North Carolina Newspapers

    7 '
in ji i p h k.r j i isr i
No. 29
34th. YEAR
'i SI
Occurred Near JFive Points. In-
- jured Man In Critical ' Con-'
' "- " dition. - e
i A email cafe located on Queen street
near. Five Points was the scene of a
Shooting affray Sunday night that fray
prove fatal to the victim.. Metrol Mitchell,-
colored, the man who was shot is
lying at his home - with-'two ballet
wounds, in his lungs and Wm. Chapman
hia assailant is being held without bond.
Just what the causn of the affray was
could not be learned from either of the
men involved or from any of those who
saw the shooting. A crowd had con
gregated around the safe shortly after
7 o'clock Sunday evening and were en
gaged in a general. discussion of "blind
tigers," Previous to the shooting the
men seemed to be on very intimate
terms and according to the statements
of the witnesses were surprised to see
Chapman pull his revolver and begin
Chapman will be held until the re
sult of, Mitchell's injuries can be as
certained '
An Exciting Runaway.
Shortly after 1 o'clock yesterday af-
ternoon a number of persons who hap
pened to be near Mr. W. F. Hill's place
of buaineHS on South Front street,
were entertained with an exhibition ot
horsemanship that was really remark
able. The hero ot tile occasion was a
lonr lanky country boy, and he carried
off the honors with ease. The exhibi
tion began just after the boy, who was
driving a spirited mule, passed the cor
ner of Metealf and South Front. The
animal became frightened at a passing
auto and made a dash up toward Han
cock street. From one side te another
the buggy swayed but driver held to
the lines and finally succeeded in stop
ping the mule. Several tjraes it seem
ed to the spectators - that the vehicle
and its occupant would be flung againtt
some obstacle and there was a genuine
sigh of relief when the runaway was
brought to a standstill.
Will sell the balance left over at the
following prices.' Genuine 'Poreelean
linqd Lenard Clennable, the $25 U0 at
$22 60, the 35 00 at f 30 00, the $40 00
at 35 00, the 5 00 at 4 00. The above
prices' are the lowest we ever offerd
ths class of goods at.' Everyone car
ries guarantee that they will do all you
expect any refrigerator to do.
i . . ,
Series ot Meetines at Kitt Swamp,
The Journal is requested to announce
that a protracted meeting will begin at
Kitt Swamp Church this county. Tues
day night, August 8th, to be conducted
by Rev. Charles C Wise, A cordial
welcome will tu t'x.;emll t all.
Clean PlgstUu For. Antesepttc Pigs,
Special sessions of Congress mean
one perpetual "Busy Day" for the Se-
. cret Service men. A flood of cranks
pour into Washington during the sum
mer months' and especially when Con
gress is in session. The man with a
draft of a million dollars on the Treas
ury appears intermittently. Then there
is the individual who fancies that be is
King George V, entering the State
Department, with provisions for the
Coronation. " ' .
"Uncle Jim" Wilson at the Agreul
Jural Department has his full quota
and then some. One man arrived with
a box and was ready to demonstrate the
advantages of his "new and improved
. pigsty. He insisted that he could prove
' that, pigs, if kept in cleanliness in his
new sty pen, would become naturally
clean and that the Department of Ag'
riculture would need to issue no more
warnings on the impurities of pork.
"Affairs at Washington," Joe Mitchell
Chappie, in National Magazine for July
-' The Philadelphia Lawn
Mower will make your , lawn
have a decent appearance
when properly applied.. J.
. S. Basnight Hdw. Co.
. j Another Comet Appear. '
Baltimore, July 11. The new comet
Vewrted from Kiel, Germany, disco v
ere July 6th was seen at three o'clock
Holiday morning by Dr. John R. Hoop
er, ihairmau of the astronomical sec
tion of the Maryland Academy of Sci
f ncl. The observation was made from
his tone on Linden avenue. .
-' Dr. Hooper said the eomet appeared
' in tt constellation Auriga, in right as
ceteim 4 hours 46 minutes, north dec
linaiion 34 degrees. It Is an unusually
brit telescopic object and can bu seen
witi a 2 inch glass.
Fell Overboard From Launch Near
Union Point And Sinks Be
fore Rescuers Reach Him .
. The parting of a heavy rope with
which he was towing a schooner doubt
less caused the death of Sylvester Bry
an, colored, shortly after 1 o'cloek yes
terday afternoon, when he fell over
board near Union Point and was drown
ed before assistance could reach him.
. Bryan, who was about 17 years of
age , and was employed by E. H. &
J. A. Meadows, was engaged in towing
a large schooner with a launch at the
time of the accident. He was standing
on the stern of the larnch when the haw
aer parted. This released the launch
and it sped forward "ith so much im
petus that he was thrown overboard.
He called or help ani a deck hand on
one of the boats that were tied up at
one of the docks in the vicinity jumped
overboard and swam toward him. Be
fore he reached the spot, however, the
boy had, gone down fur the last time
and although he finally' succeeded in
bringing him to the surface, life was
The drowned boy was placed on a
raft and a physician was summoned and
worked for some1 time in attempting to
resuscitate the vict na. All attempts
however proved useless and his body
was finally taken to his home in the
northen part of the city and prepared
for burial.
Just Anived
1 dozen Hammocks, bright new col
ors never been selected over. We had
ususual large sales on Hammocks, there
fore we are reducing. Come and make
selection. You can gt a good strong
Hammock for 2 50.
Norfolk Threatened with Ice Famine.
Though a maj rity if thi gmanufact
urers of ice admit' Norfolk is on
the verge of an ice famine, if the pres
ent unprecendented di-msni continues,
they express confiden e in their ability
to avert a famine if f e consumer will
co operate with them nd do their part,
in being as economically as possible the
ouhput of the loe il plants,
Consumers are advised to be as spar
ing as possible with ic while the pres
ent unprecedeneed demand exiBts and
are advised te wrsp it in paper before
placing it, in refrigerators as it will
last much longer,
A visit to all of the lanta in this citw
yesterday shows that the supply 'will
just about fill the loril orders today,
requests from out of twn being necee-
arily declined,
There has been ri change in the
price of ice and ' it is not the present
intention of the wholesale dealers to
tolerate an advance, though some of
them are paying $6 a ton for ice and
selling it to their regular customers fo -$3.6u.
Stockholders Meeting.
The next annual meeting of the stock
ho'ders of the Atlantic and North Caro
lina Railroad Company will be held in
Morehead City, N. C, on August 10th,
Office of secretary Coldsboro, N. C,
July 10th, 1911.
Look Out For High Price Tobacco.
Raleigh, July lL-T'ne report of the
state department of agriculture on the
sales of leaf tobacco shows a steady
decline In the sales. . There were only 6
markets, which report sales for. June.
Otthe total of 286,307 pounds sold.
Winston-Salem reports 257,160 sold on
its market. Reldsville sold 17,108; Dur
ham, 6.340; Mount Airy, 3,094, and
Stonevllle. 2,632. The old crop is about
exhausted and it will be several weeks
before the new crop is on the market,
Thty Were New Jersey Mosquitoes.
Newark, N. J., July 11. -After hav
ing spent three dayi and nights in
swamp near Caldwell, N. J., Mr. Aaron
Kennedy is dying from mosquito bite
noisonintr. He was out for huckleber-
I rles and wrenched bis ankle so he could
(not walk. Whej found after 8 days
swarms of mosquitoes had bitten him
until his features were swollen beyond
recognition. He had fought the pests
by building a fire and hia rescuer found
him lying unconscious near the ashes.
Beginning July 2d 1911, the general
dnliverv window, on Sundavs. will onen
one half hour, after the morning malls
are up. The stamp window and the
miI.m ar!nrlw mill hnl h Annnar) An
The Whole Count y is Suffering.
Crops. Will be Unusually
Shor . ' -' '
Washington, July lltb,.--"Hot, dry
weather drought h: ve phyed some
thing akin to havoc with the crop con
ditions during the last month," declared
Prof. N. C. Murray, : cting chief of the
Crop Reporting Boarc of the Depart
ment of Agriculture i f ter the announce
ment of the July report on grain and
produce. .
"The report," sail Prof., Murray,
reflects the rather .lerious effects of
the drought during Ju le, most of im
portant crops showii g a condition at
present which indicates a yield below
that of last year and below recent av
erage yields of production.
"Feedstuff oats and bay seems to
have been the hardest hit. Lean than
two-thirds of a norm;.l crop of hay is
expected and the oat crop probably will
be more than 25 per c nt. less than last
year's crop and about 12 per cent, iew
than the average for I he last five years.
"The corn acreage is the largest ev
er recorded, but the condition of the
crop is about "7 per ce it. below the av
erage. That indicate; a production of
approximately 5 per c nt. less than last
year a record crop, t ut nearly 5 per
cent more than the av srnge production
of the corn crop on .. uly 1, however,
was critical.
"The potato crop pr mise3te be unu
sually short. The ae -e age has fallen
en off, probably on a count of unsatis
factory prices during he last year and
the condition of the c p nbw is lower
than at any time on Ji !y 1st in the last
22 years. Almost a at lsational ndvanet
in the price of potatoi j has been made
during the last mont The average
price throughout the t United States on
June , was 63.3 cents i bushel. On Ju
ly 1st it was 96.3 cents a bushel. Ordi1
sarially, the variation in that time is
only a few cent a bu. lei.
"Owing to the diffic! Ity in the set
ting out of tobacco pU its, the acreage
of tobacco has been reduced 2i pr
cent, from that of los' year. The low
condition of the crop, together with the
shortage of acreage, h .ve combined to
reduce the indications o a to'al red na
tion of 833 per cent of last year's
crop, or 77.3 per cent, of average for
the last five years.
Notice of Loss of Certificate of
Netice is hereby giv-n that I have
lost or misplaced Cert .icate No. 51 for
ten shares of seVies N . 4 of the capital
stock of the Home I uilding & Loan
Association issued to n e, said certificate
bearing date May 1st, 1909. If same
is not found within thi ty days applica
tion will be made by ne for duplicate
This the 30th, dayol June, 1911.
Building of he Ship
-It an old time subject and yet one
that is fresh and inte esting, as each
new marine creation d jaigned to fill the
want of some transpo tation company
is sent forth to delight and give com
fort to the traveling public
The Chesapeake Steamship company
has told in' illustrated pamphlet form.
beautifully depicted, the "building of
the ship," in this inst ince it being the
story of this company' new twin steam
shipa, the City of Bait more and City of
Norfolk, from the layi ig of the keel to
the maiden voyage. The entire tale
reveals the purpose of this company, to
build a steamship that assures safety.
comfort and pleasure t j all who travel
on it's steamships.
V. C Co. Reducet. Dividends.
New York, July 12 Directors of the
Virginia-Carolina Con pany met here
atd reduced the dividend of the com
mon stock from 6 to -1 "per cent, an
nually, Poor earnings is given as the
cause for the reduction.
That's the Only Way to Cure Dan
drufif, and Parisian Bage is tho
. V Only Ki ler. ' ; 'K
Parisian Sage soaks into the scalp,
and when it reaches the roots of the
hair it not only kills every, dandruff
germ, but it supplies t ie hair with just
the right kind o( nourishment to put
vigor and strength into it and make it
Parisian Cage is the most delightful
fiair dressing in the worlJ and is not
sticky or greasy. Use it one week and
you will never give it up. -
.Parisian Sage is guaranteed by Brad
ham Drug Co., to stop falling hair; to
m dandruff; keep hair from fading;
to s,top Itching of the scalp, or money
back. Price 60 cents a large bottle.
line gin witn me auouto nair is on
'every bottle.
Senator Simmons Thinks Canadian
Reciprocity Will Be Pie For
Washington, July 11. -Senator Sim
mons, of -North Carolina, opened the
debate on the Canadian reciprocity
measure. Votes on the Cummins and
Simmons amendments.
The business before the Senate when
it met was the vote on Senator Cum
mins' free flour amendment, but accord
ing to previous agreement the right of
way was given to Senator Simmons for
hia'promised speech against reciprocity
He contended that even with the re
puctions upon Canadian manufactured
droducts given in the agreement the
manufacturing industries of the United
States would still be more adequately
protected against Canadian competition
than against the competition of Great
Britain, Franco and Belgium.
Senator Simmons expressed the be
lief that the price of farm products
would be reduced under the operation
of the Canadian agreement; that the
effect would not be to benefit consum
ers, but to benefit the brewers, millers
and manufacturers or cereal products,
and that an arrangement equitable to
the farmer should include a material re
duction of duties on, manufactured pro
ducts used by the farrrer, Sen tor Sim
mons endorsed the Builcy amendment,
which proposes a part of the farmers'
free list a-; kan arm n lment to the re
ciprocity Measure.
Come To Our Pic nlc.
Oak Grr e Sunday School and Amity
Farmers I nion will have their pic nic
Thursday uly 20 ih. All Sunday Schools
and union? and everybody are cordially
invited to come There will be good
speaking fur .both the Sunday Schools
and Unions
If unfav irable weather on the ahove
day the pi- nic will be pnsponed until
P'riday the 21st.
A. J. HARGETT. Sopt, S. 3.
M. N. HARRIETT, Pie? V. U,
W. I. HARGETT, Sec. F. U.
Bridgets i July 11 We are still hav
ing the we ther dry .and hot, some rain
would bo very acceptable.
We are i lad to say that we have bajt
vciy little nckfiess in our little town.
-Mrs. H. M. Bunt ng has gone to Nor
folk for a isit.
Miss Ip'
visiting at.
Wright on
.k of Beluir who has been
the home of Rev, J. M,
B. street returned home
Mrs. Mil y E. Willis who has been at
at Portsmouth, N. C, for some timeJ
came home last Friday and left for
JucksonvMla Sunday to visit relatives.
Mrs. Challie Rogers has gone to Nor
folk fer a visit.
Miss Floience Jones and Miss Viola
McGowan of Hyde Co., is visiting Rev.
Jr M. Wright on B. St.
Miss Elizabeth Morton left Monday
for Henderson, N. C for a visit.
Miss Bes3ie Wyott left Monday for
Bluemont to visit.
Rev. J.' M. Wright, N. M. Farrow
H. M. Burning and S. D. Parker went
up to Tuscora Monday morning to at
tend the M. E, Quarterly Conference.of
the Bridgeton circuit, and returned at
There will be prayer meeting at the
Methodist church Thursday night at
8;30 o'clook conducted by the pastor
Rev. J. M. Wright everybody is cor
dially invited to attend.
Mr. Frank Gray who is working at
Pollockaville spent Sunday with his
family, returned to his work Monday.
Master Clyde Newton is down to
Oriental vibiting relatives.
- . .... .. . .
A happy party left Bridgeton on Mr,
W. H. Mason's sail boat Friday night.
An hour or wo was spent in sailing
down the beautiful Neuse.
Delightful refreshments were served
and at eleven Mr, and Mrs. Mason
were showered with many thanks and
good wishes from the entiro party for
the many ourteaies received and re-
greted very much the time had passed
so swiftly I y, and. very soon all were
op the road homeward rejoicing and
singing merrily and complimenting the
pleasant host and hostess.
Those enjnying this party were? Miss
es Lizcie Whitford, Maggie Campbejl,
Florence Potter, Theresa Stsliins,
Lena Bond, Messrs Henry Wyatt, C
E.' Potter, Judaon Bayliss, Andrew
Purifey, A. M. Tingle, Willie Tingle,
Tom Campbell, Herbert Parkins, Mr.
and Mrs. R. L. Stalling, and and Mrs.
N. Gaskins. Mrs. Oscar Peterson, Mrs,
Taylor and little Miss Flora Mason,
Margerette and Eloise Peterson, Myr-
lie smaiif Aiees ana cuaner l ay Kir.
Dwelling of J. S. M rton And
Store and Stables of Another
A message received yesterday con
veyed the intelligence that ire, yester
day morning at North Ha lowe . had
destroyed the residence of Mr, J. S.
Morton and a stor and at.ables be
longing to Mrs. Ed?.ard B;:ngert. No
particulars as to whether any of the
buildings were saved were siven, The
fire is supposed to hive stai led from a
defective flue in the kitchen. Mr.
Morton's house was very Urge, well
built, containing botn livinp rooms and
store and the loss is evident y heavy.
LOST, Strayed or Stolen-Two cows,
one red with white back, the other
black ami white; marked H'uooth crap
right, and two slits in the- left ear.
Been gone 6 months. Any information
may be sent to C. M. Eubank, Mays
ville, N. C.
Jones county, July lOtii, Wi? are
having extremely dry weither now.
crops are suffering very muui for rain.
Most all the farmers have q. it plough-
nircorn, Itwaisto ) plout; ling or all
the corn would die.
Very little Bicknes in our neighbor
hood is being reported at present.
Mr. John P. Roue and family at
tended preaching at Pine ;lrove last
Sunday. They reported a h.rge atten
dance, and a fine sermon.
We are glad to knisv Mr. '. N. Fos-
cue, is able to go to Hew Bi en, today.
We are all very pi id to :nce more
have the opportunity of ex . nding our
cordial invitation to .11 who can attend
the Sunday School pie nic. that will be
held at Lee's Chapel Church, on July
n28th. Everybody come and bring well
filled baskets. Trusiing mi ny of you
wh ''.ad this will not forgf t the date
and come Friday July 28t! , at Lee's
(Jharjel Church. Come one, come all,
and have a jolty goo-1 time.
J, vr. R. M.
Williams' Indian Pile Oin rrjent will
Lcore Bh'nd. Bleeding and Ittring Piles.
"Hftscrtia the turners . altays vtching at
bj6, acta 'as a poult :ce, pi v. is instant
rejief. Williams' Indian Pil Ointment
w prepared for Piles ind itc: .n Of the
private parts, Sole y dru ists, mail
50e and 1.00. Wil'iams' Ji'f'g. Co
PrJips., Cleveland, O.
Virginians Pray For Kain.
Richmond, Va., 12-Governor Mann
imired a proclamation yesterday calling
upon the people of the St.ue to pray
for Tttirf; Within ai: hour t f the time
the document left his hand refreshing
showers fell upon tb' capiu ', at east
reducing the tempe.ature L0 degrees
from the maximum of today, which was
97 in about 20 minutes. A threat deal
more precipitation i need -d in the
State, however, Today's showers were
not all general.
July Temperatnres and RalnlalL
The following are the maximum and
minimum temperature i and r.iinfall as
per dates during the present month,
July 1-83-63
2 89 fi.1
4- 90-67
5- 92-68
6- 93 69 .07
7- 93-69
8- 94-68
10- 92-69
11- 87-71
12- -97-72-.43
A Well Known Man's Opinion.
The Savodine Co., Vvw Bern, N. C
We have derived so much benefit
from the use of SAVODINE. that we
wish to add our testimony to the list of
those already acquainted with its mer
its. .
My wife has been using SAVODINE for
quite a while for cold in the head, also
has found it a ready relief for CATARRH
but above all that, is the fact of its
having proved itself invaluable to us for
our baby. iA shprt time ago he waa ta
ken very aick, and as he would clap his
little hands to his ear. we decided be
must be suffering with earache, and re
alizing that something must he done at
once, we pa a tiny bit of SAVODINE In
his ear covered it with warm cotton 'and
in a few minutes he waa sleeping aa
sweetly as though be bad never had a
pain.. We cheerfully recommend Savo
dine as we will always feel grateful for
what it hasjdone for us.
Chief of Police.
New Bern, N. C
Gov. Kitchiu Appoints Mr. E. L.
Travis Corporation Commis
sioner to Fill Vacancy.
Kaleigh, July 12. -E. L. Travis, of
Halifax, has received from governor
Kitchin his commission as Corporation
Commissioner to succeed the late Hen
ry Clay Brown. He went before Judge
W. R. Allen in the office of ex Govern
or Cbaries B, Aycock and took the oath
of office and assumed the duties of the
It is learned that the matter of ap
pointment was secured Monday morn
ing in conference between the Govern
or and Mr. Travis. He went home to
adjust his aff nirs so that he might take
up his official duties as soon as the com
mission was issued. Mr. Travis is one
of Governor Kitchin's closest personal
and political friends and has been, a
member of the State Democratic Exec-1
utive Committee for 12 years and chair-
man of the Halifax county committee
Rince 1898. He was for a number of I
years chairman of the board of direct-
ors of the state penitentiary and has
served four terras as State Senator.
Auspicious Opening of the .
Southern Automobile College
The Southern Automobile College,
Oak Uidtfe, N. '., opened its .doors
April J7ih. It has been crowded to the
limit ever since. Students are arriving
daily, and daily are going out to accept
pa-'ir. position in this most fascinating
Tney announce a special June offer
to students of schools and colleges, and
to nv n who w; nt to better their sal
aries. Auiomoriite owners also would
dotv.ell t write for information.
Jamestown Island For National
Washington, July 13. A bill appro
priating $300,000 for the government
purchase of Jamestown Island, Va.,
and to convert it into a national park
to preserve the site of the first English
settlement in America has been intro
duced' by representative Lamb, of Vir
King Key of Congress Lost.
Washinzton. July 13. "Lost strayed
or stolen!" is the cry at the House of-
nee building. Something has happened
to the king key that unlocks the doors
to the committee rooms and the offices
of fie representatives. It disappeared
Tuesday night, and the lieutenant who
was on guard and bad the key in his
possession is almost distracted. It will
cost at least $2,000 to put in new locks,
It would be dangerous to have locks
that a lost skeleton key would open, : .
All sorts of stories about the disap
pearance of the key are now in circula
County Teachers' Association.
The regular examination for Teachers
Certificate (July examination) will be
held at the court house in New Bern on
Thursday and Fri Jay, July 20th and 21st,
beginning each day at 10 a. m. 11
Tha ovaminatinn nn TknraiAW will ItA
fn,u, 0Phr..BH Frirt.fth.
colored teachers.
County Sup't. of Schools.'
Georgia's New. Senator.
Atlanta. July l:lth.-Governor Hoka
Smith was elected United States Sena -
tor from Georgia on the first ballot ta-
ken by tha House and Senate in joint
session at noon Wednesday, He suc
ceeds Joseph M. Terrell, who waa ap
pointed by Governor Brown to fill tha
unexpired terra of the late A. S. Clay.
Sale Property For Taxes. .
Notics is hereby given that all the
landa whose owners, are delinquent in
the payment of their taxes for the town
of Bridgeton for the year 1910. and
n 1, .M t knu.itn nil aitrl ' flt tVlM n,.
ment alfne taxes at the post office
Bridgeton at 12 M. August 6th, 1911.
and the followering named persons are
par'ticiAariy required to take notice that
their lands, as described in the space
opposite their names below, are among
those to be sold that the amounts of
taxes expenses and costs due by each
1elitiquent owner is set opposite his
name and property. .
Allen John Lot
Barrington, W. A' '
f 75
B. St,
A. St'
2 18
Ballang Elllas
Uardison, M. L. .
Hopwell, W. R.
Morton, CD.
Wolman Mary
5 06
4 01
1 -
I ' "
1' 1
1 acre
'1 60
West, W. 8,
2 13
Wethington Mary A.
1 (Williams
4 1 60
lax Collector.
President Will Let Congress Draw
Its Own Conclusion On Alas
- kan Matter.
Washington, July 12 Although many
denials have been made that govern'
ment officials intended to. permit the
Guggenheim interests to control A-Iai-kan
transportation through a monopoly
on the water .front of Controller Bay, .
in that territory, the administration
had decided to let Congress reach its
own conclusion and eery scrap of in
formation relating to the matter will
be sent to the Senate as soon us possi
ble. 4
While President Taf t and the mem
bers of his cabinet have voiced the
opinion that an investigation will show
nothing evea remotely resembling such
an attempt to favor the Guggenheim
interests, an attempt in which the names
of C. P.. Taf t, the President's brother
and former Secretary of the Interior
Ballinger have been coupled, they de-
termined that every " effort should
made to clear the situation,
At the regular session of the Cabinet
yesterday the Controller Bay affair was
discussed at length. It waa decided
that all the departments interested-
War, Agriculture, -Interior and Com
merce and Labor should be urged to
make their reports on the case as quick
ly as possible. It was stated tonight
that all the documentary , evidence in
the case probably will be in the Presi
dent's hands early next week, and that
it then will be sent immediately to the
Senate, in answer to a resolution adop- .
ted late in June, calling for all such in
A list of witnesses made up by the
committee conducting the inquiry is
said to include the foiling:
Chas. P. Taf t, brother of the Presi
dent; Dtfeiel Guggenheim, head of the
Alaska Syndicate; Frank H. Hitohcock,
postmaster-general; Walter L. Fisher;
Secretary of the Interior; Richard S.
Ryan, the alleged promoter, and a
large number of land office clerks. ' The
inquiry promises to be a long one.
We can't keep the mos
quito and fly out of your
yard, but we can furnish you
with the material to keep
them out of your soup and
bed-room. Cost nominal. J.
S. BaSnight Hdw. Co
Great Clearance Sale.
If you are in search of real bargains
in dry gjod aod clothing you should
not fail to attend S, ' Coplon's great
clearance sale which is now in progress.
Every article in their store has boon
marked down from ten to fifty per
cent, This sale will only last for a few
days longer aud you should not fail to
visit their store before it doses. Rf ad
their ad in this issue of the Journal and
I see for yourself some of tha remark
able bargains tbey are off ring.
I Haunted House Causes Consternation.
During the past few days, or rather
nights, a section of Duffy Town has
been greatly excited over the report
that one of the houses in that locality
waa haunted. The first rumor of the
act that tha house was supposed to be
the abiding place of spirits, (evil or
otherwise) occurred about two weeks
ago when a colored man who had oc
casion to pass the place late at night re
ported that be heard uncanny noise is-
"om therein, This remor spread-
1'1 nignts later a number of
negroes assembled in nearby homes
wn intention ... oj ascertaining
whether there waa any truth in the ru
mora. Shortly after mid night those
who were listening heard a low wail is
suing from the interior of the building.
This satisfied their curiosity and they
left posthaste without even investigat
ing, Monday night a negro man, who
was very much under the influence of
whiskey wandered into the building and
went to slrep. A -few hours later ho
waa awakened by this supp ised 'hant,'
Instead of putting as much distance
between him and the house, as the oth-
i0"" ,h6 Pr05eed1e1
gate. Tha noise, be found was issuing
from the chimney and upon investifa-
tinn he found that this had become tho
habitation of a number of bull-La ti
and that in some way while they wcra
flying around the interior of the chim
ney, tbey caused this peculiar nn 1
ghostly sound to issue from the f -piace.
'He lost no time in mu!
known his discovery and once f
peace reigns in this locality,
- Stockholders Meeting
An annual meeting of the s'
ers of the Bank of Dov r, N. ( '
be held at the Lank buil Ui ;; i i ;
on Friday Au. 11th. I l l,
v. r, r v:
Tl.'a ll:h C y rf J ' : '.

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