North Carolina Newspapers

    MdJp a- D It
34th. YEAR
No 70' ,
lnifninkii i'iii in nin fttinr rnn llinill IIIIIW
AMr-H A (VIII 1 1 A- Hb a fin rUn IflUvU HHVT
, t' 1. ......... ..- i' I
But Many Additional Ones to
Follow. Question of Legisla-'v
. " tlon For Oongrow. r
, - Washington, Nov. 80th.-Befare ! the
present session of Congresa passes into
history President Taft will have proba
bly broken all records for messages to
one body.' He has seven of them in
mind and there may be even more.
These long series of Presidential ad
dresses to congress Is the result of cab
inet suasion. Every member of that
advisory board advised Mr. Taft to cut
the message now in the hands of the
press associations for distribution down
to the last word:- They wanted it read
and they knew that if it is short enough
the people will read it. After listening
to the members of he cabinet, and af
ter reflecting upon his past experience
with long messages, the presi ent de
cided about the last minute to cut ev
ery thing out of the annual message but
his trust viewd.
But messages are to come. Some of
them will be longer perhaps than the
initial message, wliile others will be
very much shorter. The messages
which Mr. Taft will send to Congress
beforo the holidays will discuss the fol
lowing questions of legislation: y
Foreign affairs, including arbitration
with Great Britain and France, r
Departmental routine, induing ar
my and navy reorganization and two
The report of stocks and bonds com
mission upon the physical valuation of
railroads. .
The report of the postal commission
and the parcels post proposition.
Conservation, including the regula
tion of Alaskan resource, with partic
ular reference to Controller bay and the
general tariff situation. Added to these
messages will be more that are not now
outlineJ by the President,
Annual Bazaar at FoUockaviUe.
The annual bazaar of the Methodist
E. Church, PoltocksvilleywilV be "held
on Thursday Dec. 14th. There will be
on sale fancy work and articles suita
ble for Christmas present. Reftejh
roents will be served. Invitation exten
ded to T to come.
For Hurry Call to China to Pro
tect Foreigners and Keep
. : ' Railroad Open.
Large Crowd at Court House Meet
ing, Up to date $14,450 In ' :
Stock Taken.
WuMnirtin rm.' lit.-w am 'J. The moss meeting, to secure an an-
Calhonn. American Minister at Peking, hual Fair for New Bern and Eastern
ha only to flash the word-Bnd a force Carolina was held at the Court House
of United States -troops, from BOO to last night and there was Uc,an)
; nnn . h mn rfiniat will be hur- enthusiastic atlandunce. I ha .-.eeoati
w - j o r- - t .... . . . .
.i-A .w Manila nrnteet. the Regiment Bard or Mmton turnisnea
live, nf fnmiirnflra and their oroDertv. muaic for the occasion
r.A .-.m nnon thn rail. Mr. Clyde Eby, President of the
mud hetveeri Peklnir and the sea. In- Chamher of Commerce, cal ed the meet
HpaH .19 nnn of TInela Sam's 18.000 sold- ing to order and mario the opening a
ien in the Phlllinines are available for drers. He then called on Senator F.
dutv in China in an emergency. Simmons ror a speecn ami in response
A rii.nttoh from Minister Ca houn to senator aimmona set, lonn ui lengui.
r . . I ,. , , , , . . .. .
u a.. n.nartmnf nnirlw iniii. I tne need and aavamaire oi urairuuu
r thiir. foreigners and their uronertv gvs in forcible language the n-asons
... Ho rnhlPfl th why New Bern it and should be the
Be Did Not Believe There Was a God,
There passed away at Oriental last
Friday evening a man who claimed toe
distinction of being the only infidel in
Pamlico, at least the only one that
publicly bcasled of bis unbelief in the
Almighty. This man was Cnaries u,
Blackwel!. Mr. Blackwell moved to
Oriental a number of years ago and pur
chased a lame tract of land near the
town. He engaged in farming and it is
faid amassed a fo-tune. During his
long reside there he scoffed at the idea
that there was a God. Shortly be
ore lit death, realiz nr. that the end
was near, he n qaestcd his family to
have his body in ten el without any re
ligious ceremony. Hie request was
carried out as he desired. Regardless
to this fact the members of the various
Sunday School 'h re made many
beautiful flo-al contrlbu ioiw , aiiJ an
unusually large number of pto;!o we e
present at tae funer
See our line of- Coal '"and
Wood Heaters. J. S. Bas
night Hdw. Co.' -67 S, Fron
St.. Phone 99. -
: Haa Arm Broken by Caa Engine.
Department, asking that the legation
guard at Peking be strengthened imme
diately. The Department asked the
Navy Department to dispatch a com
pany of marines to Peking, for that is
the quickest way of complying with Mr.
Calhoun's requeBt.
The Navy Department promptly di
rected Admiral Murdock, commanding
the American naval forces in the East,
and sent a company of murines from
the cruiser Saratogo to Shanghai. From
there they will go by rail to Peking.
The State Department declares that
if a large force of troops ia despatched
from Manila to China it will not be to
intervene between the Imperialists and
the rebels. The troops will be landed
under the terms of the treaty with Chi
na, promu'gated after the Boxer, trou
b!eainl90l. It gives an the powsr.
the Tight to station troops along the
railroad from Peking to the sea and to
keep the legation guards up 1 1 a maxi
mum strength of 500 men. At the tut
break of tne revolution in China the
State Department asked th War De
oartment to hold troops in readiness to
move to Cbina at once. The War De
partment replied that there was a force
of 18,000 men in the Philippines ard
that 12,000 of them were, available for
duty hvChlna.
'Five thousand of the troops are inxir
near Manila and ready to be despatched
at an instant s notice, but not m re
than half that number wiuld be sent at
first It is possible that the urmy
transport Sherman, which has been
ready to sail for San Francisco with
the Seventh Infantry since Nov. 15tb,
and the transport Thomas, which is due
at Manila with the Fifteenth Infantry,
both will be kept in the Philippines.
largest town in Eastern Carolina. He
contrasted the situation now with what
it wbb at the time of the former Fair,
saying that there was a larger territory
tributary to New Hern than to any oth
er place in the State, and af ler a trib
ute to the energy of Secretary Wil-
liame, closed with a strong appeal to
everv one present to sulwribe for the
Secretary WilTamB read the list of
subscribers to stock, ranging from $500
to $25. There were a number of the
$t"00 arm urita and a large number of
$100, and above. The amount already
on the lists was $11, 1(10. The lists were
carried ground and a great deal of
iiWaRant amusement was afforded as
subscripts ns wern called out and an
nounced by the Secretary. The amount
additional list nifjht was $3,3fi0, mak
ing a grand total of $14,450.
The amount of capital stock is to be
$)0,000, and all the farmers and mer
chanU of this and surrounding count
les are asKeu to come oik ana neip
to swell the lists. It is especially a
farmer's movement and the aim of the
Fair ia to build up the agricultural in
terests of this section. With tho im
petus now received the Fair ia assured
and now is the time to keep the good
This movement does not mean a Fair
only, but bull-grounds, amusements,
recreation grounds and other attractions
and will be a paying investment in
more ways than one.
Is Maintained Improved Bum
ness Methbd3 In Depart
. ; - roent.
Washington, Dec. 1. With an appro
priation reduced by $40,000 the bureau
of steam viutuififriniT of the Navy De-
partment during the pa--t two years has
been maintaining a nayy larger by 20
per cent, than it was during the pre
ceding two years. This was made pos
sible by economies resulting from im
provement in business methods, said
Secretary Meyer in a statement has
made public.
"Reduction of ten cents a pound in
the cont of power is reported by the
ordnance bureau. a million pounds having
been made during the past year at a
cost of 38 6 cents a pound, purchasing
hemp at Manila resulted in a saving of
$40 a ton, an annual saving of approxi
mately $."0. 000: lv docking vessels at
navy yards, the department saved $46,
during the past, fiscal year, a eduction
of 20 portent, and the use of substitu
tes for linseed, oil netted a saving of
about $40,000.
liy manufacturing certain classes of
goods at navy yard in which they can
tie produced cheapest, large savings
have rewltedj Particularly ia thin true
of standard mesai-tables, the cost of
which has been reduced . from 20 to
$11,94 at tne navy yard,
Centralization bf designing and con'
structive work in the bureau of yards
and docks has proven economical, and
by an adoption . of tho plan of unit
prices on various articles for rations,
the estimates for provisions for the
marine corps have been reduced by
$20,000 for the next fiscxl year.
LOST. Strayed or stolen. -One black
Cow, not marked but has been dehorned.
Reward of $5.00 will be given for in for
mat ion that will lead to her recovery.
W. R. Pate. Ne Bern, N. C, R. F.
D. No. 2. 'I
Many Southern Selling Weakens Market.
Crop Estimates go Above
15,000.000 Bales.
New Bern, Take - Notice.
Mr. Editor Please stop my ad
. i i j
nee. since my i&si au was piaceu
your paper my business has increased
so I cannot hardly wait on my custo-
mers. Please stop until further notice.
One fine mule for sale.t-"Big Hill,',
the Shingle and Paper Roofing Man.
Italian warahips bombarded the town
of Mocha on the Arabian coast,
The Germtn naval program calls for
an expenditure of $90,000,000.
- While a't- m; ting to "rrM.k" ih en
Sine of his gasoline beat Thursday f
tern3D Capt. J ho GaVlc II, of thh U
tyi had ih misfortune to break his
arm. ' The- accident occurre J several
miles down Neure river. Capt. Gaskill's
rm wei numb d byihe t U ed he
failed to et it out of the way of the re
coil of the fly-wheel. Fortunately be
was able t) return to the city without
assistance an1 at one received medical
The intense Itching eftaracterUtic of
tha ailments ia almost instantly ai
layod by Chamberlain' Salve. Msny
severe cases have been cured by it. For
sale by all dealers, ,
Came Near Strangling to Death.
Last Thursday afternoon Mr. Jai
Thomas, who livts in No. 2 Township,
came near being af angled to death in a
very (mutual manner. In some way M.
Thomas swallowel one of the soul"
bones which compose the frame of a
turkey while he was eating his dinner,
and despite all tffortj failed to get the
obstruction loosened. A physican was
nmmonrd and sfter several hours
- work sue -eeded In removl g the bone.
Mr. Thomai, however, is confined to
bis home suffering from the tffeeti of
Attractions of a Malay. Hotel.
We are so accustomed to readlug in
the' KUldebooks that the local boteln
are the best in the -east that it is re
freshing, says the Java Times, to come
across a description of a hotel in tin
little town of Kuala Lumpur, in tl
Federated Malay States. ' Here nro a
few points which our hotel proprietor
might notice: Bedrooms, 27 feet by 24
feet by 20 feet, each with two electric
tweoty-tlve candle power lamps, eieo
trio bell and electric fan; a bathroom
30 feet by 12 feet attached to each bed
room and fitted with tops, floored w."h
colored tiles, wulled With white Mm
ton dittos: a long, continuous corrl
Aor 25 feet in length by 12 feed broad
each electric bell fitted with "return"
ring, so that the visitor knows at once
whether be is being attended to. Lou
don Globe. .- ....
Watllno's Island.
Ban Salvador Is perhaps the most In
teresting historical iwlut on the Amer
ican side of the world, as it Is the Is
land upon which Columbus Orst land
ed. Yet it has lost its name. In view
of the history not only of tbe Bahamas
group, but of the American contineuts
ts well, it Is far from-surprlalng that
the Identity of the' famous Island
bould baveteen long lost or that the
teldenttficatlon should have been de
layed until the middle of the 1am cen
tury, when Captain Becher of the Brit
ish ssvy by application of tbe descrip
tion contained In Columbus' journal to
tbe course from Gomera to the Paba
mas determined clearly that WatllugV
Island alone met all requirements of
tbe case. Argonaut.
The 8ting That Come With Csrelest
Handling of Prickly Pears.
Mv first Bhi experience of the Afri
can prtckly pear was gained ou a visit
to the market nlnce of Algiers. The
fruit was handed to us, politely peeled
by the Arab dealer, nnd thus as we
made acquaintance with ite delightful
coolness no suspicion of Its evil quail
ties entered our minds.
A few days later, adding the excite
ment of a little trespassing to tbe mort
legitimate pleasures of a couutry raur
ble. we came upon u well laden grout
of prickly pear bushes and could (not
resist tbe temptation to help ourselves
to some of the fruit The result was
Concentrated esseuce of stinging net
tle seemed' all at once to be assailing
hands. Hps and tongue, and our skin
wherever It had come In contact with
the 111 natured fruit was covered with
a thick crop of mluute, bristly balrs,
oppnreutlv growing from it anil veno-
jnous and irritating to the last degree.-
Our ailk gloves, transformed sudden
ly Into miniature robes of Nessus.uad
to be thrown away, perfectly unwear
able, and the Inadvertent use of our
noefcet handkerchiefs before we had
fully realized the extent of our'mlsfor
tune cauMed fresh agonies. In whlcb
nose as well as Hps participated. Fot
many a day did the retribution of that
theft haunt us In tbe form of myriads
of tiny etlngs. "Home Life on an Os
trich Farm." - -
Teaching Agriculture.
At the Craven County Teachers As
sociation monthly meeting, held here on
last Saturday Dc 2nd, the following
paper "on Teachering Agriculture was
read by Miss Clarice Smith of Thur
man; 1 fear the committee has made a mis
take in selecting me to discuss this sub
ject. However I can only give my own
iilets. In teaching rural schoals, you
come in contact with the class that
think education along this line is un
necessary. 1 think it most important
to interest if possible. Perhaps I should
say the hardest to Interest
New York, Dec. 2. Cotton has fall
en below the nine cent level owing to
the increasing pressure from the South
to sell. Of course, there has also been
more or less telling for short account,
but this has been limited ta a small
number of operators. Spot markets in
aeveral cases have declined under the
wt ight of a liberal crop movement and
a tendency to increase the size of the
estimates of the crop. The New Or-
tears Times-Democrat put it at 14,835,-
000 bales exclusive of linters, and re
packs. Some have figured that this real
ly means an estimate of something like
ir,30(),000 bales. A Texas estimate was
as high as 15,815,000 bales. The aver
age estimate of 183 members of the
New York cotton exchange was 15,238,-
000 bales. December notices amounted
to at least 30,000 bales and being larger
than expected, a more or less depress
ing effect. New low levels of prices
have been large. Following the decline
in raw cotton, the trade in c'btton gjods
is said to have slackened somewhat and
a large Chicago house is said to have
made a downward revision of domes
tics. Northern spinners' takings con
tinue to run considerably behind those
of last year. Rumors are in circulation
to the effect that the next National
Ginners' Association's report will show
a large total. Manchester has been
quiet. The spot sales in Liverpool have
been small, Wall Street and Waldorf-
Astoria interests havesjld to some ex
tent. There is talk to the effect that, a
superabundance of low grades exists in
the present crop, and that this i a
weak feature. On the other hand, the
continent is buying freely in Liverpool
and is taking considerable quantities of
the next crop montns nere, particularly
October, but also September as well as
July and August. October is in such a
demand that it has been selling at 12
points over July, whereas in recent
years July has sold at 200 points over
October. August has been Ave points
over July as against 20 points under Ju
ly a year ago.
These premiums on August and Octo
ber at this time of the year are most
unusual and reflect the urgency of the
demand for these far off months, Al
ready it is believed that the continent
has taken several hundred thousand
bales of the next crop months. The
sales of print cloth and convertible last
week reached the big total of 15,000,
000 pieces, or more, Many think that
the crop is being overestimated and
that the censm report on the ginning
on December 8th and the Bureau of Ag
riculture estimate of the crop on Dec.
11th will tend to make this clear. The
recent cold weather is believed to have
Secretary .of Navy Wants It Un
derstood. Government De
ficit Grows.
Washington, Dec. 2-Witha plea that
there sball be no decrease in tbe effec
tive strength of the United States navy
George von L. Meyer, Secretary of the
Navy in his annual report to Congress,
declares that while seeking peace and
playing a leading part in the movement
for general arbitration treaties the
world must understand that - America
"ia prepared for war. " The short life
of a warship for first or second line of
defense approximately twenty years
has caused the Secretary to ask more
ships this year, not to increase the navy,
but to maintain it at. its existing
strength. This strength, he says, is
being diminished by the elimination
from active service of the battleships
first constructed for the "new navy.'
The deficit of the Federal Govern
ment continues to grow. Up to date
the disbursements of the current fiscal
year have exceeded the receipts by
$20,641,000 whiles month go the deficit
was (20,181,000. The government col
lected during November $56,589,00(1 and
expended a total of $57,050,000. The
receipts for the previous month were
$56,054,000 and the disbursements $60,-188,000.
Have you neglected your Kidneys?
Have you overworked your nervous. ays
tem and caused trouble with your kid
neys and bladder? Have you pains in
loins, side, back, groins and bladder?
Have you a flabby appearance of the
face, especially under the eyes? Too f re
qi;ont a desire to pass urine? If so, Wil
liams' Kidney Pills will, cure you-at
DruRgist, Price 50c. Williams' M'f 'g.
Co.", Props,, Cleveland, O.
The parents will say, "I don't know
nothing about no books, but when it interfered wlth mUeting and ginning
But the sentiment here is still very
bearish and on Friday new low levels
were reached for all months except De
cember. Memphis sold freely enough to
give rise to a rumor that the next re
port of the National Ginners' Ansocia;
tion on the ginning will be bearish. The
active months here were selling at one
hundred points under the corresponding
comes to farming 1 know all I want to
know." This very man peihapa w.ll
break bis ground with one mule, or if he
uses two, be will break it not more than
two or three inches deep. He will raise
cotton on every acre he can, expecting
to buy corn and hay In the fall. If
cotton fails he has no corn to feed and
has to pay from 20 to 30 dollars for bay.
How many farmer, have corn and hay I nth( ,n Uverpoo,.
tnis lain in me dook we nave m vencrt
some very good ideas are advanced in
this line Another idea I think should
be advanced is the advantage of keep
ing pood stock, not scrubs' but either
blooded Ft ck or grade. Stock raisirg
properly conducted will nearly relieve
the farmer of that ruinoui guano bill
which cau es him to sell his money crop
at the time it bring-i ti least. The
picture of the .razor back and a wi I
Dont sav "they haven't
got it till you ve tried us.
J. S. Basnteht Hdw. Co.
Judioial Advice.
'I hope yon won't be hard on me,
Judge,' he said "You see, I was un
der the Influence of liquor when I
done it."
'You seem to have been under the
influence of something equally bad
when you studied grammar. During
the spare moments that you 'are going
to have permit yourself to Indulge In
Judicious study of the construction of
simple -sentences. Here is one to be
gin with sixty days."-C!hicago Bec-
Basket Party at Brick Klin.
t i B
Jones County. Nov. 21. There will
be a basket party given at Brick Kiln
shaped pig side by nidi ia the first th ng school house on Dec, 8lh. Everybody
the children s in their text book. In I ! cordially Invited to ci me. Proceeds
a picture at li oka a 11 tie overdraw a go for benefit of school building.
but in reality 1 believe 1 . is worse if
Five thousand Turkish troops are be
ing mobilised at Fort Sheik Said for an
Invasion of the Ita'ian coast of Africa.
Tablets. Druf "is' refund money if it
fails to cure. II.'W. GROVE'S sign
tare is oa each Mt. "c ;
Was Uid In China, and a
Goose Was the Carrier.
Tbe ancient records of China reveal
the fact that our aerial post was fore
stalled some thousauds of years ago,
aptly enough by Celestial. It is true
tbat tbe Best postal air man was an
aquatic fowl, and to this day the post
In China ia referred to as "the con
venience of the wild goose," and pic
tures of that bird still appear on cer
tain stamps. , ' ;', - -
The letrcnd tells us that a Tartar
chief was offensive to tbe Chinese em
peror, who seut a special envoy to
warn him. But the chief took the em
peror'a servant prisoner and made hi in
abepberd to his flocks. In this condt
- I .. I .1 t..v. HnfAh
tunate envoy 'languished for somei
years until one day he captured a wild
goose and bis mind fras Illumined by
tbe bright idea of using It to carry
news of his whereabouts to bis friends.
With a letter secured to Its leg, the
Samaritan goose flew southward until,
vlrtne meeting Its customary reward,
It was killed li( the grounds of the
palace by iiu lens a personage than the
emperor himself. The letter wan read,
and a punitive expedllhui readied the
captive and puoHied the rebel chief.
Pea raou's Weekly .
Charles S. Francis, former Ambass
ador t ) Austria-Hungary, died at Alba
ny, NJ Y, t,i
anything. Some iris will fay t ley do
not exnrct to farm so what is the use
of their s udying agriculture. Iherej
are many thirg that are helpful even, nuchas points on
dairvinir ai d raising fowls. What is I
the object of having but ter that looks
like laid and taHisI kerour milk, when
you can have aweet yellow b;itterbyl
knowing bo 1 1 churn and work it?
Then we never know what Is aheai ef I
us a id it is pretty n'ee to know how
things shnu'd be d ne if you have-to do
them yourself or I Im them done, One
can grt bulletins from Wat-hlnittn or
Raleigh on most of theie sul J-nti which
go into details and help the children on
things they are , ecUlly Interested.
Putting It Nioaly.
There Is a good deal In putting a
thing nicely. A prisoner was being
sentenced at the assizes the other day.
"You have a pleasant home and a
bright fireside with happy children sit
ting around It, haven't your aald the
Judge. . '
"Yes. sir." said the prisoner, who
thought he saw a way out of the dim
"Well," said tbe Judge. "If the happy
children sit around the cheerful Ore
side until you return they will stay
there just two months." London Tit-
HltS, . V ' - .
Brand New Line
of Bugs Just in from the mills, .9x12
Ax-minister, in beautiful shades, extra
heavy at $20,00, 9x12 Wilton at $27.50,
9x12 Brussell at $25 00, 0x12 Topesly at
$12.50, email rugs to match. Now is
the time to make selection, aa my stock
la complete. ' K j, "". ;
The Furniture Man.
Pr. Thomas Fell address3 the con
ventUm of the Association of Colleges
and Preparatory Schools of the Middle
States and Maryland.
Making His Meaning Clear.
Senator (Ju" returned from Wash
Ingtoni Mr. Eeler, what la the sent!
ment of tbe people In your town con
cerning . "
Rising Politician (sternly interrupt
ing) Benator. we don't deal In senti
ment in our town; we deal with tec's
-f, a, x, fac'sI-Chlcago Tribune.
' m re
Bridgeton. Dec. 2. As we have not
let the readers -of the Journal hear from
us in some time, we will attempt to
write again.
Just at this time we are having quite
a cold change in the weather.
Mr. S. D. Parker went up to Kinston
Sunday morning to attend the Method'
ist conference Which convened in that
We had quite a surprise wedding in
our town last Wednesday night One
of our merchants, Mr. A. M. Tingle,
a"d Miss Nellie Barker, of Stella, were
married at the home of Rev. J. M.
Wright on B street. We wish them
much happiness.
Mr. S. G. Parker and family went up
to Ask in and spent Thanksgiving with
Mrs. T. W. Holden spent Thanksgiv
ing at Askin visiting her brother, Mr.
James Thomas, who is very sick.
Mr. T. W. Holden, our livery stable
man. had a car load of .mules and horses
to come in last Monday. They had been
on the road so long that when they ar
rived here three of his nice horses were
dead, and since then two more have
died. We are sorry to know of Mr,
Holden'a loss.
Mrs, Barker, of Stella, ia here sp;n-
ding the winter with her daughter, Mrs
J. B. Morton, on B. St.
Mr. and Mr. Joe Stallings have rent
ed one of Mr. C. V. McGeheeV houaee
on C street and will soon go to house
Rev. and Mrs. J. M. Wright went up
to Mr. Oliver Perry's near New Bern,
an1 vpent Thanksgiving.
i .
Mr. Simpson Dever, of Rock Spring,
was a visitor in our midst this week.
Miss Ulda Lawrence, of Askins, is in
our town visiting relatives.
OF Mill
Sensational End of Trial of Noted
Union Labor Leaders Sen
tences Next Tuesday,
- Los. Angeles, Dec 2-James B. Me
Namara pleaded guilty ' to murder in
tbe first degree in Judge Walter Bord
well's court yesterday, His brother . .
John J. McNamara, secretary of the
International Association of Bridge and
Structural Iron Workers, entered a
plea of guilty to having dynamited the
Llewllyn Iron Works in Los Angeles
on Christmas day. 1910.
John r B. McNamara's confession
clears up absolutely the tragedy of the , ,
explosion and fire which at 1;07 o'clock :
on the morning, of October , 1st 1910, .
wrecked the plant of the Los Angeles
Times, at First and Broadway, and
caused the death of twenty-one per
sons. For 19 of these deaths the Mc
Namara brothers were indicted and J. ,
B. McNamara was on ti.'M specifically
for the murder of Charles J. Hagger
ty, a machinist., whose body was found
nearer than that of any other to the
spot where the dynamite was supposed
to have been placed.
Both men's sentences were set for
December 5th, when it is expected Dis
trict Attorney John D. Fredericks will ,
ask for life imprisonment for James B
McNamara, the confessed murderer,
and probably fourteen years for his
brother, The men's lives are consider'
ed saved. The great contention that -the
Los Angeles Times was not dyna
mited is dead beyond resurrection or
agreement- '.; :i' ;'
In less than twenty minutes, the big .
ease was disposed of, but for hours
previously there had be?n a feeling
that something startling would develop,
and so closely guarded was the infor
mation that the spectators were pre
pared for almost anything except the
thing presented, It was not thought
that, after the vigorous battle waged
thus far, one side would lay down Its
arms so willingly, so freely and even
so happil-for both' prisoners smiled
chewed gam and appeared as they have ;
on other days confidently unconcerned.
Even the District Attorney was not
sure until just before noon that the end
was in sight. . : ,
It was James B, McNamara who had
balked at entering into an arrangement
to plead guilty if it might affect his
brother. ' : He was willing to sacrifice
himself, but he wanted his brother to
go free. The attorneys however, con
vinced him that the better course was
for both to plead guilty and take their
chances on a merciful sentence.
. Word that John B. McNsmara was
coming caused the first ripple of excite"
ment. He had not visited the court
room aince October 11th, when tho
trials were begun and the case of the
McNamaras was severed. When he
entered If waa generally realized that
case had reached a climax, , , -
The bailiff rapped louder than usual
when Judge Walter Bordwell mounted
the bench. Instant silence followed.
"The People versus McNamara," re
marked the court and Attorney Le
Coropte Davis, of the defense arose.
; "In this cise," he declared, "aftf r
long consideration we have concluded to
withdraw the plea of not guilty and
tbe like course we Intend to pursue with
reference to J. J. McNamara, In the
case of the people against him wherein
he is charged with having destroyed the
Llewellyn Iron Works."
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The Furniture Man.
Dr. Noustader, in aa address in New
York, advocated ca' ion-wide legislation
to prevent the union of the unfit .
. The Difference.
"I am told Homebody takes a
Interest In bis children."
"Yes, he does, but not a controlling
Man's life Is In the Impulse of ele
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Era "i t tr. X Cvf;-j i-

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