian brought him here last night on his .
way to Richmond to be treated at tha
Pasteur Institute there.
A little negro named Ad Lawson,
came into town last night with his head
filled with bird shot, saying that while
he was walking on the railroad two
miles oat of town a white boy named
Joe Williams, came along with some
other boys, and remarking to his com-"'
panions, "Watch me kill a nigger" up
with a shot gun and fired at him.
While not dangerously hurt the negro
had innumerable indentations on his
cranium, several shot falling to rebound
and sticking in his head, while the wool
was considerable lacented. U racers
have been looking for the reckless white
boy without success this morning, the
negro declaring in answer to enquiries
if he was'nt hit while in a watermelon
patch, that he most , positively
The colored porter, an all round man
of the Galloway Drug Company of this
place, Henry Wade, by name, sent a
telephone message to his friend and
employer, Raleigh Galloway last night
that he was in jail in Burlington on a
charge of being drunk and disorderly,
and desired to have him go his bond and
get him out of trouble. The trouble
about Galloway going on the bond, was
that tha drug store had been robbed tha
night before of eight or ten dollars
bills, which the proprietor had put in
the safe in the presence of- Henry, and
the key being left in the drawer. Henry
had subsequently gone and took. . Mr.
Galloway had been looking for Henry
and knew not whera ha was until the
urgent call from him in Burlington.
When arrested there, Henry had on his
person, only four of the ten dollar bills.
and an officer was sent this morning to
bring him here .to explain if he can
what he did with the other four.
Sheriff Jordan this morning arrested
on a warrant from Randolph . county,
N orris Johnson, a good looking young
white fellow, on a charge of having se
duced under promise to marry a very
respectable girl there. A local Justice
committed him to officers to be taken
to Randolph for trial .
State Chairman of the Republican
organisation, S. B. Adams, this morn
ing issued a call for a joint meeting of
tha members of the Central, State and
campaign committees to be held in
Greensboro Sept 1st
There art twenty-one prominent Re
publicans in various portionr of tha
State, composing these various commit
tees, and if they all attend, there will
be quite an important family gathering
of the representatives of their party.
Chairman Adams says that after the
conference of this committee, place and
plans submitted to them for the cam
paign nave been luiiy aiscufwea ana de
cided upon, the campaign will be pros
ecuted with vipor, all uown the line.
"and you might say" said he, "prose
cuted with intelligent vigor. ,
FARMERS desiring ten
ants to cultivate land en th :
share system and pill r; i
and others in need ' of 1 ' -are
invited to corr;
with F. L.l lerritt. I ' ;
Industrial Ar.cnt, At! ' :
North CaroUra Co., I'.:.'.
Va. .

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