North Carolina Newspapers

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" '- ',' VT T
ollna do enact: - , - . '
Section 1. A special court for the
. trial or misdemeanors and . certain
civil causes and to h designated as
. the "Special Court for Craven Coun-
-ty is hereby created and establish-
d. , -1 .- ;,
Sec. 2. Said court shall be a coun
of record and' shall be presided over
bv a adeG'al luris tihn ahull ti, a
licensed attorney at law of good
morai character and of good stand- ed to hear and hind over to the prop
ping in hie profession, and who shall er court ' all persons charged with
be, at the time of his election and any crime committed whereof the
qualifications, an elector in and for preliminary investigation is now con-
: the said county, and in his absence
or sickness by a substitute- spedalr-and
. juuge wuo gaai iposeess ine same renuer sucn juagment in sucn mat-
qualifications of the special judge .ters as now provided by law; pro-
Sec. 8. Said" Judge" and substitute vlded, that in any case where prose
special judge ' and a -cierk of said cutlon has" been commenced prior to
-court shall be elected at a joint meet- the ratification of this act tus court
. . Ing of the members of the board of in which said prosecution has been
aldermen-of the Cltx of New Bern instituted shall have . Jurisdiction
and the members of the board, of thereof; and any and all cases heard
commissioners of the County ' of by the Judge of the special court es
Craven, at the Court House in said tabllshed by this act as committing
county, on ther first Monday of June, magistrate against any person or per-
. .. one tnousand nine hundred and elev-
en, to serve as special judge and sub-
stitute special Judge and clerk, re -
spectively,-until; the first Monday in
vcvouiuci, uuv iuvuhuuu . nine nun -
dred and twelve. At the next gen-
: eraf election in November, one thous-
. and nine, hundred and twelve, the
.special Judge and substitute special'
- juage and clrj shall be elected by
th,e voters of Craven County and shall
hold office for tw0 years beginning
the first Monday in December, one
tnousand nine -hundred and twelve,
- Said Judge and substitute special,
-Judge and clerk shall, before enter-
Ing upon the discharge of tbe'r du-
- ties, . take and - subscribe, before a
person autnomea ; to administer
. oaths, the form Of oaths required of
... juuge and clerks or the. Superior
Court, respectively, which said oaths
snail be recorded by the clerk of the
Superior Court, . The salary of the
special judge shall be twelve- hun- on justices of the peace or the super
dred dollars per year, and the salary lor court of Craven County to sent
of the clerk Shall be six hundred ence any person convicted . in said
dollars per year, o be paid monthly court of any offense below the grade
as hereinafter provided. AH vacan- for which the punishment prescrlb
cles for Judge", prosecuting attorney ed by law Is imprisonment, to the
and substitute Judge' and clerk shall common Jail or to be worked on the
. be filled by said two boards until the public roads of said county, as now
... next regular ternt. ,;t v i; - . provided by law,, and the clerk of
Sec. 4. The'cdurt shall hold dally the said court shall issue commlt
eesslons, Sunday--excepted, at the ments -therefor in the same manner
Court House in-Craven County, ex- as now provided by law for clerks of
cept when the' Superior Court shall the superior courts.
be in session in' said 'county, during : -h); Warrants may be issued by the
which time the sessions of sat spe- special Judge of said special court
clal court shall be jheUj at such place for .any ; person er persons charged
as shall be provided the board of ' with the commission -of any crimin
commissioners of Craven' County and al offense 'of which the said court
the board of -aldermen -of the city has Jurisdiction, final or otherwise,
of New Bern, Or. designated by the . (IV The said special court shall
, judge, and it is hereby made a duty have Jurisdiction of any and ' all
of the said board of eounty commis- criminal- offenses committed before
aloner and the board of aldermen the ratification of this act, and with
of the City of New Bern to provide in the jurisdiction hereinbefore con-
a suitable place f of Jtbe holding of ferred, and of which no court has
the said court during the terms of taken Jurisdiction. . '
the Superior Court of Craven Coin- (1)' The said court Bhall have full
,'ty.. The first session . of the said Jurisdiction to Issue search warrants
court to be on the. second Monday In in all cases provided by iaw, and
June, one thousand ;;;nlne hundred shall have Jurisdiction, exclusive,
and eleven.,- Thei Secretary of State original and1 concurrent, -. of peace
Is directed, upon; the, ratification of warrants as herein provided for othr
this act, to forward certified copy er offenses. , !
thereof to the, board. of aldermen of Sec. 8 The costs Of serving war
the City of New Bern and the board rants, subpoenas and other process
of elections ef Craven County, and S8Ued by the special court shall be
theJoard of county-commissioners the same as now fixed by law nnd
of Craven County...,. , . Bnan De paId to the officer perform
Sec. 6. Said court shall have a seal Ing such services. The fees for is-
, with- the Impression "Special Court suing the warrants, subpoenas for
of Craven County." which seal shall witnesses and for making ud bill of
. be used in attestation of writs, war- costs, and for any other process or
rants or other proceedings, acts or writ Issued by said court or services
, judgments of : satd court, whenever performed by said clerk, for which
. required and In the same manner and a fee Is now prescribed by law, shall
: to the same effect as-the seal of oth- be the same as now fixed by law for
er" courts of record in the State of Justices of the peace and clerks of
North Carolina. ; V :,,', the superior courts In similar cases;
Sec. 6. Before entering1 upon the and every defendant convicted, ad
: duties of his office as such clerk of judged guilty, or who pleads guilty
. satd court, lie shall enter Into a bond In said court shall be taxed with the
with good and sufficient surety, to be costs of the prosecution, as now pre
approved by the . board of comm's- scribed by law; and all such costs
stoners of Craren County in the sum of orosecut'on. as now nreacrlbpd hv
; of one thousand (11,000.00) dollars, law; and all such-costs recovered
for the true and faithful Terform- and collected In said court, except
ance Of his duties as clerk, and for costs due to sheriff, consable, police
the faithful accounting for all mon- officers or specially deputised officer,
eys which may come Into his hands shall be paid on Monday - of each
as such clerk. - week by the clerk of said court to
- Sec. 7- The 'jurisdiction of said the treasurer of Craven County who
court shall be as follows; shall keep a separate account there-
la)' Said court shall have final of, and who shall report to the board
. exclusive original, jurisdiction of all of aldermen and the board of com
crlmlnal offepses committed within tnlssloneff of the County of Craven
the City of New Bern which are now. on the first day of each month the
within the jurisdiction of the Justices amount paid by the clerk; and the
;. of peace, or which mjiy hereafter be Bald .clerk shall file with the board
wlth'n the Jurisdiction of "the just- ot aldermen of the City of New Bern
Ices of peace., ,
(b) Said eourt inall have final
exclusive original jurisdiction of all
violations of. town Ordinances com-
milted within the 1 mits of the City
of New Bern.' - t -
c Bald court snail Have final
concurrent original jurisdiction ot all
criminal offenses : -committed In -monthly the salary of the said judge
Craven County, outside of the City of the special court, the salary of
of New Bern, which. are now, or may the prosecuting attorney and the sal
hereafter be within Jthe Jurisdiction ary of the said clerk of said court,
- or tne justices or the peece. , .
(d) Said court shall have final
oriKiuai exclusive -jurisdiction ot an
criminal offenses .committed In
the County ot Craven abeve the Jur-
Isdlctlon of the Justices of the peace' e'ent to pay the salaries of the spe
and below the grade of felony, as clal iudKe. the orosecutlng attorney
now defined by law; slso. final orlg- and the clerk of the said court, ineii
lnal Jurisdiction larceny, and the the difference shall be paid, one
recelvlng of stoht goods, knowing half by the City of New Bern, and
them to have twen stolen, when the one-half by the commissioners of the
property stolen dos not exceed County of Crsven. If the fees at the
twenty ($20.00) dollars In value, ex- end of the year shall be In exoesm
cept larceny from the dwelling by of the salaries of the special judge,
ureaniiiK miu eiueniiR- in m qay
time. All crimes and offenses In this
section are d" !ard potty mtsde-
mesnors. If said court ilis.l fall to
take official csn!;nn- of such of-
fi sos within s x'y days after their
ro..m!Hlon, saM court shall have
co. .current JiiH ilrtion with the iu-
.perW court. -
' (e) Ii r'l ' ' 1 crises I rati ty
Ju tf f . snd of rc-Ti-
nt. i if fi, i c- :. ty
..',-a , ; or J)-!, i f r
any offense Included under Section
'(d) of this act. in which probable
-cause or guilt it found, such person
sonal. recognisance with surety, to
appear at the next succeeding ses-
slon of the court of. Craven
County for trial, and in default of
such surety such person or persons
shall be committed to the common
Jail of Craven County to await trial
(f) In any other criminal matters
-wherein the said special court has
Ant final furlarileHnn ' I ahntl have
power, and Is hereby fully authoriz-
ferred on the Just'ces of the peace
tbemaTJUoJL iNewern.ajid to
sons for any, offense whereof said
court herein established has not jur-
.Jsdlction in which probable cause of
guilt is found, such person or per-
," cuurgoa iuuii oe oouna in
undertaking or recognizance, with
sufficient surety, if the crime be batt-
able under the law. to appear at the
next term of the superior court of
Craven County for the trial of crim-
lnal cases, and conditional for the
payment of cost upon-conviction and
in default of such bond, or recognlz-
ance, such person or persons, shall
be committed to the common jail of
Craven County to await trial, as
aforesaid; If the crime be not bala
ble, then to commit the defendant so
cnarged-to the common jail of Crav
en County to-await the action of She
superior court thereof.
(g) Said special Judge shall have
all the power and jurisdiction and
authority now conferred by law up-
and. the board of commissioners of
the County of Craven an item 'zed
statement of all costs collected by
him and paid to the treasurer of the
County of Craven for the month pro
ceding. Out of the fees so paid to
the treasurer of the County by the
clerk ot the oourt there shall be paid
and the expenses of stationery, books.
flies, dockets and other expenses of
said court, ir the fees so collected
and paid to the treasurer of , the
County of Craven shall be insuffi
mi proeuting 'attorney and tne
clerk of the said court, the said
cess shall be paid by the treasurer
of Craven Ctnmty, one-half to the
treasurer of the City of New Bern
snd one-half retained by the said
treasurer of the County of Craven
and credited to the peneral county
fund of the County of Craven. The
c! :sr proceeds of all fines collect tx
ly t'.e c' rSc of snlj fecial court
h' h'.l t j :'. to t'.e t npr of
C:av i c ... 7 a..l r' 1 la lie! J by
the said treasurer for the- purpose
now provided by law; provided, liow-
ever, that" all fees due salaried po
licemen of the City of New Bern
Bhall be paid to the treasurer of the
City of New Bern, to be disbursed
and expended as . now. provided by
the charter of the City of New Bern
and the amendments thereto.
Sec. 9. ; The warrants, subpoenas
and other 'processes Issued by the
said special court shall be directed
to the sheriff or other . lawful officer
of Craven County, .and the service
thereof shall be lawfully made when
made by the sheriff or deputy sher
iff of said county or any constable
of said county, or any police officer
of the City of New Bern . or other
town or city, or. In the absence of
such officers, by- any; proper- person
specially deputized by , the special
judge, in , writing, to make service
snd said warrants, subpoenas, : and
other processes of said court, when
attested by the seal of said court,
shall run anywhere In the State ot
North Carolina, and' shall be execut
ed by all officers acocrding to law.
; Sec. 10. Whenever any person Is
convicted or any offense- of : which
the said court has jurisdlctionr and
the punishment 1 imposed' is a line
or imprisonment, .. or imprisonment
and Cotst, the special Judge shall
sentence the defendant to the com
mon jail of the county,: or to be
worked r. upon the public roads of
the County of Craven - until such
sentence has been complied with,
and the clerk of the said-court shall
issue commitment of the defendant
in accordance with the judgment of
the said court, provided, such sent
ence may be made to work on the
streets or other works of the City
of New Bern, as now provided In
the charter of the City of New Bern.
- Sec. 11. Said court shall have all
Jurisdiction and powers inlvil mat
ters arising in said : county which
are now, or may hereafter be given
to justices of the peace, and In addition-
to the - Jurisdiction conferred
by this section shall have exclusive:
original jurisdiction of all other civ
il actions arising in said county or
on said contract, where the sum de
manded does not exceed the sum otj
five, hundred ($600.00) dolalrs, anrli
those . arising on tort where the
value of the property on the amount
in controversy does not exceed five
hundred ($500.00) dollars.
Sec. 12. Any person desiring to
appeal to the superior court in a
criminal or civil case from a judg
ment of ..the special court shall be
allowed to do so In the same man
ner as now provided for appeals from
the courts pt justices ot the peace,
upon an undertaking in double the
amount of the judgment rendered to
stay execution and to secure the pay
ment of costs, provided, however,
that an order may be made as is
now provided by law,- in forma pau
peris, , upon certificate and affidavit
to appeal without giving undertak
ing for costs.
Sec. 13. All civil actions shall be
commenced In said special court by
summons-issued by the clerk of the
special , court, and shall be return a
ble the first Monday after service;
provided, service shall be had on or
before Wednesday preceding the day
of -return. -The plaintiff shall file
a written complaint on the return
day of such summons. The defend
ant shall file his written answer or
demurrer on or before Wednesday
night following the return - day ol
said summons, and the case shall
stand for trial on the first Monday
after the return day thereof.
. Sec. 14. 1 All' judgments . In civil
actions, 'except those for' costs Only,
rendered by the judge of the special
court shall be duly docketed in the
office of the clerk of the superior
court, and " execution - shall issue
thereon, as now provided for by, ex
ecutions.' '. .
Sec. 15. Nothing In this act shall
prevent - the Judge and substitute
judge of the special court and the
prosecuting attorney of the special
court from - practicing law In the
higher , courts of the county and
State in any and all cases which have
not been passed upon by the said
judge, or prosecuted by the said at
torney in the said special court. -
5ec. 16, That either plaintiff or
defendant In actions in this court
may demand and have a Jury, as
provided in' courts of justices of the
peace, except that' the jury shall be
twelve in number Instead of , six;
that the judge of the said court,-in
all. cases in which, in jar-Judgment,
the ends of justice would be best
served by submitting the issue to a
jury, may have a jury called of bis
own motion, as above provided, and
submit the issue to the Jury. :
. Sec. 17. Said court shall have
jurisdiction to try all actions for re
covery of any penalties Imposed b
law or this act, or by any ordinance
of the City ot New Bern, for any
act .done within said City : of New
Bern contrary to law or said ordin
ance, and said penalty shall be re
covered tn the name of the said City
of New Bern.
Sec. 18. It Shall be the duty of
the clerk of the said eourt to keep
an accurate account and true record
of all costs, tines, penalties, forfeit
ures and punishments by said eourt,
imposed under the provisions et this
act, and the tald record shall show
the name and residence ef such of
fender, the nature of the offense,
the date ot hearing of trial and the
punishment imposed, which record
shall be, at all times, open to and
subject to Inspection by the board
of commissioners -of the County of
Craven and the board of aldermen
of the City ot New Bern, and other
persons having business relating to
the said court. He shall provide a
permanent aosket for recording all
the proe?es Issued by said court,
which shall conform to the dockets
kept by the clerk of the superior
court. He shall, also, provide prop
er files to properly Jteep records
of all causes which shall be disposed
cf in said court, and what dlspotl
tion has bt-fin nm(! of them.
1 19. All cases which TaVe
heretofore been bearable; by -the may
or of New Bern shall,' after this act
goes into effect, be tried by the spe
cial court created by this act? and
all cases which are pending ihlthe
superior court of Cravfn County at I
the time, this act goes into effect
and which this court as jurisdic
tion under Section-eleven of this act,'
aha 11 ha f-ianafafAri si nAnAl
court, and the same sh
hill be dispos-t
ea ot in tnts court; and all cases
pending before the Justices of the
peace of Craven County shall be
tried and disposed of by said justices
in accordance with the law as It ex
isted at the timeof the ( ratification
of this act. '.' ...
r Sec. 20 In ;the absence of the
special Judge from the City of New
Hern,-or in the erenfttf sickness or
disability to hni h.'iativ ,ain
of said court, lift fcourr shall ba rtre-
sided over by the substitute special
judge elected
as herein provided,,
. have all! the powers,
and he Bhall
and perform all the duties the same
n v v. . . i .. i n . . . .
aa me epeiTlIU judge., ?i MIS COUpen'
sation simii hA flv fiftftni Ani.
per day, to be paid out of the salary
or tne special Judge.
Sec. 21. The apeeial judge, sub-
stitute special judgej prosecuting at -
S7Vn 6 Clerk , the 8i'd
court may be removed from office
by the board of aldermen of the City.
of New "Bern and the board of com-
missioners of the County of Craven
In joint session, afters hearing and
notice to the officer whose.. removal
!mmnrHw Tr"'! J
immorality or continued neglect of
the duties of his office; and If either of
said officers is removed, the boards.
at a Joint meeting shall elect his suc
cessor for the'-unexpired term.
Sec. 22. There shall be elected
at tht Rflma Hma . aflrl' tn ihn oamn
manner as the special Judgd.Ni pros-
ecutlng attorney who ihall be a li
censed attorney at law, of good mor
al character and of godd.andlng
at the time of his election and quat -
location, an eleetor la and for the
said county and wfiolshall.' before
entering upon the discharge of his
duties, take and subscribe the oath
In the form required of solicitors.
before the clerk of the superior
court of Craven County, or other per
sons authorized to administer oaths,
yhich said oajh shall be recorded by
said clerk. The said prosecuting at
torney shall prosecute, actions be
fore the special court, , and his sal
ary shall be' six hundred dollars per
year, to be paid -monthly, in like
manner as the salary of the special
Judge.-: , , fi : .. ... -...
See. 33 Tharo o lit. 11 h'k tna,1 tn ti..
bill of .costs In each case a fee for cu"v? sof Governor Kitchin as an
the prosecuting attornejas jiow pro- aditional clerk authorized by the re
vlded in eases for the solicitor in the cent Legislature, he having received
superior court. Such fees shall be the "appointment from Governor Kit
paid into the cost fund as other chin some days ago. He was educated
col1sect8edd t0 be U3ed
Sec. 24. It shall be the duty of clerical work in Jacksonville since his
the prosecuting attorney, ypon re- graduation,
quest of the solicitor, in all cases of -
appeal to the superior court to assist
the solicitor in said court, without
any additional compensation.
Sec. 25. All Justices ot the peace
of Craven County shall have ' the
same Jurisdiction as heretofore to Is-
dud naiiauiB m uiiiuiuai vase., uui
in the C'.ty of New Bern, the same
shall be returnable to, and
before," the special court, and .other
Justices of the peace of Craven
County In sections of Craven County
other than that of the City of New
Bern, may -by order as therein or
thereon endorsed, make the warrant
In aiiv case, "returnable in the nnnclal
court, and all such rases the special
court shall have jurisdiction as here-
In provided.
Sec. 26.. All witnesses compelled
to attend by the supoena of the spe-
cial court Shall be entitled to the
same fees as is now provided in the
superior court, to be paid as provld-
ed for in cases in that court.
Sec. 27.' That this act shall" be-
come operative when submitted to
the voters of the City of New Bern
and County of Craven, and approved!
by a majority of the votes cast at
the regular city election held in May,
one thousand nine hundred and elev
en, and at a called election to be
held In the precincts outside of the
City of New Bern on the same day,
to be advertised for thirty days In
some newspaper published in Craven
County, and In other respects to be
held as .general election, and to be
canvassed, certified .and - returned. fato whlch tha c U,B hM Mcently
XZLliiun moved.Mr. Rogers will also soon hav.
in tne same manner as general coun- .
ty elections. Arid at the said election t8 Methodiat parsonage ready for oc
those In favor of the adoption ot this cupancy.
act shall vote a ballot en which shall w' , 'J.'.'i-.V' iii.v fJ A
be printed -or written "For Special',, Z'C1 htt NickLeary of
Court," and those opposed shall vote Pollocksville, has contracted to build 2
a ballot on which shall be written ''ore houses on Front street for Mr. T.
or printed "Against Special Court"; H. Pritcbard, Sr. work baa already be
and 1f a majority vote "For Special gun on them a?d they are expected to
Court." then this act shall , be In u dy i .bout sixty days,
force and become operative. I -
, Sec. 28. All laws and parts Tf.. ; Our boss carpenter, Mr. 3, P. Rogers
laws In conflict with this act are Is erecting for himself a tenr nice two
hereby repealed.
Secv 29
This act shall be in force
and. effect
from and after lta ratlfl-
cation. - ' : ; ' .. : . . -.
In the General Assembly read
three times and ratified this 4th day
of March, 1911. - . . J
. , , J W. C. NEWLAND, ' I
" : President of the Senate. -
Speaker of -the House of Represent
atives.-. .. ; - ; . '
Examined and found correct: ;.
' ' - ' For Committee.
- Will Discuss Finn Life School
- , - ' .
The Craven County Farmers' Union Bslttit Swindell; Mr. Morris Hatsell,
will meet at the court house in this, with Mies Eva Littleton; Mr. Scott
city Saturday April 8th. Business of Swindell with Miss Carrie Blount; Mr.
much importance will be discussed and Robert Heady, with Misa Annie Doster;
it is hoped that every member will be Mr. Ernest Dennis, with Mist Mamie
present. The Craven County Teachers' Davis; Mr Carl Tolsoo, with Miss Ete
ABsrcia tion will meet at the court house tilta Woodhull; Mr. George Merrit',
at the same time and the pluns forpetl- with Miss Ida Dennis: Mr. Pearl Brite,
Honing for a farm life school will be
Xle itunarea jobs to be Disposed
" ; of Among Democrats Af
' ter April .4th. '
Washington, March 29th. -boarding
houses arid hotels are filling up with
Democratic aspirants to jobs which the
House will have to dispense after April
JZ i? t , . J
died of these jobs, ranging from clerk
4tb. There will be more than
and sergeant-at-srms to elevator coo-
ductorand furnace 'tender. They are
now held by Republicans, some of whom
have been in for lfl vmm
There are approximately 100 seekers
i.t i i a , ,
for each job. Only five or six Repubh
caDB wiu 06 retained, that number of
jods always Demg conceded to the mi-
nority. J
. The Democratic members of the Ways
and Means Committee now sitting on
,l.(oj. a
tn 1 , "nd 0ther matteP8' are beBet
w,th c,RUnots, and Champ Clark, who
" studying how to be Speaker, can hard
)y find lime for his lessons,, while many
Jot the hungry ones await at Union sta-
tion tbe " "tatesmen whom
tho Ki. . , , ....
they helped to ktor' laat falK
; .
Bogus Cloth.
What is Paint? Some people think
anythi"e labelled "paint" is paint, but
mere s a amerence, just as much as
between one kind of cloth and another.
Cloth nine-tenths cotton and one tenth
cloth- Cl0th a11 woo'
TO00 t , " .... . . . .
Wea e 1,mit J ,Pamt at 8 Price be"
tween 75 Cents and $1.50 is like bogus
c'th. The L. & M. Paint is all wool
and wears to the limit. There's a rea-
Our sales agents are: Gaskill Hard
ware & Mill Supply Co., New Bern, N.
Assumes His Duty.
Raleigh, Mareh29-Mr. JohnD. War
lick of Jacksonville, Onslow county, has
arrived to take up his duties in tbe xe
Blast Cut all Her Masts off.
r 1 '
The schooner Mary S Bradshaw, an
old Norfolk trader, Captain Nottage
commanding,, which was a three-master
when she sailed from New York for
Norfolk the other day, with a cargo of
fertiliser for the D. B. Martin Co., was
towed jn here today from Delaware
Breakwater with a couple of stumps
standing ane her mainsail ly ing downon
ber deck.
She was struck by the late severe
blow off this coast and the masts went
by the board. She later made the
Breakwater and was towed thence to
Korfolk. It Is said that she Is not leak-
. . ,.f.i . .
K ad attained no other damage than
loM of her thrM npsUnding spars,
She lies anchored between Norfolk and
Portsmouth and having a queer look be-
cause of missing masts attracted much
attention. -Norfolk Dispatch,
-.. (
' ...
- - - - .
March 28 th. Our town seems to be
still going ahead, and we are glad to
see it. There are several more new
buildings going up.
Mr. I. E.' Rogers hsa completed the
dwellimr house of CsDtain John Little-
story dwelling.
- -
. Mr, A. B. Bloodgood is gathering ma
terial together preparatory to erecting
new dwelling bouse.
: Mr, and Mrs. T. M, Woodhull gave
J their friandi a reception at their new
residence last Friday evening In the
' way of a dance, which was a very en
joyable affair to our young people, and ;
in fact to all who attended, Tha dance
'was opened with tha "Old Virginia"
Reel" with tbe following couples:
, Mr. W P Ward with Mrs T M Wood
hoi: Mr. Larry Stanley, with Miss Bet-
.tUWard; Mr. Earl Tolsoo, with Miss)
with Miis'Nettie Merritt -
; . .' "GUH23," '.
Destroyed By Fire No Insurance.
Libraries With Eeoordg Lost.
7,000,000' Loss.
Albany, N. Y. Mwch29-A fire which
started at 2:30 a. m. today in a room On
the third floor used by Assemblyman
A, J. Levy, was swept by a high wind
across the intervening course to the old
wings destroying the $26,000,000 State
Capitol Building also the Senate As
sembly and the State Libraries, togeth
er with their priceless records, and do
ing a damage estimated at $8 000,000.
The wings were constructed of stone
and supposed to be fire proof, but the
partitions and furnishings were of word
and there were many adornments of in
flammable material that helped to feed
flames. There was no insurance.
Tbe fire was well under way when
discovered. ' It was fed by tons of pap
er id the library rooms and spread rap
idly, and is believed to have started
from electric wires, as the insulation
was worn from some of them and steps
were being taken to repair them. Tbe
entire fire fighting force of the city bat
tled against the flames for five boors
bef re they were sure of saving the'
Senate and Assembly chambers. The
legislators aided th fire fighters.
The Democratic caucus had just ad
journed when the fire was discovered
and many of the legislators were still
up. -
AUeged Lorimer Bribers Not Guilty.
Springfield, III., March 24 State
Senator John Broderick was found pot
guilty by. a jury in the Sangamon coun
ty circuit court this afternoon. The
j'iry was out twenty minutes.
Broderick was charged with bribery
in connection with the election of U. S.
Senator Lorimer. Testimony was heard
at the trial that he had given $2,500 to
former State Senator D, W. Hoist law.
of Iuka, in consideration of the Iuka
Senator's vote for Lorimer.
Holstlaw testified he was paid the
money in Broaderick's saloon in Chi
cago. '' V;
While the Senate sub-committee was
investigating the Lorimer. election in
Chicago last summer, Broderick refused
to answer some of the questions asked
him, taking refuge behind his constitu
tional privilege to decline to incriminate
himself. ;. ;.
The other man charged with having
bribed members of the Illinois Legisla
ture to vote for Lorimer is Lee Oiiiel
Brown. He was tried for this charge
sometime ago and was also pronounced
not guilty by the jury, thus both of the
alleged bribe givers have been acquit
ted. We're Proud of Our Record.
Established in 1868. Capital over
$2,000,000. Headquarters for the farm
ers of North America. Over 2," 00 sales
men on the road. Over eighty first
class household articles needed in every
home at every season of the year. Our
plant contains over ten acres of floor
space. Right now we need a reliable
energetic younf; man to travel and sell
our products in Craven county. Ad
dress The J. R. Watkins Company, 113
South Gay Street, Baltimore. Maryland.
Established in 1868. Capital over $2,
000,000. Plant contains lD acres floor
Postmaster General r" Thinks New
, Plan a Solution of Pending
: Controversy. .. . . J
. Washington, Msrch 28 After July
magazines and other bulky periodicals
will be transport -m! In carloads as fst
freight at freight rates In the third eon
tract section of the country, comprising
the States of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois,
Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and Mis
souri. v
"The plans I have decided upon," said
Postmaster-General Hitchcock, are aot
proposed as a solution of the controver
sy over the suggested . increase of sec-
! ond clssa mail rates on the advestising
I -f V.... . I.- -UU
sections of
ably will tend to bring about a solution
of that question the more easily," '
, Distributing terminals bave been es
tablished in Boston, New York, Phils-
delphis, Chicago, St, Louis, Omaha,
St. Paul and Cincinnati Arrangements
will be made with the publishers for a
finer separation in the publishing offices
and for an earlier mailing of their; mat
ter, so that the slower method of trans
portation may not affect the regularity
of promptness of its delivery.
; "We expect," said Mr. Hitchcock
"to effect considerable economies, not
Only in the cout of transportation L t al
so in the railway pobt-c:r!,e car y."-
Expresses Ilia Opinion of tbe ,
Payne Aldrich Tariff to Jour
nal Representative.
Senator Simmons, who has ben 8 pen-" .
ding the time between the ees-iions of -Congress,
at his home in this city and
who will leave -next Saturday for-:
Washington to take up his duties at the-
extra session of Congress, said yester-'
day to a Journal representative;
"I am glad to see in today's papera
that Mr. Underwood, our new Demo- -cratie
Chairman, of the Ways and -Means
Committee, and Mr. Clark, spea
ker to be, have decided that there must -be
some real tariff legislation at the ex
tra session of Congress, This is indeed
good news. If the Democrats in Con
gress shall do something substantial
and real during the extra session to re- -vise
that abomination of iniquity, the
Payne-Aldrich bill, even should Taft
veto it, and to amend the Canadian rec
iprocity agreement so as to eliminate
its protection features and remove its
outrageous discriminations against tha
farmers in favor of the meat packing
trust, the great roller mills and brew
ersthose of us who bave stood against
"me tooing" Taft's policies and meas
ures without dotting an I or crossing a
T, and against delaying relief from op
pressive tariff burdens to "a more con
venient season" will have been amply
repaid for all tbe criticism and censure
we have endured from those who, while
hof and eager for the relief they de
mand for themselves, are willing that
the people should wait for theirs until
Spring comes again."
Another Well
Known New Bernlan
Intelligence reached here Sunday of
the death, at Jonesboro, Lee . county,
Saturday night March 25th. of Mr.
James M. Hines, a resident of this
city. f.
iThe deceased left here a few weeks
ago to visit his daughter, Mrs, Daly
riraple who resides at Jonesboro, and
soon after his arrival there was taken
JXl. 1 1 1 i H . in. .
wiio lagrippe, duc nis conuuion was not
considered serious, in fact he was
mwwtuv w W H(lnVTIU nuvu Vll KSSl :
came suddenly.
. i mi. nines was porn oo years ago in
Lenoir county, and has led an active
and useful life. He was held in the
highest regard and esteem Ly all who
knew bim. He was always congenial
and pleasant, and made many friends,
but very few enemies. '
j He served gallantly in the Confeder
al Army and at the time of his death
was an honored member of the New '
Bern Camp Confederate Veterans.
Mr. Hines has made his home in this
city for a good many years and was at
one, time connected with the New Bern
Journal. He was a faithful ami consis
tent member of Centenary Methodist
church, and a member of one or two .
secret orders.'
daughters. Mrs. Dalyrimple, of Jones
boro, Mrs. Culpepper ef Richmond, Va.
and Mrs. M. H. Edwards of this city.
. Tha interment of the body will be :
made at Institute, Lenoir county, in the
grave yard at old family home. Several
relatives and friends of the deceased
left here yesterday morning to attend
the funeral. ' - -
f - ' . - , .. . , I
. Improvaments Mai Made.
It is noticed that a number of im
provements are being mads on the cam
pus surrounding the graded school The -hew
granolithic walks leading from the
sidewalk to the building are to be laid. .
11 of tha curbing around the walks
which lead from one building to anothor
Is to be removed and brick walks put
dojrn. The Jcurbing which surrounds
tjie ground la also to be lowered several
inches and the campus will be graded
down These Improvements will great
ly aid the appearance of this beautiful
Spot J... - .
At home on Wednesday March Wlh,
1911, Margaret Ssyre, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Semoel W. Smallwood, to J as
Randolph Pox.' -
v : ! i. ' i . "
) ' Morehead City's New Hospital.
Tbe Morehead City bospital will soon
open for the reception of patients. It
Will be equipped io pp-to-date style snd
bava a modern operating room A call
bell system will be installed through
out the building, and every room light-
I by electricity. Water la amply sup
plied for ssah room. The honpiui v. ;:i
contain five privsteroomsand two 1; : '
wards, providing accommodations f r
twenty patients, if necessary. A lit. ' -etij
dining too, a, linen closet, f' j
i ar.J t'".-e ere pov'. ' J l i
.v orr-tV X ii ' .i s-l st-:.;.. ' i
t ,jtn. v.-...
i Ci'.v I..'.wrL;

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