North Carolina Newspapers

    No. 16
Good Roads Meeting and ' Pic nio
"Held at Riverdalc Yesterday.- '
".dumber of Visitors Present.
. Yesterday was gala day at Riverdale
and it was a day that will live long in
the minds of citizens of that place and
the surrounding locality. . The Method
ist Sunday School of that place held
their annual pio nic yesterday and in
addition to this a "Uood Koada ' . meet
ing was also held.' A number of New
Bern citizens went down on the early
train and a few hours later another
party left for the scene of the festivi
ties in automobiles,, arriving these
shortly before noon..' - . . , . 7 ;
.. The entire forenoon wss given over
to the pic nickers and they thoroughly
enjoyed the occasion.-' Shortly after 12
o'clock a sumptuous dinner was laid
and everone present invited to partake
of thehrepasL -,, Ji-i'i
Immediately after dinner Mr. Wm.
Dunn chairman of the Board of Trus
tees of the Highway"'. Commission in
vited the aisembley to the church where
interesting speeches were made by the
following gentlemen in behalf of good
roads in general and the great Central
Hisrhwav in osrticular: Messrs.'- R. A.
'Nunn, J, A Bryan, C R. Thomas,- L
L Moore. Judge Bryan, C. D. Bradham
C Foy.'andG.L: HaVdisbn.
- .At the conclusion of the meeting. reso
lutions were passed adopting the pre
sent road between New Bern and
- Beaufort be used for the Central High
way. After (hh had been done: the
- turned to their homes. "-7. vj;
The people cf that locality are es
pecially interested in this Central High
way and have promised the commission
:-16 give them all of the assistance pos
sible in building the .road."' 'K -y
; -',) ' 2 ' "'-
- Your lawn will; present a
ftiore sightly appearance, by
the " application pX a Phila
delphia; Lawn Mower,, J.' S.
"Basnight Hdw., Co; Phone
99, 67.S. Front Sti "
. Stimson May Bun With Taft.
Washington, May 25-0ne of the most
interesting bits of political gossip Wash
ington has heard in a long while car
rent here to the effect that the entrance
of Henry L. Stimson, of New York' in-
- to President's Cabinet may mean that
he will be Mr. Taft's running mate in
the campaign of 1912. " President Taft,
it is said,' fully expects io be renomi
nated and little consideration is given
here to reports to the contrary. The
advisers of the President in casting
about for a man to head the ticket with
him are said to look ; with much favor
npon Mr. Stimson, the new Secretary
of War, They appear to be particular
ly anxious t? get a strong man from
the progressiva element-on the ticket,
and prefer one from a pivotol State
like New York.
We sell the' White. Moun
tain Freezers. Send us your
orders.' J. S. Basnight Hdw.,
Co. Pone 99. 67 S. Front St.
Notice to Mariners.
' Albemarle Sound-Croatan light sta
tioncharacteristic of light, column 6;
to be amended arf follows; - ' ) fl , -
Fixed white with a fixed red sector
between 2761) and 315 .
- Beaufort Uarbor range lights estab-
lidhed, May 5, to "marie dredged channa
across bar. . . ' ": - " ' -
Shackleford Point Range. '
. Front light, a fixed red lens-lantern
1 -lit screened so (hut it will not be vis
ible in line with f a 1 Inland range rear
light, shown 16 feet above water, from
a rd 3 pile horizontally slatted struct
ure. . . ;
Rear Light, a fixed white lens lan-
tern litfht, Illuminating the entire hori
son, shown 31 fet shove water, from a
8 pile, horizontally slatted structure,
surmounted by i t; ahout 3,000 feet
(1 n.ilO 37o true I N. mag.) in
rear of front :ri.-t.' ' ' '
Lird Inland K.i ft. '
Front Linht, a fixed red lunj-lantera
l's-ht, screened so that it will not be vis
- MM in linewith Shackleford Point range
rear light, shown 16 fdet above
from a red S-pila horizontally
Rtar Light, a fixed white lens-lantern
light, illuminatit g; the entire hori
zontally s'atted structure, surmounted
ty pout, ahout 2,400 feet ( mile) 20,o
true (NNE. i E mag.) in rear of front
:.'-. ,
AUt: in'.) foun.l, Norfolk-Southern
raiir m l Lri ' a rr.wj A'-! f-marle SoutiJ
Norfolk Z.u-. - ,. , ! ' y Lri
mark ami f i I I V '
daymark i a i' ' ! H f t I, '
,'S Day-
1 I ivL x 2
lyl !
t n t p of hri ' i t i'
r. arms. Tin 1 1 ' i i
,' rli" t!.' i-r t :' v
Under Stress of 111 Health, Aged
. Mexican Dictator Gives - v
V -. up the Struggle.
... Mexico City.ttay, 26. General Por
flriO' Diaa resigoed the presidency of
Mexico at 4:46 o'clock Thursday afternoon.-
Francisco De La Barra automat
ically became provisional president, but
will aot take the oath untQ later. Im-
mense erowds thronged the streets; bull" 2B,0mrSontlierti farmeraWrtK 61nyptnd many onheThills are no making
there was no violence. - Business was
suspended by general accord. . -
Provisional President-elect De La
Barra, acknowledged his elevation to
that high office in an open letter to the
Mexican people last night He declared
he would not be a candidate for either
president or vice-president when a gen
eral election should be called.
In his letter De La Barra, in referr
ing to Toreign relations, declared that
the Mexican government will spare no
effort to make its relations with for
eign nations more friendly every day.
President Dial's letter of resignation
follows: -
"Sir The Mexican people who gen
erously have covered me with honors,
Who proclaimed me as their leader du
ring the international war who- patriot
ically assisted me in all works underta
ken to develop industry and the; com
merce of the republic, establish its cred
it, gain for it the respect of the . world
and obtain for It an honorable position
in the concert of nations; that samepeo
pie sir, has revolted in armed military
bands, stating that my presence in the
exercise of supreme executive power is
the causa of this insurrection. . ' -.
" 1 do not know of any fact imputa
ble to me which could have caused this
social phenomenon, "but, permitting,
though not admitting, that I may be
unwittingly culpable, such a possibility
makes me the least able to reason out
and decide my own culpability. There
fore, respecting as I have always re
spected the will of ths people, and in
accordance with article 82-of the Feder
al constitution, I coma before the su
preme representatives of the nation in
order to resign, unreservedly, the office
of Constitutional President of the Re
publicjjfith which the national vote hon
ored me, wnicn I do with ail the more
reason since, in order to remain in of
fics it would be necessary to shed Mex
lean blood, endangering the eredft of
the country, dissipating its wealth, ex
hausting its resources and exposing its
policy to international compilations. '
" I hope, gentlemen, that wn the
passions which are inherent to all revo
lutions have been calmed, a more con
scientious and justified study Will bring
out in the national mind a correct ac
knowledgement which will allow me to
die, carrying engraved iamy soul just
impression of the estimation of my life,
which throughout I have devoted and
will devote to my countrymen,' ,
t - - Hardly.
"Whlffe has bought a Yery hand
some axmlnster." . .
I'm so gladl Msybt he will take
me for a ride."
T hardly, thfnk so. There are no
magic carpett these days." Birming
ham Age-Oeralo,
Bradstrcet 'a Weekly Trade Report?
Richmond, Va., May 25.-Bradstreet's
tomorrow will ssy for Richmond and
vicinity: " ' -
Changes for the week in the condition
of trade are few and not important Job
le-sof shoes, .clothing and hats are
making early shipments of fall orders
and have received a gool volume of
business. The warm weather has been
fsvorabla to retail trade, and stocks
. have been depleted to some extent.
1 T7i . i -i . :.
nrospect for future business, but at
present most of them are working on
abort time Dealers in paper and kin
dred lines report only moderate sales
and unfavorable market conditions due
to sn extended period of low prices.
Curtailment of production continues
among the cotton spinning and knitting
mills. Manufacturers of buggies and
wagons bsve had a fairly satisfactory
seaaon. collections are lair, the con
tin'ied drought is unfavorable to all
crops, snd in some localities it nas oe-
come serious. Early vegetablea and
berries show a considerable shortage,
and receipts are much below the aver
e. Corn is badly in need of rain, the
f!W local showers have afforded only
tmr-nnrarv and !' "ht relief, and in some
l it j sections there is talk of replanting be
( inif necssary unless there be a copious
rainfall in a few days, .
Have you n' ;'''cted your Kidneys?
Cave you overwo.WJ yorr nervous ys
n an J cauHff 1 troi;hle v. I:h your kid-
i'-J 1" ! ' rt ITavs yua i '..s in
:a, s'.' i, 1 ftt k, gr!t an-l t! . !
-9 y-j a r ' ' y s; : re cf
i rT
i j i ' rl i r- 7 T o fee
t a t ': ,i 13 ; L. ? If ), V. .!-
-.' I " ' 1 'l V ' I c :S J" t t
. : . ;:Tr.
Farmers Will be Supplied With
' Weather - Predictions - by
. :,... Phone.
Washington, D. C. May 26 -Announ
cement is made by the. Southern Bell
Telephone and Company that
it has completed arrangements by which
co-operating with the Unite) States
Weather Bureau,- it will supply more
weather reports by telephone,
At a given hour each -day a general
alarm will be sounded, calling every
farmer to the telephone. ' The daily re
port will then be read. . In case a far,
mer does not find it. convenient to an
swer the signal, he may have the privi
lege of calling the operator and receiv
ing the information.-' -
Peerless Iceland Freezers,
you' don't break them, -they
reeze quicker and last long
er. Fhone ', J. s. Miner.
". Ly , ; . . r ' i ; , 'mi,)' -1,, ,' in -, mi', , :' X"- '
- ;.. - -.
Light Docket For Next Term Court. ;
Unless something unexpected occurs
the next term of Craven county court
which convenes on June 12th, for a one
week term, will have one of the light
est dockets of the year up to the pres
ent time. Outside of a few blind tiger
defendants sent over since the last
term, there have been only a few de
fendants bound over from any of the
magistrates courts or from the police
court However, it is invariably the
case that the June docket is very light.
State Bond Issue Sold.'
Raleigh, N, C, 'May 25.r-The issue
of 1310,900 North Carolina State bonds,
4 per cent, for forty years, was sold
Thursday to C. C. McDonald, of Raj
eigh, and A. 6.'Leich, of New York,
on a joint bid for $10,124. Qf .these
bonds $240,000 is for ihe fireproof S'ate
administration buiklmsr nd $(0,00 for
the proposed State school for feeble
minded. There were seventeen bidders
and the total amount of bonds bid for
was $387,100.- ' ' ' - - -
Rheumatism Relieved in Six Hours
Dr. Detchon 's relief for Rheumatism
usually relieves severest cases in a few
hours. Its action upon tho system, is
remarkable and effective, It removes
at once the cause and the disease quick
ry disappears. First l . neatly bene
fits. 75c and $1.00i . Sc Id by Bradham
Drug Co. ,
-.v Last Legal Hanging. r ' '
Frankfort. Ky. May 26 Kentucky's
last legal execution by hanging occurred
yesterday morning at sunrise, when
Roger Warren, a negro, who killed an
other negro, was hanged, Warren con
fessed the . murder. An electrocution
law is how effective in Kentucky.
r Special Committee, - ,
Washington, May. 26A new turn
was given to thaLorimer ease when-a
number ot Democratic Senators declar
ed a party caucus called by Senator
Martin that they would support the La
FolleJAe resolution,' which would place
the conduct of the proposed new inquiry
in' the hands ot a special committee of
five new Senators rather than leave it
with the regular Senate Committee on
Privileges and Elections, -
If you ".expect to' buy a
Dinner Set. now is 'the time,
as M. E. Whtteh'urst 1 &: CO.,
will give special discounts
ajl this week. 7
i" What Twtoe Half Might Do. -
Fred DourIsss. the colored orator, at
one time made a speech In Ohio. Just
after this speech tie overheard two
Irishmen talking. ' : . " --
Bald one Irishman. "That's a molghty
pholne speech for to be made by' a
nayrer." : - -' .. -
"Ah, yes. It was qnolte pbolnol But
be Is only half a nnyKer.". ; v
"WelU if half n nnycer can make
such a speech pbar the dlvll kind of a
magnificent speech would a whole nay
ger maker-Ladles' Oome JouroaL
Another Big Battleship Launched,
Philadelphia, May 25 In ths presence
of the Governor and a delegation of
visitors from the State for which la was
named, Miss Dorothy Eunice Knight,
daujtnterof former Chief Justice Jesse
Kuiht, of Wyominp, chrislenod the
t l.ip Wyoming, the nation's latest
d i' .loon- ht, when the wartthip was
1 i ' 1 Timrs liiy at the yard of the
Ci . , u.!.:;f and Ciisine Com-
5 lit 'i
Prices Upward, Kills Curtail Pros
' pects For Big Crop,- That Is
. Needed For Demand.
Cotton continues to soar; the mills
continue to run; near eurtailment is
practiced and short time is threatened.
All manufacturers seem to agree upon
three things. First, that prises of cot
ton and cotton goods are at a 'disparity
a profit Second, The way to lengthen
the supply of cotton and shorten the
supply of cotton goods is by' actual
short time. Third. . The other 'fellow
ought to shut down tight or curtail 50
pej; cent while I run full time.- . -1
This policy of everybody waiting for
the other fellow to curtail has placed
cotton in a very strong statistical, po
sition. Spinners find themselves bid
d ng against each other and against a
handful of strong speculators whd have
the situation so much at their command
that their supremancy is conceded. The
supply of goods seems to be ample al
though the accumulations are not bur
densome. In Great Britain :. business
continues good and the continent shows
improvement..- - v
-Crop accounts are very favorable and
the start Is much above the average
except in small areas in North Carolina,
Souih Carolina and Oklahomfi where
dry weather has delayed the coining up.
The acreage and the use of fertilisers
will exceed" Wl records. ' Man's, effort
to grow a i big crop and an early -one
can be defeated only by conditions be
yond human control. A big -crop of
cotton is desired and a big crop wlll be
required for the world's needle ''None
are so anxious an those who watch and
wait,," and all civilization is concerned
about the cotton crop and this anxiety
will not be relieved for many days at a
time until we are nearer tha boles. .
. ' . J. E. LATHAM,
Diaz Leaves For
r- Mexico City, May 27-Profii
for whom doring thirty years
co stood to one side, early Friday, hat
in hand, stole from the capital. Only a
few devoted friends, whom he dared to
trust, followed him : to the station at 2
o'clock that morning, shortly after the
celebration over his resignation had
quieted down. ' ;
Diaz was bound for Vera Cruz to
take a ship for "Spain.
Wedding Announcement.
The following clipped from Satur
day's News- Observer will be of interest
to Mr. : Vasa'. many friends in New
Bern. Mr. Vass is a native of this city,
a son of the jate Rev. Lachlaii C. Vass,
for many years pastor of the local
Presbyterian church.
Invitations have been issued to friends
which read : s '
Mr. and Mr?. John Howard Sharp re
quest the honor of yodr presence at the
marriage of their daughter
' , Frances Stedman
r 'to "
Reverend Lachlan Cumming Vass on
the evenjng of
Wednesday the fourteenth of June at
half after seven o'clock .
Nut Bush Presbyterian church, Towns--'
villa, -'
near Manson, North- Carolina,. .
Miss Frances Stedman Sharp is a cul
tured and attractive young woman well
known in Raloigh, where she has rela
tives and friends. She is a graduate of
Peace 'Institute and - is the youngest
daughter of Mr. John H. Sharp, former
treasurer of the Seaboard., Air Line.
She is a native ot Vance, but is now in
Atlanta, G a.. Where she is .visiting her
sister, Mrs, Geo. P. Hardy. v i '
. Mr, Vass is a Presbyterian "minister
of ability.', NowHhe assistant pastor of
the Second Presbyterian church in Mem
phis, Ten n., the second largest of the
Southern Presbyterian churches.' He
has preached it Raleigh and has many
friends here. ? I ' :
Bradham Drug Co., Sells the Grpat
; "est Ilatr Beautifler in the ' ,'
, "World. " ; .
Parisian Sage, the grand and efficient
hiir restorer, is guaranteed to perma
nently remove dandruff in two weeks,
or your money back. v t '
Parisian Sage Stops falling hair it
prevents the hair from fading, i
It js the best beautifler of ladies' hair,
as it makes harsh, lustcrless hair fluffy,
soft and beautiful. It is a most refresh
ing and daintly perfumed dressing, not
sticky or greasy. ?
Parisian Rnge is sold and rigidly guar
anteed by Urudhnm Drug Co. Price 50
cents a largo bottle. The girl with the
Auburn hair is on every package.
"In the time 1 have used Parisian S.-ige
I have found it vory satisfactory both as
b grower mid dandruff cure." I".', n
Ada It,
LR-.,;-k, N. Y., t:
General Wood is Xofc Convinced
That Mexican Trouble
.'4 ' v Is Over. .
Washington, May 27 There will be
no withdrawal of troops from Texas fn
the near future, it .is declared at the
war department, despite the resigna
tion of President Diasf and the prospect
of peace in Mexico. If General Wood
has his way, the troops will remain at
San Antonio until next winter.
Though taking a hopeful view of the
Mexican situation, and believing that
Diaz's resignation will do much to re
store peace and order, neither army of
ficers nor officials of the state depart
ment are convinced, that the end is in
The principal reason for the retention
of the troops fa Texas, however, is the
determination of Maj ir General Wood
that a "maneuver" division having
been assembled for the first time since
the Civil war, it shall remain until it
has thoroughly learned the lessons the
general staff has sev out for it. The
opportunity, he believes, is too good
be lost. ' .
Old Furnit tire
Mahogany or Rose Wood needs simp
ly washing and a coat of Varnish.
,The L & M. Home Finish Varnish is
the best. - "
If painted wood-thenjwash" it, and ap
pjh one coat of L & M. Domestic Paint.
Makes Furniture as good as new at a
cost of about 25 or 30 cents.
Get it from: Gaskill Hdwe. & Mill
Supply Co.
Motoring as Cancer Cause. '
New York, May 27 Failure to take
needed exercise owing to fondness for
motoring is given by a member of the
Health Department as one' of the chief
causes of the increasing number of
cases of cancer.
The Roper Log Pond.
A big piece of work is in progress at
the Roper Lumber Company's mill on
Neuse River. This is the bsnking of a
huge pond or lake to contain the train
loads of logs that are brought to this
big lumber plant.
The pond is in good part completed
and will be 320 feet long and 110 feet
wide and in depth about 12 feet. The
cubic contents of earth to be removed
is 25,000 cubic yards and the removal
of this great quantity is being done by
a steam dredge and a railroad track
runs down an incline to the bottom of
the pond which is kept fairly free from
water by a steam pump. The advan
tages of using the pond instead of the
skids upon which the loads are now un
loaded are several, the saving of the
labor of a number of men in handling
the logs, the better condition of th?
logs and their greater , freedom from
grit. It is a big piece of work and the
engineer in charge is Mr. H. A. Brown
of this city. . "
20 Leonard Cleanable Re.-
frigerators.f porcelain lined,
quartered oat cases. They
save ice and look better than
any other. Ask me the price
I. S. Miller.
"- First .Occupant of Hall.
Raleigh, May 27. The bust to be
located in the new hall of history in
the new adminstratlon buildiug is to be
one of the late Adjutant-General J. F,
Atmneld, who died about a year ago.
This will be provided by the North Car
olina Nstional guard and Adjutant
General Leister feels that the bust
will be ready by the time the building
is completed, r , - .
. - , . . , i
- Ireland Losea Population.
London, May 27. -The census returns
for Ireland, show a population of 4,381,
951, This is a decrease from ten years
ago ol 7 pVr cent . The decrease . in
ths male population was .o. ana
ths number of'femsles 2.8 per cent.
W. a W. Unveiling Ceremonies Here
' ; , June 4th.
The W. 0. W, are making prepara
tion for elaboraae ceremonies at their
unveiling of monument In Cedar Grove
cemetery next Sunday 4thday of June.
They have secured an eloquent orator,
Hon. Geo. E, Hood of Goldsboro and
are expecting two hundred or more
visiting Woodmen.
Miss Wyatt's Orchestr and the New
Lern Quartett will furnUh the music
which will be enjoyed by all who at
tend. Every boriy n6t only Invited but
are specially requests! to turn out and
v, i' -: s the coremriii s which will be
, , , .,.....y ,t2;.H'c!tif't p. m.
Dreamland, The Greatest Show
On Earth Was De.
New-York, May 27. Coney Island
was swept by u $3 000,000 fire today.
It started in Dreamland and spread
rapidly Many lions escaped creating
great excitement but no damage. They
were finally killed. Dreamland is the
most extensive amusement place in the
world. There are acres of shows,
switch-backs, Alpine glides, chootthe
chutes and attractions without number.
Veterans' Dinner.
On Saturday, the 3d day of June,' the
Daughters of the Confederacy will have
a dinner for the Veterans at Redmond's
wharf, foot of Craven Street. All Vet
erans and sons of Veterans are invited
to be present.
Important Meeting Trustees Graded
The board of trustees of the New
Bern Graded School held an important
meeting Friday. The matter of elect-
icg teachers for next .year took Ifttle
time, the present teachers being re
elected, with an increase of about ten
per cent in their salaries. It was also
agreed to pay the salaries of the teach
ers in twelve monthly installments, the
first to be paid October 1st, and there
after monthly.
A matter of importance to parents
of pupils was the reduction of 30 per
cent in the cost of book rent. As Boon '
as possible class B will become class A
in the High School,
Messrs, J, A, Bryan, R, A, Nunn
and judge O. H. Gu ion were appointed
committee to go before the mass
meeting on Monday night and urge
that the Farm Life School be establish
ed in No. 8 township.
Stop fighting flies, by
Screening your- house with
our Screens. J. S Basnight
Hdw., Co. Phone 99, 67 S.
Front St.
Russia Admits Jews From United
Washington, May 27. Russia is
conceding the right of entry into
that country of American Jews visit
ing the Czar's domainn business
missions. The Kussian Embassy hi r
is now itsuing passports of this kind to
properly identify American Jewish busi
ness men. '.
There are no longer any obstructions
placed in the way of American Jews
who seek to enter the empire on legitim
ate business.
It is stated here that this is hot the
result of any recent pressure brought
to bear upon the Russian Government
through threatened legislation in the
direction of abrogation of the existing
Russo-American treaty, but results
from a more liberal view that hss been
taken in Russia as a matter of sound
internal administration.
It is understood hem that it is now
proposed to abolish the whole- system
of Rustian passports, which would
remove the last obsticle to the rntry
into the country of persons of any
religious faith or race, although, of
course, ths'Jews would have to obserr
the restrictions as to residence within
the "pale" so long as the laws on that
subject remain in force. - .
- A CUaCat. '
The beautiful young prisoner entered
the box In her own behalf.
"What Is your age, miss F asked tb
lawyer. ' - - ":
"Forty-eight' was the steady reply.
The feminine Jury caught Its breath
with an audible little gasp and sat
there rigid.
. "How much did you pay for the bat
you are wearlngT"
-Nlnety-elabt cents.' ,
, "Are you guilty of the crime tht U
charged against you T"
. "No."
Thus did the wily prisoner attempt
to establish twr veracity and then con
vinoe the Jury that she walnnocent
But don't forget thnt this was a Jury
of women. A verdict of incurable In
aanltv was brought In. Nw Iork
Journal. -
"Yarbs" Ws Have Knewn.
. What has become of the elderly lady
who In tbe seventies and earlier al
ways referred to an "herb" as a
"yarbT The word has gone out of
use. About the meanest "ysrb" was a
bitter weed nnmed "thorouEbwort"
Then there wss cammerralle, dockroot
and dandelion, In their miserable part
rrshlp. lohelln and catnip. These
things were "steeped." and .you look
them or had them tlmist upon you
"for your blood." Minneapolis Jour
nal. " v
ai-rc; '-lie r
won tha Taris to-
i "' ' asiBBBiaeHiwsw "
Prospects For President's Pet Bill
to Pass. Looks Exceedingly
Washington,. May 27 Reciprocity
with Canada is facing defeat in the
Senate,. . President Taft is so concern
ed that he has appealed to its friends
in and out of Congress for additional .
support. - '
' Senator Root's wood pulp amendment
and the Farmers Free List b'll are what
are threatening the Reciprocity bill and
the President fears they will encompass
its defeat unless the supporters of reci
procity tally to quick action. ,
What the President fears most is
that if the Root amendment Is adopted
the gates will be opened to other
amendments until the bill is strangled.
Between now and Monday the Presi
dent will use all his persuasion to change
at least two votes in the committee to
favor reciprocity, :
Ah equal the White House
sees it, is the Farmers' Free List hill.
The danger lies in that bill being at
tached to the Canadian bill. Old-line
Democrats in the Senate, Buch as Mar
tin and Swanson of Virginia an 1 Bacon
of Georgia.' favor reciprocity. They
would vote for it under most circum
stances, but, according to the President
their activity now in- attempting to tie
the Farmers' Free List bill to the Cana
dian bill threatens to spell defeat for
both measures.
Wireless to Girdle Globe.
Glace Bay, C. B., May 27. One hour
by wireless, from Glace Bay, C. B., to
Dakar, on the coast of. French West
ern Africs, is the astonishing feat that
has just been accomplished at the Glace
Bay wireless stitiog. '
The message was flashed from here
t) the Eiffel tower, in Paris, and from
there relayed to the Dikar station, the
whole operation tak'ng only 0 minutes.
So successful ws the experiment, that
it is now announced that the British
dependencies . will . be' linked together"
by wireless, and plans to ths end are
now being made. Between 70 and 80
new stations will be required to put
this girdle aiound the world,
Philadelphia's New Archbishop.
Rome. Mav 28.. The R'trht Rev. Ed
mund E. Pendergast, auxiliary bishop
of Philadelphia, it was announced at
the Vatican, has been appointed Arch
bishop of Philadelphia in succession to
the Most Rev. Patrick John Ryan, 'Who
died February 11, last.
B. P. S. Paint will make
your old house look new, in
side and out. J. S. Basnight
Hdw., Co. .Phone 99, 67 S.
Front St.
. Aid For Central Highway.
Washington, D. C, May 29th. -Con
gressman Webb is Interesting himself
in behalf of the great Central Highway
to be built from Beaufort to, the Ten
nessee line, and has recently called on
Logan W. Page, director of the public
roads, io an effort to secure a govern
ment expert to aid in engineering ai d
planning that portion of the highway
in Madison county. v
Thomas J. Murray,, a member of the
Central Highway Committee, bai writ
ten Mr. Webb, asking for this assist-,
ance for his part of the county and Mr,
Webb haa just this morn'ng reoeived
assurance from Director Page, that he
will give all the assistance poisible and
also promising that he will to send an
expert to North Carolina to look over
conditions with reference to this great
highway in the early part of June,
Ci ) Itsicdltstrthjth
(' ) cuts the. ccHfoc bill
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( ) quality gives it
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