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Beie fl Commander In Chief.
r. Demonstration "of America's
Preparedness For War. . '. . .
: 4- - J. - ' ' - --- - , , . . ., .- w.
New York, Nov. 3. -From the brdge
of the Mayflower, where Theodore
Roosevelt had Stood to bid Godspeed
to thft departing and then welcome to.
the' bxime coming battleship " fleet, -that
circled the globe three years ago. Pres
ident Tft yesterd y reviewed the most
notable assemblage of warships in the
' history of the American navy. : x v
tn three tong columns stretching as
far as the eye could reach up the Hud
son river, h grim, gray ehipa-99 in
ali had evpaitfd the Presidents coming.
In hi(f honor they' were dressed from
stem to item in fluttering flags, as if
a'teraptib for this gala occasion to
conceal the muzzles oi tbe death deal
ing guns, the gay bueting lent eolor to
' the scene, put the meaning of the dull
gray; hulls and the polished riflrs tint
- protruded from turrent mouths could
not be marked. -vr:'V::;' ';';,'
. "the signjflcsnce of the mobilization
and review of the fleet at this time was
simply to demonat ate the preparedness
of this American navy for any emergen
cy.' To further impress this fct upin
the President and the nation, to sar no
. .L I - . 1 I J . I l. i I ' 'J I
inipg 01 tne wiinu at large. ; uw uavai
authorities were not "content with the
usial plan of a review of the flset at
anchor. - -
But iq addition the or.'ers provided
that after the Mayflower had steamed
through th several columns the f li et
should gr under way and pass-.put to
sea,: Ths double rptacle made the
review unique in the annals of nival
displays, throughout the world, and at
tracted to Nejv York the military and
naval altachee of most of the powers of
Europe, ' - .'." ;
President Taft had his fl'-at rral
view of th Americai navy. It had ao
happen d slpce he enteoed tbe White
House fbat the fWt which waa so great
ly admired by his predecessor, Colonel
Roosevelt, La i been on widely ac i tiered
Hntir fti tha crrpalnr nirt Lh.. limn,
And while; tbe Pie ident bad leviewed
two divisions of the Atlantic fleet in
. Proviocetown harbor in the aummcr
of 1910 and $ little more than 2 weeks
ago in Sao Francisco had sto d upon the
. quarterdeck of the flagship California
of tbe Pa hie ffeet, he had never until
now' eoinfl into his own as commaode.--in-chief
Of the fighting forces of the
country. 1 ' ... :. ......
Ye have a beautiful stock
cf boys Knickerbocker cloth
ing, Shoes, Ha's, etc Don't
buy a thing till you see our
lines: J. J. Baxter.
Washington Defeats New Bern.
'-: In a gams of football between the
New Bern gtaJed school team and tbe
Washing ton graded school team in this
city jettarday afternoon,, the Washing
ton team was victorious by a acore of
8 to 6. Both teams were in excellent
shape and each p'averahowwl 1 p welb
Quite a large numi er of suctat rs were
prevent and they were v ry t-n'hu-las
tic in praise of the work of both teams.
The next game wi I be played at Wash
ingtoo at an early daU, . ',
, 2 ' '
; Imall Bpy Killed Near Dover.
' A telephone meeage fro n Dov r last
night lold of tne accldvntal killing of
' Reld, tbe seveu year old eon of Mr. K
A. fjlcbardaoa, who rel U-t abt,ut twj
miles from that town. .The farts as
letrped wre-A Taborer who waa em
ployed hauling wool for the home us,
unloading, waa throwing ' the slicks
over the fence when the little boy ran
; past and a large billet accidently struck
him knocking him eenseleas. He never
regained ronsciousoew and riid la about
half an hour,' Mr. Richardson has n any
- friends In New Bern who will be pained
to hear pf this distressing accident. .
Sep oir job counter of
Ladies Soes, ' some great
valuta to eo quick, $3 00,
$3.0 anc $4.00 shoes to close
as Jong as they last at $2.25.
J. J. I! axter.
t r
Cold! the Wild Turkey Record.
So far this season tbe Journal con
cede ths a lit turkey shooting record to
lir. T. J. Itaxter, of this city,. M .-,
r m out on Wednesday morn
ing i sr'y. t: e flrat day of the open tur
key Knn, and after lilting In a blind
from 4 a. m' to 25) p. m., be was re
wr ' i by lng two turkeys approach
to i 1 e of the xc -Went food be hud
. . . l L : 1 . . I l
I .' . n'ar blncxi away, kiiiing
, , t j i .,;h one ahot. Tbe bitdi
,.. I . ;'ew!liug eleven
Abram Block Proprietor Victoria !
: Theatre Is Bhot ""By His Own
' " " . Pistol. ' '
; About 9.80 o'clock last night, a report
of a pistol waa beard the sound coming
from the rear of the store No. 97 Mil
die, gt.. run by Abram Block who alo
te proprietor of the .Victoria theatre, a
moving picture and vaudeville bouse on
Pollock St. Mrs. Block who was in the
front of the store screamed and several
persons outside . hearing ; the shot and
scream rushed to the scene, Mr, Block
was found standing In the back room
with a pistol and a large wound in his
aide. He claimed not to have shot him
self and refused to do anj thing. A doc
tor waa quickly summoned who examin
ed the wound and declared Block must
go at once to the sanitarium for exami
nation nod treatment ! Only at the im
ploring of his wife and two crying chil
dren was be induced to go, the ambu
lance having been summoned. '' :
The Teports all indicate that Mr.
Block waa despondent over financial
trebles and had been drinking, the cul
mination being in bis shooting him
sUf, after appar ntly seelrg 00 bops
to find relief in his buaineea and pecuni
ary troubles, Mr. Block has been here
several years running a 10 cent store
and later engagtd in the moving picture
show business, ' u ; i1" . . ""i- s: .
An . examination of the wound
at the sanitorium showed it to
be superficial the shit not penetrating
the abdomen, being merely a flesh
wound, the doctors saying last night,
Mr, Block would get over it.
Bedroom Suits.
in cheap plain oak just received a car,
they are well made and look good, price
f 18 00, 20.00, $22.50 and $25.00, extra
dresser at 16.60, 7.50 and $9.00. Beds
$2.50, $3.50, $4.60, $6.60 at d $6.60, for
good service to the parties that don't
feel like investing much in furniture. .
Mr, Block's Condition Improved.- :
- '"'' ' ' ' ,- '
Report as to Mr. Block's condition
yesterday, gave it as improved, the
doctors not regarding his wound as
serious. ;-
Mr. Block B(.il further as to the
shooting tl at Jt waa at c dental, he try
ing to "btek" a pistol to extract the
eartridg-. This in further confirmation
of the inu nal'a repo t Saturday, that
he did not with suicidal intent shoot
himself. -Mrs. Block has the sympathy
of all in her husband's trouble.
Owing to the fact that my business
requires my attentioo and presence at
another place, I have decided to place
try house and lot on the market ., The
lot contains I acres of the best land in
the vicinity of Clark. The dwelling
house is rew and modern, ami the out
bouKe4 are in the best of condition. A
fine young orchard is a'ao locattd on the
lot, also a fine grape vineyard. I will
sell this place cheap to the proper per
son. If interested write to or e me at
orce. ; " ';"
. ;'. ' 1. M. REGISTER,
. ' '.. Clerks, N. C.
Craven County Commissioners
; 1 . Monthly Meeting.
Yesterday the Craven County Board
of Commissioners held their regular
monthly meeting at the court house In
this eity. r Practically the entire' morn
ing session was tken up in bearing the
complaints of thoae who thought their
property had been assessed too high by
the tax aisessors when they were mak
ing up the tax books a few weeks ago.
Ia some cases the assessment ha I been
doubted over that of last year, while
the value of the property had la Dained
the iami. One ease in particular at-
trade i conaidaraSle attention The
manager of the local branch of S. H.
Kress A Company's store appeared be
fore the board and stated that the as-
aetiment on their stock this year was
twice the amount It was assessed at last
year, and that tney aia not nive as
much in their store now as they did at
that time. After due consideration
thee complaints were oderd to be in
vestigated, and if found wrong to be
corrected. - ",,'
The afternoon tewinn was taken ' np
with the disptesl of the large nnmbar
of bills against the county.
(lave you negleoted your KidneysT
Have you overworked your nervous ays
tem and caused trouble with your kid-1
neysand bladder? Have you pains In'
bins, side, bark, groins and bladJert
Have you a flabby appearance of th
face, eeimcially undar the eyeaT Too f re
I ., tn mil iirinnT If an. WiU
H " r '
liams' Ki'lnev Pills will cure
U.-; ' t, rrkaC's. Williams U f g.
(C.,li ,., C ' !, 0.
New Bern Citizens Realize the
Advantage Of Owning a Car
acd Many Have' Recently
Been Purchased.
... .. .- . ............. ,-.. ... .... ... . . .....
Never before have high class auto
mobiles been. so inexpensive ss they
are at the preaent tine and many New
Bern citizeoe who have realized the ad
vantages of owning an automobile have
recently placed their orders for a ma
chine with the local dealers. No longer
is the automob'la a luxury, to be own
ed only by the idle r ch. The cost of
production has been greatly decreased
during the past few years and now the
man wih even a morfest income can
own one of these cars as well as bis
richer brother. ;
There are several makes of automo
biles in New Bern, but none of them
have proven to be as popular a the 'E.
M. F.' and the "Flanders" cars which
are minufactured by the Studebaker
Company and are handled locally by
the Hy man Supply Company. These
cars are built on lines which irsure their
duraLiiity and also they show the abili
ty of the craftsman's art in manufac
turing them. " '" which is destined to be
come popular in this Iocs ity is the
"Overland." At present there is not a
siugle car of this make owned by local
autoieta but the Hymsn Supply Com
pany have accepted the agency for this
make of machines and it is safe to say
that it will prove to be a winner. The
price la very low : ard they are one of
the most durable and attrative ca-s on
the market toaay.
During the past few days the Hyman
Supply Company have disposed of the
following cars to local persons;
. Ex-Judge O. H, Guion; a five passen
ger "E. M. F." touting car.
Mr. H. C. McKeel; a four passenger
E. M, F," touring car.
Dr. J. F. Rhenrt; a four paseenger
"E. M. F." touring car,
Mr. G R. , Fuller; a four passenger
"Flandera" automobile.
1 In addition to this th"y sdvtBe us that
they have another carload of automo
biles of this make enroute and which
w'.U arrive here some time this week.
New Bern, Take Notice.
Mr. Editor Please stop my ad at
once. Since my hist ad waa placed in
your paper my business has increased
so I cannot hardly wait on my custo
mers. Please atop until further notice.
One fine mule for sale. "Big Hill,"
tbe Shingle and Paper Roofing Man.
. Penalty of tha Paaeh.
The Egyptians appear to have been
acquainted with what Is commouly
called prusslc acid, the most deadly
of poisons. It is held that they dis
tilled it from certain plants and trees,
notably the peach. In the Louvre
there la an ancient Egyptian papyrus
from which the following has been de
ciphered: : "Pronounce not the name
of L i O. Tinder the penalty of the
peach." This haa been supposed to
be a death warning to those wno mignt
be tempted to reveal mysteries In con
nection with the religious rites of the
priests, '--v. -'"V" .
The- Bomans probably learned of
pruaalc acid from tbe Egyptians. His
tory has It that in the relpn of Tiberius
a Roman knight accused of treason
drank ' poison and Immediately fell
dead at the feet of the senators, a sig
nificant circumstance, lnnsmuch as no
other poison has tbe almost Instan
taneous effect of prusslc acid. .' . -8mart
8ayinga, -
Lord Palmerston's reply to the illit
erate, member who asked him. "Are
them two hens In 'Onltonr la a spect
men of his rather bolf terous chaff.
"No: only one. That's why heggs are
so scarce there." :
- Mr. Disraeli's- comment upon a PQr
tralt of himself, "Is It not hldeous
and so Uker exhibited a discernment
not common with unfiattered sitters.
"Twenty Years. In. Parliament" ,
Dandruff means that down nea' the
roots of hair there is a vaat army of
little invisible germs or microbes. !
And this army never sleep; it wages
a warof destruction nigbt and day. It
diatrova the no iriabment that the hair
must have in order to grow vigorously
and abundantly. '
PARISIAN SAGE now sold all over,
America will de.troy these germs and
at tbe same time furnish the hair roots
with just the proper nourishment to
make hair grow lustrous and luxuriant.
PARISIAN SAGE Is guarantee by
Bradham Dtug Co,, to ba.iiah dai.druff,
stop falling hir and itching scalp or
money back. It is a delightful hair
drering that wins instant favor wi h
refined women. Sold for only 5!) cents
. a larva bottle bv Bradham,
urug i;o.,
Girl with
you-at'and drugjiats everywhere.
Auburn hair on every carton ana un-
1 f i.
Repeal Prohibition Clause Remains
Unsettled. Canvass Stauda -
go For Repeal.
. Augnata, Me,, Nov. 8. The question
whether the proclamation by Guve'nor
Plsi-t'd making known the result of
h? Sep 'ember election on the repetl of
the prohiUfton clause of tbe stati can
sftution, mVy be issued before Decern
ber 1st, the legal time for such action
cannot he determined from Information
obtainable ; at the state house. The
qijf stion WDFther the returns from four
towns shall etnd as reported or wheth
er they flhatl be corrected in accordance
With evidence' that the figures are erro
neous, is still under consideration, ard
no one official y connected would pro
fess ability today to state whether ac
tion would fee taken at the next meeting
of the g ivernor and counsel on Novem
ber 16th. k, i
As the ma1 ter now stand?, the official
returns canvassed by the Governor and
counsel give a mnj irily of 26 votes for
the repeal of the prohibition amend
ment. If the1 returns allegtd to be erro
neous are accepted as corrte'ed, a ma
jority. oft59 against rt peal woul 1 re
sult. ...y
Thft possibility that the courts may
be askel to'baar upon the questioned
returns ha-ij been suggested. Such a
step would introduce a third alternative
inasmuch as the. courts, it h sid, could
declare the disputed figures void and or
der them stricken from the tables.
Such a step would bring about a major
ity of 3li6 against repeal.
A Good Oil Heater.
Nothing is better to heat quick with,
than an Oil Stove. 1 have the Barler
which is considered the best, price from
$3.50 to $7.50.
Weather Temperature and Rainfall
;" October.
The following were the maximum and
minimum temperatures and rainfall du
sing October on dates as follows:
1 81-56
2 83-64 "
3 93-61 .27
4 7358
5 83-61
6 84 -50
7 79-52
8 92-51
9X. C7--52
10 7355
11 79-58
12 7960 .05
13 74-50
11 75-47
15 77-51 .57
lfi 7950
17 74-55
18 81-57 3.41
19 69-49 .04
20 74-49
21 70-55
22 79-54
23 82-62 .11
24 69-46 .10
25 68-45
26 73-50
27 74-44
2S 77-48
21 64 -46 1 82
30 69-44
31 71-41
Practical Reconstruction of New
Bern led Company's
.The New BernvIce Company ia now
reconstructing its p'ant on Griffith St.,
by bearing down all the structural parte
except that bu It of brick. There will
be no frame or wooden buildings, but
under the new plans, all will be of
brUk, The v.oden a-ctions removed
under the reconstruction., will be re
placed hy much larger ro rns, engine
and manufacturing sectl ns, so that
the daily ice output will be increased to
more that meet all demands from local
t ot nearby consumers
The reoples Ice wmpany s plant,
f that , was consolidated with the New!
Hern some months ago, will be taken to
Griffith St and such parts added that!
can be used in the enlarged plant.
The ice people have often found lb it
their capacity - was nt equal at times
to the-consumptive demand?, in the
past,' and they propose it the future to
be always prepared to meet all local or
nearby order for ice no matter what
there may be. Such an assurance of
an i aupp'y at all neawna, will prove
of great local trade benefit and the
enmpany baa acted wisely Ingoing ahead
of today by being prepand for tomor
row's p'iBuible increased demands. '
On Government's Acreage Figures
Previous Crops. Large Hold
ing Back of Cotton.
iGreenBboro. N. C. Nov. 4, Follow
ing is a calculation of tha crop . this
year based on the Government acreage
figures, assuming that a much cotton
per acre U produced as was raised in
the years mentioned:
,; Compiled by Mess. Dick Bros.)
Crop year Actual yield Indicate ) to
hat psr
census report
tal crop for
: 1894
The next
is to come
out on the 8th, inst , showing the
amount of cotton ginned to November
1st and the general expectancy is be
tween 9 3-4 sn 1 10 million bales. The
"into sight" to date is only 4,629.000
bales which indicates an euormoua hold
ing movement.
Everything points to a large produc
tion and 14 12 to 15 1-2 millions is the
popular estimate, Even this is more
cotton than the spindles of the world
can consume and a big surplus must be
carried into next crop. Cotton is not
without friends and the mills have al
ready bought freely and there bas
been some investment ani speculative
buying ail the way down from 12c. Tbe
war between Italy and Turkey is still
going on and the rebellion in China is
more serious than the early rjportf
The tariff on cotton pood is going to be
reduced at the next session of Congress
ana unsettled: poll les prevail over a
large part of the world Businers is a
ittle unsettled and capital is somewhat
On th) other hand the price is down
to practically nine cents and many pe
pie are buying simply on the price. Ad
mitting that this argument has much to
commend it; nevertheless,, there ia
nothing in sight to cause any big ad
vance in the near future"and those who
wait before buying may not have to
wait so long after buying.
A Good Heater.
You can get the Wilson & Coles wood
heater nearly as cheap as inferior makes,
just consider the amount of fuel you
will save and the life of the heater.
Swsnsboro, Nov. 6 h. This commu
nity was shicked and paired over the
sudden death of Mr. Ct aHie Mooie, son
of Mr. W. J. Moore, pronrie'or of the
Tarry moore Hotel. H s bea'lh had
been poor for some lime, but the imme
diate cause of death wat heart failure.
The remains were carried to Charlotte
for interment.
After a visit here for several days,
to their relatives, Mr. W. J. Moore,
Mr. and Mrs. George Collins returned
to their home in Warsaw Monday.
Mrs. W. F. Midyen, of Oriental, who
haa been here visiting her pirents, Mr,
and Mia. J. A. Pittman, has returned
home accompanied by her mother.
Prof. Bruce Carraway ha introduced
aome new features in the school bere
that are inter. sting, one of thm is h
drill march; to the sound of ths drum
There are over one hundred studeiits
I and the parade is prettily spectacular.
M Walter Trot formerly of Deppie,
now of Fort Caswell, has flntshed a
very pleasant leave of ahsence in thU
section and his returned to his com
mand. .
General Willi entertained a puty
from Swanaboro e few nays ago at his
oyster garde", gave a rotat wiih all the
fixings that goes to make a rousing
good t'me. .; ,
We like to read the local i'e ns In the
Journal from different nelghb irhood
they tell ot people and pVe that
know, and I U a great deal better read
imr than that of foigt places or
strange places. , We were glad t not'
that D . J. W. Sanders was released
from the charges agahst him in the
Federal C iurt Oar bt men have en
lemiea. The hal som .
- We arrived home safu'y witb our ba
by LissiS'Mar, who succes ifully un
derwent an opperaiiuo at Stewart'
Siratonura inN Bern. We tbil
always have a tender regar l for th
doe on, and nurses who so kindly gave
their help, .
- - - GENERAL.
Just received a new ship
ment of Queen Quality But
ton ShOeS in SatinS, Tan3 and
r l-.l u.u
tat iianivi, niu uvf liiui
toes. J.J. Baxter.
Held First Meeting of tbe Present
Term at the Court House Yes
terday Morning.
Yesterday morning tbe Craven Coun
ty Teacher's Association f.eld its first
meeting of the present term at tbe
court bouse in this cry, There were
about forty members present and con
siderable business was transacted
Among other things, -officers for the
year were elected and; new work was
outlined. Owing to the fact that press
ing business - engagements compelled
many rf the teachers to be absent, tbe
attendance would have been larger but
those who wtre in attendance werevery
enthusiastic and went into the work
be 'ore them with a vim not heretofore
The meeting was opened by County
Superintendent S. M, Brinson, who out
lined the work of tbe 'year. He then
called for nominations' for president,
and Profs. C. A. Everett, of Dover, J.
B. Pau'. of Cove City and N. L. Gas
kins, of Bridgeton, were placed inr-onr-nation.
A ballot was taken and Mr.
Everett was elected to that Position.
Mr. J. B. Paul, of Br dgeton, was
elected vice-president, and Miss Carrie
Hardison, of Thurman, Sctcretaiy-treas
Prof. Craven, of the local graded
schools, made an in'eresting talk on
the Boston school system, giving inter
esting and instructive points gained du
ring his recent visit and inspection of
the schools in that city.
Prof. C. A. Evtratt, President of the
Association, delivered an interesting
address on "The Relation of the Teach
er to the Community."
The important matter of grading was
discussed by Mr. M. A. Hill and others,
The County Treasurer, Mr. B B.
Hurst very kindly treiteii the teachers
to a splendid autorlment of fruit and
reciived from them a rising vote of
The Association adjourned to meet at
the co m housa ther first Saturday in
December... . , ....... ;
25 acres of valuable land within
miles of New Bern, north. Write
Edwards, N. C.
The following item clipped from the
Washington Coresporsdence to the News
& Observer, wil be of much interest to
the mtny friends of the groom in this
city. Mr. Green is a former New Bern
boy and has a host of friends all over
the State who wish be and his bride
much joy:
Washington, Nov. 8 A t-imple but
beautiful and impressive wedding cere
mony was solemnised at tbe residence
of Harvey H. Cariow. Maia street, thie
citv at 7:30 o'clock thit morning, when
his daughter, Mit-s Annie, became the
iride of Mr. Walter Seymour Green of
Poitsmouth, Va. .Tne e tat parlor was
veiy prettily decorated in ferns, pa'ma
and potttd plants and lightud with
numerous waxen tapers : in silver can
delabra. the whole making a pretty ef
The bride was becomingly attired i
a blue tailored suit with hat and gloves
o match and cairied a boquet of bride
roses.' Tne bride and groom letton the
morning train for a bridal tour North
fter which they will be at' home
Poi tsmoutb, Va. , ! 'j
Tbe bride ie the eldest daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Carrow, and a so
cial favorite in this" eity, having
largjtircle of warm Hands.
The groom is tbe manager of the
Western Union Telegraph Company'
Portsmouth office ai.d a young man of
ter ling wortn and integrity.
Ot and after November 12 h unti
ap 1 g, e will discontinue our retai
wagon deivery oo Sundas. Our pa
'.rn in k n uy stock up tneir reirige
ators over Sa urdy. ' I "
Rep9c fully.
New Bern lee Co.
Mr. Loula Oiutlcr Diet Suddenly.
Go'ng home t 1un:h yesterday artr
nto i about 1 o'clock in nor nal hetlth
Mr. L iul i Oa itier, who rest lea at N
22 Etst Front street, was J.U. nl
4tr with an attack of heart 'II eiat
and death entued within a few i0)nl
Mr. G lutier waa 61 year of age an
had lived in New Bern all nis life. - Du
ring the" p tat year he haa been employ
ed with the F. S. D iffy Drug Co., an
haa serv d aa a cle.-k in their atore. II
waa of a genial nature and number
his friend by the score. 1 - -i
He Is survived by hit wife apJ seven
ch ldre-i, Miwes Katie. Rel ca, Mar.
I Minnie and Etta, and Lm a a 1 1 Tom
one sister. I
brother Mr,
Ira. Mary lr -U,
Sidney Gaul; r.
Indicates Nine Cents Hosting Low-
Point. European ' Demand.
Southern Mai ketsFirmer.
New Yo-k, Nov; 4.- Cotton has been
irregular under the sway of conflic ing
fluences, now of big receigts and in
creasing estimates of , tbe size of the
crop, and now of killing frost, manipu
lation of DectmSer with talk of a pos- .
ble squeeze of the short in that month .
and some pretty plain indications that
in the neighborhood of nine cents, spin
ners are disposed to buy frrely. The
Governors', meeting at New Orleans had
some effect though' it - h, not been
marked. Nor has the rumor that Eu
ropean bankers may - finance ' 2,000,000 .
bales been t"iken very eeriomly nor the
estimate from the New Orleans conven- .
lion of 13,710,009 bales as the world's
consump im of Am -rican c 'tton. But
growing evidtno of a" restivenesa of ;
Southern farmers under the continued
dec'ine in p ic s which has sent quota
tions of seme months well below the 9 ' ,
cent level and of an increasing disposi
tion in some eecthna of the bjlt to hold
back cotton, have certainly not been
ithou. snme effect, - .r':- ' .
Southern spot markets have lately
en firmer with a good European de
mand tep rted at soma interior points
at wh'ch tha basis i noticeably better--than
it was recently. Spinners have
bought more freely. Continental spin
ners have been buying he- e. Some large
spot houses have been goo'l buyers. .
Liverpool's daily spot pales have lately
doubled. Shorts, big and little, have
become uneasy under tha rep stance met -
to a furth :r d( cline after the price had
broken through nin ce its to a new low
level and have latterly civered freely. ,
These ic ude Waldorf -Aatoria interests '
and other identified with he short side.
Wall fetr. et houses hive bought for
both sides of the account. Southern
and Fall River mill are running on full
lime. Th drift cf things ii the dry
goods trade U towards improvement.
Stocks of dry goids, ii the hands of
distributors are 30 per cent, .smaller
than -last year,
The woolen 1ndu3try ii wakening up.
A severe freeze haa latUrly threatened
important tracts of the , belt in, the
tiou'hwest and elsewhere. There will be
iittle top crop. On the othir hand tbe
receipts have been at times enormous
.nil anif kniuai in fnnfrnl nf i tha fto
" ' -v.w. ,
cember option have teen quietly sell-'
ing in anJ bujing la' ter months. It is
pnntnnHoH that 7R nr ppnt. nf the cron
. .v i r
has been picked and that frost can do
cnmnn-mi.p'v litt! harm aa the rest ia
pen. Much of the time the weather
has been reported very favorable for
picking and mark ting. Manchester
has been dull, feeling the effects of the
news from China. Unsett'ement in
that country it is feaieVmay rave a
bad effect on trade and China is next to
the laicejt of Manchester's customers.
Those who believe in lower prices in
sist that the law of supply and demand
and not governors' convent'ons must
fix the price and that artificial interfer
ence with the normal c iume of trade is
likely in tbe end to do more harm rath
er than good. However, this may be
i-uo unuertuiie, ui mie itutus ueeu skrau-
ier. The spinner is leM afraid to buy
than he was awhile back, Tne mwket
shows moe resistance around the nine
.i . , i .. . : . i i j
jent level in spite of the big g'nning
figures, L;ve p ol report thit China is
sending very few cancellations of or
ders. Covering of shores here and buy
ing by big trale in' ere ta have neu
tralized the effect of the weigut of the
crop. - '.," -'
November expert engagements are
said to be large. , ? ; '
Emory McClintock resigned as vice-
president of the Mutual Life Insurance
Company of New York.
Tbe UniUd States Steel Corporation
named a comnittee of five to invent i
ate hbor conditions in the steel trade.
Itshordy Is good and
It's good aU the time

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