North Carolina Newspapers

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No. 69.
29th YEAR
A - -1
' Foryo r brother, your sister or your children or your
grand-children, if you -have them, or for your employees,
You can open an account in their name for $1 or more, as
; you prefer. , '
Vr;- -W give handsome Christmas card with each bank book
to be used as a gift." " ' ; ' -
' This is the most lasting gift, one that will grow with the
years, and is sure to be wehome
The Peruchi-Gypzcne Co. Now
Travel by Yacht and Oc
cupy the Same While
in Port.
The Peruchi-Gypzene Touring Com-, Rtleigh, Dec 10 The gathering of
pany which is playing at the opera moonshiners hre is certainly the lar
house I his week arrived on their yacht gest ever known in the Federal court at
"Lagonda" Sunday morning, which is this point. They are a nuisance to the
now stationed at the government dock, people in the Federal building and to
The company takes this method of the general public, many of them being
transportation in preference to the more dirty in the extreme and health officers
usual and prosaic way of traveling by look upon the whole bunch with suspic
trains. They occupy the boat while in ion.' They throng the corridors, parti
port thus saving a large expense in cularly on the third floor, jim the court
hotel bills and railroad fares, while in rooms and get in the office?. One of
addition to this the pleasure and ro-' the officials remarked that as soon as
manceof such a trip arc features that they left the building ought to bedisin
cannot be overlooked. There are thir- fee ted, They all havcorn whiskey and
teen people on board the yacht and the they go behind the doors in the build
cat. . ing and drink this. They are being
The Lagonda is r. beautiful yacht and convicted and sentenced very rapidly
. equipped as finely as any boat that has and by the end of next we: k the jail
visited New Bern. It is built of steel; here will be crowded with them,
and dimensions are length 75 feet; I Some women are present as witnesses
beam 16 feet, and has tonnage of and a few of these have little children.
62,000 pounds. The boat is propel ed ' A father and two sons, named Hoke
-hf two 21 horse power "Wolverine" en-j were on trial today for moonshining in
gines, operated by gasolene for which Johnson county.' During the term
there is storage capacity for 90 gal-'another community distillery was a
Ions. It is an exceedingly compact focus of interest there being Bix con
craft containing all accommodations for ( victions. Some years ago one of these
culinary purposes and comfortable was broken up in this county in a trif
atatercoms. It draws only 33 inches of . ling distance of the home of the then
water land consequently is capable of ' sheriff, who seemed to know nothing
Bailing in very shallow water. The an-
chors are 250 and 500 pounds in weight
each and are operated by power. Her
speed U nine miles an hour, and the
manipulation is so simple that any one
can manage it.
The boat was commenced at Spring
field, Ohio, and from there taken to
Holland, Michigan, where the engine
was put in, the trip was then contin
ued around the lakes, across the state
of New York through Erie Canal, down
Hudson river and by the "inside route"
to New Bern. The last stand was at
Wilmington, Delaware. While en route
through New York they were extended
courtesies from various yacht clubs.
Fine lot of venison at Coast Line Mar
ket. , Health For November.
(Special Correspondence.)
Raleigh, Dec. 10 The November bul
letin of the State Board of Health is
devoted mainly to diphtheria, which is
said to t e more than unusually preval
ent in North Carolina just now. Of
course every cause cornea from a prev
ious one. '. Anti-toxin, in a small dose is
a sure preventive and in large doses,
promptly and properly administered,
almost a sure cure. The bulletin says
that slate and common drinking cups in
the schools shou'd be abolished. The
Raleigh public schools have drinking
fountains of the latest pattern which
dispense with cups. Membraneous
croup is diptheria of the larynx. The
bulletin reports, diptheria in 48 coun
ties. Several of these in mant cases.
Typhoid fever is reported in 53 coun
ties, malarial fever in 25, several of
these being western counties. Small
pox is only reported In four counties,
Alamance. Bladen. Randolph and
Why buy a cat in sack at our ex
hibit next week we will show you a
Msjeatie In actual operation.
Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of
the National Bank.
The annual meeting uf the stockhold
ers of the National Bank of New Kerne
for the election of its directors and the nne impression on tno audienco. !
transaction of such other business as' Peiuchl's comedy part took the house
may come before them, will be held at by trm and other character were
the Banking House on the 2nd Tues- . well supported. ' .
day of January, being the 8th of f,Jaf. 1 The specialties were of a high order,
uaiy, 1907. MissEthol Gibson is a sweet singer
The polls will opfi at 12 o'clock and with wonderful range of voice, and her
close at 1 p.. ml j song called fortn loud applauso. Miss
G. II. ROBERT?. Gypzene demonstrated her popularity
Dec. 8, 1906. .more than once both in the play and
Fine turkeys and chickens at
Market. .
o at Count
illicit Booze Makers Out in
Full Force for Trial in
Federal Court.
(Special Correspondence.)
whatever about what was going on
Or, Hyatt will be in New Bern at
hotel Hazelton Monday December 24th,
for the purpose of treating diseases of
the eye, ear, noae and throat. Dr.
Hyatt has recently moved to Wilming
ton where he is doing a large
North Carolina Day.
Most of the schools of the county will
observe North Carolina Day and give
prominence in the program to the life
and services of the late Dr. Charles D.
An interesting program of exercises
has been arranged by some of the lead
ing men of the State for this day
"Mclver Memorial Day" and copies of
same may be had upon application to
the undersigned.
It is earnestly wished that all who
can will take part (by a contiibution at
least) in honoring the memory of him
who was the most forceful defender of
popular education in the State enl its
most influential leader.
Friday, December 14, )b the day fixed
for the memorial exercises, but if any
of the rural schools cannoV make nec
essary arrangements by that tioie,some
later day can be selected.
Patrons of the various schools are
urged to be present with a contribution
to the fund now being raised for the
erection of a bronze statue to the mem
ory of Dr. Mclver. .
' Co. Supt of Schools.
Peruchi Cypzene.
The great Peruchi is here. After a
' aoul hat rowing experience of being
. stuck on a Dar in ramuco bound lor
several days ana a thrilling rescue by
the Cutter crew they are here and they
showed at the opera house last night to
a large and delighted andience. They
are not stranger to the play-going peo
pie, and th?ir merit Is well known But
they stand not on their prat reputa
tion, but seek to make a new record,
and thy have made an excellent start.
The play of Dad's Girl was a clever
melodrama in which Miss Gypzene ap
peared to an advantage and made a
in tne specialty.
The play tonight will be The Forger.
Fine Dressed Turkeys, Geese and
( i ii kens tod;iy tt the Count Line Meat
Telegraphic Communication
With The Uttermost Parts
of The Earth.
Handed to The Journal Readers In
Condensed But Accurate Form.
Almost Every Part of The
Globe Represented In
News Items.
Washington, Dec. 7 In the will of
the late Samuel Spencer, of the South
ern Railway, he leaves nearly all of his
property to his wife.
San Francisco, Dec. 7 The report on
insurance settlement of the earthquake
shows that eighty per cent, of hmount
involved will be paid by companies.
Raleigh, Dec. 7. Republicans circu
late rumor that the seat in House from
Tyrrell will be contested by the Re
publican candidate, on the ground that
the Democrat elected id a county offi
cer, and has continued in that position.
Raleigh, Dec 7 President Moore of
North Carolina Division Cotton Grow
ers Association says this State's crop
is gathered, ginned and largely sold.
He estimates it 30 per cent under last
year which was seven hundred thousand
bales. He adviser farmers who have
paid debts to hold crops, that he is sure
cotton will reach 12 cents and says he
knows of sales made last week at that
Raleigh, Dec 7 Judge Purnell upon
statements by U. S. District Attorney
Skinner and State Solicitor Brooks is
sues a requisition against W. T. Riggs
bee, a wealthy resident of Durham to
show cause why he is not in contempt
for procuring and Sending as witnesses
to the Federal court here, many men
wanted as witnesses against him at
at Durham, where he is charged with
ituffing ballot ooxes in the late elec
tion. Judge Purnell thinks Riggsbee
in contempt of both courts.
Greensboro, Dec 7 The Baptists in
this city haee arranged to pledge fifty
thousand dollars to the University for
Dayton, O., Dec 7 David Curtis, a
young man of 27 years, has made an off
hand confession - that he murdered
Denno Gillman, within fifty yards of
her home, by assaulting and strangling
Raleigh, Dec 7 State Auditor Dixon
made report to the Governor today:
Balance general fund on hand $338,-
082. Educational fund balance 156,625.
Total State debt $6,873,450. State's in
vestment $4,323,550 including three mil
lion dollars North Carolina railway
stock and $1,266,600 Atlantic & North
Carolina Railway stock.
At this afternoon's meeting of the
Board of Agriculture, farewell talks
were made by four retiring members,
Allen, McRae, Cannon and Forehand.
Washington, Dec 7 The House wil
positively require that old time spelling
shall be used in all Congressional Print
ing. , ..-
Raleigh, Dec 8 At a prominent street
center here Ed Hodge and Clarence
Jones, young farmers, aged about 20,
living near here and neighbors were
talking this evening when suddenly
Hodge drew a revolver, held against
Jones abdomen and fired, then ran, but
Into the arms of a deputy sheriff. He
is held in jail without bail. Jones
death was at first thought sure but he
was operated upon and stands some
show of recovery. Both the youths ad'
mired the same young woman. ' Jones
said he intended to continue his visits
and at these words was shot.
Raleigh Dec. 8. In the United States
District court true bill was returned
against M. S. Griffin, Democratic mem
ber elect for the House from Nash Co.,
on the charge of taking from Mrs.
Charity Follensbee, widow of Nathan
Follensbee, who served In Co. D, 115th
Regiment New York-volunteer during
the civil war one half of the first pay
ment to her 1 1,355 on her pension and
made an agreement with her by which
he was to receive half of her pension
monev in tne future. Griffin who is
know his act was illegal.
Pittsburg, Dec 8 A general strike
has been ordered among the. yard men
of all railroads centreing here unless
the wage dispute is not promptly set
tled. . 'p
Raleigh, Dec 8-State Auditor Dixon
reports the total value of real estate to
be $226,190,000, . personal property
$143,053,608, the taxes on these being
$775,411, to these are added income
taxes $27,844, schedule B tix $113,075
schedule C tax $34,000 banging the
total general tax to $949,337 to which
must be added pension taxt&Jl jr: $181,
324, school taxes H319,71jand county
taxes $2,373,919. School taxes and
county taxas are collected by county
treasurers. The total of State and
county taxes is $4,824,298, increase over
last year $362,414.
Chicago, Dec. 8 President Frank
Billings, of the Illinois State Board of
Charities, spoke favorably in a paper
before that body, of a law forbidding
unhealthy persons to marry and re
quiring statement as to antecedents.
Berlin, Dec. 8. Two telegrams have
been received here announcing the
death of the Shah of Persia. Neither
report is official nor are they given
Morehead City, Dec, 8. Yesterday
afternoon about four o'clock Captain
Pough, of the Fort Macon Life Saving
Station, was Rtartled to realize that
the embankments, large breakwaters
and large pier were settling. The large
breakwater in front of the main build
ing has completely disappeared, and
there is now over fifty feet of water,
where only prior to the giving away of
the heavy rocks there were three feet
above the high water mark. The large
wharf in front of the building settled
until the water would not let it settle
any more, uaptain rough said tnis
morning there is over fifty feet of wa
ter where generally there was about
eight or ten feet on an average high
- Captain Pough called bU men out and
they moved everything they could out
of the station, for fear they would be
swallowed up. He says the main build
ing is all intact now but in a dangerous
position. Capt Pough lost all his wood
which he had for the winter which he
had piled along the breakwater. He
said there was no shock or anything to
attract his attention but the gradual
settling of the earth, gave warning of
the trouble. There are large cracks on
the hills showing the division of the
erth now. The disturbance lasted
fully forty minutes. The foundation
around the east end of the building has
settled about five feet
The citizens here think the trouble
was caused by the gradual heavy cur
rent setting in against that point of the
beach, and cut a subteri anean channel
under the breakwater and beach.
Later At five o'clock the beach has
sunk to within two feet of the Life Sav
ing Station. The beach is now gradu
ally sinking, and the doors in the main
buiiding cannot be closed. The beach
has given away about ten feet during
the day. The Station and all buildings
are expected to be swept away at any
Washington, D. C, Dec. 10. Thecot
ton bulletin issued by the Census Bu
reau, gives the number of bales of cot
ton ginned up to December first as 10,
025,445, against 8,689,663, bales ginned
up to the same date last year. North
Carolina shows 490,143; Texas 3,256,
645. " '
Baltimore. Dec 10 Ex-Judge Wil
liam Shepard Bryan died at his home
Sunday. He waa a native of North
Carolina and a son of Hon, John H.
Bryan of Raleigh.
San Francisco, Dec. 10. The Japan
ese have given their side of the school
question to the President. They con;
tend that separation of the Japanese
pupils will work great damage to that
, Paris, Dec 10-The religious situation
In France is becoming intense and the
recent order by the government ex
pelling the priests wilt be met with vig
orous opposition. By this order there
are 86,000 pries ti and dissolved churches
Catholics are making no secret of their
preparations to fight for what they call
their rights. '-'
Premier Clemenceau says if the
church wants war she can have it; but
.L.HI..D I- - : .
to dispute the authority of the French
Government an action which will not
be tolerated. It is expected that blood'
shed will result
bicycle race at Madison Square Garden,
Hugh McLean, of Boston, one of the
contestants, was seriously injured to !
Yuma, Arizona, Dec. 10 The entire
Colorado river is again flowing into the
Saltan Link, which will cause great
damage to property, and probably the j
loss of many lives. Thousands of peo
ple are homeless, and enormous areas
are in danger from the rising flood.
Tnousands of people will lose their position in seision here lost night re
home in consequence of the submerged jected all bids for the State building
250,000 acres. The Southern Pacific and adjourned to meet in Norfolk next
railway lies through the tract effected j week when the contract will be let.
by tne overflow, zuu miles ci tne roaa
are destroyed and new track will have
to be rebuilt. The dam to check the
flow of river failed and the overflow re
sulted. Estimated damage to property,
J. E. Latham's Weekly Cotton Letter.
Special to Journal
New York, Dec 8 The ginners re
port to be issued Monday and the
Agricultural department's estimate for
Tuesday are looked forward to with the
greatest interest, and the course of the
market this week indicates that these
reports are expected to sustain big crop
views. I think a ginners report of ten
and a quarter million bales, and a crop
estimate growth of twelve and a quar
ter million bales, is about the average
expectancy of the trade, to the growth
estimate should be added the linters and
samples which w;ll approximate nearly
one-half million bales. It is also well
to remember that the government esti
mates have heretofore been under the
final out-turn, the most important ques
tion is "'What size crop is discounted in
present values"? To those who have
the pluck and the money to stand by
their positions, and buy if necessary. I
think cotton should be bought before
the report, on the possibility of esti
mates under the expectancy. Unless
the estimates point to a commercial
crop "of over thirteen million bales, I
don't expect any tremendous decline
and believe that purchases made around
this level will be very profitable to
those who have the staying quali
Small Items,
Dec. 1 st,
We are having very nice weather
now and hope it will continue so far
quite awhile.
Misses Hattie Lee and Lector Dawty
spent Saturday night and Sunday with
Miss Viola Rowe.
Misses Melissa and Ira Walker spent
Saturday night and Sunday with Misses
Marta and Nannie Walker.
W J Dunn has completed his work
at Belhaven and will move to New
Bern or Oriental in a few days to work
on the Virginia- Carolina Coast Line
Rail Road Co.
Our little town is quite lonesome for
large number of our people have
started for Washington to attend corut
Mr. George White was accidently shot
with a rifle last Friday morning py
George Lane. They were killing hogs
and after killing two and getting ready
to kill the third the rifle fired and the
ball struck Mr White in the left side'
the doctor was called and said that the
ball lodged in hislef t lung. He has not
extracted the ball yet. It looks like a
doubtful chance for him to recover.
For the bake of justice to the afflic
ted and for the good of humanity, it is
my right and duty to recommend Hoi
lister's Rocky Mountain Tea. We owe
our fellowmen a duty, Tea or Tablets,
35 cents. F S Duffy.
Meetina of Executive Committee
S. C. A.
A meeting of the Executive Commit
tee for Craven county of the Southern
Cotton Association will be held in the
court house Tuesday, December 18, at
12 o'clock. Secretary J. B. Parker of
the North Carolina division of the As
sociation will be present and address
the gathering and it is urged that there
will be a large attendance. It is to the
farmers interest to heed this caU as
there will be subjects discussed of para
mount importance to the cotton planter.
This meeting coming at the time and
place of the Farmers Institute offers a
double reason Why the farmers should
attend and it is very much desired that
all interested in farming should attend
these meetings for they will be profita
ble to him.
Fine lot of dressed chickens and tur
keys at Oaks Market
Prethvlanan Bazaar ' 1
. I 7.! t " v J
The ladie. of the Presbyterian church
wi ,?e Y1""" V I
lecture room wniguu iy w....
on sale some attractive guts ior v.nnsi-
. t I.
broidery, art pieces, brie a brae of all
I i l J 1. n.J ttttrtAtw inn An a
. lna nu """" "UD
desirinsr to make a pretty ana useiui
present will find a large variety to
select from. Refreshments will be
Contract for North Carolina
Bnilding at Jamestown
Exposition to be Let
Next Week.
Special Correspondence.
Greensboro, Dec. 8. The North Car
olina Commission to the Jamestown Ex-
Mrs. Iindsay Patterson of Winston
was appointed to take charge of North
Carolina loan historical exhibit, and to
appoint such assistants as she deemed
necessary. The commission is arrang
ing a unique plan for" an exhibit by the
educational institutions of the State.
A number of cities in the State are ask
ing for the privilege of furnishing
rooms in the State building. Mrs.
Georger W Vanderbilt has been grant
ed the privilege, with great cordiality,
of furnishing one room with hand carved
furniture, the weaving from the indus
trial department of the Biltmore estate
and Model School.
Karlowe and N. Harlowe
Dec 4th.
Our items last week either found the
waste basket or were carelesslyhandled
by some of our postal officials.
Mrs. Mollie Morton who has been
visiting relatives returned to her home
at Beaufort last Saturday.-
Mrs. Bettie Banks of Pollocksviile is
visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs Morris
Mc Daniel
Mrs W J Hales and little Cecil Cherry
of Morehead City spent Thanksgiving
with her sister Mrs J C Long.
Mrs Bettie Bell is ou a visit to her
brothers at Beaufort
Thanksgiving services were held at
our church on Thanksgiving day and a
collection was taken for our orphanage
at Raleigh Rev. W A Piland officated.
Miss Delia Mc Daniel who has been
making an extended stay with relatives
in Jones County is at home again.
George Rigdon and Mrs Polly Fore
man were united in holy wedlock by
KevW A Pilland at J G Taylor's on
Thanksgiving evening at six o'clock.
Samuel Long who spent last week
in New Bern as juror returhed home
Saturday and has this week gone to his
work at Winthrop Mills.
The Harlowe Sunday School will have
a unristmas tree. Arrangements are
being made to make it an interesting
Mrs Jane Hanners left Sunday for
New Port where Bhe goes to make a
visitto her sister.
Mr White of Pollocksviile has been
making his sister Mrs Usher Kojnce a
few days visit. ,
Manly Mann and Miss Bessie Morton
Clara Morton and Misses Hunter Bee
ton and Misses Ada Hunter and Clara
Morton went over to New Port Sunday
UCspend the day we understand had
a most delightful day.
Mrs Lilian Foreman our popular teach
er spent Saturday in Beaufort ' but
was at her post of duty Sunday at
school and again on Monday moming,
Com. W N Bell was in Beaufort yes
terday with the board of Commissioners.
S H Scott the popular livery man of
New Bern passed yesterday enroute
for Adams Creek on business. We are
always glad to see bim.
Jas. Rogers of New Port was here
on business yesterday. ' .
Messrs John S Morton and James
R Bell are in New Bern to day selling
cotton and on other business.
Messrs Joseph A., John S Morton
and James R. Bell are all in New Hern
on business,
Death of Rev. N S Jones.
The many friends of Rev. N. S.
Jones, who proceeded Rev. J. J. Doug
lass in the pastorate of the Tabernacle
Baptist church will be pained andBhock
ed to learn of his death which occurred
at Clio, S. C, Thursday at 2 p. m. Mr.
Jones had recently accepted a pastorate
having gone there from Eufala, Ala.
He preached as usual Sunday and ap
peared to be in good health, Monday he
was taken with attack of lagrippe
which rapidly developed into pneumonia
which caused his death.
He was about 45-years of age and
waa a graduate of Wake Forest Col
lege. He was a fine preacher and a
" "1. , : ul " .-j
leaves wmuw, nun i. 1 1
Bisters. The burial took place in Ral-
eigh yesterday.
Hon. William Shepard Bryan,
, Died, in Baltimore on Sunday the 9th
inst. Hon. William Shepard Bryan.
He was for many years an Associate
Justice of the Court of Appeals of
- Jud(r, Bryan wa. .natlv
of New Bern and brother of Judge
HenrvR Bryan. He was an eminent
, ; , : , ,nA Mm inPu.t.
He died in the 80th year of his age re
spected and admire;) by the bench and
bar of Maryland.
Extra fine native and western beef at
But The New Bern Contingent
Made A Warm Contest
for it
(Special Correspondence.)
Greensboro, Dec 8 At yesterday
afternoon session of the Baptist State
Convention, the Committee recommend
ed Wilmington as the next place for the
State Convention. There was a very
earnest effort on the part of many to
pass a substitute designating New
Bern as the place, members from that
section, re-inforced by some from the
East advocating New Bern. The New
Bern forces were lead by Rev. W. A. .
Ayers of New Bern, who was assisted
by Rev. Baylus Cade," T. T. Speight, J.
M. Little and others, made such a fine
impression, and looked like success
would attend their efforts, Rev. Brax
ton Craig of Rocky Mount D. L Gore
and Rev. F. B. Hale of Wilmington
came to the rescue of Wilmington, warn
ing the Convention of the danger of be
ing swept off its feet, declaring itcame
near that thing twice this morning,
over the Baptist University matter and .
the fifty thousand dollar State misson
appropriation by the inspiration of the
moment. The vote being taken the
substitute was defeated and the rec
ommendation to meet at Wilmington
was adopted. Salisbury gave notice
of expecting the next convention, while
Fayetteville and New Bern both made
similar claims.
Dec. 10.
We have been blessed with several
weeks of beautiful weather.
Several of our fishermen have ''pull
ed" a good many large sheephead out
of the ocean this season.
Oystermen report oysters the
scarcest ever known. The oyster bot
toms must be owned by individuals or
the industry will be broken up. t
There are a good many wild ducks in
our waters now. They are hunted both
day and night.
Mrs Delaine E Morris, one of our
oldest and best cit'zens, died Vmt Wed
nesday. She leaves a husband and a
host of relatives. We sympathize very
much for Mr Morris in the loss of his
companion of more than fifty years.
Mr Johu A Poythress gave his Elec
tric Show at the Academy Monday
night and Tuesday night of last week.
Tne M ethodist Sunday School is mak
ing arrangements to entertain its little
folks in good style Christmas.
The query for discussion by Atlantic
Literary Society next Friday night is,
Resolved that Opposition does more
good than Harm. "
The Thanksgiving fair conducted at
the academy last week by Miss Lucy
Linton, gave our people a source of en
joyment out of the ordinary. There
were four "booths" in colors to suit the
seasons from which all kinds of refresh
ments were sold by young ladies dressed
in the same color scheme. The "am
brosia" went like "hot cakes" when
the crowd once got the taste. There
were several tables in the principal's
room, where "Progressive Peanut,"
"Authors," "Natural History" and
"Flinch" were played with much inter
est While there were many dolUrs'
worth of conf ectionaries and Christmas
"tricks" sold to meet expenses of the
fair, and while several dollars were
cleared for the benefit of the school,
yet the main olject was social enjoy
ment. This was a complete success.
. "COON."
Mr. A. J. Mitchell went toSmithfield
yesterday. ,;
- Mi. F. Wilcox of Pollocksviile waa in
the city yesterday.
Mrs. W. W. Koch and daughter of
Wilmington are guests of relatives in
this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Bryan, Jr.,
went to Rocky Mount yesterday,
Miss Nina Basnight has returned to
her school in Maribel after a few days
visit at her home.
Mr. C. B. Foy of Charlotte is the
guest of his father, Mr. C E. Foy.
Mrs. W. a H, Blandford who has
been the guest of Mrs. C. P. Marshall,
returned to her home . in Dover last
evening. '
CoL P; M. Pearsall left last night for
Baltimore and Washington, D. C, to
be absent several days.
All the way along the line oranges are
enroute from Florida to New Bern. The
button has been pressed that started
the golden balls to rolling. They will
come on with a glitter as of gold t
gladden the hearts of the poor as we'.i
as the rich, for they will be In t'
reach of all. They are of the bent a 1
not found wanting in beauty, delii '
ness of flavor and sugsr sweets- i i
jnice of the moat gnneious flow. 1
are many here who know their (j
but to those who do m t, we v '
spectfully ask that they be
c e. wnircx ,
K! t; :
aged and locally prominent says he did
New York, Dec. 10. In the six day f,fcrued.
Oaks Market -

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