mm- Mr I 1 ' I WEEKLY JOURNAL ESTABLISHED 1878. Published in Two Sections, every Tuesday and Friday at No. 49 Pollock : Uttt. " - ' ' ' ' E. J. LAND PRINTING COMPANY i SUBSCRIPTION RATES. Two $ .20 Thr .25 Six .50 1.00 Twafo Months. Oaly In advance. Advertising rate furnished upon application at the office, or upon in quiry by moll. Entered at the Postoffice, New Bern, N. C. as second-class matter. TO CORRESPONDENTS The Seml-Weeltfy journal's appeal, made a few weeks ago for more news from country correspondents, had a noticeable effect as we imme d iately received a number of mcst interesting letters. Now we are wri ting again for fear the ardor of our friends win cool. We urge you to keep the good work up. Help us make the Semi-Weekly Journal helpful and interesting to you. We regard the letters from tour country correspondents as one of the means the Journal has of being of service to the section of country through which it circulates, These letters bring the people closer to gether and tend to the development of a community interest which is most helpful. You help your own community and by suggestion help other communities by sending us the news as it transpires in ycur neigh borhood. us hear from you ! President-elect Wilson announces that he will hold no more "confer ences". He has probably found out that it is possible to do a lot of con ferring without getting anywhere. On the subject of cabinet positions, Governor Wilson states that he is "trying" to keep his mind open. That sounds as if he leans so strongly to certain possibilities that it is an undertaking for him to consider other possibilities. It is pretty hard to understand those English suffragettes, but the trouble with them may be that they are crazy. As a general thing folks don't lose their minds in groups, but such a thing is of course not impos sible. General Sickles may have been a good soldier, But in the opinion of the Attorney General of New York State that does not excuse him for making way with the funds of the Monument Commission and that sepms to be the logic ot the situation. The ahti-tipping bill if it becomes law (it has passed the House but not the Senate) will be a saving to a few people and that is about all that can be said for it. It probably resulted In part from somebody's desire to have a law connected with nis name. Secrecy about fees paid to officials makes the people suspicious of over pay, says the Wilmington Star. It is an unfailing sign to the people if they would stop to think. How it is that communities will in these times of enlightenment continue to stick to the fee-system of remunerating their public officials is a mystery. The next Senate will be Demo cratic by a very close margin. With four contests to be determined, there are now forty-nine DenjMrats ready to take their seat as meMters of the body. Counting the Vice-President, this will give them a majority of two. Of the forty -nine a considerable num ber will stand for protection, but there will probably be a sufficient m umber of low tariff Republicans to offset Democratic defections, so that sub stantial reductions in tariff rates are as certain a anything in the future can be. Rocky Mount appears a little top lofty In its baseball ideas. Perhaps thatjsiwn is planning to break into one of the major leagues. Indications ere that the absence of the ball in connection with the in augurljkion will be more than made up fof by the suffrage parade. Pessimism is said to prevail in'Ger-1 many over the Balkan war situation. That afprett yf good Thf sfflaflon as to Thorpe seems to hpata that both he and the Kayette viUe baseball elubwill get some at- the cashier of the New York N.i What I vides ttee a. twenty twenty-four e a for the or pair or aay dike r article sign that Ger many is getting ready to fRutto the taaae,' MSOf Women Are Constantly Being Restored to Health by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Worth mountains of gold," says one woman. Another says, "I would not give Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound for all the other medicines for women in the world " Still another writes, " I should like to have the merits of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound thrown on the sky with a searchlight so that all suffering women could read and be convinced that there is a remedy for their ills." We could fill a newspaper ten times the size of this with such quo tations taken from the letters we have received from grateful women whose health has been restored and suffering banished by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Why has Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound accomplished such a universal success? Why has it lived and thrived and kept on doing its glorious work among the sick women of the world for more than 30 years ? Simply and surely because fit its sterling worth? The reason no other medicine has ever approached its success is plainly and sim ply because there is no other medicine so good for women's ills. Here are two letters that just came to the writer's desk only two of thousands, but both tell a comforting story to every suffering wo man who will read them and be guided by them. FROM MRS. D. H. BROWN. Iola, Kansas. "During thcChange of Life I was ick for two years. Be fore I took your medicine I could not bear the weight of my clothes and was bloated very badly. I doc tored with three doctors but they did me no good. They said nature must have its way. My sister ad vised me to take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and I purchased a bottle. Before it was gone the bloating left me and I was not so sore. I continued taking it until I had taken 12 bottles. Now I am stronger than I have been for years and can do all my work, even the washing. Your medicine is worth its weight in gold. I cannot praise it enough. If more women would take your medicine there would be more healthy women. Yon may use this letter for the good of others." Mrs. D. H. Bbown, 809 North Walnut Street, Iola, Kan. Write to LYDIA E.PIKKHAM (CONFIDENTIAL) LYNN, Your let letter will be opened, read by a woman and beld in strict THE THREATENED EUROPEAN WAR. By cable to the New York Times from London comes the text of a part of an editorial published by the London Times on the Balkan War and the greater conflict which the diffic culties between Turkey and the Allies threaten to bring on. The editorial is regarded as one of the most powerful appeals for peace ever printed in a newspaper and is being widely copied in Europe, partly, no doubt, because of its intrinsic mer it as a compelling editorial utterance and partly because of its possible effect iu reducing the danger of a general European war. The portions of the editorial printed in the New York Times are: " 'Is ther uo means of avoiding war?' The question is being asked with some bewilderment by millions of men in this country who want to know what difficulties there are in the pres ent situation which should threaten Europe with a general war. "There are no irresistible waves of popular reeling, no gusts ot angry passion, such as sweep whole peoples into war before thev are well aware of ii-li it t m.- -i ro ilin'nir I llir. I Q nr irri-il , ...u:u j.... .u. nation in Europe which to-day has the least desire that millions of men should he torn from their homes and flung headlong to destruction at the bidding of vain ambitions. "In England men will learn with amazement arid incredulity that war is possible over the question of a Ser vian port, or even over the larger issues which are said to lie behind it Yet that is whither the nations are blindly drifting. Who, then, makes war? "The answer is to be found in the Chancelleries of Europe, among the men who have too long played with human lives as pawns in a game of chess, who have become so enmeshed in formulas and the jargon of diplo macy that they have ceased to be conscious of the poignant realities with which they trifle. "And thus will war continue to be made uutil the great masses who are the sport of professional schemers and dreamers say the word which shall bring not eternal peace, for that is im: possible, but a dertermination that wars shall be fought only in a just and righteous and vital cause." The Times' would have done ifs readers a great service if it had secured the whole of this great editorial from its London namesake Another thought that is suggested on reading the portions of the editorial that have been printed in this country is that this great London newspaper "The Thunderer" as it is often referred to takes a different view of govern ment from' that entertained by the Texas Senator who some time ago went into political seclusion. Senator Bailey argued that the peo ple should allow a few men of learning and special equipment to manage their affairs for them. The Times shows where such a policy leads . It leads to conditions such as described by the London paper as existing in Europe where human beings are pawns hi a game played by "experts" the type of men who, according to Senator Bailey .should he entructed with the control of affairs. Indeed, it rather looks as if what Europe need at this time is the initia- MRS. WILLIAMS SAYSt Elkhart, Ind. " I "suffered for 14 years from organic inflammation, fe male weakness,' pain and irregulari ties. The pains in my sides were increased by walking or standing on my feet and I had such awful bearing down feelings, was depressed in spirits and became thin and pale with dull, heavy eyes. I had six doctors from whom I received only temporary relief. I decided to give Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com pound a fair trial and also the Sani tive Wash. I have now used the remedies for four months and cannot express my thanks for what they have done forme. Mrs. Sadik Wil liams, 455 James Street, Elkhart, Indiana, MEDICINE CO. MASS., for ad vice. and answered confidence. tive and referendum. If that political reform had been achieved there, "the great masses" would uot be "the sport of professional dreamers". schemers and BEES BY MAIL UNPOPULAR Several parcels post delivery men are smarting to-day. They are nursing bee stings as the result of their expe rience with a hive of bees. the hive was mailed from Oak- Lane, Pa., by Mary Austin to a friend here. The bees apparently had been securely fastened in their hive but a was necessa y to make arrange ments lor them to yet sufficient air. uri . i i ... wnen me pacKage arrived here it was regarded with great curiosity by delivery men, who gathered in the assorting room. r- ' - . . vnc uioii s curiosity became so great he picked up the hive. At that moment a husky young bee, who thought summer must be here becaase of the warm weather, made his way out o! the hive That bee was followed by another. In a few minutes several dozen bees were playing around in the assorting I hey alighted on several, de- ,,very men and proved their stingers. alter a winters rest .were in splendid condition In the confusion, however, there was one man who knew what to do. He walked bravely to the hive and fastened the opening so that no more .bees could get out. He was elected unanimously as the person to deliver the package. Camden, N. J., dispatch to ISew York Press WOMEN omen of the Ufk type, of wperior education and refinement, whose dtsceramenl and judgment five weiffc and force to their opinions, kitty praise the wonderful corrective and curative properties of Cham berUin's Stomach ami Liver Tab lets. Throofhont the many stag e of woman's Ufa, from girlhood, through the ordeals si nwthor- bood to the declining years, men is no safer or mora rcfiaUa med icine. Chamberlain's Tablets are sold everywhere at 25c a bos. One of the saddest thoughts to op press in days like these is the certainty that several thousand Den o -rats die daily without even having a chance at a postoffice. MOTHER8 CAN SAFELY BUT. Dr. Kiug H New Discovert- and five it to the little ones when ailing aiH suffering with colds, coughs, throat or lung trou bles, taste niee, harmless, once need always used. Mrs. Brace Crawford, Ningars, Mo. write: "Dr. King's New Discovery changed our hoy from a pale weak sick boy to the picture of heih'i." Always helps, Buy it at1 all dealers (Adv.. Can our stout friend, the President stand another month of farewell din ners. ARE YOU A COLD SUFFERER? Take Dr. King's New Discovery. The Beat Cough, Cold, Throat and l.uig medicine made. Money refunded f it fails to cure you. Do not hesitate take it at our risk. First dose helps. J. R. Wells, Floydada, Texas, writes: Dr. King's New Discovery cured my terrible cough and cold. I gained IS pounds." Buy it at all dealers (Adv.) Goveruor Wilson is evidently eager to pose in history as the man who took the "T. R." out of trusts. DR. KING'S NEW DISCOVERY Sootues irritated throat and lungs, stops chronic and harking coungh, re lieves tickling throat, tastes nice. . Take no other; once used, always used. Buy it at .all dealers. (Adv.) In reply to the claim for $23,000 General Sickle oilers evidence that he won the battle of Gettysburg. NO NEED TO STOP WORK When the doctor orders you to stop work is staggers you. 1 can't you say. You know you are weak, rim down and failing in health day by day, but you must work as long as you can stand. Whatou need is Electric Bitters to give tone, strength and vigor to your system, to prevent break down and build 5'ou up. Don't be weak, sickly or ailing when Electric Bitters will benefft you from the first dose. Thou sands bless them for their glor'ous health and strength. Try them. Every bottle is guaranteed to satisfy. Only 50 c. at all dealers. (Adv.) The batter in some buckwheat cakes never scores a hit. SURPRISE YOUR FRIENDS For four weeks regularly use Dr. Kings' New Life Pills. They stimulate the liver, improve digestion, remove blood impurities, pimples and erup tions disappear from your face and Body and you feel better. Begin at once. Buy at all dealers. - (Adv 1 One-half the world awaits an opor tunity to do up the other half. Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S CASTORI A QUICK RELIEF FOR RHEUMA TISM. George W. Koous, Lawton, Mich., says: "Dr. Detcheon's Relief for Rheu matism has given my wife wonderful benefit for rheumatism. She could not lift hand or foot, and had to be lifted for two months. She began'fhe use of the remedy and improved rapidly On Monday she could not move and on Wednesday she got up, dressed her self and walked out for breakfast." Sold by Bradham Drug Co. (Adv.) A girl's air castle falls to earth when she realizes that the man she married is just an ordinary mortal like he father or brother. REASON ENTHRONED. Because meats are so tasty they are consumed in great excess. This leads to stomach troubles, biliousness and constipation. Revise your diet, let reason and not a pampered appetite control, then take a few doses, of Chamberlain's Tablets and you will soon be well again. Try it. For sale by all dealers. (Adv.) It is" said that some insects reach maturity whihin 30 minutes after birth, but some specimens of mankind do not mature in 30 years. FOR THAT TERRIBLE ITCHING. Eeaema. tetter and salt rheum keep their victims in perpetual torment. The application of Chamberlain's Salve will instantly allay this itching ,and many cases have been cured by its use. ror sale by all dealers. (Adv.) The one way a man can make his money last is to make it first. This is the season of the year when mothers feel very much concerned over the frequent colds contracted by their children, and have abundant reason far it a every cold weakens the lungs, lowers the vitality and paves the way nor the more serious diseases that so often follow. Chamberlain's Couah Remedy is famous for its cures, and is pleasant and safe to take. For sale by all dealers. (Adv.) It takes a smart man to land on bis feet when he MU in a hole . Uo you know that more real danger lurks in a common cold than in any Other of the mitor ailments? The safe way is to take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, a thoroughly reliable preparation, and rid yourself of the cold as quickly aa possible. This remedy it for sale by ell dealers. (Adv.) A lot of men strive for fame because Of the money that goes with It. Children dry , FOR FLETCHER'S ASTORIA BREAKS INTO SONG Improvements Here Cause Mr. Simpson to Tune His Lyre. In writing of the improvements which have taken place in New Bern during the past few months, Charts C. Simpson of Rivfrdale feels the influence of approaching Spring and becomes poetical. In the following Mr. Simpson, in ryhme, tells what he saw on a recent visit to the city:. New Bern is coming, She has started a Fair For the pleasure seekers Who would go elesewhere. And when the Spring comes Yo.u'11 feel gay as a lark; Go out, stop the cars, Take a ride to thejiark. A fine new building With red brick walls, Where was once an old shack, And a depot now called. Then a handsome new structure, Of fine Masonry work Where the sign used to be; "Line up, T. Burk." A little further on down. As we pass it by, Another fine building And its five stories high. We had almost forgotten Of a little more news, A new department store That is run by the Jews. Then coming on down town;, just the next door, In the Bynitm's old place, Now a real nice drug store. Further on down the street, Then turn to your left hand Former days you would find Stewart's old stand. Still it is in gay attire, With modern rigs to hire And it you want a bay or roan Why see J. A. Jones Well,' I must day, The town, it has won An up-to-date store; Of S. Coplon & Son. Well, she was a corker, When named Chattawka; Later years have won fame When it changed its name. Now it is the Gaston, And is all to the merry Like some fountain drinks Is better with a Cherry And the wif.' says to me When I went home last night; Tomorrow you will go down To the store of Basnight For this old ordered stove Thought would last for a while, Now it is no more good Only for the scrap pile. Well, it looks natural In the last part of the city, You find that same sign; The store of Mr. Whitty. At Lucas & Lewis' corner, You should go slow , And thi nk for a moment; It was once Robber's Row. Then on the opposite corner, Improvements will be made A man with much money, Like Mr. J. B. Blades. . i- The big, fat man J. B. Says he in in the ring Ahead of them all As fish and oyster king . When you approach Should not get alarmed, When you find that Jake Is down on the farm. Then comes B. Swert One of the best butchers in town, Here is the porterhouse steak, Or you get it in the round. I will hold up just now, And all take a rest; Wait until next week And I'll give you my best So I think it w ill be better To wait a little whale, You may think I reel poetry OJf by the mile. There is no better medicine made for colds than Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It acts on nature's plan, re lieves the lungs, opens the secretions aids expectorating; and restores the system to a healthy condition. For sale by all dealers. (Adv.) Fortunately a man seldom marries the woman he fell in love with at first sight. Here is a message of hope and good cheer from Mrs. C. J. Martin, Boone Mill, Va., who i the mother of eighteen children. Mrs. Martin was cured of stomach trouble ard constipation by Chamberlain's Tableu after five years of suffering, and now recommend these tablets to the public. Sold by all dealers. (Adv.) A man who wants to put you next to a money-makini plan is usually .oking out forhimself. ' For a sprain you will find Chamber Iain's Liniment excellent. It allayi the pain, removes the soreness, and soon restores the parts to a healthy ondition. 25 and 50 cent bottles for ie by all dealers. (Adv.) MSCASTOnlA HP AUgclaWcIVfpantfionfiTAs- r j.i Hi ApcrfeclReriedyfotOmsfl,8- f YT As U S fi mill Worras,CoHvukimts.Fcverislt IkT a WMm ness andLoss of Sleep, j I a Lap Illfpr gS liicSiniilc signature of j V lUI UVUl dk0 j ... - y We IEZ, y "Bars Bellair Stock and Fruit Farm. G. T. RICHARDSON, Proprietor. I have Full Blood Angus Bulls and Heifers for sale immune from Texas fever, also full blood Berkshire Hoes You are cordially invited to visit farm and see stock. G. 7. RICHARDSOIS New Bern, N. C, R. F. D.( No. I Phone, Bellair line, 4 rings. - Don't Forget The Farmers' Union Department Store FARMS NASSEF, Proprietor 66-63-7 Middle St. NEW BERN To Tax Payers The Tax Books were not given to the Sheriff until December, so for two months you were not bothered. The State needs money, the County needs money, and both must have it. Tis said that the State is $750,000 behind, and intends raising property val ues to make up the deficit. We don't need any increase in Craven in property values, they are high enough. Pay up prompt-V and ward pff this action. Pay up, before costs and penalties are added. R. B. LANE, Sheriff. MEADOWS MEAL CORN Horse Feed Cow Feed Wheat Bran White Mixed Rust Proof NO. 1 TIMOTHY HAY 1 1, i MEADOWS For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought HOMINY Cotton Seed Meal Cotton Seed Hulls Wheat Short ()ats

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