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34th. YEAR' v
Beaufort Packers' Unable To Take
Care of Tha Great Quantities
Brought In. !
Beaufort Sept. 21 -The fisheries have
been making enormous catches for the
passed few days, in fact more than the
packers and Shippers could handle. The
supply of ice from the local factories
ia entirely too inadequate for the need
of the packet and ice has to be brought
from other places. -A solid car toad of
twenty thousand pounds was brought
from New Bern Thursday w.hich reliev
ed the situation somewhat Wednesday,
nine thousand pounds of ftotf blue fish
had to be thrown away because of the
lack of ice and salt to preserve them.
While the summer is practically over
there are still quite a number of visi
tors hre and they will probably remain
sometime ft. eotdee Beaufort will no
doubt in the future be as much of a
favoritsf resort for winter as it has been
heretofore for summer. 'A- .-'?
the crops' in this lection are the best
for several yoare. Cotton ia especially
fine. A bale to the acre will be just an
ordinary yield. Some of the more pro
gressive farmers will make two bales,
Bedroom Suits.
in cheap plain oak just received a car,
they are well made and look good, price
. $18 00, 20 00, $22.50 and $25 00, extrs
dre-ser at $6.60, $7 60 and $9.00. Beds
$2 60, $3 50; $4.50. $5.60 and $6.50, for
- good service to the j parties that don't
feel like investing rhuch in furniture.
Hi ':' J.. S. MILLER.
. ' ; i On ' i i i
What Others Say of Haag's Shows. '
ia Helena today, aid the small boye,
T and the lartr ones' too, are In their
glory. ThffHaag Shows are Independ
ent of tbe trust, ad absolutely (re of
. the obnoxious grafting games, and in
' every particular are clean and up-to-date.
The parade at noon shows well,
and tbe menagerie is as rare as any
seen in thia city.: The tent was packed
. with a well pleased audi ense this after
noon, who Wish the Haag Shows would
make Helena of teOer, ' A night ptr
formanca win be given, and those who
come early Will be tbe ones to get' tha
aeata, for tU HAAtJ SHOWS sell only
tbsir seating cipecioy. THE MIGHTY
hibit in New- fcerft Wtt Sept. 27th.
(Helena Nws,' Helena, Arlc.)
Despite theV threatening weather
many thousaYid witnessed the Haag
Show parade this morning and a teot
full of pleased patrons testified their
approval of what pVoved to be one of
the best real circus 1 performances wit
nessed here In several years. (Twin
. City Daily Sentinel, Winston-Salem,
: N.C.) 0 ; 5 '
Have you neglected your Kidneys!
Have you overworked your nervous ays
torn and caused trouble with your kid
neys and bladder! Have you pains in
kins, side, back, groins , and bladder?
Have you a flabby -: appearance of th.
face, especially under the eyesT Too f re
quent a desire to pass urineT If so, Wil
liams' Kidney Pills will cure you-at
Druggist, Price 60c Williams' M'f'g.
Co., Prop;,' Cleveland, O.
Sugar Takes Another Jump.
New York, Sept 22 Another perpen
dicular advance of 17 points occurred in
tbe price of raw lugar todav, msking
Cuba centrifugal. 90 test, 6.92. cents,
which i the highest figure , in many
years. , A'iaty of $0,000 bags waa mad
on that basis,1 and mor was wanted,
but spot 'supplies arc vary light, al
though there is leas anxiety regarding
later shipments. ;1 . ' ,. , ,
No further change waa nada in re
fined sugar; bot en-advance is expected
to follow th sharp rise in th raw arti
cle. , - ;
At present B. 76 cents la the lowest
pric being quoted for granulated su
gar. Sora Tenner's are practically out
of the market and others ar asking as
high as 7.60 cent for prompt shipment
Craven Couny Sept. 19-W are hav-
ing som fin westher now.' Farmers
ar busy picking eotton, '
Mr. Clai Ciller and wlf of Newport,
wer in our' midst last Saturday,
Mr. Ben Powers of Morshead City,
was in our'niiilwt last Saturday and
Sunday visiting Yrisnds and tslsttvee.
Mrs, Stev Towers and Mias Morrlj
of Vanceboro. wr visitors at our Sun
day school Ikst Sunday.
K'cs Knra Jaeohson ofNsw Bern,
was in our r ' t I-ut week. .
I'.r. Jrksn of Vsncebiro,
dlsjlftit IV. .' ' y morning,
South Carolina Senator More Iu-
. terested In Agricultural Im-
piemen ta Than Politics.
Columbia, S. C, Sept. 224 -Senator
Tillman spent Wednesday in Columbia
on personal business. He returned to
his home at Trenton on the afternoon
train and carried with him two pitch
fork. v ' ;
The Senator bought the pitchforks up
town and had them sent down tq the
Union station for him at train time.
They were, wrapped up in paper' until
they were unrecognizable and when
he told his friend Dr. Babcock, what
waa in the bundle the doctor insisted
they ought to be unwrapped and car
ried openly by the Senator, so the pa
per was removed and Pitchfork Ben
"Toted" the two pitchforks home on
the train without any concealment.
But the senator is very much more
interested these days in pitchfork agri
cultural than pitchfork political. The
news that there will be at least one
candidate to oppoee him for re -election,
Colonel W, J. Talbert, does not seem
to have disturbed him at 'all. Senator
Tillman expects to atand for re-elec
tion. He also expects to make at least
a few speeches, if Jiis health is no
worse than it is now, and if he is better
he may make a good many speeches.
It ia bis determination to offer fur a 4th
term in tbe senate.
If .Senator Tillman is renominated in
the 1912 primary he will on the fourth
of March, 1913 begin bis fourth term
ss senator from South Carolina. Hav
ing served as governor from 1891 to '95,
he was first elected to the senate in
1894 and tiiok his Best on the fourth of
March 1895. He was re-elected in 1900
and again in 1906, both times without
opposition. Col. W, J. Talbert, form
erly congressman and a former political
follower of Tillman, has announced he
will be a candidate next year, no mat
ter, who else runs. Governor Blease
haa announce! that he will be a candi
date for senator it Senator Tillman is
nqt in the race; therwiaajie JKiUseek
re-election aa governor.
A Gool Oil Heater.
Nothing is better to heat quick with,
than an Oil Stove. I have the Barler
which is considered the best, price from
$3.50 to $7.60.
. . J. S. MILLER.
How The Lyceum Coarse Helps a Town
The Iyceura develops good taste and
appreciation. Towns with lyceum
eouraes learn to enjoy good pictures,
good music, fine architecture and high
thinking. : 1 .
The lyceum raises the sentiment in
regard to entertainments. Towns with
lycenm courses offer a poor fie'd to
street shows, cheap theatres, etc.
Th lyceum encourages the "city
beautiful." Towns with lyceum cours
es are in touch kh the newest efforts
towards municipal reform.
The lyceum brings "out town" into
touch with the outside world. A lyce
um course helps the stay-at-homes to
become travelers, introduces them to
other corners of the world, other peo
ple and cu'toms,
Th lyceum widens the religious out
look. A lyceum course ia non-sectari-aa
and brings the best phases of relig
ious belief to the town; it tears down
th fences of creed between th vari
ous nominations. '"' '
Th lyceum stirs up enthusiasm a-
mong young men and women to get
out In the world and do something worth
while. A Iyceura course brings to the
town men and women of achievement
who inspire by example and precept.
A Good Heater.
You can get tha Wilson & Coles wood
heater nearly as cheap as inferiormakes,
just consider the amount of fuel you
will save and the life of the hecter.
. .i . 3. 8. MILLER.
Large Shipment ot fish.
Extraordinarily large shipments of
fish hav been madn from Beaufort and
Morehead City during the past few
days. Every train passing through this
city ia loaded with large consignments
0f this water food and which ar be
I IDipped to points in this and other
(Statea. A gentleman remarked a few
f day go that th people of these two
towns had mora money than th people
any other towns' in eastern'
North Carolina and there is no
reason that this should not be true.
They get a good pric for their fish and
the demand for them ia so targe that
they can sell all they catch.
Buck Stoves and Ranges
for your kitchen for best re
sults, J. S. Basnight Hdw.
Visible Supply Small 'Ami Crop
Conditions Unfavor
able. New York, Sept. 22 New high rec
ords were again established in tbe coffee
marked today and for the first lime in
16 yeara the entire list sold above the
the 12-cent mark.
The advance was accompanie d by ac
tive buying and was based on tbe
strength in Europe and Brazil, as well
as the fact that stocks here are small
and controlled by a few interests.
Quotations from Brazil on spot coffee
for future shipment showed prices to
be far above a parity with the local
Pound for pound, coffee now selling
considerably above cotton. The . ad
vance, which represents n gain of over
2 5-4 cents from the low prico of the
season, has been based on unusually
small Btocks in the visible, supply, as
well as recent reports indicating a
smaller crop than expected and the
claim that unfavorable clirmvic con
ditions have interferred with the flow
ering for tbe next crop.
New Orleans, Sept. 22 Coffea reach
ed the highest figure in 20 years here
today, Santos No. 4 being qu ted on
the floor of the Board of Trudu at 14
cents, the same grade selling a year
ago for 10i cents, Rio No. 1, low ordi
nary, was quoted at 13 cents, It was
selling at 10 cents this time latt year.
Bridgeton. Sept. 22-The weather
has become quite warm again. We hope
to see it turn cool T
Sunday passed very quietly in our
town, Rev. G. T. Adams of Wilming
ton preached at the Methodmt Church
in the afternoon at 3:30 o'clock to a
largo congregation. We are always
glad to welcome Mr. Adams in our
Rev. J M. Wright is at Clark 8 where
he is holding a revival. Rev. L. L Nash
is assisting him. Mr, and Mrs. N M Far
row and S. D. Parker went up to
Clarka Wednesday to attend the ser
Mrs. Rosa Montfort and son Eddie
who have been visiting in New Bern
for several days' will return to Bridge
top tonight.
Master Tommie Tingle who has ben
up to Burma visiting relatives has re
turned home.
Miss Nellie Barker of Stella is in our
town visiting her sister, Mrs. J. B.
Morton on B. Street
Miss Florence Potter gave a birthdr y
party to her many young frinrds (at t
Wednesday night at her borne on Bridge
St. There were many games played.
After the amusements were over, they
ail retired to the dining room where re
freshments were served, then they all
left for their home saying tint tbey
had a delightful time. Miasj Potter re
ceived many presents from her friends.
Mr. J. L, Toylor who lives on C, St.,
is very sick. We hope she wil soon
recover. ,
Mrs. Nellie Tingle went over to New
Bern last week to Stewart's Sanator
ium and underwent an npperation. She
waa brought home Wednesday, and
we are glad to say she is getting along
very nicely. , . . v
- Mr. LoRoy Davis is at Stewart's
Sanatorium.- He has gone through an
operation for appendicitis. He is get
ting along as well as can be expected.
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Lawercnce and
children of Ask ins spent Saturday night
in our town visiting her sister, Mrs. S,
G. Parker on C. St, V v
Any one would think that B'idgeton
waa burning up last night. Several of
our townsmen set fire to some of their
vacant lots to burn them off, and it
made a very large fire. There was no
damage done to any property. ;
Mrs, Nellie Littleton and Mrs. and
Mrs. Geo. Littleton of came
Sunday morning on the w count of the
sickness of Mrs. Littleton's daughter,
Mrs. Tingle who went through an op-
Deration at Stewart's Sanatorium last
Mr. Frank Ho Id en has moved up to
Rock Spring, .
Mr. Wm, Thomas has just put In a
new stock of goods in his new store on
B. St., and Is now open for tra le.
Mr. N. M, Farrow went up this morn
ing to Tuscarora to attand to some busi
ness. .".'.
- Several of our people will go up to
Clarks tonight to attend the revival that
Is going on in th Methodist Church
there. 1
1 There will he presching st the Meth
odiet church here, next. Sundty morn
ing and night by tha pastor Rev, J, M.
Wright, Everybody Is cordially invited
t attend.
'''.-'..fcj I . A .aj :';,v . .
Conservatives Sweep Premier Lu
rier and Bcprocitory Agree- ;
mcn Off The Earth. :
Montreal, Sept. 22d.--The Lanrler
government and reprocitory suffered an
overwhelming defeat in the Canadian
elections yesterday. s ;. " i '
By a veritabe political landslide ;he
Liberal majority of 4J was swept away
and the Conservative party secured one
of the heaviest majorities, upwards of
50, more than any Canadian party has
ever had. Sevenlcabinet ministers who
had served with Premier Laurier were
among the defeated candidates.
The Liberals List ground in practically
every province of the Dominion, Where
they won, their majorities were 'small.
Where the Conservatives won their ma
jorities were tremendous. Ontario, the
leading province -of Canada, declared
almost unanimously against the admin
istration and reciprocity: " j'
Robert L. Bordon, leader of the Con
servative party, will shortly become
the Prime Minister of Canada. He Will
be supported in Parliament by a work
ing majority of members far more than
ample lor his purposes. The govern
ment defeat means that the Fielding
Kdox reciprocity agreement, ratified
by the American Congress in extra
Bession will not be introduced when the
12th Parliament assembles next month,
and that a revised basis of trade with
the United States, looking to closer
commercial relations, will Hot be pos
sible in the immediate future. The
Conservatives are committed to' a poli
cy of trade expansion with the Ernpiie
and a closed door against the United
The School Committee of No. I Town
ship will hold their regular meotingt
Vanceboro High School Building Wed
nesday October 11th. 2 o'clock. All
teachers demising schools in said Town
ship will plerso be present C. J. Heath
Chairman, t
Mr. Editor:
That they should have attended some
public school during their younger days
instead of fishing for perch around
some mity dam,' is clearly evinced in the
two items which were sent to a periodi
cal published in Eastern North Caro
lina by one of their correspondent a
few days ago.
"The tug W is towing in our harber
again. SHE has been away for some
time and her old friends are glad to see
HER here again.
In this item the would-be scribe re
fers, to the vessel as "she". Now if be
had attended school for a sufficient
length of time, say one or ' two terms
he would have learned that, gramati-
cally speaking, there is neither a mas
culine or feminine gender used whe
speaking of objects of this kind,
. "It is reported that frost has done
serious damage in New England States.
He'll be here soon." .
' Again in this item the writer uses
the masculine gender when he should
have resorted to the neuter, It ia indeed
a truth that more public schools are
needed in North Carolina and parents
should compel their children to attend
rand fit themselves so that they can go
out into the world without being the
laughing stock of the universe.
A Busy Man Has Just Arrived.
Good news he brings to New Bern, i
large stock of all kinds of sawed Shin
gles on hand. ' He can and will please
you. See Big Hill for lowest prices.
TheOld Reliable. !
That's Why a Thankful Woman
Recommends Parisian. Sage.
Bradhftjn Drug Co., will sell you a
fifty cent bottle Of PARISIAN 8AGE
nd guarantee It to haniah dandruff.stop
falling hair and itching scalp, or mony
back. It's a delightful hair dressing
that makes hair lustrous and fascinat
ing. . 1 -' j r-
"la the spring I was recovering from
a Bevereease of erysipelas, which left
me virtually bald on the front of my
head and next to my ear.. The hair
kept coming out rapidly and nothing I
used stopped my getting entirely bald,
until I used two bottle of PARISIAN
SAGE. This tonic msua my hair atart
to crtiwinir and. in fact, grew me a good
fair amount of bair, and it has entirely
tted mv hair failing out.
it i with pleasure that i give a pub- or two Fruit Jars this scas.on.
r.c recommend to PARISIAN PAGE, w have them J "Ras-whU-hlknowlsawonder."
Mr.. Ella We na.e inm- J
Gilchrist, W. Pitt St. Bedford, Fa.
Expert Says The Process is Cheap
er Thau Natural Lumber Cau
Be Grown.
Kansas, City, Mo., Sept 23 So near
ly perfect is artificial lumber made
from paper here there ia no longer
cause for great worry over forest con-
sevation, said J. B. Whke. chairman
of the executive committee of the Nat
ional Convervation Congress here. He
had just returned' from a trip through
Eastern States. Much of his time there
was spent investigating the manufac
ture of "lumber" from paper.
'A superior quality of artificial lum
ber can be manufactured cheaper than
natural lumber can be grown," he
"aking 57 per cent, waste paper, 22
per cent, straw, 5 per cent, jute and 16
per cent, wood fibre, a ton of fibre
board, one-fourth inch thick of 1,100
feet of inch lumber can be produced."
The Bridgeton public school will open
Monday Oct. 2d. All pupils are reques
ted to he present at the opening, by or
der of the committee.
Shade Woolen Dead.
LaGrange Sept. 23-Mr. Shade Woot
er, Sr., died suddenly in this city yes
terday afternoon of heart failure. He
was 72 years of age and leaves a large
family. His d'-ath removes from our
community a most remarkable charact
er, t or tour years Mr. wootpn gav
of his best young manhood to his coun
try in the civil war, and wan seriously
thought to be fatally, wounded io
the head. After returning to his farm
in Greene county, he had tbe nxsfort'ine
to lose one of his hands. Notwith
standing all these obstacles, he has
raised a large family and left an es
tate of considerable size. Corning to
LaGnnge about 30 years at?, he en
gageu in business . for, a number of
years and was successful .
Mr.W6oteh was prominent through
out the county, and represented Lenoir
in the general assembly of 1903
Phone us your order and
residence number and we
will send it to any part of
the city. J. S. Basnight Hdw.
Business College For New Bern Now
Practically Assnred.
Professor J. M. ResBler, president
and manager of a chain of business col
leges arrived in the city yesterday from
Norfolk where the home school of his
chain of colleges is located, iiftd ia much
gratified with the outlook for a flourish
ing school in New Bern. He ' says
People down here know l ow to take
advantage of a good thing when they
se it." v ' '
A school of this character is bound to
be an important factor to the welfare
of the city. Heretofore those wishing
a business education were obliged to go
elsewhere, but with a school of this
kind in our city there ia no longer the
necessity for this, and it will afford
many young men and women the op
portunity of acquiring a business edu
ction, who for lack of means or time,
or both, could never other iso secure
business education,'
Jewish New Year Cards at
M. E. Whitehurst & Co.
- ,V
In a JaDanataJTamnla.
"AcmVniv. tpinnlU lMaltllritt,rilf4th0'
goddess Kwunnon, a tluy luaageof
.Told, about two and oue-balf , locoes
high," writes a traveler lu Jain. "At
tha entrance to the toniple igroamdmon
either side of the Immense goto stand
two large orA fearful looking figures,
f uardlng the sacred precincts. Hang
ing ' oursldo tbe wire grating! are a
number of sandals foAhelr useJtf tbey
wish , to take a 'walk, and 'rice ia
sprinkled about. Each worshiper, be
fore enterlug the temple, cidls .at a
small building, and after condriUitlnir
a small amount, wiisbes his-hands and
rinses his mouth. In frontiof the main
shrine is a lair aperture (in Has floor.,
covered with lnttlceworkM Intoi which..
the worshiper casts his 'gift. - After
clapping I 1b hands to awaken 4or at-'
tract the attention of the . gnL hei
kneels, but his prayer 'is only brief.
Wbllo there is one chief shrine) ther
are many others under' tho eume roof
One shrine especially attracted rmy at
tention; it was mado of "wood, and
quite disfigured and worn through the
constant rubbing of baiidA'OnitbeBpot
corresponding to the alTlMey portions.
of the sufferers' bodies." Chicago
News. ' i ; . ' i ! .:'.:
, , ,, .
- Maybe you will need one
might MOW. LO.
Will Stand By Record Made.
Aldrich-Payne Tariff, Vetoes 1
And "All.
St. Louis. Sept 25-Beginning the
real "winning of the West" President
Taft has crossed the Mississippi, ' and
begun his Western campaign with three
speeches in St. Louis.. -
That the campaign will be one of de
fense and defiance was the unanimous
opinion of those who heard the Presi
dent in his impassioned speeches at
Peoria yesterday.
"( accept responsibility for every
thing I have done. I could not do oth
erwise. If the people do hot like it.
thou they may repudiate me."
That is the attitude of the President
as he prepared o invade the solidly In
surgent territory of Kansas and lows.
where he will spend the next two
weeks. The President, deeply-affected
by the defeat of reciprocity, the big
is.sue upon which he had placed great
dependence, is in for a dcy-or-die fivjht.J
"I will go through with this trip, n
matter what happens," he said.
Mr. Taft's rbt-eption throughout was
the most cordial and demonstrative be
has received on any of his previous
visits to the city. Ho was the guest of
the Million Population Club and during
bis lung automobile ride saw all of the
territory that St. Louis now covers and
ali its citizens expact it to cover in the
next few years in their climb toward
the million mane. f "
At breakfast with the Mercantile
Club the President leferred briefly-: to
Cunadian reciprocity. He declared him
self content wic the outcome, - for as a
lawyer, he had learned that "when a
decision hits you right between 'the
eyes, the best thing to do is to sit still
Mr. Taft said he believed and atiil be
lieves that reciprocity woulJ inure to
the benefit of both countries.-
Keen Kutter Scissors and
ShearsEvery pair guaranteed.
M E. Whitehurst & Co. Simplicity.
When Sir Edwin Landseer was paint
ing the duke's portrait, hoping to save
him the trouble of much .sitting, , be
wrote and asked if he could let bin)
have the trousers belonglug to the anV
form. Tbe duke wrote back la all
solemnity: ;V. ';,..''.
"Field Marshal the Duke of Welling
ton presents bis compliments to - Sir
Edwin Landseer and regrets that he
cannot send him the trousers as a
has but one pair." London Nation. ..!
Lif of a Gown.
"A lawsuit in Which women's clothes
are the center of litigation teaches
eveu 41 woman many things she never
before suspected about the clothes she
wears," said a well dressed woman.
"Last week I was present at a trial
lu which a woman was attempting to
secure full insurance for gowns dam
aged by fire, la the expert testimony
it was asserted no dress has a money
value lu law after it has been worn
tra times. According to that theory,-
every gown owned by the plaintiff had
outlived its usefulness before the firs
came along to complete its destruction,
and with the exception of a trifling
sum representing the actual worth of
old material tbe Insurance company
was absolved from Its obligations."
New York Sun. i ,
On View of Mountain Climber.
Mountain climbing, now a popular
part of an outiug at home and abroad.
Waa regarded in a far different light
in Its earlier days. "Murray's Guid
to Switzerland." published In 1833. Is
the section devoted to Mont Blanc,
soberly related that "it la a somewhat
remarkable fact that a large proportion
of those who have made this ascent
have been of unsound mind." This
notation will console many timid
souls. Argon.-int ,
Marriage Announcement. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Lnwrnee E. Duffy rs
quest the honor of your presence at the
marriage of thfir daughter " t
, Emrr.a ; "'" '
, ;' ..'-V to 4 N ..,;'
Mr. James Vetnon Blades .
on the morning of Wednesday, the slev
et-th of October nineteen hundred and
eleven at half after eight o'clock at
Christ Church, New Bern, North Caro
Una No cards sent in town. " ''
At home after January the first New
, Bern, North Carolina.
Seventh Series of the Standard
Building & Lean Asuo--.
' elation. !" i: ,,
The seventh series of the Stan lard
Building and Loan Association opens
October 2nd, 1911. Subscriptions are
being received daily. 25 cents en! ranee
f ne and 26 cents weekly insta'inr his.
per share. No back dues rq- ! I in
this series. '..
ITRARkWR Ri.t.'.Tr:.a.
f R O'UARA, President,
Eepublican Majority Reduced to
Seven On Appointment
of Gardner of Maine.
Portland. Me., Sept. 25th. Governor
Plaisted has appointed Obediah Gardner
of Rockland, U. S. Senator to succeed
the late Senator William P. Fry. This
gives Maine two Democratic senators
and reduces the Republican majority in
the Senate to seven.
- Mr. Gardner was the Democratic can
didate for governor in 1906, and was in
the race for the senate when Senator
Charles . F. Johnson was elected last
January. He has a large farm near
Rockland and has served several terms .
as master of tbe State Grange.
The appointment of Mr. Gardner is
for the unexpired term - ending '. March -4,
1913, Party aandidataa for ths full
term will be nominated in primaries
next June. ' 4
The secession of Obediah Gardner, of
Maine, as a Democratic appointee from
a state for many years a . stronghold of
the Republican party will have a mate
rial effect on the voting strength on im
portant questions in tbe senate. When
he takes the oath of office the Demo
crats in that body, lacking but 4 votes
of a majority on any matter, will be
nearer to control of the upper branch of .
Congress than that at any time for a
decade past. The Republican represen
tation will stand at 49 and the Dem
crats .at 42, there being one vacancy
from Colorado.
In the recent extra session the tariff
measures were put through the senate
by alignment of progressive Republi
cans With the Democrats and the aid of
evea four of the progressives would en
able tbe full Demoaratie utrength of th
senate to carry out its will on all issues.
While Mr. Gardner ia not known of
either House of Congress who happen
to be in Washington now, it is expected
that his course will be aligned with that
of his Democratic ' colleagues, . Senator
Johnson. Representatives Hinds and
Guernsey will at the. next session be
the only Republicans in the. entire con-'
gressional delegation ot two senators
dad four representatives. ' ..
. Creatore And His Band.
The six weeks' engagement in Boston "
the past summer by Sig. Creatore and
His Band, proved to be one of the big
gest successes ever scored by the fam
ous, conductor. His special programs,,
consisting of Wagner Nights, Verdi
Nights, Italian Nights and popular
nights were enjoyed with gusto by the
music loving people of cultured Boston.
The concerts compared most favorably
with those Sousa made famous, for not
only is Creator a remarkably gifted
conductor and musician, but be has an
instrumentation which is a model and a
company of musicians who express bis
wishes to the moat minute detail. A
treat is in store for this community
when this organisation appeals at tha
Masonic Opera Houne Monday Oct. 9,
1911 and a large and eultured audience
is sure to welcome this noted conductor
to New Bern. ;
All seats on ' first Jovr 1.&0. By
subscribing for same now at Waters'
tbey can be secured for $1.00. This of
fer expires Monday Oct, 2nd. -
- tJ
A Striking Collection. ,
The same care, skill and expense
unite to make np the Magaxine section
of the New York Sunday World ai com
bine to prepare the regular weekly or
monthly magazine.. In next Sunday
World's Magasine will be presented a
score of Illustrated articles dealing with
heredity, divorce, war, the working wo
man, Russian secret police, our babies
fashions, beauty, humor, art, sports,
4c, also the words and music of a nivr
song. ''
Sunday World Magazines are worth
saving and the Sunday World ia worth
ordering in advance.
( )
Drip Coffee, can.
not be, made,
unless the cof
fee itself ispre
jared, blended
and roasted ac
cording to thc
famous French
method. Use,
j i ,7
f M,
r r ;
11)10) TRJTP

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