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No. 73.
29 th YEAR.
r '
from a Single Dollar, upward, as you desire. Discard for once
the useless gifts that last only for the passing moment, and
give something that is really worth while, something that will
help your boy or girl, or any young friend to acquire a knowl
fdgeof the real value of money. .: '
' Give them a Savings Account in this Bank...-. .:..'
jya.ill add FOUR per cent to It every year. '
' We give special Christmas Card with each Savings Pass
f Book, to be used as a gift.
ill- ... I m i ....ami wjij-W7'; z
f Suggestion S f
Japanese Wicker Ware; highly decorated at 10c to 50 cents
Laundry Bags 25c each.
Pillow Tops and Cards to match, 25c each. .
Glove and Handkerchief Box at 35c to $1.50 the set.
Postal Card Album 15c each.
Kid Gloves in all Shades and Sizes at 75c to $1.00.
at 3 cents to $ .00 each. , Beautiful hand-made Handkerchiefs
only one in a box ai $2.60 to $100 each. '
fliristmas Presents,
We have lots of things that would please your
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Gaskill Hardware Comp'ye
Middle Street.
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vJollii 33.- Ives
PHONE 857.
Hard work buying Christmas Presents for
most men isn't it ?.
Why' not give him something he will appreciate-
Suit or Overcoat, for instance ? :
' Either would make an admirable gift noth
ing more acceptable.
Bring us the size of an old garment, and
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If you prefer a House Coat, pair of Gloves
Tie, Muffler, or something elegant in the Fur
nishing Line, please remember that you are sure
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We invite Udies looking for a gift for a
Man's Christmas to Come Here. LOW PRICES!
New Bern, N. C.
(( ! I J M,V
rr:i i ?. kt. v.ixw s ihm.
Telegraphic Communication
With The Uttermost Parts
of The Earth.
Handed to The Journal Renders In
Condensed But Accurate Form.
Almost Every Part of The
Globe Represented In
. News Items.
Raleigh, Dec 21 Reports of the State
Commissioner of Labor show 18 rew
cotton mills started in the State this
year. Of these 8 are at Gastonia, 2
each at Concord, -Kings Mountain and
Lowell, 1 at Fayetteville, Dallas, Lit
tleton, Mt Holly, Weldon, Lincolnton,
Biscoe, Central Falls, Draper and Mon
roe. The total number oi cotton lac
tones in the State now is 815. The
largest is the Henrietta. Gaston coun
ty leads in the number of mills, Ala
mance follows and then Mecklenburg.
Charlotte leads all other cities and
towns in miscellaneous manufactures
and Guilford county all the others in
the same respect .
Raleigh, Dec. 21. The Baptist State
Board of Missions and Sunday Schools
met here today. Mr. John E. Ray is
President, and Rev. H. C Moore is Sec.
Over sixty members are present. The
hoard assessed the amount of $40,000 to
be raised for the cause of missions in
this State, and apportioned the amount
to the churches. Tracts are to be dis
tributed widely. Two evangelists ware
chosen and a committee was created
t confer with leading negro Baptist
preachers regarding questions affecting
the two races in order to secure a bet
ter understanding of affairs.
Louisville, Dec. 21. Curtis Pitt was
found guilty of the murder of James
Cockrell in one of the famous feuds a
few years ago. Four years ago he con
fessed but since then he has had two
trials. He was sentenced to life im
Chicago, Dec. 21. -Frank Ellenbrook
shot and dangerously wounded Judge
Charles Cutting, of the probate court
today. '
. London, Dee. 21. Hon. James Boyce
baa been appointed ambassador to the
United States to succeed Sir Mortimer
New York Dee 21 A big association
was formed today of the officials of all
the leading life insurance companies.
Paul Morton of the New York Life is
at the head. ' ,
Rome, Dee 21 Pope Pius has sent
letters to all Papal representatives
abroad declaring the action of the
French government an outrage on the
rights of religion.
Graham, Dec 21-The trials of the
two women accomplices of Henry Wal
ker, under sentence of death f r at
tempted murder of L. Banks Holt was
ended today. Annie Turner was sen
tenced to life imprisonment The jury
disagreed on the case of Fanny McCain
the family cook.
Annapolis, Dec. 21. A masked mob
broke into the county last night and
under threats of death forced the war
den to turn over the keys to them. They
then took Henry Chambers, colored,
from the jail for criminal assault on
Vrs. Reid and lynched him. . He con
f eased his crime to the lynchers and ex
pressed no regrets for the deed.
Washington, Dec 22. In the matter
of the discharge of the negro troops by
President Roosevelt for which Senator
Foraker demanded an Investigation,
stating the President acted without
j constitutional right or precedent, the
latter makes reply citing a. precedent
of the discharge in disgrace of the 16th
Ohio regiment In 1862 which was re-
ported as mutineers and worthless as
'. soldiers.
Norfolk, Dec 22 Former President
Barro of the Seaboard Air Line has orj
ganlzed an iron and steel corporation
here with capital stock of (1,600,000.
I Chicago, Dec 22 The latest sensa
tion in the female husband, Nicolal De
Raylan of three women cane whiih de
veloped here lusl week ln l'. sh s tliut
tbe womnn WGS the tool of V Tan-
i I '" " t t' ( t f f.-. i-i
Jewish revolutionists . locaUd in this
country. She won the confidence of
women by . posing as lover, married
them, obtained money and what infor
mation advisable' and then deserted
them. She was the confidential secre
tary of the Russian Consul in this city.
New York, Dec 22 The yard men of
eight big railroads with terminals eith
er hereto in Jersey City have made a
formal demand of a raise of five cents '
per bur. A strike is imminent -
Raleigh, Dec.; 22. The Baptist Mis
sion Board closed its session here today
electing the former officers:. President,
John E. Ray; teeretary,- Rev. H. C.
Moore; N. . B. , Broughton, chairman
Sunday Schoof Committee, W. R. tfrad
shaw of Reidsville. and Rev. Braxton
Craig were appointed missionaries.
Raleigh, Dec 22 -A case of much in
terest in North Carolina is that ot Ped
rick vs Railroad in which court decides
that it will not enjoin buildingof bridge
serosa PamhcJ river at Washington.
Legisture authorized the construction
of such bridge and Pedrick and others
thought to annul this act of that body.
The court will not interfere in the mat
ter. It is clear'that the State hascon
trol of its navlgabl water and that it
had given a right' to the railway com
pany to cross the river. This court will
not interfere wUh the great public im
provements which have been given full
rights in such rrianner, In the case of
Cannady vs Raijroad, court says North
Carolina courts will follow law as de
cided in other Slates -
' Cosmetics wilj ruin, the complexion
There's no beauty practice equal to the
effects of Hollister's Rocky Mountain
Tea. It keeps the entire Lody in perfect
health. Tea or Tablets, 35 cents. F. S.
Duffy. V 1
- First Railroad Accident.
The first bad accident to occur on the
New Bern-Washington branch of the
Raleigh & Pamlico Sound Railway hap
pened Friday where the Broaddus & Ives
tramway crosses the R. t P. S. track
near Cool Spring A locomotive on a
log train of the B. & I. tram road col
lided with a work train on the other
road, the engine was going at a rapid
rated and the impact damaged the en
gine considerably, tipping it over and
throwing some of the cars attached off
the track. Fortunately none of the
crew of the train were hurt but their
escape is considered almost miraculous.
The work train was not damaged to any
Failure Does Not Prove Incompet
,ency. - .
"There is a general conspiracy to lie
about business success says Will Payne
in " The Mere Incibent of Failure," in
January Everybody's.
The newspapers, having roasted the
rich citizen when'alive, feel bound to
say something flattering about him
when dead. So in the obituary no
tices they make aim out a kind-of seer
who pierced the future with unerrinf
vision, and laid oat his money accord
ingly. They endow him with infallible
judgment and great imagination. Other
wealthy citizens, nervously aware of
the times they missed going over by a
hair's.breadth and of the large part
pure luck played in their success, fall
iq with this amaible fiction and give re
miniscences of the deceased calculated
to bolster up his prophetic character.
Hence, very naturally, arises a popular
fallacy that the man who fails must be
only a second-class business man, since
he obviously lacks the first-class busi
ness man's ability to foresee the fu
ture, Of coarse this is nonsense.
Failure, especially in modern business,
is a mere incident' and of Itself proves
nothing whatever concerning the a
bility of the bankrupt Courage, not
prescience is what is chiefly needed to
succeed. The best and safest business
ability concerns itself sexclusively with
the thing immediately under its
nose," ,
New Subscribers to the Library
. The following subscribers have been
added during the week ; -
Mrs. T B Keboe.
Mrs. Bessie Bell. ' "
Mr. David Willis. .
Miss Mabel Chadwick.
Mr. LrS. Grant
Miss Appie Ciho. .
Miss Emma Duffy, '
Mrs. N. H. Street
Miss F. McGowan.'
Mrs. Strsusburger.
A "Library Card" is one of the ni
cest Xmas presents for a Mend.
Don't forget it when going over your
There are a', number already taken
and the names will be given next week
The Libray Committee want to add
100 new names, There are 90 yet to
be taken.
T s ' ra Hne Nittivt " f at Conit Line j
Many Reasons tor Light Busi
ness. Good as ()ould be Ex
pected. Holiday Deco
rations. The Christmas trade, while it has not
been what some . previous years has
"e verv Kood and the mer-
cnants are generally satisfied witn the
result The reasons for the lack of
business are obvious, notably the bad
luck with crops. We should stop and
consider for a moment and we can see
for ourselves how failure touched near
ly everything that the farmer had to
sell. The early truck crops,' the to
bacco, cotton,-eorn and fish have, all
been affected by the abnomal weather
conditions, and this leaves the farmer
in poor financial shape and the farmer
is the backbone of the whole industrial
and financial system. . As go the farm
ing interests bo go all other?; and our
dependence on the "man with the bar"
is undeniable.
There was however, a pretty good
contingent of people from rural sec
tions in the city yesterday and they
did "right smart" of buying. Santa
Claus was well patronized and to see
the mysterious bundles being carried
around the streets and up to the trains
seemed to indicate that- Christmas of
1906 is going to be observed prettv gen
erally. There has been no attempt to deco
rate the stor s extensively this year.
Few merchants have hung holly boughs
artistically around their stores but
there has not been great effort in th'S
direction. J. G. Dunn's store is the
only one in which a great amount of
decorating has been done, and that
store is beautiful and artistic. The
store is draped with green and red
crepe psper and holly is used with great
profosion giving it a more than ordina
rily attactive appearance. Mr. C. F.
Wyatt did the work.
Southern Propetry Values.
As a matter of 'record of increasing
prosperity in the South the following
table of estimated true value of prop
erty therein 1900 ard 1904, compiled by
the Manufacturers' Recotd from a bulle
tin of the national census bureau, in of
States. 1900. 1904.
Alabama $774,682,478 $965,014,261
Florida 355,742,969 431,409,200
Georgia 936,000,450 1,167,445,671
N. Carolina 681,982,120 842,072,218
S. Carolina 485.678,048 585,853,222
Tennessee 956,672,000 1,104,223,979
Texas 2,322,151. 631 2,836,322,003
Virginia 1,102,309,696 1,287,970,180
The increase in values during the past
two years has been quite as great as
the increase between 1900 and 1904, and
the wealth of the South is now quite
Letters to Santa Claus
In accordance with an announcement
made by M. E. Wbitehurst & Co, about
Dec 1st mail box was placed in front
of their store on Pollock street in which
children' letters to Santa Claus has
been posted. It goes without sayimt
that these letters over fifty in num
ber have all been f athfully delivered to
the old gentleman, who will doubtless
take great pleasure in filling the orders
therein and granting the juvenile re
quests. .
Through the courtesy of Santa Claus
the Journal has been permitted to copy
some of the letters which appear be
low: 1 '
My Dear Santa Claus P I ease
bring me some story books, and I want
some soldiers. Please bring me a blue
sweater and a pair of pants too, those
are all the particular things; I want
candy, peanuts, apples and firecrackers.
I don't want anything else.
From your loving friend.
Little Adelade" wants a crib, table
and bureau, a doll, a piano machine and
a cook stove."
Another asks Santa to send her sis
ter a horse and buggy.
George E wants a great big ex
press wagon, a big billy goat and a rig
horn and promises to be a good boy and
mindClaudie, -
Little James - . through an aman
uensis says: Plea&e bring me a hook
and ladder, one of them football things
sn' one of dem carts er dat little boat
at Mis Whitus what when you turn one
of dem sings it runs all of itself.
Mary E. F. would like a sweater for
herself and all of her brothers and sis
ters. Mildred F would like "Dear Scanty"
to bring her a doll and a carriage and
ring and brackle and bare of slaise and
some rasens. '
Miss Laura K M asks for a slide
horn, poney, cort bicycle, watch and '
some fruit except bananas. She in
forms dear Mr. Santa Claus that she
has got a little sister since he was there
last Christmas, and wishes that he
would bring her a little doll that she
can suck her toes and a rattle. -
Minnie G tells Santa Claus that
if he will bring her a doll, a go-cart, a
table and dishes, she will be satisfied,
"because" Bhe says, "I knowyou have
so mnny children to K've to."
I;.. , , t e-vl hnt-fy ben! "
THE A. 8 II. C.
Supreme Court Gives a Christ
inas Present To Lessees of
A. & X. C. Railroad;
Judge AVnlker Delivered the Opinion
Which Was Very Lengthy.
AH Members of the
Court Conenr.
Special to Journa':
Raleigh, Dec 22 Supreme court filed
the following opinions today:
Hill vs A. & N. C. Railroad, from
Craven, affirmed.
Pedrick vs Railroad, Beaufort, affirm
Keel vs Construction Co., Wayne, af
Sutton vs Davis, Uniqn, modified but
decision against defendant.
Holland vs Railroad, Moore, no er
Cannedy vs Railroad, Guilford, re
Hickory vs Railroad, Catawba, form
er decree modified.
Buckworth vs Mull, Burke, revers
ed, .
Bank vs Holingsworth, Buncombe, no
Hairston vs Leather Co., Buncombe,
no error.
Ledford vs. Emerson, Cherokee, n
error in each appeal.
State vs Hester, Rutherford, motion
to reinstate appeal continued until next
The moat important opinion was in
the case of Hill vs Atlantic & North
Carolina railway written by Justice
Walker is of great length. Hill and the
Commissioners of Craven sued to annul
lease of Atlantic & North Carolina rail
way to Howland Improvement Co now
the Norfolk & Southern Co. The prin
cipal point wss whether lease waa ultra
vires or beyond power of the lessor to
make. Court says case is exceedingly
important but former decisions of this
court grestly lessen difficulty of decid
ing it If it was an open question it
would be a very serious problem. This
charter and that of the North Carolina
Railway are precisely similar, parts of
them being copies of each other and
same thing applies to the lease power
to "farm" which is given in charter
fully authorizes making of lease
court found in North Carolina railway
case which was a very well considered
one. After Richmond and Danville
railroad had taken over North Carolina
railway under lease, it changed gauge,
though charter forbade the change,
courts held road which had lease had all
rights and privileges covered by the lat
ter. Thus court decisively answered
questions of ultra vires over thirty
years years ago. Doctrine precedent
governs court It was known for some
time before lease was made thatft would
be made. Judge Long in court below
while differing from view held by court
in North Carolina railway lease case
yet held lease to be valid. Judge Wal
ker says the Supreme court concurs
fully with him in thia opinion.
She worried and she fretted,
And grew as homely as could be,
But now she is a famous beauty,
Which came by taking Rocky Moun
tain Tea.' F S Duffy.
Christ Church Christmas Services
At Christ Episcopal Church, Christ
mas morning there will be services at
the usual hour, the following is the
musical program of the services.
Processional Hymn, 66.
Venite, Mendelssohn.
Gloria Patri, H. P. Danks.
Te Deum, Barret
. Jubilate, Holdin. :
Hymn 57.
Kyrie, G. J. Elvey.
Gloria Tibi,?Anon.
Hymn 55, Tucker.
Offertory 1 Anthem, "Sing Ye Hea
vens." Alfred R. Gaul.
Sanetus, J. Cam'dge. ,
Communion Hymn, 49.
Gloria in Excclsis.
Nunc Dimitis, Beethoven .
! Recessional Hymn B4, tune 59.
Extra ri 3 K-":a
Finest lot of pouUi-ysrJU) '! ; i ever
imlol in Ko-v I n tC;.--t l.n a I i
The Exhibit of Ships and Sail
ing Apparatus at James
.town Exposition will
be Complete.
(By James Boyle) .
Norfolk, Va Dec 22 The first ships
that came to these American shores oa
which the English language waejspoken
by every passenger, - and the Crew as
well, were the Godspeed, the Susan
Constant and the Discovery. These
ships bore to this country the first col
ony of homeseekers from England, and
this colony was the nucleus of the vast
populat on which now Knhabits North
America and whose ' influence : as a
world power is just now felt in every
quarter of the lobe. , What this influ
ence will ultimate attain to in the coun
sels of empire is one of the live ques
tions in the chancelleries.
These colonists landed permanently
on our shores on the 13th of May 1607,'
and selected a place to which they gave
the name of Jamestown in what ia now
the state of Virginia.
The ter.centennary of this landing
will be appropriately' observed during
six months of the year 1907, beginning '
April 26th, and ending November 30th.
The course which these good ships
traversed from the entrance of the Vir
ginia capes on throughHampton Roada
to their final anchoring ground off
Jamestown will be forever a sacred -waterway
to the American people, and
during the continuance of the Exposi
tion the course of that passage will be
the scene of activity and interest with
out a parallel in the history of martime
Not only are our own government, '
but all the powers of the world which
boast of a navy will send a flotilla of
war craft, those huge monsters whose
armour ribs presents an impenetrable
wall to the strongest gun, and it is
peculiarly fitting that, under the aegis
of peace, an international love-feast of
that species of craft should be held on
these waters. On tho waters of Hamp
ton Roads and on that section lying be
tween the Jamestown Exposition
grounds and Old Point the first battle
between ironclad took place the Honi
tot Merrimac conflict of April 89
1862. ;.K
Forty four years after that' engage
ment took place the world sees the
perfection of Constructive Art and
Science in that craft and the lesson
will be instructive when the primitive
type is placed besides the fully devel
oped seafighter. The interrening
evolutionary models will also afford an
appreciable complement to the object
lesson. .
But the interest of mariners is not
limited to war craft Every model of
craft that sails the seas over ' whiether
of steam or canvass means of impu'sion
enters into the category of the seaman's
world and his pride will be gratified by
a display of the imposing merchantman,
the stately yacht the trim yawl as well
as those already mentioned,
Seamen the wide, world over, those
brave sons of Neptune who bid defiance
to Davy Jones on every voyage, will
find a world of interest at the James
town Exposition and as they can survey
the scene from theffestive ground of
the War Path their life will be filled
with pleasant memories.
Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of
V the Bank of Oriental.
The annual meeting of the stockhold
ers of the Bank of Oriental for the elec
tion of its directors and the transaction
of such business as may come before
them, will be held at the Banking
House on the 3rd Tuesday of January,
being the 15th of January, 1907.
The polls will open at 12 o'clock.
Dec 21, 1906.
Snyder is Coming. .
Washington, D. C Dec 14
This paper is in receipt of a notice
fro-n "Snyder's traveling piano and
pipe organ shop," which has visited
this city twice before, that early in Jan
uary Mr. Snyder will be here again for
a few. days, with a complete line of
material to fill all orders, from simple
tuning to general rebnilding. His skill
has ah eady been amply demonstrated
in New Bern. No charge for examina
tions and estimates. Calls may be left
at office of this paper to be turned over
to Mr. Snyder when he arrives, as his
time here will be limited.
Just Received
A Fresh Cuppl
Gold ME
' 8 to 10 pound svera ;", i
in 3, Bel Hi
p ft
ira-t. i

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