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29th YEAR
9 tftfl'''-' 'iiftC44MHtt'4HMf'to,WH(W''49
Is one of the greatest aids to success that a farmer can
have. ' ' . .
If he can buy for cash he saves money by so doing,
- If he has money in the bank he can often use it to great
advantage to pick up some cash bargain in land or stock or
machinery that will greatly increase hia profit.
:" A checking account in this bank will help YOU. Why not
have it.
JAMES B. BLADES, PrHldsiU. ; -
Statement of November Sales
Shows Them to be $3,000
Larger Than the Year
Special Correspondence.
Raleigh, Dec. 6. The Raleigh dis
pensary continues to be a money-maker
and is regarded by a great many per
sons as the best solution of the whiskey
question. The sales during November
were $3,000 more than they were in
November 1905. It must be remem
bered that half at least, of the whiskey
sold is outside of this county, and the
extension of prohibition territory in
creases the number of buyers I ere. Of
course no liquor U shipp hI awiy, it all
has to be taken. Chatham, Johnston,
Harnett, Nanh, and Franklin counties
and part of Durham, get their whiskey
here. This makes it very easy to under
stand the increase in sales.
Dec. .6.
Rev, R F Daugherty will fill his reg
ular appointment at this place next
Saturday night and Sunday.
We seem to hve lota of sickness at
the present time, but hope it will not
continue so
Mrs Minnie Heath's youngest child
died at its home last Sunday night with
the pneumonia.
Miss Sallie Causey who has been
teaching school at this place, returned
to her home Friday afternoon.
Mrs. Louisa pock and her son Eddie,
were in our vicinity last Saturday and
Pelletier. -
December 6.
Saturday and Sunday was Quarterly
meeting at Hadnota. Rev. Brown, the
pastor, filled the pulpit.
.Mrs. E. J. Higgins and son were visi
tors here Saturday and Sunday, also
attended servides at Hadnots. '
Mr. Cage Weeks made a business
trip to New Bern Friday, returning
Mr, Turner Holmes left for Vance
boro yesterday. '
Miss Delgora Morse is spending this
week with her sister, Mrs. Holmes. -
Mr. Nelson Garner and wife were
visitors at Mr. Ivy Prescotts Saturday
and Sunday.
Mrs. W. J. Davis spent last week
with her mother.
Miss Eotta Sanders and brother, Allie
of Bogue, were the guests of Uiai Lena
Weeks last Saturday night and Sunday.
The Irish Pawnbrokers.
" Murphy and Murphy the popular com
edians, are presenting this season an
entirely new and original farce comedy
which is said to outclass everything
they have ever produce3, inasmuch as
it is written entireley on new lines and
especially for them There is an interes
ting story full of complications that
keeps the audience guessing at all
times as to what will happen next
They have given this new effort the
title of "The Irish Pawnbrokers." The
company contains many popular favori
tes from the vaudeville stage,, and
many clever and unique specialties will
be introduced. The Irish Pawnbrokers
will appear here tomorrow night
. . A. P. N.
. ... Marriage atDeppe"
'" Wednesday afternoon, at 3 o'clock,
Luta Smith.son of WW Smith of Mays
ville was united in the holy bonds of
wedlock with Miss Carrie Tallman, fos
ter daughter of Mr, and Mrs. J. M.
Holland, at the residence of her par
ents, near Deppe. Many friends at
tended the joyous event, whose wishes
are that the happy couple's pathway
through life may ba strewn' with beau
tiful roses.
A. CP.
Extra fine lard.
Oaks Market
Our own make at
Wm. B. BLADES, V.-Presltlent.
tlorse Throws Occupants of
Wagon And Injures a
Special Correspondence.
Raleigh, DecG Thi3 morning William
Stunkel, a plumber here who had re
cently begun business for himself end
whose age is about 30 years was s ruck
by a runaway horse, while riding on his
wheel, and his injuries ard very serious.
A negro grocer, Simon Raynor w is in
his team, which was being driven by
the manager ol the Swift Meat Corn
pan , when suddenly the coupling
broke and hoth men were thrown out.
The horse dashed along West Harget
St. toward F.iyetteville St. and met
Mr. Stunkel who was riding in the op
posite direction very rapidly, with head
down, on account of the high wind and
dust. The shock threw the unfortunate
man at least 20 feet and he fell on the
sidewalk almost in front of the office of
the Associated Charities, the place be
ing only a few yards from his placeuf
business. His mother and sisters and
yMr. Richard Giersch, his brother-in-law
arrived in a few minutes and he was
taken to the hospital This is the se
cond accident of this kind this year.
Ho died late this afternoon. He was a
prominent local Elk.
The December German.
The third dance of the Clarendon Ger
man Club was held Wednesday night at
the Armory. The attendance was large
and all had a most enjoyable time. The
music furnished by the Knights of
Pythians band orchestra was very sat
isfactory and all spoke in high praise of
the advancing proficiency of the musi
cians. Following were the couples on the
Mr. J. B. Green, Miss Amy Guion;
a F. Wyatt, Mary Emma Street; W.
A. Smith, Miss Harris; J. P. Lovell,
Maud Smith; T. C. Daniels, Mrs. Ben
ton; J. S. Claypooi, Mrs Jas. Mitchell,
E. M. Dill, Henrietta Hancock; E. M.
Green, Sadie Congdon: E. H. Gorham,
Katie Street; J. A. Nunn, Miss Annie
Foy; A. F. Patterson, Miss Duffy; Mark
Stevenson, Mrs. Day; Ralph Davenport,
Leonora Greenabaum; J. P. Bradley,
Miss Willis; Dr. Gibbs, Mildred Gray;
Harold Whitehurst, Helen Brock.
Extra Fin'!
Line Market
Liver Sausnpo at Coast
Doc. 5th.
Our school is still increasing. Miss
Stella spent Sunday Tit her homo in
Mrs. E J Higgins and son Willie, at
tended the quarterly meeting in Carter
et county Sunday and they reported a
good time.
Mr. Rollie Collins and family have
moved back to their old home in Jones
county, not far from us. They will be
missed. -
Mrs. William Humphrey, of Jones
-county, was was visiting her daughter,
Mrs. Emma Barbee Friday last.
An Appeal to Farmers
The Farmers' Institute will be held
in the court house Tueeday December
18. flood speakers have Leen provided
and the discussions will be of vital im
portance to farmers and all who are in
terested in farming topics. Tne State
Boar of Agriculture has assumed a
large expense in establishing these in
stitutes for the benefit of the farming
community and it is incumbent on them
to appreciate their efforts to the extent
of attendance at the institute. I hope
to see a large number present not only
from Craven county, but from ' Car
teret, Jones, Onslow and Pamlico coun
ties. J. M. SPENCER.
Choice veal and venison at Oaks Mar
ket. For any of the or Imary diseas 's of
the skin Chamberlain's Salve is excel
lent It not only r Hays the itching and
smarting but etTtcts a cure. For Sale
by Davis Fhar,nac, uni F S Duffy.
Telegraphic Communication
With The Uttermost Parts
of The Earth.
Handed to The Journal Renders In
Condensed But Accurate Form.
Almost Every Part of The
Glolie Represented In
News Items.
Herkimer, N. Y., Dec. 4. The sen
sational murder trial of Chester Gillett
is rapidly drawing to a close and a ver
dict is expected within a few hours.
The L istrict attorney said in the clos
ing address to the jury that the murder
of Grace Brown was not the only crime
nor was it the worst one of which he
was guilty The first led to the com
mission of the Becond and for the dou
ble crime he should suffer the extreme
penalty of the law.
Valdosta, Ga., Dec. 4. J. G. Rawl-
ingb, white and All Moore, colored
were hanged here today for the murder
of Willie and Carrie Carter, 15 months
ago. A strong fight was made in the
courts to save Rawlings, but his con
nection with the tragedy was fully sus
tained in the evidence at the trial.
Moore did the deed while Rawlings gave
the instructions. Botn died protesting
Washington, Dec 4 In his message
to Congress President Roosevelt touch
ed on lynching and his utterances are
extremely fair to the Southern people,
He scores unmercifully corporations
that seek combinations, - judges and
campaign contributions. He advocates
income and inheritance taxes and wants
more power for the Interstate Com
merce Commission, but is silent on the
Panama canal and tariff.
Close attention was paid to the read'
ing of the message and many times
there was an audible expression of ap
proval at the suggestions. Champ
Clark of Missouri says that the Presi
dents ideas on income and inheritance
tax were taken from the Democratic
platform. '
Washington, Dec 4 As a counter
irritant to Senator Forakers resolution
for investigation into the Presidents
action in dismissing the negro troops,
Congressman Stadon introduced a bill
to discharge ill negro troops front the
United States army. He states that
the purpose of the bill is to purge the
army of ah admittedly dangerous ele
ment He declared the 25th infantry
was imbued with the same race hostil
ity that Indians have.
Richmond, Dec 4 The Corporation
Commission has taken steps to inves
tigate the cause of the wreck on the
Southern railway which killed Presi
dent Spencer.
San Francisco, DecJ-Thereport of
the relief committee was made yester
day in which it was stated that the total
amount received for relief was $6,250,
000. ,
Palestine, Tex., Dec. 4, Robbers at
tacked an express messenger on the
Cotton belt train last night and bad
fight in which two of the robbers were
wounded. They secured $110,000 from
the messenger's safe of which $80,000
belonged to that railway.
Raleigh, Dec 4. Judge Purnell in
bis charge to the Federal grand jury,
today, today declared that he believed
that the legislature overlooked the
statute when it passed the Landlord
and Tenant, act of 1903. He charges
that peonage Is being committed and
considers that the State law vindicates
the Federal statute.
Raleigh, Dec 6 Governor Glenn has
refused to commute the death sentence
of Freeman Jones, a Durham negro
'convicted of burglary. He wrote Judge
Moore and Solicitor Brooks for their
views. They refused to interfere and
consequently the sentence of deajh
stands. " , . "
I Raleigh, Dec. Gth.--The Corporation
Commission today discussed the com
plaint of Secretary of State Grimes
against the Bell Telephone Company in
which he asked for a reduction of tolls
i and rentals. The board says it would .
be unjust to fix a flat rate for the
whole State; but that it is comparing
rates of all companies, so as to charge
those which are reasonable and just.
Raleigh, Dec. 5. Governor Glenn, by
special invitation addressed the board
of agriculture on immigration today.
He complimented highly the exhibit
made at Boston and said he hoped the
board would consider in the broadest
way the whole question of securing the
best class of immigrants. Speaking of
state finances he said if taxation were
made equal in various counties there
would be plenty of founds for every pur
pose, but forty-fou counties receive
more from the State than they paid in,
one of these is Cumberland which re
ceived $4,000 more than it paid in. In
some counties property valued at only
forty per cent of real value, in others
eighty per cent.
Hazelhurst, Dec 6 Mrs. Angeline
Birdsong, one of the best known women
in the State is on trial here for the
murder of Dr. T. H. Butler, after
which she attempted suicide.
Chicago, Dec 5 The police have for
months endeavored to catch the burg
lars that have been rifling flats. They
have committed great depredations and
have until today escaped detection.
Today Mrs. Eric Klein and Mrs. Mar
garet Nogel wer9 arrested. It is be
lieved there is a band of female thieves
and that they systematically rob flats.
These women stole over $10,000,
Chicago, Dec. 5. The police secured
a 14 year old Italian girl from a vacant
flat this miming where she had been
incarcerated since Monday. She was
abducted and taken to this place where
she was terribly abused. Two men
and a woman, wife of one of the men
are suspected of the crime. The police
had to break in the dcors to affect the
Raleigh, Dec. 5. Recently United
States District Attorney Skinner told
your correspondent that he intended to
go to Washington in regard to the two
men under sentence of death for muti
ny on board thav whrwfrer Berwin. He
has gone and Judge Purnell joins with
him in the recommendation that the
death sentence be commuted to life
Seattle, Wash. Dec 6-The Governor
of Washinghon and organized Labor
have united in protesting against Roose"
volt's recommendation of a special act
naturalizing Japanese. They clai m
that such an act would degrade Ameri
can labor.
Raleigh, Dec. 6th- The Corporation
Commission sues the Seaboard Air Line
for $500 penalty for violating its recent
order by improperly bulletining trains at
Lumberton, Laurinburg and Rich
Square in November. This is the first
time the commission has been given
evidence regarding violation of its order
in which the witnesses were within the
jurisdiction of the State courts. The
witnesses are: J J McCormick, Lumber
ton; A J Conner, Rich Square; J J
Hirsch, Atlanta.
Washington, Dec 6 A resolution was
introduced in Congress today giving
the Panama Commission entire control
of Panama.
Paris, Dec 6 Count Boni de Castel
lane recently the husband of Anna
Gould attempted to make a speech in
the House of Deputies when half the
number showed their contempt by leav
ing the house.
Raleigh, Dec. 6. Complaint being
made to the Corporation! Commission of
the filthy condition of the passenger
station at Wadesboro that road is or
dered to immediately put- it in proper
condition and keep it so.
Atlanta, Dec 6 -Board of pardons to
day commuted the sentence of the
Rawlings brothers which was for mur
der in the first degree to imprisonment
in the penitentiary for life. ,
Wilmington, Dec. 6-Following the
visit of members of a Boston syndicate
here a few weeks ago there is prospect
of hotels being built here which will
cost 11,600,000 if Wilmington will con
tribute one-half of it.
Washington, Dec; 6 There are near
ly a thousand delegates in attendance
at the Rivers and Harbors Congress
and there is a good deal of interest in
its discussions. One of the objects of
the gathering is to secure an annual
a propriation of $50,000,000.
Harvard Is Mad
Special to Journal
Boston, Dec 6-On account of recent
acts in athletic circles, Harvard Willi
probably withdraw from all athletio . Extra Fine NaliveBeef at Coast Lino all druggists, 60c snd $1.00. Trial bot
contesta. I Market. , tie free
An Organization That Meets
in Washington Today to
t Discuss the Country's
Deep Waterways.
(fpecial Correspondence.)
Raleigh, N. C., December 5th,
On Thursday the National Rivers and
Harbors Congress will be held at Wash
ington at the Arlington Hotel. It is
declared to be second in importance
only to the congress of the United
States. Major Edward J. Hale of
Fayetteville is a member of the ex
ecutive committee from North Carolina
The United States, Major Hale says,
has 43,199 of navigable water-oajs
while Holland, France and Belgium
have only 7,230 miles. The total ex
pended in river and harbor appropria
tions in this country $4,470,0n0,000 while
in Holland,' France, and Belgium the
total expenditures aggregate $2, 775
OuO.000. Few people have an idea how
cheap water transportation is. The
cost on railroads per ton mile is in
Texas 8 and one half mills and the
average on al' the railroads in the
country is 8 and four fifth mills, while
on the Ohio River the cost is less than
a third of a mill, on the great Lakes
nine tenths of a mill, on the lower
Mississippi one mill and on the Erie
Canal a little over half a mill.
These figures, as Major Hale says,
are simply astonishing. The river and
harbor bill, he declares can no longer
be called a "Pork barrel" as it is
about the only great appropriation
which is not of that type. He says that
subject has been acute with North
Carolina people in the recent past, the
scientific treatment of the upper Cape
Fear River and of other great enter
prises throughout the country based on
the development of traffic by waterway
improvements which are commerc'ally
sound giving great impetus to a move
ment which he BayB the unsatisfactory
railway system rendered public opinion
ripe for.
My heart and hand another claimed,
His plea had come too late.
It's ever thus with people without
pluck and vim,
Take Rocky Mountain Tea, don't get
left again. F S Duffy.
First Day of the Conference.
Rocky Mount Special to Wilson Times
December 5th:
The annual conference of the M E.
Church, South, met in Rocky Mount at
9 o'clock a. m. Bishop A. M. Wilson
in the chair. After religious services,
conducted by the bishop, the roll was
called and 130 ministers answered to
their names.
Rev. W. L. Cunninggim was elected
There were appointed one statistical
secretary from each presiding elder s
district to assist in tabulating the re
ports of the preachers.
The names of all the supernumeraries
and superannuates were called and their
names given to the committee on con
ference relation for each respected po
sition. The repoits of Dr. W. H. Moore
of the Raleigh district, and Dr. J. B,
Gibbs, of the Durham district, were
made of the condition of the Church on
their respective districts The reports
of Trinity, Greensboro Female and Lit
tleton Female colleges were presented
and read and were given to the board
of education to consider.
At the unanimous .request of the con
ference, Bishop Wilson delivered a most
edifying address on tne raunne epistles
which was greatly enjoyed by the vast
At 12:30 d. m. conference adjourned
with the benediction by the bishop, to
meet again on Thursday morning at 9
o clock. ,
The trial of Rear Admiral Nebogatoff
and seventy-eight officers of hi s squad-
ron for surendering to the Japanese at
the battle of the Sea of Japan, May 28,
1905, began before a special court-
Toil Kmrre(ic
"Last Rr.timhiy," wiltl.t'ie flat dwell
er, "I went out Into tl)i hall nnd saw
a woman ou Ih-i- Unees m-mlililng the
mnrhte very tvoll, making It u beauti
ful dead white. , I tliuunlit to myself,
'This In a gotl scrubwoman; I'll ask
her to scrub my kitclien ami clean uiy
windows.' I did. ' She scrubbed nil the
paint off the floor of luy kitchen and
washed the panes of two windows en'
tn-ely out.
"I was Kind I didn't aHk her to wash
iy fiice," Hhe Uulnucd. New York
When Honeymoon End.
"How," said the young man who had
been In the matrlmoulal game for
nearly a week, "can ( tell when the
honeymoon Is over?"
. "It will be over," answered the man
Who had been married three times,
TV UCIS f VUI T UW Vv'1 VUaalf .Ullage
and begins to ask quostlou.'-Chicago
News. '" -; i
Holiister's Rockv Mountain Tea ou-
rifles the blood, strengthens the nerves,
mil.ti ttiA hnweU. !.! th kirinAva.
- J
cures stomach troubles, builds up the
nervous force and repairs the ill cf-
'; tet, of over eating. Tea or TaMets,
3u cents, r a uuny.
Other Important Cases Will
be Heard at the January
Term of Cbmt. Meet
ing of Ministerial
(Special Correspondence.)
Greensboro, Dec 5 The expected and
the predicted happened in the Federal
court yesterday when District Attorney
Hollons prayer for judgment on G. W.
Samuel, A. S Patterson, R. H. Har
dir, L. E. Davis and other revenue of
ficers convicted of violating revenue
law, and distillers in complicity there
with was ordered continued by Judge
Boyd and the cases all go over until a
pecial term of court, called to meet in
Greensboro, the second Monday in Jan
uary Judge Boyd also announced that
at that term the case of Simmons
Hardware Company against R. H. Har
din and L. E. Davis would be tried.
This is a proceeding in bankruptcy, in
which he involved the defendants visi
ble possessions, and Judge Boyd said it
would not be fair to them to sentence
them before that trial was had. The
special term is also called to complete
trial of indictments against revenue of
ficers not yet tried two of them being
W Hasty and Starky Hare, There
is also a bill of indictment to be tried in
which all the officers heretofore con
victed, and a great many of the die
tillers are involved, under an omnibus
charge of geneal conspiracy to defraud
the government. If the court does,
what is mapped out for it, it will last
from January to July. The cases
though will never be tried again, and
none of the defendants will ever wear
At the regular monthly session of the
Greensboro ministerial association yes
terday, Rev W. H. McMasters, secre
tary of thn American Sabbath Associa
tion, was present and spoke of the good
results that might be had from a Sab
bath convention held in this city. After
he concluded it was decided to hold
such a convention here on the 15th and
16th of January. An interesting pro
gram for the convention is now in course
of preparation.
The following committees were ap
Committee on Railroad and Finance
E. P. Wharton, Chairman, J L Rich, E
L Sides, T F Troxler, W D Menden
hal'. O D Boycott, R S Petty, J Nor
man Willis, W H Harrison.
Entertainment and Reception Com
mittee C H Ireland Chairman, A M
Scales, C D Henbow John McClamrock,
L M Clymer R,H Brooks, D H Blair.
Advisorv Committee. Rev. C E Hod-
gin, Uhairman, Kev. ur. u H uetwiier,
Rev. Dr. H W Battle.
Program Committee Rev. Dr. S B
Turrentine, Rev. J W Goodman, Rev
Suford Peeler, Rev. J Edgar Williams,
Rev. Thomas Faulkner.
At the home of the bridegroom's mo
ther, on Fayetteville street, last night,
Mr. Oliver J. Crews and Miss Jessie
Buchanan were united in marriage. The
bridegroom is a freight conductor on
the Southern railway running out of
this city.
Cure Catarrh by Breathing Hyomei
Sold Under Guarantee.
The only scientific and common sense
way to treat catarrh of the nose and
throat is by a local application that
will kill the catarrhal germs.
Ordinary Btomach dosing is worse
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stomach to cure catarrh of the head
can have no good effect, and often leads
to serious derangement of the digestive
By breathing H j omel three or four
times daily through the neat pocket
inhaler that comes with every outfit,
its medicated, healing air penetrates to
the most remote parts of the nose,
throat, and lungs, searches out and kills
all catarrhal germs, and soothes and
heals any irritation in the mucous mem
brane. F S Duffy's faith in the won
derful merit of, Hyomei as a cure for
catarrh is shown by the guarantee he
gives with every Hyomei outfit that the
money will be refunded unless the
treatment gives satisfaction.
A complete Hyomei outfit, consisting
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mei and a medicine dropper, costs but
$1, extra bottles of Hyomei, if needed,
ou cento, r. o. iuuj ma r1"""'
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A Tsxat Wondtr.
There's a Hill atBowie, Tex., that's
twice as big as last year. This wonder
i W L Hill, who from a weight of 90
OA 1
; Pund ha8 g"to over 180. He says:
"I Buffered with a terrible cough, and
dto Kve me UP to d, of Consump-
"on. i was reoucea w w pounua, ween
I began taking Dr. King s New Dis-
.... m r -- J
ewery or wmsumpwon, ,
Colds. Now, after taking 12 bottles, I
bm J - -
v...F..., - -
......1. M.I.1 .ii.A f!n,rantaiiH Kw
tUUWII UN M0ll.u.uv j
Troubled Almost a Year Physi
cians Did No Good Complexion
Now Perfect and Skin Soft, White
and Velvety. Tennessee Lady
"I had been troubled with a break
ing out on my face and arms for almost
a year and had the services of several
physicians, but they didn't seem to do
any good. Some time ago one of my
friends recommended Cuticura to me.
I secured some, and after using it sev
eral months I was completely cured.
I can highly recommend Cuticura Soap
as being the very best complexion
Soap made. It creates a perfect com- -plexion,
leaving the skin soft, white,
and velvety. I now use Cuticura Soap
all the time and recommend its use to
my friends." Maud Loggins,
R.F.6.N0. 1,
Aug. 1,1905. Sylvia, Tenn.
"I have used the Cuticura Medicinal
Toilet Soap for more than a year, and for
cleansing, beautifying, and purifying
the skin, it cannot be excelled. I have
been trying for a long time to get some-'
thing to take the pimples off my face,
and since using Cuticura Soap I find that
it is the very thing for diseases of the
skin." G.W.King,
Oct. 16, 1905. Cadiz, Ky.
"I beg to say that I had a great deal
of dandruff and after using many so
called cures, I started to use Cuticura
Soap and am now no longer troubled
with dandruff." Ida Maier,
1226 Seltzer St.,
Oct. 16, 1905. Philadelphia, Pa.
Rold throughout the world. Cuticura Moap, Sfto., Oint
ment, fiOc., Kesolvent. 50c. In lorm of Chocolate Coat4
Pill,, 25c. pit vial of 11), may ba had of all drugglaU.
Potter Drug ft Cham. Corp., Pole Props., Boiton, Maaa
ouf- Mailed free, " How to Cure Baby Uuiuora." .
Death of Henry S. Gordner.
Mr. Henry S. Gordner, died at nine)
o'clock yesterday morning at the home
of his son, Mr. George D. Gordner, aged
82 years. He was born in. Amberg,
Berk a county, Pennsylvania, Sept. 22,
1824 and lived in the north the greater
portion of his life but has been a resi-.
dent of New Bern for' some years.
Mr. Gordner was a man of considerable
inventive genius. He has had some suc
cessful and useful inventions in the line
of saw mills apparatus and other me
chanical appliances. Of late years he
had been studying on a new kind of
water power which promised much
and would have meant much in the pro
duction of power cheaply. This last dis
covery was almost the height of his
ambition although the devise whs never
completed so that practical operation '
could be positively assured.
The funeaal will be held at the sons .
residence, 4 Crescent St , at 4 o'clock
this afternoon, Rev. J. G. Garth will
officiate. Elizabeth City Economist
ple7se copy
Atlantic's New Officers:
The follows members of the Atlantic
Steam Fire Engine Co., No. 1 were
elected at the annual meeting last Mon
day night:
Engineer W. F. Richardson.
Foreman Alfred Kafer.
Asst. Foreman Edwin Richardson.
Capt of Hose W. F. Dowdy,
Secretary J. B. Dawson.
Treasurer H. B. Smith. -
) C. J. McCarthy
Representatives - and :
) H. E. Royal.
Practical Engineer Eugene Williams
New Directors
At a meeting of the Board of Direc
tors of the New Bern Banking & Trust
Company held on Tuesday, four new
directors were added to the board. The
new members are Messrs C. W. Mun
ger, J. B. Holland, W. R. H. hlandford
of Dover, and N. W. Taylot of Beau
fort ,
Christ Church Bazaar
The Rector's Aid Society of Christ
church conducted a very successful
Christmas bazaar in the Parish house
last evening. The upper floor of the
building was devoted to the purpose
and a pretty scene was presented as the
shifting crowds were waited upon The
ladies were kept busy and their efforts
were splendidly rewarded. In addition
to the sunner the booth., flttui uiirh
1 Christmas presents and candies went
liberally patronized.
Buttons Elect Officers
New Bern Steam Fire Engine Co ,
No. 1 announces the election of the fol
lowing officers for 1907:
V, M. Styron Chief Engineer.
L. L. Land Foreman.
F. A. Gaskill Asst. Foreman.
Dan Smaw Capt, of Hose.
John Suter Sec'y.
O. A. Kafer Treasurer.
1 W. T. Brinson Engineer.
It is the best safeguarl ogainht,
biliousness and dy j ; i,
known to mankind. Holli iii-i "n i ,y
Mountain Tea or Tablets, Z'j cents. 1
8 Duffy.
lD)fOfflMD) 1LDTD) TriTrTT

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