North Carolina Newspapers

    r No.C2. ' '
I. ,
29th YEAR
Slioultl have the careful consideration of every farmer. :
Money ! not covered by insurance. If your house burns
up and your money with it, the money is gone forever.
If you curry an account in this bank your money is safe.
You can check a&uinst it at any time if on a Checking account
If on a saving aecount it will earh ou POUR per cent
Capital SI 00,000.00 A LIBERAL POLICY
'IAMFS R. BUnES. "lmUnfc
111 -"-H'! B HtWfHii-l
-Events of I'ast Tliree lays
Tersely T(I1 For Jour
iial Renders.
BE 13
Industrial, Coiiinim inl. Social, Itcliid
miM, Criiiiiniil mill I'nlitiiiil
llirnin;s ( oinlcimcil in
Ken- Lines.
Ran Fra.-ww... N I ! The Stand
ard (V.I C.i , li ii ii 1 1 i n. I In Cali
fornia in cxU'ii iici .if i's oil li-ld.i. The
fraud charges against thU company
. the government will investigate.
Philadelphia Nov. 1.2 The National
Congress on uniform divorce laws prc--sented
at thefocowl pension toly, the
draft of a bill which wns desirej to he
passed by all the State legislatures and
which looked toward a better condition
and operation of divorce laws. The bill
cites six seasons for which divorce can
be obtained. They are: infidelity, fel
ony, bigamy, desertion, habitual drunk
enness and intolemfle cruelly. The
legislatures will he asked to agree upon
the period of repidenre before applica
tion for divorce ran Ik made. This will
tend to decrease migration divorce.
Lexington, Mo , Nov. 13 The execu
tive committee of the National Kditor
Sal Association is called to meet in St.
Louis on December 4 th, to discuss the
discrimination of the Hepburn rate bill
fcs applied against all newspapers in
the matter of railway transportation,.
New York, Nov 13, : Lawyer Delmar
of California and chief counsel for
Harry K. Thaw. Ktntos that his client
is in a state of mental ami physical de
cay. New York, Nov. 13. John Driscoll,
a citizen of Waterbury, Conn., sudden
ly became a raving maniac on the street
here today and it was with the utmost
' difficuty that he was prevented from
, doing great dnmngo. Somo time ago
Driscoll was hit a hard blow on the
head by a man with a blackjack. He
has complained of the pain made by
We blow. It is supposed that the in-
- , jury caused the insanity. . ,.
. " Norfolk, Nov. 13 Captain Crockett
of the schooner Whiting testified in his
own defense today in the case ngninst
him of cruelty to seamen. He denied
. that he had shanghaied the nine men who
were taken from his boat in pitiful
condition or in any other way abused
NsHhvillo Tenn. Nov. 1 2-Tho Nation witnessed. Thus in things material and
1 convention for the promotion of im- ( things moral we, as a state, have proa
migration and irrigation held itssecond percd during the past year as never be
day's session and discussed somo impor' fore."
tant matters Jof the improvement oflv , .. . x, ,. ,
t. .. . Washington Nov. 14 Persistent re-
the south along these lines. Gov. Hey- . . . , . ...
i a . o .u n i- v I ports are being received that Gen. Caa-
wmi u ouulii iaiuiuiB was cnosen
president of the permanent organizat
ion and J. R. McMullin secretary. '
Paris, Nov 14 The Countess Castel
lane, formerly Anna Gould, was given
absolute divorce from her husband.
The case terminated rather suddenly
hut the defendant is given the full
measure of shame. , Ay the provisions
of the decree are that Castellnne be al
lowed 130,000 annunlly, that the Coun
tess have ths custody of the children
but that the father be allowed to visit
them twice a week. The mother can
not remove them from Franca without
the father's consent The charges of
mmorality snd Infidelity hgainst the
. Wm. .- SUDE8, r V- rVni.iirt.-
Count were sustained. ,
San Francisco, Nov 14 It has been
discovered that more than $1,000,QOO of
money that was sent as relief for the
earthquake and fire sufferers has been
diverted by meansof embezzlement and
other varieties of theft It is said the
money never reached the committee.
President Roosevelt has named a com
mission to investigate the matter.
Asheville, Nov 14 A thousand men
and many blood hounds are looking for
Will Harris, a negro desperado who
killed two officers, another negro and
fatally wounded a fourth man. The
man Harris escaped from the Mecklen
burg chain gang and went to Asheville.
He had in hU possession a'Savage rifle
and with it he shot and killed without
provocation, Ken Allison a negro restau
rant keeper; Another negro, Tom Neill
is mortally wounded. The police giving
chase shot at Harris. The police cap
tain and patrolmen Bailey and Black
stock going after him. The captain
first encountered Harris and was Bhot
in the arm. He told officer Blackstock
to fire but before the policeman could
obey the order he fell dead with, a bul
let in his chest Harris then started to
run down the street and was inter
cepted by Bailey and he was instantly
killed by a bullet from the negro's
Harris kept running and soon had
reached the Biltmore estate and found
refuge in the wooded portion of the
place. , There was no delay on the part
of the police and citizens to get Harris
and they have surrounded the woods
where they are sure he is located. A
reward of $1,200 has been offered for
Raleigh, Nov. 14 Governor Glenn's
thanksgiving proclamation issued this
afternoon says in part "while exces
sive rains have damaged our crops, and
twice the public peace was marred by
acta of lawlessness, yet our manifold
blessings have so far surpassed our tem
porary ills, that they call to us for
thanksgiving and praise. The percent
age of increase in the stateragricultural
ly industrially, educationally, and mor
ally, has been phenomenal, and far ex
ceeded our fondest hopes. The price
of farming and trucking lands have
largely increased in value. Industrial
enterprises are being rapidly developed
throughout the state, and are paying
good dividends. Peace and good will
now exist between labor and capital.
No' pestilence or scourage has visited
our state, and with the above two ex
ceptions, law and order have been main
tained., Our educational progress is a
source of congratulations, as .longer
terms; more efficient teachers, better
; school houses and equipment, mark a
new and nrmrrmaivn iMi-Init In am.
. .... ... . . -
school life, while the growing temper
ance religious spirit 'of our people de
notes a moral condition never before
tro, president of Venezuela, is dead can
not be proved by authorities at Caracas
It is believed here that the government
is trying to conceal his death in order
to keep in power..
Pittsburg, Nov. 14.This city is en
tirely at the mercy of thugs and hold
up men. Many robberies are commit
ted dally, and the r jbbers laugh at the
attempts of the police to check the
career of crime. The condition has
been the cause of a mass meeting of
citizens to tske strenuous steps against
these outrages.
Chlcafo, Nov. 14. -The Wabash rail
way system will expend $12,000,000 on
improvement of the road by double
tracking and new equipment.
Raleigh, Nov. 15; This afternoon
Secretary of State Grimes filed with
the Corporation Commission his argn
ment and brief in his complaint against
the Bell Telephone Co. He asks that
tolls for long distant messages be re
duced to five cents a minute and tele
phone rentals to $2 per month for busi
ness houses and $1 60 per month for
residences. Of the 87 telephone com
panies doing business in North Caro
lina only eight report over $2 for busi
ness houses, 25 report art average of $1
to $1J0 of the 67 only 6 report an aver
age charge of over $1.50 for residences
27 reporting an average of 1. Grimes
says he does not consider It unreason
able to ask reduction. , The Bell Tele
phone Company valued its property in
North Carolina at $1,157,000 and testi
fied it had paid a profit on this of $53,-
673, reducing taxes and tha', this was 5
per cent on the valuation. The State
valuation is only $337,000, in which the
company paid almost 16 per cent. The
Corporation Commission will pass upon
the question in a few days.
" Chicago, Nov 15 The Tribune has
compiled the number of murders that
have been committed up to the present
time since January 1. 1900. The entire
number is 9,000 which is declared to
break all previous records.
Washington, Nov. 15 Attorney Gen
eral Moody has begun suit against-the
Standard Oil Company, for violation of
the Sheimon Anti-Trost law. The com
plaint states that it is an unlawful com
bine and asks that the articles of cor
poration be revoked.
Asheville, Nov, 15 Will Harris, the
negro murderer of four men was killed
today in a fierce fight with a posse of
men at Fletcher, ten miles from here.
Harris was in a barn and the men num
beting several hundred surrounded the
place and began firing. He returned
the fire and then attempted to escape
but was shot down .and his body fairly
riddled with bullets.
Pittsburg, Nov. 15th. Crime is still
rampant in this city and the police
seem powerless to check it It is car
ried on in open defiance of the law. De
tectives are arriving from other cities
and numerous arrests have been made.
The adjoining cities and villages are as
much at the mercy of robbers as is this
Colon, Nov. 15th. President Roose-
velt was given a tremendous greeting
here today, and the city is en fete in
consequence of his presence. One of
the inspiring scenes in connection with
his welcome was a chorus of hundreds
of school children who sang "Star
Spangled Banner." Hw the guest of
President Amador.
Chapel Hill, Nov. 15th. A game of
football has been arranged to be played
between the Carlisle College team (In
dians) and University of North Caroli
na. The game will probably occur on
Thanksgiving Day.
Tacoma, Wash, Nov. 15 News comes
from the far northwest that loss of life
and property on account of floods,snow
and cold is great Many places have
been isolated for 36 hours and the riv
ers are flooding the plains. '
Life of a Great Man
The publishing company of Jenkins
Denton have been given the contract
for publishing the life of the late Pev.
Sam Jones. It will be a work that will
give the only authoritive account of the
great preacher's career and it will con
sequently be ft valuable adjunct to any
library. Sam Jones was too well known
to the people of the entire country to
need any formal introduction but like
all the men who have done great things
and won much fame we desire to keep
his name fresh in our memories ac
quainting ourselves with his words and
The book is now ready for sale. It
is compiled by Rev. Walt Halcomb, the
co-laborer and closest friend of the
great evangelist, assisted by Mrs. Jones
and there is not an incident in the life
of Mr. Jones worth recording O at does
not appear. It is all in all a complete
and splendid memorial of a man who
was perhaps the most remarkable man
in some respects the world has ever
known. t
'. ' ' , Notice.
Roberts & Hurst, or their representa
tive, will do all the collections for D.
L. Roberts.
' A great big nickle's worth in every
nnttlenf Pep-Tono.
DuRy'i Dead Shot Chill and Fever
Cure '"''.v
is ft splendid medicine. 6 or 6 doses
will curs any case of chills and fevers.
No Cure, No Pay. For sale by all
d.iihU and country stores.
Young Trotter Makes Admis
sions Which May Convict
Him of Serious Offense.
First Quarterly .Meeting or thld Fel
lows, u Pleasant Occasion. West
ern X. ('. Conference Now in
Session, Bishop Wilson Pre
siding. Bishop Cheshire
Holds Services. Negro
Shot by Policeman.
(fpecial Correspondence.)
Greensboro, Nov. 13. Graham Trot
ter, a young man of Mt Airy, of ex
cellent family, and teller of the First
National bank there, is in the city lock
up here, awaiting the 'arrival of an offi
cer to take him back to Mt. Airy,
charged with complicity in the assault
Friday night on a man by the name of
Turner, who was returnirg to Mount
Airy in a buggy with Miss Ashby and
another young lady, Miss Ashby was
shot twice as the horse and buggy were
flying from the scene of the hold up. A
young man named Brim was arrested
in Mount Airy Saturday and is in jail
awaiting the result of Miss Ashby's in
juries. With instructions from Mount Airy
to arrest Trotter, officers here received
notice that he had boarded the train
some distance out from that place and
might get lost in Greensboro. The of
ficers went a mile out from the station
and boarded the train, where the regis
tration is made at the Y, and finding
the party described, made the arrest,
and are holding him without bail.
When seen in his cell at the police
station the young man said he did not
care to make any statement. He did
say, however, that he heard he -would
bo wanted as a witness and left home
and came to Pilot Mountain where he
boarded the train and came here. It
was suggested to him that a mistake
had been made in shooting Miss Ashby
when he quickly said, "now, you have
it, that's the truth."
Asked for further particulars, he
said in effect that the parties who were
in the hold-up were looking for certain
people and were simply mistaken when
they held up the buggy in which Turner
and Miss Ashby were riding. He
showed considerable knowledge of the
entire affair, but was not pressed, and
finding that he had already said too
much or more than was necessary, he
said he did not care to talk any further.
Trotter's admission that the hold up
and shooting was a mistake bears out
the report made by a Mt. Airy gentle
man who was here Sunday. He said
that it was generally understood that
the men implicated were on the road
that night to meet an appointment with
two women of the town. As they failed
to meet them, they thought that some
ona else had in terf erred with the ap
pointment and the attack was made
under the impression that the buggy
contained these parties and they made
a terrible mistake. ;
The United States Marshal's office
here, has been notified by wire from
United States District Attorney Rose
of Baltimore, to proceed to Salisbury
and take to Baltimore,' Irvin Talley,
who was arrested by Chief of Police
Miller in Salisbury Saturday. Talley is
designated as a "desperate criminal"
convicted of counterfeiting, who escap
ed from the Baltimore jail last Septem
ber. - . . "
Today and Wednesday will be big
days with local lodges of the Independ
ent order of Odd Fellows as they have
with them some seventy-five or a hun
dred visiting Odd Fellows in attendance
upon the first quarterly meeting of this
district, the session to be held in the
hall of the Buena Vista Lodge No. 12L
Mr. Thoe M Stevens, of Durham, Grand
Master of the order in North Carolina,
and Mr B H Woodcll, of Raleigh, Grand
Secretary have accepted the invita
tions extended to them by District
Deputy R L Woodard, to be present
and take part in the exercises,
Bishop A W Wilson of
rived in this city Saturday night, on
his way to Mt Airy.
where he will
preside over the Western North Caro
lina Conference of the M. E. Church,
which meets there to morrow. The
Bishop, with delegates and pastors
from this section will leave Greensboro
at 7:55 Tuesday for Mt Airy.
There was a large congregation at
West Market street Methodist Church
last night to hear Bishop Wilwn
preach and his sermon was one of great
power and eloqut nee. '
Sunday morning he preached to an over
flowing congregation at Muir's Chapel,
four miles from the city and after in
termission of two hours for dinner
whk;h was served by the congregation
to all present, the new church was
This church is now one .of the best
country churches in the whole section,
Norman II. Johnson Address
es The Retail Merchants
And Makes Suggestions.
U. S. Marshal Returns From Court.
A iMVKe Attendance at Baptist
Convention Expected. Fear
fill Burning Accident.
Special Correspondence.
Greensboro, Nov. 14 Many of the
newspapers are iust printing the news
sent out In this correspondence, two
weeks ago, that Major Rreece would
be again tried for alleged wrecking of
the Asheville bank, on a bill of indict
ment foutd at the Federal Court in
Greensboro prior to thcbill he was tried
in three times at Charlotte. In about
two weeks from this date, still further
glaring head lines may precede the
story, that owing to the death last week
of Mrs. William Rye, one of the most
important witnesses for the govern
ment, the case will be called for trial
and a nol pros ordered.
There was a pretty good attendence
of merchants of the city at 'the Court
House last night to hear Norman H. John
son, of Raleigh, attorney for the North
Carolina Merchants Association discuss
many topics of capital importance to
the retail merchants of the state. He
was introduced by Mr. J. N. Hendrix,
president of the local organization. In
speaking of the recently passed pure
food bill he said that he regarded it as
one of the most jbeneficials ever passed
The speaker was strongly opposed te
the proposed parcel-post bill, which has
been agitated for some time past he
said that if it became law instead of
there being a hundred or more merch
ants in Greensboro there would be not
morethan five. He said that those
who are backing the moverr.ent for the
parcel-post would ruin the retail mer
United States Marshal J. M. Milliken
and Deputy Bailey arrived on the noon
tnin from Asheville, where they have
been in attendancs on the Federal court
There were no criminal cases of impor
tance tried. Deputy Joe Milliken ire-
mains to attend court which is now en
gaged trying civil cases, and will prob
ably adjourn today.
The pastors of the Greensboro Metho
dist Episcopal churches together with a
large number o' delegates and others,
left today for Mt Airy to attend the
annual session of the Western North
Carolina Methodist Episcopal Con
ference. They will go to Winston,
where they will take a special train for
Mt Airy. Quite a number of dele
gates and ministers from other towns
were in the lity yesterday on their way
to attend the Conference.
A meeting of the board of stewards
of west Market street Methodist church
was held last night and the finishing
touches put upon the report to be made
to conference this week. As usual, the
obligations of the churches met in full
The contributions per member have
been four or five dollars each more than
they were last year. For missions alone
over three thousand dollars was con
tributed. The Sunday school report is
also exceptionally yood.
Canvassing committees, representing
the three Baptist church of the city be
gan vesterdav. the work of securing
homes for the ministers and delegates
to the Baptist State Convention, which
will meet here next month. This is a
large gathering, butt is believed that
Greensboro will do its full duty and ex
tend to the members the hospitality
for which the city is noted.
While standing in front of an open
fire place yesterday afternoon, with
hei eisrht months' old babe in her arms.
Jessie Houston colored, had a fit and
fell head lone, her hands reaching the
fire, the child fallimr behind the back
log and burning to death. The mother
was badly burned about the hands, and
was erf lea witngnei wnen sne learned
the tragic death of her child. ,
having been just completed and fully
paid for, it costing (6,000. It is the
third church built since the congre
gation first worshipped there a century
ago in ft log cabin constructed by Rev,
Mr. . Muir, an itinerant Methodist
preacher. A larger building was erec
ted in 1853, and the new one takes its
place. The ceremonies yesterday were
very impressive and were participated
in by ft large number of people,
At Si. Andrews Episcopal Church
last night, Bishop Cheshire preached a
notably strong sermon to an overflow
ing congregation, and administered the
rite of confirmation to class of 15.
The negro George Wilson, who was
shot by policeman Skeene last Friday
while running, after escaping from ar
rest is now reported in a critical con
dition at the hospital. The ball lodged
in his back, and he was not thought to
be seriously hurt, but his condition is
m irnvo Khnnlri tha marl llA It la
being said that an investigation will
nmv. Snoi matter to the rffieer.
who shot him.
" ---- T
City Ownership of Water
Plant Question Wanning
l'p. Sharp Fight
Mecklenburg Week in the - Supreme
Court. .Mclvei' Day Program Will
be Very Interesting. Only i
Distilleries in the Raleigh
District. Talk of Stale
Base Ball League.
(Special Correspondence)
Raleigh, Nov. 15 The revenue offi
cers have been pretty active during the
past few days". Deputy Collectors
Merritt and Lloyd captured one still
last Thursday several miles from
Franklinton and yesterday went back
to the same place and found another
still in full blast in exactly the same
bed. One was an 80 and the other a
65 gallon capacity. The moonshiners
got away, some of their Jpals having
dashed across the fields and given them
warning immediately before the officers
arrived on the scene. The moonshiners
are quite busy now making moonshine
for whiskey use as they put it.
Rev. Crawford Jackson of Atlanta is
in the State, sseking to raise funds to
establish about 50 miles from that city
a reformatory for white children. His
purpose is, he says, is to have such a
reformatory to take children from any
state in the south.
The Southern Bell Telephone Com
pany, whien it is said woum raise the
rates here will not do this. This infor
mation is specially given by the dis
trict manager. Mr. Gentry. The Ral
eigh rate is $18 per year for residences.
The matter of city ownership of the
Raleigh waterworks is being made
quite an issue in Raleigh, one of the
newspapers taking ground for such
ownership and the othe attacking it.
The time in which the city could buy
the old plant, privately owned, has
nearly ended and estimates have been
filed for a new plant.
Labor Commissioner Varner has al
most finished the inspection of cotton
mills and nex", week will end this and
then the very interesting annual report
will be made up showing the number
of such mills, spindles, looms, employ
ees, etc. There will be a very heavy
increase over last year. From what
can be gathered it seems that there
are about 18 new mills and very exten
sive additions to the plants in many of
the older ones
The number of whiskey distilleries in
this revenue district are now only 12.
New ones have been built at Rocky Mt.
and Fremont. Before the Watts law
went into effect there were over 300.
The present distilleries are so much
larger than the many small ones, that
the taxes which the government re
ceives are almost as large as they were
There is some talk about having a
North Carolina baseball league next
season. The railroad connections are
such that a good circuit can be made.
For the past three years there has been
no circuit in this State but interest in
the game has increased rather than aba
ted. The number of Confederate veterans
present at the North Carolina Home is
now 106 and transportation requests
have been prepared for ten more who
will arrive in a few days.
The Supreme Court will this week
hear appeals from the 12th district.
This is the Charlotte district and the
docket is unusually larger than from
any of the others.
The State department of agriculture
will ?ssue its pure food bulletin by De
cember 1st this containing the analyses
of the samples taken during the past
six months.
From the office of the State Superin
tendent of Public Instruction there has
been issued the complete programme
for North Carolina Day which this year
is Mclver Day, Friday, Decemlier 14th.
The pamphlet is very well prepared and
is full of instruction and inspiration.
; The Morehead-Beaufort Bridge.
All of the rails to complete the track
across the A A N C, Ry. bridge be
tween Mor. head and Beaufort Will be
carried to be put down, today, and the
completed track will be in place Satur
day night, so that trains may cross.
Next niek freight will be carried over
in can and December first is named as
the day when the regular passenger
schedule for trains will be established,
making Beaufort the eastern terminus
of the Atlantic and North Carolina rail
road. : " " " -
When you're broke the girls are shy
They turn and fly as you come nign
Rl-SCe UD OKI mall. BII11W auiuw uiuvn
Taktocky Mountain Teajfwill change
vour luck.
1 For sale bv F. S. Duffy.
Father and Five Children Suffered
for Two Years With Terrible
Eczema Home Remedies and
Medicines Gave No Relief-
Mother Expresses 'Joy at. .
" My husband and five children 1
all amicted with eczema. They had it
two years. We used all the home rem
edies we could hear of, without any
relief, and then went to a physician
and got medicine two different times,
and it got worse. It affected us all
over except head and hands. We saw
Cuticura Remedies advertised and con
cluded to try them. So I sent for $1.00
worth, consisting of one cakevf Cuticura
Soap, one box of Ointment, and one vial
of Fills, and we commenced to use them.
I do not know how to express ofy far
in finding a cure, for two of my chil
dren were so bad that they have the
brown scars pn their bodies whtere they
were sore. If it will be of any benefit
to you, you-can publish my letter with
pleasure. Yours truly, Mrs. Maggie B.
Hill, Stevens, Mason Co., W. Va., Juos
12, 1905."
vTo Skin-Tortured Babies'
and Tired Mothers.
The suffering which Cuticura Soap
and Cuticura Ointment have alleviated
among the young, and the comfort they .
have afforded worn-out and worried
parents, have led to their adoption in
countless homes as priceless curatives
for birth humors, milk crust, stalled
head, eczemas, rashes, and every
form of itching, scaly, pimply skin,
and scalp humors, with loss of hair,
of infancy and childhood. Guaranteed
absolutely pure.
Sold throughout the world. Cnrlran io. Ms., ntaft.
incut, Me-. luwlfnL fOe. (In funu of Chooolau Coti .
rUI,, Wo. pn tUI of (0), uitr be hod of ll drumltn.
Fttttrr Drug Choi
b lmo. vorp., son rropf., notion, Man.
I rra, " Bow to ClindvTCij UiiMb"
Convicts Who Have Been
Good are Released From
Durance Vile. Many
Refused. .
(Special Correspondence.)
Raleigh, Nov. 14th. Governor Glenn
today granted four pardons, these be
ing the following: .
Frank Towery, of Burke, who last
year was convicted of bigamy and sen
tenced to two years on the public roads;
the governor says-lhat Towery is Igno- '
rant, his wife deserted him uid had
been reported dead and that he has
grave doubts as to whether Towery, at
his second marriage knew she was liv
ing. Towery is old and infirm and par
don is granted at the recommendation
of the Solicitor and county commission
John Evans, Rockingham county, con
victed of assault and battery uoon his
wife, was sentenced to twelve months.
Since the trial it develops that he was
more sinned against than sinning and
upon recammendation of the Judge,
prosecuting attorney and many good
citizens a conditional pardon is granted.
Walter Nelson, of Buncombe county, '
convicted of aiding and breaking jail, "
sentenced to 18 months; pardon recom-
mended by Judge, Solicitor and county
commissioners, he having made, a good
prisoner for over a year. For this rea
son there is a conditional pardon.
Willie Phifer, of Mecklenburg coun
ty, convicted in August of last year, be
being a boy of 12 who stole a $15 bicy-
cle got an 18 months sentence, condi
tional pardon granted upon recommen-
itioa of Judge and Solicitor.
L A Spouse of Madison who pleaded
guilty of forcible trespass and got 12
months on the county road, was really
guilty of. forgery and obtaining money
under false pretense, so bis sentence -was
not excessive. ! .
James Armstrong of Iredell, convict
ed of larceny in August of last year, ,
sentence 18 months on roads. No one
recommends pardon and the punishment
for larceny and robbery was not excess
ive.' .. ;'. , -' ' '
Thomas Hathway of Chowan, convict
ed in 1900 of perjury, sentenced 15 years
in penitentiary; neither Judge nor Solic
itor recommend pardon. - .
Nelson Bumgarner of Wilkes, convict
ed of manslaughter, sentence 4 months ,
in jail, the governor regarded this as
very mild, as Bumgarner ' conduct .
caused the death of the man. No reason
is shown for pardon.
Stokes McCrary of Buncombe, con
victed in July of last year of larceny
sentenced two years; pending applica
tor pardon be made in his case.
Bob Smithermon of Forsythe,convict
ed of larceny, sentence 2 years on road
No reason for pardon and neither judge
nor solicitor recommend it.
C C. Mills of Rowan, convicted for
larceny last February, sentence 12
'.months. Neither judge nor s.::. :: t
recommended pardon and no g x J r a-
1 son shown for it but on accoui 1 1 i
condition Governor reoorr--
ty commissioners that he Ul
and not be maJa to Wo, i 1

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