North Carolina Newspapers

    No; 83
Inaugurated Yesterday Under .w.
Qrcu instances Altogether
; Impressive
Decorative Com-
Vast Audience Thunders It
. pluM ,n Oath I AV
- rainlsterea'. ' " '
. ' (Special to the Journal)
Raleigh, Jan. is. lockc t.raig was
inaugurated Governor of North Carol
lina today- in the presence ot cheering
thousands and , under conditions as
auspicious as any that ever surrounded
the. entering into'' office ol any of the
Old North State' chief executives.
The unanimous ;- nominee, of. his
party he swept the State in the elec
tion and comes into office with the
whole Commonwealth t wishing C him
well, Never was a new Governor
more enthusiastically received than
was Locke Craig by the thousands
assembled here today from all sections
of tha State. The capital was crowded
for t he i great ;J- quadrennial the,
greatest- that Rabigh with a record
for conventions and meetings, of all
' sorts sees.. . Many, thousands of visitors
representing all sections of the State
were here and lan night so great wis
' the influx of. visitors that" hundred
had to roam the street as there Was
no place for them to slleep. Thia, al
though Raleigh had made extraordinary
preparations to take care of the antici
pated throngs, every available loot of
space being filled with beds and cots
' - Parade a Great Feature.
, The parade ..which was a ' great
feature of the day's numerous memor
able features, started from the r-
borough , Hotel at just twenty minutes
past eleven o'clock. At its head march
ed the Third Regiment b.ind, S'fheri
came numerous military companies,
the cadet cfbf.A.A' M. .CoJIeget and
a hattalion-of Boy Scouts in regular
uniform. y .-"' ' . ' ;. ' '
Next t the military were the car
rinses containing the Governor-elect
and. the. other notables, who were to
' have a part in the ceremonies or who
were present as invited guests. In the
first carriage rode Governor-elect Craig
State Senator. Zebulon ; V.I Weaver
anl Representatives J. V.' Bunn. At
the. Governor's mansion Governor Kit
chin,-who was in a few minutes, to
yield over the rains of State t6 hi
successor, entered the Craig carnage.
-In the second carriage were Lieu
' Covernar-eLct-E L.t Caughtrir'ge, Sena"
tor,, Geo: Bf l.cod, General Chairman
Alexander -Webb,
' Qthcr' carriages and their or drr ; in.
the procession were:: r, , -i.
Third Secretary of JState J. Bryat
CriT-es. Speaker ot the House uo.
W.Connor, Senator J. P. Cook, GhjtV'
ma Recept on Committee J. K." Spra
Fourth State Auditor V.. P. Wood,
Stai Treasurer B. R. La:y, Rrres'nta
live R. R. "Villums, Chairman Finance
' 'Committee J. G. BdU -
H'th Supeiinte ndeut V, Public In
struction f. -V.. Joyn.r, Attorney-Gen-"eral
T. W. Bickett, Representative
Z. J. Yjui...K. C. D-ncan.
Sixth-ln ' CojnrrUioner 'J.
R. fYoung, Cmniisioner of Agricul
Star Spangled Banner" and the bene
diction was pronounced. -
rh inaugural tddresaa a'maste.'..
piece ot eloquence and showed that
the new Governor hud given tie nro
tlems'ionfrgnting tne State- the most
careful and earnest study, -i ?;;
Following the inauguration in the
auditorium Governor Craig reviewej
the-parade from 'the" balcony of the
Yarborough hotel. In the afternoon
Seventh Commissioner ...of ; Labor I he and others of his party," with the
and Printing -M. L. Shipman,; Corpor-1 State officers, legislative committee and
ation Commissioner Geo. P. Pell, Sen-1 others were entertained at a luncheon
ator W; T, Woodley, Chairman Press! at the manbion. , ; r ;: . v ' f -
Committee John A, Park. ' . . . ' I There was a brilliant reception to
Eighth Corporation Commissioner I the public at the Governor's niansion
W. T. Lee, Corporation Commisbionorlat 7:30 o'clock at night. Governor
F., I., Travis, Representative ' Rufus E. land Mrs. Locke Craig, Lieutenant:
Austin, Representative J. K. Dixon. I Governor E. L. Daughtridge nid Mrs,
Ninth? Chief Justice Walter Clark, I Zebulon Baird , Vance . stood ' at the
Associate Justice V. A. Hoke, Repre-Ihead of the receiving line.
tentative H. P. Crier, Representative! At nine o'clock the inaugural ball
Henry. Ai Paee. . . Ibesran at the auditorium, This was
Tenth Associate Justice George H. I in charge of General Gordon Smith
Brown, Associate justice Piatt D. land several assistants. The ball was
Walker, Associate Justice W. R. Al-I open to the public, the arena being
ten, Clerk Supreme Court J. L. Sea-1 used by ' the dancers and the balcony
ell. - " Ibv the spectators, the music . was
Eleventh Democratic National Cora J furnished by the Third Regiment band
mitteeman Josephus Daniels, Demo-land the Ball ' was one of the most
cratic State Chairman Charles A. Webb, I brilliant ever held in the State.
Secretary State Democratic Com
mittee Walter. K. Brock, J. P. Kerr. 1 -Many New Bern people were here
Twelfth B. S. Jerman, John W. I for the inauguration among them being
Hinsdale, Jr., J. O. Ellington, Allnsrt
Thirfffonth B. F. Ellis. T. S. L'o-
church, D. K. Wright, E. R. Pace.
Fourteenth Henry E. Litchford,
R, H. Mtrritt, Virgil J. Lee, W. S.I here were :Clerk of the Court F C
r tu t . r H'..o i f.
Daniels, O. H. Guioii and,wife, W. T
Hill, A.V H. Bangert,, P. M.", Pearsall
L Jeon Williams, R. E. Whitehurst
Among the Pamlico county people
PUT "iKEflS'-Jfl
Contracts StgfeM With Eidson For
' K.lsMuplioea la More Than
One Hundred Places.
ies of the country ' They create or.'
ganized com munities of isolated fami-
ict and make': these communities a
part of the life t'of .the great world.
Dynamite and 'the. steam shovel -are
making Through tbe hill and' through
the granite "of v the mountains, path
ways for" the locomotive. . The im
proved access to the raileroad, to the
church, and to ifie schoof during all
the seasons of the .year. Good roads
stimulate improvement. V They en
rich the soil.,;.They build anew the
home." : They Wouse ambition andMOCM ncture rroraoter -ana
Runerous emulation. ; They increase! Vaudeville Managers Every-
ti, pWi'i.! .ri. nf liinrl that I . " nere inieresiea
thev ; touch aiid tha value of everv
1 U . . t Ml
nan, woman' and fhild mkrpt housel , rit, $ jan. w.-!-vaaaeviiie
,hev nass. No tommunitv can hooel4 Thomas A.i Edison joined forces
for oratress'' "wttiW the--s.o;l'AM'"'ew
rannot fcnve "the. benefits of mod-l" W ' V -Mumncrt in onun
,.rn rivtlzatioft without it. - It is flot r-'1. srpresenting . r,
an expense; it 'Wall investment that M'th, A. Paul Keith, Martin Beck,
navs one hundred iier cent dividend nc-aa oi me w,pneum vircuw, aan
. i . . t I T T M urAnie ivM.lfVivi manaopr lit
ovirv war. . .no morc.' ir unnssu' . -
rnlM.rr- and contentment and a bet- 'he United vBooting Offices, signed
ter social ife. Ever
community in
The U
the State must have it,
much less tfian it Was a few years ago.
contracts for the installation of the
Edison Kioetophone -Jot talking pic
ture, in more than 100 theatres under
tlieir control, tho aggregate royalties
I accruing to the irventor exceeding
$500,000 per annum. This, however,
Two Get Away From Lenoir Counyt
Chain Gang and Leave
For New Bern.-
ll J
All Ot The Financial Institutions'
VI lrw will tvvua fma
' A G)d Year. ? ' " '''"
The Other Nabbed at Bridgeton In I
The Act .of Leaving To
Go To Norfolk.
National Re-Elects Old Oft lews
Other Bank Defer Elec' "
tlons Till Later. - ; ..
Monday morning Luther. Neal and iTle regular annual meeting of the
John Monlton, two colored .conyfct,tofluhoj(efll iM.-,K.atioaal Bank of
on the Lenoir county chain gang,
managed in some way to- elude the
vigilance of the guards and made their
escape. Their unceremonious depar
ture was soon discovered and a search
instituted but well had they covered
their tracks that there was not a clue
as to which direction they had taken
in departing for pastures new.
Sheriff Taylor was notified at Kin-
New Bern was held at its banking rooms
yesterday between I he hours of. twelve
and one and the following'were electe I .
directors:,, Jas. A. Bryan. John Dunn,
Ei K. Bishop, E. .B. Hackburn, A. D.
Wari, J. A.? Jones, T. G. Hymao and
G. H. Roberts. The V directors met
immediately afterwards .asd i-electe4
the following olhcers for the ensuing
year: : Jas. A. Hryan ,1'resiaeni, jonn
A -legalized primary is declared for.
The opinion is.' expressed that the
most difficult questionbeforefhe Gen-
.... 1 AcuomKlir in iha Mdiutftl7 rfrf YIVffnri..
In this connection the statJment is promoters and .vaudeville managers bound train, the .Sheriff walked through
is only a beginning , as motkn picture cided to follow. Boarding the east-
ston and after considers the matter Dunn vice President; G;. H, Rliets,
came to the conclusion that tne men Cashirr and W. W. Griffin, Assl
l l 1 I ... ' J I . v ... . ..
naa come to tnis cuy anu i om:e ue- Cashier, r ' '
At the New Bern Banking & Trust
Company the following directors were
made that an immediate reassessment eve' ywhere fe negotiating for rights, the a-r reserved for colored people and re-elected: J. B. Blades, W. B. Blades,
RM, . Mu.k AH...O Weith P.oi-1-1 thprp ronnsinkr on one of the seats, was
nnrruarv. 1 '"'"- ...v. -1 " I r
,J J' I . . . t .t T7 r- I 1 1. Tl. nn.A .r:.
tu. . .: r .rb m.'iv lana Muraocx. mere were present r. r.iiuim iuuuu. ium.i
T. A. Green. I. W. Stewart. R. N.
Duffy; T. D: Warren, J.. S,: Bisnight,
for and bv its own people it advo- I Proctor and F. F. Proctor, Jr., M. Shea, saw the officer just a second or two c, E. Foy, B. B. Hurst, L. H Cutler,
nan giai.u.ii.u iuv
brinsoa. C. S. Wcskat, S. F. McCott,
'in addition to' these were fifty or I Darnel S.twyer and Rolxt t Woodward
sixty additional carriages and auto-1 In opening his inaugural address
mobiles conveying the State Officers, Governor Craig 'said:
members of the General Asemhtyr the
Escort Committee, representatives of j pledge of progress. - The '.thought of
the press and others. , I the age has created a nobler purpose
After parading the main streets the! in government. The democratic party
procession moved to the auditorium intends to effectuate this purposre
which was gaily decorated and filled by' legislation , in .recognition of the
to overflowing with an eager throng equal rights of man, and for the pro
anxious to witness the impressive spec- gressive welfare of all the ranks of life,
tacit of the chief magistrate of a great "In our material prosperity, privil
State being with all pomp and cere- ege has been substituted for justice
mony inducted into office. - IThe vast wealth of modern industry
On the platform1 were the' Raleigh I the products of labor and genius
Choral Society, the Governor and the! have not been divided in equity but
Governor-elect, other . State officers, I have been gathered into the enormous
Supreme Court Justices, -oHiccrs of the I fortunes of the few.
National Guard, Senate and House I "We have not realized the moral
naugural committees, reception and I benefits thnt should have resulted
citizens committees. - I from modern oroeresg. avarice nas
been stimulated: hope and oppor-
Band Plays VDUitt", - -1tuiihv'.hav.'-'l-.ied:antagoBi
Amid the rinaine cheers and rebel isms and resentments have been gen-
ylls of the old Confederates present I er-ited. ATT .- classes have sHfrcred.
the Th rd P.eeiment : Band played Wc realize tne conamont; me
Dixie. Than Rev. Dr. R. T. Vann.l justice has been uncoverea. it can-
president of Meredith College, led in not stand in the clear, calm and res-
oraver. After the m-aver the ereat olute gaie ot tne American pcopie
audience joined in the singing of I bey are aeterminea mai our i..w
"America". I shall .be based upon a higher conccp-
The lesser "officers of the State nd-ltion of scoito obligation and that our
ministration were then sworn in by civilization- shall mean a niguer so
Supreme Court Justices Allen, lloke, cial life. They have put their hands
Brown and Walker. Ex-Lieutenant I to the plow and win ant look nam..
Governor Newland preseCd I.ieuten- A new car ha8(iwnei; . the last,
ant GovernorlectSughtridge for the j election marks the beginning oTai.
cath which was administered by Justice! epoch in our government. The. re-
Platt D. Walker. " publican parly haor tne pstige 01
victory ami tradition; it haq the pow-
Cral4 Sworn In. ler of, place and-of organized wealth;
, ' ' . , ; " ; i but it stood for privilege it took frort
Ex-Governor Kitchin prccnted the npMc ,M highegt meanng; tlia.
Governor-elect and 1 when Chief Justice , . in .naUenabe heritag'e
.Walter Clark had Administered the , ,tn. ,w
oath and Mr. Craig had sworn to faith- he nand maid of moral
Miiuy discharge all. the duties his lnd
c.Mtiivu unite, i'ib voice rising anu
firm upon the solemn stillness awaiting
his responses, the huge audience,
Jr., L. I. Moore, E. H, -Meadow,,
Joseph Gaskill, J. S. Miller, J. V. Blades
and K. E. Sennet, The directors will
meet later rto-civct officers.
1 lie old board of - directors, composed
of C. S. HoUwter, E. H. Meadows, Jr.,
. 1 . fr . rt i i.Tlf I f. .. .L 1 .. . .
..,1 an,l n.'..nntit.iional aniaudment I ' Butlalo, anq loronto; jaxe wens, auer me
v i i in . vi.ii' xrmthprn t ir(-iiit. ft-un nran-1 1 hew ive uui ins aucuiui iu lu.uu
! 1 I. II lir. I .U ....U KA n.i... Irt.i- nifiitsisl in
rwnmmpnded . i lquartCTs I" wenmnna; narvey vai-1 liiiuuS.i .m ici ...Fl.u ...
f....A-.n th ,rm r.r.v.rn.vr iH lkms. ol Montreal; Carl Lothrop, of the bud.
"On this day, I dedicate n:yself to Detroit, and Mr. Shanberger, of Baiti- Moulton was .brought on' to New
.... r n .u.. nnriJmore. They shared the general en- Bern and placed in the, county jail
u.e st; ui oy. ti.v - - ..... ... ... . ... . i ;7
n - .u '.i. k. , .i.-j t a iZ.u. tminit.. Ithusiasin and hastened to contract tor while tne snenu conunueu n searcn K E Pennett. C D. Bradham. Wm,
this office constant -in the obligation I 'n" """'"i"" " T"- . - uunn, -iyot -coy, j. . ow.i,
nuiun. , i v.uji.. 1 v . .virrenee, v. r. .-luurny, ,
. a . i:.:,. tia..l I hese theatres; among otners, are auer ne nau uecu.uc Uzze . H. M. tjroves W. r. -Metis,
nr rnnHirinn- s'eed with the oath lxW equipped by Ldison experts for the facts, began a search which resulted W- j. Swan and G. C. Speight, was
v . , ---- - , . . m. , A XT I I U,. J I 1 i . .... .
that I have takeu, this with them isjimmw"4" installation o- tne caiwaim lorating ivvm w iu g..r v w re-elected by ;th stochkotjers W tne
covenant. .K' ItMwng picture .;pparw!ir r. ivenu nnugeiuu un .r.ii...i. I f copie s tsanK. VJmfers win DC eiecrca
the Almiehtv Hdnd be I theatres in Piew xorK, ar.a me rxiriai i oiice.nen n. .-v. ipuv... am. ter.
tneaires npsi-jn, rn'idueipuia, i i cre scm i mm i....v .jle pafit year -was or.e 01 meanest
ledo, Columbus, Indianapolis, Cm-1 Neal under arrest . J hey left this city I uniformly successful the local banks ,
cinnati, Louisville; Shea s in Buflilo on the midnight train and as lortune have ever known. During the year
anf Toronto; Temple Theatre Roches-1 would have it, the escaped convict was ne. nti, rhe Citizens Savings and
ter, and lemple jheatre Detro t; thelat the station there making prcpara- U-nlgt Company was organized and
Orpheum houses la Lo. Angeles, Sanltions to leave for Norfolk, lie was th!g ewe8t banking enterprise together
Francisco,-Seattlei .Portland, Spokane, 1 placed un ler arrest and urouRnt oacx with th 0iJcr institution surts upon
Minneapolis, 'Des' IMoines, Salt Lake I to New Bern. 5herifl Taylor and hi Lj,e new yrar with ftVery prospect of a
City, Duluth, Oakland, New t)rleans, (prisoners returned to Kinston yester- fine jjginesg :
Memphis, Sioux City .1 incoln, winni-lddy morning
peg,.kanas. City, -St. Paul, Omaha,
Deliver, 'Birmingham ahd "Mashviiie
ihe Columbia Theatre, St. Louis; the
Majestic nd PalacevThcatres, Chicago;
Majestic .Milwaukee; the Grand, Ma
con; the Empire, Richmond, and the
Maryland Thatre Balti more.
: '
Eayptoloeist Explores Interior,
Finds Temple of Sun and
Ancient City of Gold.
MULE WASN'T DROWNED nrj William H. Welch, a noted IValti-
more Dhvsitian, hs usailed tli)ert
Mr. tiiiiette Manes statement testimony es it - is used in criminal
cerninft Ferry Accident.
I.. T. GilU tte of Maysville was in the
city yesterday, ne tells tne journal
that its account of the occurrence on a I
Egypt Ptopably One Vast City, Edge
Of Which Has Only Been
Intellectual growth; with all' its
power and prestige it was crushed.
Like the leaven which the woman hid
in three measures of meal, the leaven
Boston, Mass., Jan. 13. That helRoyall, this county, is retwiea neie.
the secrets of the sphinx I Frank and James Brantley had been
was made known to the authorities of I hunting, and when they returned
trials in this country. In so doing'he
is addressing himself to a very (iaRMnt
evil. Notably in the murder trials or
the laree cities has rxoert testimony
KILLS HIS BROTHER ACCIDEN-boal the White OaV ,,Kome the . viest force. Alienists
TALLY. . i river as pnuwu wiw .....c aK., become bitter partisans oi wnicn ever;
Washington, Ian. H-The acciden- "' .. . : " . side employs tiie.ii ana iras .nu inc,
tal killing of Trank Brantley by. his tBe """ wr,,c" ""rea l,,e a,,,,,r facts get lost in ;the shu8te.-Dreicit.
brother late Saturday alternoon near expresses n ow.aca ptcinrpi
rour inuirs j. the I-rench f vstem under wniBS Com- .
' 1 ir1:!!.. U..S- nil (rxtir ura at ImH H lu I e .A . L -
i n . i i it i iiiit-i i sr. uui an ivui, v u i AM- uvrukpra am imnriVM nv w lis
has discovered the secrets of the sphmx frame anq jarres nran ,ey ueci. i , .p fc!pwi; h- " """..Z" .r
en tnev rrturneo r v.uuin nmrra . .
and went mto the bouse. When he ar,ven on lne ' " surely on the side ol the t rench system
came out his brother, James, picked to or.e of the rear wheels of the wagon rathi.r than on .that of the Americsa
up the gun. thinking it was not load- another pair of mule,. On the 8ystPrai Many public speakers in this
ed and remarked to his grother 'Til wJV over the front pair of mulel)ecame tountry in recent years have insisted.
s a ia t m ni turn m mph nr.i'.vinv t wiiwuu i s. t . I r..K
tr. j c..:.: - M.....m . .H th knmt K ran It set hi Bun on tne porcn i" . - ... . i uc n
nci vaiir ..VH.I1..V. i -. ----- - jr: . h. fprrv hunt. Hitrtied . 1, -I .1... r L .
Boston Museum of Fine Arts by Pro- and went mto the house. When, ne ...T,.' uTf ? "e W? l"V '
fessor G. A. Reisner, Harvard Egyptologist.
ii..riu t ha cnninY .if. .ii.inn u ir hiiu iwiiww . - -- 1 . . . . . . .... . . 1 - -. .
. ... w..r... - - . , ... . .1 I friohieiieri. 1 ne driver tnea to ouiet-1 .u. .u. .;;,i f i.t,r
1 ..j. ..-j ... ... tw. .tnuiuM hn vou how to Kill D acxoiras. 10 . . . ' .".. .""""-" .
ueuicaicu to ., - - .. . . I . ht rl 1 nnt kiirnpd. Thfv shoved 1 . u-t J..:. T.
....u.. ...mmM. .lutlMmo nv the ffun tfiwharned. t.nei"""' . .. . ' . 1 leaves BoioriiHHK vw ut- uwcu.
the w.gonbacv .n .our mU,es i8tin,esonicbodvw,Mettine t0 orW
went ovcrborart. . afl( hringintr about 'the nesary re
- . ... n u. ttrttt-a 1 if iMiicn 111 tim ro
... 1. l 1.4 i Iir IIIUJCD Y V 1 V. V. 1 V iw.nm -
history. The tomb of Men,, the king instantly. from drowning and the
who made luWlf tw god and who ly summoned, but the 1 nfortunate 4." TnV t.m
it. man ws beyond medical aid. rranic j , ,-. n r...r.u ', ADDRESSES WANTED.
fashioned the sphinx', is also within
which had been waiting for a chance to lf democraty hai been at work.
let out its feeling, broke intosn out
burst of applause which lasted for
many m.nute ' : ' ,
"The Old North State"- was sung
by the Raleigh Choral Society after
which Governor Craig was presented
by Hon. W, W. Kitchin and made his
Inaugural - address. After this the
tore' V. A Graham, Senator T, . T. Raleigh Choral Society Sang -"The
Burned or
Oxide of Linn
'In this time of difficulty and hope,
the country turns for guidance to the
demorrtnic party." ' '
The Governot came out strohgl y
against feright discrimination vy the
railroads, ' saying: ': '
"The discrimination which the rail
roads 'have made against North-Caro
Una in freight rates i the injustice
of arbitrary power. It has. already
worked irreparable injury: it -has. al
ready cost our people millions of del
lars and driven from our, territory
industries the value of which, we can
not estimate. These corporations have
the protection of our laws, they ope
rate by our license) they enjoy privileges
anf 'exercise the sovereign power-of
eminent 'domain gianted by the State
They collect excessive rates from our
people that cheaper rate may be grant
ed to the people of aljoining States."
- T'u executive power of the State
tural rock, but withip are the caves and
buildings of a city of gold which was, I (rom 0thPH, and it is there-
nerhans. once onn to th- a r.
r - 1 ...
At present the excavations arc con
fined to the chamber in the head. This
chamUr is 60 feet long and U wide.
by fS.Olper acre in a sixteen year
test, nd provjd beyond question that " Hged by the new Governor
It is-a supcri ir fertilizing ingrediant.
Brown'C C03 by analttkal test
to prevent the continuation of this
wrong at .the. hands of the railroads,
There was a vigorous paragraph
hcadfthe list of fertilizing limes. For 18,;nit tiUst. ."We need," Jeclarcd
New Bern, N. C
the new Chief magistrate, "a trust law
clad in blue uniform that ran raid a
trust den with a warrant and handcuff
in Its hnds". ".. : -
The Governor declared, for an em
oloycrs' liberality law, for better "pi o
tection of the health of . the people
living In the country and better elu
cationarTacilities for the childrt! living
inthu country. "The time has come
he declared, "for the Slate to exerciwc
sovtrign authority and compel the
attendance of her children upon the
For Good Roads. ' ,
IIRICK fou sale! a- L""! ."IS
5-s '
77ay, Corn, Oats, Bran, Hominy,
land wagon belonged to G. D. Ca:irield
... .
There are tunnels leading off into cav was atwui I yea., o. J-" . .Mnr:hpflH citv as itatp(1 in the first The Journal would like to have the?
rns which have not yet reen peae- 17.;, Both the boys are aeu .nougat Inurnal. The ferry boat is addresses of Moses J. Green,
trated, for the work has only been lot.-;. -..'? ' thft property of Mr. GilletW. who rents Solomon Franks, J. f..Goodimi and
going on six months. . I " ' :t tth counties of Carteret and Onslow Anthony Murphy. .These parffts for.
The sphinx is carved out ot the m-i CATCHING COLD. these counties maintaining the ferry merly received their msil at Whitford,
CnM. r orobablv "catching," par I until the bridire can be rebuilt. but that nostofive has been discon
tinued and the journal nas-oeen unaoie
fore best to avoid intimate associa-1 There's not enough money in the to get the new addresses ot the persons
tions. siiclTas use of the same drinking I world to seem enough to a man if he J mentioned. The desired information
. " -.' ' . 1 I.. .... I .. n 1 .r..u.. .'..4
cup and iowcl with people no nave 1 had it all. - m i -kmhuuj wo..
nu k w,-'c'j- 1 ik-VUe avoid crowds. Over-
It is connected by tunnels witn t . , -W.J,-.. "m
. . . f 1. t .u:neaieu-'r wau.jr
temple 01 tne sun, w nun ...... . bo have teccntly had pneu-
the paws of the sphinx,
Such, relics as the "crux iansatia,
the loord cross, symbol of the sun,
are foujid by the hundreds. Several
of these are of gold and have wires for
tiny bells which, when sounded by the
priests, summoned up ghoefs. .'
Inside the sphinx ar also tiny pyra
monia. Board '( Health Tress
- - . .
vice, ., ......
; Managers Lovick and Taylor hi.v.
secured lbs famous comedy Succev,
Th-Girl From Rector's", to play. for
mids, although the sphinx was tuilt I Bight Jan. ,1S at the Masonic
long befn.e the Great Pyramids,
A pyramid in those times was a sim
dial, according to Professor Keisner,
ani the sohinx was a sun god. The
Theatre. This piece ocned at Wchcr
and Fields Music, ltall ew York and
. .. . . .
continue over one year, i ne receipn
grew from the opening diry, and night
. . . . ...I.,.. 1 1...
Pyramid of Cheops is an absolutely af ni4ht the records established by
Weber n4 Fields at the height 01 tneir
success were repeatedly shattered. "
accurate time-keeper..
According to Professor Rcuncr, tgy-
pt of today i one vast city ,the edge
of which' has been scratched .and the
interior of which will probably never
be disclosed. V ' '
Governor W. W. Kitchin Monday
granted a pardon to W. K- Russell,
white, convicted at the ..October term
of Pmlico County 5uerior Court on
He Who by the Plow Would Thrive ij
Must Either Hold or Dnve." f ',;
We Sell Blount's TRUE BLUE Lint Of Plorwt '
. . V..' -la charge of seduction ami .sentee.
The bottom has aroppeo out ih ine . . - . . s
HJ t I l "I w.-w J ---
price of eggs on the local market.
Yesterday they were bein-r whole;
;M M prices ranging from eighteen
to twenty coents pet doen an.J retail
ed at twenty-five cems per dozen.
The drop in the price va causvd by
an in. rease in the supply accon'panied
bv a falling oft of the demand. '
"- - J -V '- ..:'
! ., ' ', .. :
I asxitiH I
NC'7 r.rn, TJ. C. 1 "Improved highway arc the artcr-
The Armaaeddonitcs may be turned
into a holding iompany, having betn
standing long enough. ' , ,
prison, ihe pjrooa was(granicu
condition-that th prisoner pay the
prosecutrix six hundred ; dollar and
atao to pay the costs ot the cav;fc , , j
A charter was granted Tuesday to
the Onslow Lumber Company of-
sonville. ; The authorised c;h "M is
$30,000, with IS.OQOisiJ in'l A. U.
Ward of New'liern'an'l in Gr
Currie and others of Philai.iiphia, Pa.
JMIddie Bursters, a Plow! hat Fi'.ls a Lor J felt N
Blounts' Daisy Plow. A Liht V
Plow. Very Popular. Pricc3 IV
'j.C WhittyC Cc

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