North Carolina Newspapers

No. 5
Thirteen Life Are Known to
' Have Been Lost Whole
Toms Are Destroyed.
V Topeka, Kan. April 14 A heavy wind
' storm, attaining the Velocity of a tor
.. nado in aome sections, and accompanied
hy rain, hail and lightning, swept over
Western.. Missouri, Kansas and Okla
homa Wednesday killing thirteen per;
ona. practically destroying two towns,
injuring almost a hundred persons,
wrecking scores of -.buildings, and put
.ting almost every telephone wire in the
territory out of commission. '-. :
J, The tornado leyid jta greatest toll of
deaths at Big Heart, Okla., where eight
persons were killed, ten injured and al
most every building in the town wreck
ed. Whiting.. Kan., was practical y
wiped off the map, sixty buildings be
ing blown down, thirty people hurt, and
one, Mrs. David Stone, killed.
At Powhatan, Kan., a woman and
child were killed.
A high school buiiding was wrecked
at Eskridgn, Kun., a number of houses
damaged, and from fifteen to twenty
persons Injured.' . '- '
. At Hiawatha, Kan, a achoel was
blown down and a boy named Felton
killed. Several building were struck
hy ligning. ; ;
i , Several persona are known to have
been hurt at Netawaka, Kan. '
A boy was killed at Manville, Kan.
The Kansat end of the tornado start
ed near Whiting, and swept in a south
easterly direction for a distance of more
than fifty mffea. v .
It is thought that many more people
were killed and injured than' have been
reporUd at this time. In Kansas City
the storm did little damage.
Have you neglected your Kidneys?
Have you overworked your nervous ays
tern and caused trouble with your kid
neys and bladder? Hat you pains in
loins, aide, back; groins and bladder?
Have yon a flabby appearance of the
face, especially under the eyes? Too fre
quent a desire to pass urine? If so, Wil
liams' Kidney .Fills - will cure yon-at
Druggist, Price 60c. . Williams' M'f'g
Co., Prop., Cleveland, O.
Bellalr and Vicinity.;
. Farmers bisy, things growing fioely.
blooms of strawberries and peas not
seriously hurt by the heavy frost last
Monday, which was one of the heaviest
of the season. We will nit htve en
ough, peaches about hrre this year to
supplement a Sunday dinner once a
week, as they were generally killed ear
ly in March." Pears and plums also
are tery scarce. ; The apples are in full
bliora now and bid fair to make a good
crop with no hindrance from this time.
. Corn planting is nearly done and a
- few are planting cot tin. Farmers are
fa'rly uo with their work, and a few
fiqd time to go fishing occasionally. -
' We are almost ready to eat straw
berries, in fact would be quite teady if
the berries were, and they will be. in a
few days, with a good warm ram we
hope to have berries for our quarterly
meeting 15, and 16, but it has been too
cool for them to ripen, .
We are getting ready to vote for the
'Farm Life School" and hope every
body that desires progress, everybody
that wants to see. Craven county take
her place in the great up lift that is
sore to come through this school if se
cured, is getting ready to vote with us.
A Well Known Judge Hands
V v Down aii Opinion.
The .Savodine Company ' "' '
New Bern, N. C.
, Dear Sirs: From the use I have made
of SAVODINE I believe is to be a very
, valuable remedy for catarrh and colds.
It gives almost immediate relief incase
of dfflcult breathing and - inhaling it
freely checku and gives relief in severe
eoughing, So fr as I have had oppor
tunity to use it. which ia only a short
r time, I am much pleased" with its era
eiency, - Y ' W" -
Very truly yours. :
. " . T. F. SHEPARD,
, t ' Bay City. Mich.
Judge T. F.'Shepard is widely known
and highly eeteemed. He is a lawyer
of recognized ability..' For years hewas
: Circuit Judge of the Eastern District
of Michigan. '". "
'' Croats School Closes. .
The school at Croatan closed last Fri
day, after a most successful term, with
Miss Annie Hsskett, as tea-hr. 4
The closing exercises were veiy good
and were attended by an immemie
crowd. ' . -
Three prixei were swsrded Kins Est-
t! Wi!'U,nia, nun I. .'r?' tbe one in the 1
i ',;" i P' ; f," : r "i i'""ni
. i . r "i ! i t i ! '
Alio disaster
Lie Prostrate in Road Before Cav
alry Sing Revolutionary Airs
Urge Hen to Destroy
; Property.
Epernay, France, April 14 Despite
the fact that the Itepartment at Marne
is a vast armed camr, with infantry-,
men and dragoons bivonaced through
out the night at almost every village hi
the champagne district, rioting broke
out anew today and the flame of anger
and vengeance continue to sweep" the
grape-growing region. :
At Vinay the rioters haatily threw up
barricades with barrels, cases and de
bris of all sorts, and succeeded in hold
ing back the advancing troopers 'while
another group of manifestants armed
with torches entered the vast- cham
pagne they copld find, wrecked the wine
presses aDd then set fire to the build
ings. ' ,;-,.; : ,;., ..'...V?
Women were foremost in the work of
destruction, chanting snatches of revo
lutionary airs and urging on the men.
Wh-n the troops reached Vina the wo
men lay down on the roads and defied
the cavalry to ride over them. Eventu
ally the troops succeeded in getting con
trol of the situation and dispersed the
manifestants. : : : ; !
At dawn many places in the wine
growing district showed the horizon
darkened by the smoking ruins of wine
depots burned during the night. At the
same time exploding detonators sum
moned additional growers to to the dif
ferent rallying pointa for the' purpose
of resuming their march of destruction.
Reinforcements of troops are arriv
ing at Epernay on every train and im
mediately on detraining the soldier are
dispatched to the centers of activity
where tbey are forced to continually
charge and disperse the reassembling
manifestants. The government ofn:iala
claim that the sacking and burning of
wine pioperty ia being led by criminal
element which are flocking into this
region from other districts.
The Furtive Leek.
Here l something worth while fo'
bachelors to consider.
A Buxton woman says she ran detect
bachelor x far a one can see hint
Hhe always known a bachelor by uK
furtive look.. The furtive look, she ex
plains, ia something akin to tbat of a
bunted animal, always on be watcb
for snares aud pitfalls." Of course Ibis
i-uiay apply only to Hos;on Daeueiors,
hut It would be well for all other sin
gle unfortunate to take a good look
at themselves In the mirror aud find
tbat telltale look. If tbey do there Is
an eaxy way. to efface it. vieveiana
Plain Dealer. .
, Ne Exeuse at All.
A noted roinedlau condemned at a
dinner In New York a new comedy.
"Its-ellmax." be said, HU false and
unsatisfactory -a . false and - unsatis
factory - as Rowndars excuse. On
Rowndurs return at a very late nour
his wife said reproachfully:
' 'You used to vow I waa the sun
shine of your life, but now you- stay
out night after night'
'Well, my love.' said Rowndar, 1
don't ask for sunshine after dark."'-
New York Tribune. ' . -v -
Don't wait for the rush.
Screen orders can be prompt
ly executed now by us and
you can secure carpenters
J S. Basnight Hdw. Co.. 67
S. Front St.. Phone 9). r
'. School Newa of the Week.'
In the First Grade attendance Con
test the boys won this week. Only two
absences were couot'd against them,
Nearly all the grade have seen the
lantern slides At the close of lh next
week the present slides will be returned
snd several hundred more will be se
cured. The children have shown grat
interest In the pictures shown. and, ap
peared to have enjoyed them very much
' The walks around the buildings will
be completed in a few mora days and
the unsightly pile of bricks will be re
moved. In the course of another week
the entire Green will, he Cleaned up,
graded and in first r' orier.'
As has been the cu...v.a for quite a
number of years. Good Friday ia oV
aerved as a holiday and school is sus
pendedThurday afternoon until Mon
day. .Each member of the gr !;ting flass
is required to write an euy on some
selected subject,
The 10th grad this week handed in
their essays which have been crltisized
and handed back to them for correction.
Ladies, would . you have
your rooms look clean, cozy
and cool? Then try D. P. S.
Flat Wall Finish, phone or
v.T't'j t-3 fcr cc!:r card
Co. 67
Hence Tennessee Legislators Run
Away, No Money For State
Nashville, Tenn.; April 14 Twenty
Republicans and fourteen independent
Democratic members of the Tennessee
Legislature have gone to Decatur, Ala.
for the purpose of blocking further leg
islation' in the matter of an amendment
to the State erection law just passed.
At a meeting the regular Democrats of
the lower house decided to remain in
seeslbn for the next two years, meet
ing and adjourning from day to day.
' A representative of the absent law
makers issued;a statement in which it
was declared that the - missing legisla
tors left the State in order to nullify
the election hill passed, and because
they believed the regulars would at
tempt to repeal the liquor law novt on
the statute books of the State.
: The legislative Situation is still much
clouded. Unless the run-aways return
f there can be no appropriation bills or
revemie and assessment measures, and
the wheeh of government will have to
cease revolving. There will be no mon
ey for schools or any other agency of
the government.
Keep your dining room
properly screened and your
foqd will be more wholesome
We can supply you with tha
Screens. J. S. Basnight Hdw.
The Dreadful Looking Person.
Itodiu, the world famous Krenc 1
ui'iilptor. bus liuct u wonderful mree;.
and, like nun? men who have rise
from obscurity to fume, be still r,r
nervea much or tue simiilicity or hi
early 'days One day he was entertalr
Ing n few HHlshi, nmoii); tbem a Uei
man -who bud never Imfore visited tb
sculptor. At dinner tbey were waite 1
on by a particularly plain looking wo
man. '..' .
I'm surprised." remarked tbe Get
man during one or tbe woman s at
aences from tbe room, "tbat yon
should have such a very dreadful look
lng person about you. Why don't you
get a nice, good looking young house
keeper Y' '
There was a sudden ghastly silence.
Then Rodin smiled.
"1 don't like to be waited on at men is
by servants," be explained. "Tbe
dreadful looking person la my wife."
Public Speaking For Farm Life School.
Public speaking ih the interest of a
Farm Life School for Craven county
will be held at the following places;
Fort Barnwell, Thursday, April 20,
at 2 p. m.
Bachelor (5th. Townih'P) Thursday,
April 20, at 8 m.
Dover, Thursday, April 20, at 8 p m.
Cove City, Friday, April 21, at 2 p.
Havelock, Friday, April 21, at 2 p. m
New Bern, Friday, April 21, at 8. p.
m. . -.''' "
Vanceboro, Saturday, April 22, at 2
P-m- '
Truitts, Sa'.nrday, April 22. at 2;20
p. m. x - , r- -
Dr. J. Y, Joyner, Rupt. of public in
struction, and Dr. H. Q Alexander,
Prest., of the State Farmers Union,
and others have been invited and ara
expected to speak at several of the?
appointments. . '
Everybody ia invited to attend and all
persons are requested to urge the peo
ple to come out and hear the distin
guished speakers. . '
A Good 8cond. . - '
"What a bleswlng 'civilization hn
been to tbe world! Consider for a' mo
ment the bloody sports of ancient
Rome" . ' . v .
."Why, what's the matter with an au
tomobile cup race?" Baltimore Amer
ican, v , - .'
' ' lltuitrattd His Syitem.
It was a hnblt of the wise French
man Arngo to look during his jetHti
at the youug man who aiippnml ti e
dnlleet'nf the students, nnd .wben io
perceived that this one understood l e
knew allthe others did. .
Once In a drawing room he had jiu t
explained this habit of his to son e
'friends when. a young man enter l
and saluted blru familiarly.
. "Bnt to whom huve 1 tbe honor f
speaklngr esked tbe scientist
"W'by. Professor Atiiko. you do n t
know me? I always attend your le
tures, and you never take your eyi.t
off me the Whole time."
'.'--' Kaffir English.
As a sample of K;itllr English be
la a love letter seut by a Cape Coloi
boy to his duHky Inamorota:
Dr 111m t hv froet conf.dence t
thundrrlns the width of my opinion Ih' t
I hall hnk for klnOnau If yon will cl i
ran th prlvUeae of lettering with you roi -corning
lov. (a Jour hiont wlnnlnK f i
hat dmivn my f-rlciun altmitlnn to yo .
M II. til I tlmll n'irrrlHl)i ynu la untie
I -i "ti t.t on fuly I' ply ftml aim t'-rm
I 4 1 V :M imii of hu: h Cnnn-i
Lupton Nominated Chief of Po
lice. Win...'; Ellis "; Alderman
First Ward
. Friday's municipal ' primary, to de
termine the no majority voce of Tues
day's primary for Chief Police: and the
tie vote df Wm. Ellis and' BV P. Ash
ford for Alderman of "first ward, was
more active than Tuesday lit with nearly
100 more votes cast tor: chief police.
There was lively hustlingj getting out
the voters hy the friends of the, con
testanta. The following is the vote.
Ellin, ; ' t - 77
Ashford, ' 67
TOTAL Lupton's majority
New Sherlock Holmes Story Free.
One of the cleverest and moat inter
esting det.-ctive stories ever written
about Sherlock Holmes, is "The Adven
ture of the Dancing Men." In this
strange narrative the subtle reasoning
powers of A, Conan Doyle's famous
character hold tha reader enthralled
from cornmancement to conclusion. It
is this great detective story that will be
given free, in booklet form, with every
copy of next Sunday's New York World
Itisonoof the set of thirteen such
stories Sundiy World readers are get
ting from week to week. Don't miss
one of them. Order the Sunday World
from your newsdealer in advance and
get the set.
Curiosities of Etymology.
It is extraordinary bow words for
the same thing differ in even bo small
a country as England. Take "left
handed," for example. In Gloucester
shire such a person Is described as
"scrnmmy," . In Staffordshire he be
comes "crapey," Jhe phrase for a left
banded Yorksh I reman Is "gawkrod
eer". or "calllck handed." and In the
next county. Durham, be is "cuddy
paw." London Telegraph.
Francis Labadle Here Soon
This widely known traveler will stop
over in New Bpm for one evening and
give his famous enter! ainmtnt, entitled
"An Original Idea.'! Mr, Labardie has
been in the larger cities from Portland,
Maine to San FrahciBco and from Nome
Alaska to Tampa, Fla. V
Mr. Labadie will be in New Bern on
April the 19 th.and all should see and
haar him. -
w ,s
' )1
This picture is an (lustration of three
carved spoons made by the Alaskan
Indiana. Largest of three meaaueres
sixteen inches from the tip of the han
dle to the end of thftbiwl. It ia made
from the horns of the mountain sheep,
and the handles of all three are fine
specimen of Indian skill in the art of
carving". The smallest pion is ebony
colored and is made of mountain goat's
born. They were obtained by Francis
l,nl Julio in Skrtir way, djrii'g his trip to
' '.ill r'ViHMrr.
: .
''xv-'t I'M--
Democratic Plaits To Lessen Ex-
penditureS Over f 2,000,000
Washington, April 16 The chairmen
of the nine committees on expenditure
in the nine department of the Govern
ment have asked Speaker Clark to pre
side over a meeting they will hold. It
is the purpose of the Democratic Con
gressmen to make retrenchments' that
will save the Government about $2 500,
000 annually.
''We are going about this thing in a
buBinesslike way," said Chairman Helm
of Kentucky. ' "By lopping off useless
officials at the Capitol and at the House
office building we will curtail the run
ning expanses of the House about 30
per cent. We think we can do as well
in the departments. It is dead timber
that we are after."
The Democrats on the committees
will form themselves into workihg
groups. The advice of Speaker Clark
and Mr. Underwood is desired. If the
Democrats- find what they think they
will find, they will use the information
gained for campaign purposes, If nec-
cessary, the committees will sit all sum
mer, regardless of when Congress ad
journs. -
Democratic ltadors are anxious to
have this inform- m at hand when the
real work of rev isin : the tariff is taken
up. It is their I. op t to be able to off
set the loss in revenues through tariff
reductions by the saving made in the
operation of the Governments vast ma
A Resourceful Cadger.
An EugllHh artist while painting a
sea piece discovered a bndger's lnlr and
thought to play tbe animal a practical
Joke. Gathering together a bundle or
grass and weeds, he placed it Inside
tbe mouth of the bole and, Igniting it
with a match, waited for the ignomini
ous flight of the astonished household
er. But Master Badger was a resource
ful animal and not disposed to be
made a butt of practical jokers. He
came up .from the depths of bis hole
as soon as the penetrating smoke told
him that there was a fire on tbe prem
ises and deliberately scratched earth
on tbe burning grass with bis strong
claws until all danger was past. No
human being could have grasped the
situation more quickly or displayed
greater skill in dealing with an un
familiar event.
Building a Reputation.
Young physicians in the smaller
towns have nn Idea that appearing
very busy will help them greatly In
starting a practice. Tbe following Is
told by a now prominent Kentucky
physician. He had a call tbe after
noon following the banging out of his
shingle and started through town in
his buggy at terrific speed. A police
man stopped the enterprising physi
cian.. "Doctor," be said, "it is against the
city ordinance to drive nt the speed
you are going. You must accompany
too to the Judge and pay your fine."
"What Is tho finer' inquired tne
"Five dollars."
The doctor's hand flew to his pocket
"Here's $10. 1 have to come back Just
as fast as 1 am going." Success Maga
The scroll of fame bos variant at
tractions for different minds.
"nere lies one. whose name was writ
In water" the despairing and dying
John Keats desired that admission of
defeat engraved for his epitaph.
"Write me as one who loved bis fel
low men," waa Leigh Hunt's asplra
Uon. ' ,' ,
To be remembered as the author of
the Declaration of Independence and of
the first statue for religious freedom
and as the founder of tbe University
of Vlrcinla. this was Thomas Jeffer
son's prayjer to posterity.
Thus one may co tbe range.' And
thus th lines recus: -'.
Ambition Is our idol, on whose wings
' Great minds are carried only to extreme.
- To be sublimely great or to be nothing.
Generous Tramp. ' ;
Tlense gimme a quarter," begged
nnnhnndler on Washington street "I
won't hand yer no tale about beln'
hungry, purd honest, I wanter git
drink." .
"But" we objected (for It was In
deed us), "you don't need a quarter
to boy a drink." -
"Sir," answered the panhandler, "do
youse t'luk I'm fallen so low as ter
take a gent's money an' den not Invite
him ter drink wld me?" Boston Trav
''-' Bait Eaters. .
Idiosyncrasy often takes tbe form of
a special craving for Instead of an oil
jectlon to certain foods. Many people
possess an extraordinary . relish for
common salt and will eat It by the tea
spoonfnl when opportunity admits.
This sometimes lends to obesity and
dropsy, but It has nlso the peculiar ef
fect of liicre islng the weight.
Tablets. Druggists refund money if it
fails to cure. K. W. CUOVE'S sizna
t-'re in n e i. h 1 x'. Z -. "
Agua Frieta. Captured Town
pected to be Scene of Severe
. .
Agua Prieta, Mexico, April 15th. In
full possession of six hundred armed
rebels tonight Agua Prieta is to be
made tho headquarters of rebel opera
tions in Sonora .
With "Red" Lopez and" his band
holding the town, following Its capture
the rebels are hurrying their troops to
ward this place, With their men all as
sembled, they expect to have a fighting
force of 1,600 with which they believe
they can successfully withstand any at
tack. The hardest fighting which the
Mexican rebellion has afforded to date
is expected to take place almost from
hour to hour in Agua Prieta. ;
The arrival of Garcia's command, ri
ding at top speed across the plains and
raising great clouds of dust, together
with the firing of shots by a detachment
of rebel scouts sent out to intercept
them, led to the belief that the expec
ted attack by the Federals was on.
Both Agua Prieta and Douglas were
thrown into a fever of excitement . In
Agua Prieta the rebels made ready to
resist an attack and in Douglas the cit
izens, remembering previous disastrous
occurrences sought places of safety.
The apprehension was lessened, a lit
tle by the knowledge that the approach
ing band were rebel reinforcements
Keep Your Carriage or Buggy
Keep your carriage or buggy looking
bright and new with a can of the L. &
M. Carriage Varnish Paint in various
Its cost is small per can.
One can makes a buggy look as fresh
as though just from the maker.
Anybody can use it
Get it from G ask ill Hardware & Mill
Supply Co. , New Bern, N. C.
Kind Little Boy.
"Has my boy been a little defender
and been kind to dumb animals to
day?" . . .v.
Tea. grandma. I let your canary
out of tbe cage, and when my cat
caught It I set Towser on her."
A Change of Opinion.
"I suppose, old fellow, your wife still
thinks she married a treasure?" re
marked a bachelor to a married friend.
'No." said tbe benedict; "I have . a
distinct Impression tbat she reearda
me as a treasury!"
When Dandruff Goes and Hair
Grows Abundantly.
Paris an Sage, America's greatest
hair restorer, will keep you looking
young and attractive.
It is guaranteed by Bradham Drug
Co., to make hair grow, and atop fall
ing bair; to cure dandruff in two weeks;
to stop itching of the scalp a most in
stantly. . ,
Parisian Sage is the moit invigorat
ing, satisfying and pleasant nair ares-
sing made. It ia not sticky or greasy.
it makes the hair soft, luxuriant and
handsome; it is especially praised by
women who love beautiful hair.. Pad'
sian Sage is for sale by Bradham Drug
Co. at 60 cents a large bottle. The
girl with the Auburn hair ia on every
April 16-Ths Baptist Sunday school
Easter egg hunt that was to be on Sat-!
urday was a disappointment, on account'
of rain, but took place sfer Sunday
School Sunday evening. There was a
great time for the little ones hunting
eggs. There waa a prize ehina egg to
be given the child that fonnd the great
est number of eggs. Master Luther
Jones and Lillie Sutton got the same
number and had to draw straws for the
prize, and Master Luther got the win
ning straw and the china egg. - There
was a large crowd and all enjoyed the
Mr. J, N. Edwards of Comfort Spent
Saturday and Sunday in Cove.
Mrs. R. B. Lane spent Sunday In
Cove visiting at Mr. J. J. Lanes.
' The Rev. Mines and Mr. P. S. Fort'
ner went to Fort Barnwell Sunday.
The Rev. M. W, Dorgham filled his
appointment at . the U, E. Church at
Cove today, i , ,
Mia, Peele McCoaK-y and her two
daughters' and her mother Mrs. Clarke
Wetherington of New Bern spent the
day with Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Wether
ington. . ;
Mr: Ei. Wadsworib and wife Mrs.
Bessie spent Sunday at Mr. J. J.
Lane's. I .
Mrs. W. E. Jones snd Master Lute
Jones wont to church at Winter Grtn
Sunday. '
Mrs. II. T. WI.ifep-.-tr-' ' yi'
I ', i i ! ' - 1
34th. YEAR
Reports Say The U. S. Troops
Halted on the Border.. Vic- .
tory For Rebels.
Washington, April IS, Mexican in- .
surrectors hold possession of Agua Pri
eta, oh the United States border oppo
site Douglas, K:-:i.:X'Su-- :''S.
According to the telegram received
two American non-combatants were
killed while on United States soil. Both
were railrod men engaged in theirduty..'
The Mexican Federal soldiers who fired
across the frontier when the battle be
gan to go against them, were disarmed
by the United States troops and are
held prisoners in Douglas.
The report aai 1 a force of 250 insur-
rectors boarded a special passenger
train at Fronteras, south of Agua Pri
eta. On arriving at Agua Prieta they
began shooting in all directions, Their
lire was returned by a force of sixty
soldiers composed of Federal troops !
and National guardsmen. The fighting
lasted two hours. Twelve rebels: were
killed and sixteen wounded, The less
on the Mexican Federal side was about
the same.,;.'
The dispatch received at the War De
partment makes no mention of any
American soldiers crossing the line into
Mexico, General Wood directed in his
telegram that, the commanding officer
inform him specifically upon that point.
Grave complications are feared if it in
found that any American soldiers inva
ded Mexican territory.
Army officers of tbe War Department
discredited the report that American
soldiers had crossed the Mexican fron
tier. Most specific instructions have
been given all officers commanding U.
S. troops along the border to the effect
that they must not under any circurr -stances
cros over into Mexico without
oulnrs from Washington.
Mrs. Stetson Compares Mrs.
Eddy to
Christ.. ,
Inexpressible gratitude should move
Christendom to bow tho head and bend
the knee to the great demonstrator of
eternal life, Jeans the Master Meta
physician, and Christ's followers
throughout the world should unite in
adoration for God and His Christ, from
whom flow eternal existence, love, joy
and peace. Spiritual , thought should
lift humanity above itself until itgrasps
the right hand of God, spurns the fet
ters of human belief, and enlists in the
spiritual warfare against the false
claim of sin, disease and death.
Unutterable gratitude and voheless
prayers ascend to our, God continually
for Jesus sacrifice of himself to free
humanity from mental slavery, and for .
Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and
Founder of Christian Science, who has
fpllowed Christ, and disclosed to this
age the Science of Being which Jesus
taught aud demonstrated. Christian
Scientists believe that their . revered
Leader will appear to those who poss
ess sufficient spiritual illumination, and
that she will, like the first demonstrat- ,
or Jesus the Christ (whom she has
faithfully and understanding follow
ed), prove her teaching that "man ie,
not shall be, perfect and immortal."
Mrs. Augusta Stetson on "What Chris
tian Science Really Is," in May Colum
bian, . Arab Patrol In New Bern. .
' Arab Patrol consisting of thirty-five,
younger members of the Mystic Shrine
ia planning to go to New Bern May 11
to participate in a big ceremonial to be
pulled off there. Captain James O.
Walker who has been carrying the pa
trol through a number of intricate drills
at regular intervale for aeveral weeks,
expects to introduce several fancy feat
ures at New Bern. Private cars will
be reserved for the party and during
the stay in New Bern the bunch ex
pects to have a splendid time indulging
in fishing and other sports. Charlotte
Observer. -
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