North Carolina Newspapers

    No. 97
33rd YEAR
AH Except Oua Bill . Seeking
. Amend,metits City
' ' . Charter. - .
The Bill to Amend
Tollocksville is Eatified.
er Bills Passed.
The call issued-for a mass, meeting
for the purpose of discussing the propos
ed amendments to the ci.y charter and
increased tax levy, brought out between
50 and 300 citizens to the court' house,
who gave close attention' to ' the pro
ceedings, i :'J.:'y,',:U p
C; J. -McCarthy called J as A. Bryan
to the chair, while. the city editors Were
made secretaries, V? Mr, . McCarthy sta
ted the object uf the call for the meet
ing,' He read a stat 'merit showing gross
receipts of city, and expenditures, indi
cating an apparent surplus of $10,000 a
year. But the purpose of the' meeting
was to consider seven bills that had
been sent to Itept tentative Nunn to
introduce and have passed, these being
15c per $100 increase general' fund tax.
10c far -partial pail fire' department.
Consolidation 5th and 6th wards, $1,000
. to Chamber Commerce for advertising,
$1,800 salary , city" tax- collector. In
crease maximum police mo-ithly to $70.
Ex-Judge Guion addressed the meet
ing, to pet its "eense as to the several
matters in the call; nit t) influence any
one, out to get to a q never conclusion,
.than by lengthy discussions'. Mr. Gui-
nn then clearlv nresented his
, views, which were briefly; First, accor
ding to" Mayor McCarthy' figures, thi
present tax levy of 60c was sufficient.
In discussing 2d and 3d, a glowinf trib-
www na jihiu , viiv - iviuiyvvi ,iiviui
-who even with the proposed Are expen
ditures, would Btill have to run on foot,
while the chemical enein rushed bv.
Fourth, Consolidation was not shown to
be of advantage or beueBt. People had
"'had no ctiance to dise.nssun .it. ; Fifth,
' public improvements of $50,000 in last
. 3 years, with other things, bi-centenni--
at was sufficient advertising at present"
r, .i. x. 'it. i . i
oixin, tux collector was put in per cent
basis ought to continue. : It was well
' earnrd and profitable to city. SeventS,
present maximum salary for police was
nof sufficient for duties of pot it ion and
aldermen should know whether an in
crease was' warranted. - ' " .
'IDE Henderson offered amendment
and presented me of four petitions
- which he said were signed by citizen.
His had 10Q signatures, all favored de
feat of bills. Discussion followed. Wm.
Dunn NJr." thought hilla should
- be voted upon separately, also offered a
rnotion that' Representative Nunn be
inafnintiwl I A itTot nt Kill frrt lArvlalafti
hum ubu iy va,wa u J vw iwkioiuwk w
thaf interfered with present salaries of
county omcers. Mr. aoy, ui nn unanv
' ber Commerce made a forcible plea,
why the $1,000 should be yoted for ad
. vertising. 1 J" A Bryan showed paniph
let issued by Norfolk Southern, ami
- circular issued by the Chamber of Cenv
mdiraa io or' una- w. in nn nt. t la roil
- were ample at present for advertising
purposes. ,.'
. The following resolution bv D E Hen
derson with amendment of Judge Guion
was adopted and the meeting adjourned,
.Whereas,-certain bills have been in
troduced in the general assembly of
North Carolina to Increase the rite of
taxation in the City and issue new
bonds, and aUo to change the present
wards of the city, and whereas, the
present tax rate is sufficient to- take
" care of the finances of city, and there
ie no general public demand for. a new
. bond issue for any purposes, and where
, as, the best interests of the city de
tnands that tue war is in said city re
main as i hey r.ow are, therefore be it
Resolved, That we the citizen of
; the city of New Bern, Craven county
N. C , in mass meeting assembled, do
'endorse (he petitions hereto attached,
and respectfully requst the" general
- assembly of North Carolina to. defeat
' the aforesaid bills 'mentioned in the
premises, - " '."' ' , .-
Guion ' amendmend Provided - ,tht
this resolution shall not apply to pend
ing bills for the ratification of the pre
sent city bonds jnd the tax levy to
meet the same and shall' not apply to
the bill increasing the power of the
Board ef Aldermen to pay policemen
$70.00 But shall apply to the appropria
tion of $1,000.00 for advertising pur
poses. ., : ; . ' '-.'.
v , "
, PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to
, cure any case of Itching, blind. Bleed
ing or Protruding Tiles in 6 to 14 days
or money refunded. 50c , . '
- Raloigh, Feb. 28 -The Senate recon
sidered the vote by which a bill to pro
tect the forests of North Carolina pass
ed Saturday nigrdj and it was recalled
from the House. yM ''.fy: : '.:.
The Senate bill to prevenf, forest fires
is now to be amended in the house com
mittee so a number of counties be ex
empted, these including Transylvania,
Swain and Haywood. Fire wardens are
to be paid out of a tax'of one-half cent
per acre on large tracts and a flat tax
of 25 cents on owners of as much as 50
acres of forestA-';;:;'A y','VU':j;'-y'
The bill requiring medical supplies
and surgical appliances to be kept in
factories employing 25 or more people
passed with an amendment making the
penalty for failure to keep these first-
aid materials $25 instead of $50.
" Killum, of New Hat over, made an
unsuccessful attempt to get an amend
ment that no boat or vessel shall be
taxed more than $60, but this was voted
down. Rawles offered an amendment
that was lost to strikeout the $1 oyster
tax. This bill creates the State Fish
Commission that has 'the regulation of
ihq commercial fishing1' interests of the
State. . : '. ':'':.-',.
; The bill to amend the charter ofPol
locksville was ratified. Bills passed fi
nal reading to allow New Bern to issue
uggested that a physician be called in,
This however was not done. Monday
night she retired at an early hour and
sometime during the'" night she was
I taken with another attack of heart di
sease and before she could summon aid
her soul had flown unto its maker. .
Arrangements for the funeral had not
been completed yesterday afternoon.
re improvement bonds; to provide for
terest on bonds; t? amend charter as
to levying; tax on property. The bill to
regulate fishing in Neuse. river pasBid
final reading. -v.
Williams' Indian Pile Ointment will
cure Blind.Bleeding and Itching Piles.
It absorbs the tumors, allays itching at
once, acts as a poultice, gives instant
relief. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment
is prepared for Piles and itching of the
private parts,, Sole by druggists, mail
50c and 1.00. Williams' M'f 'g. Co .
Props., Cleveland, Ot
Feb. 28 -Our, farmers are getting
busy in their farm work, and the weath
er is ideal for the work. " Some have
planted potatoes, and others, are get
ting the land ready for the reception of
the seed. - '
Our people have organized a Farmer's
Uni6n which is growing rapidly. . They
have made an effort to have it in order
to better protect their rights, but there
is fnough to oppose -it, to make it a
failure. . - : '
v-.... .
Mother Attempts to ' Arouse
Daughter and Finds That She
is Dead. - :
When Mrs. M. E. Taylor attempted
to awaken ber daughter in-law Mrs. C.
Taylor, who resided at No, 152 Broad
street, yesterday morning she received
no answer and upon investigating found
that she was dead.
Mrs. .Taylor, wbo is the wife of Mr.
F. Taylor, . a saw filer 1 who is now
working in South Carolina, has fre
quently had attacks of heart disease
but by prompt action had succeeded in
gaining relief . within a short while.
During the past few days she had com
plained of feeling ' unwell and it was it is supposed that it was caused by a
Destroyed the Eubank Building I To Georgia Firm. Some Protest!
Against Brick. Other
tracts Awarded.
Yesterday morning at 11 o'clock the
Board of Aldnrmen met at the city hall
to award the paving contract. After
the meeting had been called to order
the aldermen went into executive ses
sion and repaired to the ante room
where each of the samples of brick sent
Last of Desperadoes
Ricttnond, Va., March 2-Behrayed
by the woman with whom he had en
trusted bis secret, Matthew Mebane al
ias Kid Johnson, a desperate negro
wanted in Wilson county, North Caro
lina, for complicity in the recent mur
dr of Deputy Sheriff George Mumford,
was captured' here yesterday , and left
for Wilson county this morning in com
pany with the sheriff of that county,
who arrived here last night
, The Arab Steed.
An Arab 6teed of pure breed would
probably bo outpaced in a race by ah
English thoroughbred, but In other re
spects It outshines fts western rival.
It Is so docile that It la treated by" its
owner as one of the family, and It has
an Iron constitution, for It sleeps out
at night without covering or shelter.
Nature protects the Arab horse with a
thick, ,furry coat, which is never
touched by brush or comb and which
falls off at the approach of Bprlng,
when the body and legs, which had
been shaggy as those of a bear, again
resume their graceful Jjeauty and glis
ten In tbe sun like polished marbla.
Loudon Chronicle.
' Located ou the Corner of Broad
and Middle Streets.
Shortly before 8 o'clock last night fire
was discovered in the Eubat k build
iog, a wooden structure located on the
corner of Broad and Middle streets, and
before the alarm could be turned in it
had gained so much headway that the
entire building was practically destroy
ed before the flames could be extin-1 in by the bidders was thoroughly" ex
guished. I amined. After considerable discussion
Just how the fire originated could I it was decided to award the contract to
not be learned but when first discovered 1 the Georgia Engineering Company, of
the blaze was issuing from the second Augusta, Ga., whose prices were for
story over Carter Tisdale's store, and I the "Augusta Block."' the brick that
wm oe used, $1.44 with sand tiller and
$1.48 with cement filler. East Front
street and a section of Pollock street
will be paved with asphalt,
Mr. Frank Hackney was given the
contract for putting down the sewers
on the streets that will be paved Tbe
New Bern Iron Works were awarded
the contract for sand pit covers
There were protests from citizens on
East Front and Pollock streets against
the use of brick on those thoroughfares.
defective flue. Mr. Tisdale was able
to temove the majority of bis stock of
goods before the flames rcachid him
J..D. Barfield, colored, who conducted
a grocery store adjacent to Mr. Tisdale
lost a portion of his stock of good,
Joseph Rahid, ati Assyrian merchant on
the Middle street side Bangcrt building,
carried his stock of merchandise out of
his Btore and placed it in the street
where much of it was ruined by being
trampled upon. Thomas Jihn. a fruit
dealer located adjacent to Rahid had
portion of his stock damaged by water
and smoke.
. Eubank building was partially destroy
ed by file Beveral months ago and had
been repaired. A fair estimate of the
entire loss would not reach over $5,000
Whether'. any insurance was carritd
could not te ascertained, but it is more
than probable that there was some in
surance on part of the property.-'
Important Bills Pass Final Read Company Turned Over to the Re
ing. Governor Kitchin
Seuds Message.
Raleigh, March 1. The House passed
on final reading the bill for a $250,000
fire-proof State administration building
and sent it to the Senate for concur
rence in the amendment cutting the
amount from $500,000, the vote in the
Senate to be in changing from the orig
inal million dollar bond issue the Boy
den bill carried.
A bill of State-wide interest passed
by the House was to aid in road build-
organized Company.
Still Pending.
Norfolk, March 1 Bv decree of -United
Sates Judge Edmund Waddill
Jr., H. K. Wolcottand Hugh M. Kerr
were yesterday discharged as receivers
of the oid Norfolk and Southern Rail
way Company aad there is turned over
to the r. 'organized Norfolk Southern
Railroad Company the sum. of $15,337,
03 remaining after the payment of all
receivership expenses and cost of court.
The decree also carries with it. full
ing by authorizing the Sute to issue 4 discharge of all receivership indebted-
February Weather Temperature Rain.
H You Wish to Keep Your Wheel.
If y i are tho owner of a bicycle end
mi-ih to I e crtaiu of retaining posses'
'( ( f y iur wheol it would he a wise
i t
b i a strong b'k and put
'-vcr you hi not using it. A
' ) of tin! I i. ycles stolon hi Ti
I ,i tf.'-vwi It woulJ place
r nt n' 2). YVit-rd'iy
t v. 1 1 o 1 t I'll 1 h Kti i'ct by
ii ri"turnin; failed
'. ' ' tin; I'C-aofis
t ; t u :i ;:y fri.itl
T : i , ' -t 'V: r t )
Mr. Herbert Land passed through
Arapahoe today. , ,
Mr, W. B. Nunn an J family of Cath
arine Lake, N.C. have-moved to his res
dence near Arapahoe which he purchas
rd some time ago of Mr. H, N. Banks.
Mr. Henry Banks has moved to his
new home near Arapahoe., . , . ,
Mrs. Beraie . Joy ner nf near Kinston
is visiting hut parents Mr. and Mrs,
B. Miller near Arapahoe now. She is
accompanied on the trip by Miss Joyner
of nearKinstoh. . . ." .
Mr. Willie Price and family who mo v
ed to Ashwood, N. C some time ago,
has moved back to Arapahoe; ,
Mr. Nelson Caroon of Ashwood was
la visitor in Arapahoe Sunday. .
Mr. and Mrs. M. ' E Broughton of
Janeiro, were visitors of, Mr. and Mrs,
G, A. Brinson Sunday evening. .. .
Mr. Jacob Paul of Arapahoe was the
guest of Miss Maud. Rawls of Janeiro,
Sunday. . r; -:: ,
Rev. N, O. Stilling of Baybore was
in Arapahoe Friday night and Satuiday
delivering bibfea for which he bad taken
order some time ago.' :'
-Miss Bessie Jordan and Mr. Langley
of Oriental were visitors in Arapahoe
Sunday. - -V .
Mr. G. E. Brinson went toBayboro
Saturday to attend a Teachers Union,
Mr. Floyd Real of Reefsboro who is
teaching in the Arapahoe public school
went home Friday and from there at
tended the Teacher's Union at Bayboro
Saturday.,,. "' ; . . '. ,..'
' Messrs Lethers and Kirkpatrick. re
presenting the Peoples Bank of New
Bere were in Arapahoe last Friday and
Saturday. ; . -" . t :
Mr. Willie Boyd of Grantsboro was
the guest of Miss Sudie Brinson Sun
day. Miss Lonia Boyd of Arlington' Farm
spent last Saturday night and Sunday
with Mia Sudie Brinson. .-
Rev. Alford filled his regular appoint
ment at the Free Will Baptist chuich
Sunday. -1
- 'B."
A Woman's Letter.
Hailed as "tbe master bf feminism,"
Marcel .Prevost endeuvora to make
good bis right to the title by the fol
lowing bit of philosophy: "Is a wom
an's hat meant to cover her head? Is
n woman's sunshade meant to suade
her from the sun? Are a woman's
shorn made for walking or er be-
Jeweled watch meant to tell her ihe
time? Why, then, should a woman's
letter be meant to convey her real
thoughts?" Exchange.
The following completes tho Feb
ruary weather temperature, maximum
and minimum on dales, to complete the
month. The total rainfall was .X8 of an
Bogus Cloth.
What is Paint? Some people think
anything labelled "paint" is paint, but
there's a difference, just as much as
between one kind of cloth and another.
Cloth nine-tenths cotton and one tenth
wool, is bogus cloth. Cloth all wool
wears to the limit Paint at a price be
tween 75 Cents and $1.50 is like bogus
cloth. The L. & M. Paint is all wool
and wears to the limit. There's a rea
Our sales agents are: Gaskill Hard
ware & Mill Supply Co., New Bern, N
per cent bonds and float them, using the ( ness including receivers certificates is
proceeds in loan to counties cn a 5 per, sued m the sum of $1,442,865. These
cent basis. certificate had been issued for better-
Passed on final reading and sent to I mi nts, first for $1,000,000 under date of
the senate the machinery bill for the December 2S, 11)09, and second for
administration State revenue bill that $442, 8fi5 under dBte of November 17,
has passed the house and is pending in 19;it.
the Senate. The bill passed wi hout ma-1 Tne receivers had on May 4th, li)10.
terial change from the form in whih it I delivered all the physical properties of
came from the Finance Committee. It 1 the Norfolk and Souther Railwav Corn-
leaves the Corporation Commission as a I pany to the reorganized Norfolk-South-
state tax commission, makes county I em as successors butbad beencont'nued
tax assessors and county commissioners I without final discharge because of (he
the boards of equalization, and makes pending receivership indebtedness as a
county assessor a new ' officer a aortl result of failure of the new owneisto
of supervisor and adviser for township I complete all financial arrangements
and ward assessors who visit property I following the last attack of the Van
owners to list property for taxation du-1 Oyke-Zell Syndicate, of Philadelphia,
ring May and June. The State tax I m the Virgina State courts against the
commissioners are to visit all counties I reorganization.
2fi .
77- ii-
58- 37
46- 22
47- 22
59- 25
71- 32
72- 41
Rheumatism Relieved in Six Hours
Dr. Deletion's relief for Rheumatism
usually relieves severest cases in a few
hours. Its action upon the system is
remarkable and effective, It removes
at once the cause and the diBeasu quick
ly disappears. First dose greatly bene
fits. 75c and $1.00. Sold by Bradham
Drug Co.
A "Friendly Match."
I speak of a "friendly match," nov
at all forgetting that dictum or tne
old Scot to whom his opponent, break
ing some trivial rule, said, "I suppose
you won't claim thnt In a friendly
match?" "Friendly match!" was the
reply. "There's no such thing at goiri
London Telegraph.
Much Is done In the name of frlsndV
ship; so are many.--Exchange.
Craven County, Teachers Mettlng.
. At the meeting of the Craven county
Teachers' Association which will be
held in the Griffin Memorial building on
Saturday morning at 10 o'clock, a num
ber of classes from rural schools in this
county will give demonstrations in res
itttlooH. ' Superintendent Ragsdale, of
Pitt county, will address, the teachers,
and it is hoped that there will"be a large
attendance, 7 ' - i ;:, ,!. ;
- - .. Cloud Him Up.
"I never permit myself to become
the slave of a habit" , v
- "Don't you? I had an idea that you
had become a good deal of a slave to
the habit of boasting, about your
strength of : wUV-Chicago Record
Herald. ' -'.;'- - J'
Wife Beater is Sent to the Whipping
Baltimore, Md , March 2 The specta
cle was witnessed in the Criminal court
here yesterday of a white mm who had
brotally beaten his wife, pleading for
mercy with tears streaming down his
face when he heard the sentence of five
lashes at the whipping post and impris
onment in jail. But there was no morcy
because the testimony showed that
Frank McCauley struck his wife si-ven
or eight times, choking her and then
took from her moie than $.), It was
the second sentence of a wifebcater to
the post by Judge Duffy within a
A' Well Known Judge Hanfe
V Down u Opinion. T
Money Back
.Th Only Kind.
'n-Md yon j-rt n plnin
t' i) i'y ly , I I ( l t-
' .f
The Savodine Company ,; : , , '
: " .New Brtr," N. C'
Dear Sirs: From thtie I have made
f SAVODINE I believe is to be a very
valuable remedy for eattrrh and eolds.
It gives almost immediate relief incase
of difficult breathing and, inhaling It
freely checku and gives relief in severe
coughing,- So fur as I have had oppor
tunity to use it. which is only a short
time, I am much pleased with' its effi
ciency, " .' ' ' . r j
. - ' Very truly yours. " ' '
.'. .'''; V' T F SUBPARDj
'." By City, Mich.
Jud(e T. F. Shrpard is widoly known
and highly erteomed. He is a Inwyer
of rerngnized ability. Forycnrs hewas
Orcnit Judge of tho EBtrn Dwtrii t
.f r'.-bVun.
Bradham Drug Co., Sells Eemark.
' able Catarrh Cure
Pour a few drops of HYOMEI (pro
Lnounce High-o-me) into the hard rub
ber inhaler and you-can then breatue
into the lungs the very same antiseptic,
germ killing air as you would breathe I street,
in the Australian forests of eucalyptus,
where catarrh is unknown
And HYOMEI is so pleasant to use;
you'll like to use it; when you breathe
it the effect on the inflamed catarrh In
fected and germ' riddoir membrane is
soothing and healing,
, In five minutes you get such wonder
ful relief that you will know that at
last you have a cure for catarrh. '
March fst. We are glad to say all
the sick of our little town are improving.
Miss Florence Potter left Monday to
visit Broad Creek.
Mrs. Lena Stanley, of Wilmington,
came Saturday to visit her mother Mrs,
N. M. Farrow on B street and returned
home Tuesday.
Mrs. T. W. Moore is visiting her sis
ter Mrs. Frank Wilson at Trenton.
Mr. Will Cromwell, of Wilmington,
spent Sunday and Monday in our town
visiting at the home of Mr, N. M, Far
Mr. George Chailion,' of New Bern.
wan in our town visiting Sunday.
Mrs Mary E. Willis is visiting rela
tives in New Bern. .
Mr. Dan Weeks, of Kinston, was in
our town last week visiting relatives.
Mrs. Lillie Stallings, who has been
with her husband, Mr. Will Stallings,
at Stewart's Sanatorium, has returned
We are glad to see some more new
building going on in our town. Mr, C.
A. Ryman is having two new buildings
put up.
Mr. Huddie Rowe nnd Miss Janie Daw
were married Sunday and have com'
menced keeping house on C street.
Mr. Taylor, who has been living on
Craven street in New Bern, has moved
in I he house with Mrs. Taylor's mother,
Mrs. Gosley, on A street.
Mr. S. D Parker and family, and Mr
S G Parker and family spent Sunday in
New Bern attending the fdneral of their
uncle, Mr. J R Parker, who died last
There will be prayer meeting at the
M E church Thursday night at half past
seven o'clock. All are cordially invited
to attend.
Lev. J M Wright filled his regular
appointment at the Methodist church
here Sunday.
Mrs. Daniel Lane and daughter, of
Bellair, spent Sunday in our town.
Mr. Frank Bunting, of New Bern,
wax in our town Monday night visiting
his brother, Mr. H M Bunting on A
Mrs. Bertha Thomas and children, of
Olympia, are in our town visiting her
sister, Mrs. H M Banting on A street
and to have the final say as to equaliza
tion of tax value standards, as they
shall apply among counties.
Gov. Kitchin sent to both houses ot
the general assembly a message relat
ing to the bonds the United States gov
ernment has of North Carolina of the
class of the South Dakota bonds, and
recommending steps for adjusting the
The government has $58,000 of these
bonds, purchased many years ago with
certain Indian funds of the government
they being ot the class or bonds com
promised in 1870 at 40 cents on the dol
lar, the interest and all on these now
rounding up something like $300,000.
Our Forty-Fourth Year
We started this business in a small
way in 1868. We have grown enor
mouily because we have always treatod
the public and our salesmen faisly,
giving them more and better goods
than they could buy elsewhere. Now
we have over two million farmer cus
tomers, supplied by over two-thousand
traveling salesmen earning on an aver
age of over $100 per month for them
selve. We need a bright energetis
yonng man right r ow to travel in Craven
county. Address. The J. R. Watkins
Company, 113 South Gay Street, Balti
more, Maryland. Established 1868.
Capital over$2.000,0O0. Plant contains
10 acres floor space.
This case ia still pending but with
the payment of all receivers' certifi
cates, etc., there remained nothing for
the old receivers to do aril they were
Norfolk, Va., 28 -The stockholders
authorized an increase in the company's
bond issue from a ptvsent maximum of
$12,000,000 to $35,000,000. It isnot the
id'.a t ) issue bonds at once to the auth
orized limit of $35,000,000, but simply
simply to make it so that theNorfolk-
S,)Uihern and expend the grow by ex
tension of iU own iines or the acquision
of others. The capital stock of $10,
000,000 will remain just as at present.
Of the old $12,000,000 bond issue there
are out-stacding $5,780,000, plus $:,
220,000 to take care of underlying se
curities. With authorized' bonds of only
$12,000,000, the Norfolk-Southern there
fore had but $3,000,000 upon which to
work. This was deemed inadequate
and this the action of today in provid
ing for an authorized bond issue of
Lorlmer Retains Seat.
Washington, March 2 -Senator Wi)
liam Lorimer, of Illinois, aft-)r one of
the mobt sensational contests in tl e
history of the senate, will retain his
seat in that body. The vote being 46
to 40 in his favor.
The Circulating Library. Must It Go 7
Feb. 28th. We are now having very
pleasant weather, especially for the
Mrs. Battie BrinBon, of this place,
spent yesterday visiting relatives at
Concert Tour Oxford Orphanage Sing
ing Class.
The singing class of 1911 from the
Oxford Orphanage will start on the first
or Eistern concert tour on Thursday,
March 2, The first tour will close in 8
or 10 weeks, and after a brief rest a
second tour will begin.
These annual concerts have reached a
really high standard of excellence. The
children and those who accompanv them
represent a cause very near to the
hearts of our peopU. Even if the tour
and entertainments were not in the in
terest of a great work, the character
of the concerts would merit large and
liberal patronage. An admission fee is.
as a rule, charged and for tins the
children certainly give full value and
The funds brought to tiiis institution
through these tours help much in its
maintenance. Today it is providing for
330 children, and since it was est iblith
ed in 18'2, by the Grand Lodge of Ma
sons of North Carolina, more than 2,600
it iris nd boys have come directly under
its blessed ministry. Never have tin
benefits of this noble institution been
restricted to the children of Masons.
The primary conditions of admission
have always been the destitution, the
need of the children.
While the management of the Oxford
Miss Eva Pipkin spent yesterday at
Arapahoe visiting Miss Carrie Bennett.
We have employed Bro. Ambrose to I
preach for us this year, hope he will I
enjoy being with us.
Our schorl will close next Friday, we I Orphanage strive to exercise the strict-
are sorry that it will not continue any I est economy consistent with effective-
longer. I ness in the work, we have information
Mr. and Mrs. Ri ch Scott, of Grantr. t l" uf ' 'neo
i ..j.. ;k m, .nH Mn I now essential ior lie maintenance even
J. J. Brinson.
Mrs. Alice Brinson and two of her
up to its present standard of effi :iency.
Surely our whole people will see to it
that this work is not restricted because
daughters, Maude and Minnie, attended otltcil nf n ancia iUpport,
The Circulating Library is again told
to pay more rent or move. Who ia to
A.HY0MEI outfit .which consists of helf W thle higher rent! Who la to
one bottle of HYOMEI, a hard rubber! maintmne wor.ry n oui.r
,v.u..t ihh-w. a mfldieinfl d,onrr .nd ways T. Does this community want the
simple instructions .for use, costs only
$1.00, and extra bottles:' of HYOMEI,
if afterward neededcoat only 60 cents,
Circulating Library to continue?
Is there any local enthusiasm or pride
in having this Library maintained as It
the Bible school at Arapahoe on Sunday
Mrs. G. F. Pipkin spent Sunday with
parents at Arapahoe.
Mrs. Ben Johnston spent Saturday
and Sunday with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Mitcbel Paul; she returned boms
Sundav afternoon. We hope she en
joyed her stay.
Messrs, Seth Wil li and Will Brinson
attended Sunday school at Arapahoe
The class t egins its first tour I br
equipped than usual and with bright
prospects for a most successfnl tour.
Our people will delight to patronize
the concert, soon to be given. It is our
atwtavilafv A fmnfrtflllA frt saultlf. In ttllj
yt aw VMS' vvhuiuh w sweeww wiew
and in any other way cause to worthy.
these issues.
- I . I ,J V . r - . - .L tl r
And beside- urh, remember that : noo,1 rJ?am ?T "7 """""
HYOMEI is ausmnUttd to cufe'.athma. 1 Saturday night at 8 o'clock and answer
croup, bronchitis, cough', colds, sore
throat, or money back. HYOMEI Is
sold by loading druggists everywhere,
and by Brndhnm Drug, Co. Trlalsnm
I1 free from .Booth's Jlyomei Co.,
l!u!Talo, N, Y
' The Butinese End of It.
"I would die for yoe," said tbe rich
suitor. "How soon?" asked the prac
tical girl LIpplncott1.
Gain Height for Navy,
St, Paul, March -Frederick mussel,
17 years oi l, who. Is half an inch too
short to join the navy, is swinging dsily
in a harness attached to his head to gain
the necessary height. The rigging was
fixed up by a friendly fireman. -
After keening at it lor a week he has
Full blooded Barred Plymouth Rock, I .aa . Quarter of an Inch to his height
Black Langshans and Buff Orpington S n4 .in be 18 years old on March 8. and
C. Eggs for sale. ' A setting of 15 eggs af , tbt he must add two inchoa to be
for $1.00. . Apply t 4 , I accepted by the navy sergeon. Every
MRS. JOHN HUMPHREY, . I morning he swings ant il he le sore end
By r hone or Mail, . Clarke, N. C.I stiff. ,

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