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Wintered at the PoW'ace, New bern
H. O. ae wnond-clasa mutter.
New Bern, N. C., October 28. 1906.
The traveling public must be inter
ested in the action taken by the State
Corporation Commission, a few days
ago. The action is the repealing of
rale No. 13 of the rules ordered for the
governing of trains in the matter of
transporting passengers, and substitu
ting in its place the following rule.
fit shall be the duty of every railway
company operating a railroad in this
State to place a bulletin board in a con
spicuous place at each of its ticket of
fices, upon which shall be bulletined the
time that each train, upon which pass
engers are hauled, is due to arrive and
depart under its published schedule.
fit shall also ; be the duty of each
railway company at each telegraph sta
tion upon its line, thirty (30) minutes
before the time that its said trains are j
dueto arrive atweh; station, to bulle
tin the fact upon' said board, as to
whether said train is on time or not,
awl if behind schedule time to state, as
Dearly aa - can be approximated, the
tiffie it is behind; and whenever there is
any indefinite delay of any passenger
train, it shall be the duty of the rail
road company to cause to be bulletined,
at all such stations, the cause of such
delay, -and the probable continuation
thereof, ; and t the passengers aboard
such train shall also be informed of the
probable delay: it shall also be the duty
ot the railroad company to cause its
bulletins of all delayed trains to be cor
rected from time to time as the entries
thereon may be ascertained by them to
be incorrect,"
An impartial and fair carrying out of
theabove rule by transportation com
panies in this State will prove an im
mense boon to the traveling public. In
one particular, transportation compa
nies max consider it an interference,
that is, the publishing of tbe reasons
for delayed trains and boats. And yet
every traveler is entitled to know the
time and cause of delay of the train or
boat which he or she may want to take,
having already bought a ticket. Or if
tbe delay is too great, then the knowl
edge in advance will permit the travel
er to alter plana, and instead of buying
a ticket in good faith and finding no in
formation of the train or boat, except
the indefinite "expected to arrive" in
1$ or 80 minutes, save loss of time and
vexation of spirit, by not buying a
ticket -l
The above rule will be carried out,
the transportation companies and the
traveling i public will become better
friends, and. many hard feelings and
law auits will be spared.
! How often the exclamation, "Oh, if
the fathers could return and see what
therr children were ipenping, how ter
ribly shocked they would be." , And so
in social and-' political lines, the same
exclamation is made. Yet are present
conditions any way out of line, if the
natural sequence of time and progress
be, taken into consideration ?
On the stamp the political speaker
will deplore present conditions of local,
State'and National administrations
and with Jiands held op will cry for the
departed, who gave, to his imagination,
rach a perfect, interpretation of the
law, and administered it as the statutes
demanded. 'Wilful and wanton extra
vagance of the affair! of public office !
these fxfof, but there is more endeavor
10 riguiruiiy Bamuuster luuny, una in
years past When a change of any
kind of administration, be it municipal.
Coonty, State or National is demanded
ttjuiM) of allegjed official expenditures,
it is well to be reasonable tn the com
cannons made witn previous adminis
trations, in the ordinary everyday
living of the average citizen, there has
L"q a great increase of expense in the
past five years. , , So in public affairs,
i mprovements demanded, Increase of
I on, increased coat of materials,
L' -ur Llor, all make up in the aggre-
- ita, for a more costly administration,
' ' -1 conducted along practically
lines of puUic ' adminudra-
A " e of administration is de-
i t some section or city, be-
f fit" '"'1 heavy exj-
;i t : -x
payer finds no relief as to the amount
he must pay.'. No doubt but the
changed conditions demand ' greater
wisdom en the part of those placed in
charge of public affairs, hence the nec
essity for those who would see better
conduct of public affairs, to take a
more personal and active part in nomi
nating and electing the men who are
qualified to administer, practically and
wisely for the majority, those affairs
which concern the best social, financial
and material development of a community.
; No municipality gains very much in
local betterments, except its local offi
cials, mayor, aldermen or councilman,
or however they may be styled, receiv
ed assistance from some civic body, or
ganized through the citizenship. Cham
bers of Commerce. Woman's Clubs, va
rious leagues ' for ' local improvement,
are to be found in cities, where local
officials are efficient and true to their
city's beet interests. The mayor or
board of aldermen, who fear these lo
cal organization, has personal reasons
for alarm and should resign
; With some, there seems to be no dis-
association between local betterment
organizations and politics. In local mu
nicipal government there should be no
politics. There is only one idea that
needs to be looked after, the character
and business qualifications of those
placed in charge of municipal affaire.
The reason for the elimination Of poli
tics is easily understood. There is but
one party. Ita platform is good citizen
ship. Its candidates are those who are
known as good citizens, who nave a
common interest with everything which
may rule or affect the welfare of any
The organization of the Law and Or
der League in this city, is a much need
ed organization. Not for political pur
poses, for such help, if it may be called
help is not wanted. The plan and pur
pose of this organization is' to rromote
and assist in local betterments. ' It is
an auxiliary to the city goverment It
will not take charge or direct in muni
cipal affairs. It will through its mem
bers keep a watch upon those interests
which are vital to a municipality law
and order, and so be a help to the local
authorities, as these interests, law and
order, may be best served.
. While every citizen is bound by self
interest to give his attention and help
to promote his city's best interests,
yet without organization there is lack
ing the force which can only be thor
oughly effective through members. An
nother important thing in connection
with this Law and Order League, will
be its stand for local betterment The
cultivation of the improvement idea in
a citizenship, is a strong factor in
arousing and encouraging civic pride.
There is urgent need in New Bern,
for more civic pride, a great deal more.
Every local improvement,' coming
through its citizens, develops and in
creases civic pride. There is not mere
ly the local consciousness of feeling
patriot glow, because one's town is
showing the physical improvement, but
there is aroused the spirit, which fills
citizen after citizen to take an active
personal part in helping along the local
betterment . iJ
It is because ot lack of unity, that
local betterments are not brought about
Any and every citizen will admit of lo
cal defects, poor streets, poor walks
and a general shabby appearance. . But
it is no one person's business, will bo
the excuse. The fact is that every cit
izen who will not act does not attempt
to act, in local improvements, is to
blame. Every citizen la in a degree a
municipal guardian for the presenta
tion of law, order and definite and posi
tive local betterments. It only call
for unity, to gather these many guar
dians of citizenship, into one compact,
energetic and intelligent acting organi
zation. Once consolidate this citizen
guardianship, and the rest is easy. Bet
terments in every liw, on every side
will quickly be brought about .The
present Law and Order League offers
this opportunity, and it is for every
citizen to become an active factor and
member of this League.
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cur. '
P. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. .
1 We,"the undersigned, have known P.
JT. Cheney for the last 15 yean, and be
lieve him perfect honorable in all busi
ness transactions and financially able to
carry out any obligations made by his
firm. " '
Waldino, Kinnan ft Marvin,
Wholesale Drvnrlata, Toledo, O.
HaTs CiiU.-ih Cure is fcken inter
niiy, actirg d'rfctly upon the Hood
and morel's s"t-ftces of the system.
Tc.::: ".."as tfia. IV-e 75 cents
r-rL f Mlya'.lcL. ."
T. ' I'-Ts family r;:ia tr eofti.ti-
1 1
Hawklif and Spirting, Dropping Into the
Threat, Fssl Bmth,
by Botanic Blood Balm (B. B. B.)
Is your breath foul ? Is your voice
husky ? , Is your nose stopped ? Do you
sneeze a great deal ? Do you have fre
quent pains in the . forehead ? Do you
have pains across the eyes T Are you
losing your sense of smell or taste 7 la
there a dropping in the throat ? Do you
have a ringing in the ears ? Is there a
constant bad taste in the mouth t Do
you have a hacking cough ? If so, you
have catarrh. "
Catarrh Is sol only dtngtrous in this
way, but it causes ulcerations, death
and decay of bones, : kills ambition, of
ten causes loss of appetite, and reaches
to general debility, ldiocity and insani
ty. It needs attention at once. Cure
it by taking Botanic Blood Balm (B. B.
B). It is a quick, radical, permanent
cure, because it rids the system of the
poison germs that cause catarrh. Blood
Balm (B. B. B.) purifies the blood.
does away with every symptom, giving
strengtn to tne entire mucus membrane,
and B. B. B. sends a rich, tingling flood
of warm, rich, pure blood direct to the
paralyzed nerves, giving warmth and :
strength just where it is needed, and in
this wav makimr a Derfect. laatincr cure
of catarrh in all its forms.
If vou are gradually growing deaf or
are already deaf or hard of hearing, try
Botanic Blood Balm (o. B. B.) Most
forma of deafness or partial deafness
are caused bv catarrh, and in curing
catarrh by B. B. B. thousands have had
their bearing restored. .
Botanic Blood Balm (B. B. B) is
pleasant and safe to take. Thoroughly
tested for 30 years. Composed of pure
Botanic Ingredients. Strengthens weak
stomachs, cures Dyspepsia. Sample
sent tree by writing Blood Bairn uo.,
Atlanta, Ga. Sold by druggists $1 per
large bottle or sent by express.
Grocery Store Removed
The removal of H. C. Armstrong the
well known grocer from lower Middle
street to No. 85, same street, next to
Hotel Hazelton, marks the advent of
business into that particular locality.
For a good many years, we think since
the death of the late Wm. flollister,
other lines of business have flourished
there but no grocer invaded its pre
The location is indeed a good one, no
bitering crowds assemble there and
the thmif ty house-wife can quickly
make her purchases unannoyed by the
noise and clamor that make shopping
sometimes disagreeable.
Mr, Armstrong will have ample room
to display his goods, as well as to serve
his customers, the building having a
depth of 140 feet which is well lighted
at night hy Edgerton's most brilliant
lights and by day by two large sky
Mr. Armstrong while a young man,
has been in business for himself sever
al y ears, and has by close attention and
square dealing built up a fine patron
age. "With this new move he will
largely increase his stock, which will
be well selected and of the very purest
and best quality that can be procured,
he will sure!) add greatly to the suc
cess and reputation he has already ac
quired. Has Stood th Test 25 Yoirs.
The old, original GROVE'S Tasteless
Chill Tonic . You know what 'you are
taking. It is iron and quinine in a
tasteless form. No Cure, No pay.
Helped the Endowment
" The Greensboro Telegram announces
that Mr. J. B. Blades of this city has
contributed S1.000 toward an endow
ment fund for tbe benefit of the Greens
boro Female College. Of the f 100,000
to be raised, 152,000 has been sub
scribed. " ' "'
A Oearantetd Curs For PIIh
Itching, Blind, Bleeding, Protruding,
Piles. Druggists are authorized to re
fund money if PAZO OINTMENT fails
to cure in 6 to 14 days. 50c.
; Daughter's Meeting.
The regular monthly meeting of the
New Bern Chapter of Daughters of the
Confederacy was held at their rooms
yesterday afternoon from four to five
o'clock. The meeting was called to or
der by the second Vice-President, Mrs.
Charles Duffy, who has presided at the
meeting of the Chapter during the un
expired term of the former president
A report full of interest and to which
the members greatly enjoyed listening
was read by Mrs. J. T. Hollister, who
was sent as a delegate to Durham to
tbe tenth annual convention of the State
U. D. C.
The following officers were elected
for the ensuing year:
Mrs. J. T. Hollister, President; Mrs.
Chas. Duffy, First Vice-President; Mrs.
Seymour Hancock, Second Vice-Presi
dent; Mrs.. W. P. M. Bryan, Corres
ponding. Secretary ; Miss Mamie Hunter
Richardson, Recording Secretary; Mrs.
Hughes Holland, Treasurer; Miss Car
rie Arendell, Registrar; Un. George
Henderson; Historian. The same cre
dential committee was re-elected. Mrs.
T. G. Hyman by a rising vote was re
elected Leader of the Children's Chap
ter. -
They Halts Vos Fool Good.
The pleasant purgative effect expe
rienced by all who use Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets, and the
he-,!'. y comi:tionof the body and mind
l.It.h tLpy create makes one feel joy
ful. Fi Ice 3 cents. Samples free at
t'..e Davis Tharmacy and F. 8. Duffy's
d.' X store.
Many of the Best and Most In
i flnential Citizens Deem
' Such an Institution
V'. . ' a Necessity.' '
7 (Special Correspondence.) : i 1
Raloigh, Oct 20. On the last' Sun
day of this month there is to be a mass
meeting at which the plan for a Y. M.
C. A. building here will be learned. The
best influences in Raleigh are engaged
in tiiis movement and it is simply bound
to succeed.
Improvements at Coca Cola Works.
Improvements that will insure a free
dom from the danger of germs are be
ing instituted at the Coca Cola bottling
works. A portion of the plant has been
provided with a cement floor and a steri
ilizing outfit Cheated with gas is being
put .in. Other improvements and ad
ditions are contemplated which will be
commenced in the spring.
A branch bottling works will be estab
lished at Weldon soon which will-cost
$5000 also one at Emporia Va. the lat
ter will not be commenced until spring.
MacKay's Mac-u-dine
cures all headaches, etc, does not de
press the heart, 10, 25 and 50 cents a
bottle at druggists, 6c doses at foun
tains. Nearly four tons of gold were piled
up in the assay office in Seattle on Tues
day, the bulk of which had been re
ceived from the north that day. The
arrival of this gold did not excite more
than a ripple of interest in the city.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
A Badly Burntd Girl
or boy, man or woman, is quickly out
of pain if Bucklen's Arnica f alve is ap
plied promptly. G i Welch, of Tekon
sha, Mich, says: "I use it in my family
for cuts, sores and all skin injuries, and
find it perfect" Quickest Pile cure
known, best healing salve made. 25c
at all druggists.
A falling bridge at White Haven,
Pa., killed two workmen and injured
another1 -
Blood Poisoning
results from chronic constipation, which
is quickly cured by Dr King's New Life
Pills. They remove all poisonous germs
from the system and infuse new life
and vigor: cure sour stomach, nausia,
headache, dizziness and colic, without
griping or discomfort 25c, guaranteed
by all druggists. ,
A nrnvAi t.fmf ! innff Araton mif fa
apt to be narrow.
A Yonng Mothir at 70.
"My mother has suddenly been made
young at 70. Twenty years of intense
suffering from dyspepsia had entirely
disabled her, unsil six months ago, when
she began taking Electric Bitters,
which have completely cured her and
restored the strength and activity she
had in the prime of life," writes Mrs
W L Gilpatrick. of Danforth, Me,
Greatest restorative medicine on the
globe. , Sets stomach, liver and kidneys
right, purifies the blood, and cures ma.
laria, billiousness and weakness. Won
derful nerve tonic. Price 50c. Guaran
teed by all drug stores.
Many a sharp retort is made in blunt
Consumptive! Mad ComforlsMs.
Incipient consumption is cured by
Foley's Honey and Tar, but we do not
hold out false hopes to consumptives by
claiming that it will cure this dread dis
ease in the advanced stages; but if the
lungs are not too far gone Foley's
Honey and Tar will effect a cure, as it
stops the racking cough and soothes the
inflamed air passages giving them a
chance to heal, and even in the ad
vanced stages it always gives comfort
and relief. A A Herren, of Finch, Ark
Writesf 'Foley's Honey and Tar is the
best preparation for coughs and lung
trouble. - I know that it has cured con
sumption in the first stages." Sold by
Mrs James Henry Smith, a native of
Baltimore, will wear $500,000 in dia
monds at the New York opera. ,
Dr. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment
will cure Blind, -; Bleeding, Ulcerated
and Itching Piles. It absorbs the tu
mors, allays the itching at once, acts as
a poultice, gives instant relief. Ut.
Williama' Indian Pile Ointment is pre
oared for Piles and Itching of the pri
vate Darts. Everv box is guaranteed.
Sold by druggists, by mail, for 60c and
$ loo bold oy u. A' uarget.
Put your business before pleasure,
or by and by you won't have either.
Chicago News.
' Danger From th Plagso.
There's grave danger from the pla
gue of coughs and colds that are so pre
valent, unless you take Dr King's New
Discovery, for consumption, coughs
and colds. Mrs Geo Walls, of Forest
City, Me, writes: "It's a Godsend to
people living la climates where coughs
and colds prevail I find It quickly ends
them. It prevents pneumonia, cures
LaGrtppe, gives wonderful relief in
Asthma and Hay Fever, and makes
weak lungs strong enough to ward o.T
consumption, coughs and colJa. COc and
41.00. Guaranteed by all drug stores.
Trial bottle free. ( ;
-4 V
Xine Barnes With Many peo
ple Aboard' tost Dff
.. Florida Coast -
Special to Journal '
Key West, Fla., Oct 20. An Aus
trian steamerarrived hereloda with
49 men which she had taken aboard
from a barge which she had found at
sea. There were reported to - have
been 150 persons on, this barge, all the
others were lost. - Nine such boats.are
missing and it is feared that all have
been lost in the terrible storm that has
been raging. , ',
The men on these barges were em
ployed in the construction of the Floi
ida East Coast Railway and were most
ly foreigners.
Cruel Drivers in Courf. ' '
There have , been several cases of
cruelty to animals before Justice S. R.
Street this week and in each one the
person has received a heavy fine. The
animals that have suffered were horses
in each -case and tfravmen were tbe of
fenders in nearly every case. ' It seems
that horses have been used on the
street that were hardly able to stand,
to say nothing of drawing a heavy load
The poor brutes had great sores on their
bodies where the galling' harness rub
bed and in every Jway they wore unfit
for service. . . -, . . , , ..
I; The society tor the Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals has much to do to
get these unfortunate animals off the
street and ' they will be doing ' good
service for the city also. Mr. Street
says that every person brought before
him on this charge if convicted will gel
no mercy at his court.1 ' . ,
Bradstreet's Weekly Trade Report.
Bradstreet's will say for Richmond,
Va., and vicinity; Saturday, Oct 20th:
Local iron foundries are busy, they are
working at full capacity, and in some
instances are uuable to do the volume
of business they would do, on" account
of the scarcity of ' labor. Wholesale
grocers are making increased shipments
to out of town districts and this line of
trade is active in all its branches.
The produce market is active with de
mand well up with the supply; on ac
count of recent cold weather,' some pro
ducts show increase in prices. : Small
quantities of 1906 crop of tobacco are
being marketed at good prices, consid
ering the quality. Warehouse men ex
pect larger receipts from now on, as
the weather is now favorable for hand
ling it. . . .
, Fall wheat is being seeded in Virgin
ia and North Carolina. The present wet
weather will temporarily affect this,
but with favorable weather later the
acreage will be an average one.
Collections are good, and retail trade,
especially dry goods, shows improve
A PromlnsntTralnman
The many friends of G H Hausan,
Engineer L E & W R R. at present
living . in Lima, O, will be pleased to
know of his recovery from threatened
kidney disease. He sayB: I was cured
by using Foley's Kidney Cure, which
I recommend to all, especially to train
men, who are usually similarly afflicted..
For sale by Davis' Pharmacy.
Bravery is reckoned by what we do,
not by what we threaten to do. -
Sun th lh8 Kind You Haw Always Bought
Most contributors to charity manage
to be caught in the act. .
Have you neglected your Kidneys?
Have you overworked your nervous sys
tem and caused trouble with your Kid
neys and Bladder? Have you pains in
the loins, side, back, ' groins and blad
der? . Have you a flabbv appearance of
the fivce, especially under the eyes?
Too frequent desire to pass urine? If
so William's Kidney Pills will cure you.
Sample Free. By mail 50 cents. Sold
by Druggists. . . . :
Cleveland. U. sold by U. A. uarget
Beauty in S woman covers a lack of
domestic virtues." ' . '
Make Kidney and Bladder Right '
) ; a ., , 'n - '
Mrs Fred N Dillon was killed and
Mrs George P Grant badly injured in
an automobile accident near Waltham,
Mass. ' ' " " ,'-
BMntU ' iil Kind Vim Haw Alvwi Boaglt
af ...
Men with money to burn keep their
friends by not lending it to them.
, ,
Foley ft Co., Chicago,) originated
Honey and Tar as .a throat and lung
remedy, and on account of the great
merit and popularity of Foley's Honey
and Tar many imitations are otTored
for the genuine. Ask for Fo'ey'i Honey
and Tar and refuse any substitute of
fered as no other preparation will give
the same satjfaction. . It is mil"y
!:-.x;ttive. It contains no oriates and is
p;.f-' 't firch!Mi'n anddi-lioate f '""'ns
r -'. 1 1 3 iv v n -'y-
'1! !
v ii i i
v J M a- J
- .Growing girls need care, advice and medicine,
especially on reaching the age of puberty. A
,. mother's, tender care; and. words,. of caution will ;
often accomplish wonders. As 'for" medidnea:
, Ifgentle, safe; and: reliable
i Wine! bf.Carduu
if ' 1 ,W!11; Prevent, and jelieve ,pain, regulate, the j
. fnnf tinned rfpar. th rftmnlavi
if the restitution.
It is a valuable medicine for growing girls. It
Iras tided thousands over a critical period, and
saved them from years of suffering. It-can never
I do harm and is sure to
a relief or cure tor all
and women. . ..
At every druggist's in
if.-.' f' t;W V' ?--"
VDoKt Suffer
b niht lon(5 f rom ioothche
neuretliac or rheumatism
f -
kills thepjiin quiets the
nerves &.nd induces sleep ;
: AMI doklersi Price ?5c SOcb.HOO ,
Dr Erl S. Slo&rv, Bostor,
1 U
i .' ,f,iiri'..':'U
i nJ lu
ll t: a. s "-f
I Are cordially invited to
I come to our I
and receive
backs of their School ;
Shoo Department
i ii ii
AIyo He.:' C.3 Fr5 tlzm
C"..:r; '::v . . :',C':.:.iuV;
strengthening tonic Ms"?
-; ,Vj ?r r. b i 0 . - 1
do good. '
temale disorders m girls
, .
$1.00 bottles. Try it. -
, Mfp
4 i Ht J'
- t
- t
free of charge
foi the .
i i-

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