s. w4 07 NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY. N. C. TUESDAY SEPTEMBER. 19, 1911 -FIRST SECTION 34th. YEAR use.-! KILLS HIMSELF WITH SHOT GUN A 3 JACK FROST IN NEWENOLAND BOARD HOLDS REGESSjyiEETING CANADIANS ALL STIRRED UP AEROPLANE 1IL ROUTE .t 7 ' . ATTEMPTED AS .. SASSIIII OF mm Possibly Baying Lives of 125,000 - &adie$ A Year. Berlin5ept, .l4-Nathn Straus of New York told the third International Congress for the protection of Infants that to the Unite! States plans are be ing worked ouij to save the lives of 126, babies ayjeij. ' ' --'-'.A'" .: -' Mr. Straus, si the official delegate of his country, reported that in the United States ia 190$ 280,000 babies under one year died, 113,000 of them of intestinal disorders, "i Ziw"''y . j: Praising ; the work " of the public health service he quoted from Surgeon- ty I K. nilif nr tin . . ucuerm yr, nauer tt jniMn, raaieur ixation prevents much sickness " and saves many lives ." Mr. Straus) said that in three years the number of jcities haying infant milk depots had increased from twenty-one to forty. t, . After citing, the result of ten years tody of .tuberculosis by the British Royal Commission Mr. Straus quoted Dt. Schroeder, oe of the experts of ths Amrfcao Department of Agricul ture, to show ihat a great part of the tuberculosis among infants and youth ful persons w?s due to drinking milk from cowsthat bad tuberculosis. Inclosing .Mr. ;SUaua quoted from Dr. Jacob! uf New York. , The mpst important thing in the ears of infants is just this; Use no raw milk." Phorife us your order and residence - number and we will serid it to any part of the city. J. S. Basnight Hdw. Co. . . WUl Visit Northern School!. A party,., consisting of Prof. H. B. Craven, Misses Mollis Heth, Mamie Hay, Elenor.Msrshall, Nina Bssnight, Fannie Howerton and Ruth Berry and lire. Howard. Mr, Rock, Miss Annie Chadwick and Mist Edna Spiight will leave this morning, eoroute . to Boston, Mass., New Ydrk snd other northern cities, where they will spend ten' days observing ; the work in the public schools in those cities and making note for use in the ; public schools of this city. McCsll-Codley. Mr. H. k'. ilcCall, of Washington, D. C, and Miss Bettie Godley, of this city, wero.qaktly mat r led at the resi dence of the bride's parents on Han cock street Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. $Ir. JtfcCall came here sever a) weeks ago as a Representative of the InternatbnaJ .Correspondence School and since that ttras has made many friends who wish him and his brHe happy jonrney through the matrimo nial A Treat tor The Children. -." Mr. Haag, owner of The MIGHTY HAAQ RAILROAD SHOWS, which eshibit at New Bern on September 27, has decided this ysar H children at tending the afternoo,i parformance of THIS MIGHTY ; HAAQ RAILROAD SHOWS will be treated "FREE" to a.l ride on the potties after the performance careful attendants attending the ponies. A Busy Ulan lia Just Arrived. - Good news be brings to New Bern, a large stock of all kiada'of sawtd Shin (las on hand". 't He can and will plesss you, So Big Hill for lowest price. Tbe Old Reliable. f - . (parks nd the Ode. ' Every boy wh has' struck flints to- ' tether to make sparks knows the typl ral odor that arlaea, from the clash. Be also knows. that the whiter ths Uinta the pore smelt they emit. Tula phenomenon has been observed for centuries, jbu scientific men have been at a loss fo account for it Msny ex planations, have been given, but ex periment has proved all of these to be erroneous. Hocently, however, two Italian scleutbts, the brothers Pic curdi, demonstrated that the smell of spark emltUi. flnts. Is due solely to - the minute ":ies of organic mat ter that ass i . 'i the stone and that are burned .by t . sparks. This or- a-anlo matt r t .d lx in only the most minute quantify, sutu wy ' i by water ;ta wUle'j lichens, weeds or? water plants lisve decomposed, fori the olfRtiury "tiw-rei are so exqnls- ltely sensltlv tbat they csn detect the burning of nlmoit Infinitesimal Wis of matter. The c' !lacy of these nerves ,1s proved by the fact that even after the pebbles luve Ueu washed in lye the smell of burning can still be de tected. But If the pobbles be heated lu tire an1 tUin struck together st f oiuts that the bauds have uot touched there is absolutely bo odor at alb j;ew l'ork World. riar.t f. r a ' i railway line from ' 1 1 . si .' r. i announced. Half Witted "White Man Fires a Load of No. 8 Shot Through . His Throat at James City Yesterday Afternoon.' Claud C ker, a white man about SO years of age, killed himself yesterday afternoon t the home of . his . brother- in-law, Mr, Levi Jones, at James City by shooting himself through the throat with a shot gun loaded with' number 8 shot. -v: f-yy, . : - Several Weeks- ago Mr. Coker, who was half-witted, attempted to end bis life by cutting his throat with a razor. His attempt,.however,! proved to be a failure, and since that time the family have kept a close watch on his move ment), .Yesterday afternoon Mr. Jones and his wife went out on the river for the purpose of catching a few fish for supper. Upon their return they found the dead body of Mr. Coker lying on the floor with the gun ha bad commit ted suibide with clasped in one hand The coroner was notified, but he did not think it necessary to hold en in quest over the remains of the dead man. . Buck Stoves and Ranges for your kitchen for best re sults. J. S. Basnight Hdw. Co. . Death of an Infant. . ' Died in this city at the home on Gui on street, Thursday Sept. 14th, Walter R., the infant son of David R, and Re na Bell Bsttg, The remains were ta ken to Uavelock for burial. Physician Would Kill Incurables. Philsdelphis, Sept 15. Dr. Henry Golden of 710 Pine street, declared yes terday that he favored putting to death persons who were in the last stage of incurable diseases. He wa discussing the Kissimmee (Fla.) esse, where two members of the Shaker colony I ave been arrested for administering opiates and chloroform to a woman in the last stages of : tuberculosis, ' causing her death. A mejority of physicians of this city refused to discuss the ca3P. , Vl hold advanced id?as on this ques tion " said Dr. Golden. ."I may be cri'icieed by members of my profess ion, but I believe that all persons afflic ted witb organic cancer and in jthe last stages of that dreaded disease should be put to death with the use of - opium. ''Not very long ago there was a case at St, Agnes' Hospital of a woman suf ferlng with cancer. "There was a consultation of physi cians, and I advanced the idea that the woman should be put to death. I be lieved that it was the best way to end ber agony. It was not done, - and she was taken to her home, where she soon died. Library Tables. School time is fast approaching. You will need a good 'strong Library Table for the children to study around at night . I have them in quartered oak, mahogany and weathered oak. Prices ranging from $6 00 up. .' J. S. MILLER. . Negro Man Badly Burned. The bursting of a blow-off pipe at Blades' mill at James City yesterday at noon, caused William Martin, a col ored fireman, to be so badly scalded I y escaping steam that it was necessary tu carry him to Stewart's saoitorium where he is now under the care of a physician. . Whea the pipe bursted M negro was standing directly in front of the large boiler and, he got the full benefit of the scalding atasm as It rushed out. His injuries are serious and may prove fatal, ; Cholera Scourge Spreads. - , Constantinople, Sept. 16. The chol era sconrge has sprsad from Constant! nople to Mecca and Medina, and threat ens to prevent the great annuat pll grimage of Mohammedans to the Holy Shrine at Mecca this year. There were 17 deaths f rum cholera and 66 new ca set reported in this city for the past 24 hours. ; . ' . ' Ths Sign on the bar. Msrtfe is a willing but rather stupid domestic in a Chicago family. She suffered from toothache for some time, and, the creosote that bad been, pre scribbed proving Ineffectual, her mis tress procured another remedy ot the drug store. Thinking to Impress the plrl with the neeeHnlry of belnfi careful In tbe use of it. she snlrlr "Now, Mag gie, do you see the skull snd croxs bones on this label? Do you know whnt they mean'" "Yes, ma'am." MngRlo promptly re plied: "thoy mean that tbe medicine Is good for the teeth." Does Damage To Crops That is ; Estimated at More Than Half Million Dollars. j . Boston, Mass. SepJ. 15 Damage of more than half a million dollars was dons to New England crops by a heavy frost during the early hours of Thurs day. With the weather forecaster pre dieting continued cold weather, farmers in this section are discourage!.' " A dig? astrous spring drought, then prolonged rains, too late to benefit the product', and now unexpected frosts, have made thU a particularly hard year7 The tobacco crop in the Connecticut valley received a sevore blow from the frost, growers announcing the loss on (his product alone in Massachusetts and Connecticut will be approximately $400,000. ' ' ' Cranberry bogs along Cape Cod re ceived the full force of the biting cold aid in many cases the ripe berries were destroyed, :-, . Garden truck of all kinds were se verely damaged. Washington, Sept. 15-1 he weather bureau promises an equalization of tem perature, which dur.ng the past 36 hours have ranged from 102-in Concor dia, Kan., to 2C in Norrhfield, Vt., and at Greenville, Maine. The change to cooler weather in the . Plains Stite promised was ind catedm the maximum of 96 recorded in Concordia arid Wichi- a. Kan, St. Joseph Mo., and Oklahoma City Okla, "In St. Louis and Kansas City the maximum yesterday was 94, with 82. recorded in Des Moines. He ef was also promised for the middle Mississippi und Ohio valleys. The premature chill which hai held Neww England and the Atlantic States in its grasp wa likewise giving way And a rising temperature i predicted for this entire region, the Lake region and the upper Ohio valley. The National capital shivered yester day with the coldest September 14 Lh, on record in 40 years, the minimum be ing 46 degrees. FOR SALE. I will sill all of my real estate on the corner of Hancock and Queen Sts. will sell each piece separately or collect ively. 'Terms cafih. ! (Sign.d) ISAAC H. SMITH. Great Damage In Ohio. Columbus. Ohio. Sept. - 16 Train schedules are demoralizid, fields are in undated and creeks are booming rag ing rivers. Much damage is sustained in eastern and northern Onio as the re' suit of a cloudburst Ths damage to crops are hundreds of thousands of dollars. - Th; Only Southern Stow. . The Mighty Hcag Railroad Shows which exhibit at New Bern on Sept, 27, are the only shows backed by south' em capital, owned by a' southern gen tleman and managed by southern brains. Mr, Ernest Haag, owner of the show, lives in Shreveport. La., where . the winter quarters of the show are, and the pass-word in Shreveport is "Iet us go out to the Hasg Show a headquart era." ; '. - - Remember when attending the Migh ty Hsai Shows you are patronizing the only 'Southern show. Remember the day and date. - : ; Maybe, you will need otte or two Fruit Jais this season. We have them. J. S. Bas night Hdw. Co. " Tart on His Tour. Syracuse, Sept 1G Taf t arrived here making his first stop. There ; were hearty greetings from the big crowd despite the early hour. He left.on the train at eight thirty for Onandaga ho tel where he was the guest of the Chamber of Comn erce at break fast Demented Woman Routs Drnmmers, Raleigh, N, ft," 8ept Ifl-G'eac ex cit-ment waa caused here at ore of the leading hotels when a la 1 guest, who registered aa "Mrs. J, C. Bell, North Carolina," suddenly apnetrd in the hotel office and walking out id front covered aeveral drummers with a pistol an I demanded to know something unin telligible. The knights of the grip hastily hiked out of pistol rsnge, and the lady apparently a woman of refine ment was disarmed and forcibly taken to her room. Physicians who were summoned quickly pronounced her In sane, and she ia being carei for at the hotel. She ia in such a stsb of excite ment that he real identity ia not fully established, but one, who ssw her, states thst she Is from New Bern. Bids For Boiler and Belting For Electric Light Plant and Pipe On National Avenue - ' Opened Last Sight. The Board of Aldermen held a recess meeting nt the city ball last night for the mimosa of oneninir the bids and awarding the contrat for, a new boiler and eighty fee' of belting for the Elec tric Light Plant and for laying a section of oast iron-pipe along National Avenue for a water main. In the bids for the boiler the Henry Voght Machine Company, of Louisville Ky , p it in the lowest bi, $1215, There were a number of other bid, however several of which wore near this amount and a committee of three of the alder men , was appomted to go over the specifications and report at the next meeting. , The Charlotte Leather Belt Company were .loweit biioers on the belting, their price being $1,32 for 80 or more feet '' This was also, referred to the same committee to be investigated and reported upon at the next meeting. There were four bidders on the laying of pipe along National Avenue. Mr. D. W'Hurtt s p'icefwas9j cerits per foot. This wss the lowest bid and the contract was awarded to him with the stipulation thathe give a justifbd bond of $100 within 5 days Failing to do this the contract was given to the next l.west bidder. Mr, Wm. Dunn, Jr , appeared before the Board in behalf of the A. C. L. Railway Company and asked that the ordinance in regard to that company shifting trains along Q lean -street ba reconsidered. Ho offered to draw up an ordinance by ths time of the next meoting of the H ard that would be satisfactory to a 11 cincerned if they would do this. M ition was carried to repeal the ordinance upm that condi tion. The Board ordero I that the two down town horse be p'aead under the super vision of th-? chi if of p ilice. Death of a Child Died, yeslerday morning at the home of its parents, No. 7' Metcalf street, Helen, the one-year-old daughter of fweed and Vida Grantham. The re mains were taken to Mount Olive, N, C, for interment. If it's Hardware or Build know ers buppnes, let us what and how much. Basnight Hdw. Co J. S Death of Mrs. Hanrahan. Mrs, Susan Ilanrahnn died at her home near Grifton, Friday night at the age of 89 years. Mm,v Htnrahan wss formerly a resident of this city and will be remom cured by some ot tne older cit'Zins. The remains will ar rive on this morning's train and the funeral will be held at Cedar Grove cemetery at 9;30 o'clock, where the ill' terment will be made. Uev. B. F, desks officiating, . " . Wanted an Even Start. "Pa, you kuow you told uie to count twenty before 1 punched another boyl" i "Yes" " . "Well, In order to mnUe It work out right you have pot to go nround the nctgbltorhood and uutko the other boys promise to count twenty tiefore they take a punch at nie."-Iloimton Tost ' . The taroMt Rsttsursnt , In the I'.erllif zoological gnrden res taurant, the Jnrgest .In the world. 10, 000 persons can sit down hlmult.inc- ously benenth the same roof. Open nlr terraces for tise In summer will nocoui' modate another lO.orn) dlnor. ; There are, 1,000 wtilters, ami the kitchen staff exceeds KM). Clean Up Your Stomach And , Gas, Sourness, ..Dizziness, Headaches and Bad Dreams Will Go. -. '. ' If you really want a clean, sweet pure atomscb, free frjm g-a, sourness and distress, go to Brur'hitm's Drug Co., today and get a 60-cent box of MI-O-N A Stomach Tablets. Take these little tablets sec irding to directions, and if at the vl of a week you are not brghter,,st ongi r and more vigorous, just say so and get your mon ey back. 1 - For heavinesi - after f sting, eructa tion, heartburn and tl a' dis'mied feel-1 ing. Ml O NA Stomach Tablets will gie relinf in five minuts. ( Inrgebox of MI-0 NA STOMACH TABLETS. 50 cents nt BmJhim Drug Co., and druggist svery whe , . Eeciprocity Campaigq is Now Ea- giug in Cauada at Fe ver Heat. - Toronto, Sept. 15. Nominations took place in Ontarior for the election on September 21st There are contests in every constituency in the province but one.' In the county of Welland, W, M. German, Liberal, but opposed to reci procity, was selected by acclamation. In east Toronto two conservatives are in the field, but opposing reciprocity. Tha antis therefore start out with a lead of two in Ontario. A proof of the thoroughness of the fight is shown by the fact that in pre vious elections several candidates of each party have been -elected without opposition instead of only one as today. Several electoral districts in the prov ince heretofore, have enj yed the rep utalion of being impervious to new po litical views for the returning their can didates by majorities of from 700 to 8u0. For instance, Wellington, South, Thunder Russell, South Renfrew, South Essex and Prescott have always gone Liberal. On the other hand East Grey, Duffer in, South Leed', South Lanark and East Hastings have been regarded as impregnable Tory strongholds. In this contest, however, strong can didates were nominated tod iy by both parties and the result of the reciprocity issue will be awaited with interest. The political fight in Cainda, which is now at lever neat, is without ques tion the most keenly contested that has been seen in the dominion since Con fed eral ion. For the first time since the Liberal victory in 1896 the conserva tives have a chance of once more con trolling the policy of thj country. Whilejit was a foregone conclusion a few days aft?r the election was announced thtt Sir Wiiifrid Lauior would be re turned with as large or perhaps larger majority, it is now frankly admittsi by Liberals that the issue is doubtful, while conservative.) claim that victory for their cause is assured. NOTICE. Ths School Committee of No. I To wn- ship will hold their regular meeting at Vanceboro High School Building Wed nesday October 11th. 2 o'clock. All teachers desising schools' in said Town ship will plerso be present. C, J. Heath Chairman. What Others Say of Haag's Shows Without doubt Gulfport never has seen such a crowd of people as were here to see the Mighty Haag Railroad Shows. Both in the sf ternoon and eve ning tie tent 8 were crowded with peo Die. and in the afternoon hundreds could not secure tickets ob the ticket wagon wss closed long before 2 o'clock. Every train du ing the day brought ir o.'oule to see the show, and long befoie time for the parade to make its ap pearance on the streets they were crowded with people anxiou ly awaiting it, and not one was disappointed, a Mr, Haag has spent plenty of lime and money on his parade, making it second to none. Never in the history of Gulf pirt have there been as many pretty girU, funny clowns and good music in one parade. The Gulfport Times is sure it voices the sentiment of the peopl when it says, give us more Bhows like Hagg. (Gulfport Timrs ) WILLIAMS' KIDNEY PILLS Have you neglected your Kidneys? Have ynu overworked your nervous ays tem and caused trouble with your kid neys and bladderT Have you pains in loins, side, back, groins and bladder? Have you a flabby appearance of the face, especially under the eyes? Too fre quent a desire to pass urine? If so, Wil liams' Kidney Pills will cure you-at Druggist, Price 60c Williams' M'f'g. Co., Prop., Cleveland, O. , His Vulgarity. Mrs. Flnofetitber-Are you t:ik!iu your hUKhr.nd ubiond tills yor.r? Mix Bonton No. F decided lnt yenr wher, he Insisted upon spoaklug of the, Yene tlnn gondolas as connlbosts that the renl charm of Europe 1 lost npon him -St. Louis I'oKt-DlspBtoh. Women's Tears. - Mnrks-fto when yu got home from the lub'lflt' night your wife wss weeping? l'nrks-1 snld nothing of the sort 1 snld she was crying: It's when a womaii Is mid she weop: when she cries nbe' Jwpplng mad. liostop Trunscrlpt . ; , , '''"' Evsn. . rtorrow Vntll now I have never hart to ask yon for a sinsll loan'. Money ' And till now I bare never beta obliged to refuse yon. The Governors' Conference at Spring Lake, N. J sojourned aiier narmon called a meeting of the "Stat Rights Committee. - lyn And Long Island A.n Aviatiou Feature, Washington, Sept 16th. Not to be outdone by the British postal authori ties in the csrrying of mails through the air, the latest method of letter transportation. Postmaster General Hitchcock gave his consent to the es tablishment of an experimental aero plane mail route between one of the outlying branches of the Brooklyn . (N. Y ) postofflce and the aerodrome at Nassau Boulevard, Long Island during the international aviation meet, which will be held there from September 23d to October 1. j Aviators and their employes, who will be stationed on the field through out the meet, will be able thereby to receive their mail almost as quickly as though they were in one of the large cities, '; '.. It is probable that a special, postal station will be established at the avia tion field and temporary postmaster .ap pointed by the department to receive and dispatch mails and sell postage stamps. The first successful official aeroplane letter route was that opened last Satur day by the British postal administra tion, which began a series of experi ments in thecorrying of mails by aero planes from Hcndon, England, to Wind sor Castle, a distance of almost twenty miles, Four aviators, with two bip lanes and two monoplanes, were en gaged in the work and about 100,000 let1 ers constituted the first delivery, United States postal authorities are of the opinion that the day when letters will be forwarded from city to city by airshij-B is not far distant Pictures Just Arrived. Notice my windows, Fall is coming on, what can you buy tor the small sum of two or three dollars that will bright en up the home so much as pictures. We have them for dining room, hall, parlor and living room. J, S. MILLER., The Fur. Man. "My Heart Goes Bump Inside." That's the name ot the great song hit of the musical show. "The Kiss Waltz," that will be a feature of nexi Sunday's New York World. , In the Msgazine Section of this greatest of all Sunday newspapers will be found a score of exclusive articles such as: "The Ameiican girl who won Lord Kitchen er, "Note t'aper lor sen'imental lor ers," "Pittsburgh and New York,'; by Mrs. Mary C. Thaw," Suffragette! of Darkest Siberia,"' "Beauty Measure ments, "Magnetism Making the Earth Slow Down," "Photographs of the New Campanile at Venice," &c The Sunday World should be ordered in advance. KOT1CE. Ths Bridgeton public school will open Monday Oct 2d, All pupila are reques ted to be present at the opening, by or der of the committee. , Creatore and His Band Masonic Opera House Oct. 9th. The treat of the season, ai far a musical attrac ions are concerned, will be Creatore and His Band of fifty muni cians which will appear, here unier tbe auspices of J. Leon Williams Monday Oct. 9, 1911. Those who have been fortunate enough to hear this hand ar sending in their application for tickets and many bthera have been added to the list. , Signor Creatore, as usual, hsti been holding large audiences under his won derful spell enroute to New.. Bern,' From the reports received at times his audiences are all but moved to tears, roused by ' the tender sympathetic strains, while at other times they seem ready to stand on their feet .and shout to relieve the pent up something pro duced by the thrills from the wonderful crescendos which pi al forth from his btnd. V. : . :. . -...,--. :xV.v3.- Dunng one of thebind'a sojourns li New York ths "Herald" gave tbefoJ lowing as part ef a very lengthy notice: "Seldom hassucb enthusiasm been seen in a New York theatre. Aft th sextette fnm "Lnia," the applause waa deafening, and the people climbs I upon their chaira to cheer. The Tann hauser' overture and aeveral other numbers evoked equally exuberant signs of approval"1 V. .' AH seats on' the first floor will sell for $1.50. By putting your nsma on a subscription list now at Waters tou can get these same seats for $1.00,' This offer will expire Monday October' 2nd when the ' seats will go on sale, i Thli subscription list wi 1 be closed just 1 as soon ss S70 stat have been tubscnb-, ! er f0' ... lt A mere madness, to live like a wrstih 'and die rich. Burton. ' , Premier Stolypin May Live Through To Be General -Plot. , Kieve, Russis, Sept IP -Premier . Stolypin, who waa shot down in the , municipal theatre here in the presence of Emperor Nicholas, the heir apparent ' and the grand dutcbess, in aft proba bility will survive his wounds." Late last night the surgeons after consultation ' announced -that the premier's condition was satisfactory. They declared that" no complications were feared and that there were hopes for his recovery. . Details that have thus far come con' ceming the attempt) d assassination of Premier Stolypin, throw no light on the question whether the deed was the work of the revolutionary organization or the act of an individual bearing per sonal malice for the premier.' Bogroff, the man who shot M. Stoly pin, is between 67 snd 68 years ef age. , : He waa exceedingly well dressed. The details of the attack V resembles soroewnai tnoae or tne assassination oi President McKinley, at Buffalo. Dur- 2 ing the first intermission of the opera, -many members of thi audience went forward to shake bonds, with M. Stoly- -pin. Among them wore persons un known to the premier but whom, never 1 theless he met. During the second intermission the . same informality was in progress and ' when Bogroff approached M, Stolypin c the latter interrupted is conversation with Minister of War Sukhomlinoff and faced tbe new comer. The next moment : pistol shots broke the comparative siK enec of the audience. Bogroff.af tor firing ' point blank at the premier, rushed out into the aisle stilt clutching the weapon. Be bad reached a aide exit in his effort to escape, when an offi.-er intercepted hirp. The next moment the would be ' assassin was felled and trodden under foot by angry spectators of his crime. The officer usheathed his sabre and en deavored to drive back the people, but - before he waa abU to accomplish this Bogroff had been,trampled into insensi bility. . " ; ' ' "' A great deal is mads by royalists of the fact that the Czar himself, who was present in the opera house, was not attacked. ," , 1 ' - . The truth is, however, that the Czar was so carefully guarded in the' imper ial box as to render it impossible for an assassin to reach him, ' while the audi- ence, made up almoet wholly of tbe ar istocracy . and its dependents, could hardly have been expected to have any sympathy with a revolutionary demon- siratioa, . In Kieff the general belief is that ter rorists were iu the audience on the lookout for the Czar and other high of ficials, but that Bogrof was the only one who had the chance to carry out his plans.. .t'.' At first it waa thought the Czar had been assassinated, but cries from the. Premier's box of "M. Stolypin baa been shot!" undeceived the audience. The moment the first shot was fired the Secret Service men, who swarmed the theatre, closed aromd the Czar's box, keeping everyone at a distance. Sentence was suspended on Rodney J. Diegle, who was convicted of b.i bery in Ohio. Editor Whic hard's Mother Dead. Greenville, N. C. Sept 18th. -Mrs. ' Violet Wrdcherd, the aged mother of the editor of the Greenville Reflector, died aboot seven o'clock Saturday morn ing at her home here. She was in her 77th year, and ia survived by 4 children, J. R. Whichsrd, of Atlanta, Gs . O. J. Wbichard and C B. Whichard, of Greenville, and Mrs, A. F. Kennedy, of Littleton. During ths civil war and for several years after, she taught school here snd waa recognised aa one of the best and most thorough teachers of that day. 00QQP00CCD 00 OOltsicuHtsteK (X)cutsthtcctbr.l 0 0 ia two, fo r.!p trier CXI quality ivtc4t l ' its price. (") I i - sir- - r ; ' .lu4,k tl.l

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