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'Ml'f I-. fife
No. 80
35th YEAR-'?
- 15 iiiterested
Wants-4 Know More About Those
Young Americans Who Are
Seeking Companions.
Young ' Woman From - Greenville
-Also Displays Consider
able Curiosity.
There's a New Bern ' lady whq would
not -object' to considering a matri
monial .arrangement with Me of rer
tain , good -salaried . 'young , Americans
now in the Philippines. Yesterday's
; Raleigh News and Observer says: .'
Id Greensboro -Chimneys
, r . Fall In South Carolina,
v Greensboro, N. C, Jan. An earth
quake shock was distinctly feit here
yesterday afternoon about 1:30 o'clock
by a uumber of. people. - The tremor
wad Sufficient to rattle window sashes,
shako beds, rock chairs, etc, There
was no damage done. :
Spartanburg, S. C, Jan. i. An
earthquake of sufficient vil?nce to cause
a number of chimneys to topple over;
was felt throughout the liedmont sec
tion. of South Carolina at 1:30 o'clock
yesterday afternoo , ' The tremb'ing
of the -earth continued for five or six
second, and caused peophv U-un out
of their houses in alarm. In-the open
country a low rumbling noise was
Reports of the earthquake have been
: Publication Sunday in The News and
- Observer f the unwedded .lonesome
plight of good salaried young Amer
icans in the Philippines and their long
ing fur American wives has set the;
State's feminine heart to fluttering in
a manner that suggests the addition
of a matrimonial bureau to this pa
pers' already - multiplied activities.
Everybody's talkiug about it, and two
of the sex, who want their names with
held, have written the editor of the
..paper asking the address of one of the
lonesome ones. N
Unfortunately, this paper hasn't the
addresses. More unfortunately still,
the paper finds that it hasn't room in
its present- building to establish the
matrimonial bureau which the speed
of these responses on a bare hint has
warranted. This suggestion is thrown
out to those whose hearts have flut
tered. A communication to the governor-general
of-the Philippine Is
lands, Manila, ought to reach the
proper spot.
Thst only two of the State's women
braved possible publicity to get into
touch, with the unmatched exiles is not
saying that the hearts of only two were
touched. And those who care to write
to the far-away islands need only a
two-cent-stamp and patience to wait.
Remember that the isles are half
around the world, and that an answer
will be a long time coating. But 4
June wedding is not impossible if ac
tion is quick.
Tha Letters. .
The following letters Were -received:
1 Nc Bern. N- c-. fto- 30.
Mr. Editor; Dear Sir: ;
Kindly send me the name of the
gentleman that has advertised in The
News and Observer from the Philip
pine Islands that he wants to rorre
spond with some young lady. Moping
to hear from you soon,
Yours truly,
Representative of Loralne Iron
Works Of Pittsburgh Is
( v 1 in 1 ne .niy.
Two Additional Curs Ordered and
More Trackage' Found ' E
'to . Necessary. &
,'Ej V. Stewart Representing the l.o
r.nne Ironr jWorks of Pittsburg, I'a.,
was in the city" yesterday conferrin;
with Mayor C. J. McCarthy and Dr.
li. C. Armstrong, local .managers of
the New Bern Ghent Street Railway
received here from many places within -mPy rWa to son'e extensions
a. radius of 100 miles in all Hirer! inn wmcn tne company are .contemplating
the shock does not seem to rave heon making in the new line
.i:.t;nrlt- folt t ,.n;n. m a:.. I ome aays ago tne oiueers ot tne
In Union county the shock caused co.m'an
large cracks to form in the old county
jail, while plastering lull in many rest
(fences. Many chimneys tell clown at
West Springs.
r At. Chester the shock caused a lino
type machine to slide a short distance
across the floor of a printing office. A
second shock was felt there at t o
clock. '
Charlotte, N. C, Jan. 1 A slight
tremor of the earthe was fell at Char-
lot tee yesterday afternoon at 1 8 o'
clock, but no damage was done. Ad
vice from points in the Piedmont and
mountain sections of the State sliow
the shock to have been general. At Kin
ston a chimney was shaken down.
Asheville, Gastonia, Davidson,
Statcsville and other points report
the shock, but no damage. At Gaffnev
C,. buildings were shaken and chim
neys were thrown down.
Asheville, N. C, Jan. 2. A slight
but distinct earthquake shock was felt
in-Asheville about 1:30 o clock yester
day afternoon, the shock being of sufi
ciont iolence to rattle window sashes,
but no damage was done.
shocks were felt throughout Western
Vnrth farnlinn alinnt- thn samn timp I Ghent Or
Pollock to Middle and continue around
POPULAR RULE. tne block to l raven as is now dc-hir
Senator Bailev is dreadfully worried donc- ftIr- wart is looking tins
!,,.;;,;...;. . .-..r,...,,i... n.lroutc over witn tnis object in view anil
. Greenville, N. C, Dec. 30.
Mr. Josephus Daniels, Editor News and
Observer, Raleigh, N. C
Dear , Sir:
In reading yesterdays' paper I saw
the piece on the Philippine' Islands and
I also read the young gentlemen's let
ter. If you have his nairie arid ad
dress will you be so kind is to send it
-to me. And please don't tell my name.
ci 1.. -'.
sincerely, .
Last night at nine o'clock , at the
rectory ' of Christ Episcopal churrh
Miss Bertha E, -Simpkins and Mr. VV
J. Disosway, two popular young people,
were happily united in tuarrtage, Rev,
B. F. Huske officiating. The groom
. is a sonot air. ana Mrs. k. j. wisosway
and the' bride "a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. . AV., Simpkins. The news of
the wedding will come as a surprise
to many as only : s .limited. . number
knew that vit was to take place last
night.. The couple for the present vwill
In Suffrage Pageant In Washing
ton Women Will Wear
Ancient Costumes. 4
I Geethals Subordinates Said
Have Padded Figures Of
Work Done.
decided that the three cars
which are now in operation were not
sufficient to handle the traffic and
another car of the same type or
dered from the Cincinnati Car Com
pany of Cincinnati, O. This u- now
under course of construction and will
be delivered some time next month.
Last Monday Mayor C. J. Mc
Carthy went to Richmond, Va., for a
conference with Fritz Sitterding, one
of the officers of the company. After
talking the matter over these gentle
men decided to add still another car
to the-number now owned by. them,
making five in all. x
With other cars added to the number
now in use it will be necessary to lay
another section of track at some point
in the business district of the city in
order to give the cars an doportunit
of passinw . After consideration the
ompany decided fo put this suction
of track on Pollock street between
Middle and Craven, placing a switch
at the corner of Craven and Pollock
so that the car coming down from the
Union station could turn into Pollock
Similar!31 ,nat P'nt anc' continue the trip to
Ghent or Riverside while the car from
Riverside could come down
Allegorical Figures Will Portray! Many Months Will Probably Elapse
Condition of Women From I - Before Peep Draft Ves
Beginning to Now."; I sets Can Go Through.
Colon, Panama, Jan.'. A period
Washington, Ian. 4. Plans'or thelof. many months probably will elapse
woman suffrage pageant ATarclfS hare I after the' Panama "Canal is thrown
been perfected. The novel' spectacle j open to navigation by the world'
of women wearing mediaeval orancienttflects-.befQre-'Vesse!! of deep dralt can
Greek costumes will be witnerscd. Igo through
The procession will be divided into! A rumor in this effect, coupled witn
... . ...I , 1 1 i
uve sections an! witn eacn section willia grave scnnaai, nas. Dren in circuia-
e heralds dressed in medieval costumes, Jtion here for several weeks, but re-
vvho will from time to time nlong thejeently, with the visit of I resident
route oi the parade repeat tamous sul-1 latt. it has come to tne troiu wun
frage speeches which have been made I startling distinctness.
in the last few vears in this and forck'-i Although senii-olficially confirmed,
.ountrics. The parade will be composed I ihe story still lacks official sanclio
f fl ial::, allegorical figures portraying I uriefly, it is said that subordinates of
.- r r . 1- .l 1 I. I . .. I.i:..
tne condition 01 women irom tne oawnivoionei uoeinais nave oeen pauuiii.
of creation down to the present time l.lieir figures, on excavation, that th
So far as possible, women musicians I records show the big ditch much
will compose the bands awl the demon-l nearer completion than actually is the
si ration will be reinforced by the pre
sence nf parading men sympathizers of
the cause.
A resolution appealing from the de
cision of Major Sylvester, chief of the
Washington police, to refuse thewomen
a permit to parade on Pennsylvania
avenue was adopted and viurjus pro
tests agaiust the edict will be made I
commissioners. Failing of redress hc:e.
the women propose to take the matter
Cab, and tnat tne real opening
farther off, although an effort will
made to admit light-draft vessels
the lime originally planned.
According to the report, there must
excavated eleven million cubic
vards more than was thought. 1 his is
in the treat Culcbra cut. the center
f n . ;.ll the real trouble the cana
. Tl. L I! I
'i.-.s Diver, tne cneineers. i ne neiic-i
treneral here that the situation ii
hundred cars Pennsylvania avenrte
has been open to men parad.-rs, and
he refusal of the first reqi'est made by
women tor a similar privilege wi:i oe
met with a general campaign of re-
ista we.
TSeMr-iorK worio. doesn t see the oc
casion for so much anxiety. It re
'We rsspond to the farewells of
Joseph W. Bailey, Senator from Teras,
with regret tempered with resign
rion and hope, lie pets in the initia
tive and referendum the end of repre
sentative government. c see in it
nothing but the extension of popular
"It is as old as. American lilicrtv.
Wf hRve had it always, it comes to
us now under a high-sounding name.
It is going to submit many questions
to the people, some of them trilling,
no doubt. Yet wc have had this power
fmntvihe .first and we are excr-isiiii it
sonwwhere in the United States every
just now in tne isauon we an
about to recall by constitutional amend
ment "an income-tax decision and
we are preparing to recall the method
fey" which','nitcd States Senators have
been electe'l.
-"If Mf.' Bailey is so apprehensive of
popular rule, "whv djcr he not ftay in
public life and fiht it"
. The .Senator from Texas has made a
mountain out of a mole-hill. If dis
15 making estimates on tne woric. .'
soon as the proposed . extension ' has
been definitely decided upon the work
will at once be started and rtisncd to
completion in order to be in readiness
by the time the next car arrives in the
Large Number of Recent Rail
way Disasters Leads to
Congressman Linthicum Intro
duces Bill Has Been
Collecting Data.
Valuable Prizes Offered By Business
Men of City.
That the Craven County Hoy's
Corn Club which was orga nixed in
this city last Tuesday afternoon, will
be a complete success is al-rost an
assured fact. Already a number of
inquiries from prospective members
have been received and during the next
two or three weeks a large number of
names will be enrolled.
Yesterday S. M. Brinson visited
several of the local manufacturers ans
merchants, telling hem of he object
of the club and asking them to donate
prizes. In every case he met with
success. Other business men will be
seen during the next few weeks and the
ist of prizes will b. increased. These
prizes are to be given in addition to the
State and National prizes.
The awards will be made some time
next hall, probably during tne weeK
of the Kastern Carolina Fair. The
judges will be chosen by the contes
tants nil they will be nun familiar
with every phase of agricultural
Tin- lolloping prizes have been do
nated to the Corn Club by local firms
and business men.
F. II. & J. A. Meadows Fertilizer
Co., One haK ton fertilizer.
Craven Chemical Company, one
half ton fertilizer.
S. Cuplon iK Son. one pair four dollar
Walkover shoes.
. 1). Waul, five dollars.
J. W. Stewart , '.askill Hardware
Hardware Company and Culler Blades
Hardware Company will give prizes
to be lecided upon later.
AliUIiuES (lEt.
Alexis Carrel Repolra'
Great Scientific Dlsi&V"
ery For 191J.
,fr t -
With It, It Is Promised, Fracture Vf?
Leg Can Be Healed In i --y
Four Days. ? , : 7 ;
tion it in
assertion is also
tive pruceus mav
nnru 11
to President Taft. For over one! detail was put before President Tafl
during his visit. Before that tune
CcloncI (.oethals is said to have placed
hi finger upon the scat of trouble and
fdlowed it with a heavy hand. route was. resurvcytd, and there
were many shifts in positions of canal
The total amount still to be dug out
of the cut is 6, 56,068 cubic yards, ac
cording to the official figures. This is
about seven or eight months', work.
It would bring .he work in the cut to
a close about next June or July, pro
vided there are no more slides, a pro
bability ever present, and in fact,
now considered as one of the real re
tarding agents of the channels' com
The canal will be opened on time,
but there will be no super-dread-
naughts or thousand-foot ships pass
ing through for many months lo cone.
the reparation of tissues were activated
10 times only a cutaneous wound
would heal in less than . t hours and
. . .t i i i
.1 racture OI t ie ICS wonui oe emeu
in four days."
Afr attempting experiments on
live animals he found that the labora
tnrv work could be carried on much
more effectively, and it could be obsr v
ed more carefully by using tisj.ii
which had been removed fron anii.u
and kcot alive in suitable media
glass jars.
sues for divorce," i
newspaper men j
up" ministers in i
ufti rtitiviiunn iu
Exhibit n New York - Fo -Show Al
leged Laxity of Big Fire In
surance Companies.
Fictitious Furniture of Empty
Flat Insured For Ten
Thousand Dollars.
says headline. Sonu
delight in "placing
trouble am' when they can't feature
a preacher gone wron they will make
e fact thai some poor, emm- chap
the fon of a minister the point of
tir story. It is a reprehensible prac-
i i r ii .... . i . ...
ive and tnese wno ioiigw n now
rather a mean disposition.
New York, Jan. 4. One of the most
remarkable exhibitions ever presented
by a city is open to the public here
under the auspices of the city Fire
The exhibition consists of simply a
few pieces of cheap- furniture and
some placards, from which it is learned
that the furniture cost 13. V0 and was
insured for Sli7'.500.
The purpose of the exhibit is to
show the public how careless the big
fire insurance coin panics are about
writing policies. The department olfi-
ials are- engaged in a hot fight with
the underwriters and it is the depart
January 6, 1913.
(Quotations furnished by Coast Line
Meat Market).
Chickens Grown,- pair 60-80
Chickens Half-grown pair 40-70
Geese, per pair - . $1.25-$1.50
Ducks, per pair. 50 1.00
Eggs, per doz 28
Hams, country, smoked, lb 18
Beeswax, lb 22
Wool, 16 to 1
Wool,. 16 to 17
Hogs, dressed, lb 10-101-2
Beef, dressed, lb 8-9
Hides G. S., lb.. 0
H Green, lb .. 8
J Dry Flint, lb 12-14
New York, Jan, .1. Dr. Alexis Car"'!
of the Rockorfcller Institute for Medical-V' ,,v
Rpsearch, who received the "Noblef 1
prize for medicne in 191 jt is 'the" first
to announce a great scientific discovery t
in 191.1. ? :
In the current ksuc of the Joaf$att !
Expcti mental Medicine, the "officiar-i
organ of the Reckcfeller InstituVe.s"
dated January 1, he predicts, .asS'fyic jJ'ijft
result of a series of experiments wnicn. '''1
have been in progress since, 1907, ta
possibiltiy of healing a cutaneous -i
wound is Ics3 than a dav and t h" Jf-Vj A "
..i . t i i : ' a - t r
Although Dr. Carrel does not
it in his preliminary report. 'tmK
made that the repa2
ay bcome applicable'
not only in cases where the tissues' "V
have been divided, as in knife wounds""1' :
but in cases where large areas of tissue
have been destroyed in various parts
of the body by disease.
Dr. Carrel's latest discovery is the.
result of speculation as to the manner
in w hich cells multiply and thus effect'
the growth of tisscus. If it were pos- '
sible, he urged, to become possessed -of
this knowledge, it ought to be possible,
also to promote this proliferation Kf
cells and the consequent ' growth: of
connective tissue by artificial - mens
Aided by the knowledge of-the fact.'-'
that growth of the body is dependent
in many respects on the more W less
mysterious activities of some of the
ductless glands a mixture bf thyroid
for instance he applied "a mixture
of thyroid extract and macerated por
tions of other organs of the body to
cutaneous wounds. . '
Smith had
Jan. Mrs, .; jtjuQ
Jens Knutson, a, butcher, .
Washington, Jan. 4. Impelled by
the large number of recent railway
disasters and the human toll exacted
by them, Congressman J. Charles
Linthicum, of Baltimore, has ini ro
aster overtakes the American people, duced a resolution dircctiag a sweeping
it wHI not be on acco-.'nt of their having investigation into wrecks end accidents
cRoscn the wrong method of govern
ing themselves, it will be because
decaying morata.
,A ..... "
YOU raftt indue a woman bv Hrr
live with the groom's parents at' 109 looks whra she looks as if she didn't
George Street,?,
know you were looking.
Burned or
Oxide of Lime
1... 171 A A . . .
ej,uu jcr acre in a sixteen year
test, and. proved beyond question that
it Is a superior fertilizing ingrcdiant
orown L LUJ Ov ana itica test
heads thejist of fertilizing limca For
full Information a write at once to
V V Nw Bern, N. C. :'" ."','
I Highly Soluble Forms a :
oo Ameiican railroads and their causes,
wiht a view of getting information for
legislation that will place more safe
guards around the American traveling
public. Ihe re.'olciucn, which was
referred to- the Committee on Rules,
directs the Speaker to. appoint a select
committee of nine members to con
duct the investigation The committee
shall report to the Hou?e the result of
its findings and recommendations, Not
only are the causes of the" wrecks to be
determined, but the regulations fohr the
selection of employes who handle the
trains and the operating methods of
riilroads. Mr. Linthicum has' .been
gathering -data on the subject for some
time as a basis for an address.
Those who are supporting the mea
sure say they cannot understand why
the Federal Government requires every
marine-engineer to, obtain a license
before he can operate a small gasoline
yacht, and then permit any man to
step from the workshop or from the
farm to a position' involving the lives
of a hundred people without exami
natie n.- -. ' 1 - x "' ;
It is getting jto be so that cverbyodv
wants everything he uses to be his
mcnt s contention mat tne -insurance (individual own We don t Pciieve in
... . I .... .
companies put a premium on arson lcommon drinking cups, common tootn
bv lax methods in policy writing. I brushes, common combs and brushes,
To prove its contention the depart-lcommon roller towels, and we insist
mcnt pot together the 3.96 worth of on having our own napkins, knives,
furniture and insured it for a big for-forkg ant plates, and even then we
tune. In one instance the department I jjon't ike anybody else to wear our
agents even insured for $10,000 the I clothes, . certainly not our undergar-
fictitious furniture in an empty Hat. Intents, and nobody ever thinks of tak-
"No wonder more than i5 per cent.;ne a jjath in a tub full of scconi-hciid
of our fires are incendiary, declared watcr gut now ai)0nt the an you
Fire Commissioner Johnson today. I breathe? You don't hesitate to bathe
The method of placing fire insiirancehh-delicate membranes of your lungs
policies without inspection put alw:tn the foulest kind of second-hand
premium upon arson by offering the I a;r reekina with all manner of o!
C. L.
svin.aujun in
ay, Corn, Oats, Bran; Hominy,
, k ?.r,Cir c,ven Careful Atisntlon.
Lorwer I.. 1.2 Street, v New Rcrn, N. O.
. Kcports Ironi imslow county say
that Congressmen Jon. Small and Jno,
M-' Faison and possibly Senator F.'M
Simmons are contemplating a- visit, to
'that sectpn during the next month or
,10 (or the purpose of looking over
New river and making a trip through
the Sound with the intention of a deep
er channel through those bodies of
water. Ihe gentlemen will go Irom
Jacksonville to Swans boro
and probably - on - to ' Beaufort,
through the Inland Watci way. The
visit is planned for March 1 ard the cost
people of Onslow are ptanning to niake of greater
financailly weak, tottering, or ban.
rupt man an irreststinie tempiaupn.
Our exhibit is proof of this conten
noxious odors, rangine Irom sour
stomach, decayed teeth, sore throat,
etc., up to tobacco smoke, onions, li
quors, etc. Why should second-hand
bath water, with no odor and probably
little color or taste, be objectionable
to the outside of our bodies when we
As a novelty the new parcel post is I bathe the interior of our bodies with
affording much enoyment to the fou second-hand, adulterated air with
American people in trial shipments of UUch impunity?
fruit: eggs, beefsteaks and what not I U U very largelv a matter ofcdu1
As a settled means of reducing the cost I cation, and some day we will get edu
of living through the elimination of jcated sufficiently so that we will resent
the middleman its worth remains to breathing somebody eh s's second-hand
arrested on a charge of disorderly, ( 4 v
conduct, alleging that when she took ,
back a goose she had bought ( (or
Christmas and demanded- f,he-return
of SI, 9.. w hich she had pairL for it,.. ,
Knutson forcibly cjccte4..errv Jnu- 2
son testincu tnat Airs, rmutn. surew .
the goose at him and causeA.a-tMinic ,
among the patrons of his market,
"I bought the goose tm Decr'.t asl.f
then invited a party of friends, for. .
Chiisimas dinner.''' Mrs. Smith testis
fied "When I put th goose o
on the table it was so toueh I couldn't
Produce CUl it When I toolj e goose bac,k ' ,
novf Ar Kniltfin.llllt" flllt cA
his place." ' r,-. ; , . - -yt,.
"This is a question of, when is, a ;
goose not a goose," saidjudge Sabath,
"and it it the opinionof theCourt v
that a goose is not agoose a hea( il, is
too tough to be cut. The defendant -
l is ordered to return the price of this ?
Dry Salt, lb 10 12
(Quotations by New Bern
Irish potatoes new crop $2.50
Sweet potatoes, bushel ....50
Rutabagas, hundred $1.00
Collards head, .02
Turnips bunch, .03
Cabbage, barrel $1.00 to $1.25
Spinach, basket, .50
(Quotations furnished by G. W. Tay- goose to the complainant."
lor & Son.)
When in need of Letter Hea
BUI Heads, Statements, Envf,
opes or any form of Printing fr n
a visiting card to a weekly pact
Phones 50 and 8. 45 Pollock St. NEW BEN,,N. C.
We Sell Blount's
TRUE BLUE Line Of Plpr.iJ
be broved.- :
Secretary Wilson thinks it will
cheapen the farmer's cost of marketing
without lowering the cot to consumers.
But when the farmer as a direct retail
seller has . taken upon him.elf the
dealer's risks and costs of making up
email packages lor safe-shipment, his
gain may .disappear.
Packages of a dozen es now coming
into the city from within the first lone
bear postage up to 14 cents,, or over
breath as much as we now resent. j
washing our face in the samer bowl of.
. . i. . . l- l..- - . .. j o -A nr
watvr inai nc mi jubi usu. pvbiu un
Health Press Service. : ,
B. B. Hurst, Craven county'i genial
Treakurerhas retqrned from 3 basinets (
trip in Jones county. While, at iren
ton, the county seat, h paid a short
visit to the farms of Daniel and Jack
nivnn. ' tvn nromwrnu mcrch ints and
40 per cent, on the present farm price farmeri who h'va rear ihat place.. These
of 3- cunts, and there is the cost of ,.,,, w, .um.rintcndinii . the
the carton and packing to be-added ,Ull8hw 0( a number of hogs at the
But thirty rdoaen eggs in one crate front ,'1 displayed turee ol the porkers
the same farm ca-i come in by express whlch had jut Pressed. - Two
for around V.S, or only about four of theM wcighed thrce hundred and
rents a dozen. '. fifty pounds each while the other tipped
I No more need Ifc snid to show that the R.4iei at seven hundred shd twenty
the parcel post is not to settle the high- fi .
of-living problem. Bat the law '
economy in transporting
I -r- V, '1 ' '
(I "' sh. """"'.v "-f
X ; ' " '"'"""""WilSlCSrr - . .
Middle Bursters, a Plow That Fills ft Long Felt F
A Liht Steel Tw
Prices .Wiht.'
that day
history. .
an event in the county's
by wholesale remains
tw York World.
unrepeavld.- N Unn ort trr lvu a tine,
but watch 1913. ' : n- . '
Blounts' Daisy Plow.
Plow. Very Popular.
J. G. Whitty & Compr
'FUONF. 98
) i i nfi nn n.rn n

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