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No. 87
!lipn iini-ii .....- . - , t&- -yvs
T? . 1 1
W.D. Staplef ord of Truitt'a
Has Exciting Experience
Near Bf idgcton
Posse Formed, Negro is
Wounded and in Hiding
Bloodhoundi Sent For
While returning to his home vester
day afternoon shortly after 3 o'clock
and while near Bridgeton, W. D. Staof
ford, who lives near Truitts and who
conducts a mercantile business at that
Place, was waylaid by an unknown
Oegtosman at the point of a pistol and
routed df thrrty-five dollars.
Mr. Stapleford came to New Bern
about noon yesterday for the purpose
01 doing some trading. He visited a
number of places and shortly before
Kiuiimig nunie bskpu a negro man to
hold his horse while he went into a near
ny store to make a purchase. The
negro was the one who later attacked
him and it ie supposed that he eaw
the roll of currency in Mr. l'tapIefon!'s
wallet and at once plotted to rob him.
A ehort time after leaving this etore
Mr. Stapleford started forborne. The
trip until after he had paased Bridgeton
was uneventful.
When about three hundred yards
from the old Fowler road, according
to Mr. Stapleford's account of the
affair, the negro came up from the rear
and told Mr. Stapleford that if he did
not give him his money he would kill
him. The negro brandished his pistol
in the other man' face and fired it but
without pointing it directly at him.
The negro pulled out a round from the
cart and raised it to strike the white
man. The latter caught the blow on
his arm and then the two clinched in a
scuffie which lasted several minutes, the
negro finally getting possession of Mr.
stapieiord s money and making off
at the top of his speed.
Posse la Formed
1 C 14 i . .
mtr, cuapiciora numea back to
Bridrgtop and reported the occurrence
A k .1 J J T 11, V .
irauravy j. w. notion was
quickly formed and started in pursuit.
In a little while they caught sight of the
negro fifty yards away dodging be
mnrl some trees. He had his pistol
in his hand and was showing plenty of
nght. He fired at the posse and Mr
Hoiton returned the fire with a shot
gun loaded with No. 6 shot. The
negro stumbled. Mr. Hoiton fired
several times in rapid succession and
the last time the crack of the gun rang
out the negro fell. He was now on the
edge of the pocosin and darkness had
fallen. As he was armed with what
appeared to be automatic revolver and
was apparently determined to fight to
the limit, the possemen decided not to
go into the pocosin in the dark after
him, but, instead, to wait for day,
guarding in the meantime the means
of egress from the pocosin and
not bfiiayitoB that he would attempt to
go thretfgTi the pocosin a distance of
twelve miles to get to the station at
Sheriff Lane and Deputy Sheriffs
Thomas Smith and J. W. Huff as soon
as they were notified of the occur-
piimic mm by parcel pqst
wwuiu IIUIIU! -
rence went to aid In the search.
Last night Sheriff Lane ordered th-
bridge draws kept open so that the'
negro could not get back over into New
Bern. The Fowler road was also
guarded at the behest of the Sheriff.
Bloodhounds Coining.
The chief of police of Tarboro is on
his way here with two bloodhounds
which will be put on the trail of the
fleeing negro . He should get here with
tne animals this morning. Sheriff
Lane first telegraphed to Golrlshorn tr.
to see if bloodhounds coud be had there.
There was none there. Then he tried
Greenville and again was disaDDointed.
Oh the third round Tarboro was tried
and it was found that the chief of police
naa two hounds. He telephoned that
he had about one hour to make an
eighteen- mile auto trip to catch the
Norfolk Southern train from Raleigh
to Chocowinity, but thought he wculd
have no trouble in catching it.
Description of Negro.
The negro who is bplitved to be a New
Bern negro, is described by Mr. Staole-
ford as of ginger cake color, weiehimr
about 150 pounds and thirty or thirty.
nve years of aee.
Mr. Stapleford is at Bridget on with
relatives to be on hand for identifying
the negro in rase he is found as it is very
naeiy ne will be. The) money taken
consisted of one twentv rfol
lar Dill, one five dollar bill and eight or
ten one dollar bills.
More business at Local Express
wince man m First Three
Weeks of 1912.
Ex pre st People Not a Bit Worried
Over Introduction of New
Postal Wrinkle.
Accordiug to
Officer Thus Par Have Failed To
Capture Negro Who Waylaid
Mr. Stapleford.
Traces of Him On Norfolk Southen
Kuiiroud Between This City
and Vanceboro.
a statement made yes
terday by Z. V. Taylor, manager of the
local office of the Southern ExDress
Company, the new parcel post law has
not in the least affected the business
of this office.
Mr, Taylor says that his records show
that during the past three weeks there
has been a greater number of packages
sent from and received in the local
office than there was during the same
period in 1912. When asked if he
thought the Southern Express Company
would cut their rales, he replied that he
had received no information from
headquarters in regard to any such
proposed action and that he did not
believe that such would be done.
"At times," said Mr. Taylor, "it is
almost impossible for us to handle the
amount of business with which we are
favored. Especially is this true when
there are unusually large shipments
of fish and also on numerous occasions
during the trucking season." Contin
uing, he said: "If the company lower?
its rates it will cause congestion in the
handling of shipments which will Ya use
cause great loss to both the company
and the shipper. The parcel post law
35th YEAH
This One of the Live Questions Be
ing Considered by the General
Strong Article Written In Behalf
of finch a Law by Mt. Olive
a live question before the General
Assembly and one which is of great un-
portance all over the State is that of theJ
proposed Statewide stock law. Keen
interest is felt here and theft artnun
a law would be of great benefit io the
State. One of those anxious to see the
Legislature pass such a law hands us
for publication tlje following written
to the Raleigh News and Observer by
n. Li. Williamson of Ml. Olivo
To the Kditor: This letter is in
tended especially for everv mimh.r
of the General Assembly now in ses
sion, each one of whom 1 trust will read
it carefully.
"It is my candid opinion that a State
Wide Stock Law for North Carolina
would benefit the people at large more
thanany law you canenact for our State
designed to benefit all the people of
North Carolina. - ,
"I know by experience, where the
stock law ha; been in operation for a
good many years the farmers havpore
pom to sen ana iney nave better stock.
The stock law eliminates poor, scrubby
stock, and also eliminates the ' umial
a n
"Xjesww .
iRts d-
new roric, Jan
fion in New YofkjCh;
completion, the New
RaiUoad has a building wh
signers think has reached the limit in
protection against fire. The term
"absolutely fireproof." so ofufc'a false
label on hotels an theatre, is said to
be accurate as applied the world's
greatest terminal
V . I - r& . , .. i I
New fWn n ,!. k-is u OUMflUC at Park V,
rv..F.. ,.,c i3, stuCOJrAvpnn ,H P
A committee comnnwil .if .-, n,,,k,
of nWmbeflftrf'the Executive Committee
of the Ealfecn Carolina Fair Associa
tion Company spent yesterday after
noon in visiting the business men of
the city and securing their subscrip
tions for a new issue of stock in the com-
Scarcity of Lahor Secret of Trouble
Journal Correspondent at -Thurman
County Commissioners Get Gentle
Rap -In Connection With Cen
tral Highway Work.
flfere been used any strwttotal material
ffflfct can burn. With a frame 'of steel
autKan esteribr urfsoe of marble, the
station has thousands of tons of ma
sonry in Its walls ltffd floor: About a
half million square feet of terra rotta
blocks have
...... &.. mvv iw iwi s. ami
about 850,000 square feet are used for
column covering and partitions.
ihe branch postoffice on Lexineton
Av?e the office buildings, the power !
notses nd the hotel on the terminal
The tast Fair, which incidentally was
Brtt, demonstrated the fact that this
re is a paying one and almost
every person visited during the after
noon subscribed for one or more shares.
When the committee returned to the
rooms of the Secretary and figured up
th total number ef shares svhscribed
for it was found that more than twenty
five hundred dollars worth of tliis new
issue of stock had been placed.
It is the intention of the officers of
the Fair company to makea number
of improvements to the grounds and
acid additional buildings before the next
Fair is held and it is also their intention
mwTO.-nreprooiea lust at thorough v i m,t, m. - j .
. ; , . 1 i "ne a record breaker in
" ( piauon. mere is a system of '
tteinafic alarms and sprinklers to '
pet the spread of any blaze that
mat .start among the contents of the
offices. Fire hydrants, with a plenti
ful equipment of hose, are scattered
ovr the terminal area.
every way. Other stock will be dis
posed of during the next week or two.
Strife and trnnhl m . :ii,,n..,l K. n f
, , i - vvvu.T.uiiKU u, . uuui
is not hurting us because it has created I fences and miMUv.. .u wJI:t
. Mx akvwiv yviliug
into neighbors fields and causing ftlfti
a new class of business and a class we
could uot afford to handle."
Records kept at the local postoffice
show that more than eight hundred
packages have been received here via
the parcel post rqute and mors than a
thousand have been sent out since
Janunry 1, 1913.
After a search lasting all through
iE,ium nigiu onerin K. u. t.ane
yesterdayhi morning called in his depu
ties who were engaged in a hunt for the
negro who on Tuesday afternoon at
tacked W. D. Stapleford, a citizen of
Truitts, near Bridgeton, and robbed
him of thirty-five dollars.
the fugitive and every effort will be
made to apprehend him.
Mr. Stapleford, the victim of the as
sault and robbery,- was vesterday
feeling the effects of his encounter
with the highwayman physically but
will probably be completely recovered
in a day or two.
Believing the fugitive would attempt
to board the train en route to Norfolk
at some point along- the line, Sheriff
, Lane last night telegraphed the Chief
of Police at Washington to send a
jman to Chocowinity and have him
j watch alll trains arriving t here. The
I Sheriff left on the
.... i .. :.. i.. r .
It was thought at the tune that the Chocowinity, intending to watch for
negro had stolen a boat, as one belonging
to Archie Wallace was missed from its
mooring on the east side of the river
yesterday morning and was later found
.tied up at Union Point on this side of
the river, and had come to New Bern.
Later in the day the Sheriff received
information that a negro answerin
tne description of the fugitive, had ar
rived at the construction camp of the
East Carolina Lumber Company who
are building a tram road in Pamlico
county and had asked for work. He
was informed that no additional help
was needed and continued on his way,
t-ate yesterday afternoon another
telephone message was received bv the
Sheriff. This was from D. P.Whitford
at Askins. Mr. Whitford stated that
fugitive had been seen there and after
inquiring about the schedule of the
passenger trains passing that point left
the town, presumably going to Vanccbor
The authorities all along the line be
tween New Bern and Washington have
been net ft d to be on the lookout for
Burned or
Oxide of Lime
by $75.00 per acre in a sixteen year
test, and proved beyond question that
it is a superior fettiliiing ingredient.
li ' t ....
"'" - uy analitieal test
heads the list of fertilizing limes. Fer
full infermation write at once to
the man at points along the line.
The chief of police of Tarboro failed
to carry out his promise to come to
New Bern with his Uoodhounds. Nor
did he send any message to Sheriff
Lane explaining his failure to show up.
Presumably he failed to make his ar
rangements to get to the Norfolk
Southern railroad in time to catch the
early train and then decided not to come
st all.
and often lawsuits over some old mis
chievous cow or hog.
" As a matter of smno justice, is
it right for the man who pays out moaey
for a farm to have to put a fence around
it to keep out other neighbors' st dek?
"No; I say it i not right. Eery
man who owns stock of any kind should
be responsible for his own stork and
should not be allowed to let them run at
large, and a State wide stock law would
reduce the fence tax at least 50 per cent,
"About two-thirds of our State now
has a stock ttw. A great many coun
ties in the State bought and paid for
thousands of yards ofTrire fences. Ail
this emikt be moved and used st the
most definite points on the outside bor
ders of the State and we could avoid
using any fence at all on the borders
of the coast and along large rivers. By
doing this the cost will be very small and
in-two years our fence tax would be
reduced fully one-half, and gates, all
over the country, would be at an end.
Hundreds of our small towns, under
the present- system, are compelled to
have a fence around them like unto a
hog pot. )
Negrz Workman Seen With Leather
Bag Later Disappears and Is
Heard of No More
Missing Man May Hare Secured
Hidden Hoard and Left For
Parts Unknown.
(Special to Ihe Journal)
Olympia, Jan. 28 C. D. Hoiton went
to New Bern this morning to attend
to some business matters.
We are glad to say that the majori
ty of our citizens who have recently
been on the sick list are fast improving.
Early last Sunday morning the build
ing owned by the Charitable Brother
hood Lodge was destroyed by fire.
The origin of the tire ia unknown. The
building was a valuable one and the
Stories of buried treasure, of the loss falls heavily on the lodee.
hoards of misers and oi vast Mrms of 1 Saturday night, last, some miscreant
gold and silver hidden years ago, are j visited the premises of W. H. White
rife on lower Metra If street just at this hurst and cut open a number of sacks
time. The cause is the supposed dis- containing guano. Not satisfied with
covery a few days agooi a large scin of doing this they scattered much of the
money in the building, No. 1.5 Metcajf contents of the sacks on the ground,
street, by a workman who at the time! There is no clue as to who were the
wasengaged in assisting in the removal guilty parties.
(Spe iU to iln, Journut).
Thurman Jan. 29 The weather for
the past month has been fine for crop
work and the farmers in this section
nave taken advantage of it by preparing
their land for next season's crop,
Hog cholera, ems to be prevalent
in this section but we hope to exter
minate the disease in time to raise
porker, for next winter.
The cotton rroo was very sliort in
this seciign. Last years' cro was not
more than one-third of the yield com
pared to l'Ul.
Farm labor is scarce and the farmer
cannot get good men at any price as
tney can get more for their labor in the
timber industry. If labor is as hard to
secure in all farming sections as it is in
this section there is no need for further
investigation as to the high cost of
The County Commissioners seem to
have forgotten and forsaken the Great
Central Highway in this part of the
county They had the convicts in
No. 4 Township four weeks last Fall
and made nearlj four hundred yards
of passable road. It seems that they
became discouraged with road building
in mis section and stopped operations.
This road is a very important thorough
fare and the work it is hopd, will be
resumed and completed.
John H. Smith and T. C. Andrews
have moved rom this pace to River-'
dale. K. H. Conner of Riverdale has
moved to Thurman and will make this
his home in the future.
Rev F. C. 1'nlcher, pastor oi the
Methodist churdi at RiverdaL, filled
his regular appointment last Sunday
and was greeted by a large congrega-
of the structure to a point further back
from the street.
The Olympia Iron Works, owned by
( . B. Bunting, is putting out a quanti-
N. A. Purifoy Tries to Arouse Inter
est of Merchants In Thoroughfare.
"Now gentlemen of the General As
asmkln '.( ..lit tkf. I MS
, w.,1pal,,awyouwiu tered many eccent pe and it is
have enacted one of the most needed "gen,,,,, .upp that one o( tnMe
measures in our State, and you will re- buried the money which is said to have
ceive praise from the mountains to the been found. j. r. Scott & Son, co.ored the hands ol 90 per cent of the peo-houw mover. frora Goldsboro. have
pie of North Carolina. char(re 0, wopk of reroovi the bui,d.
I trust every editor who may see ing and they had empoyed
thin irtir urill k. ! I." I
..... ........... yy 11C mc 1H w colored men to assist them. During
paper and help to pas, along the good ihe time that the preliminary work
. ... lws 'n progress, one of the men, who
In addition to the above, don't for- tK- tl-mA wa. .omW ..... "
get the dog law to protect the lives of the down the foundation of one of the
peop.e .rom so many worthless curs . rMmn,v. Am
I sVfttfMr marl inrl r-nisinn Ut. 7
co, anu pains in our lana. , fcow workmen h not
Besides a good dog law wondl add of the incidentapd it would have J
a million dollar. ,n tax to our Treasury eatirety from their memory but for
u' nuuiu i ui mil a ii ii iii i x t o i wunn
l he building is known as the Denni- ty of work just at this time. A number
son place, is owned by Mrs. C. W. of improvements have recently bees
Blanchard and was erected many made in the plant and it is now one of the
years ago. Sine that time it has shel- the most complete in the country.
John Tingle of Grantsboro wasamone
the business visitors in our town yesterday.
But More Work Will Have to Be
Done to Conserve Effort Al
ready Eipended.
Nsw Bern, N. C.
fay, Corn, Oats, Bran, Hominy,
. m, ?.r.dtn c,vn ' AtHnil an.
Loer Middle Street, New Bern, N. C.
N. A. Purifoy, who lives on the Walk
er road in the eastern part of the coun
ty, was among the visitors in the city
yesterday. Mr. Purifoy's main object
yesterday was to work up some en
thus iasm among the business men of
the city in regard to putting the Walker
road in such condition that it will be an
incentive to the farmers living on the
lower end, near the Beaufort county
line, to come to this city to do their
trading instead of going to some town
in Beaufort county.
Mr. Purifoy says that during the
past few months the pitirens living
along the road have done considerable
work on it and have put it in-passable
less dogs.
with new bern;
the fact that a short time later he left
the premises and has not been seen since
not even calling for the wages due him
for his work.
No one a.w the money supposed to
have been found and its actual dis
covery is merely a' matter of rumor but
circu instances suttou ndi ug, the ca se
are leading many to believe thai the
wosfcrrian did locate something of value
DECATUR, ILL., POSTOFFICE M'thr money or jewels is a matter
speculation, and lea ot detection
caused him to Mfrain from returning
to complete his
No longer does the local postoffice
hold the distinction, if such' it might"!
be termed, of being the only office in
the count ry through which a package
containing skunk hides has passed via
parcel post. Away out in Decatur,
III., a similar package arrived in the
postoffice and soon the office had .been
vacated and the package remained alone.
The following dispatch to the New York
may i.
John Can pbell of Bridgeton was
painfull injured .ctcrday morning
when a mule owned bv T . V'. Hoiton
kicked him on the leg. Mi. Hoiton
had received a carload f horses end
mules from the West on the previous
night and Mr. Campbell, who is in the
employ of the former gentleman, wa
unloading them. One of the animals
became unruly and succeeded in planting
ing one of his hoofs on Mr. Campbell's
leg. 't was st rst tho ght that the
limb was broken but in exam in.,ti n
proved that the injuries consisted only
of bruises.
Holidays are more pleasant in con
templation than in fact to most men.
INcw ork, Jan. 29 Frank W. Wool
worth, head of a chain of live umi ism
cent stores and owner ol the Woolworth
Building, the tallies! office buildngin the
world, after he succeeded Bird S. Colei
as President of the Guardian Trust
Company gave $80,000 to that institu
tion to make good a shortage discovered
in the accounts of a letter in December
That Mr. Woolworth gave this check
for this amount to prevent publicity on
January 2, 1906, and afterward received
about 140,000 from other directors in re
payment was disclosed when Charlc
E. Levy, who is suing the trust company
for $1,490.0. the balance due him on
thf refunding of his contribution filed
a bill of particular, ordered by Supreme
Court Justice P; recently.
Mr. Levy says Mi. Woolworth aa
nounced that a Slate Bank Examiner
discovered a -horrage of about $8,00tt
and that unlesthat amount were pface.i
at once to the credit of the corporation
the fact of the defalcation wuuld be
mado public.
"He Who by the Plow Would Thrive
Must Either Hold or Drive."
We Sell Blount's TRUE BLUE Line Of Plows
American from that Dlace tells thr tat
condition but unless more work is done ' cf woe:
t!ar luture that which has been "Somrhodv ihrw a nrh in , h.
II lie lost. Ihe matter amoothlv running narrrl nnmt irnrL..
s net n WOUSflr- hWore in,- miiniL, . k n.. .,. j . i r j-. ... . , , .
- " ' I v" J - nnniin. iiiwr jevfvau na y go in wy : lit OI toltnq
Ui ' H"a tnfy ru,vr we" It wa, a package of fresh skunk hides dations for the casino to be erected at
asked to put a sect.on of the convict killed by a trapper on a rural route. Ghent Park was begun and since that
force u work on it, but ai the present "Because Iresh breeies were blowing time a large force of workmen have been
time they have not seen lit to do this, in the country the rural route carrier ttsWTin .few' work of constructing
As the matter m.w stands the road was able to bine the parcel to DecA- thkhuildin
i oi. to trail,, and in such condition tur, but as soon as he carried it into force of men began the work of ex
that vehicles can pass over it with ease the building the clerks went out bv tendina the .tree, ear lis . ,t(Z
unless ihe work already done is another door. The parcel will be re- This work will eon.Um t,a.
turned to the sender." - but will be to rnmriVima ns4lsWsi
The exprew companies read with is' 'V t'linlhr t.tii, il in lli.iSstsii ,,
made (wrmaaciit the road wiH soon
be In a bad condition as it was twelve '
month, ago. At the next meeting of'
the Board of Commissioners they will
be ssked to put seven or eight of the con
victs on the road and work until they
complete i:,
couayf the MM that m ui h oLt
jl. ii ji a. . .s . umUBMr rrr
ui.'.isKMiMM, aisgun tne nwi ttut tius hor. TH contractor, who have
o,,-ou,,fov parcels are going oy parcel Is- erection of the casino itss-cl
I. r . a . ... w
i vr.y wreK.-w.wjrw t ourtet- v that t Will b io remtitltMk. to be
opeaed to the iiublic an Mav. l-.ii'-!
i Middle Bursters, Plow That Fills a Long Felt Need M
8toCl4y plow- A Light Steel Turning 1
f ttiprr Verytular. Prices Right. JKf
a Mu. . wnuiy c company
'PUnNl aa 0
1 ;i
' "'iaj
w e
- JllBflflflflfl

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