TKE tVEEKLY JCUKHAL . . . ZfUkiukM 187S ; Y ? r. fuUhed la Two Sections, every Taeadsy and Friday, at Journal Build imm s-6o Craven Street '" - CHAKLI8 L T1TI8.:.,:. IDITOR AND PROPRIETOR. Official Paper of New Bern and " Craven Oouty. "-;""-;-; - - , SUBSCRIPTION RATE& j: TwoMonU.. . tt Three ltatti..:."i;'.Vu fi WHdotasW W .', M walva Months.. .. .. .. .. LM ilMi - ONLY JN ADVANCE, V , Tbe Journal (3 aaly sent on pay-In-. ' . advance bails. Subscribers . will .re ceive notlca ot axplratlon ot their sub- anripttona and an Immediate response to notlca wu p appreciated by the - JauraaL- "-' ! ' ' . '. -- - - . .Advertising rates furnished upon application at tha otfloe, or upon In- . qnlrr by mal finte.ed at tha Poetoffloe. New Bern, H. C aa second-class matter. ' New Bern, N.C. September, 22, 1911. 05TB - ABUSED SPECIAL LO CAL TAX. It has remained for the New Bern board of aldermen to devise a special tax that is unknown so far as the Journal has., been able to discover in any- other city in ' North Carolina, This special tax is one for' the privilege of publish ing a newspaper in this city. It is such a blessed privilege to publish a newspaper any where, that the local board at once jumped to the conclusion that the 'publisher ought to fitid the New Bern privi lege one of such value, that a spe cial tax would encourage him to issue a newspaper, and to bring others in to share this privilege and pay for the. special joy of be ing a newspaper man in the once termed Athens of North Carolina. There is no more reason for mak ing a newspaper pay a special priv ilege tax, than there would be in levying the same upon a church or school house. In many communi ties newspapers are sought, in ducements made for their locati ig in a town and people offer to p .y for subscriptions in advance, m r chants promise large paying ads if only a newspaper will come and exploit their town. Bather than charge a privilege tax, it would be far better to pay liberally for newspaper advertising of this city, and so try and build up this city. If outsiders learn that newspapers must pay a special tax to just pub lish a daily or weekly, it would likely prove a serious matter, for it would be argued, if the newspa pers must pay' for-the privilege, how much, more must others have to pay, such a place does not look good to me. No greater reflection could be placed upon the progres "siveness of a community than to say it "holds up" its newspapers, 1 Ustead of -backing them up and employing them to advertise and thus promote the commun ity 'a interests. ,', .' . ,,- .. It remains for the present board of aldermen to show its sentiment towards the local newspapers, by removing this absurd and unjust privilege tax., t . .. . LIVING" EXPENSES WORLD 1 ," " WIDE IMPORTANCE. . The high cost of living is not local, doc peculiar w any aiaio ur country. .- Recent bread riots in Vienna, the-big dock strike , in i England, many strikes here and there in this country, seem to have their basis because of the continu- J d high prices of "foodstuffs that' ; jo Into the daily, consumption of ' .' the masses.,, j' ;'. Z$:-r-, The worst of, this high cost of livnig is,, that H is practically im powlble to explain . it away, to; , : , tats the workman yt jhfi. factory haul see. the reason why . bread and meat should, be higher each r- year, while there was no eorrca- - ponding advance in the daily or rweekly 7 wages. ' Naturally this breeds unrest, distrust, and a de- ... 1 f A - k.&I.A. BUI W Clf eveu, Jul ua " 'vujJ J that surround the laborer or poor ly paid man or woman, in ueing ' ' forced to endure' the . high living expenses, without ihe ' increased wages that would seem to ' be con sistent with the higher prices, for '. food. Iocreased socialism is tie , result. .Foreign . countries f ate v credited with a great deal of socLJ inm, but it is also to be found iu every st ctiou in this ' country. It i t i t o!;':uiiml except io cities, 1 tt'! 8oct:i'.i:iUc Bcutinieht will ' . ' i Li r-tntry t'wns, awl i " n t-( ft. ', ALCWHIM. .1 PiK i'ri AVegetablePrcparstionfifjls sirailaiin KirFooffaniiaula ting die Stonadis andBowlsff Promotes Di $stionJCke rful nvss and RratCnnl.iIns wittier Opium.MorphiU iwrMiaeraL NOT MARC OTIC. Itmdm Sod" jhattofl HkmSeed fbtojrmiOmr. Apcrfecl Remedy forCbttsftpa tlon . Sour Stomaeh.Diarrtofa WormsforoTilsionsfevcrisli ness andLoss of Sleep. Facsimile Signature of NEW YORK irantred ui Exact Copy of Wrapper the increase in agricultural pur suits, a more intelligent and inten sive farmiog, there would be low er prices for food products. But in this comes the side of the pro ducer, who wants 15 cents cotton, one dollar wheat, 75 cent corn, f0 cent oats, $20.00 hay -;" cent eggs, 50 cent chickens, lft rout pork, and the entire line on this basis. BEWARE OF OINTMENTS FOR CA TARRH THAT CONTAIN MERCURY. as mercury will surely destroy the sense of smell and completely derange the whole Bystem when entering it through the mucous surfaced. Such article should never be used except on pres criptions from reputable physicians, as the damage they will do is ten fold to the good you can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufac tured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, 0., contains no mercury, and is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucons. surfaces of the pys tem. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine. It is ta ken internally and made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testi monial free. Sold by Druggists. Price, 75c, per bottle. Take Hall's Family Pills for constipa tion. Wanted an Even Start. "Pa, you Uuoiv you lold uu to (ouut twenty before I puuclir-d auottier boy?" "les." "Well, In order to m.i'e It work out right you have pot to no : -.round the neighborhood and makf 'he o'her boys promise to count twenty hf -t they take a punch nt me." FloMFtoa l ost. The Largest Restaurant. In the Berlin zoological Krden res taurant, the largest in the world, 10, 000 persons can sit down simultane ously beneath the same roof. Open air terraces for use in summer will accom modate another 10,000 diners. There are 1,000 waiters, and the kitchen staff exceed 500. ; I-"'- ' . For bowel complaints in children al ways give Chamberlain's Chile, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and castor oil. It is certain to effect a cure and when reduced with water and sweetened is pleasant to take. No physician can pre scribe a better remedy. For sale by all dealers. i , , .; . , The Death Pain. X reporter Hsked a well kuown sur geon whether bis experience as a med ical man hud led htm to believe that death Is painless. . - " r ''Speaking generally,", be aoid, "the death agony Is very rarely attended by pain, because the system Is always prepared for death by a weakening of the vital forces, by the circulation of impure blood through the brain and by the obtundliig of the nerves. Of course some people bare more , pain than others, and this ia very largely deter mined by - temperament A nervous man-all other things being equal suffers more pain than a man who has enjoyed robust benlth, because the nervous man's sensibilities are stronger, but the pain of death is more In the anticipation .than in tbe reality. . Men of education face death with greater fortitude than men who are not educated. ' Women are almost always pluckier than men. They en dure pain much better." London Globe; ' ' :' '' . r:v ' mm i ' i Iffti a a I ill Emm 1 1 fi 1 V W 11 y L u -. i E -4 k w u ruai4tl ft ForlnfeTtts and Children. ThilKinil Yoii Have Always Bought In Use Over Thirty Years TK CKNT.UII OMMNY. HKW VONK AITT.. This raion's Lyceum Course, Mr. S. H. liryan, of the Alkahest Ly ceum system of Atlanta, reached New Bern yefeerday to assist the graded school to putting on tliti lyceum course for tliis saasim. Mr, Bryan was in Naw Bern last spring, at which tenta tive arrangements wore made with Mr. t'l-aven fen' a Hrst class lyceum course, the samp to connist of six high class numbir.i, indwlinn the Vassor College girls, a company of U-n young women artists; Enlisii opera singers, a mixed quartet who sing selections from the operas in English; Apollo Concert Co., a q.untet of iiiBtrumental specialists. includai;; Mi. a Spring, a soloist; Tyro lean Alpkui S'ners and Yodlers, acorn pany of Rev en Swiss singers and play era. Rose Crane, cartoonist and clay modeler and lion. Richmond Pearson Hotwon, of Merrimac fame, but who in nwr r-eflfit year has come into prom inent lii the balls of Congress, be cause of his pottition in behalf .of a stronger navy. A cirent. of New Bern, Washington, Wilson, wd Klizabeih City, of these attrnctkf'8 have been arranged, there by insuring tetter service from the point (f vw of prompt arrival of tal ent, 'flu- neric3 itself is among the best in fch . field and New Bern people are assued of a very rare treat this winter. The first number is booked for October 4th, so that it will be necessa ry to act promptly in securing season tickets. Tickets for the season may be at cured by telephoning Misa Mary Hendren, who ia giving the matter at tention in the absence of Professor Craven, HAS MILLIONS OF FRIENDS. How would like to number' your friends by million's as Bucklen'a Arnica Salve doe ? lis astounding cures in the past forty years made them. Its the best Salve in the world for scores, ulcers, ecsema, burns, boils, cuts, corns, sorn eyes, sprains, swellings, bruises, ooid sores. Has no equal for piles, 25 at, all druggist. ' , Her Dear Husband. "Why," exclaimed a newly marr1e woman to n bunch jot friends, "foi three months after our mnrrlnge m? dear husband made me bake hot bis cults for hlrn every meal.""- ' "And yet yottr husband la a strong healthy looking fellow," answered hei friend. In' astonishment , "Doctors sa; that such a diet J? terrible, and"- "Oh, yes, this husband la healthy. "1 was referring to my first husband!" Clevelandrialn Dealer. ' , A FIERCE NIGHT ALARM. , , ; ' Is the hoarse, startling cougn of a child, suddenly attacked by croup. Of ten it ajrouwd tawia Chamblin, of Man chest.. O., (K. K. No. 2) for their four chjldron' were greatly subject to croup, "tome times it severe attacks," he wrote "wu wore afraid they, would ote, tret ataee we proved what a certain remedy. Dr. King'a New Discovery, is, we have no tW. We rely on It for croup and for coughs, colds or any throat or lung tceahie. " So do thousands of otherSj sw may you. Asthma, Hay Fever, LOrippe, Whooping Cough, HernoTjrtao tly before it, 60c and $1.00. Trial bottle free. Sold : by all DrugieU. " ' Called His Bluff. . An Irascible priest had been sitting at the hotel I a Lie about three njinutes and no waiter bad come to him, And when be caught the eye of the, bend waiter he culled him up. "Here," he aald ill nnturedlyj ;Tvo been, waiting for half an hour for somebody to take my order, niid nobody has come near! Am I going to be waited on?" "Certainly, sir." , - ' . ' T" Tben I wnnt to know why I have been kept walling n half hour!" , "Well, sir," explained the waiter, "tbe man who was on duty when you came In,' half an hour ago, has left and Wou't he bark until tomorrow,, and I only came on duty ten minute' ago, so I don't know the reamm." Tbe gnost knew he was belnrf finnd" fun f, bur l:e al-'o I'mt 1 I I t.-'tl.-tr a f,.l ..-!, I. f. i ,. . till m Bears the t Signature J AA .vr ft . IF For GOMPEflS OUT : - FOR SOCIALIST First Open Alliance of American , ., Federation With Po-. - . r litical Party. . . Loa Angelea, CrL, Sept. 19. "I want to, do some 'work and possibly make some speeches in behalf of Job Harri- man'a candidacy before I leave Loa Angeles." . : ; ;- This . announcement aoming from President v Samuel Goanpera, of the American Federation of Labor, maiked the fust open combination in any city of socialism and organised labor in a united effort to elect a municipal ticket Job Harriman, Socialist and labor can didate for tbe Mayoralty nomination o( Los Angeles, will have a solid labor vote behind him at the primary elec tion on Oct. SI. : - Gorapers ia not a Socialist, but ha said "I may disagree with Job Harri man in many political beliefs, but I know that he places human lives be fore dollars, and if elected will give the toilers in Los Angeles a square deal," The Tented City. When moat of the town is still slum bering THE MIGHTY HA AG RAIL-1 ROAD SHOWS will arrive here on their own special trains of ears, and by the time the town ia awake, there will be a tented city complete in itself, hav ing sprung up io one night. This tented city ia as complete as any city of modern size, as a visit to the show will prove. Haag'a show will exhibit in New Bern on Sept 27th. ATTACKS SCHOOL PRINCIPAL. A severe attack on school principal, Chaa. B. Allen, of Sylvania, Ga. is thus told by him. "For more than three years," be writes, "I suff en d indescrib able torture from rheumatism, liver and stomach trouble and diseased kid neys. All remedies failed till I used Electric Bitters, but four bottles of this wonderful remedy cured me complete ly." Such results are common. Thous ands bless them for curing stomach trouble, biliousness, and for new health and vigor. Try them. Only 50c at all Urugista. - m Aviator C P. Rodgera' aeroplane was wrecked at Middletoirn, N. Y., and Aviator Ward was forced to land at Corning, N, Y. on account of engine trouble, ' , . j Children Ory FOR FLETCHER'S CASTOR I A Premier Canalejaa, of Spain, denied there waa a question of Spain ceding a fort or island of the Canaries to Ger many. BEST TREATMENT FOR A BURN If for no other reason, Chamberlain's Salve should be kept in every household on account of Ha great ' value in the treatment of burns.' . It allays the pain almost instantly, and unless the injury is a severe one, heals the parts without leaving a scar. This salve is also un equaled for chapped hands, sore nipples and diseases of the akin. Price, 25 cents, r or sale by all dealers. '' A Race of Tenors. Generally speaking, races living at high altitudes have weaker and more highly pitched voices than those living In regions where the supply of oxygen Is more plentiful. Thus, In South America, among the Indiana living on tbe plateaus between the ranges of tbe Andes, at an elevation of from 10,000 to 14,000 feet, the men have voices like women and tbe women like children, their singing being a shrill monotone. Tbe Australian native baa a weak voice, but a knack of sending it a long distance, and tbe lowest tribes' of African bushmen would come into the aame category; but. It Is said, of all human beings tbe pygmlea of Central Africa have..-in point of volume and cpmpasa, the weakest of human voices. Harper's Weekly. Diarrhoea is alwaya more or less pre valent during September. Be prepared for it. .Chamberlain's Colic, Cho'era and Diarrhoea Remedy ia prompt and effectual. It' can .always be depended upon and is pleasant to take. For sale by alt dealers. " " , . , RanJM. ' . Maud Would you call Gerty Gold bags a beauty? May Well, p'raps I might If I were a young man. awfully poor, In debt and utterly conscienca lesa. Vanity Fair. '.,'.': " ' At the Restaurant. - alter, why do you recommend everybody-to take beef a la mode to il J T' i,l j' - 4. -.; -. , ."Becauae, sir. If It Isn't all eaten we shall have It for dinner ourselves. -' WOMEN Womea tf iSt Lljaest type, fwomea f trrenor t iacttioi t&i reflBeicer izi$ ilicentssect faal lii- zA t'rt weiglt tail forct to t :j L:;l!y praisa lis 'r:.2:rfiJ 'CcrrectlTe asl cirx'Jvt i rr; :r"J:i cf Q.ti lerlib'i - 'i tzl Lirer TtV I.U. Tire; II st :-y t"-ti Kit S . ) r 3 f JUST IN TIME Some New Bern People May Wait Till .It's Too Late." Don't ait until too late. ; ;" r Be sure to be in time. -Just in aime with kidney jlls. . . , ' . Means curing the back : -Before backache becomes chronic; ' Before serious urinary troubles aet in. - - .--,. Doan'e Kidney Pills will do this. J . Here is New Bern testimony ,to prove it.. :--:-:: - v -. Mrs. William T. Hadder, 126 East Front St.,'New Bern, N. C. says; "I have bad no occasion to use any kidney medicine since Doan'a Kidney : - Pills cured me in 1908. I publicly . endorsed them in January of that,, year and at this time I gave you permisaioa-to con tinue the use of my statement. , My back ached nearly all the time and was nf ten ao severe that I could hardly get out of bed in tbe morning. The kidney secretions bothered me and I felt in the morning.. The kidney secretions bother ed and I felc tired and languid. Doan'a Kidney Pilla were ao highly, recommend ed that I got a box from the Bradham Drug Co. It did not take them long to restore me to good health.," , , .. For aale bj all dealers. Price Bt cent Foatar Mllburn Co., Buffalo Mew fork, aol agents for tbe Unit) States. - - , , . Remember, the aame Doaa'e aat take no othr. - Tower of Heroulei. Travelers may still see on tbe const of the English channel at Dover the ruins of a Eomau lighthouse that was built at tbe time of, tbe Roman con quest of Britain. Another ancient lighthouse, built less than a century after the tower nt Dover, is still serv ing Its original purpose. ' It was partly rebuilt ' and some alterations were made In it, but In tbe main It is the same old structure that guided tbe Roman galleyB as they skirted the coasts of the bay of Biscay, making their way to the Roman port of Brl gantium. Tbls Is the modern harbor of La Coruna, and the lighthouse is the most ancient thing about it. The Romans called it the tower of Her cules, and the moderns have perpetu ated tbe name.' The exact date of Its erection Is not known, but inscrip tions and other evidence show that It was hullt In the time of Trajan, be tween 08 and 117 A. D. Exchange. DIGESTION AND ASSIMILATION. It is not the quantity of food taken but (he amount digested and. assimilat ed that gives strength and vitality to the system. Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets invigorate the atom ach and liver and enable them to per form their functious naturally. For sale by all dealers. Novelty Excited Curioeity. OwtlaigUt I bad an awful time thinking up an excuse to give my wtft when I -got home from the cluh last night Lushman--Did she . demand one? Owtlalght Of course. ' I got home so early that it piqued her cuii ;osity. Exchange. ; .: .; '.v-- An Insult. ' ' ; - .Have you ever written on an empty Itomath?" asked the mere man. "Slrf exclaimed the literary person "I am a poet, not a tattoo artist!" 'When tbe tree Is fallen every on (roeth to It with bla hatchet Children Ory FOR FLETCHER'S CASTO R I A . Relatival of the Floiidu Shaker said to have b en put - to death I y friends hrve caus d an investigation of thectse ti be started.., : - - "I have a world of confidence n Chain berlain'a Cough Remedy fori have used it with perfect success." writes Mrs, M. I. Baaford, I'oolesville, Md. For sale by all dealers. . , ; 1 Lest Worte Defa'1. . - Airs. Jones cam downstairs one venlnir after -dinner uml rlUnlnro . w , T. herself to her hnsliand, embellished witn tne result or her all day skirmish lna In the milliners' shona. " ' "John," she asked, "bow do you like uus nat on mer . . . 4, "Oh. I dou't know." he answered. "Have you bought it?" . '. - ' "No, not exactly. I brought It borne on .approval. I Intend to take eltber this or another one, which If $5 more than this, but 1 thought" . "Say, Florence," be Interrupted.' "thsfa tbe most becoming bat I ever saw yon have on. Telephone to them first thing in tbe morning that you'll take It, so as to make sure they'll not sell it to anybody else." Yautb 'a Com panion. ' .j:'" : creatore's Coming. , Signor Creators, whe is unquestion ably the moat interesting personality before the musical world today appears here Oct 9, 1911 at the Masonic Opera House with hia remarkable band of Italian musicians. The New York Journal and American say 8 1 "Creatore is unique among ' bandmasters; He seems to be the spirit of the music tendeied. Unconsciously he acta it. So well does he have his men in hand tbey seem alrriest in a trance. H elec trifies both his musicians and his audi ence, and the ovation give, him has not been equalled in this city." Many of bla compositions art of a sacred nature, being of the bighext class of sacred mm ic, and the impressive manner In which tbey are played is somethifrg of a revelation. All .r,f on f.r.-t P .rTI f'. i'y m,,. : : f ' ' '! i FOOD OF THE MEXICANS.. rrijofe and Tortillas the Main Diet of .-",, ''. the Poor. -'''' ;., . People at home In the "states'? may think the food of tbe Mexicans mea ger. It is comprised chiefly of frijoles and .tortillas, supplemented by the' fruit of the cactus when in season. Tortillas are thin little cakes made of corn boiled with lime, and these serve as tbe chief food. - Every house has a metate, sort -of atone trough, which, rests ou tbe ground, and on this the corn is crushed to a' paste and then patted Into thin round cakes and tossed on a clay griddle to cook. Don't think as . you ride down tbe street that in every house a child is being spacked-U is only tha patting sound made "by 'the women aa they deftly shape the tortillas - In their hands.-'-: ':' i piv i' !.!. J:1-,!-.?,;, -. f. The lime In which the corn Is sof tened is said to account tor tha very strong white teeth of .the .natlvea Frijoles are. of course, beans and after belug' boiled a' long time with onions, chill and other savory bits are put Into bulling lard for tneir., -final -flavor. .Knives and forks are not need-; ed where a tortilla can, be folded, In the middle and used as a scoop for the beans. These two . articlea of food form almost the entire "diet of the poor." ". ::;:"s .',"V:,. ;'' ;' i; ' All food Is very hot, from-the chill, put In It, and one doesn't realize the peculiar flavor that cinnamon will give to many dishes Until he has eaten It In everything,- from coffee to Ice cream. While pulque, tbe fermented juice of the maguey, our century plant, Is the national drink, if a peon is very drunk it is probably due to mescal or tequila. , , two-. stronger . drinks ..made from the aame maguey. . -; ' Cooking is generally done over a few pieces of charcoal on' the ground. Often have I seen women cook an en tire meal over as little charcoal as one hand ean grasp. Los Angeles Times. LURE OF DANGER. Traglo Reoklesanesa of a Trie of Fire Fighting Heroes. Former Chief Croker of New York In tbe world's Work says that al though the whole fire service Is found ed on the principle of obedience, It ia almost impossible to drag a man from danger when bis battle blood Is up. , "In 1005," be says. "I lost three good men in a big warehouse fire in Thir tieth street through recklessness in spired by this spirit The building had been pretty well gutted, and one of the walls wna getting shaky. DI rectly under tbls -wall were three men from an engine company bagging, a 'lead' of hose, their helmets down over their' eyes and playing , their , water on tbe flames, : which almost singed their faces. ' I saw their danger it would have been obvious to nny one but these three fight maddened heroes and shouted: "Get back there, men) Get back from that walllt -- ; "They paid as much attention to me as if they hnd been stone deaf.: 1 ran over and shoved one after the other back Into tbe 'street out of danger. . " 'When you're' told to get back, get back," I said. 'You obey orders.'; ? . "Then I turned my back and hurried to another point of tbe Are. The wall fell, before I had gone ten yards. 1 looked around for the three men. Tbey were nowhere in sight! The moment my bock was turned they bad rushed back tn piny their stream In that place of peril, and. when the wall fell It bur ted them beneath tbe bricks dead." ' - Lost Time. " -j The late Sylromia Miller, civil en gtneer, who was engaged in a railroad enterprise , in Central America, was seeking local, snpport for a road and attempted to give the matter point Fie asked a native: , - J' "How long does it take you to carry your goods to market by muleback?", "Three days," was the'reply.-' v . i - "There's the - point" vald , Miller. "With our road In operation you could take your goods to market and be back home In one day."-:1 w . j, y o , "Very good, senor,", answered , th native. ,, "But what would , we do with the other two days T Boston Record. ;.'---'. . , The Last Luxury. . - Ten-year-old Arthur had been telling Impressively of the number of servants employed In bla home. He continued "And our bouse is fixed so that If yon want a drink or a window raised or U go upstairs or anything all you have to do Is to pull a chain." :;., r . ' i "But what do you want with so many "servrnts in that sort of s bouse?" asked one of his hearers. - "Ob," replied Arthur, "we have the servants to pull the chains." Judge. : . Drops and Minima. ' Drops vary In size according to the conditions under which they are pro duced. Some are iarpe and some are small, some long and'some short'. The drop of. the druggtat Is called minim, of which 480 go to make a fluid ounce and 70,800 to make a gal Ion. An actual experiment in filling a ne ounce measure will probably show that 400 drops make a fluid ounce. Tbe average drop Is 20 per cent larger than the minim. - ,;.. : i - i - Tee Big a PIIL . The man in bed. had never been sick before. The doctor, wishing to a seer tain bis temperature, pointed the ther mometer at htm and commanded. "Open your mouth, Jim." ". - ; ' "Walt a minute doc," objected the patient "I don't b'lleve I can swaller that" Juda. - .- - , Ill bablta gather by nnseen degrees, aa brooks make rivers, rivers run to seas,-Dry den. , , GOOD FOR BILIOUSNESS. "I took two of Chamberlain's Stom-a-h and Liver Tablets lant niiiL and I feel fifty per cent better than I have for weeke, says J. J. Firestone, of Al legan, Mn-h "They are rertninly a fine article for bUinn-ine'." torse' by all ilea. era. i'arnpli-s free. Tr -i i i V I" HARDWARE AND Building Ma- Points, Oils- 1i :yrirriishes. WAmericari Field Fence E. W.;Sf.!ALLlV .sw lersVI.' C .. i'.--v, ! i, ... ,-:.-i-i'.i Prescriptioris from.;' all physicians, Quickly and Ac curately filled. . ; Also j full line of Choice Toilet articles. . PHONE . 173 .. i - "A fine piece of cloth my boyli I never saw you wear a better' looking- suit." zJ'"' ' !t"Yes,'lW'iMul with it. . had it madeTLy a good merchant tailor. '. The cloth is one of the ' - fsnil fabrics r ' Everr 'maa ii proud of a' Shackaanna' , mit We have a full ana of then datjnctno : fabdc. , Call and b, awauHtd lor poa et, them today. - ,, T . . r F. M. CnADWICK MKRCli ANT TAILOR 103 Mirjdle 8Ttlfew Bern, N. O. INaSTITUTC ' FOR"BOTS. ' SOftTwr. ct for CoUcrff for Btutseii, for Llf. ' A iMSkUhfuI atmoaprffer ptrnAm tlita actaOM. tlnMff Chrtrtlao tnflueoi-e. 4 phys.ral Mtf marwi "OoJ's Oonnlry" is lh Kanllillla of tha Bins) stidia slMiRUiaa. High ttandardi f rlolf)riMf, Ho Mir ayatetn a4 atiinij pttnrifs.M ot Anrim wanhooJinsHllex. AthMlraonnmr SSmL laiwa4iaUliSMhonlWfaf-loUlmhM Io awd lest U. Kon-liKmilnaUal. - ',luu W ltei.l t AWrHHrVlfli'lWfMWWI FALL SEED; , German Crimson Clover,' llalry or Winter Vetch, Hyde Co! Rust Proof rnd Burt Seed Oats, Hay, Corn, Meal, Hulk, Shipstuf f, Beet Pulp, Dairy Molasses Feed, Dis tillers Grain, the best stock feed on the market, being highest in vCose pricest ,'on )e- 81-33 Middle SL ; New Bero, N O , cry ' wviivti.) ' It is a very serious matter to ask for one medicine and have tbe wrong one given you. - For tliia reason w urge you in buying to te careful to t tbe genuine .- - U 1 h TI' . i M U i V . - - - , - 1 Ti e rr; a of cM, re'J rl ! 'a tf '..t ine, I r constipation, In- -n ami l.vcr trout, 1,), l fmn. i f t - - 'h J. It tturt ri'.t i.:.:-.. r - t ) 1 . f c s . r it v ! , . I - 1 - Fharmacv 'tnyrls-eJ' " IT 13 Freti

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