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29th YEAR
No. 55:
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semi-annually. ,;.;S'"-V j . ;"
' .On Time Certificates of Deposit at 4 percent if the money .....
?Tmnihs six months. y:M 'r'-;
1 .... Yoa can choose the plan beet suited to your needs.' There' 5
is no need of having idle moaey.riTh.ia Bank is safe and liberal
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Etents of Past Three Days
Tersely Told For Jour
nal Readers.
'Indastrtal, Commercial, Social, Religi
' . "au, Criminal and Political
Happenings Condensed in '
- - i. .. Few Lines. ;
them to their reservation. r
' The cowboys have had a fight with
them Jn which two were' killed. A
number of Indians were wounded.
.Wilmington Oet 19 One of the worst
freight wrecks die Atlantic Coast Line
has had this year occured at Dunn last
night . The train was running at usual
speed when for some reason which has
not yet been ascertained the engine
left the track and eight ears followed.
The engineer, Capt. Turbeville and a
negro brakeman were killed and one or
two men were injured. , The cars are
total wrecks.-. ;.' y; L: ;, .
Fmdlay Oct 18-rhe trial of the
Standard Oil Co, came to a somewhat
sensational finish today. The Jury da-
liberated on the case for nearly 30
en strongly guarded, arrived today
to replace those striken who reiusea
to arbitrate.
Washington, D. C, Oct 22d.-The
Virginia Fertilizer Trust cases have
been advanced by the Superior Court
for a hearing, to December 8d.
Mobile, Oct 22. -A vessel which has
arrived at this port, brings the news of
a terrible hurricane that visited Hon-
duraa, which devastated several towns,
and a tidal wave wrecked many vessels
Numbers of persons were killed.
Chicago, Oct. 22. M. M. Carpenter,
regarded aa prince of ' get-rkh-quick
Swindlers, died in his cell, the cause of
hit death being morphine. -
Berlin Oct22-Overtures are received
here from the United States, through
Secretary Taft for better tariff relat
ions between the two countries. . . ,
Colorado Springs, Oct. 22-A severe
blizzard islprevailing, the temperature
16 degrees above zero, There is a heavy
snow storm raging in Colorado, Minne
sota and Kansas.
8 in;
A Department of the Roper
Lumber Company Granted
a Charter. , .
' Raleigh, Oct 19.-A well known rail . hours. Once they reported to the court
way contractor has contracted to grade that they could not agree but the J udge
a line from Washington to Vandemere, ' sent them back to consider longer. The
distance of forty miles, the Atlantic sentiment was in favor of acquittal but
Coast Line being really the owner, they returned to the jury room and re
Work is to begin at once. Both free sumedkallotmg.' While some were dis
labor and convicts will be employed in cussing legal points others were sing-
uie consiruccion. . it la ine purpose u
' cover the line with laborers and com
plete it in twelve months. There will
be three miles of trestle and a bridge
8000 feet long across tha Pamlico river
" at Washington. "
New York, Oct 19.-The New York
Central & Hudson River Railway which
was on trial in the United States Cir
. cuit Court for accepting secret rebates
from the American Sugar Refiniog Co.
.was found guilty and fined $108,000. "
New Yrk, Oct 19,-The news that
the Bank of England had raised it rate
of discount to six per cent caused a
flurry in the local speculative market
'The gold reserve of the Bank of Eng
;land Is depleted to $90,000,000; a ship
ment of $5,000,000 of gold waa made to
Egypt Large shipments are coming to
America, The situation is serious for
English banks.
Washington, Oct. 19. A. M. Haw
- kins, General Superintendent of the P.
O. & W. railway, died suddenly here
today. . - V.,- :v.;:.v-
Mr. Hawklna waa located in New
Bern last year and was, quite well
known. Ha was connected with the
P. O. & W. railway.
New York, Oct 19.-kmmunication
with Havana has been established and
news is received of one of the most
destructive and wide spread cyclones in
tqe history of the island?
' Over 100 lives are said to have been
lost in tho city, all but 16 being natives,
The storm had been predicted many
' .hours before by a Catholic priest who
had a great reputation as a weather
. observes. Thoe who fallowed his ln-
traetioiiS were unmjurea,
The marines had left the city a short
time before the storm broke and were
on board the American ships in the
harbor bound for home. All ships pass
ed through the storm uninjured, ex
capt the cruiser Brooklyn, which was
swtpt ashore, no damage sustained.
She went into deep mud and waa easily
pulled off,
Wind velocity was 80 miles an hour.
The tents need by the marines at Camp
Columbia, six miles distant were blown
a way and one soldier wsa fatally hurt
Street ears were blown from tracks
and 100 buildings were virtually wreck
Great loss of life is reported in the
Interior particularly, in the Finer del
Rio province. Waves smashed 85 boats
to pieces lying in the harbor, i .
Omaha. Neb., Oit J9.-The Ute
In "ans in Wyoming are on the war-
rain. Their incessant looting for six
months past of herds of cattle has
fj tU r !. m u. i t .cyhave
1 to f ' 1 1' e r, ' 1 --g. The Ind-
t "1 f ! t rsl ' 'o v VNi (iiivir
ing byms and when the .last ballot was
taktn tha result wa announced at ioneo
causing a great commotion in the court
room. There is much rejoicing over
th verdict ' -ryT - "
Birmingham, Oct 19. -The Wattley
boarding house was set on fire last
night and ten : men, boarders, were
burned to death, and two citizens were
fatally injured. ? (
Louisville, Ky., Oct 20. -At one of
thelarge stores here a bargain sale
waa in progress and a big crowd was
in attendance when some practical joker
placed a five dollar bill on the floor to
see the scramble for it Several saw it
at once and each tried to get it; others
seeing the commotion joined the throng
and soon there was a tumult in the en
deavor to get the money. Twelve per
sons were seriously hurt :
New York, Oct 20- When the Lon
don stock market was straitened on
Friday the effect wu easily noticeable
in New York and there was almost a
panic here.f The aituat on is still com
plicated although the London market
baa nearly assumed its normal condit
ion. Much satisfaction is felt that the
outflow of gold has been stopped. ,
Havana, Oct 20. -News from the in
terior parts of the island show that the
devastation worked by the cyclone waa
worse thaa estimated at first The to
bacco crop in Pinar del Rio section is a
total loss and in many other places im
mense damage ' waa done to growing
crops. All transports With troops on
board have arrived except two. There
is some anxiety about them. , .
Norfolk, Oct 22. Suit has began in
the Federal Court here, in the sum of
$23,000 against the commissioners on
their deal for the sale of the Virginia-
Carolina Lumber Company's timber
lands in Nash and Franklin counties.
in North Carolina, to the Montgomery
Lumber Company j $ ' .V
Topeka, Oct 22. The farmers coopera
tlve business congress met here today.
The purpose of the congress is to more
closely ally agricultural interests, west
and south, and to increase an j , fix the
price of wheat
. Chicago Oct 22. -Isaac Wolff, wide
ly known during the past qurater of a
century, as the ''news boys' friend," is
dead. Last year he gave a Thanksgiv
ing dinner at which ten thousand news
boys were fed. Mr. Wolff began life aa
J a news boy. ,' t ,,, ,
Ptttsburj, Oct 22.John Doran, who
yesterday attempted to cremate his
wife, was nearly lynched today by the
Infuriated pHple.
S-i'' y, Oct i.d The Southern
Railway Company is rapidly filling its
ehrs at f ppneer, wfch new men. Fifty
u . J.E.Latham'1 Cotton Letter
Special to Journal
New York Oct 20-Unfavorable
weather and manipulation to establish
a better selling basis during the first
part of the week caused the highest
prices of the season to be reached. Fear
ing this wave of advancing prices and
enthusiam from eleventh hour bulls, the
market in the past .two days haa to
contend with money disturbances abroad
a panicky stock market at home, and
fears of further serious troubles, polit
ical and financial that at the moment
alarms England, France and Russia. If
these troubles can be successfully avoid
ed I rather think well of buying on de
clines because the movement has not
assumed proportions sufficient to relieve
the anxiety of these who are needy for
cotton to fill engagements, and people
whojhave heretofore entertained bum
per crops views are inclined to modify
them, another thing when prices drop
below 10 cento a pound in the interior
farmers say not sell freely, . we expect
to see a very tight money market for
several weeks possibly for several
Crops About Bellair
. :'.,',;, ,v .I... Oct 22.
This is the eighth day of consecutive
rainain our section, cotton picking and
general crop housing suspended. The
housing of the crop however, is quite
a brief item about here if we have a
few nice days. One farmer haa just
housed the corn on 11 acres, which has
usually yielded 60 barrels, this year the
total is a little less than 80 barrels. We
don't know whether this is a general
average or not hope not however, for
when a few are short and some have a
surplus, it iaessy to meet thedefi-
ciency.;.': -"'; v1--.- '";-;! -
The potato crop seems- quite short,
and in some places very few peas.
Few farmers however have fair crops
of peas, many were late and killed by
the early frost before maturing. '
Sickness in our vicinity has abated
some, but this warm, wet weather is
favorable for germinating disease, as
well as oata. Some of us sowed oats
hat week and before we could get the
ground properly harrowed, the oats
were coming up. .
. y L.
R Parker Thinks Mill Men Muk
Why Do Republican News- Equals Frost Injury. Great
papers Fail to List ? Judge ;
Boyd Says Peniten
tiary for Block
' aders. "
"Special Correspondence. '
, Power Development. Tex
as , Great Cotton Crop.
, Special Correspondence
i Raleigh, N.C, Oct 22. - Charters are
granted the Bank of Ramseur, com
mercial and savings, capital stock $50,
Choice hams and bacon at Oaka Mar
ket today.
Farmers' Meeting.
Bellair, N. C, Oct 22.
The farmers about Bellair are ear
nestly and cordially requested to meet
at Bellair school house on Friday eve
ning, Oct 26th at 7 o'clock p. m. All
who are near enough to attend are here
by invited to be with us.
The object of the meeting is to or
ganize into a compact body for mutual
encouragement protection and ad
vancement Wa desire to discuss the
living issuses of the day in a non-parti
san spirit and be prepared to grapple
with the farm problems that confront
us. - - ; -v-;.. .
The nights are long and we can spend
from 7 to 9 o'clock once or twice a
month in such discussions aa will be
helpful to all. -
Don't get too busy doing something
of less importance and forget this meet
ing, October 26, at 7 o'clock p. m.
Oyster Outlook Poor.
Whatever may develop as the weath
er improves, at the present and so far
this season, the oyster business has
been very small, and the oyster both
small and lean. Too much rain and
a Mistake by Allowing Cotton to
be Sent Out of the State. E. L.
Danxhtridge Re-elected
President of the State
Fair Association.
(Special Correspondence)
Ralegh, Oct 19 A charter in granted
the Roper Logging & Timber Company,
headquarters at New Bern, capital
stock $50,000, the John L. Roper Lum
ber Company being the principal stock-
holders. It is authorized to build log
ging railways and to cross the' Trent
river near Pollocksville, if the" govern
ment consents. Another charter is to
Wilson & Co., of Greensboro, to make
hogsheads, hoops, etc. $10,000, G. C.
Wilson and others stockholders, and a
third is to the Mountain Home Compa.
ny, inc. to build a club house at Hdge-
mon, Caldwell county, capital stock
$25,000, North Carolina and South Car
olina men being the stockholders.
Today was the last day of the fair,
and the attendance was very good. In
point of agricultural exhibits and live
stocks it is the best fair ever held
State Treasurer Lacy said today: '
am sure I tell the truth when I Sny it is
the best State fair I ever saw." Wake
county took the prize for county exhib
its. Moat of the exhibit was the work
of one man, William Robbins of Ral
eigh. It was pronounced by judges the
best exhibit ever made by any county
in North Carolina.
Among the visitors to Democratic
headquarters today was Capt, J, P. Al
lison, of Concord. Speaking of the de
velopment of his county, he id that
while it had hot as many cotton mills
as Gastgn, nor was building as many
new ones, yet he believed the number
of spindles in the mills which are being
built will be as large as that in Gaston,
that is somewhere about 100,000, two of
the new mills is to have 50,000 of the
number. Speaking of the labor ques
tion in his section, .Capt Allison said
that the scarcity and unreliability of
labor was great and that this is the case
all over the State without an excep
tion, so far as he knows.
No work in the cotton fields has been
possible all this week. Secretary T. B.
Parker of the North Carolina Cotton
Growers Association said that com
plaints were coming in about the qual
ity of cotton. . Several cotton mill
presidents tell me that it is going to be
hard to get the high quality of cotton
which they desire. - He fears that the
mill men are making a great mistake
bv lettintr the cotton which has been
picked leave the State in large quanti
ties, as he understands sharp buyers
are picking it up for export One mill
president tells me that he finds even
now that he cannot get the grade he
needs, except at a premium. Secre
tary Parker says that most of the mill
men are srouur along from hand to
mouth, waiting for prices to get lower.
He says they will wait in vain.
Nordica, the great singer, who sang
here Inst evening gave the second and
final concert this evening, leaving to
night for New York and thence sailing
for Europe, having cancelled all her
American engagements. She was an
honored guest at the State Fair Mar
shal's Ball at the Capital Club tonight,
this being the crowning social event of
the Fair, at which the marshals pre
sented their sashes to the ladies of
their choice.
The re-election of E. L. Daughtridge
as president of the State Fair gives a
great deal of satisfaction. His county
Edsrecombe. makes a fine exhibit He
is one of the best farmers in the State
and successful along all lines-
It ia the general comment that the
fair this year was the cleanest ever
known, A minister said be had never
seen any so clear of gambling and in
decent shows, nothing being done
either of these lines. Some fairs have
been horrible as to the shows. ; The
conduct of the fair shows what can be
Idone along this line and the example
will be followed,. Tneie will be a move
ment for an exposition of 2 weeks next
year, with very large prizea for county
exhibits and the fair authorities will be
urged to build a new main building.
which ia greatly needed, as part of the
old buildings are going, to wreck.
$100,000, D. H. Warliek and others.
' There is to be an election here on the
question of the issue of $300,000 of
county road bonds, - It is feared this
important measure will faiL The re
tiring county commissioners leave to
the incoming ones the appointment of
road commission in case the vote is
favorable. " " ' ;' '
There began here today a civil term of
Superior court, Judge Peebles presid
ing. There are 12 divorce esses on the
docket. ...
In a few days, it is expected, work
will be resumed on the great power
plant at Budham Falls. ' The estimate
of cost has gone on to New York. It is
$100,000 to develop 1,500, horse-power,
and $150,000 to develop 4,000 horse
power 9 months in the year. The cost
greater than expected, as part of the
dam must be rebuilt It was not prop
erly built The dam is 1,200 ft long
and 9 ft high.
It is said by some of the farmers
that the carnage done by the rain which
began last Monday and which yet con
tinues, will nearly equal that by the
frost. A letter from Texas says that
all the cotton there can be picked it
looks lik e a 6, 000,000 bale crop. Pick
ers are being paid 75 cents to $1.00 a
day, and board, and in 30 days it is ex
pected the prices will go to f 1.50 in
west Texas. The crop there is a record
fine pork loin, Bausage and liver at
Oaks Market today.
fWn.hnm (Vt. 22:-tJnited Statea, 000-the Bank of Bladen, $15,000, corn-
District Judge Boyd spent Sunday here, jmercial and savings, and the Bank of
leaving last night again for Statesville ""wro, o,vw,. commercial; me wa-
ui-t. which haa not vet completed its wuga, yimDer umpany, uranite rails,
work. On Saturday, when court ad-
joarned over to Monday, a suit against
the Southern Railway was in course of
trial, , the evidence being concluded,
leaving the argument to be completed
this morning. Court will probably ad
journ for the .term on Wednesday, as
there is but one case ready for trial on
the civil docket LTne next Feder
al court in this District will begin in
Asheville, on November 8th, having
been postponed from the regular open
ing day, November 5, on account
of the election. Among offenders
against the revenue laws, tried and
convicted at Statesville last week, was
a prominent citizen, a member of the
county Republican Executive Commit
tee, charged with almost openly run
ning a blockade distillery, and the tes
timony showed that it waa in full blast
while Federal court waa in session in
Statesville last April. The defendant
was ably and ardently defended by
Judge Furches and Hon. Romulus Z.
Linny, md as ably prosecuted by Dis
trict Attorney Holton and Asst. Dist
Atty Coble, and was convicted. Neith
er the political prominence of the de
fendant nor the legal abilities of his
attorneys could save him from Judge
Boyd's oft repeated notice that here
after men convicted of blockading were
going to be sent to the penitentiary,
and the man was sentenced to a term
in the Federal prison at Atlanta.
The regular two week term of Guil
ford Superior Court, for the trial of civ
il cases only, began this morning, with
Judge Fred Moore of Asheville, presid
ing. Judge Moore held the last term
of court here, it being hia first, and
evefybody was highly pleased with the
manner in which he dispatched busi
ness, and held the scales of justice.
While on the subject of republican
ideas professions and practices of civic
virtue, as compared with democratic,
it may not be amiss to mention a flag
rant derilection. There are in this city
three democratic and two republican
political papers. The Patriot, tht Rec
ord, the Telegram, the Tar Heel and
the Industrial News. On the tax lists,
democratic papers have given in their
property for taxation. Neither one of
the republican papers, The Tar Heel
or the Industrial News, although they
boast of their splendid plants, have lis
ted a dollar, and will necessarily have
to be made to pay delinquents.
A gentleman this morning said he rec
koned the Industrial News felt like it
was a foreign coproration, Butler real
ly livine in Washington, and was not
liable for North Carolina taxes, while
the Tar Heel ibeing owned by Black
burn, who had no residence anywhere.
felt like it was not domiciled anywhere.
Be that as it may, neither one of these
corporations are . listed for , taxes
Guilford. At the last term of the Fed
eral Court the republican Candidate for
Clerk of the Court, couldn't serve as
grand juror because he had not paid his
taxes for 1906, and the republican can
didate for sheriff was disqualified . for
the same reason, only the latter, who
ia wealthy owed for two years and
srave a check for over three hundred
dollars, past due taxes, in order
serve even on the petit jury. These
things seem strange of Guilford County
Republicans, who pride themselves as
being superior to those anywhere else
in North Carolina. They ahow that in
manv respects they are all tarred with
the same stick.
Remaining in the Post-Office
Bern, Craven County, N. C
. A great big nickie'a worth in every
bottle of Pep-Tono.
- Lilliputian Wedding,
At Mrs. W. J Lucas' residence near
: -
I . General Hardware, '
X Sa$h; Doors, Blinds, Lima
. & Cement.
x New Bern, N.C. 4
Ennett's Bookstore
Isaac H. Smith
130 Middle St, New Bern, N. C
at New I
, Oct 221
A Mrs. Julia Arpin.
B-Mrs. Martha Braxton, Maggie F,
G Mrs. Gentry, Amandis Green.
H-Miss H B Harrison, Mrs. Louise
Hudson, Mrs. A C or G C Howard.
P Mrs. Mary Pollard.
S Miss Daisy Simmons, (special de
livery.) Mrs. Emma D. Springs.
T A R Taylor. '
men's ust.
B Mansfield Bell, Levi Blackmon.
C Stanley Clark. J W Cavender
George Croom, Julius Cox.
E Daniel Enoch, Charles S Eason.
F Spence Troush Forse.
G Eddie" Gentry.'
H-Hasty Hardisty, G W Hooker,
W MHarril.
J Edward P Jones, Wedie Jones.
K Wesley Eeniom. ,
M-Thomas K Miller. M L' McEach-
ian. -i '
PH E Peele. Moses Phelps, S Pel-
R Samuel S Reese, L W Rugner.
S E F Southerland.
T John D Teachey Esq.
W W A W illis, Tull Williamson.
The regulations now require that(l)
cent shall be collected on the delivery
of each advertised letter.
MrCflOl V
U. U. II
Just Received a Fresh Supply
of Lowney's Chocolates, Assort
ed Nuts. Burnt Almonds. Also
Royster's Chocolates and Roast
ed Almonds. ' I carry a fine line
of Smoking and Chewing Tobac
co, aa well aa All Popular Foun
tain Drinks. , Don't forget oar
Ice Cream. 'Phone M.
School Books
I have accepted contract! with
University Pub. Co. and can fur
nish the following booka which I
have in stock: . . ,
Maury's Elementary Geography,
UniiTv'n Cnmnlata CMWranhv.
Hanaell'a Hignsr History of tha
U S.
Pep-Tono the ideal drink. Tones,
braces and refreshes.
Blood Pebenlna
A Beautiful and Touching Tribute to
, "Little John Ives,"
On Sunday morning when one of
John's schoolmates heard of hia sudden
death, he said:
"Puna. I want to ca to John fu
neral." :
The father, who does not approve of
his children attending funerals, replied:
, ' William, the funeral ia to be at the
same hour of your Sunday school; I
think it best that you should attend
But William persistd.
"Papa, John was my classmate and
mv friend he never tried to fight me
- . .
like the other boys, be, aiwaye stooa up
forma." -
Papa's heart was touched, and he
said; "My son, you shall attend your
little friend' funeral' ; c ...
Thera was not a more sincere mourner
corner of South Front and East Front
Sts. This novel entertainment will be
given next Friday night.
Much interest is felt by the young
people who have been .receiving skilled
training for some time. About 25 young
children compose the wedding party
and enter gleefully Into every feature
of the ceremony,
The winsome little birde-elect per
forms her part with rare grace and she
with the groom and rest of the bridal
party show the result of good train
Entertainment in the way of music
and receptions will be added. ft ,itt. William at the funeral of lit-
Grown people will be charged 25 centa . , . Sunday afternoon as he stood
for admission and children 10 cents.
Refreshments will be served.
high water has thus far caused oyster results from chronic constipation, which
arrivals to be very light, and the en- ia quickly cured by Dr King's New Life
tire season outlook ia not favorable for Pills. They remove all poisonous germs
business or good oysters. Very favor- from the system and infuse new life
able weather conditions would improve and vigor: cure sour stomach, nausia,
the oyster, but only good weather is headache, dizziness and colic, without
going to make the oyster business here griping or discomfort. 25c, guaranteed
worth eormiderlng. by all druggists.
beside the grave of hia friend, tightly
grasping his father's hand, watching
the lowering of the coffin in the ground
Antnlr flalo i and Ue covering oi wa nrauuu uj
TJOUSO and . LOt. tulfloral offerings sent by sympathizing
I can sell you at once a twelve-room .frienda, - :
dwelling in a choice location and neigh- - v . , ,. . '
borhood for only $2,500 00,' possibly Don.t you win you oi uw j ,
less. Less than half of It will answer To wear a smile and sing a songT
for first payment. The unusual oppor- It's a good old world after alL
tunity'is because an immediate sale Is Provided you take Rocky Mountain Tea,
wanted. In the spring and fall.
C. T.HANCOCK. For sale by F. S. Duffy.
Classics Third Reader.
Claaaica Fourth Reader. , ;
. TERMS CASH 1 . .
Owen Q. Dunn
Look! Looki
j. s. Miami
the leading 4 furniture maa
of our city has on hand the
finest line of Stoves and
Heaters that " has ever been
placed on our market.
Cd's Bri;:::l f.::l
See him before buying
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