tY i i KiuO. 1 Have Always Bought, and which has been :? la use for over GO years, has borne the signature of : and has been made under his per- ; 4 sonal supervision since its infancy.; WV, Allow no one to d i deceive you in th Is. - All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good" are but I2xici'iiieuts that trifle with and endanger the health! ' -'. Infants and Chlldreu Experience against Experiment. What is CASTQfilA Castorla is a harness substitute for Castor Oil, Pare-; :,. goric, Drops aiid Soothing Syrups.;-It is Pleasant. It v - contains neither Opium, Morphine nor 1 other Narcotic , substance. 4ta hge isits guaranc. It destroys "Worms " and allays Feverlshness. ; It cures, piarrhcea and"Wlnd ' ; Colic. It relieves Teething- Troubles; cures Constipation ; and riatulency. dt assimilates the Food; regulates the. Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy 'and natural sleep Jt, The ChUdren's liivnacea The Mother's Friend. :V cunuinE CASTOR I Aaiavs - v- ,9Beaxs. the Signature of The KiridHaveyraxsought In Use For 0pr 30 Year - THE CCCITAUR COMPANY, f" MUBIUW TRCCTt HtW4fOBK CITY. . C ,. Y3 : CF SPA!?!. Splendid Horeemen, but . They Un Their Spure Without Mercy. Tbe perfection of Spanish horseman ship Is to be seen among tbe vaqueros. ganaderos Hi garrochistaa, by which .various names the mounted herdsmftS had rrED rooms. kind H Had Sign. Out to Let the ,.: " Neighbore' Knew. ' f ; Jn a lUle settlement pn tbe outskirts of Chicago two houses 'stand out more oldUy than the es.'v: These two are the domiciles of two" Italians'! means, of the AndulUsian plains are kuown-f, who. aU though being very Ignorant In brief, what we should call, a cow boy. Every farm seems to maintain a large number of these, for each herd,, flock or drove has Its own herdsman, goatherd or swineherd, as the case may be. The vaqueros are a fine look ing lot ot men. Tall, thin, light and, loosely made,' they look Ideal horse men, as, in point of fact, they areT" though their mounts -are poor. ; The vaquero rides very . high on a huge saddle, with -avlong stirrup and straight leg,: using a.' single rein and a very heavy curb,' Dut he has such beautiful Bands that, although using, this barbarous -bit, "he never chts his. horses Jfcputh about It Is different with the animal's sides, however, for. he uses his spurs . without mercy, and. the white horses of which there are large number all have; ominous red stains behind the girths. All the herdsmen-who look: after cattle carry a long lance, called a gar-. rocha, of thick and heavy wood, which,. except when standing still, .they al ways carry ?ln rest" and not .''at the carry," presumably on account of Its great length and possibly its weight With this weapon. In the use of which he acquires amazing - dexterity, the garrochlsta Is able to control the most unruly brutes In the herd, not except ing, the savage fighting bull. Wide World Magazine. :. - men, vied; with- each other for the octal leadership pf the-locallty. . iiQn jday a 4ev'comcrlA 'Bearcb: of Spmppraryy lodgings, ,?atracted by' a eonspjcnbtls sign In the wlndpw of the firsts of . thssetW houses; Stepped to the, aopfiito.toakequiry. u - irl aeeyounave furnished . rooms here," he said. to,. the swarthy man who answered; his knocks -rxa,r rejoined; the- foreigner, point ing to ithe- furnished room sign, "dere's da Sign." -.;.!,;;' "WelL if yon have one that's sultaWe I'd Uk torrent it for awhile."; '."Wftno.-.reutfdtt rooms, was the be- wilaenng declaration. , "I got my ram lly : habere, land fley takjjp all da .Ihusei?55wii,-(f 'v-r-t ' 'Don't rentisny rooms? - Why, then. have you that sign stuck in the win- dow-rbi'-sV sm: J.tvll 'iai 'tell; you. .Xas'. IweeK dat fellow next door hang such arstgn In hla front window, an' we'n.Isee. dat I put one Of da aroe.klnd In my .front window. just to show da people dat he ain't Only man ln idis -place dat. have bis rooms' furnished ."'-Judge's Library. Contradictory. ' "She has such a natural charm about her!" - ' .... "'Yes, but It Is artiflclal."-Jndge. L. t i "Ats is our Banner year in the sale of Buggies and we thank : one and all for; their is liberal patronage and, .hope by our earnest ' eftjnrt to fill any and all orders for .our - Hand Made BuggieB.x that -we may have ' your future business," We wish you all a prosperous year. 1911' A piece of flannel dampened with Chamberlain's Liniment and bound "on to the affected parts is superior to any plaster. When troubled with lame back or pains in trie side or cnest give it trial and you are certain to be more than pleased with the prompt relief which it artords. Sold by ail dealers. . O. S. Waters .Sons. BROAD STREET- - ' " NEW BERN, N. C. . - Dodaind a Lion Hunter. The fondness that some people have tor contact with notables Is not al ways shared by the notables them selves. It is told or tbe late tiaron Huddleston that he once tried to ob tain a seat next to a duke at the table d'hote in a ' hotel where ' both were guests. - That ' this' proxlmlt to, the great man might be brought about the baron gave the waiter a. sovereign, The servant proved a traitor, tfnd, an explanation being demanded, he con fessed that thekduke had given. him two sovereigns not to give the bason the coveted, Reat. LIVESTOCK CO. J , JUSTRECElVEb ,f A CARLOAD - OP MULES hi" ' vj('i?i"ir;!"""" " 1 I J S Front Street. New Bern. N. C. SURETY BONDS Inrdifce:' Glas Boilets) Automobile,-. : AdciSent, ;Healtliy arid Live Stock. REAL ESTATE NEW BERN BUILDING & LOAN ' ASSOCIATION. . W. Q. BOYQ, ' 321-32 Elks Temple New Bern, N.'Cx FOR THAT TERRIBLE ITCHING, E.'ten.a. tetter and salt rheum keep their victims in Demetual torment.) The application of Chamberlain's Salve will instantly allay this ltcmng, ami many :ases have been cured by its use, t or 4ale by all dealers. . . .. ' ; . ; " ". i ! ' 1 . Th Youna French Girl. ' A voass French girl enters tbe thea ter with her father.. Sne tases uer seat directly ki front of the privileged American Ktrls "flnlsbtng" . tneir , eou cation. Her untouched noweruae ibcb is -alleht with - anticipated pleasure. with a soft vividness or intelligence that could never be cursed wits the word "brainy."' Her hair Is bouna with a little old fashion! snood and. Hnv buckle: a Strangely simple even Ing dress covers the exquisite ardor of her slender body. Quickly ! four faces, the faces of the overindulged, tbe overpreeoclous, the overathletlo and the" overdressed... turn to study- her. Tberf fe sometblntf to learn In this lit tle Irenclr maloV whose eyes hever meetV man's, whd Js never allowed to wnik alone on tbe street," wnose un conscious grace envelops her like a vetTT who la sheltered like a delicate bird, yet trained to the utmost energy, reserve, accomplishment' and useful- ness.-AtJafltlc. ' T: , 1 ;.'. :: f it ;Bb That.a' : -."The young chap whose . morals I tremble for just now Is cqy nephew," the city salesman remarked. ' "He has .ia position as errand boy in a banking bouse. He is a ' bright lad and as steady as they make 'em, but since he got that. Job. In the bank' his women relations are urging' him Into crime. The do not advise him to nick his employers' pockets or run away with the day's deposits, but the principle In volved is Just as reprehensible. They ask him to .abstract a few bags that the 'silver money ' is carried , in. The women want those hags for sofa pil low covers. , They are made of. material- that, will never wear out and -feathers and' down simply cannot sift through.- ByTjoldly asking for what be wanted tbe boy has secured enough bags to incase his :mojther's sofa pil lows, but if be supplies the rest of the family 1 see nqthin'g ahead of him but a career of crime." New xotK buo. frotect; he Health of Yourself and . Family. I- Pope's Herb is prepared to provide a .dependable household remedy, baaed upon the principle of purity of blood in suring freedom from disease. It is a medicine lor maladies such as, Rheu matism, Liver Complaints, Constipa tfcn. Fever and Asrae. Female Disord ers, Indigestion, Lumbago, Kidney De rangements, Catarrh, Sick and nerv ous Headaches, los of Appetite and all aliments arising from inactivity of the fverand K.icmeys.i.4 . It is a purely Herbs, Barks and Roots (Compound. It is put- up in chocolate abated Tablets pleasing and easy) to Ske, (or can be tussoived in water: rs. J. C Meade, op HyattbviiXe, 4l d. Says: i ; "For years I have suffered with Back ache, Headaches, Neuralgia, and Nerv ousness and extreme Fatigue, I - tried many remedies without relief.. Fpur months ago a grateful fried induced; me to write to Pope Medicine Co.; Wtsh meton. D. C. for a box of Pope's Herb Compound Tablets, the very first qoe of two tablets gave me relief. I UBed not quite a $1.00 box and I am entirely cured of the pain in my back and have no more headache." ' Dr. J. V. Hennesey, a prominW Physician and Surgeon op Albany, Y. in part says: ' i "As a Blood run her. Liver, Kidney and System regulator I prescribe Pope Medicine Co's of Washington, D. C. Herb Compcund, as I have done fop the ipast 20 years and have found it to be a great remeay , wnicnseiuom u everiaus. There are thousands of letters from Users of Pope's Herbs, that have been benefitted and cured bv its nroper- Use. rope s nem (ompouna lauieta are put up 200 in a box, "six month's treat ment," and will be sent post-paid on re ceipt of $1.00. Each box contain a nrinted guarantee mnainz us to rexuna the purchase price if the remedy fails to benefit, also full directions. i ,uaraiteed by th Poor Madicin Co., In... under the Pure Food and Drugi Act, Jan SO. ISO -. No. 84966. For terms to agents in unocoupied territorry, address. , POPE MEDICINE CO., INa Pope Bl'dg Washington, D, C. Do YouJVant to Get Slendert A food . specialist said of dieting "Tbe simplest, easiest and most effica cious diet to bring down the weight Is tbe one dish diet. At no meal, that Is, should more than one dish be eaten. The dish may be what you will Irish stew, macaroni and cheese, roast beef, vegetable soup, bacon and eggsbut no courses are to precede or follow it You may eat as much us you choose of the dish, and yet for all that, you will lose weight steadily. It's the va riety of dishes the oysters, soup, fish, turkey, mince pie, ice cream It's the variety of dishes, creating an arti ficial appetite when the body has real ly had all it requires,, that causes cor pulence. If we confine ourselves to one dish, we know when we've bad enough i-we. don't know-otherwise and the result Is that we soon drop down to the sllmness natural to ch'ldrea, ani mals and temperate ' itrilthy men and women,!' Kansas City Star.- Fflt FY KIDNEY PILLS On BAOKAOHS KIONKYS AND BlAPDBH , . -r s ' A girl cashier at a New York elevat ed railroad station successfully fought off a robber. , , mm COT ' BEAUTIFUL LEAVES. " ' 1 - ' -f - - - ' . . ' ... '.1 And the Tiny Cells That Give ThM j Their Brilliant Hues. - K leaf Is one of the most beautiful things In nature, and it is very won derful to think that It owes its lovely color to minute little living bodies jor cells of chlorophyll. This word comes from two Greek ones, chloros, green, and phullon, a leaf, and Is used to describe the ordinary coloring matter of vegetation. - - ; . - v: - ,,5' . .The chlorophyll cells or granules absorb tbe light and beat of the sun's rays and In some marvelous way, which only scientists can understand, manufacture tbe sugar which Is neces sary for tbe life of the tree Itself by combining tbe carbonic add gas of the atmosphere with the water drawn , in by its roots. Tnese tiny cells are o very small that as many as 400,000 have been counted in a square milli meter of tbe leaf of a castor oil plant, and in order that they may come! In contact with n& much sunlight as pos sible the leaf turns slightly on Its stalk toward the sun. If you notice the arrangement of the leaves on a bough yon will see that nature has placed them so that they form an almost perfect "light screen and catch all the sunshine that there Is. If it were not for tbe constant facts. My heart is full of gratitude to work of these little chlorophyll cells' you for my cure." Mrs. Habriet E. the splendid trees in our forests would W ampler, 524 S. Kansom Street, wither and die and there would be J40 UUumwtt, Iowa, green things left in the world. Lon don Home Notes. By Lydla E. pinkham'a ; Vegetable Compound - . . Ottumwa, Iowa. "For ears I was almost a constant sufferer from female trouble in au its dreadful forms; shooting - pains all over my body, sick' headache, spinal . weakness, dizziness; depression, and everything that was -horrid. I tried many, doctors in different parts of the United -States, but Lydla B. nnktiams vegeta ble Compound has done more for me than all the doctors. I feel it my duty to tell you these Freed Hts Mind In His Willi 1 Anions curious wills that of a 'cer tain Dr. Imnlap, a Canadian, has dften been ((noted, it probably contained some of tbe most maliciously express ed beiiesis on record. To one broth er the doctor left bis books so that be mighi lenrn to read and acquire com mon so HHP. To another brother be left liln silver watch that tbe jsaid Iho-:Il.t might know tbe hour at Which men ought to get up of a morning. To his brother-in-law he left bis bestlplpe "in gratitude that be married my sta ler Maggie, whom no man of taste would ever have taken," and to the eldest son of a friend be left a sliver tankard lest If be left It to the friend hlmyelf, who was a rabid teetotaler, the latter might melt it down to cast temperance medals. To one of his sis tci's he left a silver drink cup "for rea sons best kuown to herself;" to anoth er tbe family Bible, so that she might lenru as much of Its spirit as she al ready knew of Its letter and become a better Christian, and to bis eldest sis ter a five acre Held to console her for being married to a man tbat she bad to heupeck. Chambers' Journal Wanted a 8upply. "Politics," remarked a Washington official, "is a science as well as a cir cus. One of the funniest things 1 ever heard In that connection was about tbe cowboy delegate to the constitu tional convention of Nevada when tbat territory was about to become a state. In tbe constitution was the stereo typed paragraph about the new state's having two senators to represent It In Washington. When It was read to the convention the cowboy delegate rose and yelled out: 'What's the use of limiting It to two? We're overwhelm ingly Republican, and we can elect as many as we want "Washington Star. The Demons. "Critics are fine cbaps," said an Eng lish actor, "but I must confess that when they condemn your play you feel annoyed. I wonder why we call tne people In the too of the house gods? an ac tress asked an unsuccessful playwright once. " 'We do that.' the unsuccessful play wright answered, so as to distinguish them from the people in the bottom of the house who write the criticisms.'," Butter Larppt. ,' - LAGRIPPE COUGHS. Strain and weaken the system and if not checked mav develop into pneumon ia. No dinger of ' this When Foley's Honev and Tar is taken promptly. It is a reliable family medicine for all coughs and colds, and acts quickly and effectively in cases of croup. Reiuae substitutes. -f . 8. Duffy. HE BESli n n -Wall Street SlTperetitlon. ' Almost all the. Wall street specula. tors are superstitious fellowS' wto be lieve In charms and amulets. In their pockets tbey carry, lucky coins, a rab bit's foot a -norse cnesiaui or euuie- ,' thing of, the klndL i One Wall "street man. much "envied by his companions. bas a short piece of Hangman's rope t ranlura wtth. Many of the custom ers In the offices are even more bredu lous" than tbe professional traders in their belief In signs and omens.jTbere Is t deep-seated tradition that, Toes dav Is 'low day", in a "bull .market" nd "hlch day" In a "pear .market" Some ?rsons speculate- on "systems," and others employ "charts." lOnce they exploited . . mapblnft Jn 'Wall tr.t known as a ."market, register. It was about as effective as. Helping anybody to win "at 8toc Eiehange inoculation as It Is to rub VP against a hunchback for luck just before you bet on a horse raee.-'-Tuu.nsey's Magaune. -t; i.; - How to core a cold la a question In which mnv are interested just tow. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has won its great reputation and -Immerse sale hy its remarkable cure of colds - .It can alwoys be depended upon. For sate .by iU dealers.. . , .-. t;i - J. The Courage of Life.' Tliei two virtues that help us along most In life are trust and jconrage. A.part from tbe-tragedies Invited by sin and violence snd self Indulgence, a laree nnrt of our trouble comes" from anxiety, distrust, apprehension. It w&s not all frivolllv that dictated the an wer of a young girl "who, being urged to prepare herself ifor a profession or definite work, responded: rm noi polnif fo look ahead and worry., 'I can do a lot of osi-ftil thliiRs. I can mend ami make snl.'ul. and amuse children. mil be patient and economical, and liihi neotile to enlov themselves, and I il.ai't lielli've tih-e clrls Htarve." Cour- n . Mhi f iini mo ni " :iv4 n -icts. Even if i t- ... -i l h k ti. i t: m mil fall up t'i of . 1 v . i I Is j ! .. . i the linic. t t'mt mil Mil" ' ' 4 , V -t , Aur First Free School. "The first free school established lu the United States was in tbe province of Massachusetts Bay Jn the year XG41 by order of tbe general colonial court in 1047 tbe same autnonty ueciareu that free schools should be established within every town having' fifty house holders under penalty of a fine of id. This fine was doubled by a declaration made In 1071 and again doubled ui 1683., ' v .. . Vnn in nrobablv aware that, pneu monia always results from a cold, but you never heard of a cold, resulting in pneumonia wnen vnamoenain vuuk Kemnrtv was usea. wnv uae me run when this remedy may be had for aj irHW t or saie oy an neuiera. '. " : The 8plder Curev ; The request for a "nut to put a spl der'ln td cure baby's whooping cough' WblcB 4 reoently Btartled- a'Bomemel shopkeeper recalls the spider "cures" of tbe past There was, and Indeed Is, for instance; that Irish belief In the web. as a remedy formats, wart and bruises, aud thatwiixnitltltlon of the eastern cotiprles.whlch credited It wltb power to cure-fevers.. The wesver of the web, -too, was looked upon las doctor f medicine..' v ,1. note from an ancient Notes, and Queries gives the Illustration. ?One of m parishioners suffering from ague," wrote a Somerset vicar, "was advised to catch a large spider and' sbut him up In a hot. .- As ha nines away th disease la supposed to wear itself out" a similar belief -prevailed in tbe south of Ireland, but there treaclo bad to be substituted for the box- as cotnn ror tbe ague healer. Westmlnnter Gazetts. IIIf.LTS'.rCCUCiII c.:: . w .J ! f 1.00 ' A Pair of Cheerful Liars. The crowd in the little country store was watching tbe rain when Deacon Wltherspoou remarked that he'd seen It rain aIkjjI us bard as anybody ever bad seen it rain. Somebody said:' "Deacon, bow bard did yotf ever see it ralnV" - "Well, sir." said tbe deacon, "once unou a time, when 1 was at home, we bad an old cider barrel laying out lu the yard with both ends out and the oungbole up, and, would you believe it it rained so bard into that bungbole that water couldn't run out of ' both ends fast enougb, and it swelled up and busted 1" Then Reuben- Henfy spoke up. He said he'd never seen It rain very hard. but be'd seen some mighty cold weath er. Somebody said,. "Hube, now cold did you ever see It getf ' He said, "Well, sir, one tune when was living down In Pickaway county, la bog killing time, we naeX kettle of boiling water setting on the. stove, and we took It out In tbe yard, and It froze so- doggone quick the Ice was hot" National Monthly. Consider This Advice. ' No woman should submit to a surgi cal operatiou, which may mean death, until she has given Lydia E. Piukham'a Vegetable Compound a fair trial. This famous medicine, made onlr from roots and herbs, has for thirty ?ears proved to le the most valuabla ohic and invigorator of the female organism. mnen- residing In aiinosc every city and town in the United Btates near willing testimony w tna wonderful virtue of Lydia E.llnk ham's Vegetable Compound. Mrs. Pinkliam, at Lynn, Muss., invites all sick women to write her for advice. Her advice is free, eonfH-Ti-'. nd always helplul. The March Strand Magazine. The Strand Magazine for March con tains an interesting an 1 exhaustive ar ticle on the Associated Press and gives in detail many astounding facts as to how the news of the world- is gathered . Mr. Melville E. Stone, the General Manager, declares that the "A. P." is writing the history of all nations through its dispatches. Sir Henry W. Lucy commences a new series of "From Be hind the Speaker's Chair," which is amusingly illustrated hy the Punch car toonist. E. T. Reed. Other articles in- Tn some uarts of Italy rancid butter Lude "In a Bieeraoh Theater." "Jap- formed Into balls w4tu snens oi cu Ih used for lamps. FOLEYiRIDNEY PILLS VOHHMIUMATISM KIDNB1 AHO LACO() How Gold Plate Is Mad. Talking ot Bllver gilt plate. It is often spoken of as gold plate. One hears of tbe gold service at Windsor castle, of tbe gold plate owned by sov ereigns of Europe and by other per sons in this country as well as abroad. As a .matter of fact, these so called gold services are sliver gilt, and only a few pieces oi mire gold are owned by the' English crown or any other crown. It may interest our readers to learn how this fire, mercurial or water gilding for It Is known by all of these three names Is done. Pure gold and mercury are mixed Into a pasta The silver article to be glided bus been chemically cleaned. Is rubbed all over with this paste, wblcb bus been placed in a silk bag. Just as the blue used In washing Is put in a bag. When tbe piece of plate has been rttfbed over K Is perfectly white. It Is then put Kito an oven, nnd gradually tbe mer cury goes off lu fumes, leaving on the article a deposit of pure gold, which has practically become one with the piece of silver and will last for centu ries. London Cor. New York Post aneae Ffcwer-Statuary," "The Stage and "the Drawing-room." and "The Dickens Testimonial." The last named article includes an interview with Al fred Tennyson Dickens, son of Hie nov elist, who has just returned to London after an absence of forty-five years. The fiction is contributed by such well known writers as W. W. Jacobs. Hor ace Annesley Vachell, Morley Roberts, Caldwell Lipsett, and Max Rittenberg. Children Cry' FOR FLETCHER'S CASTOR I A The St. Petersburg cflice of the West- inghouse Company was raided hy the Russian police, who seized documents relating to the street railway there. ACCUSED OF STEALING. E. E. Chamberlain, of Clinton, Me., boldly accuses Bucklen's A rnica Salve of stealing the sting Irom burns or scakls the pain from sores of all kinds the distresn from bolls or piles. "It robs cuts, corns, bruises, sprains and injurieiof their terror," he says, "as a heahnii remedy its equal aon c exiBi. I Only 25c at all dealers. The March Wide World Magazine. This leads REASON ENTHRONED. Because meats are so tasty they are consumed lu great excess. to stomach constipation. son and not a pampered a p tito con trol. then take a few doses of (.ham berlain's Stomach and Live- 1 able s i : 1 1 l - n : -. .. ana you will euffii mj wen iry it For sale by an dealers, samples tree. Children Cry I FOR FLETCHER'S CASTOR I A Frank J' Gardner was acquitted of the charge of attempting to bribe Otto G. Foelker to vote against the raee track bills at Albany in 1908. PNEUMONIA FOLLOWS A COLD But never follows th os of Folev' Honey and Tar. whichchecks th cough snd expels the cold." M. Stockwell Han nibal, Mo.; says, "It beats all th remedies 1 ever used. 1 contracted ' a bad cold and cough and was threatened with pneumonia. One bottle of Foley Honey slid Tar completely eared me." N) opiates, just a reliabl household medicine. F. S. Duffy, In the March Wide World there is an extraordinary article descriptive of how troubles, biliousness and whales are caught with nets near tha Revise your diet, le rea- ft,y 0f Islands. New Zealand. The photographs are no 'legs remarkable than the text, anil the sport possesses elements which probably make it the moat exciting in the world. In the same issue are fully illustrated articles deal -ing with the Cave-dwellers of the Grand Canary, the Beachcombers of the Pa- cine Coast, the Dancers of Yuquilnnd and the Cannibals of the Congo. There are also exciting stories dealing with India, Texas, San Fianoisco, Montana, Australia, and a dozen other sections of the globe. The Wide World, one of th few. ten-cent magazines left, ia cer tainly the most unique publication to b found on th news ' today, I BUS ", '''rt ... Pushing and Pulling. , It has "been . wisely observed that most operations csn be mors elBclently performed ' by drawing them along through their proper, course than by at tempting to push - and "Jam 1 them through, just as It Is much tasief to pull a rope tbaa It Is to push it - Tter are probably not many ; parsons who bav tried to push a rope, but very many bav attempted things almost as perverse.' In many manufacturing es tablishments, for example, there may be seen numerous example 'of men wasting a large part of ttett energy ndeavorlnj to move heavy pieces of work upon small tracks, paahltg ana laboring In tbe exertion f effort, a small fraction of which ges t. cause tbe actual progression, fives when such an effective aid to transport a en Industrial railway Is Installed It la of ten used at less than Its' prober tn- cleucy becauae there la too much push Itm and not enough pulllng.-Ossler'S Mngaxin. The Doctor's Joke. A physician who never goes out at night without leaving directions as to where to find him If wanted profee- tnnallv wee at a theater near Forty second street recently with a Mend. Just before, the curtain went up on tbe second act. nn usher handed him a note reading: "Come to the ofilce at once. Don't telephone, uome. xne note -was signed by a colleague, and the doctor lost no time In obeying th peremptory summons. Arriving st bti destination, be was confronted by sev eral friends, who coolly explained that be had been used to decide a bet as to the length of time It would take to cov er tbe distance wblcb he had trav ersed. The vlotlin'i anger was only slightly appeased when be was asefcr Duffy, ea mat tne perpetrators ox in jo knew no one else who was good na tared enough to furnish the Informs, tlon looked for. New York Tribune. REMEMBER THE NAME Foley's Honey and Tar for si' coughs and coles, 'or crtup.bronchitis, hoarse ness and tor recking lagrippe coughs. No nniab a. Refuse substi ut s,F. S. Three Americans under - arrest in Mexico on charges of being; implicated in the revolution may b shot ,' Putting the Owl to Use. There Is a choice old recipe, In wblcb the owl figures, "to make any 0b that sleepetb answer to whatsoever thou ask," given In "Pbjslck For the Poor," published In London In 10CT. It says that yon are to "take the heart of an owl and bis left leg add put that Upon tbe breast of One that sleepeth, and they shad reveal what? soever thou Shalt ask them." ' ; . ; Tbe Hindu, however, declare that the flesh or blood of an owl -will mate a person Insane who eats ot drinks It On this account men who are devoured by jealousy of rival of hatred of an enemy come furtively ti th market and purchase an owl " In silence they carry It home sod secretly prepare a decoction, which an accom plice will put Into tbe food, or drink of Ue object ot their malignant designs, Moaey talks, but what the "ooppeg says may not be -h two eesta. -HAVE YOU TRIED PAXTINl The Great Toilet Germicide f , Tou dos't have to say tQc or 11.00 a pint for Vstsrlaik antiseptics or . per oxide. Tou earn make II plat of a mare cleassltta, sermlclaai boauag and dodor ' lame antiseptic sclutloa with one 2Go vox of. raxttn soluble antlseptlo powder, obtainable at any drug storer Paxitne-' destroys senna that cause disease, decay end odors,that Is why It Mr the best mouth- wash and rargle, fend way It purines the breath, cloaaaee and reserves the teeth better than ordinary tentifrtoet, and la eponse bathing It com- Jitly eradicates perepuwtlon ana otlier ,rfeable body odor. Every dainty v-uuiao . aj) predates thts and Us many tlitr toilet and byltenlo uisa. tattle la splandlA for sore throat, lnfiamed eyes and to puriry mouth and breath after imoklns. you can git Pax tine Totlct Xntlncptlo at any drug aioro, price 2$o arid 60c, or by mail pii.iit trrm Tlie Inxton Toilet Co., lioaKm. Irlula., who will aend you a fr ennn- ti B you would like to try It Ufuro feu. ;,

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