North Carolina Newspapers

    Nip , KV VCl
29th YEAR
. ITof. S2.
j T . i
i i
" This bank will make a special effort to be known aa the
ranners Bank of New Bern. .. : .- ; : " '..,1
The moat careful attention will be given to the business of
fanners in the country around New Bern. : , : v .
' 'Our officers and directors understand the farmers situation'
and needs, and will render thejn every cojuidoration posib!e. -1
We invite you to open an account here. . '
CAPITAL i . - , $100,000.00. ' ;
JAKES 8. BLAOCS, "resident. Wm. S. BUOES, V.-PmMeirt.
Location. 65 Foil' St.
mm m
Events " of Past Three Days
Tersely Told For Jour-
nal Readers.
iz;e to ma
Industrial, Commercial, Social, Keligi-
one. Criminal and Political
Happenings Condensed la
' : Few Lines. : .
Findlay, Ohio, Oct 8. The case of
the State vs Standard Oil Co., is on
' trial here today for conspiracy against
trade and violation of the State and
anti-trust laws. . The penalty is $5,000
fine. ' .-.I:."-' " '
New York, Oct 9.-There is a aeoti
tnent prevailing here that Al Adams,
the former '"uolicy king" who was
tcmi dead in hi room with suspicions
of suicide was murdered. The coroner
is of this opinion. On the suggestion
of the coroner an investigation has been
Buffalo, N. Y., Oct ,-Susle Becker
the three year old daughter of wealthy
parents was kidnapped today and there
is no due obtainable. ; She was met by
a strange woman who asked the child
to walk with her and before any suspic
Al.- . 1- V J J! ra
ions were arousea uw pr " business session was held in the after
P" . - j noon but Conly routine business being
Hinton. W. Va., Oct 9 -Last night, '
Charles Smith, Mayor of thla city inajtwolbusinesa sessions, a social affair
spirit of playfulness induced his friend, given by Mrs. W. A, Erwin, In the
Elbert Medley, to put on a woman's aftenoon and ! reception tendered by
clothing and go to his (Smith's) house the Elks at night The attendance is
and call tim out to the gate. The pro-
gram was carried cut but Mrs. Smith
in a momunt of insane jealously rushed
out of the house with a revolver and
. shot and killed her husband and then
killed herself. ? "
Chicgo, Oct 9.-In the first of the'
championship seriM of games for th;
baseban pennant the Chicago Ameri-
ea.s defeated the Chicago Nationals by
a score of 2 to L
Cleveland. Ohio, Oct 10,-The first
storm and cold wave of the sea-
snow i
son is prevailing here. A heavy snow
Is falling and high winds bbwirake
the weather unusually cold. The storm
is the most severe since the terrific
October storm of 1302. It is general in
the lake region.
L Louis. Oct 10. -A fierce storm is
rr;rj and it is the coldest October day
on rscori The mercury rejuters 34
i: ;f ,:!t, Oct 10. -Coldest weather
? 1 - va here. Thermometer down
t ; ' --. cs. '
" C t. ix leather verycold
f.rCi-Uler. T!ir"; ' r 23 degrees
1 itf BlTea Per l-r
'jpport, Conn, Oct 13. It
Z of the directors of U.a At".
; 1.1 3 r...'.:ay Co., ttld here
t -
I ; ' .1 Jai.khs
was Ci
, Ct 1'
: The biriLib
1 f t .".'.'c
' J -'i, snl
I.. ( t. lClh.-After
:d, f r t'.a .holier
1 cfl r, CH-
y r 1 t ' i f s
i ' 1
wt-fl 1
were eapturcd, the latter were In
very pitiable condition.
Buffalo, Oct 10 United States Com
mfceioner of Corporations James R.
Garfield, delivered aa address here to
day tn which he expressed his opinion
that the government should control
corporation and that National Bank
laws should be Improved in certain
Durham, Oct 10 The tenth annual
session of the North Carolina Division
Daughters of the" Confederacy, con.
vened'here this morning for a three
days session.- Tonight there was a
brilliant reception given at the Hotel
Carrolina by General and Mrs. Can
complimentary to the visitors.
Mrs. H. A. London, President of the
Division, called the convention at 10
o'clock, immediately after the sound'
ing of the assembly call which wat
given on a bugle by Ed Cheek, used at
the battle of BetheL 7 ;
Addresses of welcome were delivered
by General Julian 8. Carr and Mrs. H.
H. Jones, the last named being Presi
dent of the local Chapter, response was
made by lira. H. A. London, President
of the North Carolina Division. ' "
After this there was a business ses
sion at which Mrs. London read her an
nual report. The report showed that
there are now 3,100 members of the. Di
vision and there are seventy-five chap
ters and sixteen children chapters in
the State. '- ; '' ..
; During the year eight new chapters
were chartered and there has been
rreat growth in every way. Another
transacted. Tomorrow there win be
very large, about 150 having been aa-
signed to homes.
Marscillea, France Oct 10-News
B ))9ea received here of the wanton
murder 0f seven of the , wives of the
King of Anam. They were put to death
by torture and the monarch watched
their sufferings with delight France
has appealed to have the King dethrob-
; ed.
I Findlay, Ohio, Oct 10th. -The trial
the Standard OU Co. which is
progress here was hindered today by
! the lawyers disputing for the appear-
aoce of John D. Rockefeller. Thebtate
' declares that it is highly material while
the defense opposes the sUtemont
Newport News, Oct 10. The last of
, the Federal troops left for Cuba early
this morning. ' Two mountain batteries
, were included in the detail
BufTalo, Oct 11-Tbe snow storm
has caused much damage in this sec
tion. The shade trees were ruined by
the wind and ice. The depth of snow
' is fourteen inches. All communications
are cut off.
. . . TTTl. r A
j a high speed an engine and two cars on
e Iron Mountan Railway, plungj
1 a high embankment, killng the
r and fireman and seriouuly
: f ve others. The engineer
t , ' ' ; t ) r ' a up lost time.
ir -v Yd
C 11. An explosion
1 f a n a 1
.'" ".
a I
1 C'y,
fait bout at football on the new
- grounds near the A. and M. College. It
was delightful weather for football
' players. Neither sjde scored but there
jwaa some pretty work. The A. and M. i
team is larger and heavier but the'
Richmond team is more nervy and gave
good exhibitlontof pluck.
Lacrosse, Wis. Oct 11th. With her
foot caught in a cattle guard, 7 year
old Minnie Hunt faced an engine which
was .running at a fast speed, which ter
ribly mangled her body. - The father of
the girl was brakeman on. the tnin. -
Raleigh, Oct 1L Contributions for
the Mclver statue are canting in speed
ily. Five hundred dollar have been
secured by J. T Joyner, and two fcun-
dred and fifty dollar a have been received
in subscriptions. The first subscriber
was a lady from Warsaw. . '
Baleigb, Oct 11 The contract for
the high school building here has beoti
awarded at the cost of $16,009. The
work will begin at once.
. Died Wild Diphtheria ,
Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. W. R. Harper, aged 9 years died
at the home of her parents, at Bairds
Creek, Wednesday October 3, at Jl
o'clock p. m with a severe attack, of
diphtheria The body was taken to the
family burial grounds for interment.
The little girl was an exceptionally
beautiful and sweet child, with a bright
and sunny disposition which won the
love of everyone who knew her. Her
illness was but a few days, but suffered
untold agony, although she put her
trust in Jesus, and bore it without
raurmer. , She leaves a sad hearted
father and mother, three sisters, and
two brothers to mourn their los, but
it is her eternal gain. May her soul
shine as the beautiful stars in glory in
the bright beyond,, and may the be
reaved family receive comfort from
Him who says I will not leave thee com
fortlessI will come unto thee. :
1 c -.'-;, . n. b. m.
Dance Postponed 4 ,
Owing to the non-arrival of the stoves
expected to be used in the Naval Re
serves Armory it has been decided to
postpone the dance that was- scheduled
to take Place tooiaht wnta next Wed
nesday night when toe first of the series
of the subscription dances given by the
. of P. Band will take place. -
Thin adventure promises to be one of
the greatest social events during the
coming season and will undoubtedly
prove a great success. All ladies will
be admitted free and gentlemen will be
charged 50 cents each. It can -be said
chat the strictest of propriety will be
observed at these dances and those who
are inclined otherwise will beimme
diately ejected from the hall Tickets
for gentlemen will be on sale Saturday
night until Wednesday night t Mc-
Sorleys and Kaf era Bakery and from
members of the band.
Additional ONciors Elected.
At a meeting of the Board of Direct
ors of the New Bern Banking & Trust
Co., held on Tuesday, Mr. W. T. Old,
Cashier of the First National Bank of
Elizabeth City, and lit. C. N. Evans,
Cashier of the Southern National Bank
at Wilmington, were elected members
of the Board. -
Thanki tor Contribution.
We sincerely thank Prof. L 1L Smith
Lawyers R. W. Williamson and R.
O'Hara, Messrs. S. A. Vail, and Richard
Sawyer for their liberal contribution
on the new a. u. is.' uon cnurcn at
Dover. S. A. Vail, wife and two chil
dren and Richard Sawyer paid us a visit
at Fort Barnwell last Sabbath. Saw
yer preached two able sermons and Vail
raised a collection amounting to silo.
Pastor of Dover Dover Circuit -
CIg Alumni Banquet
Special Correspondence.
Greensboro, October 10th. Dr. J. E.
Brooks, chairman of the committee on
arrangements says that the banquet of
the alumni of the State University here
Friday evening is being planned on a
more elaborate scale than any held
heretofore. A number of ladies will
.... .
t ravneu. t niuoi, im.oii.-Bi,uiB piv
arram is being prepared and the speccb-
making promises to be the most enjoy
able. The banquet will be held In the
&n.rg room of the hotel Clcgg and will '
bcHa at 9:C0 o'clock,
A r:::co:n Th!s,fV
Einston Free Fnsi:'
A party of men in clcw-lrw out a big
ditch on a f .rra in V.'o ' ;on, raa
upon a hole in Lkh v e f r. j a lot
cf f.h and tl.ry c 'XV. -Jsfrnrj
t -n and pr ? t: a t.-.-wh cf f. lion
at - itrlw- 1 1. ...'.c t,-) wjik. A t
h 1.
I' i t
In The United States ' Court
Damage and Kentai An
guish Constitute Na
ture of Action. ;
, (Special Correspondence.)
Greensboro Oct 10-There are six
big suits on the trial docket of the Fed- J
era! Court this week against ; railroad
companies, involving damages for in
juries or death. These cases were trans
'erred from the States Cour on ap
plication iof the railroad companies.
The first one to be tried, theiirlal be
ing now in progress, is trial Jof Mrs.
LovellaMay, of Kinston, agl'irwtthe
Norfolk and Western Railroad for the
death of her h sband, G. H. May, an
eacineer wf O was killed ,in a wreck
near Old Town, Va., in the spring of
1904. The damages claimed are t2u,-
000.' . . '
Every inch of ground is being con-
csted in the trial, and it is a struggle
between legal giants as well as expert
railroad attorneys Mr. Clement Manly,
one of the Division Counsel or the South
ern Railway, appearing for the plain
tiff, assisted by Judre Bryan, while
Messrs Wateon and Buxton of Winston
attorneys for the Norfolk and JVeetern
represent the defendants- : The first
move was a demurrer or tenons, from
defendants, on the ground thai plain
tiffs amended complaint did not make
allegations required under the 'employ
ers liability act of the state of Virginia
Thoy moved to dismiss the case. Judge
Boyd reserved his decision, anj waived
the tesatnony introduced.'
? ;
Archie . L
Shepard'i Moving
' i
turcs. '
The popular Shepard Moving Pictures
continues to draw good crowds and
grow in popularity. The reason is the
general satisfaction rendered and the
policy of constant change and high class
novelties ' given. ' On Saturday night
Oct 13 an extraordinary bill will be of
fared wherein more novelties of a sen
sational type mill be seen than ever be
fore in a moving picture performance.
Comedy, humor, pathos, sensation,
drama, and travel will be the special
inducements that will vie for favor. AH
new and interesting subjects will make
an exceptionally fine program TMDe-
serter a thrilling melodramatic study
is the subject of one of the most inter-
eating picture dramas ever presented
to the public The story founded on
fact, has many details of general inter
est relative to such proceedings. It is
a story finely told and clearly pictured,
a train of highly sensational climaxes
carefully graded are rounded in a sen
sational finish of startling proportions.
The picture is one that will please and
only one of a great serias of bigh class
subjects that go to make an attractive
bill . - ;
The Little. Joker.
When Arthur Dunn came out of the
trunk at the opera house last night the
sentiment of the entire house as well as
the expressed opinion of the chorus
was "Isn't he cute!" and they, were
rigth. Then when it came to playing
his part the house 'again voiced its
query, "fcm't lie alright!"' ana tno ans
wer came in the repeated, persisent
andj vociferous encores. The Little
Joker we 3 as tall as any of his colleag
ues in comedy. ' .', .'
Ho was the diamond in the gold set
ting. ' - :- : -
The support was the veryest;The
chorus was fine and all the songs had
an enioysblo and catchy rhythm to
them 'which made it hard for the audi
ence to let them go. The lady mem
bers of the chorus met the require
ments of an exacting public pretty
faces, good stage presence, excellont
voices and beautiful costumes,- all of
which combined to give a moat enjoy
able opera. '::.',- ' a
The songs that produced the most
applause were "'Fairest Flower in Dix
ie"; "Don't You think 1 11 dd"T and I
Don't Want a Searchlight Light".
It may be that Mr. Dunn will make
another visit to New Bern and when he
does he may be assured of a hearty re
New York Cotton Market;
Special to Journal: -
New York, Octobor 11
y Open " - " Clore
11.00 11.16
11.27 11.43
Local Cotton Market
Number of bals sold
Price per pound
pork at the Oaks Meat Mar-
No stclily wnmon or weak mn will
ever rc'r.'t taking llolliater's Rocky
ITountainTia Its brought hnr ;i:nw
t tV-! M-v'a ,f hon-!. Tea or Tb-
,-, . F. S.
Pnblic Charity Institution In
spected By Board. Asso
, ;
ciated Charities Work
nit rn nn
ja urn
Contains . Good
September Bulletin
; Suggestions. Interesting Foot- '
ball Game Expected. No Snr
- prise at Supreme Court i
.. v Decision of Dispen-
sary Question. ' i
, Special Correnpondence.1 .
-' Raleigh, Oct 11 The sheriff o? Hen
derson county brought to the peniten
tiary today a fourteen year old boy,
John Freeman, who gets four years for
attempting to wreck a tvain.
Toe weathe.- today is remarkably
cold for the season,- the temperature
going down to very near freezing point
There was a high wind all nigtit and so
there was frost in very few localities in
thU part of the State. ' .
Clyde Faison, the young white man
arrested at Columbia, S. Ci and brought
here on the charge of stealing 1 000
says he had mooy but that he won it
gambling at Norfolk. '
- The State Board of Public Charities
has inspected all the State institutions
here and the secretary says these are
found Jn very fine shape. He says
there has been a wonderful improve
ment in county institutions. A numbsr
of these ten or fifteen years ago were
very bad. Some complaints are being
investigated as to county homes. -
It is expected there will be a lively
foot ball game tomorrow afternoon at
the new grounds, known as the Athletic
field, immediately west of the dormi
tories of the Agricultural & Mechanic
College. Richmond College and the A
& M. teams will contest Mar y men
have been at work on the grounds to
etthem ready for this game any many
itadents have awed in the final grading.
fence building, etc
No surprise is expressed here at the
throwing out by the Supreme court of
the application for an election here on
the question of prohibition or dispen
sary. ; The city attorney has- stated
very positively to your correspondent
(hat if such an election were held, it
would, if it went against dispensary,
simply bring back the bar-room and
chat this was really the purpose of the
men behind the scenes wba promoted
There is Interest among National
Guardsmen as to whom will succeed the
late T. H. Bain aa inspector general.
The first Assistant in Major White 6,
Smith of Asheville, an extremely capa
ble officer who has been serving a long
time and who had a year'a experience
during the war with Spain.
This evening at Christ Church Miss
Adelia Purnell, daughter of Judge and
Mrs. Thomas R. Purnell was united in
mar lage to Mr, Robert Riddley, Jr. of
Portsmouth, Va.
The Raleigh Associated Chanties has
put in 150 cords of wood for use when
tho cold weather comes and is generally
preparing for the winter campaign
The Associated Cnarities has done won
ders here in stamping out street beg-
aring. Only a littln while sgo the city
was infected with such beggars, but
now they are scarce, only two or three
women giving trouble.
The" Corporation Commisaloi today
gave out the bank itateroent cp to the
close of business September 4 th lcan
and discounts amount to 31, 702,462,32
Invested trust assets $1,346,718; State
North Carolina bonds, S142, 439; Nation
al bank notes ond other notes, silver
coin, gold, c:'8h items, demand loans,
and due from other banks amount to
$9,811,774. The amount of cap'tal
stock is $3,209,451; the surplus $1,254,
963; the undivided profits $l,3SJ,899
deposits subject to check '25,556,503,
th denoeita in trust $1,676,644. The
total resources and liabilities eacl
amount to $45,802,451. The resources
. . i nA An, tu...
a year ago were u,iuv,, v
there has beun an increase during the I
year of $9,900,0C0, a very fine showing
The September bulletin of the State
toara or Agriculture is ireing issucu w
day. It is entirely upon the cotton
plant and was prepared by O. U. V ii
liams of the department. He tebs the
story of cotton briefly and gives a great
deal of valuable information aa to the
best modes of culture and fertilization
and tells what are thelwst varieties for
the various sections of state, different
1-mlc Pt(. Tn evefv wav tlie bulletin
a first class number.
Drink Pep-Tono carbonated in bot
tles Be. -. '
t tor
? c
: B 1 i
Senator Overman and Con
gressman Thomas Address
The Voters on Political
, . . Topics.
On account of other attractions the
political meeting at the court house
was but lightly attended last night, but
the attendance .enjoyed the speeches
very much. , vv
Senator Overman was the first speak
er and was introduced . by Col ' James
A. Bryan.-: The speaker -spoke on the
i issues in the State including prohibition
he then turned his attention to the
trusts, tariff and the other questions of
national interests now being discussed
He is an eloquent and : logical speaker
and be gave the opponent party a good
drubbing and spake in roseate terms tf
the chances of Democratis victory both
in the State elections this year and at
the National election in 1908.
Congressman Charles R Thomas was
the next speaker. He prated and
thanked the people of the third district
for the f requont demonstrations of their
loyalty to him and spoke of the faith
fuluesa of his constituents. He spoke
of his desires in giving the people .he
represented the best service he possi
bly could. He spoke of the good prom
ise of success for tte Democrats and
urged ail memb rs of the party to
work to get out a full vote.
' Death ot Mrs. Guthrie.
Mrs. Cathrine Guthrie of North River
had been a great puffrer since Dec.
1905 until Sep 17 1906 at 4 30 p m, when
the death angel came and carried her
home to Jesus to meet her fcvedone;
that have gone on before. ,
Mrs. Guthrie had been a member of
the M E church South for over twenty
years. ' She was a true and faithfui
member, a kind and loving mother anu
grand-mother and was beloved by all
who knew her. Her suffering wat
very severe yet she never murmured.
She put her trust in Jesus, and said sht
was ready to meat her Goo. JU3t a
few days before she died the Lord bless
ed her with strength and voice and she
sang part of two hym.i, one "I am Go
ing Home to Heaven" the other I am
Safe in the Arras of Jesus"., From the
life she lived we have sweet hopes, and
her absence is alt vra have to' grieve
for, but it is hard . to say good by,
God's will be done. It is sweet to
know if we live right we can meet
mama and grand ma, with Jesus, where
parting is no more.
The old home looks sad and lonely
without her, though she was old yet
she was the charm of the home, always
bad a smile to greet us at the door and
tried to make life pleasant for all
around her- She leaves one son, one
daughter and six grand children t
mourn her toss. We let the bereavec
ones put their trust in God. and pre-
Dare to meet her in Heaven where
there will be no parting there.
Absent from the home but not from
the heart, eone but not forgotten. A
vacancy that can never be filled.
Superior Court Transactions
The closing arguments on the case of
S. G. Willis vs the A. & N. C Co. were
made yesurday morning and the case
was given to the jury at about twelve
o'clock. amount of money asked
for was !5,000. The suit was brought
to recover damages on account of inju
ries received by Mrs. WUlis who wag
knocked duwnby reason of an engine
humping into the train on which she
was a passenger. The plaintiff charg
ing undue carletsnesa in making tlx
the coupling, causing her to be sen
ouRly injured. The jury returned
verdict for the plaintiff awarding him
t2.600 damr.ges. ,
judgment in the case of Patterson v
thu Old Dominion Steamship Co. was
obtained in tho sum of $500.
The case of Editor Stevens against
tbe Atlantic Cost Line railroad, was
commenced and much of the evidence
given, . ' i
Oct 1.
We have had one week of fine weath
er and are hoping for more.
Mr Willis Rowe of Small, went deer
hunting Saturday morning last.
Elder Jesse Bennett or Ssroaii, ae-
narte'd for Arapahoe Friday September
, 2gth to attenu tne union meeung,
Mrs Rhoda Bill was the guest of Mrs
'A .......
Patsy Sawyer sunaay aiieruoon.
Miss Ellen Toler is visiting her sister
Mrs J W Walksr at White Hill this
week. " -
Waaresorrvto say Mr Joe Hum
minga is seriously m at cis nome noar
,,.... l . .
is i White HilL
Messrs B B Thomason and James
Wells have returned from Arapahoe
and report a pleasant trip.
Elder L II Eardy is expected to fill
bis appointment at Sanday Crove tl.e
first L'umhy in Get.
It is prnoun-'d that the A",- -1 1 ' 'i
r ' 1 v 11 ( !) n Cct. l",".i v ' "i ;
Badly Affected WRIT Soret r.J
Crusts Extended Down Behind
the Ears Some Years Later
Painful r and hching Pustules
Broke Out on Lower Part cf
Body Son Also Affected.
"About ten years ago my scalp be -
came badly auected with sore and
itching humors, crusts, etc, and extend
ing down, behind tho ears. - My hair,
came out in places also. ' I was greatly .
troubled; understood it was- eccema. -
Tried various remedies, so called, with
out enact, caw your (Juticura adver
tisement, and got them at once. Ap- ,
plied them as to directions, eto.r ana
after two weeks, X think, of use, was
clear ns a whistles. .
"I have to state also that late last
fall, October and November. 1904, I
was suddenly afiliotcd with a bad erup .
tion, painful and itching pustules over
the lower part of the body. I Buffered '
dreadfully. In two months, under the
skilful treatment of my doctor, eon
joined with Cuticura Soap and Cuttcura ' .
Ointtnent, I found myself cured. . :
"Six years ago my son was laid tm
with a severe cold, a hard dough, and
finally ptuniul eruption ail over tbe
body. I procured the Cuticura Bemediea
as soon as possible, and after his faith
ful use of same was as well as ever in
two weeks, as well as I can recall. Ha
has never bad a return ol toe llmrsa. '
as far as I know. i
. " I have always beer pleased to com-
mend the Cuticura Remedies, and testify '
bs to their efficacy. I am a veteran of ,
the late Civil War, '6t-'65, between
seventy and eighty years of ee. Youre
truly, H. M. F. Weiss, Kosemono,
Christian Co., EL, Aug. 81, 1835." I
Complete External md Intenul TYwrmm M IMS
ttoiiUMtiut of Cuticura Soap, S6e.tOnuinenl,60&, Bowl-
otuv).inty bohadolau drugcinna. ArinfTlQaaton.neura9
thendUtrafdiifoaMwhrnaUelMraUa. VettavlMial
a Chem. Corp Suit Prop... Bolton. Alan. .
m i- MalM Frea, " How to Can EaarM. rant A1
ni. J0. (in fro or vnouoioi, tWN hub, km. per .mi
AbOna lava MUn, wh 11b4,, naxl fitaf-
No Fire Alarm.
A fire occurred at a house located at .
No. 112 West St , yesterday causing
considerable damage. The cause of tha
fire is not known. . - . ' , .
What needs investigation ! tbe fire
larm system. It is rotten. Tbe Jour,
oal has often mentioned tb deficiency
in this feature of the fire department
service and shown how needful it la
hat it be kept in good order. What
means have the Bremen or knowing
that fire has broken out T Is someone
going to telephone to each individual
fireman ithat there's a fire at Five
Points or on Griffith street and that
he'd better drop his work and got The
lite alarm system must be efficient and
reliable or it is good for nothing and it
should be cared for aa any other ear
Easy to Win Eight Husbands. 7
Mrs. Mary Lappage, who lis happily
married after eight trials of hu bands, '
most of them unsuccessful, tells are
markable story of now she won the ,
eight, how she lost seven 'fit them and
how she comes to be happy with the
eighth in next Sunday's World. Order
early, for tbe number is of quite unusu
al interest.
Uter the 31st Day of October
Credit Will bt Given by tb
Drivers of thi lea
V ; Wagons.-. ;-.vV
If our customers will think for a mo
ment they will appreciate our difficulty
and embarrassment in this; credit I uaU
near by th drivers of wagons. -
It is difficult to secure in one and the
same person, a wagon driver ana
bookkeeper. . i ' V
In selling the ice on credit as oar
wagons are now dolrg, tho driver must
keep a debit and a credit account with
each customer; where more than a hun
dred customers ask for ereditforfiveto
ten cents worth of ice from day to day
from each driver, it is difficult "to fiod
the right man to drive tbe wagons and
de'iver ice. ,
With a cash system we can give far
better service in the delivery.
Those waiting credit can secure it
from the cfflce in the purchase of es
pon books. ,
Coupon books will be sold at a 13 frr
cent discount at ofT.ce or by the drive a.
If purchased f.xm the drivers, ti i
must be paid tor V.o.m,
new rr.: :i ics company.
New Bern, N. C, Oct. 1st 100?.
Defects of v '
be Blight, r 7 c
a r
which tr
heaJ.i1 1 :i
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i HI'
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