t I "Every Little " In Tablet Has a Flavor All Its Own" The Easiest Made And The Most Delightful Dessert This Hot Weather. WW. ism- , "NOTHING TO ADD FRUIT FLAVORS BUT HOT WATER." "NO ARTIFICIAL IlAVORS USED. LEMON, ORANGE, STRAWBERRY, RASPBERRf , BLACK CURRANT, VANILLA, ALMOND WINE FLAVORS-PORT, SHERRY, MADEIRA. JOc. a Pint Package "HIE EXPLOSION FROM OUTSIDE' t SHDBT ASSIHB EVENTS y" wxhussuy. ' Up to the present time Craven coun ty is the only county in the State to vote on the Farm Life School. The oth er counties, Wake and Roberaon have attempted to vote on this school but evidently got a caae of "eoM feet" be fore the event was pulled elf. Yesterday morning the Baptist Sun day school of Pollocksville, arrived in this city on the steamer Howard for the purpose of picnicking. After a walk around the city, they went several miles down the river and partook of a delicious dinner. They then returned to New Bern and spent several more hours sightseeing. The Craven County Board of Equali zation waa again in session yesterday at the court house in this city for the purpose of hearing complaints in regard to the assessment of taxes in this coun ty. So many complaints appeared be fore the board during the day that all. of the business was not concluded and the Board took a recess until next Monday. Mr. M. H. Sultan waa given a hear ing before Justice of the Peace S. R. Street yesterday afternoon on a war sent charging him with trotting his horse on Trent river bridga. After the hearing of the -evidence the Magistrate 'deoided that there waa a doubt in hia mind as to weather the defendant was guilty and that he would give him the benefit of the doubt and dismiss the caae. Yesterday morning a young colored boy stepped on an electric light wire that had broken and fallen to the ground on Middle street and for a few seconds there was an exhibit that would have but any contortionist to shame, The youngster was borefooted and the shock deadened his foot ao that he could not at once release it Finally, however he succeeded in freeing him self with but alight damage done to hia pedal extremity. this time what the approximate crease of tax valuation will be. THURSDAY. The schooner Annie Farrow, Capt Bumn, waa in port yesterday from Hyde county with a cargo of oats which was sold to local grain dealers. Two cases were disposed of in the Mayor's court yesterday afternoon. both of (theae were of minor conse quence and but a abort while was con sumed in the session. - ' The mercury yesterday was several degrees lower than on the previous day. This condition was doubtless caused by the heavy rain which fell on the previous afternoon and evening, So far however, the predicted 'cool wave" ' has not arrived in this locality, St. Paul's Sunday school, of Goldsbo ' ro, will run an excursion trian from that city to Washington, N. C, July 28 leaving at 7.30 a, m passing through v New Bern at 9:46. The fare from here, round trip is.75e and SLOO for points between here and Kinston. ' A. T. Grif I fin and T. C Etheridge are managers. Last Monday afternoon Mrs. BurriD ' Casey, who Is under an indictment for murder and who will be tried at the 1 next term of Craven County Superior Court, was taken to Stewart's senitor ium where within a few hours after - her arrival she gave birth to a son. As goon at the mother and child are phi si cully able they will be returned to the county jail where her husband is now ncarcerated. . As the season advances, soft shell craba are becoming scarcer. During the past few days but very few ship ments hrve been made from Morthead City and Beaufort and Indications at those places are that future shipments will he equally small if not smaller. The supply of hard shell crabs, however, eHpeciully around thia port shows no nljna of decrease as thousands of them are leinsj caught each day. At the next meeting of the Board of Emial;; utli.n at the court house next Monday the IJoard hopes to be able to cuni !u,!? all of the buMinesa and finish tnn i a urioiit of the property in this c - 'y. At tte hint two meetings :' .. v l-.i nvi;;y ColiUUHitS mauB i ! . I ri wfi t ' i-r t i I I t lac ' ; ' : ( y j : t i FRIDA1. Two cases of disorderly coriduct were disposed of in the police court yester day afternoon. The defendants were taxed with the costs of the cases and dismissed from custody. Watermelons can now be purchased on the local market at prices ranging all the way from 10 to 60 cents. Yes terday morning,, several boat load? of these delicacies were brought into port and disposed of to local dealers who im meniately placed them on sale. Senator Overman has been asked to secure 800 tents and equipment for the Confederate soldiers who will encamp at Wilmington on the 29th, and 30th. A number of veterans from this city and also all over this county have ex pressed their intention of participating in this encampment, Although this is the dull season with the lumber dealers, several boat loads of the product have been shipped to northern marketB during the past few weeks by local mills. Eastern Carolina lumber has gained for itself an envied reputation all over the United States, and it ia always in demand. The police still have in their custody the box of whiskey captured a few days ago and which was consigned to Jim White. They have been searching for the consignee in order ta return hie property and incidentally make a few inquiries, but ao far have been unable to locate this elusive son of Ham. In different sections of the city it is noticed Mat there ia a rank growth of weeds. Income cases these weeds are on private property and others are on the streets. However, whether they are or are not on individual property they should be removed. Such places are breeding places of disease germs and are a menace te every one living in these localities. If present conditions continue. Irish potatoes will be aeling for $4.50 and $5.00 per barrel instead of $3.60 and $4.00. Wednesday one of the local gro cera Dafprsaed taw eporter that sltho' he had made every attempt to secure a few barrels of these products he had been nnsntceseful, and that he had been compelled to order them from the northern markets. previously been vaccinated, we suggest that all parents who have unvaccinated children to send to school have such children vaccinated during the vaca tion, so that they will be well and rea dy to enter school at its opening. The reporter man received informa tion yesterday from a reliable source that the approaching theatrical season at the Masonic Theatre would eclipse all other seasons. About thirty-five shows, all of which are the best tour ing the South, will give performances here during the season. These high- class attractions will of course expect patronage, and they should not be disappointed. Mr. J. F. Rhodes, a farmer, living near Riverdale. brought to this office yesterday morning a specimen of worm that is destroying much cotton in that section. The insect shown the re porter was about half an inch long and perhaps three-eighths of an inch in cir cumference. Mr. Rhodes stated that the worm cuts the stalk almost in two. Several specimens have been sent to the State Agriculturist. Since Messrs M. E. Whitehurst & Company have remodled the interior of their store on Pollock St.and added a new stock of goods the entire appearance of the place has l-een changed and they now have one of the most complete and modern stores of its kind in this section of the State, Mr. Whitehurst stated to the writer yesterday that 'they inten ded putting in Block one of the most complete lines of china goxls now on the market and that they would carry a large line of tin and enamel ware in connection with their bookdepart- m?nt. A 8tranga Speolea of Deer. - Just above the buffet In the dining room of a Richmond house there hangs a huge, finely mounted an tiered head. Thia trophy ' t& ow" hunting prowess la lasCeM so BroSy to the well that the nstw)lfle; netk seems to be coming rtgtt owl through the ptat- when a 1KB boy from the city saw this deeoratJoo for the first time be eyed tt with considerable curiosity and very evident uneasiness. It looked almost too lifelike for com fort Finally the youngster asked to be excused and slipped from his chair, eolnir Into the next room. He return ed to the dining room flushed with amhaprasnmAnt. "What's the m'atter, Harryr asked his host ' '1 wanted to see," explained the child sheepishly. If that animal's legs vera reallv as Ion as that or If be ...... were stanaing on aomeiuias u u next room." Llpplncott's. The Plates ' Aud Supports 'Are Bent Upward. 18 Feet of Wreck Exposed., Haven, July 20th. With the berth deck of the demolished battleship Maine partly uncovered, workmen bave start ed on a systematic search for the skel etons of the remaining dead of the crew whose bodies have reposed in the hulk since the night the battleship was blown up. The work of reeovenug the skeletons will be difficult as the mud and marine growth ia ao thick and heavy it will not yield to hydraulic,' but will have to be dug out with pick, shovel and rake, ' The scene of wreckage revea'ed, now that the water has been pumped to the 13-foot level, is appalling. The entire structure from "frame eighteen" for ward is a, twisted mass of shattered iteeL ." .' It is known that the officials at work on the wreck believe how it will be an easy matter to prove that the initial ex plosion waa an outside one. The frames which supported the deck plating and planking forward are bent upward, and what ia believed to have been the flat keel of the Maine ia curved, plainly, i ii understood, from the effect of an outside explosion. The engineers in charge of the work started the laying of the foundations for the cranes and derricks which are to be used to remove the heavy por tions of the wreck aire. They are also inspecting the central bulkheads. If the latter are intact they will be closed and the after part of the wreck will be floated and towed out of the harbor. The cofferdam ia holding tight The atone dumped to strengthen the leaky portions has strengthened the structure so there is now no apparent danger of it collapsing. The work of getting out of the mud. which how enshrouds the entire wreckage, will prove most d'ffi cult and more costly than was at first anticipated. M&iailMi 1Mb lito limine iF4 WHAT YOU SAVE, NOT WHAT YOU EARN V MAKES WEALTH. T HE following table shows how a bank . account with this large, safe Trust Company will grow, if the de positor saves a little money each day and deposits it as soon as convenient at the bank: - 5c per day for 5 years 10c per day for 5 years loc per day for 6 years 20c per day for 5 years iffic per day for 6 years 30c per day for 5 yejra "' 40c per day for 5 years 60c per day for 5 years 75c per dav for 5, years $1 00 per day for 6 years ! The above figures are based on 4 per cent compound interest, the rate paid by this bank. " ' . . ' , DEPOSITS ACCEPTED BY MAIL. $ 100 00 . 21 80 302 70 403 6 i , 604 60 - 605 40 807 20 1 009 00 1 513 60 2 018 00 mm Ifllifll I - ' - . mm TROUBLE PROOF Dependable NO COIL Built to Last a Lifetime Reliable KO BATTERY Easy to Start POLLOCK, 1 D. Bond Election Farm Lite School No. One Township. Physician and Surgeon 168 Middle SL New Bern, N. C MIRE HOTEL SWANSBORO, N. C. All modern conveniences for bath ing and inside fishing. BOAT LEAVES F ULTON Mf'g. Go. ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA Doubtless no cit7 in the State has ai few vacant houses aa New Bern. Yes terday a gentleman was heard to re mark that he had been searching for a vaeaat house in a desirable locality for the past two weeks, but had not yet been successful in locating; one. Thia condition does not exist only at certain' times during; the year, but is the case all the year around. In view of the fact that it la, and has for several years been, a require ment of the board of truatees that all children who enter school must have TERRIBLE STRAUI RESULTED HOT AMISS A Lenoir Lady, After Two Week) Grinding Labor, Feels Better Than Ever. 8 a. m. Lv. Swans boro Ar. 11:30 a. m. Ar. M. City Lv. 6:90 p. mi 2:00 p. ra. Lenoir, N. C "I am not tired at an, and am stouter than I have ever been," writes Mrs. Kate Waters, of Lenoir, N. C, "although 1 have Just finished a two weeks' wash. I lay my strength to Cardui, the woman's tonic I have taken a lot of tt and I can never praise it enough for what It has done for me. I can never thank you enough for the ad vice you gave me, to take Cardui, for since taking it I look so well and am stout as a mule." You are urged to take Cardui, that gen tie. vegetable tonic, for weak women. Its use will strengihen and build up your sys j return in any general election, lem, relieve or prevent headache, back ache and the ailments of weak women. It will surely help you, as it has helped $.?.-r.m!s of c." m, In the past 50 years. V " " . It A'lvkon, Pit 4j I nil.. Bond Election Farm Life School No. Seven Township. Whereas, one-fourth of the free-holders of No. 7 township having certified their intention to apply to the Board of Trustees of the County Farm Life School to have the said school located in the seventh township; . And whereat, the anid one-fourth of the freeholders of No. 7 township, presented a petition to thia Board, ask ing that an election be held in No. 7 township, at the regular polling places in said Township, on Saturday, August 6th, 1911, for the purpose of voting a thirty year bond issue in the aura of I $10,000.00 of said No. 7 township, Cra-j ven county, bonds bearing 6 per cent ' interest, and for levying and collecting on all the taxable property and polls in said township, sufficient to provide for the payment of interest on said bonds, and creatng a sinking fund, for the payment thereof, for the purpose of offering the same under the provisions of section 9, aa aforesaid, to the said Trustees of the County Farm Life School, provided said County Farm Life School be located in the seventh town ship. ( ; Now Therefore, it is hereby ordered that an election be called and held in No. 7 township, Craven county, at the retrular colling places in aaid township, on Saturday Aug. 6th, 1911, during the hours on said day as prescribed by the general laws governing new registra tions, at which election those favoring the issuing of aaid township bonds, and I the leving and collecting of such a tax ! for said purpose ahall vote a ballot on J which shall be written or printed the i For County Farm Life Schools," and fhose opposed, sha'l vote a ballot on which shall be written or printed the words. "Against County , Farm Life Schools." ' Ordered Further, that for the purpose of holding auch elections, Mr. H. C Wood is hereby appointed Registrar, and Messrs. J. W. Conner and J, A. Miller are hereby appointed poll-holders. At the close of aaid election, the Registrar and Poll-holders shall certify the returns of said election to the Board of . County Commissioners, at their next regular meeting after1 said election. In the same manner and gov erned by the aaid laws as auch election. officers are requested to certify election W . i By order of the Board, thia July 3rd, 1911. S. II. FOWLER, - Clerk Board of County Cor Tt nun la the nioon 6'..Ua tn aa's I 'X looks like Whereas, one-fourth of the free holders of No. 1 Township having certi fied their intention to apply to the Board of Trustees of the County Farm Phone 710 1 Ring I Life School to have the said school lo cated in No, one township. And Whereas, the said one-fourth of the free-holders of said No. one town ship, presented a petition to this board asking that an election be held in No. ore township, on Friday, August 4th, 1911, under and by virtue of Section 9, Chap ter 84, Laws os) 1911, for the purpose of voting a thirty year bond issue in the sum of ten thousand dollars of said No. one township, Craven eounty bonds, bearing 6 per cent interest, and for levying and collecting on all the taxable property and polls in said township suf ficient to provide for the payment of interest tt ereof, for the purpose of of- ering the same under the provisions of section 9, as aforesaid, to the said Truatees of the County Farm Life School, provided said County Farm Life School be located in No. one township. Now Therefore, it is hereby ordered that sn election be callel and held in No. one township, Craven county, at the regular polling places in aaid town ship on Friday, August 4th, 1911, dur ing the hours on said day as prescribed by the general laws governing new registrations, at which election thosi favoring the issuing of such a tax foi said purpose, shall vote a ballot, on which ahall be written or printed the For County Farm Life School'and those opposed shall vote a ballot on which shall be written or printed the words "Agaiast County Farm Life Schools." Ordered further, that for the purpose f haWing each elections, the following were appointed Registrars and Poll holders, to-wit:. Vanceboro Precinct-H. C. Butler, Registrar, and McRay Dinkina and A. R. Whitford, Poll-holders. Maple Cypress Precinct-M. F. At- dridge. Registrar, E. F, Adams, J. W. Huff, Poll-holders. ' At the close of said election, the Regiatara and poll-holders shall certify the returns of said election to the Board of County Commissioners at their next regular meeting after aaid election, in the same mannet and gov erned by the said laws as such election officers are requested to certify returns in any general election. By order of the Board this July 3rd. 1911. . ;.. , s S. Hi FOWLER, 1 - Clark Board of Commissioners. Represented by C. C. STEM, Kew Bern, N.C. Phone 726 P. 0. Box 612 E. A. PERKINS GARPENTER AND CONTRACTOR r Estimates made on any style build Si ing, new work, remodeling etc. ADDRESS, . . . "ttUSBL E. A. PERKINS, R. F. D. No. 3, NEW BERN. N. ( "There's a ASK YOUR DOCTOR 1MB "For Thirsty Thinkers" Save the'erowns, they are Valuable. Catalog " fore asking. Write The Pepsi Cola CGopiy NEW BERN, N. C DON'T HAVE TO WORK HARD ..... ., - i To do a days work this hot weath er if you use our lumber it is manufactured so accurately, works and fits together ao.nicely. and then too,- properly gi aded, that it is really a pleasure to work. All the carpenters prefer using ous lumber when they specify "Broaddua & Ives Lumber Lum ber" can you blame them ? Reduce your labor bills. Buy our lumber. Phone 63. I Bfoaddus & Ives Lumber Co. W, G, BOYD ' ELKS BUILDING Telephones: Office 400, Residence 258 Life, Fire, Accident Insurance Reh! Estate, Surety Bonds Notary Public. THE BEST IN EVERYTHiG HOPELESS HEADACHES Many wretched, unaccount able headaches that baffle the medical man are prompt ly relieved by scientifically fitted spectacles. We em ploy the drusless method of eye testing. We grind the glasses to suit your eyes. J. 0. DAXTE?, There was a tims when our people used light-wood knots for lights. There was I . SI la time wnen ieaa ana on mixed by hand was the best paint for our houses. ' Those days are no moreElectri city and machinery have put the tar knot light and hand- mixed paint into yesterdays page of history See J. S. Basnight Hdw. Co., for B. P. S., a machinery mixed paint. Phone them for cola cards. OPTO" TVs death of tin. 0!.a Lull Vaughan, ' i' 1 t V.' t L 1 nun, (.'aine, en It' t " tc: ft 3!' '1( ' !, i tJk'-'.'UU--:, i"l i J. A.--;1 M E A I 1

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