North Carolina Newspapers

34th. YEAR
No. 31'
Weather Bureau TredicU Unusual
; . It Cool, Unsettled Weather :
" For This Week.
t Washington, D. C, July 1-folio w
ing the hot wav.4 that;ly brought
i ajeaui biiu' BHiieiing "to-. ms ' wnoie
country, bis week's weather proipines
tafa&tsb qarprtow in the. other direc
tion, with the result that unusually
. low summer temperatures probably
will prtvail. The Weather Bureau
sees in an abnormally hih barometic
pressure over the interior of Canada
and Alaska, and relatively low pressure
in the Atlantic Ocean, the conditions
that will usher in a fool wave. '
"This pressure distribution is Strong
ly indicative of temperatures below the
seasonable average tlw coming week,"
said a Weather Bureau representative,
'm a-3 parts f the oom try from Mon
tana to -the Atlantic Coast..- Tha week
will open with generally fair weather
east of the Rocky Mountains, except
tiwrt showers are probable Tuesday in
'the Middle Atlantic and New E gland
States end during the next several
days inhe South Atlantic and - Gulf
States. An era of unset t'ed weather
'and Bhowers will develop over the Mid
1 die West about Thurvufny, and thence
spread eastward .to the Atlantic States
by the latter pnrt of trm wci-k."
Will sell the hslanre loft oyet at. t.lio
following prices, (u-nnino l'oivclenn
lined Leaard Cloanablo, the $25 HO at
$22 50, the 35 DO at jWOO, the if 10 00
at 35 00, t-he i5 (Ml at 4 00. Tim above
AhIaaq nw. (KA 1. ........ ..IV....J
fi aic luncai. itu lvim 1IIK.-IU
this class of goods at. liver) one car
ries guarantee that they wilt do nil you
expect any refrigerator to do.
- ' J. &: MILLER.
Captures Box of. Whiskey. :
Whileon his ritnt on Si.uth Front
trM)t. v&ntckrtiu m-irnintr ftfTi.'ui- 1itrl;
'espied a colored drayman who had on
hta wagon a box which' looked - very
eusfMcfoMg to the ofTu'er. . lie decided
to investigate, and upon doing so found
that it contained a quantity .f whiskey
He questioned the drayman in regards
to whom the whiskey belonged
and was told that it wan the prop
erty of Jim White, colored. Further
questioning fulled to elicit any infor
mation as to where Hit, said White
cootd be found, nnd, t.e i whiskey was
confkcatbd a"I vLjl'i to wdice head
quarter where it now await an owner.
Notice of Loss of Certificate of
a Notico is hereby given that I have
lost or misplaced Certificate No. 01 for
ten shores of soriee No. 4 of the capital
Stock t tike flow Building & Loan
Associate) isHued to me, said certificate
bearing OAte May 1st. 1900.. If Same
is not found within thirty days n,.)k'
tkx wM be made by me for dnUu'i
eertiGeate, . . t
. - 1 F. L. PERKINS,
This the 30th, day of June. 1011.
-Few Rules of JfpstDl Savings Bank.
1 The announcement made : in The
Journal Sunday morning that New
Kern had been designed as one of the
places at which a postal savings bank
. l J - i. l nMA.,Aj
v in 1 1 buuii in 1 1 1 ir i n 1 1 i.irn i. i-i i tiiiniiiii '
able interest. No request for such an
institution had been made and it was
quite a surprise to' the public.'' The
- banking rules an! regulations of the
postal savlngA bank are very peculiar.
Not more .than $100 can tie deposited
during any ' one month by any
one ,. depositor and total - depos
its cannot exceed $fi00i -There is a
provision, however, that patrons who
ao desire can invest their money in
government bonds and in this way be
able to deposit large amounts: ,-
r : y
Beginning at. once, the Norfolk-South
ern trtin No, 92 from New Burn to
Waahingt'in, N. U.( and intermediate
points will run Tuesday, Thursday ind
Saturday, instead of every day. Freight
for these poinds Vill need to b delivi-r-
d the day before to insuio leaving, on j
tnese dates, , .
M. W. W 4 MR EN,
, .' Agent.
Smiths to CIVe Uoke a Welcome.
Wiihuigtoii, D. C. July IS -The
Smiths in C.mtrriu; are prupairtng to
give Hnke inith, the new Senator
from 0 ori, a hull roeeplinn u pull
his arrival. There nre nlrhdy tivn
Smiths in Mo II' U e. In (he Senate
them is n Snuih frmii Mu-liii'M", oms
fprn Mirjlrtml, (inn lrm ro it!i Caro
1' it mij ii"W co;ui .rni;li from (lor-
Alabama Tire of Prohibition Ai-
. ter Voting On The Question
, v . Three Times. ' ,
. ' Montgomery', Ala., July 17 After
the quioteit campaign aver held in-this
county, Montgomery is voting today on
the return of saloons. . The local option
tuts have thoroughly organized their
forces and are confident cf victory by
2,590 majority. : , ':': ' : ,' ,. , :" '
In Russell county an election will be
held Monday on the same question.
Sentiment is said to be all oneway
there. Girard and'Seale will be the.
two towns that ( will probably get the
open saloons.
This will be the third local option
election held in- Alabama under the
Parks law and indications point to a
general reversal of prohibition senti
ment throughout Alabama.
Just Arrived
1 dozen. Hammocks, bright new' col
ors never been selected over. We had
unusual large sales on Hammocks, there
fore we are reducing. .Come and make
selection. You can get a good strong
Hammock for $2 50. : -
Damage By Cyclone.
Port Deposit, Md., July 18- A cyclone
practically destroyed Richardsm'ent, a
hamlet eight miles north of here, and
swept everything from its path, in
Otoraro Valley. A flour mill built to
m'ike flour for Washington's arm' ,
an i whxh was still in operation, was
dtni.!ishe1. The total damage is esti
mated at ?40,OCO.
Attempted Big Swindle.
New York. July ' 18 The police ar
rester! a well dressed man, who said he
was Edwrd B. Kahn, of New Orleans,
vho i charged with having' ordered
from cloak and suit manufacturers in
Oris tiiy goods to the value of f 60, 000
m the name of a Chattanooga, Tei n.,
'lrn to- whish the goods were ordered
shipped. One of - the firms visited by
K-rlin wired to Chattanooga for con fir
niaUon of a $10,000 order, and received
a reply that the company had no buytr
in the New York market;.
LOST, Strayed or Stolen two cows,
ore red with white back, the other
blnck and white; marked smooth crap
right, and two .slits in the left ear,
Been gone 6 months. ' Any information
may be sent to C. M. Eubank, Mays
vilie, N. C. ' '
May Manufacture Wine And Sell, It
At Home, u' ' :
Raleigh, July 19 So many farmers
are making inquiries in regard to the
manufacture and sale of win9 that
Deputy. Sheriff Crocker today , asked
that it be stated that any person may
ii ko wine from bis own fruit and sell
' fin on bia place in sea'ed pack-r-'4
of i gal'ons or more. The pro
n it dies not. prohibit the far
mer" from making wine provide'! he
does not carry the stuff from his pren
isea to sell it or put it op in packages
of lets than two gallons and a half. '
We can't keep the mos
quito and fly, out of your
yard, but we can furnish you
with . (he material to keep
them out of your soup and
bed-room. Cost nominal. J.
S. Basnight Hdw. Co.
. Mr. Brace Craven Inters Law
y.'.'. : Business. ' .
The folio win? item will be of inter
est to many of, our readers who are
arquainted with Mr. Bruce Craven,
brother of Prof. H. B. Craven of this
city. ' , ' . .
North Wilkeshoro, July 18 The new
partnership of Hackott & Craven, for
the general practice of law, begins busi
ness here todays . Mr,' F, D. Haskett
has for a number of years been one of
iho leading lawyers of thit section of
the Stste and was for some time grand
master of the State organisation of
Fulluwa ' Mr. Rruea fvn.
( though young in the law, is well known
to the public by his work in education
and writing, and he tin in the short
t;me he has been here become an a
tive citizen. The new firm begins with
a large practice. -t -
B 'ginr.inif July 31 1911, the general
delivery win low, on Sundays, will open
one half hout, "after the morning mails
are up The stump window and the
i'rriur wii.dow will not be opened on
!" u tit a vs.
J. . . . . , , it ...
They Must Go Ou. Becord As To
Various, Present aud Past, .
n Policies of Party.
Lincoln, Neb., . July 18. The Demo
cratic Presidential 'aspirant are to be
placed on record On public questions be
fore the nominating convention is held
if William J. Bryan has his way.
Bryan, who, by reason of the rule
which compels a candidate to receive a
two-thirds vote of the delegates to se
cure the nomination, will be a potent
factor in next, year's convention, de
clares in the Commoner : today that
Democrats ahjpuld profit by the lesson
of 1908. .'
"The Republicans," ha says, "took
Mr. Roosevelt's word for the political
disposition of the Republican candidate
for the Presidency, and they have been
naturally, greatly disappointed.
The questions he wants the aspir
ants for the nomination to answer in
clude; "Do you favor tariff lor revenue on-
"Free raw materials and a revenue
dutjijonly on manufactured goods?
Uivmg consideration to th element
of protection in revising the tariff?
''Election of Senators by the people?
"The income tax?
"Promise of immediate independence
to the Fillipinos?
"Publicity of campaign contributions
and expenses?
"Safeguarding of States' rights?
''Indorsement of labor planks of
1908? .
"Strict regulatiou of railroads?
"indorsement of the trust plank of
the 1908 platform?
"Aet currency in any form, and
more especially the Aldrich monetary
reform plan?
"Legislation guaranteeing bank de
posits?" .
Bryan would als j put the aspirants
on record on the question of keeping
the three branches of goverment With-'
in their Constitutional aphere and
whether th y believe in the reading of
"unreasonable" into the Sherman Anti-
Trust law by the Supreme Court.
Stockholders Meeting.
An annua) meeting of the stockhold
ers of the Bank of Dover, N. C, will
be held at the bank building in Dover,
on Friday Aug, lltb, 1911,
This 11th day of July 1911.'
Political Hog Always Present
About the meanest thing yet is the
effort, already , under way to defeat
Locke Craig for the nomination for
governor next year, when it has been
u iderstood that by reasoo of past events
he would be nominated easily. There
have always bean greedy hogs. Greens
boro Record.
- Killing an Unfaithful Lover V
When a Jaoauese Ctrl bas been
slighted by her lover she revenges her
self according to tbe following qnalnt
custom: In 1he dawn of tbe early
mnrnlnff she rtaea sad DUtfl OO a White
robe, and white clogs. Round ber neck
she bangs a small mlrroe. wblcb rails ,
to her breast, and on ber head sne
pnts a metal crown with three points,
each point bearing a lighted canaie.
In ber left band she carries a small
figure of straw or rags up posed to
represent her ; unfaithful lover and
this sbe nails to one of tbe sacred trees
surrounding the family shrine. She
then prays, for the death of the man,
vowing that If. this comes to pass
she will pull out the' nails which air
hurting the.sscred tree aud make of
ferings to comfort her family god. Ev
ery night she comes to tbe shrine,
strikes in two mpre nails and makes
tbe same prayer, ber idea being that
the god, to save bis tree from further
yUury, will kill her lover. . v
A Well Known Man's Opinion.
The Savodine Co., New Bern, N. C
We have derived so much benefit
from the use of SAVODINE, that we
wish to add our testimony to the list of
those already acquainted with its mer
its. '-
My wife hss been using SAVODINE for
quite a while for cold in the head, also
baa found it ft ready relief for CAT A RRH
but above all that, is the fact of its
having proved itself invaluable te us fur
our baby. A short time ago he was ta
ken very sick, and as be would clap his
little hands to his ear. we decided he
must be suffering with earache, and re
alizing that something must be done at
once, we put a tiny bit of SAVODINE in
his ear eovered It with warm cotton and
in a few minutes he was sleeping ss
sweetly ss though he had never had a
pain. We cheerfully recommend Savo
dine as we will always feel grateful for
what it hit: I lone for us.
Chit f of lMva.
i i : , :;. c
Its Departure From , Dying Man
Witnessed by X fi iy
- ' ' Expert v
-V : - - ' --
Chicago, July JSThe jftightof the
vital spark" has hoeii witnessed, accor
ding to a statement made today by Dr.
Patrick S, O'Donnell, an X ray expert,
who has been following up experim nts
made by Dr. W. J. Kilner, of London,
Some time ago, using a chemicalized
film scaled between two thin sUips of
glass, Dr. O'D mnell rave a demonstra
tion to twenty physicians of the aura,
or "electrical radiation" of living bod
ies, four young women being used .as
subjects. The aura developed as a
strong ray of light surrounding the en
tire form of the suject.
"Last night," said Dr. O'Donnell,
"in the prssence of several physicians
at Mercy Hospital, I tried the experi
ment on a dying man. He was rapidly
sinking. Suddenly the attending phy
sician announced that the ' man' Was
dead. .The aura began to spread from
the body', and presently disappeared.
Further observation of ..thej. corpse re
vealed no sign of the aura.
"We da not claim that, the light is
the soul, or spirit. In fact no one seems
to know what it is, ' In my opinion,
however, it is some sort of radio-activity
made, visible by the use of the chem
leal screen. My experiments, howev
er, seem to prove that it is the anima
ting power, or current of life of human
I have now returned to 'serve you.
A large stock of all kinds of sawed
Shingles Laths and Brick, For Shin
gles see our prices, your price is mine,
I know I can please you.
The Shingld Man.
Last night at 10:30 o'clock, . at bis
residence No. 25 Nunn street, of ty
phoid fever, Mr. Jas. H. Stanley. The
funeral will be onnduoted from the res
idence this af ffrnnon at 4 o'clock by
the order of Red. Men of which he was
a member.
Belief That Pure Food Expert May
Get Reprimand But no
Washington, July 18th, Dr. Harvey
W. Wiley's answer to the charges made
against him by the personnel board of
the Department of Agriculture was pre
sented to President Taft yesterday
Secretary of Agriculture Wilson re
ceived the papers from Dr. Wiley just
before he left the department for the
regular cabinet meeting.
He had no time to read them before
the cabinet session began and declared
that he would not be - able to make a
reeommeodation. The outline of Dr.
Wiley's defense was not knbwn by Mr,
Wilson and was -not disclosed at the
White House, Although Attorney Gen
eral Wickersham is out of the city, the
case was discuss! informally by mem
bers of the President's official family.
No announcement as to when the Pres
ident will dispose of tha case was forth
coming, but it is not probable that be
will be able t settle it for several days
yet. ; , .
; .Attorney General Wickersham speaks
tonight in Duluth, Minn., and wbiloMr
Taft, undoubtedly has gone over the
tase with him before he left the city, it
is believed Mr. Taft would wish his at
torney general to read Dr. Wiley's an
swer. . Mr. Wickersham will not be
back in Washington before Friday, The
President goes Friday afternoon to Ma
nassas, Va., to attend a Blue and Gray
reunion. Sometime Saturday he is go
ing to leave for Beverly to' spend the
week end with Mrs. Taft. Unless he
ean settle the case Friday morning or
late Saturday night It is possible that
it Will go over until Tuesday when he
expects to return to Washington from
the summer capital.
Dr. Wiley declined to discuss his an
swer in any way, but intimated- that it
was "brief and to the point. An un
verified repot t is current here that the
President will milily reprimand Dr.
Wiley, but will not under any circum
stances, requeit bis resignation, ' :
President Taft told visitors that ow
ing to the preis of Other business ha
Would be unable to take up the Wiley
case even with Secretary of Agricult
ure Wilxon'a recomiN'-ndaticms availa
ble, before Thursday. The TrfHidpnt
also said that he Intended to rod every
word .if the record and indicate ! ll.acit
rt l.t t H.'ver.d d iys In-fore f i -, h-
Judge To Name Commission to Sell
Jamestown Exposition Grounds
And Buildings.
Norfolk, July -18,- Federal Judge
Edmund Waddill, Jr., yesterday direct
ed sale of the Jamestown Exposition
site on Hampton Roads by commission
ers, probably five in number, to be
named by the court July 19th. The
property consisting of 226 acres, togeth
er with the exhibit and state buildings
thereon, as well as all other improve
ments belonging to the receivership
estate will be sold, first in parcels and
then as a whole persons offering tt bid
on parcel lots being required to make
$500 deposits and those offering to bid
on the whole to make a deposit of $10.
000. The sale will probably occur in
October after four weeks' advertise
ment in each of the Norfolk newspap
ers. The terms of the sale will be one
fourth cash and the balance in three an
nual installments.
The commissioners of sale will de
termine the ' number of parcels into
which the property will be divided f. r
first offer at auction. The division will
probably be in blocks rather than lotf.
There was some question as to how the
water system on the grounds would be
sold, but this was decided' in favor of
its sale, in one parcel as a whole, the
entire water workB system to be includ
ed in the property .when the land and
improvements are finally offered as a
The decree of sale Bfuhns the right
of mechanics' liens to come in ahead of
the Jamestown Exposition first mortg
age of $400,000, heretofore decided by
the court, when the mechanics' liens
are valid.
ThoFe nominated to the court today
as special commissioners of sale were
H. M Kerr, R. H Baker, R. M. Lett,
H. C. D ivis and H. H. Rumble. Most
of those named were trustees under
various mortgages involved. The court
said hTs raise J troublesome question
and it would do the best k could.
The Philadelphia Lawn
Mower will make your lawn
have a decent appearance
when properly applied. J.
S. Basnight Hdw. Co.
Bill Before New York Senate To
Prevent Use of Benzoato of
Soda Probably Killed.
Albany, N. Y., July20-The canners'
lobby has probable'! killed ,na hill of
Senator Stil well, which prohibits the
use of benzoate of soda as a preser
vative in goods sold in this State. The
bill is now at the foot of . the Senates
gene nal orders Calendar and, in the na
tural course, cannot be reached before
the recess is ordered on Friday,
The fight on the bill has been very
bitter. It was prepared by Dr. Henry
S. Black more, who was forced out of
the Agriculture Department at Wash
ington. When the bill was introduced
the cannors' lobby immediately opened
war on it, J
, 18 Porch Rockers Left. A
Want to move them to make room for
Fall goods, should move fast consider
ing the durability and looks, at follow
ing prices. . , -
t 8 00 Extra Largo Rockers at $ 2 60
2 60 ' . ' " 2 00
2 00 " , " " 1 75
160 " " " ; 1 00
We have them green or Bhelae.
Sale Property For Taxes. .
Notice is hereby given that all the
lands whose owners are ' delinquent in
the payment of their taxes for the town
of Bridgeton for the year 1910, and
prior thereto, will bo sold for the pay
ment oi .their taxes at the post office
Bridgeton at 12 M. August 6th, 1911.
and the followering named persons are
particularly required to take notice that
their lands, as described in the apace
opposite their names below, are among
those to be sold that the amount: of
taxes expenses and costs due by each
delinquent owner is set opposite his
name and property.
Allen John Lola
Barrington, W. A
2 18
6 06
4 01
', 1 50
B. St.
Hardison, M. L.
Hopwell, W. R.:
Morton, G D.
Wolman Mary
West, W. S,
Wethington Mary A.
Agt. . '
1 acre
1 (Williams
2 13
I 50
las '
Wide Decline In Futurea Falling
Lower As Trade Pro-
New-Orleans, La,, July 19. Yester
day's cotton market was one of the mo; t
exciting in many months, with heavy,.
sales and sensational dcliness in all
futures. Privated reports from Liver
pool to the effect that the bull leaders
were liquidating stirred up selling-or
ders in all parts of the cotton world
and futures on the New Orleans Ex
change opened at a wide decline only
to go still lower as trading progressed.
When the trading was over it was the
general opinion on the floor that the
bull campaign in the summer months
bad been abandoned, August, tbe
most active old crop month lost -48
points at its lowest, or nearly half a
cent, a pound. This represented an
enormous loss on the lines of long Aug
ust cotton, the bulls are supposed to
The new crop months were hot as
weak as August, although at their low
est were $1,65 a bale cheaper than on
yes'erday'a close. Tbe general opron
ion was that leading bull interests
materially lightened their load during
the day. One brokerage firm that do.?s a
large business for certain New York
traders was a heavy seller at times,
This was supposed to be liquidation.
Williams' Indian Pile Ointment will
cure Blind, Bleeding and Itching Piles.
It absorbs the tumors, allays itching at
once, acts as a poultice, gives instant
relief. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment
is prepared for Piles and itching of the
private parts. Sole by druggiats, mail
50c and 1.06. Williams' M'l'g. Co,
Prope., Cleveland, O.
Series of Meetines at Kltt Swamp,
The Journal is requested to announce
that a protracted meeting will begin at
Kitt Swamp Church this county. Tues
day night, August 8th, to be conducted
hy Rev. Charles C. Wise. A cordial
welcome will be extended to all.
Whole Country May Be Called
Upon To Help Repel Asiatic
Scourge. ,
New York. July 20. -The health'of
ficers not only of New York, but of the
whole country may be asked to help
repel the threatened invasinn of Asia
tic cholera. The discovery of five
'fchilera carriers" among the 400 im
migrants undergoing bacteriological
examination at Quarantine emphasized
what Health Officer Doty has said about
the difficulty of confining the disease to
the quarantine hospitals of porta of
entry. ' - x
Dr. doty is conferring with Surgeon
General Wyman, head of the United
States marine hospital service to plan
how , the country may be protected
against "carrier" who harbor the
germs, while themselves freo from their
ill effects.
A system of general observation is
contemplated, bo that even after the
'arrier" ia released from quarantime
the health authorities of the place
I where he settles m iy watch for possi
ble transmission or the disease.
The case of these cholera carriers
presents a puzzle. ' '
As yet the health authorities have
not decided how soon it will be safe to
permit them to be at largo. Only the
careful system of bacteriological ex
amination put into effect here when
cholera appeared could, it is said, have
detected the presence of cholera germs
in these apparently healthy persons.
The following bulletin relating to the
cholera situation was given out at
Quarantine at 9 a. m. ,
.- "At Hoffmau Island early this morn
ing Domenico R incitell, aged 63 years.
one of tha steerage passenger of the
steamer Moltke, was taken with symp
toms suspicious of cholera. At the Swin-
burne Island Hospital no further deaths
have occurred. On board the Anchor
I Line stetmer Perugia conditions are
London, July 20.-According to fig
ures received in this city the deaths
fro n tha plague in India have reached
thomormous total of 650v690 for the
half year ended on June 30.
The disease has taken such a hold on
that country that its tavages are little
heard of except through the occasional
official statistics.
The British In Jia office n recent re
ports S'hwa tnal ttiu epnloniic war par
ticularly ' ViruW-nt this jeiir and that
the most pcrHiiit nut fTurta to Ml amp it
diit to " t a 1 1....... , i i j
Provisions So Sweeping as Virtual- '
ly to Make New . Measure a '
. . Corrupt Practices Act.
' Washington, July 19--Th most prat
tic campaign publicity hill ever propoa -
ed by either branch of Congress has
passed the Senate. Tbe measure pas
sed by the House was amended in such
form as .virtually to make it a corrupt
practices act Its provisions were mada ,
so sweeping that any Republicans
and Democrats protested against them.
The bill requires the publication of .
campaign contributions both before and . -'
after any election. This applies to
State primaries and candidates for the v
Senate and for Representatives are in
eluded. Tnree ante-electious , state--1 .,
menta must be filed. The record must
contain not only itemized' accounts of
funds, but of all legitimate expenses
and all promises, made either by the
candidate or for him. . ,
The expenditures of candidates to
secure an election are limited to 10
cents for each voter in a State, the ag- . -gregate
not to exceed $10,000 for a
Senator and $5,000 for a Representa- v
live It is stipulated that ' this provis- '
ion must not interfere with any limita
tions imposed by the States. The re- j -gistering
of statements in the mails,
with postage properly affixed and other :
precautions taken on the final day for -sending
them in, will be accepted at
fulfilment of the law. , ; ',
The debate preceding the passage of
the bill was spirited and varied.
It was declared by Senator Heyburn
tha bill gave legislative license for the
enormous ' expenditure of money in
elections. He accused the Senate of
seeking to defame itself,'.
ci . n & ia l - -
that honest men must suffer because of
stringent regulations necessary to re- .
strain dishonest men; He said corrup
tion exists and it must be eliminated, -even
if humiliation and inconvenience
are required. ' !,:- .- ': -: . '
The full publicity provided for pri-.
maries in some States did not deter men
from spending great sums in further
ing their elections, said Senator, Reed.
In Wisconsin, he said, the successful
candidate expendt d $107,000, or $2 for .
each voter, while tbe opposing candidate .
expended about $1.60 for each voter. Tha v
State laws did not prevent this use of .
money. He believed there should be a
limit proportionate to the - voters of
each State. '',- . '':
An amendment was offered by Mr.
Reed limiting expenditures to 10 cents -
for each voter in a State. :
Various Senators exclaimed that this .
would be unfair. In New York a msr
could use $140,000 in securing tbe Sena
orship, while in . Nevada he must not
exceed $1.000, .
, I T j :jt i. I j . l
uir. nereu Bmu lie wuuiu lurLeiJi. m
maximum limitation of $25,000 for a
Senator $8,500 for a Representative
He also provided as a penalty exclusion .
from seats or expulsion if seated before -the
facts developed. .
The penalty clause was pronounced
unconstitutional and a long discussion 1
followed on that point Mr, Reed
changed his amendment omitting the
penalty clause and reducing the amount
It was adopted. '- .-.-.'
. Tbe Publicity bill will now be return
ed to the House for concurrence.
Stockholders Meeting. '
The next annual meeting of the itock
ho'ders of the Atlantic and North Caro
lina Railroad Company will be held ia
Marehead City, N. C, on August 10th,
1911. V ,'
' . v ' :: D. J. BROADHURST.
. '..-. ; -. , Secretary.
Office of secretary Goldsboro, N. C,
July 10th, 1911. .
Struck by Lightning.
Information received in this city yes
terday stated that Oscar Grantham, a
colored farmer who lives near Havelock,
was knocked unconscious Wednerday
afternoon hy a bolt of lightning that
struck a tres in his yard. vGrantham
had been working in his garden when
the storm arose and had gone into the
house and sat down in a chair near one
of the doors. When the lightning
struck the tree, which was near tha
house, Grantham fell from th chair
and it took his family mora thaahalf an
hour to revive hi n. The shock was
felt by the other members of the fa on-,
ily. :."
V County Teachei a' Association.
Tha regular examination for Teachers
Certificate (July examination) will be
held at the court house in New Born on
'Phuiaday and Frilay, July 2Hh Sn l,
bet; inn ing each day at 10 a. m.
The examination on Thursday v ;: 1 ;
for white teachers and Fi
Colored teachers.
s. r. i
C y : 't. -

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