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Official Paper of Naw Ban ana
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H. CU as second-claas matter.
New Rem, N. C November, 21, mi.
.. The elimination of local option,
and in its placesubstitutiog statu
, ' tory prohibition, has been greeted
' with open arms by Big Business.'
The thin margin of moral senti
ment has no place in ''Big Busi-
. ness." Prohibition has , meant
millions of extra dollars for "Big
, Business" or the transportation
carriers, railroads! express com
panies and boat lines. Prohibition
: territory could not manufacture
I and sell liquors, except at Federal
and State risk of arrest and pun-
J ishment, but there was the local
consumptive demand that had to
be supplied, and "Big Business"
stood ready and prepared to bridge
between wet and . dry territory,
and the government gave its li
cense for those in dry territory,
, . who risked local interference, be
ing safe against Federal courts. ,
No doubt this making prohibi-
t i 4-!n ' i tiilitnliliatkT .aaflPliAffatt . flQO
had much to do in weakening the
morale of communities voting for
prohibition,' not to have absolute
. "dryness," but for the purpose of
''regelating the other fellow.
" Be' this as it may the result has
been a constant, unceasing pour-
ing into North Carolina towns and
cities of every kind of liquor, that
the state law prohibits made or
all "Big Business'' has been im
' mune, and makes its millions as
the easy go-between. j
In this show up of local condi
.v. tions, as they really are, the
Journal welcomes the Washington,
Nl 0. News, which in its issue of
: 16th, inst says editorially
"Last week a witness in the Record
er's Court of Washington, testified
tliat he walked into tba efflce of the
' Southern Exnresa Co.. in th mtv of
Washington, Beaufort County, North
'. Carolina, and told the "man" that he
. wanted soma "licker." Ho laid down
$1.05, never gave any farther orders,
nevereven wrote a Una, and ' tha next
Cafernoon, upon tba payment .of . 30
cents, received the "boose." A gentleman,-
whose veracity is above reproach,
tells as that be was la tba office of the
Southern Express Company, of Wash
ington, Beaufort county. North Caro
lina, when a package of liquor waa de
livered to a man, in which there wu a
shortage. The Ex press Company made
up the shortage by going into another
apartment, bringing out large bottle
of whiskey, filling up a bottle holding
the amount claimed to bo short by the
' party making tba claim, and delivering
. . the goods. . -'. ,,, t ; . -
- The above speaks for itself.
But the Journal will ask, any one
may answer, how is prohibition to
' prohibit, when the Federal author
ties can grant license to sell, and
. "Big Business". is Immune T
The next National Republican
Con ventiou promises to offer some
radical changes in the way of a
new basis of representation for del
egates. Already there is a move
to present to the representation
committee a resolution, that dele
gates be chosen as per the actual
Republican vote for Its ticket in
' 1908. This instead of the previous
basis of representation, ' namely,
two delegates for each , Congress
man and Senator. : - .' ,
The committee may possibly not
. allow or accept this resolution.
, But it is not a new issue, or great
ly la disfavor, for In the eonven-
,-tlonofJ908 the proposition was
defeated by only 35 votes. At that
time the anti-Taft crowd favored
the change, believing (hat Knot,
Fairbanks, Cannou and IXnghes
wnuM have a better ehnr.; Ot
Children Cry
4 i vvVvxSXXXXV.xxxxxkXvvvxxxxx ..
The Kind you Have Always Bought, and which has been -,
in use' for 'over SO years, has borne the signature of -
and has
Tvi J'r, ) sonal supervision since) Its infancy.
i-CiCA4v Mnw mvnriA tA HivpiimTnn In thin.
iAU Counterfeits; Imitations and Just-as-eood" are hut f
J'lxitor Intents that trl fie with and -endanger the health of r
( Infants and Children Experience against Experiment. -
, Castorla is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Para- v'
, goric, Jropg and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contabtsi neither Oplnm, Morphine nor other Karcotlo
substances Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverlshness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. I relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach' and Itowels, giving healthy and natural sleep -;
" The Children's Panacea Tho Mother's Friend. ' t I - "
Bears the
.?,.,- " I ,-: ''-1' .'..-;.-'..' -
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years ""'
minority report was signed by the
delegates from eighteen states and
the District of Columbia as fol
lows: Pennsylvania, New Jersey,
Oregon, West Virginia, South Da
kota, Rhode Island, Maine, Con
necticut, New York, Vermont, In
diana, Minnesota, Colorado, Illi
nois, Massachusetts, Wisconsin,
Utah, New Hampshire and the
District of ; Columbia. Twelve of
these delegates subsequently voted
for Taft, five against him and two
split ' . -. :
But how as to the Republican
Convention of 1912 1 Is the South
to favor Taft again, while the sen'
timent iu the West seems largely
against Taftt Accepting this di
vision of sentiment for the Presi
dent's reuomination the proposi
tion to change the basis of repre
sentation would present an entire
ly different aspect, and different
lineup from 1908. The adoption of
the proposition would reduce the
representation of , the Southern
States approximately as follows:
Alabama 24 to 7; Arkansas 18 to
10; Florida 12 to 5; Mississippi, 20
to 5; Georgia 28 to 9; Louisiana 20
to 6; North Carolina 24 to 17; Okla
homa 20 to 16; South Carolina 13
to 4; Tennessee 24 to 17; Texas 40
to 11, and Virginia 24 to 10. '
Kentucky, Maryland and Miss-1
ouri would receive increases. Ken
tucky 2G to 31; Maryland 16 to 17,
and Missouri 36 to 43. - '"
' Some of the increases among the
northern states would be as fol
lows: v
: Illinois 58 to 75; Indiana 30 to
43; Iowa 20 to 35; Michigan 30 to
42: New Jersey 28 to 34; New Tork
90 to 102; Ohio 4$ to 69; Pennsyl-
rania76 to 88, and Wisconsin 26.
to 32. All of which is of more in
terest than anything else in Re
publican circles, . -
George W. Koons, Lawton, Mich.r
says: "Dr. Dbtchon's Relikt por
Rhsumatism has given my wife " won
darful benefit for rheumatism.' She
could not lift band or foot had to be
lifted for two months. She began, the
use of the remedy and improved rapidly.
On Monday she could not move ' and on
Wednesday she got up, dressed herself
and walked out for breakfast." Sold
by Bradham Drug Co. ' " : ''. "
Thirty thousand Imperial troops at
Hankow j oined the rebels, and the com
bined forces sre marching on Nankin.
- . - t '
' Wemea tf the highest type,
womea of supenor tducatioa and
refinement, whois ciKerament
and Judfaent fivt weight, as J
force te tbeir opinions, kijhly
praiw the wonderfal correctivs
and curative properties' of Chaa
berlain'i Stonuch and Liver Tab-
lets, throcghout the many vUf es
of woman's life, from firlLood,
tJtronga lis ordeals of mo'Jier-
kooi to tho dcclinlnf years, tiers
b i uStt sr rrore rt!!l!s r-f J-
! - . r ' .tv ,
fcr Fletcher's
been made under his per- , ?
Signature of-1
Mways Fresh and Clean, as They Are
" '- :' Issued Only Ones. , 1
They Is as great a - difference be
tween the systems of Issuing and re
deeming the notes of the Bank of Eng
fand and of the banks of the United
Btatee aa there la in the appearance
of the notes themselves. ' :? ': '' r
The English, note Is somewhat longer
I nd much broader than ours, Is of
tough white paper, 'with ragged edges,
tnd Is printed on one side only, with a
few. words and- with no pictures or
designs, while ours are completely cov
ered on both aides with vignette and
lathe work; "?.; M ,':-.-.
Our notes are Issued again and again
antll tbey become so worn that they
are no longer serviceable. A Bank of
England note Is never Issued more
than once. Every note that comes in
la canceled at once,' and thea It la
stored away with other canceled notes
to be preserved for a certain period,
when it is destroyed by burning. ,
It takes -many clerks to keep the
record of notes issued and paid, and
io accurately is this work done that
the date 'when any note waa issued,
the person receiving It, 'the time when
It was paid Into the bank and by
whom, ' can be ascertained from tha
books. 'If the time was within Ave
vears the note Itself can be produced.
Many are the stories of attempts to
counterfeit these notes, which have al
ways been fullures. ' As the average
time between the Issue and the pay
ment of the notes la only Ave or sis
lays the fact that a counterfeit Is in
.lrculutlon Is known almost at once,
ind the system of English bankers and
merchants of keeping the numbers of
he notes received and paid gives the
Jew whereby the offender is quickly
apprehended. Exchange.' 'v , j
by local applications, ' aa they cannot
reacu ins diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one wsy to cure deafness,
ana tnat is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused bv an in turned con-
dition of the mucoui lininir of the. Eus
tacnian iuDe. When this tube is in
flamed you have a rumbling sound of
imperfect bearing, and when it w en
tirely closed. Deafness is the result
and unless the inflamation caa be taken
out and this tuba restored to ita nor
mal condition, bearing will be destrov
ed forever: nine eaies out of ten are
caused by Catarrh, which ia nothing but
an innamea condition of tha mucous
surf sees. ' ... -
We will give One Hundred Dollars
for any case of Deafness (caused by
catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's
uatarrn Lure, send lor circulars free.
I P. 3. CHENEY ft CO.,Prop,
.7" ' . Toledo, O
Sold by druggists, price 75a. -Take
Hall's family pills for eon
stipatioa. , .. '..'
Like a fcane Prem the Middle Ages.
The oldest and largest university in
the world is El-Ashar at Cairo. Found
ed in B75, it bas been from the start a
national Institution, the kbedlva being
the rector. r The minimum age- ot en
trance Is fifteen, . and (be applicant
must know half tba Koran by heart, If
blind the whole Koran, and be able to
read and write. The curriculum con
slats of virtually nothing but theology
and canoa law, tha Dual examination
fifteen years after matriculation being
upon these, together with traditions oi
the prophet: Grammar, . etymology.
rhetoric and logic. It is the same in
stractlon which bas prevailed for ceu
turlsa, and one who goes into the great
court where the circles of students art
anting at the feet of their Gamaliel
looks upon s scene preserved from tnp
middle ages, "a perfect specimen, liv
ing. breathing and entire." Argonaut
resting foe HsaHh.
Thousands of years before it was
practiced as a religious rite fasting
was practiced as a health measure lu
Etfvpt, India and Chlua. Coiitempo
rary to Cicero was IsclepladeS, s
Greek physician, who strougly advo
rated this Idea, and l,rX) years after
bla tiny Ibu Finn, philosopher hi
we-Itcal Hi'-V. at :"! t!i t
"El Csmllo," a West Point, a Relia
. -c. the Msxiean Wart ..
Among the old guna from past wars
on Trophy point there U, one that is
fondly remembered by every graduate
of the West Point Mill tar j, academy.
It Is "El Catnip' literally the camel."'
a relic of the Mexican war, but da tins
tar back of that,: s;.;..-v,,.....yV.:,,..
. This antiquated, piece of ordnance,
Which is three parts silver and painted
a light green, bears its came and tba
royal coat of arms of Spain -over aa
Uiscription' relating that' It .was the
property of the regiment of the Golden
Fleece, commissioned Under Ferdinand
and Isabella at the time when Colum
bus set out on his famous voyage to
discover a new world. It would be
lutereeUng to know what the Spanish
grandees would have thought If they
could have foreseen that tba very can
non which probably thundered god
ipeed to the explorer would one day be
capNired by the unborn nation of ths
undiscovered continent to -Which Oc-
lumbus was bound. The, ancient gun
was probably carried to Mexico as
part of the armament of a Spanish
ship and many years later was pressed
Into service in the Mexican army,
where the "sinews of waf? were al
ways at a premium. It waa taken
at Monterey by the Americana and
sent to West Point aa tba most appro
priate place for such an Interesting
relic. New Tork Press. -
-'' s-Tax en Baohelerdont. c '..'
During the period under : William
flL when . bacbelordom waa taxed
peers : had to pay . mora dearly than
commoners for the privilege of single
bliss. ' The yearly tax levied on bach
elors ranged from 12 lis. In the cast
ot dukes and archbishops down ' to 1
hilling in the case of those scheduled
as "other persons." - Furthermore, a
duke waa compelled to pay 80 when
fie married, 30 when bla eldest son
was born, 25 when every younger son
was born, 30 when bis eldest son was
married, 50 when his wife was burled
and 30 when bla eldest ton waa
buried And the other-members of tba
peerage had to .pay similar taxes grad
uated according to their rank, Loo-
Ion Chronicle. i'-ut 'v;':!.-i.
may not paralyse a home so coropletelv
as a mother's long illness. But Dr
King's New Life Pills are a splendid
remedy for , women. They gave me
wonuenui nentnt in constipation and
female trouble," wrote Mrs. M. C.
Duolap, or Leadlll, Tenn. If ailing,
try them. 26c. at all Druggists.
' r- 'rr " ssssaipBssBjsa
' Penalty ef the Pesoh "
The Egyptians appear to have been
acquainted with what Is commonly
called prosaic acid, the most deadly
of poisons. It ia held that they dis
tilled it from certain plants and trees,
notably the peach. In the Louvre
there is an ancient Egyptian papyrus
from which the following bas been de
ciphered:": "Pronounce not tha name
of I. A. O. under the penalty, ;of the
peach." This has been supposed to
be a death warning to those who might
be tempted to reveal mysteries In con
nection with the religious rites of tba
priests. ' . . ' 7 -i
The Bemans probably ' learned of
pruseic add from the Egyptians. His
tory has It that in the reign of Tiberius
a Roman knight accused of treason
drank.:' poison and immediately': fell
dead at the feet of tbe senators, a sig
nificant circumstance. Inasmuch aa no
other poison bas the almost Instan
taneous effect of prussic add. . ;
when the astounding claims were first
madn for bucklen's Arnica Salve, but
forty years of wonderful cures have
proved them true, and everywhere it Is
now known as the best salve on earth
for Burns, Boils, Scalds.-Sores. Cuts,
Bruises, sprains, Swelling, iscxeme;,
Chapped hand, Fever Sores and Piles.
unly Z&c. at all Druggists.
r ' The Olemograph. : .
The seismograph is a moat interest
ing Instrument.' It is kept In a sub
basement room,' far from disturbing la
fluences. There it records upon strip
of paper such earthquakes as may hap
pen anywhere. The" scientists then
study the strip of paper and herald to
the world the newa that tha tremor
which shook down several cities was
duly registered. ; : ; ' '
- The seismograph is a remarkable
contrivance, though in Just what way
Is not yet determined. However, la
tba Interests of science. It Is as valu
able as would be the Imprint ot the
hoof upon tbe seat of tbe trousers of
man who bad been kicked by a inula
Alter the event he could study tbe Im
print and assure himself that ha aa
been kicked, -Life. , ; , -
"I sm plesscd to recommend Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy as tha best
thing I know of and safest rsmedy for
coughs, colas ana bronchial trouble,"
writes Mrs. L. B. Arnold ef Denver,
Colo. "We have used It repeatedly
mnA it ha. ..... Ia
For sale by all dealers.
Oddities Abeut Alphabets.
When tbe Portuguese first enJored
Brazil they -made great fan of Uie na
tives of tbat country bees use they bad
hi their alphabet ne f, r or I a peo
ple, the Invaders declared, without fa.
ley or rey wttltoMt faith, law ot king
The Mohawks, again, have no labials
and vowed it was absurd whn the
missions rtea tried to teach them to
pronounce p and to, "for wbe,' said
they, "can sneak wit U" his mouth
slmtT" H!cWirood' MsMilne,. i
LI 1 . . . j i...iLv . Ik
Norfolk, Ya., Account Foot Ball
Game A. & Iff. vs V. P. I.
. Thanksgiving Day Thurs
7 day Nov. 30th, 1911.
Special sleeping cars will be placed
at Goldsboro, Kinston and New Bern.
Lv. Goldsboro' 10:16 P.- M. . $ 3 00
LaGrapge 10:42 - " 3 00
V; Kinston 1U10 ' ' 3 00
J' Dover s 11:80 " S 00
Beaufort v 3:45 -I " 4 20
" M. City '.4:16 s - 4 00
" ' Oriental 20 " " ' 4 00
New Bern. 12:30 A. M. "8 00
ArJ Norfolk 8.00 " ,
Tickets sold for all day trains Nov.
29th and train Mo. 16 leaving Goldsboro
Nov, 29th and leaving New Bern Nov.
30th,' TickeU good to return until train
No. 6 having Norfolk Dec. 1st - ';
Special .sleeping cars placed at Golds
boro, KihB ton and New Bern may be
occupied at 9:80 p in Nov. 29th. Re
turning passengers , using Pullman ser
vice may occupy sleeping cars until 7:00
a m Dec 1st at New Bern, Kinston and
Goldsboro. ; ' --: T '-' ': -"..
Tickets sold for trains Nos. ; 2 and 16
and. train No. 6 leaving Raleigh Nov:
29th, tickets good to return on train No.
6 leaving Norfolk 9.-00 p m Dec 1st
Sleeping car apace should be reserved
through local agents at once to : insure
satisfactory accommodations. . J
A claim for 130,000 reparation against
the Baltimore and Ohij Railroad waa
filed with the Inter-State Commerce
Commission. -s "
In case of a burn or scald what would
voj do to relieve the nain? ; Such in
juries are liable to occur in any family
ana everyone snouid be prepared for
tnem. unamneriain's salve aoDiied on
a soft cloth will relieve the paio almost
instantly, and unless the injury is s very
severe one. will cause the parts to heal
without leaving a sear. . For sale bv all
ueaiers, ,
Dead Men's Tsstn. ..
Before artificial teeth were created
deficiencies bad to be made good by
the' real article, so body snatcbers rav
aged tbe cemeteries at night, breaking
up the Jaws of tbe dead to extract
tbeir teeth to sell to-dentists for Inser
tion In live men's mouths.: An army of
these . ghouls followed Wellington's
army. They were licensed as sutlers,
but once night felt out came their nip
pert and they prowled over tbe battle
Held extracting tha teeth of the dead
ot dying. ' .. ? "
"After our child has suffered from so
vera bronchial trouble for a year.'
wrote G. T. Richardson, of Richard
son's Mills, Ala,' "we feared it had con
sumption, It had a bad congh all tha
time. We tried many remedies with
out avail, and doctor's medicine seemed
as useless. Finally we tried Dr. King's
new Discovery, and are pleased to say
that one bottle effected a complete cure
and our child ia again strong and heal
thy. "For couahs. , colds., hoarseness.
lagrippe, asthma, croup and sore lungi,
its tna most infallible remedy that's
made. .Price 50c and $1.00. Trial bot
tle free. Guaranteed by all druggist'.'
Baltimore and- Ohio and other rail
road officials were indicted by a Federal
grand jury in New York; for giving re
bates. ' . , ,v.....
-Children Crjr "
;'".;-l' V -' ' ...'- "" ' -' '
A speaker at Richmond told the Na
tional Municipal League that the Unit
ed S'atts ia the friend of the "blind ti-
it Vr.' -' 1" . ' " -7
1 -,; - TERT .. ', :
Many things go to prove that it li. Tha
way thousands are trying lo balp oth
ers ia proof. Among them is Mrs. W.
W.Gould, of Fittsfiel i, N. H. Find
ing good health by taking Electric Bit
ters, aha now advises other suffers,
everywhere, to take them. -'For years
t a i i, l ' 3 , Tj
i suiierwq wnn iivmicn ana money
trouble," she writes. "Every medi
cine I osed failed till I took Electric
Bitters. , But this great remedy helped
me wonderfully.' They'll help any
woman. They're the ixst tonic and
finest liver and kidney remedy that's
made. Try them. Try them. You'll
sea, EOe at all druggists. . ....
V '":'' " limn Breeehss. "'
tines hreeches were worn by men
in 1491 B. C They also st that period
wore embroidered roars, besides bon
nets "for glory and for beanty." . i-
. If there Is any person to whom yon
feel dislike tbat Is tbe person of whom
you ought never to speak. Cecil. - -
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets do not sicken or gripe, and may
be taken with perfect safi ty b the
mnt delicate woman or th younpest
child. Tbe old and feible will alto find
them a most suitable remedy for aiding
end strengthening their w akenad di
gestion and for regulating the boweU.
For sale by all dealers,
. K Cruet Stand. '
. Several villagers were discussing a
departed slater, who had been given t
g ood deeds, but was rather too foud of
C'Tenstng sliarp spoken adrlre.
".' he was aa eici-ilent wouihq," said
ttie dinvnecd lady's pustor. "Phe was
Cii,!aii!!y lu tlie homes of the poor
n.l an:!-ted.' In fuel, she waa tho suit
t f l' eHi'lli."
' j! whs more thmi tlmt." r-; i r ' 1
i r. ",' he wnn life v!m e .r, I
unl tip iiiu hinl m !
. '- t crui t . 1 i f v'. f "
a:.t .
Wonderful Palace TK : j t I !
Czarina Anno of KxmIs.
Ttie use of Ice for architectural pur
poses 1s an nrt that has been carriel
to a high state of perfection lu north
ern countries, and Buuje almost Incred
ible feats have been accomplished In
this curious branch of industry.' - j
Probably the most remarkable build
ing constructed wholly of ice was the
palace built on the Neva by. Czarina
Anne of Russia In 1739. The first at
tempt' to construct this building was
unsuccessful, as the slabs of ice were
too thin nnd the building collapsed In
the first thaw. Subsequently large
blocks of ice were cot and squared
-with great care and laid on one an
other by skillful masons, who cement
ed the joints with water, which imme
diately froze. The building when com
pleted ;was , fifty-six feet long, "seven
teen and a half broad had twenty-one
high. .It was of but .one'- story,. The
facade contained a door- surmounted
by as .ornamental, pediment and, six
windows, the frames .aud panes of
which were "all of ice.. An elaborate
balustrade,' adorned with statues,. ran
along the top of the facade', and an
other balustrade surrounded the build
ing at the level of tbe ground. Tbe aide
entrances to the inclosure were flanked
with pillars supporting urns, the . lab
ter containing orange : .'trees,, whose
branches, leaves.and flowers were- all
ef lee. Hollow pyramids of ice on each
side of tbe" building- contained lights
by night : The grounds were further
adorned with a life size figure' of an
elephant,' with his mahout on his. back.
A stream-of "water, was- thrown from
the elephant's trunk ' by day - and js
flame of naphtha by night '.'-'' ;' . I
A tent of Ice contained a hot bath,
m which - persons " actually . bathed.
There were also several cannons and
mortars of ice. which were loaded with
bullets, of Ice and Iron and discharged.
"The Interior of the building was com
pletely furnished -with tables, chairs,
statues," looking glasses, a clock, a com
plete tea service, etc.. all made, ot tee
and painted to Imitate the- real objects.
A bedchamber contained a state bed
with curtains, a dressing table with s
mirror, pillows, bedclothes, slippers an.'
nightcaps, all made; of ice. -4 There
were ice cooJles, burning naphtha add.
most wonderful Ot all, an ice fireplace
containing burning Ice logs- -1. e., block
of ice smeared with naphtha and then
findled.-8cientlflc American-
Children Cry :
: - FOR FLETCHER'S ; v :
; SWANSB0R0, .,C. ;.
All modern conveniences for bath
ing and inside" fishing. S-
' 7 ;- 'boat LEAVES
8 a. m Lv. Swansboro Ar, B:S0 p m;
11:80 a in. Ar' M. City Lv.'2;00 pm.
has to be pretty well - "made up" " to
please everybody, our shelves - are
"chuck full" of good things in the line
of Fsncy Groceries and we guarantee
everything we sell to pleas everybody
we sell too, or we refund your money.
Buckwheat, Mince Meat, Heinz Pickles,
The Best Fancy Candy for Cake Trim
mings. ' Prompt delivery. . Yours to
please, .,
Erd StrE:l Crcrrj Ci
PHONE 150 .
; ."Af-nei et!i' '.; ji Jt
I never saw you :.t a Lt'::..r
' "Yes, Ib m' " cJwI 'iit. 1
.LaJiti 'TTya h rj i
V,,.. I. li :i
t '
i 1
f JssWslsr
I? V.i.
i 1 J
in G"cci:rji:s.
Fancy Prunes, only: ., 13c
Fancy Evaporated Peaches 18c
Standard 3 lb. can Tomatoes 10c
; , 2 - " " ' 7iC
Small S. a Hams - :"' 18c
Small Pic nic Hams . ; ' ' 12c
Very Best Flour , . -3c
Fancy E. J. Peas, can ,15 & 25c
Good Table Peaches, can 18c
Walter Bakers Chocolate ' 17Jc
Walter Bakers Cocoa, can- 23c
Numerous other good things
to eat at bottomvprioes.
J. L. McDaniel
41 Middle St. : v Phone 91
Building Ma
terial Paints, Oils
, American
t Field Fence
----- law Sen,-1.
.Prescriptions from all
physicians, Quickly and Ac
.curately filled. .
Also a full line of Choice
Toilet articles. "
A Splendid Grade Pink
'. Salmon, per can 15c
Fancy Prunes, per lb. . I5c
Orange PeeL " 20c
Lemon Peel, " 20c
1 lb. pkg. Seeded Rais- -Ins,
. , ; "12Jc
1 lb. pkg. Currants 2'dc
Cranberries, per qt. ; 10c
Eutterine ' 25c
. 1 H- Mi Iltii.t J I ltw J
Phone 174 St.
) I!
) i. I!
s-s os
Hyde Co' R. P. Oats, Burt
Oats, Hairy Vetch, Rape"
Crimson Clover, Alfalfa, Hay,
Oats, Corn, Corn Meal, Cot
ton Seed Meal, Hulls, Bran,
Shipstuff, Beet Pulp, Dairy
Molasses' F?ed, : Distillers
Grain, highest in Protein cf
any stock feed on the market.-"
tt-n;lMi.!.!!ef.t. ITcw IU-rn, J.'.o'
I l oiio 1'Jt

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