North Carolina Newspapers

Between "Mexican' Government
; and Insurrectos. Provisions of
.Truce. . .
El Paso. Tex.l April 24-An armistice
of five days, beginning at noon yester
day, and affecting the distrista around
Juarez and Chihuahua and wet f latter
city; was made effective in an exchange
of identical letters signed by General
Francisco L Madero, . for the" rebels,
and General Juan Navarro, for the gov
ernment. " " -;; h':-:. ' "' .-.
'. Th truee provides that there shall)
be no movement of 1 troops of either
Side during the next five days, And that
provisions vand--medicines may be
brought to either camp from the Ameri
can tide without payment of duty. It
' is noted that Ojinags, - whose small
Federal force is besieged, is not cover
ed in the armistice, the insurrecto act!
vities in that district being largely in
depdent. It U expected that in the
. event or tne settlement of the rebellion
in Chihuahua,, the situation at Ojinsge
and other scattered places througbou-,
the repuhl;c will receive at'Vntion. Th
moral effect. ' of : cesatu.-it f hnstiiitlet
in Chihuahua is -regard d a8C.rtin1e.
make settlements in other parts of th
country simple, f7.,.: 'x'T' ' -4-. -',-
Ac usl peace nego'iations preceded
the armistice. It was Known that r
.truce was agreeable to Msdeio and a
telegram from the city .of Mexico hk
formed General Madero that General
Navarro had been instructed by Presi
dent His to enter into the pact.,
Rheumatism Relieved in Six Hours
-. Dr. Dotchon's 'relief for Rheumatisn
usually relieves severest cases in a few
hours. Its action upon' the' system is
remarkable and effective, it removes
at once the cause and the disease quick '
iy disappears, IJirst dose greatly bene
fits. 75c and $1.00. "Sold by Bradham
Drug Co. ; '-
Norfolk A Wide Open Town.';
Those gentlemen who are in search
of a town that is "wide open" as gam
bling and other vices is concerned will
not now have to hie themselves to that
great metropolis, New York,- but can
find all of the allurements of the gamb
ling den, the saloon, the race' track,
and a laree number of others in the
beautiful (?) city of Norfolk, Va , A
gentleman 'arriving ''from that city
yesterday informed the writer that no
restriction is out on any of these resorts
by the law at that place, That several
days ago a squad of police raided 'a'
gambling den and after Capturing the
inmates and all of the pharapherr alia and
carrying them before a police -Justice
they were released from custody and
all of the paraphernalia returned to them
Handsomely Illustrated Booklet
on Washington,' D. C, Free.
- Any agent of the Norfolk-Southern
Ry , will furnish fopies to any one con
templating a trip -, 1
Interest Ia Corn Contest Growing.
Dear Sir:- . '
. Many . of the boys of your county
have joined the Com Contest conducted
Mr. I. 0. Schauband have neglected io
send in their, applicalionfor member
ship to the State Corn Club contest. '.'
, These two contests are entirely sep
arate. But the rules of each are such
that the boys can belong to both and
compete for the prizes offered, with
the same acre of corn, provided they
have filled eut and returned to each of-
ineir appucau m tor memoersnip.
And unless a boy has filled our. sign
ed and re:urned to Mr.-t. B - Parker
one of these application blanks he can
'not compete- for the prizss offered by
the State, Department of Agriculture.
These application blanks, together with
a leaflet of rules governingthe contest
can be obtained by writing to Mr. T.
B. Parker, Raleigh. . N. "C or from
your county Superintendent of Public
Instruction. : -,-. x , i .
' I hope that yqu will urge eyery boy.
who has not yet done so, ; to procure
-one of these bUnks, "fill it out and re
turn to Mr. Parker.7 By doing this the
boy will be competing for five more
prues with the same acre of corn, and
thereby greatly increase bis chance of
winning a prize, ' V v.. -
' I would be glad for - you to give this
matter a little space in the next two is
sues of your paper and urge the boys
to give it their prompt attention. , By
doing this you will greatly aid the De
partment of Agriculture in getting
them in touch with the boys and will,
at the same time, do the boys of your
county a great kindne-j by calling their
attention to this matter. i
Thanking you in advance for your
kindness, I am, T4
. Yoursvery truly,
- Assistant Director.
Cucumbers' and "Beatis Suffered
and Blooms on Berry Plants -
, ' -Killed.-Wilmington
Staf. 215 With , frost
throughout the entire eastern part of
the Statewyesterday morning. and, at.
some points ' the temperature , almost
down to freezing, the strawberry crop
received another set-back and cucum-j
ters, beans and other early truck crops
were considecably damaged. Frost was
predicted again for last night.;4, -
While all blooms on the strawberry
plants were killed by the frost the dam
age wss comparatively slight as the
berri s were not injured and brooms pat
out daily.'' The greatest damage being
done terries by the cold ia in prevent
ing them from ripening, In some lo
calities gro wets were prepared for all
emergency and the plants were covered
with pine straw and where this was
done not even the blooms were killed,.
The weather report showed that frost
was heavy at Wilmington, New Bern,
and W ldon and light at some of the in
terior points where as a 'Usual thing it
is much colder than in the eastern por
tion of t he St a( e. At Wilmington the
temperature; was 38 and at Lumberton
33, while New Bern Bhowed 34. Frost
is not an unusual occurrence the latter
tart of April- but this , ia the first
Spring in several years when the cold
haw h.en mfficient to damage crops. In.
1907 very cold weather prevaile i . at
Easter and the strawberry crop was cut
veryihort number of cars being only
about 1.000. -
Continued cool weather is having a
s Tious effect on berry shipments and it
h feared if itcon'inues many dajs long
er the crop will be cut short. " Indicat
ions pointed to the shipment of about
15 Cih-s from the entire berry belt yes
terday und one year ago from 80 to 90
aars per day were being shipped.
Mr. Fly and his family will
soon .call. Greet them with
well screened 'windows ' and
doors "anil save a doctor's tillv
We have the Screens. J. S.
Basnight Hdw.. Co., phone
H 67 S. Front St.
- Frank Cing Dead.
Mr. Frank King, a well known house
painter and citizen residing at 48 George
street,' was stricken with paralysis
while at work Monday afternoon April
24th, and expired in a short time.
Mr, King was a native of Jones coun
ty, 57 years of age, ar-d leaves a widow
ami-several daughters. He came to New
Bern from Kinston a few years ago and
las made many friends h re who will
regret to learn of his passing.
The remains were taken - to Kinston
yesterday morning and from there were
carried to the deceased former home,
near Tuckahoe, Jones county for inter
ment. . - " . ; - ' ' '
Building a Reputation.'
- Young physicians in the. amallei
towns have an. Idea that appearing
very busy- vrtH help them greatly In
startlug a practice. The following Is
told 'by a: now prominent -Kentucky
physician. He had a call the after
noon following the banging out of bis
shingle and started through town in
bis buggy at terrific speed. A police
man stopped the enterprising physi
cian.. ;v,;': V' - ' :
"Doctor,"-he said? 'It la against the
city ordinance to drive at the speed
you are going. You must accompany
me to the Judge and pay your fine."-.
"What Is the fine?" Inquired the
."Five-dollars." - - -.
The doctor's hand (lew to bis pocket
"Here's $10, . I have to come back Just
as fast a 1 am going." Success Mftga
cine. .:;.-' ;';"':'"-'., .'-'! -;-;- .''t , .
;v- ; Ambition. " ' :-
The scroll of fame has variant 'at
tractions for different minds. '
' "Here lies one whose name was writ
lu water" the despairing and dying
John Keats desired that admission of
defeat engraved for his epitaph.
"Write me as one who loved bis fel
low men," was Leigh Hunt'a aspira
tion. ' ., . .' '
To be remembered as the author of
the Declaration of independence and of
the first stutue for religious freedom
and as the founder of the University
of Virginia, this was Thomas Jeffer
son's prayer to posterity. . " .
.Thus one mny go the range. And
thus the lines recur: . ' v'
Ambition Is ourldol, on whose wtnsa
Orsat minds are earrM only to extreme
To b subUmeljr rwt or to be nothing-.
Splendid Fishing at Beaufort and
Morehead City. .
Beaufort, April 22 Large catches of
Trout and Bass are being made daily in
the vicinity of Beaufort and Morehead
City, Beginning early In April Trout
and Bas begin to run and a record sea
son is predicted by the wily boatman
and guides of thia vicinity. ' V"
Minority of Ways and Means
'.' Roasts Farmers' Free
- List.
WssSington, April 26th. -Calling the
Fanners' Free List bill "political gooth
tne syrup,''the Republican minority of
the House Ways and -Menus Committee
has jpme'nWd a : rport 'tearing Jkl&i
nothing but reciprocity should be acted
upon at this session.
It was signed hy representatives Hid
Payne," Da'zell, McCsll, . Needham,
Fordney ar.d Longworth, and read in
part as folio:
. "T;'e nding bill was ordered report
ed net only without investigation, but
witho'it eemblance of consideration ly
the Otiiunittee. It was. srated in the
committee that it would reduce reve
nues about $1,500 000, and it is now ad .
mitted that it will cut down the revenue
by more than $10,000,000, and later ad
missions are that it was christened by
its authors 'The Farmers' Freei List
Bill,' and it represent a transparent
attempt at the manufacture of p'diti
cal capital. In view of the title, which
its friends have given if, it would at
least have been proper to investigate
the effect it is likely to have upon the
agricultural interests.
"The President of the United States
felt it his duty to Congress in special
session to consider ttie Cuiadian Red
procity hill.
"That bill has alrendy been acted up
on hy"the House, and ingle-id of bring
ing forward tariff hills, ill considered
or not considered at all, for the purpose
of administering political soothing syr
up to particular classes of population','
the undersigned are of the opinion that
the interests of tha farmer and every
bxiy" else wiil be subserve. 1 if the coun
try is spared from further political ex
ploitation and further tariff legislation
at the present time and adjournment is
taken promptly after the Reciprocity
bill shall have been finally acted upon."
Congress will continue In session all
summer, in the opinion of Speaker
Champ Clark, who at the White House
"I have been in two extra sessions
called for the revision .of the ttriF,
both beginning in March, and we got
away in August both times."
Carload of Automobiles Arrived.
A car containing four Regal automo
biles which were, shipped by the Motor
Company, of Winston-Salem. N. C,
arrived In this city yesterday; Two
of the cars had already been disposed
of while the other two were sent here
to be used as demonstration cars. In
placing the automobiles in the freight
car it was necessary to place one of
ihem on a scaffold over another and
sometime during the transit it fell upon
the car underneath and completely
demolished it. The seats were torn off,
the fenders broken, the wind shield so
badly "twisted that it was discarded and
in fact the auto was so badly damaged
that the gentleman in charge of the
shipment decided that it would have to
be returned to the factory to be rebuilt
The car which fell, was also badly dam
aged. .. --
.hereby at once announce myself - a
safn candidate, and may I now thank
my many friends for past patronage.
I now shall cut prices on all kinds of
sawed shingles, a large, stock on htn,
must be sold by April 14th; will close
out cheap as I expect to 'make some
change in my business. You win 'and I
lose. "
, - The Shingle Man.
... ! - ;
Last evening at the home of M r, Wil
liam Paul, on Burn street, Mr. Hugh
Smi'.h and Miss Mabel Toler. were uni
ted in the holy bonds of matrimony by
Rev, A. C S.'huier. v -:", ,
Barn and Stock Destroyed.-
At an early hour yesterday morning
the large barn on Mr. J. A. Jones
farm about 12 milea from this city and
which ia under the supervision, of Mr..
X. M. Brock, was completely destroyed .
by fire of an unknown origin. When
the blaze was first discovered Mr. Brock
rushed inb
to liberate nve norsea which were in
their- stalls. , Tha animal's became
frightened, however and only one of
them waa saved. ... A large quantity of
feed stuff and seeds was also destroy id.
Just In the rear of the building was a
uiiui uiciuiure in wuiui ivh nuoui - oo
cowl, fortunately none of these were
injured. Mr. Jones was out of the city
yesterday wat impossible to learn
whether there wjs any "insurance on
the building or stock.. , . , v
iill .VI ' iVlUilLY ilXvj
tu tvKOHa MUNitsu buuois
Naval Powder, Pomp andJSplen-
dor and a Fizzle, i ;
- v;--
The -Admiral, With rile Assembled Was Under the InL ressien
That He Was About to Greet Mil!
Ury .Guest, but He Was Miataksn.
A group of officers Were-Swapping"
storirs t tli Array .and Sue eluH in
Washington .one nlht when-, one was
reminded of an amusing incident .that
occurred in connection with jthe .stay
of the flagship Monongaheia at Pensa
cola bay whon Farragut-waen board.
The old fighter had been very busy
the week before paying official calls on
the mainland, and among'' those who
bad euteriuiued him was General Can
by. When, therefore; word: was re
ceived that the general would visit the
ship the next day the admiral was de
termined .to have everything. In readi
ness to receive him in a stylejbecomlng
his rank. ' i '
The bid boat was scrubbed and holy
stoned from stem to stern. She brass
work was given ao extra rub', and
things generally were put inty tn best
of order. The captain of thfl marines
had a special inspection of'uls com
pany, and not'a spot of rusCor a dull
helmet spllte escaped his notiJa, When
night closed In darkness settled down
over n very clean ship and a i $tS tired
Bhlp'SyCoinpany,. .;"""
Bright and early the next
the admiral's launch was sent off to
bring the general aboard. At-the last
jnoment it wns discovered that there
was no fruit for luncheon, and Pomp,
the admiral's cook, was sent in the din
ghy to get some. . '
Pomp was a character in. his way
and had been with the admiral for
many years. He was very,: proud of
What he called bis military bearing and
wore his benrd carefully trimmed to a
point. His huir and beard xfere nearly
white, and, although he 'was sixty
years old, be ruled the ottwr negroes
with a rod of Iron. i
By 10 o'clock every one w standing
by In full dress, when the quartermas
ter came aft and reported that the ad
miral's launch, was returning. The
ofiicer of the deck walked o the rail
and took a squint at the bot through
his glasses. 'A hiati'.tflBa' in blue uni
form was seated in the admiral's cane
chair in the stern, hut as the gunwale
strnck him just below his shoulder and
the awning hid his head the officer of
the deck was not certain that, it was
General Canny until as the wind lifted
the edge of the nwning he caught a
glimpse of a gray heard,
Word was passed that the general
was coining. The crew were beat to
quarters, the mnrlne guard paraded,
ahd the gun squad, detailed to fire the
salute, tool; their stations. Everything
was in readiuess, and the admiral aud
his staff stood at the head of the gang
way to receive the guest. A hush of
expectancy settled over the ship,
The boat drew nearer, .lust as the
launch scraped alongside, boom, boom,
came the salute from the Kuns.
"I'resent arms!" came Jhe command
to the guard, and at a sign from the
flag ufiicer the band struck up "Hnll
to the Chief."
Amid ell this, military pomp and
splendor the. occupant of the launch
was slowly clambering, feet foremost
and just as the last gun was fired be
stood erect at the top of the gangway,
it was the "admiral's cook with a bag
of fruit In each hand! The honors In
tended for a general had been rendered
to old Pomp! As the situation dawned
on the men even discipline could not
check a general shout of laughter. The
old admlrak himself laughed until he
could mush no longer.
Jt seemed that In some way the
dinghy bad gone off and left the old
negro and that be menaced to con
vluce the coxswoln that "Marse Farra
gut was. Jest bound to nave dat fruit
befo' the general came."
Pomp "wnuted to land at the port
Banttwav. but the coxswain Insisted
that the admiral's launch nefrer went
ta the port "ide and jthnt the old man
would have to land on the starboard
side, aft. Had the awning been a
little blsher the mistake In Identifica
tion"' would no ihuve occurred. As
things were. no otie could be .blamed,
and the nffalr' was treated na a Joke,
while the" old cook was nicknamed the
'General." - . .. " r 5: !- .;
When nn hour Inter General Canny
did come he was received - with all
due: ceremony and on being told the
story laughed until the tears rolled
down his checks and demanded to aee
the man 'who had stolen bis salute.
New York Press. " "' '' -,, .
;,Ysterday morning at Franklin, Va.,
Mrs- Sallie B. Perrv. The remains will I
funeral service will be cond ucted at
Christ Church by Rev. B. F, Husk
this afternoon at 4 o'clock.-The Inter-
ment will be made in Cedar Grove
cemetery. '(...' -
I i V '' " . : .'
Mrs. Eliza W. Parker," wifa of Mr.
Jasi R. Parker, Sr. died at her lata
residence, No. 52 East Front alreet
yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock.' Mrs.
Parker was 78 years of age and is sur
vived by her husband and six children.
The funeral service will be Conducted at
the Methodist Church this afternoon at
&"su o ciock oy Kev, j. a, uuriey. -
Against Listing Them Ocrtaiu
Bondholders Kilter
New York, April 27-Kdward L An
drews of No. 25 Broad street, counsel
for the Corporation of Foreign Bor.d
holders of London, and a committee of
North Carolina bondholders, has written
t George W Ely, Secretary of the
New York Stock Exchange, protesting
against the 1 r-sting of proposed issue of
bonds by the States of Mississippi and
North Carolina.
Mr. Ely says that although Missis
sippi has sold several hundred thousand
dollars of the proposed issue it declined
to pay the first coupon on the ground
that the bonds were illegally issued:
snd declined to repay the money paid
for the bends on the ground that the
money had been expended.
Mr, Andrews says these transactions
were conducted with reticence in Octo
ber, November and December last.
Mr. Andrews says that North Caro
lina is preparing to issue more than
$800,000 of additional State bonds, not
withstanding the "reprehensible cir
cumstances connected with the existing
default upon its bonds now outstand
Mr. Andrews d dares that it is the
purpose of his clients and others organ
izations interests! to oppose the exten
sion of further credit to these communi
Secretary Ely has referred the letter
to the Stock Listing Committees,
Will Return Valuable Relic.
State Adjutant General has
received a letter from Charles E. Le
Grand, a Union Veteran, now living at
Salem, Mass.. offering to return to the
owner, if he be iivirg, or relatives, a
Bible that he has in his possession.
Mr. LGrand was a musician in the
Federal army at the time of the fall of
New Bern n 1802, and it was at a fort
near the city that he picked up the Bi-
b'e. Upon a fly leaf is written the name
"Lieutenant C. A". Boone, Co. D. 35:h
N. C. Camp Morgan," and a note to
the effect that the book had been pre
sented to Lieutenant Boone, by Mrs. C.
K. Caldwell. Upon numerous pages the
name of Francis McKihley appears. It
is more than probable that it is the
name of the Lieutenant's sweetheart
The records show that -Charles A
Boone enlisted in the Confederate serv
ice in 1861 from Chatham county as 2d
Lieutenant xnd that in 1863 he was com
missioned First Lieutenant. His name
does not appear on the pension roll,
therefore it is not known whether he is
alive or dead.
Who Francis McKinley was or wher
he met her, or what were their rela
tions ,are facts if known, from which
perhaps a pretty (little story could i e
Andrew Carnegie appeared before the
grand jury in New York which is inves
tigating the affairs of the failed Carne
gie Trust Co.
The building of the Tarrymoor'e Hotel
marks the beginning of a new era in
the history of Swanshoro. An era of
progress,' and development we believe,
such as the town has never known be
fore.. The hotel was built ly one of the
beat known hotel mtn in the State, Mr.
W J, Moore of the Tarrymoore,
Wrightsville Beach. Its known to all
that a hotel has been the - crying need
of this town for many years,- and the
new ono is a model In every respect.
With all modern conveniences ahd
equipments, It is prepared to serve
its guests with' almost, ever) delicacy
that the American appetite demands or
desires. -
Swansboro was fortunate in having
Mr. Moore make his residence here, for
not only has be built a fine hotel but he
ia haying two large stores erected also.
He ia intensely interested in good
roads, andia working to get the roads
to this place modernized. , -
What Swansboro needs now ia a rail
road, needs it badly. - The town ia ide
ally located or a Summer resort, or
even a'W'nter resort; cooled in Summer
by delightful breezes from the Atlantic
Ocean, it ia protected from Winter
blasts by forests of (he interior,
by gasolene boats which handle a consid
erable traffic for this place and points
up Queen's Creek and Whiteoak rivtr,
These boats ply Bogue South, which ia
one of the calmest and prettiest bodies
of water along the coast, almost . liko
a lake, nasa bv Morehead Citv. through
Alia Tnlanfl f!nfiat-ant olnnir ta Man I
to New Bern, from which place" U
brought considerable merchandise.
The Methodist heia have built a. home
for their pastor. Most of the people
contributed cheerfully and liberally and
( it didn't take long to complete a nice
In This City Convened Yesterday
Morning For a One Week Term
Judge H. G. Connor Pre
siding. A one week term of the United States
Circuit and District Courts convened in
this city yesterday morning for a one
week term with Judge H. G. Connor,
of Wilson, N. C. presiding! j
The docket for the present term is
unusually light, and it ia not probable
that the entire week will be consumed,
The following grand jury was drawn.
C. E. Foy, city, foreman: Ralph Ben
der, Wards Mills; W E Tucker, Green
ville; J C Mush, Cash Corner; Ben Wil
lis, Bairds Creek; A J Collins, Mays
ville; C T Cox, Richlands; M C Korne-
gay, Mt. Olive; Lemuel Aldridge, Shint
Heny Carrawan, Messic; S R Stieet,
city; John Herring, Seven Springs;
Enoch Nobles, Trenton, R B Parker,
Trenton; Henry French, Kinston; W S
Blount, Ayden; Harvey Hancock, Ay
den; J II Mewborne, Kinston,
After the grand jury had been secured
the regular routine of the days' work
was begun.
The following cases were disposed of:
U S vs G H Crady, of Wayne county,
charged with making an opportunity to
defraud, nolle prosed.
U S vs T J Kearney, of Craven coun
ty, charged with retailing. Nolle pros.
U S vs John Dixon, of Craven coun
ty, charged with retailing, case nolle
U S vs A I. Jackson, B F Jackson, A
Ciuisey and Willis Grimes, of Pitt Co.
charged with illicit distilling, case nolle
prossed. .
- U S vs Wm II Morning, of Craven
county, charged with retailing, case
nolle prossed.
In the case of U S vs C L Stevens
and James F Taylor charged with aid
ing and abetting J R B Carraway for
merly teller in the National bank in
this city, embezzling and misappropri
ution of funds the case was nolle pross
ed. U S vs Geo, Raynor, charged with
illicit distilling, the defendant was
given a jury trial and found guilty but
sentence has not yet been passed.
U S vs J M Andrews, of Wayne Co
charged with distilling, was found guil
ty and sentenced to a term of three
years at the Federal prison at Atlanta,
J M Davis, of Lenoir county, plead
guilty to a charge of illicit distilling
No sentence has yet been passed.
Bogus Cloth.
What is Paint? Some people think
anything labelled "paint" is paint, but
there's a difference, just as much as
between one kind of cloth and another.
Cloth nine-tenths cotton and one tenth
wool, is bogus cloth. Cloth all wool
wears to the limit Paint at a price be
tween 75 Cents and $1.50 is like bogus
cloth. The L. & M. Paint is all wool
and wears to the limit. 1 here's a rea
son. "Longmae & Martinez, Manufactur
ers - The L. & M. Pure Paints, Varnish
es and Paints for every purpose, for
sale by Gaskill Hdwe. & Mill Supply
Co., New Bern, N. C.
Will Speak Here Friday Night.
Mr. S. A. Thompson, Field Sicretary
of the National Rivers and Harbors
Congress will deliver sn address at the
court house Friday night at 8:30 o'clock
on the subject of 'Deeper Waterways.'
Mr. Thompson made a short talk on
this subject last Thursday night at the
meeting of the Chamber of Commerce,
and those who heard him pronounce it
the best talk on that subject they ever
After hearing Mr. Thompson on this
great subject the Chamber of. Com
merce invited him to return ao that ev,
ery citizen-could have the oppor
tunity of hearing him ducuss a sub
ject that is ao vital lo our community,
Samuel Adama, of Chicago, will be
appointed by President Taft to succeed
First Assistant Secretary Pierce, of the
Interior Department. '
Onslow county April 24 There will
be a basket supper at Spring-Hill Fri
day night April 28th. Everybody cor
dially invited to come. Girls come aiid
bring basket and boys come prepared
to buy them. ) :'- .'
Mr. J. C. Trott spend Saturday night
at Mr. A. T. rott's, ' 1 ,
Mersra.Sylveater Morton and Fiee
man Nulville went down to North East
fishing Friday, they caught eight. You
had good luck boya you better try it
again. . V-"';-;''.-.' v '
' Mrl ST A. Trott visited Jones county
Sunday. Think there must be some at
traction. ,-
Our school at Spring Hill will oon be
up only three more dry.
In The Federal Prison At Atlanta.
Several Other Oases Disposed
of at Yesterday's Session.
At yesterday's sessions of - Federal .
Court now in session in this city Frank ,
Sanders of Newport, plead guilty to a
charge of retailing and waa sentenced
to a year and a day in the Federal pris
on at. Atlanta, Ga . and to pay a fine of
$ti.O and the coat of the case. .
This case has attracted a great amount
of interest in this section aud the court
room was packed with spectars, many
who had come to the city for this pur
pose alone, while the trial was in pro
gress. It will be remembered that San
ders was captured several months ago
by the revenue officer in this district .
and brought to this .city for trial. His
rial did not come up on the first day of
court and he asked to be allowed to give
ond in the sum of t 000. Ho was al ,
lowed to do this and immediately after
he left the city and when his case was
called he failed to put in his appear
ance. After being at large a number of
months, he was captured near More
head City several days ago by 'Deputy
Marshal Lilly and brought to this city
and placed in jail for safe keeping. At
the trial yesterday Sanders, plead
guilty to the charge ot. retailing and
asked the mercy of the court injregards
to his behavior in failing to put in his
appearance when his cane was called
at a-previous term. He said that on
the Sunday previous to the Monday on
which his trial was to have been called
at the last term of court, he began to
think seriously of the predicament which
he was in ard had decided to commit
suicide. He seoured a bottle of lauda-
naum and drank the contents. This be
numbed his faculties but did not kill
him. His wife found him lying on the
floor of his t-tore while he was in this
condition and carried him into h s room
and put him to bed. That on the fol
lowing morning he was feeling much
better and went to the depot at New
port. and boarded the train for this city.
He arrived here at an early hour and
went at once to the. Federal building
for the purpose of having a talk with
the solicitor. When he arrived there,
however, he failed to find anyone there
and he then went down to Mr. J. B.
Watson's establishment for the purpose
of procuring his breakfast. While he
was there he was taken very - sick and
while lie was in this condition he decid
ed to return to - bis home. This he did
and a few day later went to Florida to
visit a brother who was living in that
State. A few months ago he returned
to his home and had resided there up to
the time of his arrest.
Both the prosecution and the defense
place a number of witnesses on the
stand and considerable time was spent
in taking the testimony of these.
Joseph Sasser of Wayne county was
found guilty of retailing and was sen
tenced to the Federal prison for 3
Frank Bryan, of this city, was found
guilty of retailing but no sentence has
yet been passed upon him.
While you are having that
spring cleaning, make a new
room of an old one with B.
P. S. Flat Wall Finish. . For
color cards, phone 99 or write
J. S. Basnight Hdw. Co.. 67
S. Front St.
Accident to Sheriff Biddle.
Tha friends of Sheriff J, W. Biddle
are grieved to hear of a painful acci
dent which occurred to him some days
ago. The Sheriff and Mrs. Biddle are at
Red Springs, Robeson countyr and ac-
cording to tha report received here.
Sheriff Biddle was walking on a plank
or board and fell to the ground, dislo
cating even breaking his hip. It is
hoped it will be learned that tha acci
dent was not aa serious as ia now laid
to have been,- ; -.
Immerson School Commencement,
Swansboro, April SO The closing ex
ercises of the Emmetosn School at this '
place were held in th Unitarian church
Friday th 23rd Inst, in connection with
th lost meeting for th season ot "Ti
Temperance Loyal Legion'
-'T)lA Tinnlla VOMICA tn tka c warlnna
tranche they hav studied, and show
ed evidence of faithful work during th
year. . ; . :
singly, and io groups. Compositions
war read by th older pupils; inter-
ipnsed with pleasing songs, 1
Altogether the exercise reflected
great credit upon th school and upon
I Miss 8. Johnson, th accomplished lady
' principal, and delighted th th audi-
enc of parent and friends.
. y Over twenty pspils received prizei
.tot faithfnl attendance.
i nnr 40 ttv a r m n .1 irv in a tti

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