m ARE YOU ACCUMULATING MONEY? ' No matter how much money you are earning or how well you art living or how many luxuries you enjoy you are actually a poor man unless you are spending less than you earn and accumulating a substantial savings account at in terest This bank affords an ideal depository for building up a savings account because it pays 4 per . cent compound ' interest and provides unquestioned safety for all deposits.1 ,11.1 OPENS A SAVINGS ACCOUNT. ' ' i m - LtMil It. idt hliil 1 THE AUTOMATIC BALL-BEARING will ease the bur den on horse more than any axle ev er offered, if you are using' two horses get a vehi cle equipped with this axle and you can sell one andaave the feeding. And is the first and only Bail-Bearing Axle that can be sent to anyone anywhere, and be a success every time without any brains being sent along to adjust it" ' 6.' Sj: WATERS ; ft SONS, BROAD ST.' M BERN, H. C. NOW IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY. To secure the establishment of an UP-TO-DATE BUSItfliSS COLLEGE in 3Tew Bern, a few more scholarships are required to insure such, an enrollment as is desired for the opening. RE MEMBER this school is a branch of an old established business college that has trained thousands of young men and women, boys and girls for BUSINESS CAREERS; therefore you ruu no risk in giving it your patronage and support. : SPECIAL RATES Those securing scholarships for charter membership, are given a liberal discount in tuition. Call, 'phone or write for catalogand SPECIAL RATES TODAY SOUTHERN SUM & BUSINESS UNIVERSITY Stewart Bldg., ' J. M, RESSLER, 1 President 98 Middle St." Roth Day and Night Sessions. I EIST HRDLi TMlRSilllGGrtOflL I ' A State school, to train teachers for the public schools of North Carolina. Every energy is directed to this one purpose. Tuition free to all who agree to teach. Fall term begins Sep tember 26, 1911: , For catalogue and other information, address. ROBEfiT H. WFIBHT. PRESIDENT, EBEENVILLE, N. C. J The Smith Premier i EiflT'S ; y VISIBLE TYPEWRITER . . ;' MODEL 10." , Acmfl of Pei fection in Construction and ' ' ' ' Service- ' ' 1 .a-J . k-i nnn ASK YOUR GROCER I! L JJ AXLE IS FOOL PROOF AND EVERLASTING Phone 110 E C. BOWERSTOCK, Sp'l Representative. Instructions strictly Individual a STORE 1 MtminnBiisj llll lii r1! n 'Hi ' .!.. s.- 1- J v it U HER ENGAGEMENT. H Started Conflicting Emotions at Work In Hor Mother. Mrs. DeGroff drew a deep sigh when ter daughter told her that she had be come engaged to Mr. Boblee. "1 suppose It's foolish of me to feel to bad about It," she said, wiping ber eyes, but I can't help It I know It's a woman's destiny to be married, dear, and I have always hoped that you would marry and be happy. But a mother can never . lose a daughter without .feeling deeply on the subject he' can never help regarding It as an awful . loss a - tragedy. -.- 8he cannot give up her little girl, even to the best man that ever lived, "without the deep eat reluctance." V V "But, mother, dear, I shall come and see yon often. And you mustn't cry as If it were going to happen right away. You will have time to get used to It" . Will I? How soon are you to be married?" "Not for nearly a year. Bob thinks that"- Not for a year? What on earth does he mean by putting It off that long? I don't believe be lntc'nds to marry you at all, the smirking yonng snipl If he did he'd insist on having the wedding right away. And I shall tell him so. You bring him to time, Clara. Tou tell him that he'll either marry you next month or never. Huh! 11 show him!" MAKING UMBRELLAS. The Way These Necessary Articles 'Are Put Together. In most umbrella factories the task of turning out ribs and stems la left to other factories making a specialty of those parts. These are sent to the manufacturer, and the man whose work it is to assemble the parts Inserts bit of wire Into the small . holes at the end of the ribs, draws them to gether about the main rod and adjusts the ferrule. In cutting the cloth or silk seventy- five thicknesses or thereaflouts are ar ranged upon a table at which skilled operators work. In one department there are girls who operate hemming machines. A thousand yards of hem med goods Is but a day's work for one of these girls. The machines doing this job attain a speed of some 3,000 revolutions a minute. After the hem ming has been done the cloth or silk is cut Into triangular pieces with a knife, as before, but with a pattern laid upon the cloth. The next operation is the sewing of the triangular pieces togeth er by machinery. The covers and frames are now ready to be brought together. In all there are twenty-one places where the cover is to be attached to the frame. The handle is next glued on, and the umbrella Is ready for pressing and Inspection.- Ths Madioina of Generosity, Generosity has wonderful power lii curing trouble which by any other means would ; seem "incurable. The story is told of a poor blind woman In Paris who put 27 francs on the plate at a missionary meeting. A friend remonstrated, "You cannot af ford so much out of your small earn ings.',' "Oh, yes, I can," she answered; "I've figured It out and know just what I can afford to give." When asked to explain she said: "I am blind, and I said to my fellow straw workers, 'How much i money do you spend in a year for oil in your lamps when It is too dark to work at nights? They replied. Twenty-seven francs.' So," said the poor woman, '1 found that I saved so much In the year be cause I am blind and do not need a lamp, and I give It to send light to the dark heathen lands." Christian Her ald. " ' Told Hia Fortune. While crossing the East Boston ferry the other evening a little fellow ap proached me, saying, "Tell yer fortune for a nickel, mister." . After a few words with the young fellow I consented.- He took my hand and said, "At first I thought you were going to become a rich man, but it's all off now." - 1 ; 1 asked him his reason. "Well, yer see, boas, anybody who parte with his money on a scheme like 1 played you for will never be one of them financiers. " I cave him another nickel for his philosophy. Boston Traveler. They Used to Cat Crows. Our forefathers despised some dishes which we regard as delicacies. In the thirteenth century, for instance, al though partridges abounded in Eng land, they were eaten only by peas ants and were never - seen in ' the house of the nobles. Hares, too; were' despised by the upper classes, and even among the poor a strong preju dice existed against them. On the other hand, eourmets in the middle ages ate herons, cranes, crows, storks. cormorants, bitterns and other birds which would revolt the least dainty feeder of today. London Cbrouidle. ' Turn About. 1 ' "Every, husband ought to make hi brldo a regular allowance from the start," said a guest at a wedding re ceptlon In New York. "This is but Just," he continued "because from -the start every brldr finds that she must constantly make allowances for ber husband." In Pinch. 'Van't yon assume a little more pleas lng expression of countenance?" asked the photosTapher. "T-yes, sir," hesitatingly' answered the sitter. "Walt a minute and III take off there new shoea," Chicago ftibune, , ' v ..,- KILL A MURDERER. , "A mercilea murderer is Appendicitis with many victims, but lr. King s New Life Pills kill it by prevention Thev rently stimulate iloniHch, liver and bowels, prevntin? that cugping that invites appendicitis, curing Con Htipation, llMHdache, Biliiousneis, Chills, 25a at all druggists. rtli-lla Kirnmcl, of Nile, Mi- AFTER MEATS RING - I Was Cured by Lydia E Pink- ham s Vegetable Compound Wanrika. Okla. "I had female trou bles for seven years, was all run down, ana so nervous l could not do any thing. .The doctors treated- me lor cut ferent things but did me no good. got-so bad that I could not sleep day or night. While in tliis condition I read of Lydia E. Fink ham's Vegetable Compound, and beean its use and wrote to Mrs. pinkham for advice. In a short time I had gained my average weight and am now strong and well." Mrs. Salt.ik Stevens, & F. D.,No. 3, Box 31, Waurika, Okla. Another Grateful Woman. Huntington, Mass. "I was in a ner vous, run down condition and for three years could iind no help. " v "i owe my present good health to Lydia E. Finkham's Vegetable Com- Eound and Blood Purifier w hich 1 be eve saved my life. "My doctor knows what helped me and does not say one word against it." Mrs. Maju Janette Bates, Box 134 Huntington, Mass. Because your case is a difficult one. doctors- having done you no good, do not continue to suffer without giving Lydia E. llnkham's Vegetable Com pound a trial. It surely has cured many cases of female .ills, such as in flammation, ulceration, displacements, fibroid tumors, irregularities, periodic pains, backache, tuat bearing-down feeling, and nervous prostration. NOTICE Tl COTTOtl FARMERS On account of the light weight bales coming to thi.-i market, the buyers held a meeting and decided for their own protection, that they would not accept a bale weighing 400 pounds or less, un less there is a deducti n of ten pound: per bale; consequently iq buying light weight bales in your territory, it will be absolute y necessary for you to deduct ten pounds per bale from bales weigh ing 400 pounds or under and 25 pounds per bale from bales weighing 300 lbs. or less. The usual custom was to dt duct one dollar on bales under 300 lbs. which does not anything I ke cover the loss. Further we particularly want to call your attention with regard to tare, tRis must hof exceed 22 pounds per bate, any cotton overrated you must either refuse to buy it or else buy it subject to- tare claim when it arrives at Norfolk, and such notation must be made on the invoice for cotton. We cannot urge you too strongly to follow these instruc tions very carefully, otherwise we will have to bill you back for any loss sus tained for either of the above causes. Yours very truly, EURE HARRIS & CO. " Norfolk, Va. To J. U. Smith, Cotton Buyer. A generil railway stiike was called in Ireland. Children Ory . FOR FLETCHER'S C ASTO R I A Leand r Howard and William Mar shall of Jackson, Ky., mail carriers, are believed to have been murdered. Tho Liberal Goverr.ment and recipro city were crushingly (efafed in Can ada by the Conservatives, the vote east being the largest ever pulled in the Do minion. . ' ; Tha " SUFEE ECCENTRIC BETTING. Curiaua Wagers Recorded at White' ;; i j Club In London, j 1 The betting book of White's club Id London contains the record of some extraordinary wagers. The idle gen tlemen lit 100 years ago could give their successors of today sundry hints on eccentric betting. : ; Here are fac similes of some of the records. One reads: ' ..:":.. W "Mr. Methnen bets Colonel Stanhope 10 guineas to 1 that a worthy bar onet understood betveen them does not from necessity part with his gold tee paila", before this day twelvemonth. The Ice palls being found at a pawn broker's' will not entitle Colonel Stan hope to receive his 10 guineas." . This peculiar wager was made In 1813, and another one, recorded the same year at White's, may have ref erence to the same hard up personage. Ureadsj, "Lord (Alvanley beta Sir Joseph Cop ley 5 guineas that a certain baronet understood between them is very much embarrassed in circumstances. In three years from the dote hereof,. If one ojf bis bills Is dishonored or be Is observed to borrow small change of the chairmen or waiters, Sir Joseph is to be reckoned to lose." Here is an odd one: ".Mr. Butler bets Sir George Talbot 20 guineas to 1 that he Is not in the room at White's ' with Napoleon In the courso of the next two years April 21, 1815." History shows that Mr. Butler won that guinea. Christian Science Moni tor. Wagner's Last Words. There hare been so many and con flioting stories published as to the last hours of Richard Wagner that the chapter devoted to this point In Gla fenapp's biography of the composer will be read with interest. The master was uot really sick at the time, but tired out from the work and worry over tin; "rnrsiful" relienrsals. On the mornlug of Feb. 13 he said to his valet, "1 mus be careful today." After Itreakfust be went to his study as usual and worked on an essay on "The Feminine Iu the Human." lie asked to be excused at the noon meal, and the family and an Intimate friend were enjoying it when a woman servant rushed In awl said that the great man was ill. He was placed on a cot In his study, aud while removing some of Ida clothes a watch wh(ich his wife had given to him fell to the floor. lie gasped, "My watch'" And these were the last words he ut tered. DIGESTION AND ASSIMILATION. It is rot the quantity of food taken but ihe amount digested and assimilat ed that gives strength and vitalily to the system. Chamberlain's Stomach awl Liver Tablets invigorate the stomach-and liver and enable them to per form their functious naturally, tor sale by all dealers. Boiled Down. When Samuel G. Blythe, the writer, was editing a newspaper in New York state a green reporter ono night turn ed In a long and thrilling story re garding the rough treatment handed out to John Smith, a visitor to the town. The story related that Mr. Smith, wearing a high silk hat, had ventured down to the docksi after nightfall and a silk hat being .unusual and provocative of nntagoiSsnis in that section Mr. Smith had emerged from among the dock hands without the hat. Nevertheless he carried out of the melee so many wounds, cut! and bruises that he had to be sent to the hospital. The article In Us orig inal form was too long and not In keeping with the style of the paper. Accordingly Blythe started to rewrite It- This is the form in which It ap peared in the paper the next mordltig: "John Smith, wearing a high silk hat, went down to tho docks last ulcrht Emergency hospital." ropular Maga cine A report that another German de tachment had been landed at Agadir, Morocco, was denird at Berlin. Makes Hard Work Easy There's vigor and vim in every glass Orlglnat Pure Food Drink The JJll-YearSKound Drink t , - Guaranteed under U. S. Govt Serial No. 3813. - - . -' - :.-'-.': PEPSI - Cola puts you in fine fettle by enriching your blood and toning up your system generally. PEPSI-Cola is an absolutely pepsin that s tor your digestion acad phosphate and the juices of fresh fruits. v If you want to feel better, eat better and drive away lassitude, drink PEPSI-Cola. PEPSI-Cola keeps the system right, the mind clear, and the eye bright 5c Any Scda Fountain 5c Or from your grocer at 5c a bottle. - - Beware. of Imitations Legal Notices PUBLIC SALE OF HOUSE AND 'i LOT. Pursuant to power contained in the wU of the lata Geo. A. H. Richardson, deceased, whits, win I a of record in Craven county the andeniciMd I will on the second day of October; HO, at Bl o'clock m, on said day. at the court house door I in Craven county. aeU at public auction to the nurneet Darner tor cash one noose and lot situate at the northeast corner of Attain and En hank street, f rooting 104 feet on Eubank street and U feet on Main street and fully described in a dead from Geo. H. White to the said Geo. A. H. Richardson, deceased, which said deed is of rec ord iu Craven county, The above mentioned sale wUl be made for the puruieeof division among the deviaeea of the saidwUL W. H. LEWIS, Administrator. D, B. N. of Geo. A. H. Bichard- aon. deceased. NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION. Having this day qualified as administrator of the estate of atoses Furh.dec'd.. all persona hav ing claims against the estate of said decendent are hereby notified to present the tame, duly verified, to the undersiroed on or before the 17th. day of August 19)2, or this notice will be pleaded in bur of their recovery. All persons indebted to said estate are hereby requested to make immed iate settlement. This 17th. day of August. 1911. J. P. STANLY, Administrator. R O'HAKA. Atty. Oddities About Alphabet. When the Portuguese first explored Brazil they made great fun of the na tives of that country because they had in their alphabet uo f, r or 1 a peo ple, the invaders declared, without fe, ley or rey without faith, law or king. The Mohawks, ocaln, have no Jabials and vowed it was absurd when the missionaries tried to teach them to pronounce p and l. "for who," said they, "can speak with his mouth shut?" Blackwood's Magazine. i I L. 11 oi i nave a worm oi commence in vnam-1 ucriiuu uiuKii uciiicuy ioi inaveuaeu.lt I. .. l. i, .1.. .'..11 . ! I it with perfect success," writes Mrs. M. 1 tiastord, i'oolesville, kid. tor sale by all dealers. Prayer Halls In Russia- In the villagex f Kuss's the "prayer hall" is the common izba or cottage of a Stundlst moujik. or a shed attach ed to a very primitive farmstead sur rounded by prodigious quantities of mud. dust or niiow. according to the season of the year. A separate build ing erected expressly for worship among the rural evangelicals of Rus sia is a luxury yet to be provided iu the great majority of crises. The meet lng place, whether Izba or outhouse. has walls of earth. It Is without cell lng. The floor is the bare earth, trod den hard by many feet through the lapse of Ions: years and worn Into lump and hollows. The walls.arp .lime wash" I ed and destitute of decoration or adorn- menr. There are rough wooden bench es around aud across the room. The place Is usually packed to suffocation with men. women and children crowd ed on the seats, thronging the door ways and huddling together m the top of the huge Btove. Sunday - at Home. CASTOR I A r For Infants and Children, The Kind You Have Always Bought Signature of Two of a Kind. "You fondle that pug puppy, com plained the lover, "until 1 am actually jealous of him." "You're all alike." answered the girL "This puppy is jealous of you." Cleve land I'lain Dealer. . He who conceals a useful trnth Is equally guilty with the propagator Of an Injurious falsehood. Augustine. m of pure combination of ' 4 1 - 1 X PiOFRO. c.".: si. M. Simmons, A. I). Ward. si jlo mo;. AfTOKNEYS AND COUNSELLOR! - at law ; ; IlrT BERK, I. Csj Office Rooms 401-2-3 Elks Building Practice In the counties of Craven, Duplin, Jones, Lenoir, Onslow, Cart- " iw rno , us- , preme and Federal Courts, and .where ver services are desired. ' ' 1.1. M. BOffiR as DISEASES OF THE je, Ear,-Nose Id Throat t AND Generaf;Surgery , Office in Elks Temple Next Dr. U. A Caton, New Hern, N.' C, . R. A. NUNN Jt v.". ATTORNEY AT LAW Practice in the counties of Craven, . Carteret, Pamlico Jones and Onslow and in the State Supreme and Federa Courts. . ". . Office No. 50 Craven CtreeV Telephons No. 97 Naw Barn, N. C. Lake Drummond Canal & Water I ' . : i n t in ' . . Lake urummona i ransporuuoii Co. Lake Drummond Towing Co. Dismal Swamp Canal An Inland Route, Protected from Storm. Nine Feet of Water Minimum Denu Always. Quick Transit for Traffic Prompt Towing and Freight Movement . For tolls, towing and freight rates apply at office in Seaboard Bank Build lng and at Deep Creek Lock, Vs. M. K. King, Pres., J. A. Mitten. Sac. 1 J- 8. Baxter, Supt. v J. T. Whitehurst, Traffic Manager. Norfolk Office Bell Phone 621.' SOUTHERN RAILWAY pOUTttlBN KAUffAI 8CHIDDLM N. B. These figures are publlinal lor Information an 4 are uot giiarasv- teoi. , SO. Jl Leave Ooldsboro, N. C, Ml . bl, through trail with ehatf car to Aiheville, connecting at ' East Durhun, for Oxford, Hea- iersoa, Keysville and Rlchmont ' . st Diversity for Cos pel Hill: at Greensboro for Charlotte and all polau south, also tor Da. ?Dle, Lynchburg, CharlotteiYills . ; Washington, aal , alt peiata Mr. ' I tO. m Uavea Ooldsboro, t.OI v- ; for Greensboro, bandies through ; ' Pullman Raleigh, to Atlanta, ooa ' reU ai Greensboro for all ' ; points aerU. south aaa west. 1 11 -Leaves Goldsboro 10.4$ p m for Greensboro, handles ttuuuiaa Raleigh , to Greensboro, coa Bects at Greensboro tor Char lotto, AUanU , New " Orlaaae, Ashevllle, Knoxville, Danville, Lynchbnta, tosTtlla Washlagtoa, , also tot Chariot points Berth.. or tnrthar Inform a tlan aak III fouiopro ticket agent or adtreM the inderslgzcl, H. F. CARY, Uenaral Fassenger ieat, Waslilngtoa, D. O, ' W. H." PARNELL, Irafaiiug faaaanger Agent. ;.Vi. . V Raleigh, n. a Instcsd cf Urt::!d Hnlisc?Uc3o.Pcrox!-D , , niany people are now using ' Paxtine Toilet Antiseptic Stlie new toilet germicide powder to be diiwolvd in WHtr as needed. Cor all toilet and hygienic uses It I' , better and mure economical. to claanne and whiten the . teeth, Minora tartar and f 'prevent deoay, To disinfect the mouth, d Stroy diHcaie perms, bud j purify tho breath. To keep artificial teeth and l)i iil;VcworU clean, mlorle -i To remove uicotlim from t" ' lurify Hits brea I ! sf'rr i ro fli a.iic.-it.n per-i'ir' ,( . odors by (!hi;,- i 'i,' lii-st, an 1 1 si I i elieves and ' ;rs. 1 r.

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